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Sweet. Caring. Dreamer. Big-hearted. Photo illustration by Jennifer Chalam

Addicting iPhone games

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An inspiration, and a gift to the world. By Melody Huang Editor-in-Chief

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Courtney Griffith paints a new mural for stadium By Stacy Luu

Role Model.

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February 9, 2012

On the morning of Jan. 5, most students at RB High were grinding through their monotonous daily schedules. They sat in the middle of their first class of the day, immersed in lectures covering English grammar rules, Lewis structures, properties of energy, and normal model distributions. Little did they know that their perceptions of normalcy would soon be shattered. While students dozed in and out of deep sleep and students doodled in the margin of their notes, school administrators and counselors were beginning to pull teachers out of class. One by one, classrooms fell into an unnatural stillness. Many teachers ended the lesson for the day, postponing their lengthy discussions of Ernest Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms for another day. The usual gossip and whispers that buzzed about the classrooms were muted into a dull, heavy silence. It was on the morning of Jan. 5th, a morning that had begun like any other Thursday morning, that the world of many RB High students came to a screeching halt. On the morning of Jan. 5, David Hu – valedictorian of the class of 2012, star of RB High’s Quizbowl and Academic League team, president of Science Olympiad, and MIT admit – passed away from cardiac arrest. That night, nearly 300 students gathered in front of the school. Each held a lit candle. From his club advisors to his old teammates, many shared their personal stories and memories they had shared and collected

from the short, but meaningful, time they spent with David. In many aspects, David was the epitome of a perfect high school student. His academic prowess granted him the recognition of his peers; from his 2400 on the SAT to his acceptance into MIT, David was known by many as a “physics god,” or a math genius. However, for those who truly knew him, he was more than simply a collection of outstanding numbers. For some, he was a mentor; for others, he was a best friend who was always willing to lend an ear to listen. Shortly after, the community of Rancho Bernardo came together to organize his memorial service. Students worked together to commemorate David’s life; from a slideshow of pictures chronicling David’s life to a scrapbook with heartfelt notes, his friends spent hours working on projects dedicated to remembering David with tangible concepts. Senior Reem Fatayerji devoted her time to a more personal and unique project: wristbands dedicated to David. “I knew I’d want him with me – figuratively, symbolically, and physically,” said Fatayerji. “In other words, I wanted him with me in spirit. I knew I wanted a bracelet, so I figured I should make a lot of them because I thought other people would like one too.” Two sets of wristbands have been made; the first set is forest green – one of David’s favorite colors – and has his favorite quote engraved on it (“Veni, Vidi, Vici” – Latin for “I came, I saw, and I conquered”) while the other is white with green text and says, “Hu Let the Dogs Out,” a pun David often made out of his last name. The green wristbands were handed out during the service, while the white ones are still being sold for two

dollars per bracelet. “The money that we get from the wristbands is going to create a gift for his family, as well as to the clubs he was a part of,” said Fatayerji. The service was held on Jan. 14 at Maranatha Chapel. During the service, part of David’s family delivered eulogies before students went up to share memories they had created with David. While many considered the memorial service to be a final goodbye to the friend they all lost, others saw it as the beginning of a long journey to recover from this unexplainable loss. David had shared his passion for knowledge through numerous clubs on campus. Students have to cope with the excruciating grief of losing not only a close and kind friend, but also a leader and role model. “It is said in Academic League that the more you buzz, the more fun you have,” said Dayoung Lee, varsity member of Academic League. “Because David knew so much and was so good, we had to study a lot to be able to buzz in and give an answer. David set the bar, and he indirectly made us better players.” “This season, we’re aiming for the best because we know he’ll expect nothing less,” said Lee. “The teams have been doing all right… [We’re] just trying to make up for what we lost.” A little more than a month has passed since Jan. 5, but not a day goes by that we don’t pause to think about David. While we’ll never see his forest green hoodie or listen to him sing an atonal version of “Like a G6” again, he’s changed each and every one of us, and in a way, he’ll never really be gone. Rest in peace, David.

Features Editor

Imagine RB High without its decorative chalk paintings, colorful murals and bleeding blue Broncos just about everywhere you walk. It would be a simple school with grey pillars and washed out blue classrooms. Luckily, we have enormously talented artists that take our imaginations and turn them into reality on walls and pavements. Among all the lovely artwork splashed across RB High, there is one recent piece in particular that took a lot of hard work and effort from an unlikely candidate. The skill required to paint a life-sized Bronco on a 7 foot tall, 50 foot wide textured wall does not come over night, and cannot be done by just anyone. This incredible feat was taken head-on by senior Courtney Griffith, whose work in AP Studio Art was seen by a friend, who then recommended her to Coach Laz. “Being as small as I am, I was a little intimidated. It was also pretty challenging painting on stucco. It is such a rough surface and it took a lot of focus and patience to paint the outlines and the small details,” said Griffith. Planning, designing, re-planning, measuring, and getting the project just right took a total of 60 hours. The royal blue pristine Bronco adorns the sports box in the stadiums, and can be seen from any angle. It is truly a masterpiece, and the work put into it makes it even more so. “I hope that every time the students in my art class or the athletes that compete on the field or really any of the students at Rancho Bernardo look up and see the mural they will remember me and feel inspired,” said Griffith. “I learned how helpful my friends, family, and the teachers at RB can be.” The Bronco not only lights up the school with our reigning colors, but continues to remind RB High students that our spirit and drive is what makes us great. We are not only a school of academic success, but also creative success as well. Our phenomenal talents hide behind corners of the school, waiting to be discovered and recaptured in its full beauty and potential. “I followed through with it because I thought it sounded fun and challenging and a great way to leave my mark at RB and get involved my senior year. It was our 2012 senior class gift so I hope I made our graduating class proud,” said Griffith. As for her future projects, Courtney has more lined up for her before she leaves for college in the fall. “As much work as the first project was, I am still really excited to do another one. I am so grateful for the experience! I hope to someday maybe go into architecture, so this was a great opportunity,” said Griffith. “I got to create scale designs, models and even do some hands on work. I also gained a lot of confidence in my ability and I love the fact that I can technically say I am a professional artist!” So the next time you are about to accidentally step on a chalked up drawing of mitosis from a ninth grade biology class, step back and really look at and enjoy the piece. It may spark your creative mindset and propel you to create and contribute to RB High’s continuing plethora of beautiful masterpieces.




Flasher in RB exposes hidden District prepared for safety issues within community mid-year budget cuts By Sara Yogi

By Grant Noe

Staff Writer

Staff Writer

As two teenage girls were walking to school on the morning of Tuesday, January 31, an unidentified man estimated to be in his early fifties exposed himself to unsuspecting RB High students. The incident shocked the community of Rancho Bernardo. Teachers and parents were informed of this unsettling occurence via an emergency email sent by Principal Paul Robinson. According to Robinson, the man approached his first victim at 6:30 a.m. as she was walking along Poblado and West Bernardo Road on her way to school. He had been driving a dark blue, four-door compact car before he jumped out of the car and walked steadily towards her, coming within a close proximity of her body. The flasher then retreated back into his car as the startled girl ran away. At 7 a.m. on the same day, the same man flashed another teenage girl. The student was walking on Calle Saucillo and Avenida Alcachofa when the man leaped out of his car and unexpectedly flashed his genitals to her before yelling obscenely, “Do you want some of this?” The second victim promptly ran to school and alerted the principal. Both girls, when asked by a sketch artist to describe the appearance of the flasher, gave similar descriptions. The flasher has a lean build and thought to be between 5-feet nine-inches and 6-feet with unkempt whitish gray hair. On the day of the attack, he was clothed in a dark blue pullover sweater and khaki pants. Despite these details, the flasher has yet to be identified, much to the dismay of the surrounding community members.

The Poway Unified School District has recently made more cuts to the budget. These mid-year cuts will not currently affect RB High or any other school in the district. So for the time being, RB High is safe from the mid-year budget cuts. These budget cuts will not affect the schools in the district this year because the district planned for the worst-case scenario. PUSD stored up reserve funds. This means that for the time being, RB High is safe from the budget, but principal Paul Robinson said that the school will continue to be fiscally smart to be on the safe side. Robinson said that it is not unusual for such budget cuts to be implemented midyear as these last ones were. Robinson explained that the district budget is set in June, but the state set budget can come at any time in the year. PUSD expects the state budget cuts each year, and so makes the necessary precautions ahead of time. Robinson said that the amazing work of our school district keeps us in the black while other districts slip into the red. Even though the only dent made by the mid-year budget cuts was in the

PUSD reserve, RB High continues to do fundraisers for individual programs in order to avoid having to lay off teachers or cut classes. Along with the subject of budget cuts always comes the question of when RB High will get its long awaited makeover. Robinson said that he would like to redo the seats in the performing arts center as the first part of any makeover. Since RB High is not being given a PUSD -sponsored makeover yet, any updates to the Performing Arts Center would have to have fundraising. According to Robinson, our “school makeover” was two years ago, when the school got new paint, roofing, and the Docucams with the projectors. That was the scope of our school makeover. Even though this seems menial, the good news is that in about three and a half years, RB High is eligible for “modernization money.” This money is meant for remodeling the campus to make it more modern. This project, which is potentially in the multimillion dollar range, is the makeover that the students of RB High have been waiting for. Even if the budget cuts slow down and make it possible to get the modernization money, most of the current students will not be here long enough to see the longawaited remodeling. For many, this is more saddening than the cuts themselves.

