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SISTERSPEAK Poetic Expressions


MICHELLE HOLLINGER Publisher and Editorial Director CATHY CHARLES Senior Graphic Designer and Illustrator ALEXANDRA HARRIS Staff Photographer STEPHANIE HARRIS Contributing Writer





Integrity This second issue of The Sisterhood brings with it an enormous amount of gratitude. Your responses to the preview issue have humbled me, honored me, confirmed for me that I’m purposed to travel this journey now. Plus I’m having the time of my life immersing myself even more deeply into this sacred experience called sisterhood. We’ll continue going deeper in this issue, exploring the role of sisterhood when one of us gets wounded. It happened to the beautiful Kalyn Chapman James after the courageous video of her conflicted emotions regarding the Dallas police shootings went viral, resulting in nationwide backlash and the loss of her job. I’m honored to have her grace our cover and thrilled that I was able to chat with her about how she’s doing and how sisterhood has helped her to rebound. I knew it then and feel even more strongly now that because of her integrity, Kalyn will emerge from what many may view as a “setback” stronger, better, even more aligned with her unique purpose for being here. The alignment between daddies and their daughters is a prevalent one among most women, impacting who they’ve become based in large part on whether and how he was present in her life. I’m fascinated by and will continue exploring the dynamics of this powerful relationship. This month I’m sharing a reprint of a blog post I wrote years ago that illumines the path to forgiveness and spiritual


reconciliation I experienced with my own daddy, Clinton Hollinger, Sr. Introspection played a huge role in arriving at a renewed relationship with my daddy and it’s also playing a very significant role in my opinion about Hillary Clinton, our likely next president of the United States. I’ve never been one for blind allegiance and not even the prospect of electing our first woman president could make me start now. Exploring how I really feel about who she is as a woman and as a politician; especially as it relates to integrity, has been an essential part of my decision-making process. For me, this election and everything in life boils down to integrity and legacy; two key factors in how each of us approaches sisterhood. How does sisterhood impact your relationship with integrity; and vice versa? How does it inform the legacy you’re creating based on how you’re living your life, how you deal with fear, worry and self-doubt? How does it impact your S.O.S. – Sisterhood of Self – the relationship you have with YOU? I’d love to hear from you on these questions. Shoot me an email at michelle@sisterhoodnewsmag. com. If your answers are chosen to be included in our next issue, you could win one of our amazing new S.O.S. T-shirts. Thank you for reading and for taking this sisterhood journey with us!


In sisterhood,

7 PRINCIPLES of an active S.O.S.

• All women have an S.O.S. that is either active or inactive.

imperative to maintaining an active S.O.S.

• The only way to activate your S.O.S. is to spend time in the silence, daily.

• Active S.O.S. points the way to inner splendor, which reveals life purpose.

• Self-forgiveness elevates an active S.O.S. • Paying attention to thoughts and words is 4

• Gratitude helps an active S.O.S. thrive.

• An active S.O.S. impacts a woman’s sisterhood exchanges with other women THE SISTER HOOD


What we’re looking forward to THIS MONTH! For truly free spirits, the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood presents [SAUDADE], a site-specific, experiential installation that blurs the line between stagecraft and visual art/ architecture. 3PQ artists Sinisa Kukec and Stephan Tugrul attempt to induce the viewer’s five-sense reality into an alternate proxy, an “initiation” of sorts based on “the longing for something that doesn’t exist.” If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to reclaim the past, what the “love” is that remains after someone is gone and what you would do if you could go back to a sacred place in time, then this exhibit is for you. Would you change your actions, could you make it better? 3PQ suspends the need for meaning and entertains the “possibilities” of interpretation because what we “see” isn’t always what we get when confronting the past, present, and future. The opening reception is on Friday, Sept. 9, from 6 to 9 p.m. The exhibit runs from Sept. 10 – Oct. 23. Address is 1650 Harrison St. in Hollywood. Find out more by calling 954. 921. 3274 or send an email to info@

The fixer is back! Spiritual coach, minister, bestselling author and the reason many folk watch reality shows, Iyanla Vanzant is back with a whole new season of her award-winning show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Iyanla, Fix my Life airs on Sept. 10 at 9 p.m. when the straight talking coach attempts to help Powerball winner, Marie Holmes, attempt to hang on to her riches following a string of poor decisions that cost her several million dollars. Check your listings for the OWN schedule.

