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What Should I Be Doing Daily on

By Jon-Marc Spatcher

A lot of people ask ‘what should I be doing daily to ensure I make the most of Facebook?’ There are some small habits that are good to get into to ensure that you are can maximise the impact that Facebook can have on your business. I have listed 10 things to get you started on the road to getting the most out of your marketing on this fantastic social media: 1.

Wall comments – Respond to the comments on your wall. It’s polite to respond to the comments made by other people. Make sure it is worth replying though. Make sure you do it before you forget!


Status updates – Make sure you keep people e updated with what you are doing. It is important that you stay in their minds. Don’t just flood the status bar though. Mix it up a bit by commenting on other people’s status updates, sharing someone’s videos. Try and promote conversation wherever possible.


Leave messages on walls – I don’t mean graffiti!! Simply put, if you haven’t been in contact with someone for a little while then just send them a quick and simple message. Let them know that you are thinking of them. It does not take up much of their time or yours.


Leave messages on fan pages – You should leave a message on some peoples fan pages. This not only helps them out, but also gets you further exposure to fans on that page.


Share – A good habit to get into is to share three things on a daily basis. Put simply, if someone posts an update you like then use the ’share’ button to post it to your wall. It is good to share other people’s status because, in time, they will do the same for you posting them on their wall.


Comment or ‘like’– It is easy to place a comment on other peoples pages or to ‘like’ other people’s pages. People like this too. Remember, all the posts and comments you make on other peoples pages are seen by their friends too.


Happy Birthday – Have a look at the right hand side on the home page to see whose birthday it is today. Take the time to send a message on someone’s wall or even send them a personal message to be that little more personal.


Moderate and manage your Fan page – This is a key thing people often forget to do. Make sure that you are providing real value to your ‘fans’. Update periodically and make sure you moderate – Ensure that other people are not spamming your fan page.


Respond to invitations – It is good practice to respond to all invitations, as you would and physical ones you receive. If you are attending then just drop a quick note. If not, try putting a link to your blog where they can get your contact details. It is a great way of getting new contacts!

10. Recommend contacts – This is similar to what you would do in the twitter. Occasionally (it is probably best not to do this every day) recommend a fan page or a contact of yours. People like it and you will be surprised how much they reciprocate this.

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What Should I Be Doing Daily on Facebook to Market my Business?  

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