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Dress up your Sims in gala style dresses

LIVING LIKE A GYPSY Build your own Gypsy Camp with exclusive Simspiration content THE BLACK WEDDING Plan your own Goth Wedding with exclusive Simspiration content


Prepare your Sims for Christmas with our Christmas Market Lot

ADVANCED LOT BUILDING Learn how to add Special Features + The Big Roofs Tutorial

ED! CONTENT INCLUD M O ST CU L AL N IRATIO rial key inside! ONLY WITH SIMSP e Magazine with a se th in ed us t en nt co l al Unlock and download

TION A R I P S SIM IVES EXCLUS ing d u l c n i s 0 item Over 12 th, Christmas o Gypsy, G Years Eve! and New etails on

Find all d

spir www.sim

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Dear Readers! The scents of Fall and the end of Summer brings in the holiday season. Fun smells and children back to school around the world lets us remember that special time of year. It’s the time of caring and giving, warm sweaters, and good food. This issue is packed with tidings of the holiday season from All Hallows Eve to Christmas time. With the launch of Issue 1 (our Summer Issue) we have learned much about making a magazine. Who knew a bunch of rag-tag artist‘s could come together and put out such a quality piece of work? Well Thomas did! He had total faith that we could get together and create something fantastic. My” Partner in Crime”, Sasilia, has again wowed us with her layout skills. The work she does to bring you this much quality is astounding. However, she and I could not do this without the help of several Featured Artists and Select Artists at TSR who have skills in object creation, ingame photography, and story writing. We would like to thank them for all of their help and contributions! There is exclusive content from Gypsy Camps to Christmas Tidings. Sim_Man, Shino & KCR, Gissence, Harmonia, Hasel, Cyclonesue, Angela, DOT, Newsea, Pinecat and your favorite artists have come together to give you a very nice cache of exclusives for your game. You will see the beauty of the game and amazing exclusives as you look through the pages of our holiday edition of Simspiration Magazine. With the help of TSR Artists imaginations our Sims games can be anything and everything we could ever want them to be! In this issue you will find 10 Christmas hats hidden for an extra surprise. Find the Hats and PM Riccinumbers at TSR where you have found them and we will draw 5 names from the correct responses! A chance to win something from TSR! A weeks free subscription and more!


Published by: IBIBI HB Thomas Isaksson phone: +46 270 14130 fax: +46 270 569040 Layout: Sasilia CycloneSue estatica Photographers: Gosik Madaya74 fredbrenny Proof-reading: Hatshepsut Contributors: DOT, Sim_Man 123, djehmli, senemm, Shino&KCR, Angela, Simsimay, Cemre, Murano, Nia, Harmonia, Cashcraft, Pinecat, Tdyannd, Simseviyo, Cazarupt, Susan, AnoeskaB, Saliwa, steadyaccess, Gissence


t n e t Co n er t n i W / Fall 2010

Themes 05








Living 13

PIMP UP YOUR ROOM with Patterns




FIREPLACES with fredbrenny


LOFT A Home Story with Davido Blackman

Houses 22



TIPS AND TRICKS Adding special features to your lots




THE BIG ROOF-TUTORIAL Pimp up your house with Roof-Windows



29 Fashion 41




Regular Features 25









WATCHDOG CycloneSue reveals the shocking truth in our consumer watchdog series


THE TRUTH IS A BUST Notice from the Consumer Board President

theme | gypsy



theme | gypsy

Dramatic im always S e it r u o v a f So, your ke a gypsy? li e v li o t d e t wan psy has the y G t c e f r e p The acteristics: following char

Adventurous Brave Daredevil 6|

Family Oriented Loves the Outdoors Flirty

any L vans s p Gy n ara nt] no, C iratio e t n a sp lo [Co s Mur Sim e Cyc cn e r Cy te esu enc lon ve, F Grass uff c y C i st lus amp exc e, Sw aundry &KCR u l o e nes sue, hin lusiv S e t c n i x o p e l fire ion and pirat s Sim

theme | gypsy

Exclusive for Simspiration: Caravans from CycloneSue


theme | gypsy


ypsy is all about colours and freedom. A long

term tradition brought up self-made clothing and

furniture which is peppered with ornaments in vibrant hues and a touch of magic. We thought why not bring

this into The Sims 3! Featured Artists built together a whole Gypsy camp. Inside Cyclonesue‘s playable

caravans you will find hand-made furniture, cosy corners and also a small bathroom. Build your own Gypsy camp with exclusive Simspiration-stuff! Try out a

new way of playing The Sims 3 - inside the caravans you have limited space which will challenge you on what to place inside and which furniture can go outside as well. Find an appropriate way on how to raise your

Gypsy-Sims-Family‘s funds for surviving and throw

parties around the campfire, illuminated with colourful lanterns and surrounded by lush nature. Let your

Sims play songs on the guitar to add to the ambience. Draw inspiration from these pages to your game!


theme | gypsy

Exclusive Content : Living Room - Cemre Kitchen - Shino&KCR Dining - Sasilia


theme | gypsy

WishingTree Hair Newse a Male hair E A Simspiratio n Exclusive : Male-Outfit ekinege Female-Out fit harmonia

10 |

theme | gypsy

Mimi Fem ale Hairst yle

Simspirat ion Gypsy dre Exclusive: ss NIA


| 11

theme | gypsy

wsea tyle Ne ge s ir a H ale Ekine Lilio M Gloves e c a L Sweet e: Exclusiv carf Newsea n io t a sy s Simspir nd Gyp a ir a h ege Gypsy fit ekin t u O le Ma gapi Outfit a le a m e F 12 |

living | pattern

[First Picture] Fancy Bookshelf Pilar, Kia Floor Lamp n-an-u, Conway Chaise Lounge Mutske, Books Newtlco, Mojito Books Cemre, Bresia Dinette Teacup Blackest Digital Artist [Right Picture] Latis Kitchen Curtains Angela, Nottingham Sideboard AnoeskaB, Nottingham Candles AnoeskaB, Jofaina Pilar, Tableware Trento Sasilia, Hampton Living Chair Murano, Poolside Hat mensure, Greenhouse Hardware Shakeshaft, Old Mower Cyclonesue, Oil Lamp SYL [Above Picture] Selle Sofa n-a-n-u, Insmonia Bedroom Curtains Angela, Tabo Baskets n-a-n-u, Rocks and Sand LDG, Lighthouse Shakeshaft, Boah Floor Pillow n-a-n-u, Square Tray kyta1702, Yucca Plant Apple, Wicker Outdoor Teacup and Teacan Shino&KCR, Nottingham Open Book AnoeskaB


| 13

living | colours

14 |

living | colours


Natural-colours radiate an atmosphere of special calmness and peacefulness


hen the days become shorter and colder you will love a warm and cosy place in your living room. Cemre‘s Mojito couch is made with extra soft linen for chilling afternoons. A total eye-catcher is the coffee table of SimCredible!-Designs, with „Warm brown, light wood a hole in the middle where you can place several things and sand. A relaxing return such as leaves and other de- to nature“ corations. It‘s covered with break-proofed glass so that you also can place heavier things on the table.