RB High will continue to be fiscally smart in case of any complications that arise.

Photo by Jennifer Chalam

Photo illustration of the flasher and victim.

As a result of these events, it is easy to submit to outright panic and outrage—a reaction that is not unexpected given the location and time of the attack. It is hard for many to believe that such a man would behave in such a manner towards high school students. But as Principal Robinson pointed out, the two girls had been walking alone. This just goes to show that even in the safest of neighborhoods, the unexpected can, quite literally, creep quietly upon you even when you think you may be safe. It is a rude wakeup call to the fallibility of

our ostensible invincibility. Teenagers often think that nothing out of the norm can ever happen to them. Robinson suggests that students walk together in pairs and avoid suspicious areas in the late hours of the night. “We need to be careful and on-guard at all times of the day,” Robinson said. He said it scares him to see young ladies walk across the street at 10:30 at night as he leaves the school and hopes that the flashings that took place on that Tuesday morning will make students more mindful of their own safety.

Freshmen Success Program proves successful By Jenny Jeong Staff Writer

Four years ago, RB High introduced a new program called Freshmen Success. The program was started because Principal Paul Robinson noticed that one in every five freshmen failed at least one class. Principal Robinson wanted to help freshmen make the transition from middle school to high school. Because of the budget cuts this year, Principal Robinson was unsure if the program could continue, but twenty-five teachers volunteered to work in the program. It seems that the program has had a positive impact this year. This school year has seen the lowest D and F rate, and there has been a really good academic raise overall. For those freshmen who play sports,

there have been no freshmen ineligible due to their grades. Principal Paul Robinson said, “I think the program is really beneficial. I think if someone is guiding you it only helps you keep your focus on the good thing. We’ve been literally able to cut that failure rate in half. We used to send about one hundred kids to Abraxas. This year we’ve only had eleven students.” This year the freshmen are required to attend a meeting every first Wednesday of each month. Additionally, they are required to go to Thursday tutorials for 30 minutes to get help or just to work on homework. Jeff Carpenter, AP Government teacher and one of the freshmen success advisors says, “I hope it gives the freshmen a support system to get the help they need, when they need it. I also hope that it gives them a system of accountability, someone

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checking in on them on a regular basis to make sure that they are doing what needs to be done to make them successful. Lastly, I hope that we, as advisors, can be objective mentors, just someone who can offer advice and direction.” Carpenter prefers the model used at Bernardo Heights Middle School over the one used at RB High. He would rather have some kind of home room system where students and teachers can have a real tutorial and talk about important issues, not just academic performances. This year the Freshmen Success Program has been pushed to a much higher level than previous years, and has left a great impact on its students. “I need to applaud all of my teaching staff. I also applaud the students. Freshmen Success isn’t a success without everyone working hard,” Robinson said.

Freshman Success teacher Nate Alcorn passes out papers.

Carpenter wins noteworthy award

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Photo by Jennifer Chalam

Jeff Carpenter poses with his award.

By Grant Noe Staff Writer

Jeff Carpenter, a teacher here at RB High, was recently nominated as the “Veterans of Foreign Wars’ California Teacher of the Year.” Prior to winning the state award, Carpenter was the winner of the local award. Carpenter said that he was “honored beyond belief” to have won the local award, but he said that winning the state award was incomprehensible. “It comes from an organization who’s members are the men and women who

Photo by Jennifer Chalam

have given us our freedoms and continue to sacrifice, selflessly on our behalf,” Carpenter said regarding the Veterans of Foreign Wars, “Truly an incredible honor.” According to the Pomerado News, Dave Epstein, Post 7766’s senior vice commander, said that Carpenter “defends and respects the contributions of veterans and the active military forces to the welfare of the nation.” Carpenter said, “The gentleman who nominated me said in my application, among other things, that I, ‘teach patriotic values and defend and respect the contributions of veterans and the active military forces to the

welfare of the nation.’ I think that is quite a compliment.” Another reason that Carpenter was chosen, is his neutrality when it comes to inclass discussions on controversial topics. He said, “I work hard, hopefully successfully, to keep my personal opinion out of things in most cases. I try to teach by a philosophy that I learned from one of my professors at USD which is, I know what my opinions on the issues are...I am more concerned about the students developing theirs and I will take whichever side and make whatever argument I need to make to have that happen.” “I think my role is to remind my students that they unquestionably live in the greatest country in the world,” Carpenter said, “that we are truly blessed with incredible rights and freedoms that so many others can only dream about. What I feel I am duty-bound to talk about is the concept that freedom is not free. That there are incredible men and women who have fought and died to provide us with these blessings and freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.” The Veterans of Foreign Wars, according to Carpenter, is a nation-wide organization that seeks to benefit the veterans of the United States military, in addition to their families. Each local post scouts schools for potential nominees, based on their said patriotic actions, and then chooses who to nominate. This award does not only extend state-wide, but also nation-wide. Carpenter doesn’t know when the national award is to be announced, but said that he is only amazed and thankful for how far he has gotten.




Frustrated with GradeCam, Musician’s Club to perform on Feb. 10 teachers go back to scantrons By Michael Rupic Photo Editor

The current process of grading quizzes and tests has changed at RB High. One of the several technological additions to the classrooms last year was the software program GradeCam. At the beginning of the school year, the administration took away the Scantron machines making it so teachers had to use the DocuCam in order to grade their students’ tests. There are positives and negatives to both GradeCam and Scantron. The main premise is the fact that GradeCam system does not allow students to fill in more than one answer for each question on its answer sheets, while the Scantron machine is only able to read multi-letter answers. Cindy Hartley, one of the social science or history teachers at the school, continues to discuss the topic with her students to gain their insight. In her opinion, the transition from Scantron to GradeCam was not an easy one. “Although GradeCam has some positive aspects, it does not leave a score or specific errors marked on students’ papers,” Hartley said. “It’s time consuming to use class time to project an answer key and have everyone correct his or her own paper in order to get the required information.” She suggests that the program may be beneficial to the teacher, but is not entirely helpful to the students. The lack of improvement promised by the application of the camera-based program is the reason why the various departments,

like math, science, and English, recently purchased Scantron machines. English teacher Karen Kravchak validates the purchasing of the Scantron machines in the her department as well as the social science department. Based on the mentioned description of the functioning of the grading system, Kravchak is supportive of implementing the use of Scantrons. “GradeCam does not allow the testing theory to be illustrated. It’s not showing true knowledge,” Kravchak said. “Considering the huge class sizes this year, handing back the tests with correctly graded scores is essential.” She argues that technology should be utilized in order to make the process of grading easier than manually grading tests and not as important as the lesson plan. Junior Matt Skladzien qualifies the arguments presented by the teachers as he highlights the benefits and detriments of using GradeCam compared to using Scantron. “I think Scantrons are better for students because it gives them the score and tells them what questions they missed, so they can know their mistakes right away,” Skladzien said. Representing the perspectives of students and teachers by comparing the positives and negatives of the new software, Skladzien continued to state his belief that “GradeCam is better for the teachers because it inputs the grades straight into the computer.” The simple truth is that making grading easier for the teachers and students is one of the enhancements that a technologicallyadvanced school possesses, and the teachers here at RB High are looking out for what is easy and efficient when it comes to grading tests.

GradeCam does not allow the testing theory to be illustrated.

Photo courtesy of Cedric Agatep

The Musician’s Club at RB High.

Stacy Luu Features Editor

Music has always been an important part of our lifestyle. It has provided inspiration, therapy, and hope for people all over the world. The most enjoyable songs are the songs that still sound euphoric decades later. These classic songs transcend through generations and are engraved in musical history forever. Some of the vastly different genres of mainstream music presented today come and go, but the core classics will always stay. Music is what drives RB High students to make their mark in the world of treble clefs and bass clefs. The RB High Musician’s Club is doing just this. The Musician’s Club was started by seniors Cedric Agatep and Ryan Singelyn. According to Agatep, it began because during sophomore year, he saw a club called “Music Productions”, which shortly fell apart. He wanted to start anew by naming it “Musician’s Club”. Its purpose was to manage multiple bands and have

them play at local venues. It gained some success, producing the winning Battle-ofthe-Bands group, LEM (The League of Extraordinary Musicians). The Musician’s Club is putting on the musical production “Flashback! A Musical Journey Through Time” on February 10th, featuring the most popular hits from the 1950s to today by The Beatles, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Taylor Swift and more. “The idea to start a production has been in my mind ever since, but it was only until about November of this school year that the idea started to materialize. Our first interest meeting had a strong response, and it’s been growing ever since; we now have over 50 musicians total performing,” said Agatep. “The production also started to evolve; what was originally just a sort of “club recital or talent show” started to become a full-fledged production, complete with an accompanying orchestra, horn section, lights, costumes, videos, and a theme”. This music production has been in the works for many weeks; all 18 groups

working hard to rehearse down to the very last detail. “We’ve been rehearsing all 18 groups, helping out some of the musicians one on one, arranging sheet music (we’re covering pop music, so most of these songs we had to figure out on our own), and just doing the mundane paperwork that’s needed for a production,” said Agatep. “Thankfully, some of these members have made this production easy on me, and my family has been supporting me throughout each step.” This production is not only for family members and friends to enjoy, but also for the musicians to gain experience. It has given the members a chance to be in the spotlight and be proud of what they have achieved. As the date gets closer, all the performers and helpers are getting their outfits ready and stage set up before the big night. The performance is expected to have more than a hundred people attending. The Musician’s Club is guaranteeing an amazing show, so make sure you get your pre-sale tickets for tomorrow night soon!




