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Shower Shirt Co. Announces Mastectomy Garment Now Available on Amazon and Ebay “The first and only water-resistant garment to protect mastectomy patients while showering post-surgery is in high demand” Debuts at and to protect mastectomy drain sites & dialysis catheters while showering

Orlando FLUSA – (September 5, 2011) - The “Use it Now, Wear it Later,” Shower Shirt™ -- the first and only water-resistant garment to protect mastectomy patients while showering post-surgery, is now available on Amazon and Ebay. Already in high demand among healthcare retailers for protecting both mastectomy drain sites and dialysis catheters while showering, the new product is already well-received in dialysis clinics nationwide, where nephrologists are now making them available for the first time.

To find the product online at Amazon, go to, or on Ebay at For additional information on the Shower Shirt, go to, or Invented by a breast cancer survivor, and recently endorsed by the American Cancer Society, The Shower Shirt™ product was created by Lisa F. Crites, after undergoing a bilateral mastectomy in June 2009. Subsequently, she has appeared on several talk shows, including Fox News and Lifetime TV’s, "The Balancing Act," discussing the product, which is now taking the mastectomy apparel garment industry by storm. On the US market since October 2010, the inspiration behind the creation of her “Use it Now, Wear it Later” Shower Shirt™ garment, which helps protect against the risk of post-surgical infections following breast removal, came after Crites was told that she could not shower for two to three weeks after her mastectomy, and before her surgical drains were removed. “I immediately began looking for a water-resistant garment to protect myself. I could not find a product to purchase so I utilized a trash bag for protection,” said Crites, The Shower Shirt Co., President/CEO. “I then began speaking with other mastectomy patients who also utilized either trash bags or saran wrap for water-resistant purposes.” She said that was the defining piece of information needed to design, patent, and manufacture a product which could be used to protect breast cancer/mastectomy patients while showering after surgery, and also worn as a water-resistant jacket after surgical drains were removed.

Fifteen months later, The Shower Shirt™ is a Class 1 Medical Device with patent pending status, available at multiple mastectomy boutiques and medical supply companies across the US, and being shipped to breast cancer patients in both Canada and Europe, The Shower Shirt Co. recently signed with an international distributor who is working on distribution in nearly 36 countries. “Women have been going through mastectomies for 70 years in this country alone; I could not understand why this type of product did not exist. Though I have now come to the conclusion that the entire concept has been overlooked based on the lack of clinical knowledge,” added Crites. “Unless you have gone through breast cancer, you don’t know that patients cannot shower before the surgical drains are removed, thus a needed product for thousands of mastectomy patients around the world.” Crites also indicated that her company is working with Medicare and private insurers to arrange reimbursement for all breast cancer and mastectomy patients. “My goal is to make other women feel better after the physical trauma of having their breasts amputated,” Crites said. “It stands to reason that if the patient feels better physically, then they will feel better emotionally, something that’s severely needed after a mastectomy.” The Shower Shirt™ is also being used by patients wound vacs and infusion pumps, abdominal hernia and lung surgery patients with drains, transplant patients, and Savi Catheter patients undergoing radiation who also need protection from water while showering. Comments From Users: “It’s important that mastectomy drain sites don’t get wet post-surgery. Taking a shower without protecting the drain sites can be problematic as water is laden with bacteria which in turn can cause infection to the patient. The Shower Shirt is a great product to protect breast cancer patients from water intrusion to the surgical sites.” -- Dr. Melanie Bone, Breast Cancer Survivor, Ob/Gyn, FACOG National Spokesperson for Myriad Laboratories “The Shower Shirt has been a Godsend for me. Being a dialysis patient with a neck catheter, my husband found this for me online and it has worked perfectly. My catheter can't get wet and the Shower Shirt has kept it dry for almost 3 months and counting... I love it.” -- Lorna Thom, Dialysis Patient Greenfield Health System Eastpoint Dialysis Center Eastpoint MI USA

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For information on distribution opportunities, call 321-784-9363. About The Shower Shirt Co LLC: The Shower Shirt Co. was founded by a breast cancer patient who underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy. Frustrated with the prohibition of showering until her surgical drains were removed, she created a Shower Shirt. A product designed to restrict water from coming into the surgical drain sites. The company is located in Cocoa Beach FL USA. For further information please contact: Lisa F Crites Principal Shower Shirt Co LLCs 22 W Point Dr Cocoa Beach FL USA 32931 321-784-9363 phone

The SHOWER SHIRT Co. 'Mastectomy Garment' is now Available at Amazon and Ebay  

The SHOWER SHIRT 'Mastectomy Garment' is now Available online at Amazon and Ebay

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