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M ar keting Online T he ‘7 C’s’ of Why Your CompanyByShould Be Jon-Marc Spatcher

I ntr oduction • As the number of people browsing the internet grows on a more than hourly basis, it is no surprise that businesses are turning to the marketing techniques that match this change from conventional practice. • They are choosing a method that not only enables people to reach out to a new worldwide client base but also at a reasonable price. • If you have been thinking about using internet marketing to help build your business but you are not sure of the key benefits, I have provided some to help you make an informed decision... •

1. Cost effective and f lexible • It is said: •

“ The internet is the cheapest place for a business to fail”

• • As the internet is so big, space is far cheaper than other options. • Add to this that you can keep the space for longer, change the content in it as you wish and you can potentially reach more people and it all becomes quite enticing. •

2. Convenience • Your advertising works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks of the year with little or no additional fuss. • Clients could actually buy something from you, browse through your latest special offers or take their own quote through the site too, without you having to do anything extra. • This is easily set up and hassle free. •

3. Communication • You can communicate with your existing and potential customers better. • You can ask them for feedback on products or offers. • Even answer frequently asked questions for people who are confused or struggling. • This helps to show that you appreciate your customers and create a more loyal customer base. •

4. Customer Convenience • Your customers can look at your products or services when they need or want to and there is no need to lose a customer when your shop is closed. • The customer can relax in their own home without the fear that a salesman is being untruthful or stringing them along to get his commission payment. • This provides a better customer service and enables the customer to make an informed decision. •

5. Cr edibility • Your website is an opportunity for you to portray your opinion and company values across to a customer. • • It gives you a chance to tell someone why they should put their business with you and not your competitors. •

6. Community • You can add a sense of ‘you are not alone’ to those that are struggling to make a decision. You can add weight to your sales pitch by producing forums whereby you review products or answer common issues. • • You could provide advice or just entertain them but these will all demonstrate that you are a knowledgeable leader in your market; something they will remember you for. •

7. Census • Marketing on the internet enables your company to conduct extremely cost effective market research to those people who may be interested in your products. • It can allow you to pin point what people want, how and when which enables you to tailor your service to meet their needs as a customer. • It can also give you easily accessible analytics of who is looking at what products, how the browser got to your site and even where the customer is from geographically. •

I n Conclusion... • Utilising the internet to market your products effectively can add a substantial amount of value to your business, providing value to your customers, your products and services. • It is a key method of showing that your company is a forward thinking, innovative business that moves with the times. • Make sure you carefully plan your online marketing strategy to ensure that it works for you and your customers. •

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Marketing Online - The ‘7 C’s’ of Why Your Company Should Be  

If you have been thinking about using internet marketing to help build your business but you are not sure of the key benefits, I have provid...

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