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Monday February 21, 2011





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n e in Arlingto

Monday, February

21, 2011

tim It’s baseball Monday,



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SOFTBALL all Roster 2011 Softb

Season of change Baseball and softball teams make adjustments for season. BASEBALL/SOFTBALL PREVIEW | PAGES 4-5

NO. 9 20 14 8 7 3 22 5 1 11

POS. CF Stephanie RF Gonzalez, 1B Office, Charne DH Collom, Rebecca 3B Cantu, Alexis C Zink, Taylor Erica LF LeFlore, P Kaiser, Kelsey 2B Lyles, Teri y SS Zink, Courtne Courtney Enocken,

ROSTER NO. 10 2 17 15 27 4 21 6 16 19

HT 5-7 5-4 5-11 5-10 5-6 5-6 5-4 5-4 5-1 5-5

CLASS Fr. Jr. Sr. Fr. Fr. Jr. Jr. So. Jr. Jr.




SLC 27-26, 20-10 92 2010 Record: 2011 RPI: Watch: Player to RBI) 25 (.297, 5 HR, Jenna Emery

cks Austin Ladyja SLC Stephen F. 29-20, 20-10 96 2010 Record:

IF Jessica

2 0 1 1


rls State Cowgi SLC McNeese 38-27, 17-13

icks UTA Maver

SLC 29-25, 16-12 106 2011 RPI: Watch: Player to RBI) 9 HR, 30

2010 Record:



Collom (.317,

i Corpus Christ Islanders

SLC 35-22, 16-14 112 2010 Record: 2011 RPI: Watch: Player to 21 SB) (.410, 21 RBI, Hannah Schwarz

unners UTSA Roadr 15-15 SLC

23-29, 146 2011 RPI: Watch: Player to RBI) 12 HR, 40 Ivy (.383,

2010 Record: SS Caitlyn

Sugar Bears

sas SLC Central Arkan Record: 25-31, 13-16 RPI: 205 2010 n

DP Shaylee


The Shorthorn

83 2011 RPI: Watch: Player to RBI) 32 (.347, 8 HR,

2010 Record:

1B Rebecca

L 3-1 W 4-2 L 6-1 L 9-0 W 5-1

r rotation three-pitche ng, UTA’s new opponents guessi could keep Debbie Hedrick. says coach

2011 RPI: Watch: Player to RBI) 6 HR, 20

Arana (.309,

Guidry UT Molly

Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Corpus Christi

er, the matt uction Choice in With no must replace prod s Maverick

2011 Watch: Player to RBI) 10 HR, 48 Ristau (.314,

els Nicholls Colon SLC

25-22, 16-14 131 2011 RPI: Watch: Player to R, 16-17 SB) (.311, 26

2010 Record:


all Roster 2011 Baseb LINEUP PROJECTED NAME NO. 11 25 5 32 16 12 9 15 26

Walker, Ryan Vaughn, Jordan Beck, Preston Guerra, Michael Comer, Chad Payne, Jesse Brian Nephew, McCall, Greg Orr, Nick


CLASS Fr. Jr. So. Jr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Fr. Sr.

HT 6-0 6-4 6-2 5-10 6-2 6-2 6-3 6-1 6-0

HT CLASS 6-2 POS. Fr. 6-0 RHP NAME Jr. NO. 6-1 LHP Beck, John Jr. Adam 19 5-11 RHP Boydston, So. 13 6-0 INF Day, Lance Fr. 24 6-0 C Dyvig, Cody So. 7 5-10 RHP Garcia, Daniel Jr. 6 Sam 5-11 OF Hansen, So. 18 , Philip 6-1 INF Incaviglia So. 10 5-7 RHP Jordan, Daniel Sr. 4 6-1 OF Krolick, Stephen Fr. 20 5-10 RHP Lopez, Bryant Jr. 3 6-0 RHP Merck, Kasey Jr. 35 Michael 6-1 OF Morales, Jr. 29 Preston 6-2 RHP Morrow, Sr. 38 5-9 LHP Oberto, Michael Fr. 21 6-0 OF Picca, MarkJake Jr. 23 ck, 6-4 LHP Pinchba Jr. Calan 2 6-3 RHP Pritchard, So. Collin 37 LHP C/OF Reynolds, Fr. Matt 34 ll, LHP LHP Shortha Fr. 40 LHP LHP Walker, Brody Jr. 17 Chase LHP LHP Weaver, So. Adam 33 ok, LHP Westbro 36 Winn, Kennedy 41


Since 1919

UTA is gone, butand r Michael Choice senior catche. returns its All-American Freshman

e fun , triple th e pitching Triple th


Texas State



TEAM al Invitation DATE Marina Grand Best Western Cleveland State vs. icago Feb. 10 vs. Loyola-Ch pus Christi Feb. 11 A&M-Cor at Texas pus Christi Feb. 11 A&M-Cor at Texas State Feb. 12 vs. Cleveland Feb. 12

HT 5-6 5-8 5-4 5-7 5-7 5-5 5-6 5-6 5-6 5-6

CLASS POS. So. P NAME Sr. OF Baker, Bradie Fr. P Barry, Jordan Fr. C Collins, Callie Fr. Rachel OF/C Forshaw, Jr. Chelsea IF/OF Galbraith, Fr. OF/C Karr, Kari So. ll, Ashley OF/1B McCarro So. U/OF Perez, Elizabeth So. SS/OF Rowan, Kersti Kallan Thompson,

Texas A&M


5 p.m. 3 p.m. Waco 5 p.m. Prairie View at Baylor 11 a.m. Prairie View March 15 View A&M at Prairie Ark. 1 p.m. Conway, March 16 View A&M at Prairie Ark. * Noon Conway, March 16 Arkansas at Central Ark. * 1 p.m. Conway, March 19 Arkansas Field at Central * 3 p.m. Allan Saxe March 19 Arkansas Field at Central Noon Allan Saxe * March 20 Field vs. Nicholls 1 p.m. Allan Saxe * March 26 vs. Nicholls 3 p.m. San Antonio * March 26 vs. Nicholls Noon San Antonio March 27 Antonio * at UT-San 6 p.m. San Antonio Apr. 2 Antonio * Field at UT-San W 8-3 * 1 p.m. Allan Saxe Apr. 2 Antonio Field at UT-San L 6-5 College Station 3 p.m. Allan Saxe Apr. 3 Texas Classic Field vs. North * W 5-2 College Station 2011 Aggie State 1 p.m. Allan Saxe tern State Apr. 6 vs. Wichita Field vs. Northwes * L 4-0 College Station Feb. 18 1 p.m. Allan Saxe tern State Apr. 9 Texas A&M at Northwes Station vs. * hes W 10-4 College Feb. 18 State 3 p.m. Nacogdoc tern State Apr. 9 vs. Wichita vs. Northwes hes * College Station Feb. 19 Noon A&M Nacogdoc Apr. 10 F. Austin at Texas at Stephen hes * Feb. 19 6:30 p.m. Nacogdoc Apr. 16 F. Austin Texas Southern vs. Stephen at * 3 p.m. Feb. 20 4 p.m. Austin Apr. 16 F. Austin Field Field at Stephen 1 p.m. Allan Saxe 6 p.m. Allan Saxe Apr. 17 Field Classic Field at Texas TBA Allan Saxe State * UT Arlington 1 p.m. Allan Saxe Apr. 19 Field vs. Centenary Sam Houston Field Saxe vs. * 25 TBA Saxe Allan State Feb. 1 p.m. Allan Apr. 22 Houston Field vs. Creighton La. vs. Sam 5 p.m. Allan Saxe State * Feb. 26 3 p.m. Lake Charles, Apr. 22 Houston Field TBD La. vs. Sam 4 p.m. Allan Saxe Feb. 26 Noon Lake Charles, State * Apr. 23 Field TBD La. at McNeese 6 p.m. Allan Saxe Charles, * Feb. 27 30 6 p.m. Lake State Apr. Field vs. Tulsa at McNeese 2 p.m. Allan Saxe Feb. 28 State * 1 p.m. Denton State * Apr. 30 Field vs. Texas Field at McNeese Allan Saxe March 1 State * 3 p.m. Allan Saxe May 1 Texas * vs. Texas at North * pus Christi Saxe Field March 1 4 State 11 a.m. Allan May A&M-Cor * vs. Texas Field vs. Texas 12:30 p.m. pus Christi March 2 TBA Allan Saxe May 7 A&M-Cor * vs. Texas 3 p.m. pus Christi Denton Classic TBA May 7 A&M-Cor nt * Huntsville Courtyard vs. Texas e Tourname 12:30 p.m. Denton Tech North Texas 8 TBA Huntsville May * Conferenc nt Louisiana vs. Southland e Tourname 3 p.m. Denton March 4 May 12 Conferenc nt * Huntsville vs. Ole Miss Southland e Tourname 12:30 p.m. Denton March 4 State May 13 Conferenc vs. Wichita Southland 3 p.m. Denton March 5 May 14 e game UT-El Paso La. vs. , d Conferenc 5 p.m. Hammond March 5 State *Southlan * vs. Wichita , La. Noon Hammond ern Louisiana March 6 * at Southeast , La. Hammond ern Louisiana March 12 * Southeast at ern Louisiana March 12 at Southeast March 13

ule Softball Sched

2011 UTA

21, 2011 February


sports s The Shorthorn Darin Thoma head coach t to who would Last season, though the lineup a second he filled out never put every day bat third l Choice. was Michae card. a doubt, it 2010 game in cenWithout slash every Choice started a .383/.568/.704run reposting school’s home terfield, g the every single base in line, breakin stole 12 reaching cord and was walked 76 times, in a season He errors in three game. only had as the greatest bases and ly argued that is general ed by the was reward him with UTA history. While Choices, who selected MLB Athletic in the 2010 out a Oakland figure overall pick the 10th Mavericks have to 59 RBIs, 67 runs, Draft, the 16 home way to replacetotal bases. said that’s 138 Comer and runs try. Chad futile to even best Senior catcher In fact, it’s he’s the no easy task. replace him, he said. around,” up and “You can’t ever been step athlete I’vegoing to have to “Guys are Choice seems,, drive in runs.” as replacing captain But as tough l that his seniorin 2011. is gratefu lead the way Thomas around to you’re talking about: Comer, is , Texas who Jacob Adkisson “No matter losing their catcherhe said. The Shorthorn: ,” miss TCU will losing their catcher you’ve got ks in that miss for the Maveric will the load certain things a guy that can and carry “There are place. We’ve got out and to step up Beck needs season. to have in g staff, throw peoplehit better r Preston as a team.” last of him. He’shim to have re outfielde two home runs run a pitchin have to do cing dullSophomo in front what we hit .352 with keep balls and I’m looking for runs. That’s regulations introdu hitter, 2011. Beck second With new lack of a true powercreative every year, Beck, Other than the be a better year.”ore outfielder Preston be in after that. who had 12, nobodya er bats, and ks will need to lle Slugger runs will as Sophom a Louisvi is anoth- a uncerta Cody Dyvig, digits in RBIs the Maveric Aware that it means tabbed as baseman doubletheir at-bats. by, they know who was All-American in 2010, rock of the else reached season. , a with come the an to be said. Guerra to l Freshm candidate steals, home runs Maverick last t in Michae hit .390 tougher small-ball, Comer a lot more er leading hit .352 with twoonly striking They’ve brough College, whoRBIs last playing going to see ng a guy to sec“We’re lineup. Beck last year while from Blinn sacrifici and 40 a chance from East- more bunts, moreto give two guys 24 transfer home runs and 44 RBIs in 233 at-bats. be Morrow Choice in going to with seven needs no outs out 28 times hit behind ond with a hitter season, and Preston but production every he said. “It’s while losing Beck, who the lineup to drive him in,” so we have to make , to help, season, said losing his leader- field College the lower parts of score, last to games tougher leaves a hole, to come from sate. our linelike Choice it. Beck said. to help compen and top parts of to drive run count.” deepens replace,” ship only nities tough to “The bottom with, because du SAM MORTON get opportu y you’ll get to work to “He’ll be to orn@uta.e but itor.shorth “Usuall a good guy out at the plate, us up are going sports-ed us “He was and say, ‘well, Comer said. just help us tips and helped in runs,” guy in the lineup in those he didn’t eighth has to drive always give too.” who the he would eighth.’ He 1 p.m. outfield, five playersit gets he bats , La. out in the ks return but 6:30 p.m. Thibodaux The Maveric30 RBIs in 2010, 6:30 p.m. Dallas State * than more Nicholls Ballpark at had 2 p.m. Clay Gould Apr. 3

