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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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residents the chance to interact with other residents through social networking, Davidson said. Splaysoft Principal Brian Duvall said they built an app series that focuses on geographic locations “We’ve started with the 50 largest cities and this includes Arlington,” he said. Splaysoft’s applications are designed to give residents the opportunity to recommend areas to other locals without relying on mainstream media, Duvall said. “It’s easy to get world news online, but what about local informa-

tion, recommendations or perspectives from other locals who actually live there?” he said. “Who knows Arlington better than other Arlington residents and students?” Future enhancements to myArlington may include geographic-specific multimedia recommendations, so a user can see what the most popular movies, music and apps are for Arlington, Duvall said. “Geographic focus will be an important niche in the iPhone app market going forward,” he said. “Most of us are not globe trotters, we tend to live, work, shop, dine and follow news locally.” John harden

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Possible tobacco ban most popular on SC boards

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Computer science graduate students Jing Wang and Huaisong Xu install the wireless sensor network on the Life Science Building green roof in 2008. Yonghe Liu, computer science assistant professor, along with Wang and Xu, designed the network that measure the light, soil growth and soil temperature on the green roof.

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climate specific. What works in one place may not work here.” The first green roof will still be under observation when the next project is complete — a green roof on the under-construction Engineering Research Building. The engineering green roof won’t be as valuable for research as the one on the Life Science Building, Hopman said. “The engineering green roof will be more for aesthetics,” he said. “It will be on the north side of the building, which will be problematic. There won’t be as much sunlight for the plants that need it.”

Hopman explained the two types of green roofs. The one on the Life Science Building is extensive, which means that it has a thin soil layer and requires little maintenance. The Engineering Research Complex will have an intensive green roof, which will require 24 to 36 inches of soil as opposed to the 4 inches of the self-sustaining system. The engineering green roof will be more than just aesthetically pleasing, Hall said. “The overall goal is that it’s easy to maintain,” he said. “It will have a large underground storage for rainwater that will be used to irrigate the roof, it will have native plants that will require little to no maintenance, and it will utilize light shells to reduce the load of

electric lighting in the day time.” Psychology junior Bailey Bishop said she would like to see the campus utilize green roofs. “Every building should have one if it helps the environment,” she said. “It’s unused space, so we might as well make them more efficient.” For Bishop, the university’s effort toward helping the environment is a source of pride. “It’s pretty cool that UTA is the first school to have a project like this in North Texas,” she said. “It makes me proud to be a part of the school.”

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The SC opinion boards have been postponed until next week to be used for different topics. They were cancelled Tuesday because of windy weather. The comments will be typed, put into a database, used for recommendations to the administration and possible resolutions. SC President Kent Long said students against the possible changes to Ransom Hall amount for a huge number of the responses. The possible changes to Ransom Hall would replace the 24/7 computer lab with a freshman success center, which would include advising, testing, tutoring and most services first-year undergraduates would need. Long said responses regarding a possible tobacco ban were close to equal on both sides. Under education, the dialogue focused on e-books, while football dominated the miscellaneous category. The proposed tobacco ban would eliminate all tobacco use on campus, ticketing those in violation with the option to attend a cessation class instead of paying the fine on first and second offenses. SC program director Aaron Resendez said the topic that had the most comments was the proposed smoking ban. “So many people have strong

PossibLe resoLutions from the oPinion boards • A resolution that would change handicapped seating in Texas Hall so handicapped individuals can see when auditorium guests stand. • A resolution that would replace the piano in the Connection Café with a new one.

opinions about smoking,” he said. The most popular categories that followed were miscellaneous, changes to Ransom Hall and cost of tuition and books. “We’ve had to in a way censor some of the comments, not take away the meaning at all, but take away the vulgar language,” said SC Parliamentarian Marcia Vasquez. “We’re taking everything into consideration.” SC has been approached by other organizations’ members about using the boards for their suggested topics, Resendez said. The Graduate Student Senate would like to use the opinion boards to reach its constituents on topics such as parking, tuition, Ransom Hall concerns and the shuttle bus services, said Jenny Blankenship, GSS public relations officer.

— Bryan Bastible

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