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Welcome! In the second issue of our Magazine, we’ll celebrate the 14th anniversary of The Sims 1 by looking at the previous Sims games that meant a lot to us. Also, there are other special articles such as Valentine’s Day, Homecoming Set Review, The Sims 4 News & Updates, a new SimCity Walkthrough and so much more from The Community section!

Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What is Sims Community Magazine? A: Sims Community Magazine is a Magazine that helps to connect other Simmers around the world by working together and telling their Stories via both Sims Game and Real Life events. Q: Is this Magazine only about The Sims/SimCity Franchise? A: Nope. Although there are lots of Sims-related Sections, this Magazine will also include Sections and Articles that are related to Simmers and their preferences, what they like/dislike and some tips for them. Q: Who can participate in the creating process of this Magazine? A: Basically everyone who has the will and creativity for this task. All I require from Simmers who want to participate in this is to have some Basic Knowledge of English Language and a Sims Game installed. Q: Is this Magazine free? A: Absolutely! It is viewable on our site + there is a downloadable version of this Magazine. If you prefer physical magazines you can then always print it out. Q: How often will new issues of this Magazine be released? A: You can expect a new Issue of Sims Community magazine every 2 months!

Team: Jovan Jović

I’m the founder of Sims Community Fansite. I’m 15 years old and I love everything Sims-Related. In my free time I listen to Music and design various things - from Websites to logos and more! On this Magazine, I work as a Director. Twitter: @thesimcommunity

Torben Laux Hi I’m Torben also known as SimLinks and I’m Co-Director for Sims Community Magazine. I’m 17 and love everything Sims. I love all in-game features and I love (I love can be skipped) building houses Twitter: @Sim_Links

Jasmine A. Lethby

I’m Jasmine from England, I am 18 years old and have been playing sims for 13 years. When I am not playing sims I am watching simmers on youtube, listening to music and reading. On this Magazine, I work as a Co-Director.

NEWS New Concept Art

SimGuruSarah shared lots of interesting Concept Arts of The Sims 3 Games. During March, SimGuruHouts decided to share some Concept Art as well except he shared The Sims Medieval Concept Art!

Makin’ Magic Live Broadcast The Sims Team decided to make a Live Let’s Play broadcast of The Sims Makin’ Magic. Ryan Vaughan, Lyndsay Pearson, Azure-Bowie Hankins and Shannon Copur led the Goth Family through exciting and hilarious moments of The Sims Makin’ Magic.

Help decorate The Sims Studio Walls!

The Sims Studio needs your help. They need your Sims drawings/wallpapers/creations to decorate their Sims wall. Send physical art to: The Sims 209 Redwood Shores Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065

Send digital art to:

Send your creations ‘till 4th of April, 2014.

2 New Store Sets

The Sims 3 Store team released 2 new Store sets - Prism Art Studio Venue and Bohemian Garden Set. The Prism Art Studio Venue costs 1,900 SimPoints, while Bohemian Garden Set costs 1,700 SimPoints. Both of these Sets include Premium Content: Artisan’s Glassblowing & Jewelry Making Station and Bohemian Fruits and Nuts.

The Sims FreePlay - Life Dreams Update

Live out your perfect Sims story! Watch your Sims grow through their full life-cycle, move onto the afterlife and pass on legacies from one generation to the next. Complete the “Life Dreams and Legacies” Quests at Level 24+ to get your Sims ready for their next exciting adventure! Update website finally allows you to accept multiple friend requests! Simmers worldwide can now watch ads to earn some SimPoints. To start earning them, visit and above the ‘‘Make me an Offer’’ option, you’ll find a button to earn SimPoints.

SimCity Offline Mode is here! After a year of SimCity’s launch, Maxis has finally released an Offline Mode for SimCity! It allows you to play SimCity and all its DLCs/Expansion Packs (depending on whether you have any) without an internet connection. You still need to have Origin installed in order to play SimCity. There are also some minor bug fixes with Update 10!

Update 10 Patch Notes: • New: SimCity Single-Player Mode. • Enables Offline Play. • Single-Player Mode includes multi-city play, regional interdependence, and city specialization. Regions are saved locally and there is no limit on number of save games. • Autosave can be disabled in Single-Player Mode in order for players to experiment and load their regions at a previous save point. • Save As a copy feature. Players can make copies of their regions at multiple save points. • See FAQ on Single-Player Mode for full details. [link] • Performance: Optimizations in the simulator to improve performance of both Multiplayer and Single-Player Mode. • Friends: Friends Search now uses the Origin friend search.



SimGuruSarah Someone is having fun with the cutouts in the office...

