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Pan Americas Cycling Tour 2013

Raising Awareness & Funding for life saving work in developing communities.

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Welcome to PACT13! The eight riders that make up the PACT13 team will cycle from the small oil town of Dead Horse in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska undertaking an epic journey of some 31,383km. Over the course of the following 9 months they will be visiting a total of 17 countries as PACT13 snakes its way down the west coast of the United States and then takes the path less travelled through the Amazon and the East coast of South America. Countries visited will include; Canada, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras,







Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile before completing the journey in Ushuaia, Argentina. The team will travel approximately 125km per day accompanied by a small support team and over the course of the whole event up to 1,000 professional and amateur cyclists. Beginning 482km inside the Arctic Circle means that the team has a very short window of opportunity to begin this journey and even then will still experience sub zero temperatures. The journey begins in the end of June 2013 and will ride for 6 days before being able to rest. The schedule is key for this event, as the team will be visiting; schools, colleges and other organisations along the way promoting TSF’s valuable work, the causes they are involved in and talking about the journey in general. We’ll be tracking the team’s progress via GPS technology and will be regularly updated via the daily blogs, photo diaries and press reports of what will surely be an amazing journey. In January 2013 TSF, through its event management division Catalyst Global Events (CGE) will introduce to the general public the Pan Americas Cycling Tour 2013 (PACT13). The launch event will be held at one of the UK’s leading cycling venues and will accommodate up to 3,000 cyclists, members of the general public, sponsors, family, friends and VIP guests, not to mention members of the press. With live music and bike displays, visitors will find out all about the tour, riders other key stakeholders.

The event itself is to be the subject of a major documentary series very much akin to Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boreman’s “Long Way Down”. Initially beginning with a look at the cause the riders and undertaking the event for and then moving through their training the documentary will follow their progress through the Americas and their triumphant return to the United Kingdom. The final episode of the series will look at what the riders did next and include them revisiting the communities first featured, finding out how their lives have been changed by the journey. Through our network of media connections and dedicated marketing and online engagement teams, PACT13 will develop into an event that is synonymous with people pushing the boundaries to be catalysts of change. This process will begin at the launch event through a concerted multi channel press and public engagement campaign. Over the course of the following18 months, PACT13 will be maintained both in the public eye and viewed positively. As we all know, Britain loves to get behind a team that is striving to achieve a goal and with the recent success of British cycling both in the Olympics and Paralympics, this is your opportunity to be associated with just such a team! As an event partner, your involvement will be a significant factor in ensuring the success of the event, and the team as a whole. The opportunity to be associated with this story extends from Main sponsor through to Support sponsor and as such will encompass varying degrees of public exposure before, during and after the journey. We recognise however that for you, its not just about the event that will be associated with your brand, but also the cause and also the people involved, so we’ve selected a team that has lots to offer!

Founded in 2009 The Simson Foundation (TSF) is a Non-Profit, NonGovernmental Organisation (NGO) that operates independently of any political or religious affiliation that restricts our ability to work with typically disenfranchised communities. We focus upon the acute need in the Global South for an adaptable, 'best-practice' portfolio of skill-sets and funding solutions to address some of the varied, long-term humanitarian and environmental challenges that local communities are struggling with on their own. Our aim is to assist and empower 'grass-roots' groups to resolve the issues that they know best but lack the means or know-how to tackle without our help. Our work is determined by needs-based analysis and informed by; short, medium and long-term impact assessments of our involvement. We are committed to ensuring that the communities most in need are the ones that ultimately benefit from our work. TSF's aim is to develop a working strategy for long-term social and environmental development. We believe that, by partnering with local charities and NGOs in our work, we gain a better understanding of the problems communities face at 'grass-roots' level - and can therefore provide a service that isn't just a patch but instead a complete solution. We work with the widest range of stakeholders, including traditionally disenfranchised groups, to research and understand these problems and to develop solutions with the assistance of our Advisory Board, which comprises leading international academics and industry professionals. Â

TSF’s Programmes Disaster Recovery Programme Currently in Think-Tank, the Disaster Recovery Programme addresses the need for development in the methodology, management and delivery of natural disaster management in the 21st century.

Future Forests Programme We are working with key partners to make a credible and long-lasting impact into global deforestation. During the 2-year delivery phase of this programme, we will remediate 25 years of deforestation in Ghana.

Healthy Education Programme With an acute shortage of both health and education infrastructure in Ghana, we are working to develop multi purpose facilities designed to meet the communities needs long into the future.