SEXTEMBER EROTIC POETRY NIGHT Ingrid “IngridB” Bazin turned a favor for a friend into a thriving livelihood that brings people together while often showcasing talent that might not get the chance to rock what they’ve got. One of her most popular events is for the truly grown and sexy who aren’t squeamish about hearing grown and sexy spoken word. Get ready to enjoy erotic poetry that gets you thinking sexy thoughts. Held in the laid back Piano Bar where the vibes are good and finger snapping is mandatory, Erotic Poetry Night is scheduled for Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. The Piano Bar is located at 5805 Seminole Way Fort Lauderdale. To learn more, visit THE SISTER HOOD



HERE’S WHY I SUPPORT A HILLARY CLINTON PRESIDENCY BY MICHELLE HOLLINGER It’s not what you think. The idea of a woman being president is thrilling on so many wonderful levels. What women bring to the table is a more centered, often more peaceful approach that is very likely to improve things in a way that men are not able to achieve. In general, women leaders are capable of seeing the bigger picture and can empathize in a way that lowers defensiveness and invites collaboration. Women bring well-rounded instinctual leadership rooted in an innate feminine energy that is - by design -more solution-focused, less antagonistic. My support of Hillary Clinton is based in small part on my belief in women’s leadership abilities. It is based in larger part on my spirituality and my belief in redemption, integrity and legacy. I had to dig deep when examining whether I could support Clinton or not because I don’t do blind allegiance. Voting for someone simply because they’re black or because they’re a woman is shallow and indicative of hollow support. I need to support someone because I truly believe in them and believing in Hillary Clinton has been difficult for me because of what I’ve learned about her during the past several years. Integrity matters to me. It matters a lot. Clinton’s inconsistencies have given me cause for concern. Also, words are powerful. They not only offer a clue about a person’s thoughts, their power is amplified when spoken by powerful people in powerful positions with the power to shape and/or solidify public opinion. The brilliant Michelle Alexander, author of “The New Jim Crow,” reminded us earlier this year in her “Why Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve the black vote” article in The Nation that Clinton supported her hubby’s 1994 crime bill by using “racially coded rhetoric to cast black children as animals.”


These are Clinton’s words: “They are not just gangs of kids anymore,” she said. “They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘super-predators.’ No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.” In fairness, she has since apologized and those words are more than 20 years old, but they still sting. Stinging words notwithstanding, I support Clinton’s pursuit of the presidency because I believe strongly in redemption and legacy. See, when Hillary was a teenager, a high school student, college coed and new college grad, her value system and consistent use of her innate integrity appeared to flow freely. She did courageous, unpopular things because they were the right things to do. It formed a foundation that propelled her into a life of service that included an employment with the Children’s Defense Fund, one of the most respected organizations in the nation. Her foray into public service


was inspired by a speech she heard the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. make in Chicago. She switched political parties and became a Democrat in 1968. It was when she shifted from being a public servant to being a politician’s wife and then becoming a politician herself that Hillary’s decisions seemed to align with what turns so many people off to politics. I have no idea what the real deal is about the emails, about the corporate ties, about Benghazi and more. No one except Clinton knows for sure. The mere appearance of impropriety does not mean it actually exists. Appearances of impropriety made often enough, however, are powerful enough to chip away at even the most pristine image and Clinton’s has been far from pristine. Her integrity has taken a series of hits. For the blindly allegiant, turning an unseeing eye to her misgivings is possible because that’s what blind allegiance requires – ignoring potentially perspective-changing information. For


Here’s what I think about integrity: it can be shaken, holes can be poked in it and it can become disfigured, however, it cannot be eliminated. I believe integrity is like faith; we were born with it and it is a permanent aspect of our existence. It can be pushed down so deeply that it appears to no longer exist, but the truth is it is still there and can be revived with honorable intentions buoyed by the right energy that results in authentic action.

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many others, Clinton’s integrity challenges have resulted in them being able to trust her only as far as they can throw her.