Welcome home


two. better than ore pitcher Teri Three is sophom started all Last season, Cara Hulme alumna Lyles and the team’s 54 games. Debbie Hedbut two of 2011, head coach g batters rt opposin But in to outsma itcher rotation, anrick wants three-p with a lethal nd ConferLyles. chored by returning Southlathe ace of a Year, is Lyles, the en Callie an of the ence Freshm that added freshmare trying staff who pitching Alexis Cantu, dangerous opCollins andh themselves as each to establis rotation. in what tions in thek is confident Hedric to the table. different styles pitcher bringsof them have t teams,” Baptist “All three * Ballpark at Dallas against differenstrengths, TIME 1 p.m. Clay Gould ern Louisiana Schedule Apr. 5 can use * get all use their Ballpark vs. Southeast that we Baseball L 15-5 LOCATION 6:30 p.m. Clay Gould ern Louisiana Apr. 8 “If they canbig for us once we 2011 UTA * Ballpark vs. Southeast she said. L 9-0 Houston TEAM an advan6:30 p.m. Clay Gould ern Louisiana Apr. 9 be really Ballpark vs. Southeast it should nce play. It’s always different L 6-4 Houston DATE 2 p.m. Clay Gould Apr. 10 three at Houston Ballpark vs. Baylor keep into confereyou can throw Houston Feb. 18 1 p.m. Clay Gould State * Apr. 12 series and at Houston Ballpark vs. Mcneese tage when a team during a Feb. 19 6:30 p.m. Clay Gould State * Apr. 15 at Houston at Ballpark vs. Mcneese 3 p.m. pitchers Lyles Feb. 20 6 p.m. Clay Gould State * Apr. 16 g.” Ballpark ng starter, into vs. Mcneese Ark. 3 p.m. Clay Gould them guessin 6 p.m. Conway, Baptist Apr. 17 nce only returni Ballpark Classic vs. Houston Ark. * of experie 3 p.m. As the Clay Gould UT Arlington Baptist 1 p.m. Conway, Apr. 19 Arkansas Ballpark vs. Dallas a 1.78 ERA full season at Central Ark. * 3 p.m. Clay Gould Feb. 24 Dakota St. 6:30 p.m. brings a season. She had a preseason Conway, Apr. 21 Arkansas Ballpark vs. South at Central * Clay Gould State Feb. 25 3 p.m. Houston the 2011 and is picked as n. Hedrick Apr. 22 Arkansas vs. Missouri at Central hes Feb. 26 23 2 p.m. Nacogdoc Baptist Apr. last season All-SLC selectio drop curve Oklahoma vs. at Houston hes * 1:30 p.m. Mar. 1 1 p.m. Nacogdoc Apr. 26 F. Austin a very good in and out second-team at Stephen hes relies on ball * 6:30 p.m. Dallas nt 6 p.m. Nacogdoc Apr. 29 F. Austin said Lyles Tourname to work the at Stephen * 1:30 p.m. Dallas Dallas Baptist Wichita State 6:30 p.m. Ruston, La. Apr. 30 F. Austin Asand the ability vs. Ballpark Writer at Stephen zone. 1 p.m. Dallas Mar. 3 2 p.m. Baptist Clay Gould Tech May 1 * of the strikea 2010 Texas Sports r at Rusk Ballpark at Dallas Ballpark at Louisiana 6:30 p.m. pus Christi Clay Gould Mar. 4 1 p.m. Clay Gould May 3 A&M-Cor Collins, * team membe off to a vs. New Orleans Ballpark vs. Texas 6:30 p.m. Glen Johnson pus Christi Fort Worth All-State Mar. 5 gotten 6:30 p.m. Clay Gould May 6 Courtesy: A&M-Cor Wichita State * two vs. already sociation Texas vs. has 2 p.m. pus Christi Huntsville the first Mar. 6 2 p.m. Beaumont May 7 A&M-Cor at TCU High School,in 2011. During 2-1 with a vs. Texas State * 1 p.m. Huntsville Mar. 8 1 p.m. Beaumont May 8 * College Station. at Sam Houston State * ents, she’s strong start Hedat Lamar 6:30 p.m. Huntsville Classic in Mar. 11 6:35 p.m. tournam Beaumont innings. May 13 * Ballpark at Sam Houston State * 2011 Aggie Lamar . p.m. weekend in more than 20 a lot of spin at the Gould 12 Station 6:30 Clay Mar. 6:30 p.m. College May 14 * have cher rotationr throws during Ballpark at Sam Houston to Ballpark at Lamar 2.07 ERA 6:30 p.m. Clay Gould a two-cat Teri Lyles Mar. 13 velocity 6:30 p.m. Clay Gould May 15 Collins’ pitches A&M Ballpark vs. TCU re pitcher enough ruled out certain pitcher/catche Ballpark at Texas rick said to2 p.m. Clay Gould Tech Sophomo Mar. 15 * 1 p.m. ent with Clay Gould May 17 ve hasn’t rhythm Ballpark that if a vs. Louisiana Texas State hitter. Ballpark to defensi good * vs. a Gould feels a 16 a p.m. and movem e. 1 Clay Gould for past Mar. She Antonio TBA into Clay forward May 19 effectiv State * can hit Ballpark vs. UT-San can get vs. Texas be more 6:30 p.m. sneak a fastball Clay Gould Marcos she’s looking Mar. 18 Antonio * TBA the Mav- A designated player May 20 State * nt * San fin- combo each pitcher can is the starting vs. UT-San vs. Texas Collins said way she can for e Tourname 6:30 p.m. Waco Marcos Mar. 19 Antonio * the lineup. last season and TBA May 21 any Conferenc nt * San vs. UT-San Erica LeFlore with gether, but Hedrick player in .285 Southland Gould Ballpark p.m. 20 e Tourname 2 the 2011, Clay Marcos contributing Junior Collom Mar. 26 on can a batted San into May Conferenc w nt * Lyles Ballpark at Baylor * my role stick Southland e Tourname 1 p.m. only to Rebecc made a name catcher heading Rachel Forsha . Clay Gould tern State Mar. 22 ericks. May 27 Conferenc excited about an Ballpark vs. Northwes * Southland my job and said. ished second has already 6:30 p.m. “I’m very Clay Gould tern State two home hopes freshm as the second catcher Mar. 25 May 28 e game have to do ,” she Ballpark vs. Northwes by hitting hits. Cantu it’s nice to State * impact 26 d Conferenc 6 p.m. Clay Gould tern an Mar. games, team. I justknow as a pitcherother really 51 herself at the plate walks this season. 56 *Southlan vs. Northwes play , La. she said. I helps make 3 p.m. each Thibodaux Mar. 27 A&M can for and drawing six to what “When you s that can help,” gets rea pitcher vs. Texas , La. what we complement runs Thibodaux that being Mar. 29 State * two catcher r combo y “We all it’s exciting to see at Nicholls Cantu feels as a hitter. I’m haveone pitcher/catche r, I could possibl Apr. 1 State * Sr. “When well, and r.” ” plate Nicholls pitcher “If at togethe at the season. she said. Apr. 2 Sr. do togethewho was also an all-statelast sea- her “It helps me a lot,” what I would throw ally comfortable up during the Texas State all Team Sr. Cantu, them paired High School the heat. I think of with seeing Nicholls Bret Atwood ason Baseb Wakeland bring Louisiana at the plate, It also helps me seeing the keep Sr. Prese to OF stern at Frisco pitcher who can Comer and rence Southea Bear d pitches a pitcher. du State RANDY MCVAY ee Jr. movement OF orn@uta.e son, is the power and off-spee off balance. as uthland Confe Sam Houston Jeff Harkens and pitch itor.shorth Class Sr. them hs and sports-ed - spins OF She mixes 2011 All-So and keep t strengt Texas State State Chris Andreas to produc better.” Sr. Sr. stern DH said she School confuse hitterswon’t be limitedLyles did in ballBecause of the differen Northwe Carson Smith Hedrick Sr. stern State Christi FIRST TEAM F. Austin P pitcher, But Cantu Just as Northwe Name a lot Stephen Luke Irvine rpus of each mound. Sr. Jr. d to see Pos. P Texas A&M-CoState Aaron Munoz ez ing on the will be expecte ted player. styles Tyler Herriage rpus Christi Jr. So. C P Houston A&M-Co Hernand designa a Sam Trey Texas as 2010, Cantu Team s Jr. all Jr. 1B Riley the plate Texas State Braeden Central Arkansarpus Christi Hanna Schwarz of time at ason Softb Sr. State

Texas State


SLC 38-22, 23-10 2010 Record: 49 2011 RPI: Watch: 3.10, 94 K) Player to Smith (10-4, P Carson

rn Louisiana Southeaste 21-12 SLC


40-19, 2010 Record: 51 2011 RPI: RBI) Watch: 6 HR, 47 Player to ee (.325, OF Jeff Harkens

nals Lamar Cardi 16-27 SLC

35-26, 2010 Record: 116 2011 RPI: Watch: ERA) Player to on (8-3, 5.02 P Eric Harringt

rn State Northweste 22-10 SLC


2 0 1 1

36-21, 2010 Record: 64 2011 RPI: Watch: ERA) Player to (7-4, 2.91 P Luke Irvine

rjacks Austin Lumbe Stephen F. 20-12 SLC 34-20, 2010 Record: 91 2011 RPI: Watch: ERA) Player to (8-4, 2.89 P Tyler Herriage

ys State Cowbo McNeese 16-17 SLC

31-27, 2010 Record: 123 2011 RPI: 49 RBI, Watch: Player to (.353, 4 HR, Peterson SS Jace 35-40 SB)

A golf cart parade, step show and a sweetly-themed party celebrate this year’s Homecoming. SPECIAL SECTION | INSIDE


Bearkats on State Sam Houst 11-22 SLC 19-36, 2010 Record: 198 2011 RPI: 41 RBI) Watch: Player to (.376, 7 HR, Andreas DH Chris

s io Roadrunner UT-San Anton 13-20 SLC 22-28, 2010 Record: 141 2011 RPI: RBI) Watch: 14 HR, 43 Player to Hutson (.348, 2B Ryan

n Mavericks UT-Arlingto 19-14 SLC

29-31, 2010 Record: 126 2011 RPI: 44 RBI) Watch: Player to Beck (.352, 2 HR, OF Preston

i Corpus Christ Texas A&Mlanders SLC


20-33-1, 11-22 2010 Record: 203 2011 RPI: RBI) Watch: 17 HR, 63 Player to ez (.361, 1B Trey Hernand


Board approves campus projects P O L L

OF Megan


Bearkats on State Sam Houst Record: 21-28, 13-16 SLC 153 2010

IF Hailey


2011 RPI: Watch: Player to RBI) 14 (.315, 1 HR,

Demons rn State Northweste Record: 27-27, 13-17 SLC 186 2010

a Roberts

2011 RPI: Watch: Player to RBI) 35 (.333, 5 HR,

IF Samanth

Lions rn Louisiana Southeaste Record: 11-37, 3-25 SLC 238 2010

2011 RPI: Watch: Player to RBI) 5 HR, 23

(.363, IF Katie Duhe

NOTE: Lamar

Campus partners with commission to monitor air quality in North Texas. BY J.C. DERRICK The Shorthorn senior staff

AUSTIN - The UT System Board of Regents approved a $1.2 million contract between UTA and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The agreement includes

READ IT FIRST Our Board of Regents coverage was online at over the weekend. Were you one of the first to get the news?

the purchase of four air quality monitors that will be placed at undetermined locations on the Barnett Shale, one of the largest natural gas reserves in the U.S. None of the monitors will

doesn’t field

a softball



rence uthland Confe 2011 All-So FIRST TEAM Name Pos. Tucker Brittany C Collom Rebecca 1B Caley Jeter 2B Jenna Emery 3B Caitlyn Ivy SS


School rpus Christi Texas A&M-Co UTA rpus Christi Texas A&M-Co Texas State UT-San Antonio

Class Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr.