Species Stabilisation Programme Currently in Think-Tank, the Species Stabilisation Programme aims to address the global need for a best practice route map for the continued and sustainable remediation and development of life on earth.

Sustainable Fisheries Programme With an ever-increasing drain upon the earth’s resources, we will be working with 4 rural fishing communities and developing them into aquaculture operations that can provide increased harvests and replenish wild stocks.

Well Water Programme Working in partnership with local partners, we are developing the strategy for the implementation of an extensive well sinking and sanitation programme within 80 isolated rural communities.

Corporate Sponsorship Corporate partners are of huge importance to the success of PACT13 as without your involvement the event will quite simply not happen! It is however important to differentiate PACT13 sponsorship from other events and organizations that are currently in the market. As a corporate sponsor, you won’t be spending your marketing budget on sinking wells, planting trees or any of the other work that TSF undertakes through its philanthropic operations internationally. Your involvement with PACT13 will link you to TSF’s great work, but we also want you to be recognized as supporters of exceptional people and exceptional activities. The cost associated with PACT13 sponsorship is solely based upon the operating costs of the event and as such is non-negotiable because there are no profit margins! As we plan to run PACT every 2 years (there is just too much work to make it an annual event), it is therefore vitally important that we build corporate relationships that are built upon a solid foundation of trust. For this very reason we will be producing a transparency report, which will be made publically available and will detail where every penny of corporate sponsorship is spent! Corporate sponsorship also isn’t just about the funding for the event; it’s also about the ROI for you as a sponsor! We’ll be covering the benefits later, but rest assured as a sponsor we want to work with your marketing and public relations team to maximise public awareness not just of the event and TSF but also of your support! As a corporate sponsor, you’ll also have the opportunity to help with our major public sponsorship campaign too! There are an unlimited range of options that will obviously not only help with fundraising for TSF’s programmes but will maximize public awareness of your organizations commitment to assisting PACT13 to be a resounding success!

Public Sponsorship With corporate sponsorship paying for the entire cost of PACT13 we are confident in our claim that 100% of all public sponsorship can be driven directly into TSF’s programmes! That’s quite a claim and certainly one that we intend to live up to! We’re setting the bar high too in terms of that public sponsorship target! Our goal is to raise £10 per kilometre for each rider that makes the journey and with a route of 31,383km per rider or 251,064km in total our actual target is to raise just over £2.5m Whilst each rider is aware of this target they are also aware that this is a collaborative target and we will all be working to hard to achieve this daunting goal. Yes, of course each rider will be fundraising personally but this will be just one component part of the overall public fundraising strategy. Corporate partners will as previously mentioned be helping us to achieve this goal through employee engagement schemes, marketing and public relations initiatives and a whole host of creative endeavours which will both raise valuable funds for the projects and increase awareness of the causes and event in general. Additionally our own marketing and PR specialists and volunteers will be leveraging support in the six months preceding the event launch and indeed during the course of its operation. Again as with the corporate sponsorship, it’s vitally important that we build trust with the general public so that as PACT15 comes into being, those that supported PACT13 again become involved. We’ll be producing a Public Sponsorship transparency report that will again be available online and will account for every penny generated through the campaign.

Media Campaign We will be working with a vast array of media partners on a Global, national and local level to maximize public awareness of PACT13. Covering mainstream and specialist publications, radio, television and online media, our marketing team are already developing relationships that will ensure that PACT13 is thrust into the public domain in a major way. Key to our campaign is the engagement with the general public. Our online engagement specialist manages the key social media accounts of the riders and the event as a whole. This ensures that all engagements with the general public are managed and thoughtful implemented. It also ensures that the team is protected from the less desirable followers that may be attracted to the event. From a strategic perspective, our marketing manager will be implementing our own strategy and will be liaising with your marketing and public relations










communications are delivered with the most current information. This collaborative approach will of course mean that new opportunities present themselves from other partner organizations which will be easily transferable and non competitive as sponsorship with PACT13 is exclusive to each industry sector. With a database of over 12,000 contacts both in the UK and the America’s PACT’s media penetration is already substantial, however with the sharing of









considerably and as such will ensure that an even greater level of penetration into the media and subsequently the public domain will be achieved.