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I support a Hillary Clinton presidency because I believe she is interested in reviving her integrity and being president would afford her the ideal opportunity to do so. I believe she is of an age where she’s more closely examining her mortality and the chance to leave a legacy built on integrity is inviting. I believe the legacy she leaves matters to her; but her reasons, I think, are more personal than political. Her primary reasons are Chelsea, Charlotte and Aidan; her daughter and grandchildren. She has some big, imperfect but integrity-based shoes to fill following President Obama; and with him as an advisor, coupled with her personal motivators, Hillary Clinton can be an exemplary president. She can do it by doing the right thing even when no one is looking. That’s how integrity works – it is intricately interwoven with character and defined by our actions when we’re the only person privy to what we do and how we do it. She can do it by refusing to dog whistle to constituents who could not care less for black folk while effectively kicking black folk to the curb with legislation that is ostensibly good for the country but devastating to African Americans. She can do it by correcting some of the damage her husband did to black folk via mass incarceration, devastating public housing policies and punitive, anti-education measures aimed at inmates and students with drug related convictions. There’s a reason that the videos shown during the Democratic Convention focused on her early life. Hillary Clinton’s early life offers us clues about who the real Hillary Clinton is. Those feel good videos offered a glimpse into what a Hillary Clinton presidency could mean for the country if the real Hillary Clinton shows up. That’s who I’m supporting.

The Sisterhood is a South Florida publication like no other. Each month, it will deliver information, wisdom, insight and guidance with a singular purpose of motivating you to live your absolute best life. On its pages, you will not only read about tips and strategies for moving beyond fear, overcoming obstacles, becoming financially independent and living the life you were born to live – you will read about women who are who are doing all of that and more. We will regularly spotlight powerful characteristics in real life women because repetition is an extremely effective approach to empowerment. The more you read about women overcoming fear, the easier it becomes for you to do the same thing. The more you hear women talk about money, building wealth and how they took control of their financial life, the easier it is for you to embrace prosperity as your birthright. The more you see women checking dreams off their bucket list, the sooner you will check important dreams and goals from yours.




By MICHELLE HOLLINGER Women who rock an afro in corporate America send a sho nuff message that authenticity, while often risky, is nonnegotiable. Afro-rocking Kalyn Chapman James’ penchant for being real came through powerfully in the Facebook video she made following Micah Xavier Johnson’s murderous rampage that resulted in the deaths of five Dallas police officers. (Although no one but Johnson knows for sure, his killing spree was apparently motivated by his anger regarding multiple murders of unarmed black men at the hands of the police; culminating with the shocking killings of two black men – Alton Sterling and Philando Castile - one day apart.) Although in the video James clearly states her value for all human life and how torn her lack of identifiable remorse for the officers’ deaths had her feeling, many latched on to her use of the word “martyr” and proceeded to vilify the first Black Miss Alabama in ways reminiscent of this country’s despicable Jim Crow era of free flowing, uncensored hatred of African Americans by the majority population.


Art Loft, where Jam from identifying her

About that she said fired for the video, t

Her disappointmen from what she per the black communi shootings of unarm

While painful and l its aftermath have l with a keen underst the captain of her o

“I’m feeling good no cult to accept at firs tions behind it, wh uncertainty or any you realize it can a telephone interview

Aside from realizing in America,”(she re nigger and other vi ence helped her dis

The visual message James posted to her Facebook page and shared with her Facebook friends includes an image of her tear-soaked face explaining that she’d just left church, where she attempted to understand the unusual but persisting lack of sadness she would normally feel after learning about the tragic loss of any life.

“One, I learned who more than ever, it sh my own boss and b and working for m trolled mostly by w life changing to hav

Deciding to record herself processing complex emotions, including a plea for guidance and insight, resulted in the loss of two high profile positions in the arts community. She was initially suspended at the local PBS show,

Gaining control of of what she loves a lifelong dancer and ing on her Pilates ce comprehensive Pila


mes served as host. She refrained r other employer.

d, “While it wasn’t said that I was the timing was very interesting.”

nt with both organizations stems rceives as a lack of support for ity despite an onslaught of police med black men.

life changing, the experience and left James standing even taller and tanding of just how vital it is to be own ship.

ow. Change can always be so diffist but when you get over the emohich can be shock, sadness, fear, combination of those emotions, all be fine,” James shared during a w.

g “there’s such intense hatred alive eceived hate mail and was called ile names), James said the experiscover two important lessons.

o my friends were. And two, now, howed me the importance of being being in control of my own brand myself in an economy that’s conwhite males. That has been really ve everything upended.”