[All Pictures] Metropole Side Table and Glass Table SimCredible!, Lelie in vase Mutske, Fairmont Bedroom Deco Boxes LivingDeadGirl, Summers Bedside Lamp DOT, Round Flokati abuk0, Tabo Candles n-a-n-u, Pico Floor Lamp n-a-n-u, Living Chair newtlco, Desk Lamp Sasilia, Richmond End Table and Magazines Shakeshaft, Mojito Sofa Cemre, Orinoko Curtains Gosik, X-Ray Triumph Tulips ziggy28

C=1 M=0 Y=7 K=0 C=58 M=70 Y=81 K=72


C=46 M=43 Y=41 K=3


The modern rocking-chair comes from Newtlco. With it‘s cosy cushions you will have pure relaxation.

| 15

living | colours

[All pictures] Abigail Bathroom Dressboy Angela, Abigail Bathroom Towels Angela, Insomnia Bathroom Towel Angela, Insomnia Bedroom Rug Angela, Insomnia Bathroom Scale Angela, Insomnia Large Kitchen Cabinet Angela, Latis Showermat Angela, Latis Snakeplant Angela, Latis Hallway Handbag Angela, Liams Corner Open Window Angela, Liams Corner Bedroom Clothes Angela, Liams Corner Bedroom Dresser Angela, Liams Corner Patio Doors Angela, Liams Corner Roomdivider Angela, Liams Corner Single Door Angela, Lucca Dining Candles Angela, Classy Pattern Apple, Mod Light Panel Apple, Carpet ayyuff, Love brandon-tsr, Malabar Kitchen bin cazarupt, Poor and Happy Magazine Cemre, Recess Lamp Dot, Bags and Boxes Dot, Boots Dot, Chrystal Glass Bedside Lamp Dot, Flip Flops Dot, Pear Plate Dot, Sharpe 2 Wall Dot, Shoe Box 3 Stack Dot, Aspect Dining Boxes Falco, Fellow Vases Gosik, IO Shampoo and Conditioner Gosik, IO Toothbrush Gosik, Kobe Bathroom Towels Gosik, Orinoko Books Gosik, Orinoko Small Pictures Gosik, Quadro Paper Stand Gosik, Quadro Tray Gosik, Round Tray Kyta1702, Torino Living Blanket Lisa86, Emma Bedroom Alarm LDG, Grace Office Acorn Box LDG, Katie Bedroom Nail Polish LDG, Rooflights Madaya74, Wall Table Madaya74, Mosaic matomibotaki

16 |

This is a perfect solution for an unused attic. Star-Designer Madaya74 proved her ability once again.

C=58 M=43 Y=100 K=25


nuances. Cashmere, Moss

The bathroom is in the same and Mango bring a pefect colours as the bedroom. A big autumn touch into your rooms“ round bathtub provides space for two and stone candles give a nice lighting while taking a bath which can be enjoyed under the stars because of further roof windows.

C=18 M=21 Y=28 K=0

C=13 M=55 Y=91 K=1



ypical autumn colours are cashmere, moss and mango these in combination give your bedroom a rustic, warm feeling. The roof windows let you “live in the clouds” and let you sleep under the stars. On cold, rainy autumn days a fireplace gives warmth. The clue is that this fireplace is placed between bedroom and bathroom so it sends heat to both rooms which are separated with a glass wall. „Colour your life with warm


living | colours

| 17

living | colours

[All pictures] Cappuccino Hallway Shoes mensure, Perfume mensure, Scales Pattern n-a-n-u, Selle Suitcases n-a-n-u, Pillow Table n-a-n-u, Traveltime Stone Pattern peacemaker, Instyle Flokati Pralinesims, Godmorgan Bath-Deco riccinumbers, Godmorgan Bath-Basket riccinumbers, Godmorgan Slippers riccinumbers, Hemnes Bedpillows riccinumbers, Caboo Plant Roan, Bedroom Linea Luna Sasilia, Urban Concept Bath Accessoires Sasilia, Urban Concept Mirror Sasilia, Urban Concept Seat Sasilia, Richmond Coffee Set Shakeshaft, Bathroom No. 1 Shino&KCR, Outdoor 2010 BooksnGlasses Shino&KCR, Outdoor 2010 Magazine Shino&KCR, Pattern Lightwood01 Shino&KCR, Pattern Lightwood Pattern02 Shino&KCR, PB Trunk Shino&KCR, Royal Bedroom Vase Set Shino&KCR, Brassbedroom Picture Frames Shino&KCR, Brassbedroom Trunk round Shino&KCR, Hillside Deco Boxes SimMan_123, Tilton Daffodil Vase SimMan_123, Aria Decoflower SIMcredible!, Moon Mist Wallart SIMcredible!, Bedroom Clutter myPhone tdyannd, OliveOil Set Pattern 01 tdyannd, Tissue Box Set Clutter tdyannd, Green Leave Pattern Vanilla Sim

18 |

living | fireplaces

FIREPLACES When the days become shorter, the nights longer, and the weather turns rainy and cold, we all look to the warm and cosy fireplaces for comfort PHOTOGRAPHS FREDBRENNY ARTICLE SASILIA

[Content list] Living Traditional Fireplace Shino&KCR, Wicker Outdoor Teacan Shino&KCR, Wicker Outdoor Teacup Shino&KCR, Nottingham Books AnoekaB, Richmond Basket Table ASC, Mojito Chair Cemre, African Experience Zebrahide Apple, Deiffenbachia Mutske, Ivy Mutske, Window Country High1x1 floor Mutske, Nola Bedroom Mirror Angela, Lucca Dining Candles Angela, Wood Finishes 3-tiles Shutters Angela, Wood Finishes 1-tile Shutters Angela, Pico Floor Lamp N-a-n-u, Tabu Pillow Table N-a-n-u, Orinoko Bowl Gosik, Ceiling Rafter(1x5) Sim_123man, Painting Chess Rook Fredbrenny

| 19

theme | autumn


Photographer sim_man 123 Article Sasilia



Happy Halloween Pumpkins and Ladder by Apple


Wheelbarrow by Cashcraft 20 20| |



Mice with lighted Eyes Simspiration exclusive by DOT

theme | autumn


Autumn Garden Lot by sim_man 123



by RicciNumbers


Sitting Tree by AnoeskaB


Firewood by Angela

| |21 21

houses | challenge

” e s u o H s i h t h s a r “T e g n e l l a Ch

use “You must pick an EA ho ly to trash. Make it as ug bers as you can!” - RicciNum


ged Many builders have been challen ,but to make home renovations before this time we asked everyone to EA do just the opposite: trash an as house and make it look as bad possible! There were many entries, all of ite smelly too (and them very ugly and probably qu way), so it was quite difle sib pos t bes the in t tha an we me home should be the winner. ficult to decide which hideous s, lly known for her elegant home Our talented SA Katalina, usua trashed version of an EA home n ow r he h wit l al us ed ris rp su g at all the work involved, kin loo er Aft a. can eri Am the called efully picked, we were car so s rn tte pa l fu aw the d an the trash ner! finally convinced we had a win

