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Take this short quiz after reading the article. Dr. Lana B. Patitucci, D.O. is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist at The Pennsylvania Snoring and Sleep Institute. She is trained in all aspects of general and pediatric otolaryngology including endoscopic sinus, otologic, head and neck, and facial plastic surgery.


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1. A case study shows that of 100 children who snore, how many would have Obstructive Sleep Apnea? a. 20 b. 10 c. 2 d. 50 2. Which is not a common symptom of child OSA? a. Bed wetting b. Daytime irritability c. coughing d. snoring 3. Surgical removal of tonsils and adenoids is a suitable treatment for children with sleep apnea. True or False 4. A study shows that most children under age 11 snore.

Did you hear about the SGS Customer Service Contact Center? That’s a new service we are offering to help connect dentists with nearby patients who suffer. A dedicated team is calling over 1.2 million people with known sleep disorders to let them know there is a dentist nearby that can change their life! There are a lot of new companies out there marketing themselves as Sleep experts. A piece of advice for all dentists treating patients for sleep…There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Sleep Group Solutions has been around the longest, has many success stories and is the most capable of helping you. When it comes to a marketing investment, investing in a winning product is what separates the amateurs from the pros. Reach out to a Sleep Group Solutions representative to learn more about our marketing support.

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Dr. Roger Roubal has spent four decades as a dentist in Nebraska and has devoted himself to improving lives through dentistry. He has found the best way he can do that is by dedicating his efforts to sleep disorders dentistry – the use of oral appliances to treat sleep apnea. Dr. Roubal has received significant additional training and credentials in this area, and this is the sole focus of his practice. He is the only dentist in Nebraska to have earned Diplomate status by the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and his facility is the only one in the state to be accredited by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Timothy Gehring has been practicing as a general dentist in Alexandria, Minnesota for 23 years. He specializes in general, implant, cosmetic and sleep dentistry. He received his degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and completed his residency training in the United States Army. Dr. Tim co-owns Dental Health Associates with Dr. Arthur Hermes. The office has 8 active operatories and it employee four hygienists, 4 assistants and 3 administrative staff members. Integrating cutting edge technologies and techniques in to the practice of dentistry is core to Dr. Tim’s mission. The clinic employs some of the industry’s most advanced systems in the practice including soft tissue lasers, CAD/CAM milling and scanning, pharyngometer/ rhinometer assessment tools, high quality intraoral photography, a caries detection device, digital panoramic radiography, a 3-dimensional CBCT, and Isolite dental isolation WWW.SLEEPGS.COM



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The Sleep Magazine - 7th Edition  

The only journal 100% dedicated to dental sleep medicine.

The Sleep Magazine - 7th Edition  

The only journal 100% dedicated to dental sleep medicine.