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Thursday february 12, 2009

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Love is in the PuLse The Shorthorn has tips for wooing your valentine.

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Events center vote held today the ut system Board of Regents will decide on the proposal in Austin. by bryan bastible the shorthorn staff

The special events center was approved Wednesday afternoon by the Facilities

Planning and Construction Committee of the UT System Board of Regents. The project is part of an amendment for the fiscal years 2009-14 Capital Improvement Program, which passed by a voice vote unanimously. The full board votes on the

proposal today in Austin. According to the agenda, the facility’s estimated $73 million cost would be paid with $28 million from Revenue Financing System bond proceeds, $10 million in gifts and $35 million in Unexpended Plant funds. Unexpended Plant

funds is cash the university has at hand, said Michael O’Donnell, associate vice chancellor for Facilities Planning and Construction Committee. He said at the meeting he doesn’t believe the university has received the gifts yet, but the school is capable of raising it.

The center was one of 10 possible additions to the fiscal 2009-2014 Capital Improvement Program brought before the committee. The committee approved all of the additions concerning the CIP but deferred No. 6, which was regarding a new bookstore for UT-Dallas.

The center, which would be located between Pecan and Center Streets across from Arlington Hall, is intended to host events like graduation ceremonies, convocations and athletic events. bryan bastible


Bridge to ease traffic near I-30 progressing

student liFe

the construction is part of a project that aims to make downtown Arlington more accessible and i-30 less congested. by sarah lutz the shorthorn staff

Construction on Interstate 30 and additional area bridges nears the first milestone in the project designed to open traffic flow on I-30 at Collins and Center streets. Although the construction isn’t complete, commuting students can look forward to less congested roadways when the Center Street bridge opens to divert traffic from the Collins Street overpass, said Fiona Allen, capital investments deputy city manager. “On the new Collins Street bridge, we’re going to have what we call a one-way couplet,” she said. “The construction that needs to be done on Collins and I-30 is in a very small space, and we’re concerned about traffic congestion.” Allen said beginning in late February, northbound Collins traffic would continue using the existing bridge while southbound lanes would be diverted onto Lamar Boulevard, then over the new Center Street bridge, onto Road to Six Flags Street and finally back to Collins Street. “Back when we planned this way before the I-30 continues on page 3A

under construction

the shorthorn: Jacob Adkisson

Off the Course

Above: Honors College Council showcases its golf cart Wednesday on the university Center mall during the homecoming Golf Cart Parade.

Homecoming Golf Cart Parade grows in size and skill by sarah lutz the shorthorn staff

Students flooded the sidewalk on the University Center mall scrambling for candy, T-shirts and other goodies during the Homecoming Golf Cart Parade. The parade was expanded this year to include any group that wanted to participate, due to the success of last year’s parade, UTA Ambassador Toni Alvarez said. Last year, only certain organizations or departments could par-

Left: An Arlington Hall Pirates sign is bound to the top of their golf cart Wednesday on the university Center mall.

ticipate. More than 30 groups participated this year. “It’s everything from Student Governance to Greek Life to Multicultural [Affairs], just about everything — even Wells Fargo is here,” she said. “It’s just our version of a Homecoming parade. Instead of doing it with floats, we’re doing golf carts just to make it our own tradition.” Parade participants could win GoLf continues on page 3A the shorthorn: Jacob Adkisson

the shorthorn: Brad Borgerding

student aFFairs

Mediation services offered the program aims to help resolve student conflicts and disputes. by caroline basile Contributor to the shorthorn

University administrators have implemented mediation services to help students resolve disputes with fellow students. Established this semester, the program aims to aid students who have conflicts concerning anything from living arrangements to relationships. By adding these services, the

university looks to help address student conflicts before they escalate. “There are situations where students have had to be referred to Student Conduct, and then there is a judicial record,” said Frank Lamas, Student Affairs vice president. “This gives them the opportunity to resolve issues in mediation and a neutral environment.” The services, which are not tied to any university offices, will also be available to student organizations and group members.

mediation services 817-272-3108

Student Conduct Director Heather Snow added that even disputes between couples could be resolved via the program. “A good example is if you’re part of a fraternity and you don’t get along with another fraternity,” Snow said. “Those two organizations could come medIAtIon continues on page 3A


False fire alarm disrupts lunch Dust in a janitor’s closet led to the evacuation of students from the uC. taiba sheerin ahmad and Johnathan silver Contributors to the shorthorn

A fire alarm disrupted lunch at 12:43 p.m. Wednesday at the University Center. Dust in a janitor’s closet caused the fire alarm to go off, said Robert Smith, Fire and Life Safety assistant director. “The fire alarm was only

detecting what it was designed to do,” he said. Confused students were forced to evacuate but questioned why. “I was having lunch when I just looked up and saw the emergency sign go off,” said engineering freshman Michael Razo. “I wasn’t sure if it was an actual emergency or just a drill.” The best thing to do was to evacuate, he said. Mike Knox, Student Affairs assistant vice president, said false alarms have

gone off six or seven times in the past 18 months. “This is the first alarm during lunch,” he said. Engineering junior Cynthia Brown said she was amazed that no one ignored the alarm, instead leaving in an organized manner. Organized evacuation is something the university trains students for by using fire drills, she said. taiba sheerin ahmad Johnathan silver news-edit

