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Features, Benefits and Advantages Trailer decals are substrates that have patterns or images that can be transferred to another surface upon making contact, typically with the help of moisture or heat. There are different kinds of decals that can be used for trailer graphics but they generally are made up of the same layers. Decals are made up of, from top to bottom:    

Film or paper face stocks (printing is done on the upper portions of the face stock); Adhesive layers that are applied to the bottom of the face stocks; Release or silicone coating layers that are applied to the upper portions of backing materials; and Film or paper liners that act as the bottom and final layers of label stocks.

How these decals are placed will mainly depend on the kind of decal you have. For instance, if you are using a water-slide decal, it will have to be dipped in water first before it can be applied. This is because the glue in the adhesive loosens upon getting wet, allowing the backing to be removed from the decal. Do watch out though for long periods of exposure because this can make the glue dissolve which will prevent the decal from sticking to your surface. Trailer decals are generally used for personalizing a vehicle, but they can also be used for identification when they are utilized as fleet markings. Fleet markings are required by law on all law enforcement and fire vehicles in the United States so civilians can quickly identify authorized vehicles. For commercial purposes, fleet markings can also be used for advertising a brand or product on a company vehicle, as well as identifying which vehicles belong to the company. Is it really advisable to use trailer decals for advertising? Think about it this way. You already have a vehicle and it's got free real estate for you to use so why not take advantage of that? You're going to be advertising anyway so you might as well make the most of all the places you can plaster your name on. Some people are wary about using trailer decals for advertising because it does identify a company's vehicles, which is pretty much highlighting a target for the bad guys to follow. However, while this is a valid concern, you don't have to worry about anything as long as you have security measures in place. Come up with alternate routes when possible. Change drivers regularly. It's up to you. For the most part, advertising using trailer decals will bring you more good than bad. And it surely doesn't hurt that you'll be saving on costs too. How so? If you advertise in your local buyers guide for spots on Sundays for a full month, you'll be paying about $500 every week for a full-color half-page advertisement. That's going to total $2,500 a month and you'll get a circulation of around 25,000. If you advertised using trailer decals, on the other hand, you're going to spend about $2,500 too. The difference is that your trailer decal will get an average of 35,000 impressions per month and it will last you five years.

Trailer Decals - Features, Benefits and Advantages  

Trailer decals are generally used for personalizing a vehicle, but they can also be used for identification when they are utilized as fleet...

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