Gauntt Texas A&M-CoLouisiana Candice Southeastern s Cassie Redman Central Arkansa Katie Duhe Texas State Shay Ristau Hall F. Austin Chandler n Stephen Monika Covingto

Sr. Jr. Sr.

2B 3B SS

Kyle Kubitza n Jace Peterso

els Nicholls Colon 15-18

27-29, 2010 Record: 151 2011 RPI: SB) Watch: 30 RBI, 16-23 Player to Comer (.372, OF Bear

sas Bears Central Arkan 10-22-1 SLC

19-35-1, 2010 Record: 215 2011 RPI: 38 RBI) Watch: Player to (.341, 6 HR, Roberts 1B Blake


be on UTA property, which President James Spaniolo said was the university’s preference. “We didn’t want to create an appearance of any kind of conflict of interest,” he said. “It’s just what we do through our division for enterprise development. It does work for the state, provides training services and other things.” MONITORS continues on page 3

MORE COVERAGE The Board of Regents also approved a sculpture that will be placed between the Architecture Building and the Nanofab Center. Read about it on page 3.

A public community garden should be completed in March, Spaniolo says. BY J.C. DERRICK The Shorthorn senior staff

AUSTIN - UTA will be greener next month. Friday the UT System Board of Regents gave approval for a community garden to be built at UTA, and Spaniolo said he expects it to be completed in March.

Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. shares his game plan for perseverance

The green space will be called the Arlington Community Garden and will be available to the public. “We’re creating the community garden in an urban setting, so I think it’s a win-win,” Spaniolo said. “It’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like.” According to the board’s agenda, the garden supports the uniGARDEN continues on page 7


Bill Nye sells out in four hours Those without tickets can wait at 6:30 p.m. March 23 at the Texas Hall box office. BY EDNA HORTON The Shorthorn staff

The Shorthorn: Sandy Kurtzman

Cal Ripken Jr. speaks before a crowd of 2,150 in Texas Hall Thursday night. Ripken joked that he likes pointing to himself as he talked about his book, Cal Ripken, Jr.: My Story.

Ripken: ‘Love will carry you through’ “The secret to your success and happiness will carry you through the bad times. In the bad times, love will carry you through,” Cal Ripken Jr.,

Maverick Speakers Series lecturer

BY JOEL COOLEY The Shorthorn staff

Cal Ripken Jr. spoke about “The Keys To Perseverance” and how to succeed in the game of life. Ripken’s speech was the fourth for this year’s Maverick Speakers Series. He shared his eight points with the 2,150 that attended the speech Thursday in Texas Hall. Ripken is a former Major League Baseball player who holds the record with 2,632 consecutive games played. After going through many hardships on the baseball field, Ripken said he reevaluated success and how to improve his chances of success. One of Ripken’s lessons for achieving success was to go above job descriptions. He

shared a story about when he, as a shortstop, was telling the pitcher what pitches to make — something shortstops don’t normally do. Ripken even showed the special signs he and the catcher created. He said touching his left side meant a fastball to the left and touching his right meant a fastball to the right. Alumna Edrica Boswell said she isn’t a baseball fan but enjoyed the speech. “I loved it. Even if you weren’t a baseball fan, you should listen to his life story,” she said. Ripken also shared a story of when he was younger and said a negative power would come over him and control his RIPKEN continues on page 7

KEYS TO PERSEVERANCE During his speech, Cal Ripken Jr. presented eight keys to perseverance. 1. Have the right approach with a goal in mind 2. Have the will to succeed 3. Have passion for what you do 4. Love to compete 5. Be consistent with what you do daily 6. Have conviction 7. Have strength, both mentally and physically 8. Manage your life and be proactive

Bill Nye’s lecture at Texas Hall sold out in four hours — making it the fastest sellout in Maverick Speakers Series history. University spokeswoman Kristin Sullivan said tickets became available Friday at 8 a.m. on and sold out at 12:01 p.m. She said 2,709 tickets were claimed for the lecture at 7:30 p.m. March 23 at Texas Hall. Sullivan said Bill Nye, upcoming via e-mail 53 Maverick Speakers percent of sales Series lecturer were faculty, staff and students, 33 percent were general public, and the rest were separate school groups and others. History junior Stephanie Knight logged onto the UTA tickets website at 9:30 a.m. to get her ticket. She said she was surprised when she tried to get another ticket for a friend later that evening and saw they were already sold out. She said she will definitely be attending the event and has already cleared her schedule. “I have been a fan since I was a little kid, and I watched his shows in science class,” she said. “As soon as I got my ticket, I requested that night off of work.” Arlington resident Lila Friedlander said her mother heard about NYE continues on page 7


City aims for Super Bowl touchdown Host committee, city hope to get Super Bowl L in 2016 despite this year’s setbacks. BY ALI AMIR MUSTANSIR The Shorthorn senior staff

Super Bowl mania may be poised to make a comeback in North Texas. Despite setbacks, like falling ice and seating that wasn’t up to code, the city and North Texas Super Bowl Host Committee are confident the big game will return to Cowboys Stadium, if the NFL owners accept the

invitation from the Cowboys. The Cowboys have to send the invitation, and it isn’t uncommon for cities to make a bid annually, said Tony Fay, North Texas Super Bowl Host Committee communications vice president. He said ultimately it is up to a vote by the NFL owners to determine where the game will be held. “Cowboys Stadium is one of the most amazing structures of its kind in the world,” Fay said. “Seating issues can be worked out, but the structure stays the same.”

Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck said the city hopes to bring the Super Bowl back in 2016 for Super Bowl L [50] and every five years after that. He said the application is in the early stages now but will be prepared within a few months. Cluck said the issues surrounding the Feb. 6 game wouldn’t have an impact on the decision to bring the Super Bowl back. He said the NFL commissioner said the city did everything it could to make the event BOWL continues on page 7

The Shorthorn: Aisha Butt

The city and North Texas Super Bowl Host Committee are hoping the Super Bowl will return to Cowboys Stadium, if NFL owners accept the invitation despite the issues regarding the ice, seating and security.

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Graduate student presents study on suppression of women in Kenya

Partly sunny • High 66°F • Low 37°F

Tuesday Mostly sunny • High 66°F • Low 48°F

Mercy Dena spoke at the Conference of Minority Public Administrations in Fort Worth.

Wednesday Mostly cloudy • High 69°F • Low 58°F

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POLICE REPORT This is a part of the daily activity log produced by the university’s Police Department. To report a criminal incident on campus, call 817-272-3381.

FRIDAY Misdemeanor Warrant Service At 3:12 a.m. a student was arrested in regards to outstanding warrants following a routine traffic stop at 700 Summit Ave. Traffic stop At 2:41 a.m. a student was arrested in regards to interfering and yelling obscenities at an officer as he issued a rapid-acceleration citation to a nonstudent at 607 Summit Ave. Misdemeanor Warrant Service At 1:48 a.m. a student was arrested in regards to outstanding misdemeanor warrants during a traffic stop at 500 Summit Ave. THURSDAY Hit-and-Run Accident At 10:20 p.m. a student reported that her vehicle had been struck while parked at Lot F10, located south of the Life Science Building at 500 Nedderman Drive. The case is active. Hit-and-Run Accident At 7 p.m. a student reported a hit-andrun accident at Lot 47, located south of the Business Building at 800 Oak St. A student witnessed a vehicle strike another vehicle, causing damage. The driver of the vehicle left the scene without leaving information. The case is active.

The Shorthorn staff

Mercy Dena is spreading the word on issues faced by women in her home country. The urban and public affairs graduate student spoke about gender misrepresentation in the Kenyan parliament at a 40th National Conference for Minority Public Administrators convention, at the Sheraton Hotel and Spa in Fort Worth Sunday. Dena received a Political Science bachelor’s degree in Kenya and has worked on the study from May to Dec. 2010. Her presentation addressed female suppression in Kenya and the lack of effort in improving the roles of women in the country’s government and society. She said women are forced to take lower positions in the East African nation and struggle in education. Kenya ranks 101 in the world for female representation in government, compared to the U.S., which ranks 70. Dena explained that the government is taking small steps to improve the quality of life for women, even though society continues to mistreat them. She said women are forced to work at home which hinders their involvement in the work force, and women suffer mutilation of their genitalia. “If there are no policies to protect women and girls, this kind of marginalization of women and girls will continue,” she said.

The Shorthorn: Allyson Kaler

Mercy Dena, urban and public affairs graduate student, presents gender issues in urban affairs at the Conference of Minority Public Administrations Sunday afternoon in Fort Worth. Dena’s presentation addressed gender quotas and women’s representation in Kenya.

Dena said the United Nations is working to promote the involvement of women in government, and the fair representation and treatment of women across the world. She said the country is on the way to improvement, but it will take time before real change is seen. “The drafting of the new constitution allowed an opportunity for gender quotas to be included,” she said. Joanne Lovito-Nelson, insti-

tute of urban studies program director, said the annual conference presents great opportunities for students and professionals to meet and discuss their careers. “For the students, it’s networking,” she said. “They’re presenting to people who will be their peers, and even potential employers.” M.J. Bang, urban and public affairs alumna, said she enjoyed learning more about the work administrators do in urban settings. Bang said she also enjoyed

hearing Dena’s perspective on the issue. The conference began Saturday and runs until Thursday. The Institute of Urban Studies and the School of Urban and Public Affairs will be exhibited during the week at the Sheraton. Those interested in attending the conference can go online at KEVIN CROUCH

“If there are no policies to protect women and girls, this kind of marginalization of women and girls will continue,” PERSONAVACATION by Thea Blesener

Mercy Dena, urban and public affairs graduate student

CALENDAR Calendar submissions must be made by 4 p.m. two days prior to run date. To enter your event, call 817272-3661 or log on to

TODAY Engineers Week, Departmental Displays: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Nedderman Hall Atrium. Free. For information, contact John Haroutunian at john.haroutunian@ Art Exhibition in The Gallery at UTA: Sedrick Huckaby & Barbra Riley: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Gallery at UTA. Free. For information, contact Patricia Healy at 817-272-5658. Downtown Arlington Music Mondays: 12:15 p.m. First Baptist Church Sanctuary 300 S. Center St. Free music and lunch. For information, contact Martha Walvoord at 817-272-2439.