WINNER Katalina Interests: Art/De sign Hair: Brunette Civil Status: Marr ied, with pets Favourite Food: Ch inese Housing: Weekend cottage Job: Management Personality: Swee t Starsign: Scorpio Style: Jeans and tshirt 22 |

houses | challenge

The Trashed House “Hobart Hoboken and Gerty Durty decorated in trash fashion, finding anything in the yard and salvage lots to make it their home. Heck even the barnyard animals inhabited it! More weeks went by and the house began to change into something only a derelict would live in. Could it be that the home was taking on the madness and insanity of the family?�

- katalina | 23

houses | challenge

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!” [Content list] VS fun with flowers pattern #3 VanillaSim, VS fun with flowers

pattern #2 VanillaSim, Leveled wood Matomibotaki, Library pattern Estatica, Modern concrete Pralinesims, Grungy wall Pralinesims, Glassy Matomibotaki, whitewash planks Theninthwave, Container metal Cyclonesue, Grunge Living series rusted metal Cemre, Peeling paint/rust Cyclonesue, Victorian brick Cyclonesue, Old bathroom Tdyannd, Maple V1 Greda, Rusty door Modern_Sims, Rust peel Katelys, old wood Chikako, PCp Rag rug Pinecat, Old tyme catalog Pinecat, Deco clutter bottle Mutske, Jeffory Lisa9999, Cat statue Lisa9999, Industrial kitchen set Eryt96, SYL Lazy summer set Eryt96, SYL Oil lamp Eryt96, Simple stone Cyclonesue, Grand clock Lisa9999, Café break set paper glass large Mensure, Coffee cup Mensure, Bathroom clutter toiletpaper Tdyannd, Tissue box clutter set Tdyannd, Grunge living series old plank Cemre, Lindsey nursery collection giraffe Cemre, Kitcat clock Tdyannd, Improperly aged paintings Tdyannd, Poor and happy old rug Cemre, Poor and happy set burned candles Cemre, Grunge living poor and happy set Cemre, Dead trees Sim_ man123, Beach fences Cyclonesue, Grunge living series old wood Cemre, Old trellis Sim_man123, Décor for factory windows Cyclonesue, Factory windows Cyclonesue, Ghastly graves Cyclonesue, Derelict garden ground paints Cyclonesue, Junkyard fire and trash Cyclonesue, Garden Junk Cyclonesue, The cement garden Cyclonesue, Corroded mirror Cyclonesue, Crooked outhouse door Cyclonesue, Abandoned supermarket trolleys Cyclonesue, Stackable tyres Cyclonesue, Barbed and chicken wire fences Cyclonesue, Bathroom junk Cyclonesue, CB Primative green planks Cowbelle, Liams corner outdoor drink Angela, Tricycle for toddlers Lilliebou, Donkey grazing Rebecah, Piglet sculpture Rebecah, Farming broom AnoeskaB, Bordeaux set Gosik, Bordeaux Bathroom Bathtub Gosik

24 |

regular | travel


Dear Readers, For my autumn adventure I decided to expand my travelling repertoire and visit the mysterious and isolated town of Al Simhara in Egypt. I packed light – shorts and T shirts being the main items on the list. The weather in Egypt is said to be very hot! Unless you’re friendly with the locals or own a home here, the Al Simhara Base Camp is the main accommodation. A small group of tents in the shadow of the palm trees provide a basic yet comfortable place to stay... | 25

regular | travel

... There was a huge especially for more The history of Al Si exciting, and there burial sites, monum sim looking for a ch possibility of some t For quieter sims, th many fantastic phot visited the town cen fantastic market. Th an aspiring adventu Many useful items w Shadia Rashid, the t merchant. I purchas from her and she th that I should visit T “It’s a fantastic tomb adventuring to be h sure you watch out f mummies!” she said. I

I arrived at the Sph the door. It appea attempted to loo door sprang ope a single spot – a perhaps?

26 |

amount to do there, e adventurous Sims. imhara is rich and e are many ancient ments & tombs for a hallenge, with the treasure on the side! here are of course to opportunities. I ntre first to find a hey sold everything urer could want! were available from town’s special sed a few items hen recommended The Great Sphinx. b. There is so much had – but make for the traps and set off immediately!

hinx and inspected ared loose, so I osen it further. The en when I touched a hidden switch,

regular | travel

I entered the tomb to fin d many flame traps ahead. I quickly dis abled them with the help of a floor switch. After a little more exploring I wa s totally worn out. I needed to rest, and fortunately found a bed in one of the chambers. A little dusty, but that was the least of my worries. A few hours later I awoke, and found myself wanting to explore the town more. I left th e tomb by the quickest exit, with plenty of treasure tucked away, ready to tak e home and display. During my visit to the rest of the town I went to The Ac acia Palace (a giant palace on the weste rn delta), the two Pyramids and of cour se, I socialised with the locals. They to ld me tales of the mysteries that still en compass the town. The culture seeme d diverse and fascinating, and there is so much to discover in this remote town – something which I inten d to do some day, and would invite you to join me.

| 27

regular | trusted reviewer Need to contact us about our reviews? Feel free! We have the best and nastiest lawyers ready and waiting to challenge your complaints here at Watchdog Towers.

Reliable and unbiased reviews by Cyclonesue


To be fair, Gosik (who’s merited poor ratings from us previously) has tried hard with the Quadro toilet roll holder. The product looks as it does in the brochure and Gosik has attempted to redefine the traditional bathroom experience by incorporating a cocktail maker on the base. This is somewhat flawed however because the swizzle stick is, oddly, a large hairbrush which limited our ability to mix ingredients, but the glass is a generous size.