Workin’ on the weekend... meh. Working on Sims 4 on the weekend... much better! 10:07 PM - 16 Mar 2014

SimGuruShannon #Throwbackthursday

8:01 PM - 13 Feb 2014

SimGuruGrant Fun Fact: It was SO MUCH EASIER to create content in The Sims 1. The engine and art was SO MUCH SIMPLER. Like, hours versus weeks. 7:51 PM - 27 Feb 2014

7:13 PM - 27 Feb 2014

SimGuruBatman The game begins. Once a month I’ll post a pix of a Sims worker and Simmers have to guess what he/she does. Ready? Go!

SimGuruMeatball Happy 14 years of The Sims! Happy and proud to been a part of more than half of that! 7:35 PM - 4 Feb 2014

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This must be just like living in #featuredlook

8:49 PM - 11 Mar 2014

11:24 PM - 19 Mar 2014

SimGuruLyndsay Waiting for your art! (and that’s SimGuruHouts at the end of the hall)

SimGuruRusskii Happy Valentines! Feliz dia de San Valentín! <3

10:52 PM - 11 Mar 2014

SimGuruAzure Ahhhhhhhh! No one told me there were new harvestables available on TS3 Store! Gardening is one of my favorite things to do in my TS3 7:17 PM - 7 Mar 2014


9:05 PM - 14 Feb 2014

SimGuruRachel Uh oh…this sign was in the hall outside of the restroom. Was it Bladder Failure??!!

Check out this funky doodad I got from PR today...

10:30 PM - 20 Mar 2014

10:06 PM - 4 Mar 2014

Is your love nest just right? Or is it outdated and just a no go? Well, here is how you can turn your old and outdated love nest into your new lover… besides your other lover! Everyone’s taste is a bit different when it comes to feeling great in a room and feeling love in the air. With these tips and tricks your bedroom will be Love Day ready in no time and under budget.




Let’s turn this outdated bedroom into a perfect love nest with just a few things. The floor needs to go. Go with something nice and warm, like a nice hardwood floor. Warm colors make you feel warm too and that’s something we need in this room. The walls are almost perfect. Let’s warm them up a bit by changing the upper part to a nice off-white and light brown and keep the bottom trimming the same.

When getting new furnishings, a different color to make them stand out from the rest is key. For this room black looks great. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t overdo it though, it can be over powering. Add some nice candles here and there and the look is completed. Tip, try to recolor most of your items, not only can it save you money but also can give it some character.

hing a...

ROOM This room was renovated under $4,000 and looks like a totally different room.

THE SIMS 3 STORE REVIEW HOMECOMING I love this set and I have found it Homecoming is a tradition unlike any other.

better than I expected, however,

Dancing, sports, friends, memories, and

there were things that disappointed

school pride bring communities together to


celebrate and reminisce. The new Homecoming set gives you

The outfits for the teens and adults

everything you need to party in style with

are amazing and beautiful, but they

gorgeous dresses, jewellery, tuxedos,

are the same.

jerseys, shoes and more!

I love how the formal wear for the Homecoming, the Set Simmers

males drapes off them because

have all been waiting for.

it relates more to teenagers, however, it looks weird on the Sims.

Released on the 2nd of January

Also the tuxedo with the bow tie

2014, this is a set consisting of 42

looks very awkward around the

items and can be bought for 1,900



I would like to see more for males, for example: Watches for

This Set includes:


4 Accessories (for Females only, Teen-Adult)

What disappointed me the most

3 Pairs of shoes

was the fact that there was no

(for Females only, Teen-Adult)

hair included in this set, nor hair

8 Dresses

accessories for females.

(Teen-Adult) (is it for both Male and Female?) 1 Jersey (Male and Female, Teen-Adult) 3 School Outfits (For Kids, Male only has 2 outfits) 2 Tuxedos (Teen-Adult) 1 Tuxedo Top (Teen-Adult) This is a good set and definitely worth the money with all outfits being able to be coloured to what you desire.

Review by Jasmine Lethby

LIFE AS A WEREWOLF This hidden skill is the Why lead a boring everyday life with a

Lycanthropy Skill, this is the

normal Sim when you can mix it up with

hunting skill. After you become

the Supernatural Expansion Pack, creating

a master of this skill, you are

Werewolves, Vampires, Fairies, Ghosts and

able to successfully hunt for

even Witches to make your Sims day that

collectibles around town, use

little more exciting.

the cursed bite on Sims, pick your

What will happen on the next Full Moon?

hunting pack, control when and where you transform and search

A Werewolf can be created in four different ways (in each case by Simmer’s choice): (1) in Create a Sim tool (obviously), (2) by befriending

for specific collectibles. When you master the Lycanthropy Skill you may have enough Lifetime Happiness

