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The Simple  Room  is  a  non-­‐profit   community  center  in  Greenville,  IL  that  is   open  every  evening  Monday-­‐Saturday   from  6-­‐10  pm.  Students  who  attend  are   free  to  hang-­‐out,  do  homework,  play   games,  eat  snacks,  and  participate  in   programs.       During  the  school  year  we  regularly  serve   about  90  kids  by  facilitating  12  programs   with  support  from  a  team  of  nearly  40   volunteers  a  week.  All  our  programs  are   offered  free  of  cost  to  participants  and   provide  opportunities  for  youth  to   develop  their  whole  person.     Our  programming  is  based  on  our  ability   to  connect  community  resources  with   our  kids’  interests  and  needs.  These   programs  have  benefited  from,  and  often   would  not  be  possible,  without  our   organization’s  network  of  quality   relationships  with  local  social  work  and   law  enforcement  agencies,  area  public   schools,  churches  and  community   organizations,  and  Greenville  College.  

How can  I  support  The  Simple  Room?  

There are many ways you can support the mission of The Simple Room by giving of your time or money. The success of our programs depends on people, like you, who are committed to donating their time to tutor, mentor, garden, fix bikes, teach music, or most importantly, to be a friend. If you’d like to give to The Simple Room, we accept donations by mail and online. You can also participate in our used electronics fundraiser or complete a pledge form to race for The Simple Room. Contact us for information about foundation and corporate giving, planned giving, and other questions about donating. Your financial support allows us to keep doing what we do: empowering kids in our community to achieve their potential.

Our Programs  

- Community Garden Project

- G3: girl’s small group

- Project 24: summer reading program - S.A.F.E. Men: strength-training, mixed martial arts, and youth - Art basketball - Frontrunners: running program led by members of GC Cross Country - Evening Tutoring @ The Simple Room - Music Lessons - Crossroads: mentoring program - Bike Clinics - Hip-Hop Dance

- GES After-School Tutoring

The Simple  Room  transforms  youth  by  facilitating  Christ-­‐centered  programming  for  spiritual,  physical,  mental,         and  social  development  in  efforts  to  empower  youth  to  positively  engage  their  community.  


      empowering  youth                            building  community         the  last  30  years  The  Simple   For     Room’s   mission  has  been  to  meet  the  

Simple Room    

needs of  our  community’s  youth.  We   care  about  kids  with  wonderful   potential  –  they  are  so  full  of  energy   and  talent  and  dreams.  Yet  they  may   not  have  the  resources  they  need  to   succeed.  We  are  convinced  these   resources  can  be  found  right  here  in   our  community.  We  want  to  empower   youth  by  providing  the  opportunities   and  support  they  need  to  achieve   their  potential.  We  want  to  see  our   kids  develop,  succeed,  and,  ultimately,   be  able  to  give  back  to  their   community.  

405 W. Franklin Ave. PO Box 613 Greenville, IL 62246 (618) 664-2894

About The Simple Room  

A tri-fold brochure to promote The Simple Room and our mission to empower youth and build community.

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