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Violent Universe: 6 p.m. Planetarium. $6 for adults, $4 for children. For information, contact the Planetarium at 817-272-1183. WEDNESDAY Intramural 4-on-4 Flag Football entries due: All day. Maverick Activities Center. $20 per team. For information, contact Campus Recreation at 817-2723277. Job Fair: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Maverick Activities Center. Free. For information, contact Debbie Villagomez at 817-2722932. Focus on Faculty - Kenneth Roemer: Noon. Central Library sixth floor. Free. For information, contact Tommie Wingfield at 817-272-2658.

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Communication group offers networking, support The Association for Women in Communication hopes to attract new members at their first social event of the semester. The group is inviting those interested to Dave & Busters at 4 p.m. Friday. Christine Nicholson, public relations and media chair, said she understands students might be apprehensive to join a new organization at first. She said the group offers several networking opportuHOW TO nities and close friendships. “This has opened so many doors for me,” the broadcastJOIN ing senior said. “I feel like I’m a part of something, I don’t feel E-mail awc@ drowned out by the big university.” Nicholson said the association is also open to men who hope to achieve more in their careers. They meet once a month and each month they focus on a different department of communication. Besides the meetings, they hold socials, tours, and invite guest speakers. “We beat the stereotype of women acting un-supportive to each other,” she said. “We are all here to help each other out.” Business junior Ornella Ganoza, who is a member of the Public Relations Students Society of America, said the appeal of being involved with other communication divisions is vital. “It’s really crucial to network,” she said. “I like that this organization allows for more branching out. It’s a broader perspective.” To learn more about the association visit or e-mail awc@uta. edu.

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– Stephanie Knefel

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Reduced Fees for Students School Work Relationships Depression Anxiety PATRICIA LUX, LCSW Anger Communication

PSYCHOTHERAPY & LIFE COACHING Discouraged Academic Problems Stressed Confused ADHD


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Monday, February 21, 2011

The ShorThorn

World VieW



regents oK new steel sculpture


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Spaniolo said it is a misconception to think UTA’s gas wells had anything to do with the contract. “This would have happened whether or not we had any gas drilling,” he said. lisa london, division of enterprise development executive director, said this is not the first time UTA has dealt with the TCeQ . “This was a service contract and we provide a lot of other services for TCeQ. This is one of many contracts we support for them,” she said. UTA will not provide any data analysis, london said, but will provide the TCeQ with data, which will then be passed along to the public. london said she expects the university to hire operators to handle monitor operations. “We’ll hire probably a couple of operators and they will be employees at the university,” she said. “We’ll be required under the contract to do routine maintenance and calibration. it will be a job requiring technical skills to be able to care for the analyzers.” Melanie Sattler, civil engineering associate professor, said the monitors are needed in the North Texas area. Sattler is on a committee tasked with providing recommendations to the Fort Worth independent School district to ensure children are not exposed to hazardous levels of air pollutants. “What we originally wanted to do as a committee was to recommend a set-back distance,” she said. “When we started looking, right now there is not enough information available.” Sattler said Fort Worth has commissioned a study to provide the necessary information regarding air quality. “i think we’ll have a lot better information when the results of that study are finalized,” she said. “That’s supposed to be this summer.” Sattler said the study is being conducted by Ma s s a c h u s e tt s - b a s e d eastern research Group. Spaniolo said the board approved the contract without discussion.

The aim for the structure is to educate students, promote the use of steel.

Libyan forces fire on mourners at funeral CAIRO — Libyan forces fired machine-guns at thousands of mourners marching in a funeral for anti-government protesters in the eastern city of Benghazi Sunday, a day after commandos and foreign mercenaries loyal to longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi attacked demonstrators with assault rifles and other heavy weapons. A doctor at one Benghazi hospital where many of the casualties are being taken said 20 people were killed Sunday. U.S.-based Human Rights Watch said 173 people died — mostly in Benghazi — in three days of unrest from Thursday through Saturday. A Switzerland-based Libyan activist said 11 people were killed in the city of Beyida on Wednesday. The latest numbers brought the toll to at least 204 since Wednesday, although a precise count has been difficult because of Libya’s tight restrictions on reporting.

By J.C. DerriCk The Shorthorn senior staff

AUSTiN — The university will receive a new teaching tool for architecture and engineering students in a piece of outdoor art approved by the UT System Board of regents. Friday the board approved the sculpture that was gifted to the university by the Texas Structural Steel institute. The sculpture sits about 13 feet tall and eight feet wide and will be placed in the plaza area between the Architecture Building and the Nanofab Center on the west side of campus, according to the board’s agenda. Architecture dean donald Gatzke said the sculpture will be a useful teaching tool. “The technical aspects of building construction can seem complex and confusing to students but becomes much clearer with a physical example,” Gatzke said via email. Texas Structural Steel institute donated the sculpture in September, said institute board member Matt Gomez. President James Spaniolo said pieces of outdoor art must be approved by the board. “i think it’s part of the continuing evolution of the


Protests continue at Wisconsin Capitol MADISON, Wis. — As union supporters moved inside for a sixth straight day of protests at the Wisconsin Capitol, Gov. Scott Walker reiterated Sunday that he wouldn’t compromise on the issue that had mobilized them, a bill that would eliminate most of public employees’ collective bargaining rights. Democratic lawmakers have said they and union members would agree to financial concessions that the Republican governor wants in exchange for workers keeping their collective bargaining rights. But Walker said he wasn’t willing to budge, and he expected the bill to pass as is.


44 roosters seized in cockfighting raid TYLER — The Humane Society of the United States provided information to the Smith County Sheriff’s Department that led to a cockfighting raid in Tyler. A news release issued Saturday says that authorities seized 44 roosters and detained about 20 people on Friday night. Many of the people were released without being charged because Texas is one of only six states where it’s legal to attend a cockfight, possess birds for cockfighting or possess cockfighting weapons. The Humane Society says it supports a bill by state Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, that would close loopholes in existing law. The organization offers rewards of up to $5,000 for information leading to arrest and conviction of anyone involved in illegal animal fighting.

The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley

The UT System Board of Regents approved this sculpture Friday in Austin to be placed in the plaza between the Architecture Building and the Nanofab Center to assist students in visualizing concepts. The sculpture represents components that go into construction of steel buildings.

stitute provided labor and materials to construct the sculpture. “This sculpture is supposed to represent different components that go into the making of a steel building,” Gomez said. “instructors can take their students out there when they’re explaining how the building is put together and give the students a better idea of how everything works.” Gomez said the sculpture has two purposes. “it’s both a sculpture and a learning tool at the same time,” he said. “it’s to educate students and promote the use of steel.”

university that we’ll see more outdoor art,” Spaniolo said. Gomez said the institute was approached by architecture assistant professor Jerald Kunkel and architecture professor Madan Mehta about donating a sculpture. American institute of Steel Construction was then contacted to attain plans for the sculpture. “it’s not a gift on behalf of AiSC [American institute of Steel Construction]. We have facilitated the process,” said Maria Mnookin, American institute education specialist. “Someone contacted us to start the process and provide a detailed drawing of the sculpture.” Gomez said the Texas in-

J.C. DerriCk

Engineers Week 2011 Highlights Monday, February 21 9 AM – 3 PM 11:30 AM – 1 PM Noon 5 PM 6 PM – 8 PM

Departmental Displays (Nedderman Hall Atrium) Cookout for Engineering Students (NH Atrium) Mr. & Ms. Engineer Crowning Ceremony (NH Atrium) Dirty Dozen Puzzle Entries Due Interview Workshop (100 NH)

Tuesday February 22 10 AM – 3 PM Noon – 1 PM

Career Fair (Atrium) Navy Nuclear Reactor Speaker (100 NH)

Wednesday, February 23 10 AM – 1 PM Research Facility Tours (100 NH) Noon Study Abroad Info Session (100 NH) 1 PM – 4 PM Industry Tours 1 PM – 3 PM Faculty Talks (100 NH) 6 PM Speaker: Marshall Brain, Founder of HowStuff (100NH)

Details and more activities at

Thursday, February 24 10 AM – 1 PM 7 PM

Student Organization Displays (NH Atrium) Movie Night: Inception (100 NH)

Friday, February 25 Noon – 1 PM

Pie-the-Professor and Pie Eating Contest (NH Atrium)

Saturday, February 26 6 PM

Engineering Awards Banquet (By Invitation Only) (University Center)

J.C. DerriCk



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94 383 word of#17-, 6 or 60-Across 8 DOWN 7 1 DOJ division 4 2 Bit of baby 2 babble 9 1 5

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heading 15 Old Geo model 16 Carrot or turnip 17 Legendary spring that creates spring chickens? 20 Garment border 21 “I’ll treat!” 22 Three, in Turin 23 College concentration 26 Pungent salad green 27 Mighty long time 28 Stat for Mariano Rivera 29 CEO’s degree 31 Ford classics 33 Carvey of “Wayne’s World” 35 Karaoke singer, usually 38 Grammy revoked from Milli Vanilli 42 Polite “Ready to go?” 43 Linger in the tub 45 Start to melt 48 Bordeaux brushoff 50 Paranormal showman Geller 51 “Fresh Air” airer 52 Rear end 55 Political aficionado’s station 57IN Absorbed, as a # 95ALREADY USED P&C cost 58 Circular cookie 59 Stable tidbit 60 Portland Trail Blazers’ home 66 Good fortune 67 Cursor controller 68 Diabolical 69 Fawn’s father 70 Campfire remains 71 Name that can precede the first

Solutions, tips and computer program at

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Mar27 HARD

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932 2Spring 5 6blossom 1 7 8 334 8Admin. 9 2 aide 7 6 4 536 7Pointy 3 8tool 4 1 9 37 Like a lion’s coat 8 1 2 4 9 5little 6 39 It “comes on 6 9cat7feet,” 3 5in a 4 1 7 4Sandburg 8 1 6 poem 3 2 4 5 1 7 8 2 3 1 3 6 5 2 9 7 2 6 4 9 3 8 5


3 Academic URL ender 4 Hawaiian who sang “Pearly Shells” 5 Inbox junk 6 Magnate Onassis 7 23-Across opposite 8 Atmospheric layer 9 Car sound system 10 El Dorado gold 11 Justice replaced by Sotomayor 12 Souped-up ride 13 Aegean capital 18 Time in office 19 “I agree, however ...’’ 23 __ school 24 Part of U.A.E. 25 Dick’s storybook partner 26 Caravan creature 30 Girl group with the 1986 #1 hit “Venus”

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Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

By Angela Olson Halsted and Doug Peterson



# 95ALREA to 3 46 Decline 4 participate 5 7 47 Grapefruit2 1 flavored diet 7 5 drink 8 49 Academic sports 9 org. 9 8 6 2 4 3 1 6 2/21/11

53 Detective Wolfe and an emperor 54 “Obviously!” 56 Throat bacteria 59 Tip jar bills 61 Heart test letters 62 Suffix with Canton 63 Anticipatory time 64 Trivial point 65 Drink by a dartboard

4 5 2 8 7 6 1 9 3

(c)2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

5 7 3 9 1 4 6 2 8

Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9 with no repeats. That means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.

9 2 4 5 6 8 3 7 1

24 Jul 05

3 Academic URL ender 4 Hawaiian who sang “Pearly Shells” 5 Inbox junk 6 Magnate Onassis 7 23-Across opposite 8 Atmospheric layer 9 Car sound system 10 El Dorado gold 11 Justice replaced by Sotomayor 12 Souped-up ride 13 Aegean capital 18 Time in office 19 “I agree, however ...’’ 23 __ school 24 Part of U.A.E. 25 Dick’s storybook partner 26 Caravan creature 30 Girl group with the 1986 #1 hit “Venus” 32 Spring blossom 34 Admin. aide 36 Pointy tool 37 Like a lion’s coat 39 It “comes on little cat feet,” in a Sandburg poem

40 Campbell’s product 41 Fictional plantation 44 Reunion group 45 Entangles 46 Decline to participate 47 Grapefruitflavored diet drink 49 Academic sports org.