Werewolves and “Asking them

points to purchase the Alpha Dog

to give you the Werewolf Curse”,

reward, with this reward you will

(3) by creating “Bottled Curse of

never be denied giving someone

the Lycan” at the Alchemy Station

the curse bite and you will also

at Level 8 of the Alchemy Skill

gain a new terrorizing howl.

and (4) by checking the Alchemy Consignment Shop daily for the

Werewolves are easier to care for

Bottled Curse.

than human Sims because unlike human Sims, werewolves can eat

While creating your werewolf, it is important to remember that the clothes you pick for their Human Form will also be the clothes they wear in Werewolf Form. When in Werewolf form in Create a Sim, there is an option to add body hair and new facial hair as well as new facial sliders to give your Werewolf a more defined look. Werewolves have the same basic needs as a normal Sim, they can also gain the same skills as a normal Sim with the exception of having their own hidden skill.

most meat raw.

They have very bad table manners

Another way to cure the werewolf

whether in their human form or

curse is to have their romantic

their werewolf form, this includes

interest/partner to “Forsake Their

food going all over the table when


they eat like a beast. There are perks to being a werewolf: Be careful when inviting

they age slower than human Sims,

werewolves to your home as they

develop their athletic skill faster

can claw and destroy your furniture,

than other Sims, have slower energy

although this is bad, they can also

decay, do not burn in the sun and are

be scolded for this behaviour. When

most likely to win in a fight.

werewolves behave inappropriately toward other Sims they may

Werewolves that become angry

sometimes get a whack around the

with other Sims will automatically


transform and fight to win. They do not only automatically change when

Werewolves can run around

angry but also when they are in a

town, sniffing Sims and pets

foul mood.

inappropriately, growl at them, complain about their shedding,

If you want to spend more or less

apologise for being a werewolf,

time as a werewolf then this can

play fetch and show off their teeth.

be changed in the Lunar Cycle in

Werewolves can also rub each

Options. You can also select when

other’s bellies and have their belly

they transform so it doesn’t have to

rubbed by human Sims.

be the “traditional” Lunar Cycle.

To ensure you have a werewolf offspring, ryou need to try for a baby with another werewolf, however, if a werewolf tries for a baby with another supernatural or human Sim, the chances are 50/50. Toddlers will occasionally howl at the moon and practice hunting, but when they become children, they can grasp their full supernatural self. Your werewolf children can transform into werewolves and start using this to practice their hunting skill. Then, as teens, they are able to have all the interactions a werewolf adult has. Being a werewolf doesn’t have to last forever - at the level 7 of the alchemy skill, you can create a cure elixir, which can also be purchased at the alchemy Consignment Shop.

14 years of amazing

g Sims Experience!


The Sims is a life-building simulation with emphasis on intimate details of individual characters rather than expansion of an entire society or civilization. You are in control of nearly every aspect of the lives of the individuals who make up your chosen population in the neighborhood. Characters are developed from the ground up and you infuse and mold them with personalities, looks, desires, moods, urges, living arrangements, career and personal choices, life styles, and reactions. Five personality traits are rated from zero to ten and include basic areas of sloppy to neat, shy to outgoing, lazy to active, serious to playful, and grouchy to nice.

ORIGIN: Will Wright, the creator of SimCity, lived through a difficult time in 1983 when his house got completely burned down. He had a vision, a vision where people could build, control and simulate life with just a click away. He suggested the idea of The Sims to Maxis in 1993, but they rejected it due to the fact that a game like that would require too much advance technology, which they couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t develop at that time. 2 years later, Will again proposed his idea, but this time to Electronic Arts. The project was accepted and the development of The Sims started immediately. From Project X to Dollhouse, The Sims finally got itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name in 1997. On 4th of February, 2000, The Sims got released! It quickly became the best selling video game of all time - encouraging Maxis and EA to expand The Sims with Expansion Packs.



Creating a Sim in The Sims 1 is a much more simple process than in TS2 and TS3. You can choose personality traits, switch heads and clothes, pick a skin tone, decide whether it should be a child or an adult, choose a gender and write a bio about your Sim.

There are over 150 objects that you can use to furnish rooms and outdoors. The Build Mode has some limitations though. You can only have 2 stories of one house, but beside that, the Build Mode is really simple to use.

LIVE MODE The basic gameplay follows everyday activities. You need to fulfill your Sim’s needs in order to keep your Sim happy. You can get a job, find a love of your Sim’s life, have kids and much more!




… the home of your dreams with powerful architectural design tools. Decorate walls and floors in any style. Create your own private paradise with landscaping tools.

… hot tubs, swimming pools, topiaries, pool tables, giant-screen TV’s … Over 150 different objects to furnish your homes and keep your Sims happy.