First up is the head-bashing Heritage shelving unit by RicciNumbers who strangely thought that positioning your much-needed toilet roll high above your head is a great idea when you’re sat on the seat in a difficult situation. What troubles us most is why three toilet rolls have been glued together. We conclude that toilet paper must be an alien concept to RicciNumbers as they’ve been glued together This extravagant design DOES come on this same shelf for six months now at a cost! What appears to be delicately contoured toilet tissue is in and STILL no-one can reach them! fact cheap ANAGLYPTA WALLPAPER, but nowhere on the wallpaper’s FAKE! 1/10 We are bewildered packaging does it mention “suitable by Cashcraft’s Vin- for bottoms” and so we’ve taken this tage Vanity toilet into account in our final score. roll. The exquisite gold design and delicate engravings don’t exist in our review copy (below). We now wonder whether ALL Cashcraft designs are fake and we will look at this in a later issue. Our biggest concern is the hard paper unsuitable for delicate bottoms or those more urgent 2/10 occasions. Cashcraft, of course, denies it all but our lawyers are waiting! We never lie at Watchdog Towers! 28 |



Finally, we were excited to find a toilet roll so immensely popular that we failed to photograph a full one! Eager toilet users were in a frenzy to experience this delicate blend of tissue lovingly created from recycled aircraft. To keep the price down to a minimum, Cyclonesue thoughtfully avoided the use of a fancy name something we appreciate here at Watchdog Towers (we’re too cheap to invest in spell-checkers). We particularly love how the tissue falls away from the cardboard insert easily, saving those in a hurry the vexation of struggling with tissue dispensed from a stupid spinning target! A real pleasure to use! Well done Cyclonesue for yet another outstanding design!!!

theme | gothic

The Black Wedding A young girl’s tears, a Dark Lord in the background. Horrible creatures are wandering through the branches and an old collapsed chapel is illuminated by hundreds of candles ... ARTICLE SASILIA PHOTOGRAPHS MURANO AND SASILIA

| 29

theme | gothic

In the darkness no one can save her from the creatures of the night, as she walks to

her utter end with the Dark Lord and a marriage born of evil………

Trying to stop this from happening to her, the Dark Lord’s evil laugh permeating the darkness with her cries.

30 |

theme | gothic

What’s this? What is this in the darkness? Her love has come! But can he defeat the Dark Lord? The Dark Lord lets out an evil laugh as he grabs for her love! In the struggle, a fire starts in the ruins! She runs to her love and he whisks her away while the Dark Lord burns in his evilness‌ The Grim Reaper eagerly awaiting his demise.

| 31

theme | gothic

She a princess, he a prince, they make their vows in the chapel that was almost…her end….as the Grim Reaper claims what is left of the Dark Lord…..

32 |

theme | gothic

The End!

| 33

theme | gothic

Gothic Style

ARTICLE AND PICS SASILIA RIGHT PIC DOT [Left picture] Blush Intense steadyaccess, Realistic Eyes steadyaccess, Natural Eyebrows steadyaccess, Hairstyle Moonriver female Newsea, French Eyeliner steadyaccess [Right picture] Blush intense steadyaccess, Hairstyle Angel Beats Female Newsea, Natural Eyebrows steadyaccess, Everyday Eyeshadow steadyaccess, French Eyeliner steadyaccess, Glossy Lips 03 steadyaccess

34 |

houses | tips & tricks

Tips & Tricks: Adding special features to your lots Let’s face it; everyone can make interesting looking lots these days. Your little cousin makes mansions while playing with his food, your best friend creates roman temples so big they should be illegal and even your grandmother has started to make awesome spaceships these days! Well, enough is enough! You need to step up and show them why you are the most powerful building master in the universe and not them! Learn how to add hidden rooms, how to add triggers to innocent looking furniture so they can reveal hidden secrets and create all the special effects your heart desires… Just follow me and I’ll show you how! TEXT, PHOTOS AND LAYOUT ESTATICA

| 35

houses | tips & tricks

Getting Started you The features I‘m about to show enrequire that you have World Adv tures Expansion Pack installed, b as they were introduced for tom the in st building and do not exi Base Game. teach Although this article will not show l wil you how to make a tomb, it to you how you can set up triggers your activate super secret stuff on own buildings. exStart off by building a lot. Be tra careful with the layout and want decide early on which areas you r you m to be hidden or locked fro forSims. Once you are done, don‘t n in get to keep the original versio ars thi your library folder. For boring ticle, I will be turning this my mansion into a fun hideout for Sims.

l, can create, big or smal Every building you to ial place for others easily become a spec about n a few basic things ar le u yo if e, or pl ex d behaviours. Many triggers and activate ger an event: a torch trig objects in game can , a reveal hidden stairs can unlock a door or e Th m or destroy traps. hidden switch can ar endu can do is almost variety of things yo less. at can a list of objects th th wi nk li a is re He ours: and activated behavi be used as triggers php?title= sr im es th i. ik /w :/ viours http and_Activated_Beha s_ er gg ri _T g: in ld Tomb_Bui

36 |

houses | tips & tricks

Accessing buydebug ated behaviours can only be As most of the items that can have triggers and activ cheats to unlock them. So accessed in debug mode, this means you will need to use C and type: open your cheat console by pressing Ctrl + Shift +

ion mark added to your At this point, when in buy mode, you should see a quest items are now unlocked. You panel, which is precisely what you wanted: your debug are ready to do some serious damage on your lot!

Messing with triggers The Hidden Cellar In this example, I’ll be using staircases, a torch lever (available in buydebug) and a regular door to make a hidden cellar. The stairs that lead to the cellar will be hidden by default, so players will have to pull the lever to unhide it. And when they leave, as they go through the door, the stairs will hide again.

| 37

houses | tips & tricks

Hidden cellar - The right steps Note: From now on, to select an item, you must always press:

Crtl + Shift+ Left Click


Select the stairs and choose: “Add the ability to add triggers and activated behaviours”; Select them again, but this time pick: “Hide Stairs”. Your stairs are now hidden!


Place a torch in the room that gives access to the cellar, select it and choose: “Enable Lever”.

Select the torch again and pick: “Link Triggers ... Pull Lever”. This means your sims will set up a trigger whenever they pull the lever. Now you just need to link that action to the effect you want. In this case, it will reveal your stairs.


Now it’s time to select the stairs. The debug menu will show you a new option: “Link to activated behaviour ... Unhide”. At this point, any sim who pulls the lever will reveal the stairs leading to your cellar. But since we also want it to be hidden when your sim exits the room, we have more work to do.

Place a door in the same room you placed the torch. It can be any door and like the stairs, you must also choose first: “Add the ability to add triggers and activated behaviours”; Now select the door again, only this time choose the option: “Link Triggers ... Walk through” Select the stairs again. This time, you want the door trigger to hide the stairs, so choose: “Link to Activated Behaviour ... Hide”

4 5

And that’s it! You have successfully triggered the stairs to hide or unhide, depending on what your sims do. Now let’s create a Secret Library!