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2 8

DOWN 1 DOJ division 2 Bit of baby babble


By Angela Olson Halsted and Doug Peterson


8 1 6 2 3 7 5 4 9

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Q: I am a 21-year-old female. My and he always says that he is still boyfriend and I have been dating attracted to me but since we are alfor a year and a half. We moved in ways together, he knows he can have together after six months, and spend sex whenever he wants so he doesn’t most of our time together when we make it a priority. I can’t imagine don’t have class. When that he is cheating on we first met, my boyfriend me, since he hardly has said that sex is not very any time to do so. Does important to him and that my boyfriend not want to he wouldn’t want to have have sex because we’re it every day. However, for always together, or is he the majority of our relaup to no good? tionship, we have had sex (good, wild, exciting sex) A: To some degree, evevery day. The problem ery sexual relationship is that during the past Dr. Ruth calms down, so that in a couple of months, our sex Send your year and a half, the fact life has slowly dwindled. questions to that you would stop havWe have had sex only Dr. Ruth Westheimer ing sex every day doesn’t twice in the past three surprise me. However, c/o King Features weeks, and it was boring twice in three weeks, Syndicate and awkward. Although given your age, does 235 E. 45th St., I want to have sex every seem low. But he did tell day and try to initiate it New York, NY you ahead of time that all the time, my boyfriend 10017 he didn’t have a high sex no longer does. It feels as drive, so maybe after the if there is no more passion newness of having sex in our relationship and he is no lon- with you wore off, he went back to ger attracted to me. No matter what his normal level of desire. And posI do -- whether I dress up in sexy sibly, any negative effects that a drug lingerie, suggest trying new things like pot may have on your sex life or even aggressively try to turn him could have accumulated during that on (which he used to love) -- nothing period of time. I would suspect that works. His excuses are that he is too if you were to stay together, your sex tired, too lazy or too high. life never would be all that terrific. If that is a major problem for you, then However, he has been I would advise you to move on. If a pothead since I met him, and the the only reason you wrote to me was amount that he smokes has not in- to ask about whether he is cheating, creased at all. I have discussed my my guess is that you probably don’t frustrations with him many times, have to worry about that.

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

ACROSS 1 Grew older 5 American __: Pacific territory 10 Employee protection org. 14 Chore list heading 15 Old Geo model 16 Carrot or turnip 17 Legendary spring that creates spring chickens? 20 Garment border 21 “I’ll treat!” 22 Three, in Turin 23 College concentration 26 Pungent salad green 27 Mighty long time 28 Stat for Mariano Rivera 29 CEO’s degree 31 Ford classics 33 Carvey of “Wayne’s World” 35 Karaoke singer, usually 38 Grammy revoked from Milli Vanilli 42 Polite “Ready to go?” 43 Linger in the tub 45 Start to melt 48 Bordeaux brushoff 50 Paranormal showman Geller 51 “Fresh Air” airer 52 Rear end 55 Political aficionado’s station 57 Absorbed, as a cost 58 Circular cookie 59 Stable tidbit 60 Portland Trail Blazers’ home 66 Good fortune 67 Cursor controller 68 Diabolical 69 Fawn’s father 70 Campfire remains 71 Name that can precede the first word of 17-, 38or 60-Across

Dr. ruth

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

2 3

# 93



1 5

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SOFTBALL 2011 Softball Roster PROJECTED LINEUP NO. 9 20 14 8 7 3 22 5 1 11

ROSTER NO. 10 2 17 15 27 4 21 6 16 19

NAME POS. Gonzalez, Stephanie CF Office, Charne RF Collom, Rebecca 1B Cantu, Alexis DH Zink, Taylor 3B LeFlore, Erica C Kaiser, Kelsey LF Lyles, Teri P Zink, Courtney 2B Enocken, Courtney SS

CLASS Fr. Jr. Sr. Fr. Fr. Jr. Jr. So. Jr. Jr.

HT 5-7 5-4 5-11 5-10 5-6 5-6 5-4 5-4 5-1 5-5

NAME Baker, Bradie Barry, Jordan Collins, Callie Forshaw, Rachel Galbraith, Chelsea Karr, Kari McCarroll, Ashley Perez, Elizabeth Rowan, Kersti Thompson, Kallan

CLASS So. Sr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Jr. Fr. So. So. So.

HT 5-6 5-8 5-4 5-7 5-7 5-5 5-6 5-6 5-6 5-6


SOFTBALL SEASON OUTLOOK Texas State Bobcats 2010 Record: 27-26, 20-10 SLC 2011 RPI: 92 Player to Watch: 3B Jenna Emery (.297, 5 HR, 25 RBI)

Stephen F. Austin Ladyjacks

2 0 1 1 C O A C H E S P O L L

Monday, February 21, 2011


2010 Record: 29-20, 20-10 SLC 2011 RPI: 96 Player to Watch: IF Jessica Arana (.309, 6 HR, 20 RBI)

McNeese State Cowgirls 2010 Record: 38-27, 17-13 SLC 2011 RPI: 83 Player to Watch: UT Molly Guidry (.347, 8 HR, 32 RBI)

UTA Mavericks 2010 Record: 29-25, 16-12 SLC 2011 RPI: 106 Player to Watch: 1B Rebecca Collom (.317, 9 HR, 30 RBI)

Texas A&M Corpus Christi Islanders 2010 Record: 35-22, 16-14 SLC 2011 RPI: 112 Player to Watch: OF Hannah Schwarz (.410, 21 RBI, 21 SB)

UTSA Roadrunners 2010 Record: 23-29, 15-15 SLC 2011 RPI: 146 Player to Watch: SS Caitlyn Ivy (.383, 12 HR, 40 RBI)

Central Arkansas Sugar Bears 2010 Record: 25-31, 13-16 SLC 2011 RPI: 205 Player to Watch: DP Shayleen Ristau (.314, 10 HR, 48 RBI)

Nicholls Colonels 2010 Record: 25-22, 16-14 SLC 2011 RPI: 131 Player to Watch: OF Megan Gaspard (.311, 26 R, 16-17 SB)

Sam Houston State Bearkats 2010 Record: 21-28, 13-16 SLC 2011 RPI: 153 Player to Watch: IF Hailey Wiginton (.315, 1 HR, 14 RBI)

Northwestern State Demons 2010 Record: 27-27, 13-17 SLC 2011 RPI: 186 Player to Watch: IF Samantha Roberts (.333, 5 HR, 35 RBI)

Southeastern Louisiana Lions 2010 Record: 11-37, 3-25 SLC 2011 RPI: 238 Player to Watch: IF Katie Duhe (.363, 5 HR, 23 RBI) NOTE: Lamar doesn’t field a softball program.

It’s baseball tim 2011 UTA Softball Schedule DATE TEAM Best Western Marina Grand Invitational Feb. 10 vs. Cleveland State Feb. 11 vs. Loyola-Chicago Feb. 11 at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Feb. 12 at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Feb. 12 vs. Cleveland State



Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Corpus Christi

L 3-1 W 4-2 L 6-1 L 9-0 W 5-1

2011 Aggie Classic Feb. 18 vs. Wichita State Feb. 18 at Texas A&M Feb. 19 vs. Wichita State Feb. 19 at Texas A&M Feb. 20 vs. Texas Southern

College Station College Station College Station College Station College Station

W 8-3 L 6-5 W 5-2 L 4-0 W 10-4

UT Arlington Classic Feb. 25 vs. Centenary Feb. 26 vs. Creighton Feb. 26 TBD Feb. 27 TBD Feb. 28 vs. Tulsa March 1 vs. Texas State * March 1 vs. Texas State * March 2 vs. Texas State *

Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field

3 p.m. 1 p.m. TBA TBA 5 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. 2 p.m.

North Texas Courtyard Classic March 4 vs. Louisiana Tech March 4 vs. Ole Miss March 5 vs. Wichita State March 5 vs. UT-El Paso March 6 vs. Wichita State March 12 at Southeastern Louisiana * March 12 at Southeastern Louisiana * March 13 at Southeastern Louisiana *

Denton Denton Denton Denton Denton Hammond, La. Hammond, La. Hammond, La.

12:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 12:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 12:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 5 p.m. Noon

March 15 at Baylor March 16 at Prairie View A&M March 16 at Prairie View A&M March 19 at Central Arkansas * March 19 at Central Arkansas * March 20 at Central Arkansas * March 26 vs. Nicholls * March 26 vs. Nicholls * March 27 vs. Nicholls * Apr. 2 at UT-San Antonio * Apr. 2 at UT-San Antonio * Apr. 3 at UT-San Antonio * Apr. 6 vs. North Texas Apr. 9 vs. Northwestern State * Apr. 9 vs. Northwestern State * Apr. 10 vs. Northwestern State * Apr. 16 at Stephen F. Austin * Apr. 16 at Stephen F. Austin * Apr. 17 at Stephen F. Austin * Apr. 19 at Texas Apr. 22 vs. Sam Houston State * Apr. 22 vs. Sam Houston State * Apr. 23 vs. Sam Houston State * Apr. 30 at McNeese State * Apr. 30 at McNeese State * May 1 at McNeese State * May 4 at North Texas May 7 vs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi * May 7 vs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi * May 8 vs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi * May 12 Southland Conference Tournament * May 13 Southland Conference Tournament * May 14 Southland Conference Tournament * *Southland Conference game

Waco Prairie View Prairie View Conway, Ark. Conway, Ark. Conway, Ark. Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field San Antonio San Antonio San Antonio Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Austin Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Lake Charles, La. Lake Charles, La. Lake Charles, La. Denton Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Allan Saxe Field Huntsville Huntsville Huntsville

5 p.m. 3 p.m. 5 p.m. 11 a.m. 1 p.m. Noon 1 p.m. 3 p.m. Noon 1 p.m. 3 p.m. Noon 6 p.m. 1 p.m. 3 p.m. 1 p.m. 1 p.m. 3 p.m. Noon 6:30 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. 1 p.m. 1 p.m. 3 p.m. Noon 6 p.m. 1 p.m. 3 p.m. 11 a.m. TBA TBA TBA

Triple the pitching, triple the fun UTA’s new three-pitcher rotation could keep opponents guessing, says coach Debbie Hedrick. BY RANDY MCVAY The Shorthorn staff

Three is better than two. Last season, sophomore pitcher Teri Lyles and alumna Cara Hulme started all but two of the team’s 54 games. But in 2011, head coach Debbie Hedrick wants to outsmart opposing batters with a lethal three-pitcher rotation, anchored by Lyles. Lyles, the returning Southland Conference Freshman of the Year, is the ace of a pitching staff that added freshmen Callie Collins and Alexis Cantu, who are trying to establish themselves as dangerous options in the rotation. Hedrick is confident in what each pitcher brings to the table. “All three of them have different styles that we can use against different teams,” she said. “If they can all use their strengths, it should be really big for us once we get into conference play. It’s always an advantage when you can throw three different pitchers at a team during a series and keep them guessing.” As the only returning starter, Lyles brings a full season of experience into the 2011 season. She had a 1.78 ERA last season and is picked as a preseason second-team All-SLC selection. Hedrick said Lyles relies on a very good drop curve and the ability to work the ball in and out of the strike zone. Collins, a 2010 Texas Sports Writer Association All-State team member at Rusk High School, has already gotten off to a strong start in 2011. During the first two weekend tournaments, she’s 2-1 with a 2.07 ERA in more than 20 innings. Hedrick said Collins’ pitches have a lot of spin and movement with enough velocity to sneak a fastball past a hitter. Collins said she’s looking forward to contributing any way she can for the Mavericks. “I’m very excited about my role on the team. I just have to do my job and stick to what I know as a pitcher,” she said. “We all complement each other really well, and it’s exciting to see what we can do together.” Cantu, who was also an all-state pitcher at Frisco Wakeland High School last season, is the pitcher who can bring the heat. She mixes power and off-speed pitches to confuse hitters and keep them off balance. But Cantu won’t be limited to producing on the mound. Just as Lyles did in 2010, Cantu will be expected to see a lot of time at the plate as a designated player.