Create an endless variety of characters and families. Follow a wide range of career paths. Make friends, have conversations, insult neighbors, fall in love, have children …

EXPANSION PACKS The world of The Sims just got larger. With the Livin’ Large Expansion, you’ll be able to give your little humans five new career paths (including slacker and journalist), new objects (could that lantern hold a genie?), and new decors (how does Vegas lounge grab ya?). More than just cosmetic additions, there is also an assortment of new situations for your Sims to deal with. Without spoiling too much, let’s just say you’re going to want the name of a good Sim exterminator.

The Sims: House Party Expansion Pack is all about, well, parties. Everything in it is designed to make parties more fun for both you and your Sims! There will be lots of new things to do, including many different new group activities. There are more than 100 new objects and characters, five new music styles, five new dance styles to match the new music, and three new themes--cowboy, luau, and rave. It’s an add-on pack, so you will still need The Sims to play.

The Sims: Hot Date Expansion Pack represents an entirely new experience for your Sims--dating! With exciting new characters, interests, romance objects, and an all-new downtown area filled with restaurants, shops, and parks, Hot Date will get your Sims off the couch and into the singles scene. Play matchmaker for your Sims and watch them become Casanovas or Casa-nevers.

Take your Sims where they’ve never been before: on a family vacation. Whether they’ve been working hard or livin’ large, going downtown or partying down, your Sims deserve a break. From a sun-drenched beach to a snow-filled wonderland to a forest campground, Vacation Island offers awide range of fun new activities for your Sims. Take a spin on a carousel or a wild ride on a snow slide, build a snowman or a sandcastle, bring home all sorts of cool new souvenirs, and much more. All-new interactions between parents and children ensure an equal chance for merriment or mayhem, which means that your Sims vacation is sure to be a memorable one... one way or another. Pack up the whole family for the vacation of a lifetime, Sims style.

What’s been missing in your Sims’ family life? Pets of course! For the first time ever, The Sims Unleashed will give your Sims the chance to add a furry friend to the family. Visit the pet store to pick a dog or cat for your Sims. Then run their pet lives and fulfill their pet needs as you increase the fun and social life of the whole Sim household. Housebreak your pets; train them to do tricks; play with them; buy them toys, treats, and accessories; and do your best to keep them from destroying the whole house! Your Sims will have plenty to do while taking care of their pets. An expanded neighborhood with 30 additional residential lots and five community lots featuring parks, cafés, and a vegetable market will give your Sims and their pets a variety of places to meet their neighbors.

Players can live their fantasies of fame and fortune as they pursue the dream of being a Rock Star, Movie Star, or a Supermodel, live the lifestyle of a celebrity, and even mingle with the rich and famous. In order to gain popularity, characters must sign with an agent and then move to Studio Town, a new fully customizable location which houses television and movie lots, recording studios, fashion outlets, and spas. Players follow their Sims to work to schmooze and name-drop their way to superstardom. Popularity is measured with the “Fame Score” for each character in the game. If the player achieves a high “Fame Score,” they will be able to enjoy a more comfortable life than ever before with luxury services and objects including satellite dishes, skydiving simulators, art and furniture collections, steam baths, mud treatments, massages, and even an oxygen bar. Players are able to hire staff including a butler, domestic staff, a sushi chef, and a masseuse. Of course, being a celebrity has a downside too. While working hard to increase fame and popularity and perhaps even win a coveted Simmy award, celebrities will gather the attention of obsessed fans, groupies and the paparazzi.

Beware! Your Sims can now harness the supernatural, casting spells with playful or mischievous intentions. With a new magical, carnival-themed location, over 175 new items, and a host of quirky new characters, Makin’ Magic is the largest Sims Expansion Pack ever. New gameplay includes making, gathering, and questing for ingredients to brew magic spell recipes. Get help around the house from magical minions, turn pesky neighbors into toads, or make that hard-to-get Sim fall in love with you. But watch out, spells can backfire if you’re not careful. Either way, the neighborhood will never be the same.

Welcome to Belladonna Cove, an urban suburbia full of Sims and Apartments/Condos. The upper part of this Town is wealthy, while the lower part - not so much. We’ll show you what an Apartment Life looks like in the wealthy area.

First things first, we need to create a Family. The Sims 2 Apartment Life includes lots of new hairstyles and outfits for your Sims to wear.

Apartm Walkth

Part 1: M Now that we created a family, let’s move them in an Apartment! There are dozens of Apartments in Belladonna Cove. You an always place an aparatment in another town from ‘‘Special Lots’’ section by clicking on the House icon. If there are already other families moved in, you can choose to merge your household with the currently moved in one, or you can move your household to an empty Apartment. After you’re done with loading, you can choose which Apartment you want to rent. Not all of them have the same size and not all of them are cheap, so choose wisely! After you moved in, The Propertior will shortly arrive to introduce you to your apartment. He’ll come every week to check if everything’s okay (Or not).