Doomed to be single: the curse Colorful hair for colorful personalities of parental dating standards By Hana Bradshaw Staff Writer

Cartoon by Amy Ma

By Hana Bradshaw Staff Writer

In kindergarten, the other gender had cooties. In fifth grade, you probably had a crush on the cute kid who sat right next to you. By middle school, you may have started holding hands, and by high school, you officially started to “date.” Your boyfriend or girlfriend is the most perfect being in the whole world, right? On the other hand, the standards your parents set for your boyfriend or girlfriend are a completely different story. You set your own standards as to what kind of individual you want to date, and unfortunately for many budding relationships among high school students, so do your parents. For many girls, the “dream man” is often described as a tall, good looking guy, who is smart, funny, and sweet. Parents, however, want, above all else, a boy that will treat their little angel with respect and cherish her forever. Some parents take it to the extreme: they want to protect their daughter from having her heart broken, so they won’t let her date until she’s “thirty years old.” Don’t be too hard on your

parents, though—most of them set their personal standards high because they want what is best for their children. Sophomore Amber Hsu wants her man to be tall and nice. Her parents add that they would also like a boy that gets good grades, while of course being tall and good-looking. The problem is that they don’t want her to date until college. For freshman Alexandra

Your boyfriend or girlfriend is the most perfect being in the whole world, right?

something and can see themselves as successful in the future,” sophomore Paige Norton said. Norton, currently in the middle of a successful relationship, reveals that her parents want her boyfriend to be respectable, while at the same time not involved with drugs or alcohol. Parents and children sometimes do not agree on this subject, in this case though, Norton and her parents seem to be on the same page regarding boyfriends. Norton, after introducing her parents to her boyfriend, is certain that her parents and she are on agreeable terms. “My parents and I somewhat agree...I think he should be respectful, however if his friends are involved with drugs, I’m not going to judge, it’s not my place. If he’s done drugs in his past, or something else bad, that’s his business, as long as he learned his lesson, then I’m fine,” Norton said. Your parents love you and care about you. If they set their standards too high, talk to them about it. Discuss your differences and come up with a solution. Your parents want you to be happy. Be happy but don’t be afraid to set things straight, after all it’s your love life.

Ferguson, her ideal type of man is Harry Potter’s own Tom Felton. Ferguson describes her ideal man as nice, but not too nice, caring and with a great sense of humor. Her parents, as many parents do, want their daughter to be with a man who has goals in life, works hard, and treats her with respect. “My standards....hmm....I’d love for them to have a plan for their future, as long as I know they’re passionate about

Image courtesy of

Whether its dyed, streaked, or highlighted, your hair represents who you are. Along the way, you may be judged for what you have done with your hair. Your hair could be any color like brown, blonde, or bright red. The bottom line is that everyone is unique in his or her own special way. You could say that senior Diana Guevarra has an eccentric hair style. Originally a brunette, Guevarra now has vibrant, beautiful, and almost Little Mermaid-like red hair. When asked the question of why she dyed her hair this color, Guevarra quickly answered, “ In 2004, I saw a movie, where a girl had really red hair. I though it was really cool as a kid and so I went to Rite Aid finally in 2010 and decided to give red hair a try. I really loved it, and I remembered I loved it because of that movie.”

Since others have different tastes, especially with hair colors or styles, Guevarra tells us that some people find her hair interesting, and others find it hard to like. “ I just like to say that I’m different and unique. I’m not wild, I just like red hair.” Guevarra said. Senior Lisa Kim, unlike Guevarra has decided to go with a more natural tone for her hair color. Being a brunette as well, Kim recently dyed her hair in November to a light brown. Individuals who dye their hair often can get the damaging effects of hair dye. Contrary to this knowledge, Kim explains to us that the hair dye she used a new type of hair color enhancer called coating, which mixes the coating mixture with your natural hair color, while retaining the natural healthiness of hair, and showing the new hair color. For Kim, dying her hair was for the reason that she wanted to be different and try new things. Can having a new look boost your confidence? Of course! Brianna

Carter, a freshman, has had a first hand experience with trying out new looks. Carter, who dyes her hair approximately ten times a year, feels hair dye is very unhealthy to her hair, but can’t resist the temptation to have a new hair color. “The only reason why I dye my hair so much is because I am still playing around with how I want to look,” Carter said. “I dyed my hair blonde because there’s something about being blonde that boosts your confidence. I want to send the message that I am confident in myself and that I don’t care what other people think.” As you can see, dying your hair isn’t only about having a different color on your head, it indicates a little bit about who you are, and what your styles are. Being you can greatly inspire your hair color and others around you. Having brightly-colored hair, naturally-colored hair, or rainbowcolored hair is a positive thing; it makes you unique and interesting.

The side effects of looking sexy By Ashley Carmichael Staff Writer

The price of fashion can take a toll on many girls and boys. It is not the actual dollar price that takes a toll, but the pressure it puts on people. Every day, people look in their closets and decide what they want to show the world about their personality and use their clothes to portray their artistic style. The pressure of being in fashion can cause some to feel insecure. Fashion takes up a lot of time because you have to piece everything together just right if you want to be noticed for your fashion sense. “Okay, so this sounds weird, but it really helps me. I cannot pick out my outfit in the morning because I don’t have enough time,” said freshman Shannon Cowgill. “So, what I do is at night I spend about an hour figuring out different things to wear and piecing multiple articles of an outfit together.” What is “fashion?” What should you do to achieve a level of fashion superiority? If you know the answers to one, or any, of those questions, then you must be doing something right. “I don’t think fashion has a meaning. I believe that you make it yourself. There’s no look that everybody should follow; you just need to be yourself. Follow your own style,” said Cowgill. However, do people’s personalities really match with what they wear? A person’s style can vary based on what they’re feeling. For instance, if someone is feeling like they want to keep to themselves, she may wear darker colors. If someone is feeling

on the outgoing side, she might wear brighter colors. “In my opinion, most people don’t dress like their personalities,” Cowgill said. “I think that they dress cuter, or what looks better to them. Almost everyone wants to feel like they’re more than who they actually are.” If you think that shopping at Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch will make you seem fashionable, then you’re probably wrong. They definitely have cute clothes, but you can get similar clothing at a way cheaper price at a bargain store like Marshall’s or Ross. You can buy almost three times the amount of clothing you buy at expensive, brand-name stores. There have been recent tests done on women who wear high heels three days a week, every week. According to “Good Morning America,” women who wear high heels often end up with shortened claves, which causes them to walk unnaturally. Another health problem with fashion is the pressure to squeeze into tight-fitting clothing. Many who suffer from anorexia do so because they see models who are incredibly skinny wearing tight clothing and want to be as noticeable as the models. Also, it is seen as fashionable to wear tight-fitting clothing. According to some doctors, “jeggings” can cause health problems. Since jeggings are so tight-fitting and close to your skin, they can cause a lack of blood circulation to the legs, which can cause your legs to give out or cause you to suffer from really bad leg cramps and pains. So are you comfortable, or do you dress to impress?

70 percent of teenagers are influenced by the ideal body images in magazines Average Model Age 13-18 years old Average Model Size 5 feet 10 inches 122 pounds Prevalence of Anorexia and Bulimia among Teenagers 2.7 percent Complications from wearing... • skinny jeans -meralgia paresthetica (nerve damage) • high heels -osteoarthritis (joint damage) -Achilles tendonitis (tendon damage) • make-up -acne, allergies, skin irritation Statistics courtesy of

Hipster lifestyle: trying too hard or hardly trying? By Michael Rupic Opinions Editor

What is the actual definition of a “hipster”? According to Urban Dictionary, “A hipster is one who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed ‘cool’ by the cool.” In general, the hipster is someone who is attributed with walking among the masses in daily life, but is not a part of them and shuns or reduces anything held dear by the mainstream population. The belief of the boring qualities of mainstream is common among supporters of the “hipster” movement is shared by junior Lily Pabon. From the clothes they wear to the personality they maintain, this student knows her facts about the hipster culture. When describing the typical qualities of a hipster, Pabon mentioned that the clothing of hipsters includes tight-fitting rolledup jeans, old-school sneakers, and thick-rimmed glasses. According to Pabon, both hipster men and women sport edgy looks and mainly shop at stores like Urban Outfitters,

American Apparel, and thrift or vintage stores. The appearance of being hipster starts with looking like someone who doesn’t really care about looking good. The reputation of hipsters is that they think they’re too good for anything or anyone, and they are usually not friendly or outgoing; they supposedly dislike everything “mainstream.” A few words that come to mind when describing the characteristics of a hipster include independentthinking, counter-culture, supportive of progressive politics, an appreciation of art and Indierock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter. The topic of hipsters has recently entered its way into discussions at RB High, and the reason why it has become an interesting subject is because of its appeal to multiple

demographics of students. In Pabon’s opinion, “It is partially because many people like to criticize hipsters for being so closed minded and often hypocritical, but the reality is in some sort of way everyone channels a little hipster through himself, whether it be in their fashion or their attitudes.” The general opinion of hipsters is that they are not entirely concerned with doing well in school even though they come to class like everyone else. Some hipsters are actually smart. The issue is that they don’t really care about what students or teachers think about them. Often times hipsters seek professions involving music, fashion design, math, and liberal arts. An additional student informed on the lifestyle of the hipster is junior

By definition, a hipster is one who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed ‘cool’ by the cool.

