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EDITORIAL Welcome to the third and final (in the first tranche of magazines, at least) instalment of our 'SL Naturist Location Guides'. Oh, certainly, there will be more, but our assumption was that three, in the first instance, would be an adequate number to publish at once, and then allow their existence to percolate down into the consciousness of you, our reader. As with part two, our guide to Eden Naturopolis, the bulk of the words come from Pookes, with photos almost exclusively, in this guide, by Diane Toxx, our other photographer. On with the show! And remember, further guides will emerge in due course! Ella Keng (SL Naturist editor).

Lupe's Magical Forest is markedly different from either Su Casa or Eden Naturopolis, the first two location guides we published, in that the emphasis is on woodland (the clue's in the name, yes?). This creates an entirely different vibe to many other places, and text triggers -such as 'you can smell the scent of the pine needles'- pop up from time to time, enhancing the experience. At its best, Second Life can reflect real life memories and experiences, and Lupe's certainly did that for me. As I wandered around, it would give me childhood flashbacks of long summer holidays, out playing in woodland near our house, often barefoot to splash in streams, climb trees or whatever else we did as children. Thankfully, I appear to have grown up in more innocent times. Nowadays, parents would constantly fret about allowing their children out of doors, unaccompanied, or even out of sight! And I think we've lost something, in terms of society, as a result. I haven't thought about those innocent, childhood summers for years, but Lupe's brought the magic of that back to me in a flash.

Just look at the photo above! The very real essence of what Lupe's is all about can be encapsulated within it. The lush vegetation, shafts of sunlight streaming through dense leaf cover, dandelions, mossy rocks. Thanks to Ella for pointing out the previous sentence made it appear as if I had come over all John Donne there. He was an English poet from the 15th century, just in case you didn't know who he was, a 'metaphysical poet', known for unconventional metaphors and erotic poetry. “Come live with me, and be my love, And we will some new pleasures prove Of golden sands, and crystal brooks, With silken lines, and silver hooks.� Golden sands...crystal brooks...silken lines. It's all at Lupe's. The beaches, the streams, the fishing possibilities. Ella, as readers of SLN will be aware, is a strong advocate of innocent naturism, preferring to cover locations where sex poses aren't part of the agenda. But we do accept that within innocent, wholesome naturism there is a time and a place for some form of sexual activity, if that's your preference. Lupe's does contain some scope for sexual activity, but it's very discreet and certainly not in your face, which deserves a thumbs up from us. A proper balance, and an understanding of a proper balance, is displayed. Naturism in nature first and, well, if you do find someone to 'be your love, and some new pleasures' find, you can do it readily.

Pookes points out where the stream meets the sea

Every turn on the road at Lupe's offers new, vibrant, and lush vistas to simply enjoy.

That's all from Lupe's for now. I hope you've enjoyed our guide to it, as well as the other guides we've published from other SL naturist sims. Many thanks for reading. Ella, Pookes, Diane, Barbara and Harry (The SLN Team) join us at for regular updates on SL's naturist community.