her destiny involves doing more and living a better quality of life. A d fitness enthusiast, James is workertification that will involve “more ates teaching, based on a lot of my


personal dance training, Pilates reformer and more comprehensive Pilates teaching and practice.” She also plans to focus on empowering women to be happy and healthy. If she could do anything differently, James said should wouldn’t because her actions were based on how she actually felt at the time and authenticity, she said, is everything. “I had people ask me, especially my mom, ‘do you want to take down the video’ early on when it first happened and I told her our ancestors, especially during the civil rights era, they stood up and spoke out about a lot of things. There were very difficult conversations and difficult circumstances they were going through and they put their lives on the line,” she explained. The wife and mother of two daughters said following the video going viral and the stormy aftermath, one of the most poignant moments occurred when her 13-year old daughter wiped her tears away and said, “Mommy, you didn’t do anything wrong.” Photos courtesy of Thierry Dejean. Make-up by Rory Lee. Dress by Lisu Vega. Fitness attire by Equilibrium Activewear. The Sisterhood subscribers get 15% off with the code FSM2016 at




T he S.O.S Council An unfolding novel

Heavenly Choice

BY MICHELLE HOLLINGER Shelby’s face is twice its normal size. Her horribly swollen eyes are taped shut; dried tears pooled like crust on their outer corners. Bandages around her head are stained with blood; her purple lips protrude horribly, appearing detachable as they sit precariously on her face. Tubes run from her arms, neck and chest connecting her to a heart monitor, EKG scanner and ventilator. A blood pressure cuff is still attached to her badly bruised arm. “Why didn’t she run when I blinked the lights the first time,” Sheba says. “You did the right thing by trying to warn her, but it’s all we can do,” Miriam replies. “It was up to her to figure out what the blinking lights and the picture frame hitting the floor meant.” “Then what good am I if I can’t use this power to help her escape,” Sheba demands. “Trying to cook his meal damn nearly got her killed.”

She hated leaving her behind but when given the chance between withstanding another increasingly brutal beating from Elleby, her secretly maniacal husband of twelve years, or rising into a pain-free existence surrounded by soul-penetrating peace, love and safety, she chose the latter.

“You may think you did no good, but your love for her can do more than any blinking lights and falling picture frame ever could,” said Miriam and she floated away, her green Converse dangling. Although speaking softly from a distance, her words float to Sheba as though encased in willowy soft bubbles. “Instead of using this time to complain about what didn’t happen you better get ready to convince her to stay put because here she comes.”

Her seemingly solid decision was short-lived, however, because when she saw a flash of the future impact of her death on Shelby, Sheba tried to return. She tried so hard to re-enter her battered body that in order to calm the new arrival down, a group of celestial mothers gave her an opportunity to join the S.O.S. Council with the sole assignment of protecting Shelby, who is now running at full speed, trying to reach her mother.

A brightly lit tunnel flickers as an image emerges at the end of it. Shelby, sans the bruises and injuries Nod inflicted upon her as he beat her within an inch of her life, appears surrounded by a soft illuminated haze. She’s beautiful.

The “code blue” announcement brings a slew of doctors and nurses running into Shelby’s room. Dr. Jones grabs the defibrillator paddles and yells, “clear,” shocking Shelby’s bare chest twice. The crowded room goes silent as everyone waits on Shelby’s decision.

“Don’t let her come through,” Miriam warns. “Stop her before she reaches this side.” “But why can’t she come, it’s safer for her here,” Sheba replies. “She has more to do there. But she’ll only listen to you, so tell her to stay,” Miriam says, smiling and floating. “And don’t let her touch you!” Sheba turns to ask Miriam a question, but she’s gone. The sound of light footsteps gets Sheba’s attention and she takes off towards the tunnel, dipping down to enter, stopping abruptly as she comes face to face with her only child. The sight of her as a 21-year old woman stuns Sheba, who was expecting to see eleven-year old Shelby with the cornrows and braces.


“Where are they,” Dr. Jones screams through clenched teeth. She looks towards the door just as a nurse rushes into the room pushing a tiny incubator with Shelby’s newborn daughter inside. “Get that baby in here, now!” Dr. Jones shouts. “This woman needs a reason to live.” TO BE CONTINUED.... EDITOR’S NOTE: The S.O.S. Council is an unfolding novel being written by Michelle Hollinger. Each month, a new chapter will be included in The Sisterhood, culminating with the conclusion, which is yet to be determined.



For more information visit or call 866-436-6327 THE SISTER HOOD



Daddy Daughter Dynamics BY MICHELLE HOLLINGER

I am my daddy’s daughter My daddy did not raise me. My parents split up when I was a little girl. Ma returned to South Florida where her family lived and my daddy remained in Newark, making house with his new/old family.