Katie Conner. One extra definition of “hipster” is someone who is basically unique and an individual. “They try very hard to look like they don’t try at all,” Conner said. “Technically it’s almost a contradictory term to describe someone who desperately tries to be ‘Indie’ or alternative and look cool while doing everything.” According to Conner, hipsters are known for having a superior attitude and act cold and uninterested, but they are just as likely as anyone else to be mean or nice. The interest in hipsters has evolved from the newly found fascination with Tumblr and Facebook. “The popularity of the word ‘hipster’ is because of the social networking sites,” Conner said. “Hipsters didn’t just crop out of nowhere. People have always been captivated by what is different.” There is a lot to discover about the meaning of hipsters as a subculture and the mentioned requirements explain why the simple life of a hipster is actually complicated; hipsters are living examples of oxymoronic statements.

Hipster [hip-ster] noun. Slang.

1. a person characterized by a particularly strong sense of alienation from most established social activities and relationships 2. a young, recently settled urban teenager with various interests mainly in alternative subjects like music, clothing, and personality Cartoon by Luke Verayo




pHYSICAL pUNISHMENT Good parenting or abuse?

dISCIPLINE By Jessica Noe Staff Writer

Physical punishment has been at the forefront of many child-rearing discussions through the years, and the law weighs in on this issue as well. In our school systems, teachers are required to report all suspicions of child abuse. James Choe, a math teacher at RB High, has had to report three cases of child abuse, all for the same child. I was initially under the impression that spanking a child constituted child abuse. After an interview with Dr. Martha Ingham, the school psychologist, my eyes were opened. Ingham defined physical abuse as the use of any external punishment. The law states that a parent can currently spank his child as long as it doesn’t leave a visible mark. Ingham used the example of spanking with a hand versus a switch, paddle, or belt. A “but” that falls under the category of physical abuse is the rule that foster parents cannot spank their foster children. In order to get a better glimpse into the world

of foster care, I interviewed Max Murray, a foster parent. Murray said that punishment turns into abuse when people become angry versus controlled. “When the authorities believe you have lost control, when you start reacting instead of thinking and strategizing before you punish, that is when it turns into abuse, and that is when your child can be taken from you.” I felt that spanking can cause a child emotional scarring and therefore should not be used. But the insight of Dr. Ingham again changed my perspective. Ingham said that physical punishment does not necessarily cause mental scarring. Abuse in general doesn’t necessarily cause mental scarring. It all depends on the child. She added that the, “most likely form of abuse to cause scarring is general neglect because the lack of nutrition and care can affect brain development.” I was left with only one question: is spanking effective? According to Ingham, the usage of privileges being given on the basis of good behavior and the removal of those privileges on the basis of bad behavior is the most efficient way

to parent. The child would be less likely to commit the “no-no” again, and at the same time be learning new and proper behaviors because of the rewards given once they do it right. So, future parents of children at


By Jenny Jeong Staff Writer

One of the most basic drives in all animals is the need to reproduce. Its function is undoubtedly

Cartoon by Amy Ma

RB, (hopefully not too near in the future), give some thought to your parenting styles now. Deciding whether to use the spanking or the gold star method is a big choice, but it’s a good one to make so you’ll be ready when the time comes.

necessary, as without that the drive for continuing life on earth would eventually die out. However, within the realm of reproduction is a highly controversial subject – parenting. While some mammals abandon their offspring at birth and others

give care only for a few weeks, most humans enter at least an eighteen year long commitment when their baby is born. Parenting is a vague word that is very loosely defined and induces various actions, depending on the parent. As a general group, however, parents would agree that disciplining and teaching children the way of life is necessary and sometimes physical means might come into use in order to achieve that discipline. This fact is not just a statistic; it is something that most people can attest to. Let’s face it. As a teenager, in almost every single one of our lives, we have had one horrifying experience that most of us can share pity-inducing stories about: the experience of physical violence from our parents. The boundaries as to when it is appropriate to discipline by hitting are very narrow, and the forms of discipline differ from parent to parent. Although parents who beat their children purely for the sake of letting their anger out are definitely unacceptable, up to a certain degree parents should discipline their child by using their hands to a certain

degree, especially if their child refuses to listen and learn when parents use non-physical discipline. When a mother first conceives a child, she must realize that she has to prepare her child for the harsh discipline of modern society, and she must understand and be responsible enough to realize physical means are sometimes necessary to teach the child the ropes, while not crossing the thin line into abuse. No one else should be responsible for a child except his or her parents, because all people have their own job, life and frequently their own kids. If it means the parents are forced to go to the hitting level in order to discipline their child, then they must take that responsibility. An anonymous source says slapping and spanking are common amongst parents already, and those kids are often more successful. Except for those who are severely abused and beaten, the disciplined children rarely turn out with unstable emotional states and usually do not ostracize themselves from society. Disciplining through hitting within a certain limits is acceptable. However when it goes past a certain point, it can no longer be called discipline; it is abuse.

Do grades hinder the pursuit of knowledge? Check your rights in at the door By Michael Rupic Opinions Editor

Since the beginning of the institution of school, achieving academic excellence has been the primary aspiration of students, and grading their accomplishments has been the main task of teachers. It seems that the only way to measure one’s performance in school is to honor the grading system. The obsession with grades has invoked the thought that the superficiality of a report card is definitely limited to letters on a piece of paper. The original theory behind establishing schools is based on promoting the desires for expanding education and learning valuable information; in other words, the ability to learn and apply lessons in the classroom to the outside world is supposed to be the definition of the term scholastic. Over the course of several years, the focus on grades has shifted from an element of one’s academic resume to one of the main components of the college application. In more than one way, the belief that a student’s transcript is the single most

important document in his or her scholastic portfolio is not entirely true. There are many different aspects, including extracurricular activities, volunteering, and work experience, that greatly contribute to how impressive one’s background is in terms of school. All of the mentioned attributes are commendable, but the importance of attending school is based on the

studies in order to perform well on his or her assessment compared to the facts he or she actually remembers once the chapter has been tested is significantly different. Learning for the sake of learning should be the motivation for students to attend school, but this is not always the case. If grades didn’t matter in terms of impressing colleges in order to attend their schools, then would anyone still come to school? The ease and accessibility of getting accepted to a school without all A’s on a transcript seems like an enticing idea, but the consequence of avoiding the lessons learned from a formal education is the lack of knowledge in all subjects of study. Contrary to popular belief, grades are not everything, but they are worth something. The learning associated with an excellent grade is what matters, because in the future the information that a student acquired from being enrolled in advanced-level classes is what is going to help someone in his or her career.

Learning for the sake of learning should be the motivation for students to attend school...

actual education that happens in a learning environment. Many are capable of reading and reviewing a textbook the day before a test in order to get a good grade, but the process of studying is the basis for intellectual development among students. According to various studies conducted in recent years, the amount of information a student

By Jessica Noe Staff Writer

Over the years there have been dozens of cases brought to the Supreme Court because of an infringement of rights, but one has to wonder how many more cases would be presented before the court if everyone knew his rights. The same can be said for high school students: they are unaware of the rights they have. When asked what freedoms students have in school, Dan Meggers, senior, said, “we don’t have any.” Patty Hurtt, an assistant principal, expressed that there isn’t really a list of freedoms that we do have; rather, it would be better to list those that we don’t have. For example, we have restrictions on “our dress code, vulgarity, drugs, violence, threats, touching, profanity, bullying, or use of cell phones during class time even when outside the classroom.” When asked to what extent students have freedom of speech, Meggers said, “They can voice their opinion as long as it doesn’t affect other people’s rights and freedoms. You can only be so free before you start infringing on others rights.”

When asked the same question, Freddy Cleveland, a senior, responded that our freedom of speech is “restricted” and that “the Supreme Court decided [in one case or another] that obscene speeches cannot be delivered.” Hurtt said, “as long as it does not incite violence or disrupt the school process then it is permitted speech.” But even more interesting than the different ideas on the freedom of students’ speech, was the common thought among the students that you agree to a restriction of your rights when you sign the student handbook contract. Meggers went said that we “sign our rights away when we sign the contract.” Hurtt, however, had a different response: “The handbook signature says that you simple have read the handbook and understand the consequences, not that you agree to any terms.” Hurtt is correct. The paper says, “By signing this page you agree to access the handbook, read it entirely, become familiar with school policies and district procedures, and share the information with your parent(s)/ guardian(s).”

When I went into that handbook and read the section on students rights, it says that as students in California, we, “have the right to be safe while attending school… [and] all students are entitled to due process of law. When facing disciplinary action, students are entitled to hear the accusation and then provide an explanation. This guarantee will be adhered to by all school personnel.” Unfortunately, I have met very few students who actually know their rights in school. It seems that all those who signed the paper that said they had read what the handbook states and understands the rules and consequences just found the line and signed it. If this is true, then a signature on this paper means nothing at all. It is the job of school to teach students, and while you can’t assure that each student will read the handbook before signing in the same way that you can’t assure that each math student will pay attention before putting his or her name on the top of a failed math test, I would say if we take the time to teach the handbook in the same way we teach a math lesson, more people would be exposed to what is in it.

