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All Alone: The Isolation of a Child-Man

When we were kids, playing outside and tossing a football was so easy and fun - and there was always another kid to partner with. Then in junior high school, we were on a football team. What excitement and camaraderie. Once in high school, we discovered that there were other kids with better athletic skills. So they made the cut and played on our team - while we watched and cheered from the sidelines. Then on to college, where the player skills were better still. So we sat in a bigger stadium - and still wished we could have been good enough to be out there. The Pro leagues were an extension of college with cleverer plays. And there was a huge electronic screen on site to show us instant replays. When the weather got too rough, we started to stay home - and enjoy all the action. Despite the loss of all those rabid fans around us in the stands, we could enjoy the game with a few friends from easy chairs (beer and all) in our den. Then some inspired clever nerd developed a computer program - virtual football - wherein each of the participants had become life-like cartoon characters that we could with our thumbs manipulate their actions and even create new imaginary plays. Meanwhile all our friends had disappeared. We had become solo The final isolating incarnation is yet to come - but may be frighteningly close at hand. We will sit alone in a totally dark windowless room - and simply imagine a football game - players, actions (even commercials). Sadly, the game itself, will no longer will recognize us as participants or audience. What a dĂŠnouement from that original football toss.

All Alone  

A story about sports, participating and watching.