38 |

houses | tips & tricks

Creating a Secret Library Any decent mansion needs a secret library, which is really not hard to do. For this, you will only need the secret rotating door and a bookshelf. Both can be found on regular buy mode.

The secret door has many abilities, but for this article we just want it to be always hidden, except when sims remove a book from the bookshelf. Click on it and choose: “Debug: Make undiscoverable”


You will use the bookshelf to open and to hide the secret rotating door, so you will need to place it somewhere outside the library.

Click on the bookshelf and choose: “Add the ability to add triggers and activated behaviours” and then do exactly the same for the door.

4 5 6


2 3

Click again on the bookshelf and choose: “Link Triggers ... Object removed from inventory”. This means that when a sim takes a book from the shelf, it will set up a trigger.

Now click the secret rotating door: “Link to activated behaviour ... Open”. In this case, removing a book will trigger the door to open. But you also want the opposite: you want your sim to hide the door again by placing a book in the bookshelf. At this point, you have noticed how easy it is to link triggers. To make the door undetected again, repeat steps 4 and 5, only this time, on the bookshelf you should click “Link Triggers ... Object added to inventory” and on the door “Link to activated behaviour... Hide”. This way when you place add a book to the shelf, the door will become invisible once again. Although it is not necessary, you can always add a nice visual effect each time you make your door open. Simply click on the door and choose: “Activated behaviours ... Open ... Turn On Cause/Effect FX”

| 39

houses | tips & tricks

The Vault Room In this example, I will be using step triggers, pushable statues, a door and a processor. I want my door to open only when both step triggers are... well, stepped on. You will find those items in buydebug catalogue, except for the door, of course. The processor will not be visible in live mode and is only to be used as a tool to process the simultaneous triggers that you need to set off a reaction.


Start off by clicking the statues and choose “Make visibly movable”. This way your sims will be able to push them around. Now click on a step trigger and choose “Link triggers ... Step On”. Click on the processor and choose “Link to Activated Behaviour ... In 0”. You have placed the first input, but you also need to reset it, in case someone steps off.


Click on the same step trigger and choose “Link triggers ... Step Off”. Click on the processor and choose “Link to Activated Behaviour ... In 0 (Reset)”


Repeat the same steps for the second step trigger, only this time instead of In 0 and In 0 (Reset), pick In 1 and In 1 (Reset), respectively. You could add several more triggers (In 2, In 3, etc.) but for this article, we’ll stick to just two.


Don’t forget to lock your door and add the ability to add triggers, much like you did in the hidden cellar. And now that all inputs were set in place, click on the processor and choose “Link Triggers ... Out 0”, then click on the door and choose “Link to Activated Behaviour ... Unlock”.

And that’s it! Now you have learned the basics to add nice effects to your lots. With a bit of practice, linking triggers will be second nature to you and soon you will find your houses a lot more fun to explore!

Tip 40 |

You can check out more detailed information on how to add more special features at Wiki TSR!

beauty | fashion



[Content list] Ossa Dress F025 Sandra, Ossa Dress F041 Sandra, Ossa Dress F072 Empire Line Sandra, Elder Formal Dress Natalis



beauty | fashion

Dress SandraR Clutch NataliS Earrings juzhitu Bracelet NataliS High Heels natef005 Starlet Female Hairstyle Newsea Glass Bowls in 3 sizes DOT


42 |

beauty | fashion

Dress BluElla Dream Glory Female Hairstyle Newsea Realistic Eyes steadyaccess High Heels keram25 Clutch NataliS Glass Bowls in 3 sizes DOT

| 43

theme | x-mas

44 |

theme | x-mas



unset Valley is sunken in a dream of snow. The big park is changed into a winter wonderland. The lake is frozen, a Christmas Market offers Hot  Spiced Wine, Gingerbread and hand-made  Christmas bowls.  The Pavillon is decorated with thousands of coloured  lamps and it is the perfect place for amorous Sims. For a warm-up Sims can vi-

sit the enclosed Christmas-shop. They can do their Christmas-shopping there and relax in the chilly coffee-lounge after they  have finished their shopping. The Designer of this  wonderful 64x64 Lot is Gissence.

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theme | x-mas

[Content list] Portofino Pavers Gissence, Advent Shakeshaft, Titan Fencing Shakeshaft, Snow Terrain Paint ayyuff, Snowy Street Ground ayyuff, IceJC JuliaCat, SnowJC JuliaCat, Orinoko Living Gosik, Orinoko Bedroom Gosik, Fellow Living Gosik, Christmas Print Pattern Pinecat, Christmas Garland evi, Djem Denim Snowflake djehmli, Candy Candle Lamp DOT, Twelve Days of Shopping DOT, Ice and Candy Cane Lights DOT, Hug Me Snowman Nia, x-mas-market Anatolian Stall Cemre, Christmas Tree Market sim_man123, Stocking Stall sim_man123, x-masmarket tree sim_man123, x-mas-market tree Stall sim_man123, Hot Sausages Stall Shino&KCR, Gingerbreadstand Shino&KCR, Candystand Sasilia, Hotwinestand Sasilia, Advent-WreathStand Sasilia, Christmastime Set RicciNumbers, Wall Garland Lisa9999, Menorah Angela, Advent House Angela, Snowy Roof Hatshepsut, Exclusive Lot Gissence





x-m as Mu Bushe tske s Big x Shi -mas no& Tre KC e R Sno w Sas man ilia

46 |


ove re Do d Lam t p


theme | x-mas


Exclusive Lingerie by Simsimay Hairstyles Newsea Heels Natalia Chair EA Store

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regular | portrait



’m as happy as a Sim with a bright, deep green PlumbBob floating over its head! Life is good, especially when you’re doing something you enjoy and I love creating custom content! I think growing up in a community once famous for its rose gardens and filled with grand and picturesque Victorian houses has greatly influenced my sense of style and design. I love filling my Simmies’ homes with ornate Victorian, vintage, and antique furniture and furnishings, which are reflective of a bygone age. One of my all-time favorite sets is the Vanity Fair collection (Sims 2 and Sims 3), the set’s pieces are richly detailed, feature dark woods, and they suggest a lifestyle of elegance and grandeur. My philosophy, if you’re going to reside in an imaginary virtual world—it’s best to be surrounded with beauty! Creating custom is a by-product of my love for the Sims series. When I started playing the Sims 1 game, I soon became a fanatic downloader of custom content; I decorated my homes beautifully with content from many of my favorite creators. While this was fun and it greatly increased my enjoyment of the game, I wanted to create my own stuff! There is something very special about modelling a mesh, seeing it in game, and knowing I did it! I created my OWN custom content; maybe next I’ll attempt world peace! My passion for art was born at the tender age of four, I discovered the joys of finger painting; I spent years developing my skills, drawing paper dolls, creating clothes for my Barbie doll, and years of art classes. Now, I create custom content for Sims 2 and Sims 3 and I love it! Creativity like knowledge increases with experience and practice. My past is littered with creative mistakes, I have a virtual trash-bin filled with rejects, but I am a better artist because of them. So, step into my Victorian world, a place of grand homes overflowing with beautiful, luxurious furnishings, and visit for a while!

