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How Do I Use Article Marketing to do this? By Jon-Marc Spatcher

Article marketing has been a method to provide huge levels of traffic for some time now. It is unanimously recognised that to create content (or copy as it is also called) to be used on your website or by others, can be a powerful technique that all marketers should use to source traffic.

In fact, because it is such a powerful technique a lot of people are using article marketing. There are thousands of articles produced a month and it can be daunting to ensure that your articles reach the top pile and get the attention they deserve. I have laid down some pointers to give you a head start: 1.

Don’t be a sheep – we all know that it is great to be green and recycle, however, when you write an article don’t rewrite the same old stuff!! Be different. Form a different opinion, create a slightly opposed view or even just suggest a new way of doing something. Whatever you decide to do, the more different you are the more attention you will get.


Keep it simple – Basically, use lists or even bullet points. Internet users skim read. They do not sit and read novel or essay-like articles. They want quick, easy and to the point. Deliever this and you are on to a winner.


Use Social Media – Once you written your new, fantastic article you want people to see it! Social media, such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, are great places to start to drive people to your latest articles. Some websites, for example Ezine Articles, allow you to link your article submissions to your twitter. You just submit the article and all your twitter followers get to know about it with no extra effort.


Have a simple Bio/Resource box – There is a theme here! Simplicity is the so important. Keep your personal author bio and resource nice and simple. Don’t over complicate it. Instead, just a make a straightforward, to the point, bio that shouts clarity to your reader. Your resource box is there to entice the readers to your site. If you over complicate it they will get confused and may even lose interest. Don’t take that risk.


Momentum – Building momentum in article writing is key to your success. Stay on top by writing consistently good and modern material. It will help to build a following and, in turn, a steady growth in the number of people visiting your sites or offers.


Patience – Article writing is not a quick win. It takes time to get the visits through to your site so make sure you keep patience readily available. As they say, ‘Great things come to those who wait’. But, don’t let this discourage you as it is a sure fire way to get visitors.


KISS – Finally, keep it simple, I know I have said this already but it is vital. Chose your subject and make a short sharp burst of interesting comments or thoughts about it. It works.

Good luck and if you need help then please do not hesitate to contact me. The Six Figure Mentors Membership can help to enhance your knowledge and internet skills, helping you move your business to the next level. This is regardless whether you are new to internet marketing, you already have an online business or you want to take a traditional business online. Do you want to learn how to market products on the internet? Get a FREE Marketing Bootcamp The Six Figure Mentors Membership website where you get a set of video marketing tips which will show you how to market on the internet and improve your chances of online success.

Generate Traffic How Do I Use Article Marketing to do this?  

Article Writing is powerful stuff. In fact, because it is such a powerful technique a lot of people are using article marketing. There are...

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