Documentary It makes perfect sense that we document this first journey for posterity and our initial plan was to develop a montage of personal video footage that we could be edited together to make a short film. However from this initial idea we have been fortunate in so much as a number of film makers and producers








documentary. Looking at the event and cause as a whole we have developed this concept into a more solid and robust product that can be produced and aired internationally after PACT13 has been completed. Taking the form of an eight part documentary series, viewers will see in the first episode the struggle for basic facilities in Ghana, then be introduced to the team and follow the journey to the starting point in Alaska. The following six episodes will cover; Alaska & Canada, North America, Central America, Venezuela, The Amazon Rainforest and Argentina. The final episode will feature the team arriving in Ushuaia, returning to the UK, then returning to the communities in Ghana that were initially visited in episode 1 and seeing the positive impact of the work that has been undertaken. Capitalising upon this idea and reminiscing about other journey / documentaries that have been produced, we knew that we needed to secure the services of a leading event manager with significant documentary experience to make the idea a reality. We have been very fortunate in securing the services of an event manager / producer that has been responsible for a number of hugely successful tours / documentaries of this nature including; Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boreman’s “Long Way Round” and “Long Way Down”.

Launch Event We’ll be introducing this event into the public domain in early January 2013, with a launch event at Manchester Velodrome the home of the National Cycling Centre and both Team GB Track Cyclists and Team GB BMX Riders. Utilising this iconic space we expect to see a significant number of guests attending to wish the team well on their forthcoming journey. Obviously the Team, Crew, Management and TSF will attend together with a number of representatives from our sponsors. Additionally we will be inviting members of the press and a number of VIP’s to ensure that the event is a resounding success. Interested parties from UK cycling clubs will have the opportunity to buy tickets for the launch event and will be drawn not only by the PACT13 event itself but also by some of the cycling and journey celebrities that will also be attending. This event will give everyone the opportunity to really get to grips with the event. Attendees will have access to the bikes, support vehicles and equipment, which will be displayed and visible during the event. The event will also act as a spring board for the launch of the public fundraising campaign helping to ensure that from that moment on PACT13 is firmly embedded in the minds of the British public for the next 6 months. After the PACT13 presentation and Q&A session VIP’s, Sponsors and PACT13 Team will be transported to an exclusive venue in Manchester City Centre that has been donated to TSF for a private VIP Launch Party away from the eyes of the general public and press.

Training Events In the lead up to PACT13 all riders will be involved in a number of competitive and fun sporting events. Participation is key to not only maintaining the team’s fitness for the journey ahead but also raising the profile of PACT13; it’s public sponsorship campaign and awareness of the causes it supports. Typically the riders will be involved in a wide range of events which although similar will be very much dependant upon the individual riders preference. Proposed events include but are not restricted to; •


10k Runs


Ironman Contests

Half Ironman Contests

5k Runs


Open Water Swimming

Each event attended by one of the riders will be undertaken in branded PACT13 training kit and will in some instances include one of the support vehicles. Given the targeted media campaign that will build momentum in the run up to PACT13, televised events are likely to draw the attention of the media to the participation of a PACT13 team member and may even result in impromptu interviews. At every opportunity, we will endeavour to ensure that your brand is visible publically and can be associated with PACT13 and the individual riders

What happens in the Caribbean stays in the Caribbean! As the journey nears the halfway point, we hit a snag! Quite simply there are no roads, no tracks just an impenetrable wall of primary rainforest. If we were to press on through this almost insurmountable natural barrier, we hit a second problem. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC primarily controls the area. Whilst it is unlikely that we would encounter this group, their reputation for kidnapping, ransom, drug running and murder far outweighs any perceived benefits to pressing on. Given that the team will have been on the road for some 4 ½ months we felt that as the carriage of the equipment past this area would take a couple of days this would be an ideal opportunity for them to rest and recover some strength for the second half of the journey. Once the team arrives in Panama, they will containerise all equipment and ship the equipment on. The entire team and support crew will then fly to Trinidad & Tobago for a well-earned rest from the physical hardships of the tour. There will of course be a number of small press conferences but this period will primarily allow the team to recover. This does however present an opportunity for the sponsors to catch up with the team and capitalize on their downtime with a restricted number of promotional activities. Additionally there will also be opportunities for the sponsors to relax with the team and get the inside story on the event highs and lows. Once we are notified of the arrival of the equipment in the port town of Guiria, Venezuela three options exist. 1. In bad weather the team will make the short flight to Venezuela. 2. In moderate weather the team will take a short passenger ferry. 3. In good weather the team will paddle the 60km in sea kayaks.