Books Computers, , n g si e D d Art an ol #78 rown, Clair B Interests: rk a D m Mediu olate , Dark Choc a Hair: st a P , d o rtist oods: Seafo d, Graphic A Favourite F e y lo p m -E Self Job: and Pop Jazz, R&B rtistic : o T s n Liste arismatic, A h C , ly d n e Fri : Personality Scorpio oes Designer Sh d n a Starsign: t, ir h -s Jeans, T Style: 48 |

regular | test Guys only!

What type of Flat Suits yOU? Take the test, count the points and learn what type you are TEXT RICCINUMBERS LAYOUT SASILIA

Which career is in your heart?

burglar (0) familiy man (10) big boss (5)

Are Sandals and Socks okay to wear with shorts?

absolutely no go (5) my favourite combo (10) looks funny (0)

Where do you meet your

at parties (0) at work (5) in a cornfield (10)


Who buys your clothes? my mother (10) my stylist (5) found them in a collection-bag (0)

What is your favourite food? Sushi (5) Pizza (0) Muesli (10)

Who cleans your flat?

When do me n cry? at love films (1 0) when the car is dirty (5) when they hav e to wash their hair and waste water (0)

the cleaning lady (5) my mom (10) cleaning - what is that? (0)

What is your favourite sparetime job? What type sho uld


your girlfriend

sexy as a super model (5) sweet as honey (10) cool as ice (0)

flirting (5) sleeping (0) jogging (10)

Now count if mos t of your answers are with 0, 5 or 10 points and learn on the next pages what Flat-ty pe you are...

| 49

regular | test

0 Points type

Mr. Chaotic You love the night life. You are a Rock and Roller who enjoys your parties loud and your women loose. The neighbours call the police so much for the loud music on your stereo you are on a first name basis with the local cop. Your best friend is the cockroach that lives in that cereal box that’s a year old. You need confusion in your life. You don’t believe in cleaning although you’d like to have that cute maid come around. If only she wouldn’t clean because you like the eye candy but need the dirty chaos. You throw nothing away. You never know when you might be looking for it. You don’t understand Mr. Snob, why is he so picky anyway? You can tolerate Mr. Nature Boy he thinks your roach friends are cool. [Bedroom] Grace Office Open Window LDG, Poor and Happy Endtable Cemre [Hall] Fuel Can murano, Rusty Bike Cyclonesue, Tabo Baskets n-a-n-u, Classic Suitcase dgandy [Kitchen] Norden Dining Glasses riccinumbers, Poor and Happy Set Food Cans and WallArt Cemre, Sasi goes Shabby tablecloth Sasilia, Figura Dining Set Oil and Vinegar Cemre [Bathroom] Washroom Sink Cyclonesue, Soap Dispenser Cyclonesue, supermarket Trolley Cyclonesue, Old Engine Oil Can Cyclonesue [Livingroom] Poor and Happy Very Old Sofa and Magazines Cemre, Katie Bedroom Records 1 and 2 LDG, Painting shadow66, Orinoko Coffeecups Gosik, Oranges DOT, BroknGlasses Shino&KCR, Popcorn mensure, Insomnia Pillow Angela

50 |

regular | test

5 Points type

Mr. SNOB You love money and the good things in life. You surround yourself with wealthy people and influences. You step over the bum going through the garbage because you don’t understand poverty. Your flat is always clean and neat. Your furniture is designer and your artwork one of a kind. You would not be caught dead with an ugly girlfriend or worn furniture. You thrive on lavish parties, good wine, and good conversation. You don’t get along with Mr. Chaotic because you cannot possibly understand this freak of nature. You don’t get along with Mr. Nature Boy because you just can’t stand his ideals. [Kitchen] Dolormite Kitchen Sasilia, Trento Espressomachine Sasilia, Paintings Nea-005, Barstool Shino&KCR [Floor] Dining Orbit Pilar, Cappuccino Hallway mensure, Illusion Painting dt456, Lucca Kitchen Wallamp Angela [Bedroom] Sideboard and Endtables Sasilia, Modern Bedroom Shino&KCR, Floorlamp Simspiration exclusive [Livingroom] Urban Concept Boston Sasilia, Norden Diningglasses riccinumbers, Canny Books Nia, Big Skylineposter Simspiration exclusive, Shelf with Paintings Sasilia, Eames Lounge eryt96, IO Sideboard and Sculptures Gosik, Jack Light eryt96 [Bathroom] IO Bathroom Gosik, Long Blinds Shino&KCR, SYL Zen Column eryt96, Quadro Heater and Tray Gosik

| 51

regular | test

[Kitchen] Latis Kitchen Angela, Fridge cazarupt, Gardenclutter Workbench Apple, Nyssa Stove Mutske, Aveline Dish Rack shakeshaft, Abstakt Sink sims3stria, Cheeseplate Shino&KCR, Strawberry Plant shakeshaft, Norden Dining Tea Pot riccinumbers, Norden Dining Chair riccinumbers, Mark Diningchair cazarupt, Latis Outdoor Chair Angela, Sasi goes Shabby tablecloth Sasilia, Latis Dining Tablesetting Angela, Jackies Kitchen Herbs Chives Shino&KCR, Tabo Wall Art n-a-n-u, Poor & Happy Old Set Rug Cemre, Morrum Curtain riccinumbers, Sweet pretty cups DOT, Backyard Cups Shino&KCR, Backyard Oil and Vinegret Shino&KCR, Backyard Sugarpot Shino&KCR, Trice as Nice Wallamp DOT, Orinoko Plates Gosik, Orinoko Small Bowls Gosik, Orinoko Soup Tureen Gosik