Apartments usually include basic objects such as Fridge, Stove, Toilet, Bath and a bed to satisfy your Sim’s basic needs. You can furnish your Apartment however you want, but there are limitations when it comes to Build Mode. You can only change the floor, ceiling (which is a new feature in this Expansion Pack) and the walls. Other modifications require ‘‘boolprop aptsublotspecifictoolsdisabled [true/false]’’ Cheat.

If you’re all alone, find a roomate to keep you company! You can do so via your Computer or Phone. When searching a Roomate, you can see what they look like, what job they have and their Traits and Skills.

ment Life hrough

Moving in After you found a roomate, He/She will arrive immediately. Roomates come in handy when it comes to splitting your Bills and such. You can see everything that your Roomate is doing, what friends they have, their needs and such but you can’t Control them. The Roomate Satisfaction meter shows how much your Roomate is satisfied with your Apartment or your Household. You need to be friendly with your Roomate or else He/She will decide to Move Out. Roomate is getting on your Sim’s nerves? Don’t worry, you can always kick him/her out!

The Sims 2 Apartment Life encourages your Sims to Socialize with Sims in their Environment. Although you can’t see what other Sims are doing in their Apartments, you can always drop by for a visit.

Apartm Walkth

Part 2: New Featu Belladonna Cove features lots of new Community Lots. They somehow stand out from other Community Lots because some of them feature unique attractions. Belladonna Cove Art Museum features a Sim Statue. This Sim Statue is a very interesting ‘‘object’’ that moves not so often. Give that statue a Tip and they might just change their position!

The Desprit Deals Clothing Store features a Breakdancer. The Breakdancer is a great entertainer and can teach your Sim how to Breakdance as well for only 75 Simoleons! This process lasts very long, so be patient because after you learn how to Breakdance, you’ll be able to show off your dancing skills any time, anywhere!

This Expansion Pack features Social Reputation. This is a great opportunity to send your Sims outside your house and meet new friends. The more Sims you know and are in good relationship with them, the more other Sims will notice you and you’ll gain friendships easily + you might even receive some generous gifts/ offers. Make sure you don’t have too many bad relationships or else bad rumors about your Sim will spread around town and you won’t be able to find a friend quickly.

ment Life hrough

ures/Interactions There are 5 new ‘‘Skills’’ for your Sims to obtain. These Skills cannot be compared to skills like Cooking, Cleaning, Creativity etc. They act more as Life Skills. They teach you how to struggle with everyday activities with less stress and greater speed.


Fire Prevention: Extinguish fires for a small amount of time! Physiology: Your Sims will Level Up in fitness faster + they’ll get ill lesser. Couples Counseling: Relationship level with your Sim’s partner will decay slower. Anger Management: Decreases the Sim’s desire to go into Furious Mode with another Sim, and decreases the time a Sim stays Furious if the mode triggered. If a Sim learns both Couples Counseling and Anger Management, he’ll be pretty easy going with all relationships. Lifelong Happiness: Platinum/Gold Aspiration Level will decay slower. There are 5 different ways to greet other Sims: High Five, Earthy Hug, Fake Out, Kiss Kiss Darling and Tough Handshake. Sims will choose a greeting depending on their personality. Instead of exercising on big and heavy equipment, Sims can now jump Rope. This interaction is portable which means that they can jump Rope anywhere they want. The more your Sim jumps the Rope, the bigger their Body skill and their fitness level will get. There are 3 levels of jumping rope: Easy, Medium and Hard. Each level depends on your Body Skill level.

Other than that, there are new interactions between Sims as well. Make sure you check out new interactions between Toddlers because they look really cute!

Apartm Walkth

Part 3: New Pearson 206 SimRanger*- §20,000

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Bring home the biggest luxury item this side of a shipwrecked pirate ship: your own helicopter. Just imagine the faces on your co-workers as you land your ride to work! This isn’t something you need; it’s just something you really, really want! Comfort: 10 Energy: 5 Fun: 10 *Requires the Helipad

Modern Arf Indoor Dog Pen - §525 Living without a yard is tough - especially for a dog. The Modern Arf Dog Pen is here to help. Perfect for a number of breeds of toy dogs, the Modern Arf provides an enclosed space that keeps your dog happy without taking over your apartment. The pen comes with all necessary amenities and is perfect for any urban dog-lover.

Fun: 8

AquaBox ‘‘60 Gallons of Awesome’’ Aquarium - §18,000 How many gallons of awesome can you handle? If you’re the average Sim, that number probably borders around 50, which makes the newest AquaBox Aquarium a dangerous acquisition. Prestocked with many exotic fish and undersea plantlife, it’s sure to be the centerpiece of any home.