Closing Event Once the team arrives back in the UK, we will allow a short period for reacclimatisation and to meet with friends and family before we whisk them away for the closing event, which will take the form of an evening dinner and press conference. The event will actually begin with the press conference where a short statement will be read, followed by a pre-screened question and answer session. Each member of the press will be provided with a memory stick comprising of the read statement, some specially selected photos and video footage of some points of the tour. All members of the press will then leave with the exception of our media partners who will attend the Gala Dinner. During the Gala Dinner, a counter will slowly climb throughout the evening, which will signify the total amount that has been raised. There will be a number of speeches from TSF the main sponsors and a representative of the riders before we present each rider with a token of accomplishment for their participation in the event. The final part of the formal evening will be an auction where some items used or collected along the route will be sold to the highest bidder and will formally end the pledging process for PACT13 fundraising. Following the Gala Dinner there will be a VIP closing party again at an undisclosed location, which will allow the riders, crew, sponsors and VIP’s to celebrate the amazing achievement that is PACT13!

Management Team

Jeremy Simson

Lynsey Cottle

Jo Melling

Managing Partner

Director of Events

Event Director – PACT13

Dave Worrall

Liz Bonetto

Chantelle King

Marcoms Manager

Social Media Manager

Graphic Designer

Liam Barnett

Elizabeth Smith

Ainsley Reid

Technology Manager

Sponsorship Director

Account Manager

Road Crew


Cory McEwan

Catalyst Global Events

Catalyst Global Events

Event Coordinator

Event Assistant

Stephen McClements

Tony King

Catalyst Global Events

Catalyst Global Events

Event Paramedic

Event Mechanic

Brendan Rendall “Bren” is 33 and originally from Wincanton in Somerset, however for the last 10 years has been based in Manchester. Having spent his first 5 years like many other students drinking too much, partying

almost every




clothes often on a credit card, he was never someone that was looked upon as active! More interested in the world of fashion and nightlife, he finally graduated in 2004 with BA Hons in Fashion and Image Making. In 2006 he finally hung up the beer goggles and party trainers and swapped them for a running trainer and entered his first half marathon in 2006. After just 3 months of training, which starting from nothing he managed to dedicate all his spare time to loosing weight and training hard. Running became very addictive and the benefits remarkable, the structure it gave him was incredible. He successfully completed his first half Marathon in Wilmslow in just 1hr 24mins. This newfound passion led to Bren racing over 10km and half marathons through out 2006 - 2008. This intensity of endurance led to him becoming involved with Mission Malawi a charity event that saw a team of 11 people cycle across the country raising money for HIV Projects one in which they visited on the way. In 2009 he returned to Malawi to complete another cycle and visit FOMO (Friends of Mulanje Orphans) the orphanage he had been raising money for. “As part of my fundraising, I completed the Blackpool Marathon and London Marathon within 3 weeks of each other”. This intensity of endurance led him to plan his 1,000-mile challenge (the John O’Groats to Lands End and London Marathon double), which he completed in 2011. After his visit to Malawi Bren changed job roles and has worked with children with Autism, a job he loves and from which he has learnt so much.

A keen

photographer, Bren is currently traveling India and wants to see the world

Nichola Roberts “Nic” is a driven individual, always aspiring to her next challenge, either within her career as a physiotherapist or through a varied array of sporting achievements. Nic started road cycling four years ago, prompted by her return from living








whilst leg

following a snowboarding accident. It was easier for her to cycle to work than to walk and thus cycling soon turned to triathlon. Since she has competed in a number of cycling sportives, road races and triathlons. This year will see her compete in my first half iron distance triathlon and the Alpe D’huez triathlon in France. PACT 13 will be the most physically and mentally demanding experience she has taken part in to date, however it will allow her to raise a significant amount of money for people less fortunate than herself, which is her main motivation. The fact that Nic can do this riding a bicycle and seeing the world, means that she will do it smiling. Nic has been planning cycling solo across North or South America, with an aim to see a continent she has long wanted to visit together with raising money for charity. “When I noticed the email about Pact13 on my cycling clubs website I jumped at the opportunity, it felt like it was too good to be true. I am very excited to have been accepted onto the challenge, and I’m very much looking forward to starting the venture next summer”.