Your rights: How long are they going to last? By Bahar Salehi

Opinions Editor

Citizens of the United States have long prided themselves on the many freedoms they enjoy. Immigrants from many nations flood to the shores over which Lady Liberty stands guard over in order to share these rights with other Americans. However, the rights which so many Americans consider to be their birthright are now being threatened by the very institution put in place to protect them. At the end of 2011, President Obama signed a bill which would allow for the military to temporarily detain anyone suspected of being a terrorist without a trial. This law also affects American citizens. This law challenges the Fifth Amendment in the Bill of Rights, which prevents a person from being detained without being charged with a crime. The passing of this bill into a law has students at RB High

concerned as well. “America is losing the values and civil liberties granted in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights,” said senior Chris McNew when asked what he thought this law meant for the future of America. Junior Nick Evans shared the same viewpoint as McNew. “This act is unconstitutional. [The government] is basically just ignoring the Constitution and all the rights it grants U.S. citizens,” Evans said. The government under the Obama administration has promised not to use the powers granted by this bill without due cause. While this attempt to lessen the blow has fallen on frightened ears, there are those who feel that America is not a country in which the government can easily overstep its bounds. “In other countries, this scenario might work out differently because the leader would literally be able to throw anyone he wants into jail.

But I think here, citizens believe strongly in their rights, and they will fight against any injustices they think they see,” said junior Bobby Reilly. President Obama defended his actions after the signing in response to the popular unrest that was spreading among the citizens of the U.S., arguing that the bill was signed “chiefly because it authorizes funding for the defense of the United States and its interests abroad.” In other words, the detainment portion of the bill had been tied in with the national budget for military and defense. No bill, no budget, no defense for the nation. Regardless of the reasons the bill was signed, the fact that it challenges the rights of Americans still stands. Current events force one to question if democracy and freedom are truly attainable as long-standing goals, or if they are doomed to crumble under the lust for power that consumes even the most tested government systems.

You can’t have your cake...

Cartoon by Luke Verayo

...and eat it too.



vid H

Vivek Rangaswamy



David was incredibly smart, but that’s not all that he was. Yes, he was a great Quizbowl player and coach. Yes, he was an incredible leader in everything that he did. Yes, he knew the answer to practically any physics or math question you asked him. But David was more than that. He never failed to bless you before a test that you would inevitably fail. He never failed to say what would comfort you, make you happy, or inspire you. He never failed to be an incredibly genuine person and a steadfast friend. He will be missed, but more importantly, he will be remembered—remembered both for his greatness in academics and for his greatness as a friend.

Yifan Huang Dear David, I remember how your head would always cover the board because I always had to sit behind you (Hu, Huang – remember freshman PE?). And I remember how whenever you told me to smile more, I would always glare back at you, and then you would make that one puppy-dog face of yours. And I will never forget how you made giant Dittos with me over Facebook chat (when you were supposed to be writing your Stanford essays), and turned a simple corsage-buying expedition into a ridiculously awkward experience. 2012. This was supposed to be our year. We were supposed to have the time of our nerdy never-went-out-on-a-school-night lives. We were supposed to start college, with all our hopes and wishes and dreams, and be carefree and young. And during winter break we were supposed to come home and reunite and share stories of our exploits and reminisce and visit old teachers. We were supposed to do all these things together, but you’ll never have that chance. This was supposed to be our year, but it’s not going to be the same without you. There’s something missing. You’re not here. You’ve taught me to enjoy life moment by moment, and to never take relationships for granted. So 2012: For you, David. Forever partially heartless, Yifan

“Appreciate what you have, who you have, when you have it. Because life changes so quickly that tomorrow, you may not have it anymore.”

Helen Fang David was one of the most talented and caring friends that I have ever had the honor of knowing. He was hard-working, passionate, and dedicated. Whether he was discussing how dating can be modeled using probability, or musing about becoming a liscenced pirate at MIT, David had a wonderfully intellectually humorous way of looking at the world. But more importantly, he was a good friend who listened to others, encouraged his peers, and never gave up on anyone. David was the best friend I could have ever asked for and I hope that he is happy and at peace.

ore v Dayoung Lee

The best among us… My favorite memories with David are of Academic League. I’ve known David l but it was during these lunches and nig know him. I was awed by his vast kn curiosity, and his constant determination and everything. Although academic league is not as cha does conjure up school pride and makes Wrong answers become jokes to tease impressive answers are brought up lon sentences beginning with the words, time…” David made the most obscure was only trivial and could do math faster the question. We strove to win and expected not memories of high school were made as w to uphold our reputation and triumph ov that my favorite memories are his favorit This week we played our first game wit same, and it’ll never be the same again.


r ver in ou

the practices and games long before high school, ghts that I really got to nowledge, his insatiable n to learn about anything

allenging as quizbowl, it for countless memories. one another with, and ng after the game with “Remember that one knowledge seem like it than I could understand

thing less. My favorite we succeeded in our goals ver rival schools. I fancy te memories. thout him. It was not the

r a e h

. . . s t

Kamal Obbad

To be honest, there are too many fond memories I’ve shared with David than I can remember. But still, there is one memory that I will never forget. Last winter at a peer counseling retreat, I had the privilege to room with him. The problem was there were three of us and only two beds. After a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, David reluctantly and grudgingly was forced to share a bed with me. Right from the beginning he set down the rules. “Kamal,” he said, “if you so much as look at me, touch me, or say a word, I will personally kick you out of this bed.” After he said this I couldn’t help but reply, “Okay Mr. 2400, I’d like to see you do that.” So instead of taking a hint, I waited until he fell asleep and proceeded to reach over and give him a nice flick right on the ear. He immediately turned around and kicked me right off the bed. Eventually after making me sleep on the cold hard ground for a while, David, being the merciful person he is, let me climb back into the bed but not without forming a wall of pillows first. A few hours later, we woke up, walked to McDonalds and indulged in one of David’s favorite things on earth; coffee.

“David, wherever you are, just know we will always treasure the memories we have shared with you. Though, I am sad to have lost you I can’t help but be glad to have had the chance to ever meet you at all. Your impact on my life is lasting and we all say goodbye to you with a heavy heart.”

“This week we played our first game without him. It was not the same, and it’ll never be the same again.” Daniel Schwartz David and I met in middle school but it wasn’t till the end of freshman year that our relationship really started to blossom. In March of that year I moved into my new house just down the street from David. I was so excited when I found out he lived literally 10 seconds away from me. In fact, whenever anyone came over, one of the first things I would tell them is “David Hu is my neighbor.” Our relationship grew when we started carpooling home from school. This is how I really got to know him. We would have great conversations during our short rides that I will cherish forever. One in particular stands out. Not too long ago I asked him “Why are you not taking the UCSD multivariable calculus class with Kamal and Seth?” And he responded with a not too unexpected answer: “It would be a waste of money since I could figure it out on my own.” The thing is, this was not arrogance but the truth. David stood out among us in so many ways. We would kid about taking over the world together and me being his right hand man. He was a genius, a kind and natural born leader. David: you were as close to perfection as I have ever seen. I will always regret that I will never be able to watch you fulfill your true potential as dictator of the world.




Run, jump, and fly: Ad

By Grant Noe Staff Writer

By Melody Huang Editor-in-Chief

overviews of the latest releases in entertainment

review corner

Imagine a world with multi-colored exploding birds that are launched at green pigs stationed on complex construction playfields. This eccentric idea is the foundation of one of the many popular iPhone apps: Angry Birds. The game offers several levels for you to unlock. It offers a complicated and somewhat complex gameplay, and requires skill to master. In the beginning of the game, avid Angry Bird-ers are given the simplest bird for ammo - the red bird. The red bird has no special skill or power, but it does have the ability to break down wooden construction sets. The first level gives players three red birds as a source of destruction with one target of a green pig to kill.


In the last few months, Temple Run has become rapidly popular. For whatever reason, a game in which you do nothing more than turn, jump, and slide has become one of the most played games around RB High. The fun in this game is trying to beat your own high score. For many people who play Temple Run, the 1 million mark is an insurmountable feat. For the more avid players, the goals are even more stunning, at 10 million and up. As it turns out, rather unsurprisingly, Temple Run tends to get in the way of students’ homework, as well as studying for exams. So why is this ostensibly pointless game so incredibly popular? One enticing aspect of this game is the price: Temple Run is free. Despite the face value, Temple Run contains in-app purchases. A user can buy Temple Run coins through the app store. These purchases tend to be extremely pricy.

After the first level, a variety of different birds are introduced. From blue birds, which multiply into three different birds after being shot, to yellow birds, which accelerate when you tap on the screen, different birds are soon unlocked for different purposes. As the levels increase, the variety of ways to kill the pigs increase as well, but the difficulty in reaching the pigs also will increase. The final and most advanced bird in the game is the white bird. These birds drop an egg on the designated spot when you tap on the screen. Once you unlock all of these birds and play the game at an advanced level, all that’s left to do is to sit and spend hours trying to beat your high score. Instead of working on productive activities, you may be consumed with watching your colorful birds explode on impact while racking up hundreds of points in this addicting and fun game.

Trip to Venus


“When you’re in love... the stars shine much brighter...”