Courtesy: Glen Johnson

Sophomore pitcher Teri Lyles throws during the 2011 Aggie Classic in College Station.

A designated player can hit for a defensive player in the lineup. Lyles batted .285 last season and finished second only to Rebecca Collom with 51 hits. Cantu has already made a name for herself at the plate by hitting two home runs and drawing six walks this season. Cantu feels that being a pitcher helps her at the plate as a hitter. “It helps me a lot,” she said. “When I’m at the plate, I think of what I would throw as a pitcher. It also helps me with seeing spins and pitch movement and seeing the ball better.” Because of the different strengths and styles of each pitcher, Hedrick said she

hasn’t ruled out a two-catcher rotation. She feels that if a certain pitcher/catcher combo can get into a good rhythm together, each pitcher can be more effective. Junior Erica LeFlore is the starting catcher heading into 2011, but Hedrick hopes freshman Rachel Forshaw can make an impact as the second catcher. “When you play 56 games, it’s nice to have two catchers that can help,” she said. “If one pitcher/catcher combo gets really comfortable together, I could possibly keep them paired up during the season.” RANDY MCVAY

2011 All-Southland Conference Preseason Softball Team FIRST TEAM Pos. Name C Brittany Tucker 1B Rebecca Collom 2B Caley Jeter 3B Jenna Emery SS Caitlyn Ivy

School Texas A&M-Corpus Christi UTA Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Texas State UT-San Antonio

Class Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr.


Hanna Schwarz Candice Gauntt Cassie Redman Katie Duhe Shay Ristau Chandler Hall Monika Covington

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Central Arkansas Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Southeastern Louisiana Central Arkansas Texas State Stephen F. Austin

Jr. So. Jr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr.

Monday, February 21, 2011

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me in Arlington


With no Choice in the matter, Mavericks must replace production Michael Choice is gone, but UTA returns its senior catcher and Freshman All-American. BY SAM MORTON The Shorthorn sports editor

Last season, head coach Darin Thomas never put a second thought to who would bat third every day he filled out the lineup card. Without a doubt, it was Michael Choice. Choice started every 2010 game in centerfield, posting a .383/.568/.704 slash line, breaking the school’s home run record and reaching base in every single game. He was walked 76 times, stole 12 bases and only had three errors in a season that is generally argued as the greatest in UTA history. While Choice was rewarded by the Oakland Athletics, who selected him with the 10th overall pick in the 2010 MLB Draft, the Mavericks have to figure out a way to replace 16 home runs, 59 RBIs, 67 runs and 138 total bases. Senior catcher Chad Comer said that’s no easy task. In fact, it’s futile to even try. “You can’t replace him, he’s the best athlete I’ve ever been around,” he said. “Guys are going to have to step up and drive in runs.” But as tough as replacing Choice seems, Thomas is grateful that his senior captain, Comer, is around to lead the way in 2011. “No matter who you’re talking about: TCU will miss losing their catcher, Texas will miss losing their catcher,” he said. “There are certain things that you’ve got to have in place. We’ve got a guy that can run a pitching staff, throw people out and keep balls in front of him. He’s hit better every year, and I’m looking for him to have a better year.” Sophomore outfielder Preston Beck, who was tabbed as a Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American in 2010, is another leading candidate to be the rock of the lineup. Beck hit .352 with two home runs and 44 RBIs last year while only striking out 28 times in 233 at-bats. Beck, who hit behind Choice in 24 games last season, said while losing a hitter like Choice leaves a hole, losing his leadership only deepens it. “He’ll be tough to replace,” Beck said. “He was a good guy to work with, because he didn’t just help us out at the plate, but he would always give us tips and helped us out in the outfield, too.” The Mavericks return five players who had more than 30 RBIs in 2010, but it gets


CLASS Fr. Jr. So. Jr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Fr. Sr.

HT 6-0 6-4 6-2 5-10 6-2 6-2 6-3 6-1 6-0

NAME Beck, John Boydston, Adam Day, Lance Dyvig, Cody Garcia, Daniel Hansen, Sam Incaviglia, Philip Jordan, Daniel Krolick, Stephen Lopez, Bryant Merck, Kasey Morales, Michael Morrow, Preston Oberto, Michael Picca, Mark Pinchback, Jake Pritchard, Calan Reynolds, Collin Shorthall, Matt Walker, Brody Weaver, Chase Westbrook, Adam Winn, Kennedy


CLASS Fr. Jr. Jr. So. Fr. So. Jr. So. So. Sr. Fr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Sr. Fr. Jr. Jr. So. Fr. Fr. Jr. So.

HT 6-2 6-0 6-1 5-11 6-0 6-0 5-10 5-11 6-1 5-7 6-1 5-10 6-0 6-1 6-2 5-9 6-0 6-4 6-3 LHP LHP LHP LHP

2010 Record: 38-22, 23-10 SLC 2011 RPI: 49 Player to Watch: P Carson Smith (10-4, 3.10, 94 K)

Southeastern Louisiana Lions 2010 Record: 40-19, 21-12 SLC 2011 RPI: 51 Player to Watch: OF Jeff Harkensee (.325, 6 HR, 47 RBI)

Lamar Cardinals

The Shorthorn: Jacob Adkisson

Sophomore outfielder Preston Beck needs to step up and carry the load for the Mavericks in 2011. Beck hit .352 with two home runs last season.

a uncertain after that. Other than second baseman Cody Dyvig, who had 12, nobody else reached double-digits in RBIs as a Maverick last season. They’ve brought in Michael Guerra, a transfer from Blinn College, who hit .390 with seven home runs and 40 RBIs last season, and Preston Morrow from Eastfield College, to help, but production needs to come from the lower parts of the lineup to help compensate. “The bottom and top parts of our lineup are going to get opportunities to drive in runs,” Comer said. “Usually you’ll get to the eighth guy in the lineup and say, ‘well, he bats eighth.’ He has to drive in those

TIME L 15-5 L 9-0 L 6-4

UT Arlington Classic Feb. 24 vs. Dallas Baptist Feb. 25 vs. South Dakota St. Feb. 26 vs. Missouri State Mar. 1 vs. Oklahoma

Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark

3 p.m. 3 p.m. 3 p.m. 3 p.m.

Dallas Baptist Tournament Mar. 3 vs. Wichita State Mar. 4 at Dallas Baptist Mar. 5 vs. New Orleans Mar. 6 vs. Wichita State Mar. 8 at TCU Mar. 11 at Sam Houston State * Mar. 12 at Sam Houston State * Mar. 13 at Sam Houston State * Mar. 15 vs. TCU Mar. 16 vs. Louisiana Tech Mar. 18 vs. UT-San Antonio * Mar. 19 vs. UT-San Antonio * Mar. 20 vs. UT-San Antonio * Mar. 22 at Baylor Mar. 25 vs. Northwestern State * Mar. 26 vs. Northwestern State * Mar. 27 vs. Northwestern State * Mar. 29 vs. Texas A&M Apr. 1 at Nicholls State * Apr. 2 at Nicholls State *

Dallas Dallas Dallas Clay Gould Ballpark Fort Worth Huntsville Huntsville Huntsville Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Waco Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Thibodaux, La. Thibodaux, La.

1:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 1 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 2 p.m. 1 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 2 p.m. 1 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 2 p.m. 1 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6 p.m. 3 p.m.

runs. That’s what we have to do as a team.” With new regulations introducing duller bats, and the lack of a true power hitter, the Mavericks will need to be creative with their at-bats. Aware that runs will be tougher to come by, they know it means playing small-ball, Comer said. “We’re going to see a lot more steals, more bunts, more sacrificing a guy to second with no outs to give two guys a chance to drive him in,” he said. “It’s going to be tougher to score, so we have to make every run count.” SAM MORTON

Apr. 3 at Nicholls State * Apr. 5 at Dallas Baptist Apr. 8 vs. Southeastern Louisiana * Apr. 9 vs. Southeastern Louisiana * Apr. 10 vs. Southeastern Louisiana * Apr. 12 vs. Baylor Apr. 15 vs. Mcneese State * Apr. 16 vs. Mcneese State * Apr. 17 vs. Mcneese State * Apr. 19 vs. Houston Baptist Apr. 21 at Central Arkansas * Apr. 22 at Central Arkansas * Apr. 23 at Central Arkansas * Apr. 26 at Houston Baptist Apr. 29 at Stephen F. Austin * Apr. 30 at Stephen F. Austin * May 1 at Stephen F. Austin * May 3 at Louisiana Tech May 6 vs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi * May 7 vs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi * May 8 vs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi * May 13 at Lamar * May 14 at Lamar * May 15 at Lamar * May 17 at Texas A&M May 19 vs. Texas State * May 20 vs. Texas State * May 21 vs. Texas State * May 26 Southland Conference Tournament * May 27 Southland Conference Tournament * May 28 Southland Conference Tournament * *Southland Conference game

Thibodaux, La. Dallas Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Conway, Ark. Conway, Ark. Conway, Ark. Houston Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Ruston, La. Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Beaumont Beaumont Beaumont College Station Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark Clay Gould Ballpark San Marcos San Marcos San Marcos

1 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 2 p.m. 1 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 2 p.m. 1 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 1 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 2 p.m. 1 p.m. 6 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 2 p.m. 1 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 2 p.m. 1 p.m. 6:35 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 1 p.m. TBA TBA TBA

School Northwestern State Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Sam Houston State Texas State McNeese State

Class Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Jr.


Bret Atwood Bear Comer Jeff Harkensee Chris Andreas Carson Smith Luke Irvine Tyler Herriage

Texas State Nicholls Southeastern Louisiana Sam Houston State Texas State Northwestern State Stephen F. Austin

2010 Record: 35-26, 16-27 SLC 2011 RPI: 116 Player to Watch: P Eric Harrington (8-3, 5.02 ERA)

Northwestern State Demons 2010 Record: 36-21, 22-10 SLC 2011 RPI: 64 Player to Watch: P Luke Irvine (7-4, 2.91 ERA)

Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks 2010 Record: 34-20, 20-12 SLC 2011 RPI: 91 Player to Watch: P Tyler Herriage (8-4, 2.89 ERA)

McNeese State Cowboys 2010 Record: 31-27, 16-17 SLC 2011 RPI: 123 Player to Watch: SS Jace Peterson (.353, 4 HR, 49 RBI, 35-40 SB)

Sam Houston State Bearkats 2010 Record: 19-36, 11-22 SLC 2011 RPI: 198 Player to Watch: DH Chris Andreas (.376, 7 HR, 41 RBI)

UT-San Antonio Roadrunners 2010 Record: 22-28, 13-20 SLC 2011 RPI: 141 Player to Watch: 2B Ryan Hutson (.348, 14 HR, 43 RBI)

UT-Arlington Mavericks 2010 Record: 29-31, 19-14 SLC 2011 RPI: 126 Player to Watch: OF Preston Beck (.352, 2 HR, 44 RBI)

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Islanders 2010 Record: 20-33-1, 11-22 SLC 2011 RPI: 203 Player to Watch: 1B Trey Hernandez (.361, 17 HR, 63 RBI)

Nicholls Colonels

2011 All-Southland Conference Preseason Baseball Team FIRST TEAM Pos. Name C Aaron Munoz 1B Trey Hernandez 2B Braeden Riley 3B Kyle Kubitza SS Jace Peterson

NO. 19 13 24 7 6 18 10 4 20 3 35 29 38 21 23 2 37 34 40 17 33 36 41


Texas State Bobcats

LOCATION Houston Houston Houston

at Houston at Houston at Houston


NAME Walker, Ryan Vaughn, Jordan Beck, Preston Guerra, Michael Comer, Chad Payne, Jesse Nephew, Brian McCall, Greg Orr, Nick


2011 UTA Baseball Schedule DATE Feb. 18 Feb. 19 Feb. 20

NO. 11 25 5 32 16 12 9 15 26

Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Sr.