Adrian Barbrooke “Adi” was born in the mid-70’s in the beautiful medieval market town of Bury St Edmunds. Other than a short spell away, this is where he has spent most of his life. He attended the local Middle and Upper Schools and had a brief spell at college although






academic. Outside school Adrian was a Cub, a Scout and a Venture Scout and played football for a number of local teams up to the age of 18. Following the news that of one of his oldest friends had been diagnosed with cancer, at the age of 28, and in recognition of her difficult battle he succumbed to his own by completing the Alpe D’huez Triathlon, his first, raising money for her chosen charity. When Adrian returned from the event he was looking forward to following an aspiration to learn to fly helicopters in New Zealand. However a floundering global economy halted his plans. Rather than return to work he decided to take time out and looked after his Grandmother before she passed away at the grand age of 95. During that ‘year out’ he also spent 6 weeks travelling round the east coast of Australia catching up with old friends and enjoyed a number of snowboarding trips in Europe. After catching the triathlon bug following that first event, Adrian soon became quite the athlete and set his sights on a place on the GB Age Group team. He didn’t have to wait long, just half way through his second season he achieved his goal; a place at the World Championship finals in Beijing in September 2011, followed by the European Championships in April 2012. A significant point in Adrian’s life was when his aforementioned friend was given 6 months to live. From that moment he lived his live by the ethos “life is not a dress rehearsal”.

Jess Tombs Jess Tombs 36, lives in Bristol where she works as an assistant producer & director in wildlife and adventure television. She has had an insatiable thirst for adventure since she can remember and has travelled widely with work and as an interest. Jess studied Psychology for her first degree and then spent much of her early 20s working with chimpanzees in



completing a masters in Primate Conservation. Somehow most of the Americas have eluded her (except a trip to Baja California in Mexico with Stephen Fry and film crew and a few trips to the USA). As a child Jess’s love of cycling was encouraged from a young age by her Dad who currently owns 11 bikes (Jess only has 5!). Jess has many other hobbies and these include running, swimming, skiing, scuba diving and most other fun outdoors stuff. This year she has climbed Kilimanjaro and been cross-country skiing and wild camping in the Arctic Circle. Jess doesn’t ‘race’ as such but loves getting ‘out on the bike’ and taking part in the odd event or two. She’s never first across the finish line, but has a determination and stamina that see her through to the end and is a strong believer that we are all capable of achieving our dreams if we just have enough desire and determination, and a good team around for support. In 2010 Jess cycled with 8 friends from Calais to Chamonix and loved every moment of cycling past different places and meeting new people every day for a week. She can’t quite imagine what that will be like for 9 months but knows the whole team are all about to change their lives forever and will experience every emotion under the sun. She can’t wait for the

adventure to begin!

Daniel Allen As a fitness enthusiast, “Danny” is always looking for new adventures and personal challenges to take part in for both the life experience and health benefits that training for such events provides. From an early age he has had significant involvement in sports and fitness, with a strong passion being football. From the age of 13 he played for Oldham Athletic








Manchester City’s Academy, and finally FC United of Manchester. Before injury forced him to retire. Cycling assisted him to rehabilitate his knee aided and abetted by controlled Gym Training and Swimming in his job as a ‘Personal Trainer’ based in the centre of Manchester. Fair to say in the beginning cycling was – a hobby, albeit a significant element of his training regime. The really big change with cycling turning from a hobby to a passion came when in 2010, sadly a family member passed away with Pancreatic Cancer. It was then that he cajoled six friends to take up the coast-to-coast cycling challenge, from Whitehaven to Tynemouth to try and raise funds for the charity, Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Danny planned and co-ordinated the

training setting himself and the team a target to finish 180 miles in 2 days, rather than the customary 3 over a bank holiday weekend. It was then that he knew how much he loved being out on the open road on those 2 wheels!

When he received the invitation to be a member of PACT13

Team, there no was no hesitation on accepting the offer! “To represent The Simson Foundation on this life-changing event not only for myself, but for so many others that we will be raising the funds for, will be the greatest honour and experience of my life. I feel privileged and hope to share each and every second of the ride with the public, raising the awareness of The Simson Foundations is work.”

Sarah Dalby Sarah 23, from Leicester and works in the insurance industry in marketing and business development. It’s a fast paced job that requires her to achieve targets and build relationships, which is great because she loves meeting new people and learning from them. She hasn’t always been a cyclist/triathlete and was never particularly active, especially after finishing her A-Levels! When the weight piled on, she was told by her doctor that she needed to lose weight for her health the first thing she went for was her bike, as it turned out she quite enjoyed cycling and invested in her first proper road bike “Steve”. Slowly she increased her mileage and when the weight started to come off and Sarah started to get faster. She wanted to broaden her sporting horizons and the obvious choice was triathlon. After completing her first race she was completely hooked and decided to celebrate her 21st birthday by competing in an open water triathlon. After losing 3.5 stone and over coming numerous obstacles, Sarah recently managed to realise her goal in the first qualifying race of 2012, and qualified for the European Championships something she never imagined herself achieving 3 years ago. Since starting triathlon her interests have developed into; fell running, mountain biking, CrossFit and climbing. Sarah has taken part in various obstacle races for charity including the Commando Challenge. “To be able to raise money for a great cause whilst embarking on a life changing challenge is something not everyone will have the chance to do. I have recently cycled around the island of Mallorca and it has made me realise that cycling is a great way to see the world and I have never been to America so it will be a whole new experience”.