“One boy... One dragon... A world of adventure.” -Eragon

Photo courtesy of

By Jennifer Chalam Entertainment Editor

R&B artist Karina Pasian’s new album, Trips to Venus, was released on December 13, 2011. Karina Pasian is an up-and-coming artist in the R&B and soul genre. Her songs are somewhat reflective of original R&B melodies, but with a unique modern twist. At the age of 19, Pasian has already established a reputation; in 2008, she was nominated for a Grammy award for her album First Love which featured a collaboration with John Legend called “Promise”. Her new album consists of five originals and one holiday cover. Karina takes the album through all the stages of romance: from infatuation to love to separation and apathy. The first song, “Perfectly Different,” represents the giddiness of a new relationship. “We’re just unexplainably perfectly different,” Pasian sings. Her lyrics, most likely inspired by personal experience, are filled with the warmth of young infatuation. The next song, “When You’re In Love,” is a romantic tribute to Pasian’s personal emotions. She describes the world from her eyes under influence of the force of love. The song has a ballad-type feel, but still keeps a

Clockwork Prince

Photo courtesy of

warm sense of spirit. One of the later songs, “Last to Know,” marks a turning point in the album. Pasian sings about feeling out of touch with and a sense of separation from her lover. The song, while not particularly solemn, brings out her emotion through the smooth flow of the beat. The last song, “Just Another Melody,” is the final statement on her relationship. “You’re just another melody,” Karina proclaims, reflecting upon the apathy she feels for her former love. While the topic she is singing about is rather solemn, she still manages to maintain a certain upbeat quality to her lyrics. One aspect of Pasian’s singing is that her music possesses little subtlety; all of her emotion is expressed through her lyrics. While this is simply her unique style, it could also be described as lacking a certain element of mysticism, of unexplained emotion. The absolute literalism of the the songs take away from the experience, and this is why her album may not be as credible as other R&B albums. While Pasian successfully integrates a lot of the beats, rhythms, and melodies of traditional R&B, she could definitely improve by accessing a higher level of lyricism and emotion.


By Sara Yogi Staff Writer

December 6, 2011 may not strike the majority of people as a terribly noteworthy date in history, but to the fans of Cassandra Clare, it was definitely a highly-anticipated day in the past year. Clockwork Prince, the second installment in Clare’s Infernal Devices trilogy, hit bookstores and eBooks alike after nearly a year of much-anticipated waiting. Answering unresolved questions posed in Clockwork Angel while raising new, exciting questions, I, along with countless other followers of the trilogy, was extremely satisfied with Clare’s latest publishment. Weaving the supernatural, mystical and Victorian-era London in the second chapter of her “The Infernal Devices” series, Clare continues 16-year-old Tessa Gray’s journey to find out the origin of her paranormal abilities as a “Downworlder” — those with strange and unusual powers, such as vampires, fairies, and werewolves, — and also maybe love. But betrayal, melodrama and the mysterious villain the Magister all stand in the way. Prince picks up where Angel left off (a bit roughly for those who didn’t read the first book), with Tessa being protected at the London Institute by a pair of demon-

hunting Shadowhunters, the angel-like Nephilim Jem and Will. Jem is dying but is taking it surprisingly well, focusing his energies on the task at hand: finding the evil Mortmain, who is building an army of robotic automatons to battle the Shadowhunters and enact vengeance for a personal tragedy. Throughout the novel, readers are immersed in the physical and emotional battles Will, Jem, and Tessa find themselves caught in. The fights against the odd, clockwork machines are made more interesting by Tessa’s lack of fighting abilities. Additionally, although Will and Jem are essentially brothers by oath, they both dearly care for Tessa. But don’t worry: this book does not contain any of the overly nauseating romantic mush commonly found in some factions of teen literature. The love triangle between the complex trio only serves to heighten the tension, suspension and excitement. As the secrets of each character’s past is revealed and perspectives of the characters change drastically with the newfound knowledge, readers learn to appreciate the plight of each figure in the book even more so than in the first book. Delving deeply into the realms courage, strength, and love, Clockwork Angel is one novel you won’t want to put down the minute you open the first page.





ddicting iPhone games

A variety of items are available for purchase in the virtual store. A player can buy new characters, and even power-ups. All of these purchases go full circle back into the purpose of the game: beating the previous high score. Contrary to popular belief, the characters serve no purpose other than adding another skin to your player; they do not improve the score, or make the money increase more rapidly. Of course, there is one other popular way to make your score skyrocket. This is the well known “glitch.” The glitch causes the character in the game to run in a straight line forever. The only drawback to this method is that it doesn’t increase your score nearly as rapidly as it would if you could pick up coins. It also detracts away from the actual fun of playing the game. Nearly every individual who has ever played Temple Run has experienced the exact same addiction that many have experienced as a result of the game. It is certainly safe to say that the Temple Run craze has taken over the lives of many students at RB High.

By Carrie Chen Editor-in-Chief

Whether you’re a perpetually bored teenager or a competitive iPhone gamer with thumbs conditioned for tapping and shooting, Doodlejump is the game for you. Doodlejump is the game that revolutionized iPhone games and took the Apple app store by a storm. It is the game that has been played for years by all generations, and will continue to be played for as long as iPhones and iTouches exist. Indulge in this $0.99 game, and become a Doodlejump addict. Help this little Doodle jump, up and up, by tilting your Apple device left to right so that the Doodle lands onto every platform. Be careful though! There are ferocious monsters you will encounter along the way. If you jump and hit them, the poor little Doodle will see stars and fall to its inevitable death. But not to worry there are plenty of gadgets to help your Doodle succeed. There is the spring, the trampoline, the shoe spring, the helicopter

Restaurant Movie Chipotle Mexican Grill (1993-2012)

hat, and the most fascinating apparatus of all: the rocket. Many will ask: what is the Doodlejump trying to reach? What is this brave and courageous explorer striving for? The answer is nothing. The goal is simply to beat your old high score, or to beat your friends’ high scores and rub that accomplishment in their faces (with good reason, as a fantastic Doodlejump score is certainly one to brag about). But for those who need a gold star or a “Good job!” to know that you’ve achieved something, Doodlejump has a Multiplayer mode so that you can play an opponent, and whoever reaches the finish line first, wins. There are also achievements the Doodle can unlock, like patches on a Girl Scout jacket. So for those of you who are new to Doodle, you will not regret the hundreds of hours you will pore over this game. The eye-aches, and your forever-twitching fingers will all be worth the trouble. You will one day understand when you reach the highest score possible, 15 million, and gain the title of “Doodlejump King” among your friends.

“Crazy Stupid Love” (2011) “She’s the perfect combination of sexy and cute.” -Crazy Stupid Love

“Mouth-wathering and convienient to eat.” -Ashley Carmichael

ASB Student Store

• Chocolate pudding • Crunchy cheese cheetos

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

By Ashley Carmichael Staff Writer

A new restaurant has entered our community: Chipotle Mexican Grill. Chipotle is a place that serves Mexican in big portions, but is still somewhat healthy. They are famous for their giant burritos that can be over 1,000 calories, depending on what you put in it. Chipotle originated in 1993 in Denver, Colorado by Steve Ells. It branched out quickly around 1995, and has now grown to over 1,131 locations. The name comes from a Spanish word “chipotle” which is a smoked, dried jalapeño chili pepper. Its burritos are famous, and their bowls are popular too. The burrito bowl is a burrito without the tortilla. The menu also offers three crunchy and soft tacos, and a salad. There are some sides like chips with guacamole or salsa. I have been to Chipotle many times, but I have always had to go outside of Rancho Bernardo. I don’t eat there every day, but I do eat there frequently. When I heard that it came to Carmel Mountain Ranch, I was super excited! “Oh my gosh, these burritos are huge!” was my first reaction when I tried one of their burritos about three years ago. The

moment I bit into the gigantic burrito, my mouth started to fill with flavors and a little spice from their salsa. I quickly took a gulp of my soda and continued to eat. I hadn’t even finished half of it, and I was already full! So I took it home and ate it for dinner that night. My meal usually consists of a chicken burrito with lettuce, cheese, salsa, beans, and rice with a side of chips and guacamole. However, I ate there the other day and decided to try something new. I had three of their crunchy tacos with chicken cheese and lettuce in them. They look kind of small, but trust me, they’re filling too. They were so delicious. I would have to say that the tacos were pretty good, but they could have been a little more flavorful. “I really like the three crunchy chicken tacos with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and salsa because they’re yummy. Also, I really liked the people there because they were so friendly and the service was quick. I would definitely recommend this to a friend because it was delicious,” said freshman Skylee James. Chipotle is a very good restaurant that is close to home. It’s very convientient because it’s quick and yummy. So, if you ever need a big meal in a short amount of time, Chipotle is a healthy option.


By Hana Bradshaw Staff Writer

The movie “Crazy Stupid Love”, directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, stars famous actor Steve Carrell and Golden Globe award nominee Ryan Gosling as Jacob Palmer. Cal Weaver, played by Carrell, is abruptly kicked out of his house when his wife tells him that she wants a divorce. Weaver learns that she has been cheating on him with another man at her work named David Lindhagen. Weaver decides to go to the bar to get his feelings out. His friends have all abandoned him, and he is alone. After drinking too much, Weaver is intoxicated and openly reveals his problems in his love life. All of a sudden, a well-dressed, handsome man named Jacob Palmer waves him over. Palmer confronts Weaver about personal problems. Palmer states that the reason Weaver’s wife has left him is because he has lost his sense of manhood. The two men agree that Palmer will help Weaver regain his manhood. The next day, Palmer meets Weaver at a local food court. The two decide to buy new clothes and transform Weaver. Once Weaver’s appearance is under

control, Palmer decides to make Weaver into more of a ladies man so they go to the bar together Meanwhile, Weaver’s wife, Emily hears that he has now become a ladies man, so she openly dates Lindhagen. Throughout the movie, Emily and Weaver seem to still have feelings for each other, but they don’t show it. Previous to the time, Palmer and Weaver met, Palmer flirted and was rejected by a girl named Hannah, played by Emma Stone. Later in the movie, Hannah dumps her boyfriend after he doesn’t propose to her and then goes to the bar. Palmer meets up with Hannah again, and the two fall in love. It turns out that Hannah is Weaver’s grown-up daughter. At the end, Weaver gives permission to Palmer and then he and his wife are shown laughing. It is up to the viewer what happens to Emily and Cal Weaver. The moral of this story is to never give up on those you love. They may hurt you and hate you, but if thye are your soul-mate, you should never give up on them. Steve Carrell did beautifully in this movie by being serious, yet comical. Ryan Gosling, of course with his good looks and great acting skills, did wonderfuly. I wouldn’t be surprised if women want to see this movie just for Ryan Gosling. If you like a romantic comedy with a good message and good looking men, this is the movie for you.