Fun: 9 Environment:10

ment Life hrough

w Objects Playground

Vending Machines

Spiral Staircases

There’s a bookcase that allows you to connect 2 different rooms. This bookcase is perfect for making a secret lair. To enter the second room, click ‘‘Read Book’’ and select ‘‘Mysteriously Mysterious Mystery Novel’’.

Price: §1,200 Fun: 1 Environment: 2

Apartm Walkth

You may notice that Witches/Warlocks are ocasionally visiting Community Lots in your Town. If your Sim wants to become a Wizard too, you need to become a Best Friend with that Wizard. It may take a while, but after you’ve done it, click on that Wizard and select ‘‘Teach me the Path of Darkness/the Way of Light’’ depending on whether that Wizard is on the bad or on the good side. You’ll receive a Cauldron and a Spellbook to start your magical Adventure. Those objects will change color according to the side your Sim chooses: Good, Bad or Neutral. You can always choose whether you should keep your current Wizard title or join the other side. You can do so by clicking on the Spellbook and selecting ‘‘Study the Ways of Light/the Path of Darkness/Neutral Magic’’. To see how far your Magic skill progressed,click on the Spellbook and select ‘‘Check Abilities’’. As you progress, new potions/objects are being unlocked for you to create. You can create all of these objects in the Cauldron. You can also create Magic ingridients that you need to cast your Spells.

Part 4: W

The only Spell that doesn’t require any ingridients is Magivestigium. That Spell allows you to teleport anywhere on any lot. As a Wizard, you have a Special access to Magic World. This means that you can Fly with your Magic Broom to the Fortress of Eternal Darkness or the Palace of Neverending Light. Both Lots include objects that can be crafted on the Cauldron. Some of them are very rare and hard to create though!

ment Life hrough


Neutral Spells: • Aqua Deletus • Cleanius Corpus • Folium Deletus • Corpus Athleticus • Corpus Fleshicus • Magivestigium • Creatum Nutrimens • Expello Simae • Appello Cattus Amicus (Requires The Sims 2 Pets Expansion Pack) • Purgomagus • Appello Simae • Magus Mutatio • Tempus Interruptus


1. Dragon Scales 2. Essence Of Light 3. Eye Of Newt 4. Mystic Dust 5. Crystallized Moonbeams 6. Viper’s Essence Good Spells: • Benemoodus Simae • Creatum Insecto Volucris • Exflammo • Remedis Simae • Beautificus Locus • Compello Acceptus • Appello Servantus • Benemoodus Populus • Mactoamicus • Expello Mortis

Evil Spells: • Spiritus Poultra • Mellifera Attackum • Inflammo • Heavus Ho • Corruptus Locus • Compello Discrepo • Servantus Attackum • Tabula Rasa • Extractum Amourus • Vivificus Zombiae

A Wizard casting the Tempus Interruptus Spell that causes the time and all Sims to freeze.






Explore a landscape where all youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re really required to be is yourself. Under the subdued sky of Midnight Hollow, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the residents who really shine. Eccentric townsfolk have taken a century-old Victorian town and made it a place they can call home. What life will you make in a town where creativity and individuality are at the center of it all? Will you be the owner of an art gallery bringing culture to the town? Or run a vintage furniture boutique to add class to Sims homes? Or a car showroom showing Sims life in the fast lane? The business opportunities are endless!



THE GOLDEN TICKET TOY SHOP Come one, come all! Experience the magic and wonder of the Golden Ticket Toy Shop! Take a tour of where the best toys in the world are made! It takes hours, weeks, even years to create some of these amazing toys. You can see the quality and care from the warm hands of our master craftsmen to your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heart. There is definitely not a Titanic Toy Machine in the back. Then how do we make our toys so quickly, you ask? LOVE!


AT Concurrent Interactions in The Sims 4 In real life, people often do several things at the same time, but games typically limit agents to performing actions sequentially. For The Sims 4, we developed a system for authoring interactions that allows simulated people (called Sims) to express multiple concurrent behaviors. Interactions are largely data-driven and are defined in terms of constraints, which specify the state a Sim must be in to perform the interaction. Constraints are used to test whether interactions are compatible, and to drive decisions that Sims make about whether, how and where to perform an interaction. This system allows Sims in The Sims 4 to convincingly eat, watch TV, chat with other Sims, express emotion, and perform many more behaviors simultaneously. We believe that this powerful and simple technique could be applied to a similar effect in your game too.


Sims in The Sims 4 donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stutter when multiple Sims try to enter a room. This was an issue in previous Sims games.