Ellis Dudley Ellis grew up and currently lives in Letchworth, Hertfordshire. The majority of his time whilst growing up was spent swimming for Hitchin swimming club and playing rugby for Letchworth. Generally he would be swimming 5 times a week and playing rugby 3 times a week. Ellis attended University of Bath to study Pharmacy and being at



was where





competing in Triathlons, after watching Triathlon for the first time at the Sydney Olympics. The Olympics are always inspiring but there was something about Triathlon that really caught his imagination. He graduated from Bath in 2004 and qualified as a Pharmacist in 2005. The West Country is a great place to live especially for those who enjoy an outdoors lifestyle.


sporting achievement that he is most proud of so far is a cycle tour from Rome to Cherbourg. He was solo riding for 10 days covering 100 -140 miles a day for 10 days carrying all his own kit on panniers. “Some days were hard some days were fantastic; it was just an amazing experience”. I applied for PACT13 after seeing an email forwarded on from my old cycling club; I just thought wow what an adventure! I then visited The Simson Foundations website and was inspired to help by how they work and what they are doing. It is a big thing to leave your family and everything you’ve worked hard for especially for a long period of time but I believe you have to take the opportunities that are here and now, you can’t guarantee the future”.

Samantha Hart “Sam” grew up living and working in a Mountain Bike and Snowboard shop in the Cotswolds. Bikes and people who were passionate





surrounded her. She’s competed in both sports






France, Switzerland, Austria, and Canada, where she lived for the winter seasons in the snow. Sam studied photography at art school in London, where mountains are minimal! Being in London she started road cycling and swimming, which she found was a great way to escape the city madness. “I am one of those ¨Wild Swimming¨ nutters you see jumping into freezing cold rivers, boating lakes and sometimes Dover harbour!” It was however, the love of road cycling and open water swimming that led on to Triathlons and after 4 years, Sam qualified as a level 2 Triathlon Coach. Sam has bike toured in the Dolomites, Pyrenees and the Alps, normally for weeklong trips. “Its incredible seeing the ski resorts you came to as a kid with all the snow melted”. Sam still Mountain bikes whenever possible and hopes to do more cyclocross this winter. Cycling for her is just as about racing, as it is having fun. She loves touring, catching amazing views, exploring, being with friends, and challenging herself. Sam has also set up a girls cycling group called “Spin” last year and also leads fortnightly rides from her parents shop with an emphasis on the social element rather then race training.

Sam is currently a producer for stills fashion and advertising shoots and went freelance in February 2012. She also works as project manager for a bicycle maintenance company, delivering safety solutions and fleets to clients including all London’s emergency services!

Mike Brampton – Reserve Rider 52 year old ex-rugby playing, exsemi-pro Speed Skier (186kph) and World ranked racing cyclist looking for






involving extreme

experiences. Recently returned from 3 months in Africa, working as a volunteer at a medical clinic in Malawi, Mike is keen to extend these experiences and particularly if his adventures can assist others either directly or indirectly. Mike has been doing an altruistic act/event each year for the last 4 years; • Ride Around Britain, raising £10,000 for a local Mental Health Charity • Riding in the pairs division the Le Mans 24 hr bicycle race (7th, 496 miles) • Riding around the Coast of Scotland in the “Great Ride” Professionally, Mike runs Thames Medical Ltd; a specialist electronic equipment company and since 2005 has regularly lectured at Cambridge and Nottingham University Veterinary Schools on Blood Pressure and Anesthesia application and monitoring techniques. He has also previously lectured at Oxford, Liverpool, Glasgow, Bristol, Dublin and Manchester Universities, has coauthored or been cited in numerous Clinical and Veterinary Research papers. Mike is a member of The Association of Veterinary Anesthetists. Personal Projects currently include: Studying the effect of hypoxia training loads on both human and equine athletes, Investigating the effect of training and racing on a “Primal Diet”. In addition to this, he has a particular interest in Wild Animal and Field Anesthesia and has assisted in procedures on a wide range of animals from snow leopards to elephants and as one of a select few certified dart operators in the UK is in the process of setting up a Wild Animal Capture and Immobilization company.

