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My skin is an oil production factory, what can I do? The people can now enhance their image wisely, securely and reasonably by eliminating acne scarring from the face and body through personalized proven techniques in various ways that are available nowadays to brighten the complexion.


This is a problem commonly encountered by several people says Skin Specialist Dr. Sirisha Singh of The Skin Centre. The oily appearance of the skin is due to production of sebum from sebaceous glands present in the skin. While some amount of sebum is absolutely essential for healthy hydrated looking skin, excessive amounts of sebum can result in the skin feeling too greasy and appearing shiny during the day.

The skin like all body tissues is very sensitive to the effect of internal hormones. During puberty, the male hormones called androgens (which are also produced in women by tiny glands called the adrenals that sit on top of the kidneys) cause an increase in the size of sebaceous glands in the skin and also make the glands produce more sebum. This naturally results in increased greasiness of skin and is one of the reasons for acne in teenagers. For more details visit us at:www.

Oily skin and its solution  
Oily skin and its solution