10 Points type

Mr. Nutmegger You enjoy Mother Nature. Your Flat is full of plants you keep ever so delicately placed so they don’t get bruised. You don’t like to hear plants cry. You recycle. You make your own soap which you use on your clothes and for any cleaning you need. You would not dream of using synthetic cleaning supplies which are bad for the environment. Your furniture is all recycled woods and fabrics. You do not get along with Mr. Snob who won’t talk to you anyway. You can tolerate Mr. Chaotic because he makes friends with roaches, who are after all part of nature. [Hall] Norden Dining Side Table riccinumbers, Garden Clutter Wall Rack apple, Poor and Happy Ceilingbulb Cemre, Magazines mensure, Spring Lillies lisa9999, Broken Garden Gnome Cyclonesue, Gardening Boots murano, Birdfeeder Shino&KCR, Tabo Tree n-a-n-u, Emma Bedroom Print LDG [Bathroom] Tabo Baskets n-a-n-u, Latis Bathroom Sink Angela, Latis Bathroom Toilet Angela, Bordeaux Bathroom Tub Gosik, Gardening is Fun Ivy Cemre, Bordeaux Bathroom Towel Gosik, Bordeaux Bathroom Towel Gosik, Bordeaux Bathroom Accessoire Gosik, Tabo Ottoman n-a-n-u

[Livingroom] Tabo sofa n-a-n-u, Boah Seat with Pillow n-a-n-u, Boah Wicker Set n-a-n-u, Tabo Pillow Table n-a-n-u, Metropole Glass Table SimCredible, Pico Floor Lamp n-a-n-u, Canny Rug Nia, Fellow Large Vase Gosik, Natalie Open Book Sim_man123, Lucca Dining Candles Angela, Traffic Large Candle Gosik, Norden Dining Wall Shelf riccinumbers, Bresia Dinette Plant BlackestDigitalArtist, Wood Finishes 3tile Shutters Angela

52 |

living | loft


Davido Blackman‘s new Loft. After many speculations why Football-Star Davido Blackman left the marital villa and bought a Single-Loft in Sunset-Valley we were the first magazine which got an exclusive interview with „Mr. Sexiest Man of the World“. He opened up the doors of his bright new Loft and showed us how a Superstar is sleeping, eating and chilling. The Cubic Loft lies isolated on the cliffs of Sunset Valley. Architect laithdarant created it with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. The indoor-swimming pool with glazed walls is the eye-catcher of the house.

| 53

living | loft

A House for a Sun Worshipper Because of glazed walls this house is perfect for people who love the sun. The Loft gives a feeling of freedom and space. The whole house is only one room. Even the bathroom is only seperated with a screen. Only the indoor-pool is in an extra room. [Hall] Highboards Simspiration Exclusive, Orinoko Small Pictures Gosik, Soft Rug UM Creations, Tilsia Hocker Mutske, Sideboard UM Creations, Bathroom Suite Flower riccinumbers, Bilma Ceilinglamp Gosik [Kitchen] Smeg Fridge cazarupt, Liams Corner Island Angela, Trento Trashcompactor Sasilia, Dolormite Stove Sasilia, Receiptbookholder Sasilia, Orangefruits Lisa86, Lucca Barstool Angela

54 |

living | loft

Sleeping with the Stars Also the second storey is fully glazed. We asked Davido how he keeps Paparazzi away from his house. He put a little smile on his face and that implied you can look out but you cannot see inside the house [Livingroom] 2-Floor-Lamp Dot Simspiration exclusive, 2-Floor-Curtain Shino&KCR Simspiration exclusive, Living room Furniture Gosik Simspiration exclusive, Crazy Living Rug Shino&KCR, Magazine Rack Riccinumbers [First store] Big painting „Look at me“ abuk0, Quadro Wallmirror and Sinks Gosik, Glasstub Simspiration exclusive, Shower Urban Concept Sasilia, Candle Bathroom Nr. 1 Shino&KCR

| 55

column | watchdog

Photos by estatica


THIS MONTH: THE SHAME OF DOT... Over 3 million Sims die each year due to death. We at Watchdog Towers have noticed this, together with an increase in cheap lamps made by DOT which clearly leads to death - a condition known to become fatal at times. Without a doubt DOT is the culprit behind this epidemic, so it’s time for Watchdog to investigate! We needed someone special for a review involving deadly danger, so we chose Wendy because she’s the office junior and nobody likes her. Her first task involved shoplifting a Perkins floor lamp 1 (lawsuits from the last reviews have left us without funds so we don’t BUY any more). As you can see, Wendy was immediately repulsed by what she saw (the cheap 1970s lampshade, that is - NOT the two cockroaches we later added for effect)...

56 |

For our routine Electrical Conductivity Test we made Wendy pull the wires out of the base of the Perkins lamp whilst it was plugged into the mains to test the safety cut-off. Contravening Lamp Law 2010, the bare wires shot 24,000 volts into Wendy. Fortunately she’s signed our “not our fault!” policy so she doesn’t have to go to all that trouble of sueing us. However, this lamp is clearly one of the reasons why Sims die because of death. Worse, this lamp (note: made by DOT) caused near-fatal disaster during the Fire Retardent Test (setting curtains alight and seeing how long before the flames reached the lamp). Readers: you have DOT lamps in your homes! If you like setting fire to your curtains too, THIS COULD BE YOU NEXT! Fortunately, our under-manager Simon was able to rescue Wendy because that could have been VERY expensive! DOT does NOT care about you (nor about Wendy, but then neither do we).

column | watchdog


HORRIFIED! Next up is the, er, imaginatively named Ceiling Tile Light 2 - clearly, exotic names are right back in fashion here! We wanted to test Microwave Energy Control to ensure this lamp is not hazardous to the environment, so we stuffed an onion bagel inside and baked it on high for 30 seconds. The light exploded at 29.5 seconds - a clear sign that radioactive energy is not being managed. We are HORRIFIED by this fact (that our bagel was ruined) and we know you will be too! Our ONLY bagel now sported a burnt plastic taste, together with glass shards which can also cause death - possibly fatal! We paid a visit to DOT, but she had no defence, calling us “stoopid” and slamming the door in our faces. Watchdog Towers always advises: CHECK WHO MADE YOUR BAGEL TODAY! (and we are NOT stoopid!)


CANTEEN CHAOS! Last in our horror showdown is the Glass Galax 3 - a cheap-looking perspex canteen saucer on a wire made as a crude mockery of some mysterious planet in outer space. Not only did the absence of the saucer from our canteen cause valuable downtime through mayhem and confusion, we questioned the durability of this ceiling light because it could not withstand the weight of our trusted reviewer swinging from it (which any durable ceiling lamp MUST do according to the fabled Lamp Law 2010). The reviewer almost died, which could again have been fatal. BUY A DOT LAMP AT YOUR OWN RISK! We advise: DON’T!


Below: a romantic moment for Wendy and Simon as they pose for an advert. Simon is actually telling Wendy she’s fired. We’re all touched here at Watchdog Towers.