Multi-Actor Behavior Sequencing in The Sims 4 As online gaming continues to surge in popularity, simulation complexity increases rapidly and aggressively multi-core platforms become the standard, decoupling game presentation from simulation becomes increasingly important. For The Sims 4, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve developed a novel model for rendering high-fidelity synchronized behaviors involving multiple actors, even when driven by a simulation that runs at highly variable and/or low-frame rates, and which potentially communicates with the renderer over a high/variable latency connection. Historically, such products have often made significant compromises, either by requiring their simulations to run at real-time rates, and forcing extremely rigid synchronization, or by limiting visual quality in critical areas like character animation. Our solution addresses all of these, and is capable of scaling across a variety of game types by offering a core framework for individual game teams to extend and customize.


Thom McKay Price, Concept Designer – Ultrafine Artist, shared his Concept Art from The Sims 4 Arrival Trailer.

OLD CONCEPT ART ‘‘LEAKED’’ BY ORIGIN Origin Insider posted a very interesting photo on 13th of May, 2013 – 7 days after The Sims 4 was announced. These Sims may look like Sims from The Sims Freeplay, but if you take a closer look, there are a lot of things that remind of TS4. SimGuruGraham said: ‘‘It’s ancient Sims 4 concept art (so *technically* not the game); it doesn’t 1:1 reflect the current game.’’

LAUREN MCLEMORE IS BACK! On 31/01/2014, SimGuruLauren announced that she’s no longer working on The Sims 4. 1 Month after that sad announcement she surprised us all with her comeback! ‘‘Hey everyone!!! I’m back working on The Sims 4! At least for a while longer ;)’’ We don’t know why she had to leave The Sims 4 Team for almost a month, but we sure are happy that she’s back!

OUNDUP SOUNDTRACK IS BEING RECORDED AT ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS The Sims Facebook Page posted a photo of Sims in The Sims 4 walking down the Abbey Road! ‘‘The Sims 4: Now recording the soundtrack at Abbey Road Studios. LIKE if you’re excited to hear it!’’ This confirms that The Sims 4 Soundtrack will be recorded at famous Abbey Road Studios!

TATTOOS If you take a closer look at Andre’s (Sim in yellow shirt) hands, you’ll notice that they’re covered with Tattoos! Here’s what SimGuruGraham has to say about this sneaky teaser: ‘‘Andre does look like he’s gotten some work done in the past 6 months ;)’’

EXPANSION PACKS/FEATURES SURVEY There’s a huge discussion in the community about a new The Sims 4 Survey that’s being randomly sent out to Simmers who subscribed to The Sims Newsletter. This Survey includes the text about what Bundles we want for The Sims 4, as well as what Additions/Features we want to see in The Sims 4 Franchise.



SPOTLIGHT: IPODZEKE1 Introduce Yourself! Hey, I’m iPodZeke1!

How long have you been playing The Sims? What do you like about this game?

Zeke’s first Let’s Play (The Sims 3 Showtime)

I have been playing The Sims for 10 and a half years! I love how you can play a sims life any way you want! There is so much to do!

What made you create your YouTube Account and how long have you been in this “”business”? I saw lots of people that made YouTube videos - some good some bad! I knew I wanted to do it and to make them funny and - most importantly - entertaining. How long does it take you to create a Let’s Play Video/Series?

What type of Sims Player are you? I’m an all around Sims player. I can’t build very well but I like to create sims and make them have fun lives - so I’m a story teller.

When I make a video the length of it is how long it takes me to make it. Then editing/rendering depends on the video... And how many times I screw up what I’m saying. Most of what I say in my videos are 100% non scripted or edited.

How many series have you recorded so far? I have recorded series on Late Night, Showtime, University Life, Island Paradise, Midnight Hollow, 2 mini series on my current off camera households, and a Sims 2 series. I’m working on Into the Future series and Late Night right now.

What is your opinion on The Sims 4? I’m so super excited for The Sims 4. Everything released about the game will be amazing! And hopefully less laggy. I go into detail about what I know about the sims 4!

Do you have a message for Simmers who have just started making YouTube videos? If you’re starting or wanting to start YouTube videos here’s some advice: don’t try and be someone else out there, don’t be fake. Be yourself have fun! Everyone likes comedy or mess ups so don’t worry, and good luck!

Zeke’s Island Paradise Let’s Play!




Stones Throw Greenhouse With the Stones Throw Greenhouse, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sure to have the best harvest in years! The included furniture and clothing will get you in the right mindset for the cooler weather, and with the new greenhouse, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be able to grow excellent crops in a fraction of the time! Use your newfound leisure time to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labors.



Best Song of February 2014

1. Katy Perry - Dark Horse 2. Beyonce - Drunk in Love 3. Miley Cyrus - Adore You 4. Lorde - Team 5. 6. Avicii - Hey Brother 7. Zedd - Find You 8. 9. Pharrel Williams - Happy 10. 11. 12. Passenger - Let Her Go 13. Sara Bareilles - Brave 14.John Legend - All of Me 15. Aloe Blacc - The Man One Direction - Story of my Life

Demi Lovato - Let it Go (Frozen)

OneRepublic - Counting Stars

Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty

Simmer Charts are Charts voted by Simmers. They here just to show what Simmers like in the Entertainment industry of Today.