2010 Record: 27-29, 15-18 2011 RPI: 151 Player to Watch: OF Bear Comer (.372, 30 RBI, 16-23 SB)

Central Arkansas Bears 2010 Record: 19-35-1, 10-22-1 SLC 2011 RPI: 215 Player to Watch: 1B Blake Roberts (.341, 6 HR, 38 RBI)

2 0 1 1 C O A C H E S P O L L

about opinion Johnathan Silver, editor Opinion is published Monday and Wednesday. Page 6

OPiniOn The ShorThorn

remember The Shorthorn invites students, university employees and alumni to submit guest columns to the Opinion page. Monday, February 21, 2011

eDitorial/our view

Education would take a backseat Plans to reduce federal aid would hurt students President Barack Obama said America’s success depends on what students get from higher education. if such success is reliant on higher education, then cutting the funds that would afford students that education would be counterproductive. Obama and Republicans in Congress both revealed budget proposals that would cut Federal Pell Grant funds. in the Republicans’ plan, the maximum grant awarded would be cut by $845. Obama’s plan is just as unforgiving with a proposal to end Pell Grants for summer semesters. Higher education in Texas is getting hit from both sides. The Texas Legislature is considering a budget plan that would cut 41 percent of TEXAS Grant funds that would affect tens of thousands of students in Texas. it’s time for UTA to err on the side of caution and provide a net for students, as the federal government and the state are leaving higher education behind. The Financial Aid Office should locate other forms of aid besides grants and loans students are eligible for. Students ought to contact the Financial Aid Office in Davis Hall Room 252 or at 817-272-3561. Obama’s vision for winning the future is tested by state and federal budget shortfalls. “Over the next 10 years, nearly half of all new jobs will require education that goes beyond a high school education. And yet, as many as a quarter of our students aren’t even finishing high school,” he said in the State of the Union address earlier this year. “The quality of our math and science education lags behind many other nations. America has fallen to ninth in the proportion of young people with a college degree. And so the question is whether all of us – as citizens, and as parents – are willing to do what’s necessary to give every child a chance to succeed.” Cutting funds that help out the eight million students who benefit from Federal Pell Grants isn’t a necessary step for the government to take. in fact, it’s counterproductive to what Obama said he wants for the United States. Millions of students are greatly invested in the funds they already enjoy from the government. They can’t be deserted now. — The Shorthorn editorial board

Discombobulation by Houston Hardaway

Since 1919

The Shorthorn: Thea Blesener

research will elevate uta to tier one Access to neuroimaging equipment would help departments


recently authored a Student Congress resolution in favor of increasing focus on neuroimaging access as a path to Tier One. As a psychology major and research assistant for psychology assistant professor Timothy Odegard, it came to my attention that we should set ourselves apart through improvement of our research infrastructure. Currently, UTA researchers are pursuing diverse neuroimaging research investigating all ages from children with dyslexia to memory declines in the elderly. These are some of the important things that can be studied through brain imaging. The researchers represent a diverse group of individuals from departments like Bioengineering, Psychology, Linguistics and the College of Education and Health Professions. With neuroimaging as a major funding priority for both the national Science Foundation and the national institutes of Health, there could be more money available for institutions with improved facilities. Unfortunately, researchers at UTA must pay to use imaging equipment at other institutions. This results in federal funding funneling to other institutions. Our current process is time consuming

shannon bates bates is a psychology senior and guest columnist for the shorthorn. Join the discussion by commenting at and expensive, and it complicates the process of actually conducting research because schedules must be coordinated with facilities miles away. This process drastically limits the ability of UTA researchers to acquire the preliminary data to successfully compete for the federal dollars needed to sustain neuroimaging research and catapult UTA to Tier One. Why doesn’t Arlington have a scanner easily accessible for research use when it could do so much for our research? Well, good question. Why would an investment in neuroimaging be good for the future of the university? it would increase the ability of the

university to train science and engineering students in tools of the future. Master’s and doctoral students need training opportunities that prepare them for their futures. All signs point to neuroimaging as something that is here to stay. it would allow also the university to provide necessary infrastructure to better justify funding. One recent national institutes of Health grant submission from a UTA investigator had a price tag of $3.1 million. Justification of such a large federal expenditure requires considerable amounts of preliminary data. it would allow the university to better compete for highly sought after faculty for our university. The university should strive to provide its students and faculty with the equipment for success. The recent completion of the Engineering Research Building allows exploration into more opportunities for improvement. Seeking Tier One status means we will need to stand out. We need to act like a Tier One school and look like a Tier One school before we receive the designation. Tier One should follow our research as something of an overdue recognition, not simply precede the best that is yet to come.


Sexual assault: Something no one should go through Editor’s note: CBS News reported Tuesday that Lara Logan, the organization’s chief foreign correspondent, was separated from her crew and sexually assaulted on Feb. 11 while covering Egypt protests and celebrations after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s stepped down. What happened to Lara Logan in Egypt was terrible. A sexual assault is an experience that no one should ever have to go through. The worst part is that it happens every day. it’s not just something that journalists experience in other countries, but it’s a horrible crime committed in neighborhoods throughout the world and even here in our own town. What i think can be learned from Logan’s experience is that you can never be too careful, especially if you are in the media. Women in the media are constantly surrounded by crime. That’s what’s

Editor-in-chiEf Dustin L. Dangli E-mail

in the news, unfortunately. As a communication major, i expect to one day be involved with the media myself. i can only hope that i will be able to anticipate danger and be prepared to enter into dangerous areas if needed. For now, i can be safe by not walking alone at night and knowing how to respond to dangerous situations. i think it’s important that every student knows how to contact the UTA Police or local authorities if they need help. i hate what happened to Logan, but we can all learn from her experience. i know from personal experience how much something like this can affect your life. i hope crimes like this, both at home and overseas, will not continue to happen. Logan is a brave individual who should never have had to suffer such a crime.

— Britney Taylor is a public relations senior

The Shorthorn is the official student newspaper of the University of Texas at Arlington and is published four times weekly during fall and spring semesters, and weekly during the summer sessions. Unsigned editorials are the opinion of thE Shorthorn Editorial Board and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of individual student writers or editors, Shorthorn advisers

Logan won’t be the last female reporter sexually assaulted What happened to Lara Logan was a sad and scary tragedy. it proves no matter how far women have come to gain respect from the opposite sex in America, it can mean absolutely nothing on the other side of the world. As a female reporter, i’m reminded that my gender can be easily exploited or overpowered in the dangerous situations that a journalism career sometimes entails. i’m praying for peace in Egypt and for the healing of Logan and her family. The scariest thought is knowing that she won’t be the last female reporter this will happen to if reinforced protection isn’t provided for female reporters sent into situations where mobs are likely to break out.

— Christine nicholson is a reporter and editor for UTA Radio and UTA news

or university administration. lEttErS should be limited to 300 words. They may be edited for space, spelling, grammar and malicious or libelous statements. Letters must be the original work of the writer and must be signed. For identification purposes, letters also must include the writer’s full name, address and telephone number, although the address and telephone number

will not be published. Students should include their classification, major and their student iD number, which is for identification purposes. The student iD number will not be published. Signed columns and letters to the editor reflect the opinion of the writer and serve as an open forum for the expression of facts or opinions of interest to The Shorthorn’s readers.

Monday, February 21, 2011



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PAID EGG DONORS for up to 6 donations + Expenses. N/ smokers, ages 18-27, SAT>1100/ ACT>24GPA>3.0

PERSONALS HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, DEAR! Mahal Kita! -M CALLING ALL STUDENTS/ FACULTY interested in new campus group dedicated to music and art! Please contact Josh at

EMPLOYMENT CHILDCARE FIRST BAPTIST CHILD development center. A ministry of First Baptist Church, Arlington. Full time position & part time available, morning & afternoon. contact Louise Michell @ 817 276 6492 CHILDCARE NEEDED FOR 1st grader after school pick up from school at 3:15 drive home or to piano or karate lessons, help with homework. 3:15- 7:30 Must drive and own car. Call for further info (678) 920 4596

Nye continued from page 1

the lecture through Facebook. They both thought it would be something fun, so they decided to get tickets. Friedlander said she was surprised at how fast they sold. “We got up early to get them. We thought maybe they would sell out fast, but we weren’t sure. We had no idea they would go that fast,” she said. This was the fastest sellout of the series since it began, because everyone is looking forward to the lecture, said Seth Ressl, Greek Life and University Events director. “He is a speaker that the uni-

- Reporters Get a job description and an application TODAY! Student Publications Dept. University Center, lower level. All are paid positions for UTA students. For more information call (817) 272-3188 STUDENTPAYOUTS. COM Paid Survey Takers needed in Arlington. 100% FREE to join. Click on Surveys.

versity is really excited about, and students are really excited about,” he said. Sullivan said anyone who was unable to get a ticket can still come to the event, since some people reserve tickets and are unable to use them. She said to go to the Texas Hall box office at 6:30 p.m. the night of the event. “We will release open seats before the 7:30 p.m. lecture begins, and patrons will be seated on a first-come, first-serve basis,” she said via e-mail. Cindy Moore has a daughter who attends classes at UTA and her husband is an alumnus. She said they try to attend all the Maverick Speakers Series events. Moore said she used to watch Nye with her children, and even when






THE SHORTHORN is seeking a work-study student for the following position;

!BARTENDING! $250/ DAY potential! No experience nec, Training available, 18+ok 1-800-965-6520x137

HOMES 700SQFT, 1/1 ON CAMPUS! Un/Furnished, Wood/Tile/Carpet, Huge Bedroom/Bathroom/Closet. Pets Welcome $500 (817)868-0241

BARTENDER APPRENTICE wanted $$$$$$$$$$$$ Showdown (817)-233-5430

ROOMMATES FIND A ROOMMATE 2 bed 2 bath $360/month all bills paid 50% divide. 817323-9782

- Receptionist Mon/ Wed/ Fri 12:30-5, Tues/ Thurs 3-5 Apply online thru SNAPjob; www.uta. edu/ hr/ careers or call for more information. (817) 272-3188 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WELCOME Need P/ T telephone help 7am-12 midnight flexible. Good computer skills, Excel. Accounting, marketing, human resources, IT majors. $200-300/ wk. (682)552-6540 (817)8458820 EARN $1000-$3200 A month to drive our brand new cars with ads placed on them. www.

