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Scandinavian Design made in Sweden

SKIFT lounge/Upholstered armchair JAVA/Table lamp ONE/Modular sofa system bruse/Coffee table

SKIFT plus/Upholstered armchair

SKIFT plus/Upholstered armchair

PARKER/Stackable chair

DECKER/Coffee table

hub/Storage unit

bruse/Coffee table SKIFT plus W/Upholstered swiveling armchair

PARKER/Upholstered stackable armchair PARKER/Upholstered stackable chair

PARKER /Upholstered stackable armchair

TUBE FLOOR/Floor lamp one/Modular sofa system Decker TRIPOLI/Coffee table

SKIFT plus/Upholstered armchair

hub/Storage unit hub/Storage unit

DECKER/Coffee table

SKIFT/Upholstered armchair

TUBE/Ceiling lamp Decker TRIPOLI/Coffee table

SKIFT plus W/Upholstered swiveling armchair

KOB/Pedestal table

PARKER/Upholstered stackable chair

SKIFT plus/Upholstered inside armchair

Rumbler Design/Lars Hofsjö

Swedish design company Rumbler produces a range of contemporary interior furniture where the playful designs offer well considered functionality combined with distinctive character and charm. Designer Lars Hofsjö founded Rumbler in 2005. The modern, multifunctional furniture reinvents many traditional concepts, giving interior design new possibilities. The concept behind Rumbler is to bring out the very essence of every piece with functions that makes the product not only beautiful, but also well adapted to today’s flexible lifestyle. Flexibility is also an important part of the products itself. Each piece of furniture offers multiple uses and possibilities. The strive for smart solutions is prominent all through the creative process. Some of the more recent products have also been developed in consultation with a council consisting of experts, customers and users. Rumbler takes great pride in the Swedish craftsmanship tradition and all products are manufactured in Sweden. The proximity to the manufacturing areas gives designer Lars Hofsjö an advantage in the process, as he can keep a constant dialogue with the craftsmen to achieve the smartest solutions both in the manufacturing process, as well as in the final product. A Rumbler furniture is mostly made by hand. Each piece undergoes rigorous controls to guarantee the exceptional quality demands that are part of the concept. Using a diverse range of sustainable materials and processes, Rumbler focuses on producing quality objects that are individual, eco-friendly and made to last. Nothing is left unattended, for example even the bottom of a table is lacquered, and the backside of a cupboard is also processed. Rumbler designs mainly for the contract market and has several larger projects in progress with hotels and offices regarding tailor made solutions, even though the line of furniture can be found in many public design stores as well. The design company has been given a lot of attention recently and has had a rapid growth in the last years. Rumbler furniture has been featured in several major broadsheet and interior design publications in Scandinavia, and has also been chosen as interiors in popular talk shows on Swedish national television. The client list includes individuals as well as public service institutes, hotels, offices and schools.

Furniture design: Lars Hofsjรถ Graphic design: Reine Hefvelin, Masarin Photo: Kent Johansson, Gone Fishing bild och film / Lars Hofsjรถ

Contact: H책kan Nilsson, +46 (0)42-450 25 10,

Rumbler Main Catalogue 2013  

Swedish design company Rumbler produce a range of contemporary interior furniture were the playful design offer well considered functionalit...

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