CYCLONESUE’S CAGE LAMPS Spark your romantic mood - DOT free! | 57

houses | estate of the month


of the season

Pinecat‘s Simspiration creek is the Estate of the month. This sweet cabin is the perfect love-nest. It lies in the middle of the forest. A big fireplace is the central feature of this house, on the first floor is an open master-bedroom with a gallery and you have an exclusive out-door-toilet. Enjoy the freedom with this unique cabin!

58 |

houses | roofs



First of all roofs should protect houses from wind and weather. Beside this they can also offer additional living space and with skilful planning even the smallest corner can be used. Take the top floor for example. With rooflights installed it can offer a very attractive overview like the sky from a relaxing bath.

| 59


houses | roofs


Before we start you will need a few basics. We will be talking about Gabled Roofs. Definition: angled rooftop Gable Roof 2 roof sides, 2 gable sides Roof side: Long High Gable Roof 2 roof sides, 2 gable sides Roof side: Short Half Gable Roof 1 roof side, 3 gable sides Roof side: Long




60 |

The exposure to light through windows and doors and also artificial light only works if a room is completely enclosed. Using only a gable roof you are not able to build a closed room because the walls on the roof sides are missing. By also placing a half gable roof you‘ll get an enclosed area.

The roof windows are the same windows you can place on a wall. Advantage is that the light comes through. Unfortunately these windows cause optical flaws because the wall shadow does not disappear after placing; it remains visible on the roof (red arrows). To conceal this you could place a tree in front of the roof. The second flaw is a thin stripe caused by the wall (green arrow). Since the roof windows have a 45° incline, they should be used in conjunction with roofs that also have a 45° incline.

So that the furniture under the roof can be used by your Sim, you must pay close attention and place it in the correct spot. The red squares are unreachable for Sims. The yellow is where you can place objects without a cheat, but the Sims still won’t use the objects. However, if you even come within half a tile toward the green tiles, then you’re in the zone where your Sim will gladly use the object you place.


houses | roofs

I have used 365 Oak Grove in Sunset Valley for the purpose of this tutorial. Following along you can use this lot to learn the steps as written here.


Now let’s begin! Build the ground floor as shown, with the base being 13 x 11 tiles. Then we will add a strip of 1 x 5 tiles on the side, as pictured, to the right of your structure.


Next we will plan the layout of the attic, starting with the second floor. To help us along we are going to tile our rooms as shown with a different colour tile so we can see the tile outline and distinguish the different floor areas. We also need to plan for the stair placement and I have done this with white tiles, which is a free space of 5 tiles x 3 tiles. Since we are essentially planning the bottom floor, we are leaving space for our living room as well.

Now we have to decide where we would like to place the roof windows. I have planned mine by placing the walls as shown in orange. Notice that I have placed a 4 tile wall in the back middle part of the structure and two 3 tile walls centred in the front. The walls which are serving as my guide will be removed later. Keep all the other walls intact as shown. The resulting gaps will be filled with roofs.



| 61

houses | roofs





62 |

First we will build the lower part of the roof with a Half Gable Roof. The space beside the roof tiles is 4 tiles and should make it easier to fill the gaps. Thus making the roof tiles 4 x 3 so you should have no problems with the rotation of the roof.

In the front the area where the stairs should be placed later is 3 tiles so we will need a 3 x 3 tile roof. Unfortunately our lot sits in the wrong direction so that our roof will not automatically place correctly.

A way to remedy this is to close the 5 tile wide gap with 2 4 x 3 wide half gable roofs overlapping each other. The red and blue boxes in the diagram show how the roofs should be placed.

Next we come to the end or gable walls of the house. These can be roofed over using a Tall Gable Roof over the full width of the house.

houses | roofs The floor plan looks good. The different colours of the floors help us to find the unnecessary walls quickly. These walls (marked in red) can now be deleted.

As the rooms are not yet completely enclosed with walls we will have to make walls with a distance from 1 tile width parallel to the roof edge (red boxes) . For this we will use the Half Gable Roof to create walls on 3 sides. You will lose 1 box, but this is not so bad, because the Sim cannot use objects in this area. At the points were roof windows are planned, we don‘t need a wall because you already have a full height wall with no roof.

On the front side we require a 1 x 1 Half Gable Roof; however, again you find that the roof will rotate in the wrong direction.

A Tall Gable Roof will not work here because we need the third wall to close the gap. So we simply build a 2 x 1 roof on each side. The roof overlaps on the sides now.





| 63

houses | roofs





64 |

This is not a problem; we simply hide it with a Tall Gable Roof. We put it left and right across the complete width of the house. This looks better anyway.

We can now remove the redundant walls once again.

Now we have to close the gap in the top section of roofing using the Gable Roof. We must ensure that the gables left and right are completely flush with the walls.

Almost done! On the places where we have placed the roof windows the roof is disrupted. At the backside this is not as bad as we are using high windows directly below. On the front it doesn‘t look so pretty. To fix this we will put on each of these two places a 3 x 1 Half Gable Roof.

houses We then need to delete the unnecessary walls; otherwise the rooms will get no light from outside through the roof windows.


The roof is finally ready and only a few windows are missing. Use the cheat: “moveObjects on� to place the windows on the wall. Place the narrow Windows left and right beside the roofs and the big windows in the middle.


| roofs

The rest of the work is to place the other walls and doors, a little bit of paint on your house and decorations. Job well done! :-)

| 65

column column||the whippet-truth truth

After a full investigation by our consumer board, we have obtained some rather disturbing pictures of trained whippets doing a “dirty” deed. As you will see in these photographs taken by a hidden camera, there are whippets up to no good! As you can see by the obvious smirk on the dogs face and what we believe to be “we know who” in the background, we can only conclude that these dogs are trained destroyers. It is obvious from our footage what has happened to Poor DOT’s lamps! Did “we know who” think that donning a pink wig would make us think it was DOT? We are NOT fooled! Now as we fast forward it is obvious that some photo editing has gone on in the still shots she brings to the consumers! Notice the dog prints and whippet in the background! “We know who” NEVER lets on that she is actually sabotaging these fine artists’ items to bring you a report that is utterly false! And here is the proof! This poor Sim is just about to find out how mean and nasty “we know who” can be. Notice the stills we have included below. 66 |

column column | whippet-truth | the truth


See the smirking whippet? My oh my what HAS she done to these poor magnificent creatures? She has trained them to be sneaky, underhanded, and just plain MEAN! All at the cost of DOT’s reputation. Here is all the proof you need. The last photo says it all.

You see the whippet running from the scene of the crime! So now you have.....

the REST of the story!!

| 67


This magazine is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

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