Thankfully, because I grew up and realized the error of my ways I was able to stop making his absence in my life all about me. I began to consider that my daddy couldn’t give to me what he couldn’t give to himself.

I went through the stages of grief that come along with not having him present in my life. I went from anger to anger to even more anger before I slid into an indifference that lasted for several years.

Daddy slowly drank himself to death after years of alcoholism. Though I have yet to discover the source of his pain, daddy used alcohol to numb it and allow him to function. His volatile relationship with my older brothers is still unexplained and the unraveling of his marriage to my mother haunted him even after she was buried, despite his other relationship.

In college, I figured he had grown up and realized the error of his ways, so I reached out in a way I thought was fitting for a daughter to approach an estranged father – I asked him for money. My daddy sounded as though this was a telephone conversation we’d been having regularly throughout my college experience, not the first time that we’d spoken in years. He told me he would wire the money to me later that day – only he never did. When I was able to get him on the phone again, days later, he told me some cockamamie story about being mugged, robbed of the very money he was planning to send to me. I made a mental note that he was never to be trusted again. My daddy died a few years later, in the summer of 1988, and his death marks the true beginning of my relationship with him. I grew up during a time where children were seen and not heard, so asking questions about why my daddy did not step in to care for me after my mother died in 1974 was not happening. I did not dare interject “well how come this nice guy wasn’t there for his little girl,” when I’d hear relatives go on and on about what a great guy Clint was, how Clint was there for so many people and how great it was to hang out with him. After his death, I was determined to find out who this Clint fellow was that so many of his family and friends loved so dearly.


I’d convinced myself some of the traumatic things that happened to me would not have happened had my daddy been a bigger part of my life. I was certain his presence would have deterred some of the so-called trustworthy men in my family from even thinking about touching me. I told myself the confidence I was so lacking and my reluctance to take a risk would have been buoyed by my daddy’s presence; but I’m not so sure. What if everything happened exactly as it was supposed to happen? What if the compassionate, smart and private woman I am today had to experience everything exactly as I did in order for this exciting chapter in my life to unfold? What if the desire to forgive my daddy and the actual experience of doing so served as my blueprint on forgiving the seventy times seven that Jesus advises? What if my ability to forgive my daddy was the most surefire way to forgiving myself for putting him on a pedestal he did not choose and demanding from him what he could not give? I don’t have all of my questions answered, and though I’d love to know more, I’ve gotten beyond the “coulda, woulda, shouldas” a commitment to regret requires. I have arrived at a sacred sweetness in my spirit whenever I think of Daddy.




Poetic expressions

ENOUGH By Michelle Hollinger You are Just as you were You are Bundle of little girl joy? little girl blues? blessing? burden? You are wounded? protected? scarred? cherished? You are restricted? nurtured? guided? prisoned? You are Quirks. Assets. Flaws. Gifts. You are Awakened. Unrepeatable. Unique. Necessary. You are Ready. You are Now. You are Here. You are You. Just as you were. You are ENOUGH

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Investing in fitness and wellness Shopping for healthy, nutritious food Understanding financial literacy and building wealth Planning for their dream home Practicing self-care with manis and pedis, facials and massages Vacationing and traveling domestically and internationally Driving quality automobiles Expressing their individuality with their fashion, shoes and jewelry Dining out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and, especially the sisterhood-friendly meal called brunch! This group knows how to have fun, whether they are supporting local live talent; dancing to a variety of good music, catching the latest theatrical performance or their favorite celebrities in concert. They are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, godmothers and grandmothers who not only shop for themselves but also for the special people in their lives.

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(BPT) — Are you in need of a vacation but would rather skip the cost and the crowds during the busy travel months? You’re in luck; fall is considered the shoulder season at destinations across the country, which means you can relax and enjoy America’s beauty without breaking the bank. Shoulder seasons are travel enthusiasts’ bestkept secret. Autumn, falling right between the busier summer vacation period and end-ofthe-year holidays, offers plenty of affordable options. So give into your wanderlust and start planning with these travel tips for an amazing fall getaway.

WATCH THE WEATHER When deciding on a destination for fall travel, be sure to research the weather. In some locales, fall is the rainy season. In others, fall is simply an extension of summer. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is the perfect example. Temperate weather and warm ocean water, paired with fewer travelers, makes this a prime destination for autumn adventures.


