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Lot 55 Angus Heifer Sire: Fullback Dam: W57New Horizon (Donor)

Lot 22 Angus Steer Sire: Fullback Dam: W52-RF Quarterback

Lot 35 ShorthornPlus Steer Sire: X Ray Vision Dam: R35ShakeNBake

Lot 43 ShorthornPlus Heifer Sire: Heat Wave Dam: R3-Eskimo Joe (Donor) Lot 50 Angus Heifer Sire: BC Marathon Dam: W28Fullback (Donor)

Lot 32 Simmental Steer Sire: Almost Famous Dam: W42-3C Pasque

Lot 8 Crossbred Steer Sire: Heat Wave son Dam: Y38-Ali x Angus

Lot 72 Maine Heifer Sire: Free N Easy Dam: R25Money Shot x MaineAngus

Lot 25 Angus Steer Sire: Fullback Dam: Y25Payoll (Donor)

Lot 58 1/4 Simm. Heifer Sire: Maximus Dam: Y8-Nor. Improv.

Lot 62 1/2 Simm. Heifer Sire: Orange Crush Dam: R22Angus

Lot 30 XB Steer Sire: Heat Wave Dam: R39Meyer 734 x Y30 (Donor)

27th Annual Club Calf Sale

November 27, 2010 • 7:00pm Farmer City, IL • Farmer City Fairgrounds 35 Steers, 37 Heifers, 5 Bred Heifers

--------------------------------------------------------------------13 Angus Steers / 10 Angus Heifers 11 Simmental Steers / 13 Simmental Heifers 8 Crossbred Steers 1 Shorthorn Steer / 1 Shorthorn Heifer 1 Maine-Anjou Steer / 4 Maine-Anjou Heifers 1 ShorthornPlus Steer / 3 ShorthornPlus Heifers 6 Chianina Heifers --------------------------------------------------------------------NO CATTLE SOLD PRIOR TO AUCTION!!! Cattle available for viewing at any time. Please call ahead.


November/December 2010

Lot 37 Chianina Heifer Sire: About Time Dam: R37Pujols x Debull

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