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Girls soccer team wraps up winter season Boys By Ashely Carmichael Staff Writer

Michelle Le steals the ball from her opponent.

Photo by Ari Adams

Goooooooooooal! The girls soccer teams kick off its season, and it has had a great start. The varsity team got a new coach this year: Mark Sidebottom. “Being a new coach to Varsity this year has been a huge turn around”, Sidebottom said. “In previous years, the teams never went to the same games, or had much to do with one another. So this year, I decided to bring along the junior varsity and freshmen teams to some of our games. We also decided to do some fundraising, recently, by holding a concession stand at our games. And we’re going to have one big banquet this year instead of three separate ones. Basically we’re becoming one big team.” “Being a captain is rewarding and nice to be able to have everyone listen to you,” said varsity captains, seniors Ashley Hauke and Regina Manneh. “I think our best game so far has been Torrey Pines. Even though we ended up losing the game we still got 30 shots, which in my opinion, gives our team a good feeling. Like we’ve accomplishedsomething,” said Manneh. “Well, our best game, in my opinion, was our game against Hilltop where we scored nine goals in one game. It felt good to

help lead a team that could do that,” said junior varsity captain, sophomore Madeline Barvinchak. “Being a freshman and being a captain of people who can be older than me is really exciting because they’re not mean in any way, they’re actually really supportive, I think that our best game has been against Mt. Carmel High because we were down 2-0 and then after half time we came back and tied the game 2-2. Even though we didn’t win, I felt it was an accomplishment because we were able to come back like we did,” said junior varsity captain, freshman Lindsey Czehowski. “I like to think that being a team means Together Everyone Achieves More (the beginning letter of those words spell team). I feel like this season will be a good one for RB JV girls’ soccer. We are a good team with high skill level. We’re not just a team, we’re a new family,” said junior varsity captain, freshman Andrea Armstrong. “Being captain takes dedication and the willingness to be the leader or representative of my team, but I’m glad I’m doing it!” said freshman team captain, freshman Melissa Rodriguez. “Some highlights so far are the things we do outside of school, like having sleepovers, or hanging out at the plaza. We even had a jello food fight at Souplantation once, and it was pretty bad.” The sport of soccer can be very rewarding to both your physical and mental state.

Girls track team prepares for the spring By Hana Bradshaw Staff Writer

There’s nothing more exciting than a photo finish. As one of the top teams in all of San Diego, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that RB High’s girl’s track team tore up the track for 20 years and is planning to do the same this season. As Coach Don Jones fires up the girls to have feet of fire and hearts as strong as steel, it’ll be up the the team to win the big titles and vanquish any enemies standing in their way. Coach Jones, one of the original teachers at RB High, has been coaching track and field for over 30 years. Jones, who was a track runner himself, knew what he wanted to be from the moment he started track. After attending college, Jones knew that being a track coach was his destined calling. The only answer to the question of what he likes best about track is that Jones loves seeing kids improve. As the coach of both the boys team and the girls team, Jones tells us that neither team is more difficult or easier to coach; rather it’s the individuals that want to become better. “It’s not about if you are a boy or a girl. It more about if the individual is willing to listen, and then I’ll coach them and help them improve.”Amanda Barvinchak, a senior, has been on the track team since her freshman year. As with every athlete, Barvinchak also struggles with being nervous at major meets. Her goal is to stay cool, calm, and collected so that her nerves won’t affect her race. As Barvichak

prepares for her last time as a RB High track runner, she hopes that the 2012 season will bring her the most memorable ones yet. She also hopes thee best for the team this year and that competing in big events will let others now the power of RB. “I love running and wanted to be a part of the great team and compete.” Senior Lauren Ellison, competes in long jump and triple jump. Her thoughts on the upcoming year are to not be nervous before big track meets. Also, she is hopeful on the new coming season because many talented players will be returning. Not only is Ellison a field competitor on the track, but she is also involved with T.H.R.I.V.E and Link Crew, a club that deals with helping North Korean kids. “Our biggest rival is Torrey Pines because our teams are pretty much equal in every event,” Says Ellison. Let’s hope our lady Broncos can give the Falcons a run for their money this season! In track and field, there is a total of twenty four events. RB High has maintained a record of third place, along with countless top C.I.F finishes. With winter sports winding down to a finish, the spring sports spring into action. The track and field team is to dominate again. Let’s hope that our girls track and field team will continue to outshine all the rest including rivals such as El Camino or Torrey Pines and have another rocking season! As Coach Jones would say, “Its hard to fill sixteen spots full with strong athletes, but here at RB High, we get it done.”

RB High pole vaulter Mimi Lian skims the bar.

Photo by Christina Doi

basketball team dominates By Jeffrey Lam Sports Editor

As the winter season comes to an end, the boys’ varsity basketball team continues to work hard and do its best. Some of the team’s goals are to take the league title, make it to, and potentially, win CIFs, and beat their longtime rival, Poway. The varsity team is coached by Jim Choe, who also teaches Math at RB High. Choe has been coaching here at RB High since 2002, and in 2008, he became the head coach and mentor for these guys. During this time, Choe was able to bring his team to new heights, making it to the semifinals of CIFs in 2009, and taking the CIF title in 2010. “My favorite part about coaching is watching our players grow and learn from the beginning of the season to the end,” said Choe. “Our players work so hard, and that hard work is evident on the court. They listen to the coaches and go out and perform with 100 percent, and that makes us very proud.” Because of the hard work that the players put in, the team is clearly able to play well and show off their skills. “Our strong points are definitely that we have better team chemistry, we can all shoot, we work really hard, and we are really athletic,” said Shane Brown, one of the captains. According to Jacob Arnell, another team captain, the team also finds strength in their transitions and their speed. Even with these strengths, every team has to have its weaknesses. For this team, one that the players all agree on is their height. According to Choe, the team is very small in height, which is a big problem when playing a sport where the players are known for their height. “We only have one player taller than 6’3’’ and most of our players are below six feet,” said Choe. “However, that means that we can capitalize on speed and quickness. We are also a very good shooting team that scores a lot of points from behind the 3-point line.” Asides from being teammates on the court, the players are also very close off the field. “Our chemistry is really good, we all have big hearts,” said Michael Pierick, another captain. “One of my favorite memories was going to Camp Stevens in the woods, hanging out, getting to know each other a lot better.” Everyone on this team has worked hard and long, and the team continues to play to improve their record and potentially make it to CIFs. With the commitment and team chemistry that these players have, it is certainly possible.

Roller hockey team overcomes adversity By Jeffrey Lam Sports Editor

Here at RB High, many sports teams are known for their prestige and skill on and off the field. One of these teams is the roller hockey team. Roller hockey is a fast moving sport. It is played in a rink, with each player armed with skates and a stick to move the puck around, which is used to score. Because it played in the rink, it lacks some of the attention that other sports played at school have. However, that is not to say that this team does not deserve attention. The RB High skaters are led by Patrick Sagara, who has coached here for six years, four and a half of those as the varsity head coach. According to Sagara, he took on this challenge of coaching a sports team here at RB High because it gave him a chance to coach for an outstanding school and program, as well a place as a mentor in his athletes’ lives. “My favorite part of coaching is having a role in the development of our students and athletes, in the sport as well as taking the lessons learned and applying them to their daily lives away from the rink,” said Sagara. Under Sagara’s instruction, the team has been able to accomplish many admirable feats, such as defeating Westview, the top ranked team in San Diego, in overtime. Some of the team goals are to win the North County league title, compete for the

RB High roller hockey team poses for a picture.

CIF title, and build chemistry between the team, as well as work harder. According to Geoff Sagara, one of the team captains, the team has a lot of experienced players, who are able to lead the team and play better. Though the team has been performing well, they have had to overcome a lot of adversity this year. For one, several key players have been hurt, and a few others have been suspended for bad decisions. Another key player was also transferred to another school, which presented even more problems to the struggling team.

Photo courtesy of Martha Bouquin

Even with all these issues, the team is still able to rise above and play their best. “We do not have a very deep bench, so our starters get really tired,” said Jake Troyer, another team captain. “We improve on this with conditioning and working on our weaker players to get them to the level they need to be at though.” Of course, even with these issues, the team will continue to work hard and do well. They have done well so far, so continue to look for these players as they roll past the competition.




Wrestling team continues to dominate Girls’ water polo treads its way to CIFs

Photo by Mark Ruiz

An RB wrestler pins his opponent to the ground.

By Jeffrey Lam Sports Editor

For many students, joy is found when they get a good grade for the semester, make close new friends, or survive until

breaks where they can just relax and sleep. However, for a group of high school students, what brings them joy is defeating other students in one-on-one struggles in the ring. These students are the wrestlers, who are a huge contribution to RB High’s well known sports program.