More Reserve Riders Needed! As with any team event of this nature, one would naturally assume that once the team is selected opportunities to join the tour are closed. This however, is not the case. Since developing this event and selecting the initial team, we have removed one rider, and lost another. There have been two serious injuries that cast doubt on rider’s ability to participate and we know there are a whole host of other reasons why selected team members could drop out. We’re currently searching for a number of reserve riders for this forthcoming event. There currently exists space for 1 male and 2 female reserves, however this process is ongoing and more opportunities may exist throughout the course of the lead up to and the tour it’s self. Our selection process is robust; it has to be to ensure that those selected not only have the physical capability to complete the tour, but the mental strength for the arduous journey that lies ahead of them. Additionally there needs to be a good personality fit too, after all there could be nothing worse than 9 months on the road with people that are disliked! Pre-requisites for joining the team are; Experience in long distance endurance events such as; Marathon, Half Marathon, Triathlon, Ironman, Half Ironman or Cycling etc. You should have experience of cycling tours in excess of one weekend duration. The ability to spend 9-months way from home / work is absolutely essential. If this is you or someone you know and there is a genuine interest in taking

part, contact us today for an application pack!

Partnership Benefits Package We know that no two companies marketing strategies are alike and what works for one may not work for another. Our marketing team will be working tirelessly to ensure that PACT13 as an event receives as much positive exposure as possible and obviously, the more exposure PACT13 gets, the more visibility there is of your brand. We see the sponsorship partnerships not simply as contracts that need to be fulfilled (although this is very important), but also as mutually beneficial relationships that engages with all our portfolio of partners. There are literally thousands of different components that can be worked into a benefits package and each partner will have their own ideas that they wish to bring to the table. We work with each individual partner to build a bespoke benefits package that is dependant upon the level of sponsorship. The benefits package doesn’t just focus upon the 225 stages of the PACT13 route as a singular event though, it also includes a number of other events and opportunities that exist before during and after the main event. These include but are not restricted to; • Launch Event

• Documentary Series

• Training Events

• Halfway Break Event

• Public Appearances

• 37 Route Breaks

• Media Interviews

• Closing Event

Becoming a sponsor of PACT13 is a relatively straightforward process, which is built not just upon the exchange of contracts but also on trust and transparency. If you would like to find out more about PACT13 sponsorship opportunities, take a look at the options on the following pages and contact our corporate sponsorship team via the details on the last page!

Diamond Sponsorship As our exclusive diamond sponsor the entire event will be branded in your organisations name and you’ll receive unprecedented access to the riders and all other resources. This sponsorship level is only open to one organisation that is prepared to cover the cost of whole the event in its entirety. We will work with your marketing team to ensure a positive, cohesive and focused strategy maximising exposure of both the event and our brands is achieved. In addition to the event being branded in your name your organisation will also receive the following prestigious logo placements...

Bikes - diagonal main strut

Support bikes - main face both panniers both bikes

4 x 4 - rear door panels

Trailer - centre each side

Marquee - centre of left and right door panels

Advertising boards - Four full boards

Training suit - right breast

Riding suit - right breast

Tracksuit - right breast

Jacket - right breast

Website - dedicated Page

Information Pack - front cover joint credit

Rider Access - whole team twice

Up to 64 Stages to be named by you.

All the stage sponsor benefits.

Platinum Sponsorship Our Platinum sponsorship package is in essence very similar to our diamond package in so much as it a significant commitment to the event and receives the highest level of engagement. Where it differs is in the exclusivity, rather than being a sole sponsor, your organisation will lead a number of organisations






proportionately. There will only be one Platinum level sponsor who will enjoy the following opportunities…

Bikes - diagonal main strut

Support bikes - main face both panniers both bikes

4 x 4 - rear door panels

Trailer - centre each side

Marquee - centre of left and right door panels

Advertising boards - One full board

Training suit - right breast

Riding suit - right breast

Tracksuit - right breast

Jacket - right breast

Website - Lead logo Placement with hyperlink

Information Pack – Lead position in the sponsors section

Rider Access - whole team once (1 x 8 or 8 x 1)

Up to 16 Stages to be named by you.

All the stage sponsor benefits.