HIRING IMMEDIATELY Nice family looking for energetic, creative, focused & fun young woman to work w/ our lovely daughter w/ disabilities. Prefer Nursing Students and exp., but will train everyone, pt or ft, flex hrs. Very close to UTA. You will work w/ other fantastic UTA students. $10/ hr. Call for interview. Mr. & Mrs. Phillips (817) 265-6009

GENERAL THE SHORTHORN is currently accepting applications for the following positions for the Spring Semester;



Marketing & Development Intern for Cassata High School. Position works in communications, marketing and special events. Mass communication or public admin major preferred. 10 hours/ week required. Flexible hours. Email hparker@cassatahs. org with resume. (817) 926-1745 HOSPITALITY/SERVICE !BARTENDING! $250/ DAY potential! No experience nec, Training available, 18+ok 1-800-965-6520x137

OFFICE/CLERICAL ARLINGTON INS. AGENCY Week days 2-5 p.m. Great phone skills, fast learner, good attitude. $9.00 per hour, raise at 90 days. call 817-261-5777 SEEKING EMPLOYMENT FINANCE MAJOR with real estate education seeking employment. Email michael.hartman10@ for copy of resume.


N UTA Boulevard

SWEET Center

Garden site Summit Avenue


versity’s sustainability initiative, while also providing a teaching tool for students. The School of Urban and Public Affairs will study the garden’s effect on property values and social effects. The agenda also said the garden was designed by students in the School of Architecture. UTA contributed about half an acre of land to the project, which will be located west of and adjacent to the Southwest Environmental Education Training Center at 406 Summer Ave. Larry Harrison, Mechanical Operations and Grounds director, said a lot of thought went into the garden’s location. “The community garden thought has been going on for a couple of

years,” he said. “We visited several sites at UTA to come up with the best place to put it, and we believe we have that place.” Harrison said the city’s involvement has already been significant. “We already have more than 100 volunteers from the community who will be helping to manage the project,” Harrison said. Officially, the garden will be managed jointly by UTA and the City of Arlington. The city is supplying up to $50,000 to fund the project, and another $7,000 annually for water. “It’s another example of the university working with the city,” Spaniolo said. “We’re providing the land, the city’s providing the cost.” Last year the city and UTA collaborated with First Baptist Church of Arlington to start construction on College Park.

Davis Drive

thoughts and actions. He said he would often get angry and throw fits on the field. His father told him to use that anger as energy to do push-ups, bat swings and run, he said. “The secret to your success and happiness will carry you through the bad times. In the bad times, love will carry you through,” he said. Ripken also emphasized that competing with one’s self, setting goals and being honest will lead to self-growth and self-control. Instead of letting events control someone, he or she needs to challenge conventional thought and think how he or she can make situations better, he said. Ripken explained that people can either sit back or be proactive. They should not accept the fact that they don’t have any control. “You can’t have long-term success until you’re willing to be prepared and to work for it,” he said. Arlington resident Brandon Roberts said Ripken hit home with all eight points of his lecture. “I loved it. It’s good to hear someone you idolized when growing up,” he said. “It’s good for kids and adults. Especially when you’re trying to get a leg up and develop your mind.” After the presentation, fans rushed the stage to get autographs, which Ripken stayed and signed for about an hour. Roberts left Texas Hall with a baseball autographed by Ripken.

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Greek Row Drive The Shorthorn: File Art

FUTURE GARDEN SITE The garden will be located west of the SWEET Center at Davis Drive and UTA Boulevard.

they were older she continued to watch the show. She said she was unable to get the three tickets she wanted for the event and she probably won’t go to the box office before the lecture to see if she can get seats. “I didn’t realize the massive following he has,” she said. “I doubt that anyone will give up their seats — they will probably hand them over to a friend.” The Maverick Speakers Series is in its third season and has included speakers such as chef Rick Bayless, journalist Lisa Ling and documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.


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a success. “A big reason the Super Bowl was played here was that iconic stadium,” Cluck said. “The stadium will still be there in five years. People will still want to play there.” The NFL owners would likely make a decision at the end of this year, because they are still focusing on the 2015 game, said Brett Daniels, Dallas Cowboys corporate communications senior director. He said this year’s game was an overall success. “I think the teams that participated and owners that came to town had a great experience,” he said. The city and Cowboys are also preparing plans to ensure major issues from Super Bowl XLV would not happen next time. Daniels said a thorough review of the process for adding temporary seating would be done. Cluck said adding seats should be started at least six months before the game to ensure safety. Daniels said the Cowboys have reached out to HKS Architects, the company that designed the stadium, to find ways to prevent ice buildup and subsequent falling ice. Cluck said despite having few traffic issues, some people had to wait in security lines for more than two hours when entering the stadium. He said more security personnel should be present to speed up the process. “We had some issues along the way,” Daniels said. “We learned to do better.” ALI AMIR MUSTANSIR

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Monday, February 21, 2011





Houston sweeps UTA to start season

Mavs lose momentum, fold 66-57 at Texas Hall

Mavs tame Lions in overtime, 68-66

UTA never led for a full inning in its season-opening series at Houston, dropping all three games by a combined 30-9 score at Cougar Field in Houston. Houston wasted no time jumping all over UTA, tagging junior starter Collin Reynolds for five runs in the first inning Friday night en route to a 15-5 loss. Sophomore outfielder Preston Beck went 5-for-13 on the weekend, and had a hit in every game to extend his hit streak to 23 games. Beck said there wasn’t one specific reason the Mavericks struggled this weekend. “You can’t score anyone if there isn’t a runner, you can’t get batters out if you fall behind,� Beck said. “We’re all accountable.�

GAME BALLER Rashima Jenkins, SE Louisiana: Jenkins finished with 18 points, five assists and five rebounds after scoring 12 points in the second half to lead Southeastern Louisiana to a comeback win over UTA. GAME FLOW 1st Half: 29-17 UTA The Mavericks started the game on a 17-5 run and looked to have control since the Lions only had two field goals with 8:33 left in the half. Then the Lions started hitting shots to cut the lead to 21-17, but the Mavericks ended the half on an 8-0 run.

— Sam Morton


Team wins three, loses two in Classic The Mavericks beat Wichita State twice and Texas Southern this weekend, but lost both games to Texas A&M in the 2011 Aggie Classic in College Station. “[Texas] A&M is ranked No. 23 and we challenged them really well,� head coach Debbie Hedrick said. “It says a lot about this team, especially when you can have two good games in a row against them.� Senior first baseman Rebecca Collom continued to terrorize pitchers this weekend, going 10for-17 with four doubles and a home run. Collom is now hitting .444 on the season. Collom started a comeback against Wichita State with a solo home run and a go-ahead RBI double as the Mavs cruised. — Randy McVay

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The Shorthorn: Aisha Butt

Senior forward Shalyn Martin and a Lions defender look to the referee for a call as they fight for possession during the UTA’s 66-57 loss against Southeastern Louisiana Saturday in Texas Hall.

UTA blew a 12-point halftime lead to drop to ninth in the conference. BY TRAVIS DETHERAGE The Shorthorn staff

It looked like smooth sailing when the Mavericks went into halftime with a 12-point lead against a Southeastern Louisiana team that had lost eight of nine games. But after only scoring 17 points in the first half, the Lions scored 49 second-half points to stun the Mavericks with a 66-57 comeback Saturday in Texas Hall. The Lions used a full-court press for the entire second half that took the Mavericks out of their offensive rhythm. It forced 13 Maverick turnovers and gave the Lions opportunities for easy baskets.

Head coach Samantha Morrow said the team showed a lack of effort coming out of halftime. “We didn’t execute our game plan,� she said. “I felt like they just out-played us, and they wanted to win more than we did.� Morrow said the full-court press used to cause turnovers didn’t catch them by surprise. “We had some unforced turnovers, maybe about four or five, and they created some,� she said. “But no, it didn’t fool us.� The Mavericks missed 27 shots in the second half and missed 32 shots in the paint. Senior forward Shalyn Martin, who finished with 21 points, said the offense rushed its shots in the second half. “They weren’t doing anything defensively to cause us problems on offense,� she said.

2nd Half: 66-57 SE Louisiana The Lions opened up the second half with a full-court press that gave the Mavericks problems for the majority of the half. The Lions rode that press to take their first lead with 10:06 to play and never looked back. The Mavericks never regained the lead. After the Lions went up by five less than two minutes later, the Mavericks would never get within four. IT WAS OVER WHEN... The Lions made three straight free throws to go up by eight with 31 seconds left in the game.

“They were just getting a lot of easy looks offensively.� Senior guard Tamara Simmons said the team came out flat to start the second half. “We were prepared as far as the coaches telling us what we need to do,� she said. “To an extent, I feel like we were doing the best we could, but I don’t know why they had so much success offensively.� With only four games left, the Mavericks find themselves on the outside looking in as far as the Southland Conference Tournament hopes go. They sit in ninth place and a Wednesday trip to topranked McNeese State looms. TRAVIS DETHERAGE

Brandon Edwards tipped in a missed layup to seal the win. BY JOSH BOWE The Shorthorn senior staff

The Mavericks are developing a taste for the theatrical. For the second consecutive game, UTA pulled out a nail-biter, winning an overtime battle over Southeastern Louisiana, 68-66, Saturday in Hammond, La. Freshman forward Brandon Edwards tipped in a missed layup by freshman guard Shaquille White-Miller with 2.7 seconds left in overtime to get the victory. “I just did what I do best and that is go after the ball and rebound,� Edwards said in a press release. “I was in the right place at the right time. I just tried to play with energy today and it paid off for us.� Edwards only played 18 minutes, but head coach Scott Cross felt he made the most of them, playing clutch defense down the stretch. “He did a lot of good things defensively,� he said. “He had a huge block and then he comes up big in crunch time and hits two free throws.� The two free throws pulled the game within one at 47-46 with less than 13 minutes to play. The teams exchanged blows until the final minutes when junior forwards Bo Ingram and LaMarcus Reed converted back-to-back drives to the basket giving UTA a 63-60 lead with 2:40 to go in regulation. The Mavericks then failed to score down the stretch as the Lions tied the game on a free throw. Sophomore forward Cameron Catlett nailed a gamewinning jumper at the buzzer, but it was waved off after officials viewed the instant replay and deemed he didn’t shoot in time. They called a shot clock violation since the shot clock and game clock were almost matched. Catlett finished the game

with 12 points on 5-of-8 shooting. “He came along in the second half,� Cross said. “He made some plays and got a couple of assists.� Reed finished a point behind Ingram for the scoring lead on Saturday, 13-12, but Cross said Reed might have played his best overall game of the season. Along with his 12 points, he finished with a career-high 14 rebounds, four assists, one steal, one block and only one turnover. He also shot 4-of-5 from the field. “I think this game shows his toughness. For one, he has an ankle injury, doesn’t miss any practice and is right back in there,� Cross said. “He was hobbled by it, but he still played his best all-around game of the year.� Reed’s rebounding efforts helped the Mavericks dominate the boards, 48-29. The team’s defense returned to its stifling self by holding the Lions to 32.3 percent shooting, including a 1-for-6 mark in overtime that helped UTA seal the win. “We did play great defense and we rebounded, and those are two huge things,� Cross said. But the other factor Cross has in his formula for winning, turnovers, were a problem again. UTA committed 22 turnovers, compared to SLU’s nine. The discrepancy in turnovers explains why the game was so close despite the Mavericks out-shooting the Lions 47.9 percent to 32.3 percent. The Lions had 14 more shot attempts (62 to 48). Cross said the Mavericks will continue to work on turnovers, but right now just wants his team to keep bringing the energy like they did Saturday. “The biggest thing is our guys have to continue to play with energy,� he said. “We’re going to be in every game, we’ve got to play at a high energy level for 40 [minutes].� JOSH BOWE




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