The wrestling program here at RB High is run by Joe Eddie Terribilini, who has been the head coach for these students for nine years. Terribilini holds quite the résumé, with past accomplishments such as entering the Army, being a personal trainer, and finally, being RB High’s wrestling coach. “My favorite part of coaching is seeing these kids grow up,” said Terribilini. “I have seen kids grow from little junior high bobcats into young men with young families. This is amazing to me and makes the job very rewarding. Especially when they tell me how wrestling has made them into who they are today.” Last year, Terribilini not only coached his team to the first CIF win in RB High’s history, but sent four wrestlers to state, another record in school history. Clearly, Terribilini has made quite the mark on the wrestling program. Though the team has accomplished a lot in the past, it will have to work extra hard this year. According to Terribilini, the team is young, with 10 of the 14 starters having a total of less than 100 career matches. However, this should not be a problem for these dedicated athletes. “We have had a lot of underclassmen step it up, and have better wrestlers in the room,” said Wilfred Charbono, one of the team captains. “Some of our strong points are that we are close and help each other through the season.” The wrestlers, though doing well, have

things to improve on as well. According to Charbono, the team always has something that needs to be better, but as a team, they will be able to overcome it. Michael Pollard, another captain, also added that improving the team confidence is necessary. Though the team has several things to improve on, with such great team spirit and dedication, they will accomplish this hard task. Even with usually big issues such as a young team, the wrestlers continue to do well throughout their season. Just recently, they have been able to take some wins off high ranked schools. “My favorite memory was when we beat Escondido in a meet,” said Pollard. “They were ranked fourth in the county, and we were not even ranked top 10.” It seems that not much can hold back this team, and they know it. The wrestlers have not only competed in nearby meets, but in far tournaments as well. According to Adam Carrion, a varsity player, one of the best parts of being on the team has been going to the tournament in Las Vegas for three consecutive years. To compete in these far tournaments must be quite an honor for these athletes. The team has come a long way so far, and if they want to accomplish their team goal of becoming CIF champions again, they are going to have to continue to put all their effort into it. Hopefully, they will once again be able to wrestle their way to the top and take the title.

RB High Athlete Spotlights:

Chris Bernhardt

Kim Pierce By Rachel Kim Staff Writer

For senior Kim Pierce, this will be the last season playing on RB High’s water polo team. Water polo throughout the years has been her hobby, passion, and opportunity to meet friends. It has given her some of the most memorable experiences in high school. This season, Pierce has brought out her best skills that she developed throughout the three years she has played on the team. As one of the two captains on the team, Pierce takes charge at practices and games with her co captain, senior Emma Sasson, to keep the team strong and focused. Even if she is not at practice, Pierce likes to hang fun with the team. She organizes pasta parties for the team and says that these events make the team stronger as a whole. “The team is like family and they are just so fun”, said Pierce. When asked what pushed her to play water polo Pierce said that her older sister, who also played it in high school, encouraged her to take up the sport. In addition, Pierce

had been a swimmer, and she wanted more excitement. Another influential person in Pierce’s water polo life is her coach, Fred Gleason. Having had Gleason as her coach for three years, Pierce has learned his style and works with him easily. “He is awesome. He is a really cool coach and he motivates all of us to always play our best,” said Pierce. With water polo taking up several hours a day during the seasons, Pierce must manage her time well. She tries to prioritize her life by doing school work as soon as she gets home from practice or games. Gleason previously said that the girls on the team all have very good GPAs and are very intelligent student athletes. Currently, the team has won all but two games. There is not much time left until the season ends and to maintain this superb record. She said that her ultimate goal this season is to win first in CIFs. To accomplish her goal, Pierce must be more concentrated than ever to bring out their best game. Although this will be her last season on the team, everything that she learned from being on the team will stay with her forever.

By Michael Rupic Opinions Editor

With all of the talented athletes at RB High, it is difficult to highlight the achievements of one student, but considering the noteworthy accomplishments of the tennis team, junior Chris Bernhardt deserves mention. Ten years ago, Bernhardt realized his passion for playing tennis. Because almost everyone in his family has previously played tennis, Bernhardt wanted to continue the tradition and decided to discover his love for playing it. His achievements since he started playing have been numerous and diverse. Like most athletes, Bernhardt focuses on becoming the best player as possible in terms of developing his skills. He independently practices for two or three hours each day and is involved in several tournaments sponsored by local and national organizations. In addition to his teammates, Bernhardt possesses all of the commitment and dedication to working together in order to achieve his common

goal of making the RB High tennis team well-known throughout the district. Bernhardt has contributed his skills as a tennis player to the school by helping the team win CIF titles in the past couple of years. One of his goals this year includes attempting to win another CIF title. In terms of the plans for continuing his tennis career, Bernhardt thinks he will be pursuing a college with an accredited tennis program and try to focus on further improving on his abilities. He considers reaching the professional level one day, a hard but intense task. “I want to go to college level and see what it’s like playing for an actual college team,” Bernhardt said. The best way to describe this tennis player is by mentioning his involvement in one of the most impressive extracurricular activities offered at the school. Bernhardt is not only one of the finest students RB High has seen, but he is also an incredible athlete and supporter of the tennis team and its players.

By Rachel Kim Staff Writer

It is mid-winter in San Diego, and the girls water polo team is bringing out its best game with family and friends cheering them on from the sidelines. The season is coming to a close, the team is working together more than ever to win every possible game. The team holds an impressive record this season. However, the girls must play every upcoming game well until CIFs and leagues. Even with practice, games, and the nerves that come with every game, the girls are focused on their other priorities as well such their school work. Many girls on the team have high GPAs, despite their busy schedules. Head coach Fred Gleason likes to call the girls, “student athletes,” as they are great athletes who are at the same time great students. This dedication to both sports and their learning makes the girls better than many. Water polo is a unique sport. The most obvious reason is that it is the only teamsport that takes place in the water. Coach Gleason, who has been coaching the team for eight years, said that many girls stick to water polo for all four years and eventually make the varsity team. Water polo is also a very energetic game as the first requirement is to be able to stay afloat in water for long periods of time. When asked why she joined water polo, captain Kim Pierce, a senior, said that she liked to swim, and her sister played it in high school, so she naturally started with water polo and stuck to it because it was a fantastic sport. The other captain, Emily Sasson, who is also a senior, agreed with Pierce that water polo is an amazing game. “[water polo] is unique. It is a lot of work but we have a lot of fun games,” Sasson said, “and there are funny people that make the whole experience fun.” The girls water polo team is close overall, and it shows through the team effort during games. Although they cannot meet each other outside of school often, when they can, they also to like hang out outside of the pool and love to come early to talk and help set up before games. It is quite admirable to see this group of girls mature and develop through their season as they dominate the competition. Gleason has had three goals for the team since the beginning of the season and is willing to work with the girls to meet their goals. “This year, we want to beat Torrey Pines, finish first place in the Palomar Leauge, and get into the top two if we don’t [finish first place] and get into the top 5 at CIFs,” Gleason said. There are still a couple of more weeks until the championships, and with this winning streak, the girls are sure to play their hardest and best. As fellow students of RB High, we should give them support and love while they swim their way to the top.

Giants defeat Patriots in the Super Bowl, 21-17 By Hana Bradshaw Staff Writer

Victor Cruz after the Giants’ Super Bowl win.

Photo by Robert Deutsch in USA Today

Whether you like football or not, you must admit that Super Bowl Sunday has become one of the biggest days of the year in the United States. From the hoopla surrounding the game to the million dollar commercials that appear during timeouts, everything about the Super Bowl is big, brash, and exciting. The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League, a.k.a the NFL, pitting the champion of the American Football Conference against the champion of the National Football Conference. In the NFL, there are a total of 32 teams, who battle each week during the regular season to determine who gets to go the playoffs. After several rounds of playoffs, the season culminates in the Super Bowl, which has become the most-watched sporting event in our country. Every NFL team’s goal is to

reach the Super Bowl, but only two teams can go. This year the Packers quest to repeat their previous win was thwarted by the New York Giants, who then faced the three-time champion New England Patriots in the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Who prevailed to be the champions this year? Gage Kempner, a freshman, believed that the Giants would take the title this year. A football player himself, Kempner has personal knowledge about football, the plays, the rules, and the discipline it takes to be the best. He had hoped to see his New Orleans Saints rise to the top, but also a Giants fan, he hoped New York will win the big game. “The coolest thing about football is the fans and the emotions that you feel while watching,” said Kempner. Jan Tanja, also a freshman, but unlike Kempner, wanted the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. A true Patriot fan to the core, Tanja was overjoyed to see his favorite team conquer their foes in the

playoffs and make it to the Super Bowl for the sixth time. “Football is a unique sport because even though it is a rough sport, you don’t get in trouble for being violent and aggressive. The Super Bowl has plenty of that,” said Tanja. The Giants and the Patriots battled it out for almost five hours competing for the title. However in the end, the Giants took the win once again. The Giants, who had trouble in the beginning, managed to conquer the Patriots and the field to take the title for their Super Bowl win. Also, Madonna who took the stage at half-time performed her classical song “Vogue,” as well as other songs. She did not disappoint. Whether you like Super Bowl Sunday or not, you must have had a good day, considering that there was good food to be had and funny commercials to be watched. A warm congratulations to the Giants! Who will be the next Super Bowl champions? We will find out next year!




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