“Dark Horse” is a song recorded by American recording artist Katy Perry featuring rapper Juicy J. It was released on September 17, 2013, by Capitol Records as the first promotional single from Perry’s fourth studio album, Prism (2013). Three months later, it was released as the third official single on December 17. Both artists co-wrote the song with its producers, Max Martin, Cirkut, and Dr. Luke, alongside Sarah Hudson. It was conceived by Perry and Hudson during a writing session in Perry’s hometown of Santa Barbara, California, and Juicy J was later commissioned for a verse on the song.

A But a you nd here come ‘Cau t b y se I, etter c ou are o me Of a I’m ca hoose p nyth c But ing able of arefully don and any M ’t m thin e ake ake me v M e ake r y me t y hing g our me you So y yo on r en Boy o emy e and o ur Aphr , yo u wan na p odit nly , yo u s u l h e a r o y B u e with aby ld k n Cau e my, do y se I you ou d now w magic ’m r h a c re to at y omi Are o(styldo t Artpop u’re you ng at Lady Gaga - ARTPOP en A h r perf i s y e Cau ? o a u d ized ec y se likeas ARTonc t storm for, rePOP) a d the ady is e y ark , p for Katy Perry - PRISM The ou’re erfethird stumin ct stor fal re’s e,dio m no g album by oing once yourebAmerican ack Justin Bieber - JournalsMar ’re ho km cording arty wo rdsist Lady Gaga, Beyonce - BEYONCE This released on love mi N o vweilm l mba e r Like bykeStreamline Like6, 2013 you and InterDaft Punk - Random Access Memory a levit a b bird i If yo r ate planning scope Records. with d She began u ch B u t oos the dproject own o inut2011, a ca shortly after the e t ow t One Direction - Midnight Memories o ge easecond alk of It’s i launch her studio album, r t a h way n th , doWork continued into e paBorn This Way. n’t w l m of yand 2013, during alk awhich time Miley Cyrus - Bangerz So just b It’s a y2012 o u way e r s han e su Gaga travelling for her headlind re b or nwas o, n now e All t o f maWay baband recoverre y This o ming oBorn ybe Ball y o e u Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience , gifrom g i ing surgery for an injury that v v e it e it So y Boy a a ll to while ll ttouring. ou , you sustained om m sho wanshe e e n a u p l Gaga described Artpop as “a celebrad l Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne ay w kno Bab Cau i w y th m d se I’ whand agic musical journey” at y a poetic m c o yoution d o omi arean exploration u’re and of the “reverse A n t r g f o C e a at y lling y Britney Spears -auBritney Jean se o A ou l do tphenomenon h perf ou readWarholian” for in pop culi s nce ? i k e ec y fo It displays you r, re a darkan intentional “lack of ’re m t stormture. hors , per adand y fo responsibility” ine, maturity by come Lorde - Pure Heroine r fect onc The e yo re’s s or darker and anthemic u’retotthe no gparison m miBorn oing nature of This Way. Assuming n e [ b J ( l ack position uicy ove in its production, Demi Lovato - DEMI trip J - R an integral pcollaborators in’) apshe enlisted longtime V e r U s e:] Paul “DJ White Shadow” h including She I cal Selena Gomez - Stars Dance ’ s l he ab st and RedOne and newer partShe r Karm eaBlair a e a ( coners ts y Like me Zedd and Madeon to achieve o J u ba e r ffre Jessie J - Alive k) sound. y Da heaGaga’s rt o cdesired u hme t Be c Try r a ( w r not e oo) Sho to le ful rtyTruly Ariana Grande - Yours ad Cau ’s hea rt is her on se h e o You r love i n stero s so may ids If yo W s f t u a h r o l e g l She ’s sw et the c n you m in love ng h e eet as p ance yo et her Tha t fai i ry ta She’ll tu e but if u bette you r ke le e rn c n ep h o b d l r d i e She ng w a a er k s her a fre can i t h hea be m ezer a kn I’m rt i g y ht in gon S l e ep ’ put s her ing Bea hining arm Sho uty Woo in a co or rty s Damn m ! I thi a o ba nk I d, Sh Turn e ride I’m spr love he un m ed t r he b e like a g and I e r Her droom oller co don’t c are lo in a I wa s try ve is lik to a fai ster e r n I me But lil a hit it a drug (a fair!) ’m an ssed arou ama so d quit i t nd a dop nd e

Best Album of 2013

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.



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