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1 0 r e a s o n s to d i s c o v e r P a t a g o n i a w i t h T h e S i n g u l a r

01. Authentic Patagonia

02. Vibrant History

Revel in ALL the region has to offer from the glistening Serrano glacier and picturesque Lake Sofia to the magnificent Milodon Caves and of course the breathtaking beauty of Torres del Paine National Park. At The Singular Patagonia, it is a complete experience.

Restored by 4th generation family members of the original pioneers, a landmarked, century-old building breathes new life as a full-service luxury hotel which pays homage to its past showcasing the property’s historical significance on the area and community.

03. Private Access

04. Full Service

From horseback riding on private ranches to kayak down reserved rivers or sailing to remote islands, The Singular Patagonia provides exclusive expeditions not experienced by others.

With a dedicated and doting staff, awardwinning culinary team, large SPA and private expedition team, guests want for nothing at The Singular Patagonia.

05. Best of Both Worlds

06. Variety of Expeditions

The Singular experience is indeed singular, a unique blend of the utmost in contemporary luxury combined with access to some of the most untamed territory in the world – both inside and out of famed Torres del Paine National Park.

From adrenaline addicted thrill seekers to nature-loving birdwatchers there is something for everybody at The Singular Patagonia with over 20 different expeditions of varying degrees of difficulty. No matter your mood or sense of adventure, options abound.

07. Fjords

08. Gastronomy

Witness the rare natural wonder just feet from the front door. Explore them by day aboard a private boat, then be awe-inspired by night as you gaze out your bedroom’s floor to ceiling window.

Palates are sure to be tempted and tantalized as Chef Pasqualetto re-imagines traditional, regional recipes; fully respectful of the area’s culture and its rich byproducts using only locally grown and fresh ingredients.

09. Spa + Wellness

10. Flexibility

Returning to the origin of the word SPA - Salut Per Aqua (‘health thru water’) - the 3,000 sq ft eco-SPA connects guests to the surrounding nature offering a complete and holistic therapeutic experience.

Stay at The Singular on your terms. No minimum stay, no set dates. At The Singular, you call the shots!


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