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Commit yourself to being successful I was asked earlier this week “How did I become successful?” It got me thinking. After a minute or so I replied “Because I had to”. This got my grey matter working a little - what stops people from achieving what they really want to achieve in life? What stops them from taking the action they could do and achieving the success they deserve?

Then I realised. Often people don’t achieve all they can because they don’t HAVE to achieve something. They just WANT to achieve it. Although they don’t want it bad enough so they try as hard as if they had to do a task(s).

I decided that sometimes we have to create that tangible force to make you do it. A common way to do this is stepping up and putting our hard earned cash down. Why? Because investing money gives you something to lose.

Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Let’s look at it in the terms of losing weight. If you wanted to lose weight you could quite easily go out for a run every day of the week. Jogging along the streets is free and you can go as often as you like. Soon though, the excuses would start to creep into your schedule too. One day the weather is bad. The next, you had a hard day at the office. Excuses always turn up...because there is no pressure.

But, by investing in a gym membership you are investing in two things. You are buying a place to work out and you’re buying the motivation to achieve the weight loss you so desire. By investing money in your goals you essentially become the equivalent to your employer and your employee. You have something to lose if it fails and everything to gain if it works. It’s harder to be lazy when it means wasting money.

The same applies to any goal. When I started up my first website I could have bought a domain name and paid for month to month management charges rather than pay the annual fee. But, I knew it would take time and I knew I was in this for the long haul. So I invested in a mentor, someone who had done it all before. They had achieved success. I needed someone to show me the way to succeed. I wanted to be successful but without significant investment my motivation would have floundered and I would have quit a long time ago.

Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you ‘it takes money to make money’. If you aren’t willing to invest in a small amount of money to further your cause then how committed are you? You may want it but do you want it bad enough or do you need it? Be frugal of course, but be sure to look at the bigger picture. Free resources are great but you can’t rely on them alone. A $25 book that helps you make thousands is surely worth its value. The sign of a wise investor is the spending on valuable assets that grow your business.

We are all human and have good intentions (hopefully!!) but our will alone can fail us. We wear down over time and need that nudge in the right direction. Don’t let the fear of wasting money prevent you from attaining your goals. Commit yourself mentally and financially. Give yourself that tangible force. A good investment can make up for many average ones. Remember – you can always make the money back through hard work, but the time is irretrievable.

Jon-Marc Spatcher is an internet marketer and mentor. He worked his way up the financial services corporate ladder before deciding that it was no longer for him he set up his own online business. Since this life changing decision he has ‘worked’ from home trying to inspire and educate others to leverage the power of the internet and generate traffic and income to achieve their own success. Jon-Marc enjoys socialising, football, golf and generally any sport going. He is a keen networker and enjoys the simple delights of family and friends. Most of all, he believes in positivity and living life to the full. For a FREE 7 DAY BOOTCAMP visit Jon-Marc's website where you can receive a free set of video marketing tips which will show you how to market on the internet and improve your chances of online success. This will also give you unique access to all his latest blog posts. Alternatively, catch up with his previous posts here.

Commit yourself to being successful  
Commit yourself to being successful  

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