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Motoring Associated Scams How to spot them With the financial crisis now in full swing, many people are looking at how to generate income often just to survive but also there are the many with whom it is a way of life so it is business as usual. Here are some of the commonest ones of which we need to be aware : 1. Expat living within the EU? If you have a foreign EU registered vehicle and you are now resident here and that means for tax purposes (you have a Residencia form receipt?) as well as for 183 days in any calendar year living here, you have to have any vehicle you keep and use here re-registered onto Spanish plates. I am sure from the correspondence I receive many from rightfully disgruntled expats who have neighbours who live here and who have not bothered to do this task, thus avoiding paying local and UK motoring taxes, you are aware of this. In the urbanisation we live in, there are at least 15 cars that fall into this category, some even with local advertising on so they can be proven to be illegal as I know they have been in daily use for a year plus, well it is amazing to what lengths such people will go to avoid being caught without actually taking the correct action or .re-registering their vehicle. 2. One of the selling points of the recently exposed bogus MOT certificates fraud was that if stopped at the roadside, the certificate with the date and address of a London garage could be used to prove that the vehicle had been out of Spain as the MOT must be done in the UK (for UK vehicles) plus of course the vehicle would not be on the UK Govt. Database as having satisfied a current MOT. But what they did not tell the “willing victims� was that the UK has a roadside number-plate recognition system now (currently being installed in Spain for Spanish vehicles), and if their vehicle had returned to the UK and been spotted (near the ferry ports?) the vehicle would immediately be flagged and a report sent out to the road-side policing units further along that road (it only takes

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