Gold Sponsorship Our Gold sponsorship package is one of the premier






significant level of exposure during the event. Key to this level of sponsorship is the sharing of that exposure with another sponsor, although this will definitely not be from within your industry sector. There will only be two Gold level sponsors who will enjoy the following opportunities…

Bikes - horizontal main strut

Support bikes - Rear face one pannier both bikes

4 x 4 – one front wing & one rear wing, opposite sides

Trailer – Left or right of centre (opposite on both sides)

Marquee – One complete side panel

Advertising boards – 1/2 full board x 2 (one left, one right)

Training suit – Left or right upper arm

Riding suit - Left or right upper arm

Tracksuit - Left or right upper arm

Jacket - Left or right upper arm

Website – Joint 2nd logo Placement with hyperlink

Information Pack - Joint 2nd credit

Rider Access – 4 team members once (1 x 4 or 4 x 1)

Up to 8 Stages to be named by you.

All the stage sponsor benefits.

Silver Sponsorship Our Silver sponsorship package is one of the more widely available sponsorship packages but still enjoys a significant level of exposure during the event. This level of sponsorship shares that exposure with another three sponsors, although once again they will definitely not be from within your industry sector. As one of these main sponsors you will enjoy the following opportunities…

Bikes – One leg of either a front or rear fork

Support bikes – Side face of each back box (4 positions)

4 x 4 – Drawn position on the rear bumper

Trailer – Draw position for a corner of each side

Marquee – Lower door position (Draw for 1 of 4)

Advertising boards – 1/2 full board x 1 (2 boards available)

Training suit – Left or right, front or back of upper leg.

Riding suit - Left or right, front or back of upper leg.

Tracksuit - Left or right, Front or back of upper leg.

Website – Joint 3rd logo Placement with hyperlink

Information Pack - Joint 3rd credit

Rider Access – 2 team members once (1 x 2 or 2 x 1)

Up to 4 Stages to be named by you.

All the stage sponsor benefits.

Bronze Sponsorship Our Bronze sponsorship package is the most widely available major sponsorship package but still enjoys a high level of exposure during the event. This level of sponsorship shares that exposure with another seven sponsors, although once again they will definitely not be from within your industry sector. As one of these main sponsors you will enjoy the following opportunities…

Bikes – Logo on the vertical Post

Support bikes – forward face on each of the panniers (8 positions)

4 x 4 – Drawn position on the front bumper

Trailer – Draw position for a top (4) or bottom (4) position each side

Marquee – Vertical position (Draw for 2 of 8)

Advertising boards – 1/4 full board x 1 (2 boards available)

Training suit – Draw position for 1 of 8 stomach positions.

Riding suit - Draw position for 1 of 8 stomach positions.

Tracksuit - Draw position for 1 of 8 stomach positions.

Website – Joint 4th logo Placement with hyperlink

Information Pack - Joint 4th credit

Rider Access – 1 team member once

Up to 2 Stages to be named by you.

All the stage sponsor benefits.

Stage Sponsors Stage sponsor opportunities exist for those organisations that either have tighter wish

budgetary to



constraints on



specific With


stages, across 17 countries, get in quick to make sure your first choice is available! As a unique stage sponsor you’ll get the following opportunities… •

Ability to name the stage.

Bespoke acquisition press release.

Access to one team member at a special marketing event.

Ability to become a corporate fundraising partner.

Mention on the event website.

Usage of the PACT13 Logo on your website and stationary.

Invite to the official launch event.

Invite to the VIP launch party.

Photo of the team at that stage.

Video Message from your chosen team member during the stage.

Updates on the team’s progress throughout the tour.

Provision of the stage route cards from the tour.

Invite to the closing event.

Invite to the VIP closing party.

Bespoke completion press release.

First refusal on securing the stage for future events.

This is a really great opportunity to ensure that your brand is associated with some truly exceptional people supporting a great cause. Additionally your name will be recognised in association with some other great brands that will also be supporting the team.

Event Partners We




everyone would like to become involved,




constraints sometimes prevent them from signing up to a sponsorship deal. We work with event partners and find a bespoke solution that suits their exact circumstances. Our Event Partners programme enables organisations that want to get involved the opportunity to do so by offering products or services in a reciprocal









opportunities… •

Bespoke press release.

Ability to become a corporate fundraising partner.

Mention on the event website.

Usage of the PACT13 Logo on your website and stationary.

Invite to the official launch event.

Updates on the team’s progress throughout the tour.

Invite to the closing event.

First refusal on future events.

If you have something you feel could be of benefit to the event, please contact our event management team as a matter of urgency so as to avoid missing out!

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