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All the images contained in this broacher are direct scans from film slides produced by the slide scanner.

If you have slides or negatives that you would like converted to digital file then this service could be for you. We will scan your slides and negatives and save the image files to CD.Rom.

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slides and negatives scanned at 2400 dpi resolution.

Slides and negatives scanned to the universal JPG file format. tiff file format also available. No need to purchase expensive scanning equipment. Scanning a large quantity of slides is time consuming, leave all the work to us. Your collection of slides and negatives will be digitized for prosperity. Edit your images as you wish. Share your images in emails and on the web. Print your own images or use your image files to purchase prints either online or on the high street.

Please bare in mind that the final quality of your scans are governed by the condition and quality of the material you supply. Prices stare at £9.95 for 25 scans and from as little as 17p a scan with our 500 scan listing.

Available on eBay

Available on eBay

The Slide Scanner  

Slide scanning service

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