If you’re craving fall colors, explore regions with sunny days and crisp nights. National parks are a wonderful option, as they’re celebrating the centennial of the National Parks System throughout 2016. Check out Yosemite or Arcadia National Park, both well-known for fantastic fall foliage. Wherever you go, remember fall weather can be fickle. Be sure to select a location with a reliable climate.

ANALYZE ACCOMMODATIONS The shoulder season brings fewer crowds, which means not only a less stressful trip, but also less costly accommodations. Researching location-specific websites, like, you will discover many great options, from beach-side bungalows to chic city condos. Resort costs often drop during autumn months, but so do the costs of private accommodations. House rentals may be the right home-awayfrom-home for you. Bonus: You might even have some negotiating power during the slow months.

EXPLORE EATERIES The fall provides a bounty of fresh flavors in regions throughout the country, making this time ideal for foodies or anyone who simply enjoys a scrumptious meal. Some destinations offer “stay and dine” deals to highlight local cuisine at an incredible price, so do your research and make reservations early. If you want the food to be a central theme throughout your trip but don’t want to battle for a table every night, seek destinations with a new or revitalized culinary scene. Underground foodies are flocking to Myrtle Beach, home to many upand-coming chefs offering diverse flavors that will awaken and surprise your palate, such as liquid nitrogen tuna at The Chemist, Low Country egg rolls at 2nd Avenue Pier, or mango gazpacho at Chive Blossom. The secret’s out: fall may just be the ideal time for a vacation. Because you’ll get more for less, you may just make it an annual tradition.




(BPT) – There’s something spe-together for an easy end of summer brunch Get your girls cial about brunch. And when it’s a homemade deal, the special factor goes up even higher. In the heat of summer, a homemade brunch can seem like a daunting task, but don’t let that stop you from entertaining.

When you want to treat your girlfriends but may not feel like the usual spread of scrambled eggs, pancakes, coffee cake and other brunch mainstays that require a hot oven or stove, you still have tasty options. When the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven or eat a heavy meal, follow these easy nobake brunch ideas to keep cool and have a delicious brunch on the table all summer long.

Get your girls together for an easy end of summer brunch MADE-TO-ORDER SMOOTHIES

from the toppings table.

Summer calls for fresh, seasonal produce whizzed into a chilled smoothie. Choose a few recipes ahead of time and give your girls the option to select from the ingredients available. For a more filling smoothie, add protein powder, oats or peanut butter.

Don’t forget to put out a toaster (or two) so your girls have the option to toast or not toast, and let the rest happen naturally. For additional goodness, serve the bagels with seasonal fruit, both for enjoying on its own and for dipping into extra Arla cream cheese.

Hint: Skip the tedious task of cleaning the blender between each smoothie by borrowing blenders from friends and family so each recipe has its own. Plus, multiple blenders allow the option to blend more than one smoothie at a time.


BAGEL BAR WITH TOPPINGS The ladies will love this hands-on approach to brunch, and you will love this hands-off approach to entertaining. Simply plate a variety of bagels and fill the table with cream cheese and presliced toppings like fruits, veggies and herbs. Hint: Trade regular baking cream cheese for something you can feel good about sharing with your health-conscious sisterfriends: Arla cream cheese, which is made with only four core ingredients - milk, cream, cheese culture and salt. That way, the only added ingredients at brunch are the ones guests choose THE SISTER HOOD

Rest easy knowing everything is taken care of with make-ahead yogurt parfaits. Find decorative plastic cups at any party store for easy cleanup, then layer plain or vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit and crunchy toasted nuts and coconut. Change up the flavors in some of the parfaits so guests can choose their favorites. If picky eaters are in attendance, top a few parfaits with chocolate sprinkles for a more enticing (and good-for-them) treat. Hint: Granola is a tasty topper for parfaits, but can get soggy if left overnight. To avoid, toss on the granola minutes before the party begins. At any brunch, coffee is a must. For a cooler approach, provide an iced coffee option alongside chilled orange juice and iced tea. With fresh, summery spreads like these, your girls will never realize you didn’t bake a thing.



Award-winning make-up artist and entrepreneur. Philanthropist who helps girls discover their beauty from the inside out with her Our Girls Enrichment Program. Change Maker selected to attend the inaugural White House Women’s Summit for her philanthropy work and leadership.



The Sisterhood  

September 2016

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