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Calendar submissions must be made by 4 p.m. two days prior to run date. To enter your event, call 817-272-3661 or log on to




Art Exhibition — Michelle Dizon/ Vincent Valdez: 10 a.m.–5 p.m., The Gallery at UTA. Free. For information, contact Patricia Healy at 817-272-5658 or Darwin Day ’09: all day, 100 Nedderman Hall. Free. For information, contact Ellen Pritham at 817-272-0981 or

Wesley Foundation Event: noon, 311 UTA Blvd. Free food and devotional. For information, contact Wesley Foundation at 817-274-6282. Healthy Relationships: 1–2 p.m., 216 Davis Hall. For information, contact Counseling Services at 817-272-3671. Global Grounds International Coffee Hour: 4–5:30 p.m., University Center Palo Duro Lounge. Free. For information, contact Julie Holmer at 817-272-2355 or jholmer@ Graduate Student Workshop — Thesis and Dissertation, Part 1: 4–6 p.m., 311B Ransom Hall. Free. For information, contact Lisa Berry at 817-272-2688 or lberry@uta. edu. Graduate Research Seminars — Multiple Disciplines: 4–6 p.m., B20 Central Library. Free. For information, call Michelle Buchanan at 817-2727047. NPHC Homecoming Step Show: 7 p.m., Texas Hall. $5 for UTA students and $10 for the general public. Cash only. For information, contact Multicultural Affairs at 817-272-2099 or multicultural_affairs@uta. edu.


Thursday, February 12, 2009





Mostly Sunny • High 72°F • Low 51°F

Mostly Sunny • High 74°F • Low 39°F

Program takes dorm residents to the MAC, brings health experts in In high school, George Wentworth never worked out. But with the availability of the Maverick Activities Center and programs like Wellness Zone, the psychology freshman is making a conscious effort to stay fit. “Now I work out three times a week,” he said. Campus Recreation and University Housing started Wellness Zone in Trinity House in 2006 as a way to help students develop healthier habits, said Dustin Vincent, Trinity Hall Council president. Many people joined for the same reason he did — it allows people to work out as a group because most people don’t want to go to the gym alone. “It sounded cool,” Vincent said. “I’m in ROTC and it’s all about fitness.” Tuesday marked Wellness Zone’s first event for the semester called Trinity Night at the MAC. About 20 Trinity House residents competed in a version of the “Amazing Race.” Participants ran around the MAC, completing different challenges at various stations. The search helped people discover the different amenities offered, said Joshelin Kantor, Trinity House residence director. Wentworth’s favorite challenge was one he called “the flipper run” where contestants had to do a quick sprint in scuba flippers. “I’d do it if they made it an Olympic sport,” he said. Besides trips to the gym, Wellness Zone hosts events to bring the gym to Trinity House. Personal trainers and fitness experts give yoga instruction and exer-

Above: Nursing junior Faviola Gutierrez skateboards on her stomach across the racquetball court Tuesday as part of the Trinity Night at the Maverick Activities Center. This event was open to Trinity House residents as an introduction to the amenities the MAC has to offer. Right: Psychology freshman George Wentworth and architecture junior Geoffrey Albanese play the Nintendo Wii against each other as a part of Trinity Night at the MAC.

cise demonstrations to the group. Wellness Zone also offers nutrition help to members. Their next event is “Build Your Own Pizza Party,” which will offer ideas for healthier toppings, followed by a discussion on nutrition and food labels. Aerospace engineering junior Jay Greene has been a member of Wellness Zone for three years and said it has helped him make better choices. “I’ve become a lot more active,” he said. “And I watch what I eat now.” Vincent said the program educates people about ways to create healthier habits like planning study times and drug and alcohol awareness. During the

Trinity House Spring Break Bash, Wellness Zone educates residents about alcohol with “mocktails” and even a mock field sobriety test. The event starts the week before spring break because of the large number of students going out of town — in some cases to drink. “Since a lot of people are going to the beach, we’ll also be talking about skin cancer,” Vincent said. Athletic training sophomore Jessica Roberts said she likes to drag her friends along to the MAC and get active. “I’m always over at the MAC and always playing indoor soccer,” she said.


CANNON FODDER by Isaac Erickson POLICE REPORT This is a part of the daily activity log produced by the university’s Police Department. To report a criminal incident on campus, call 817-272-3381.

Suspicious circumstances An adviser of a sorority at 1107 Greek Row Drive met with police at 11:40 p.m. to discuss an incident involving a member of the sorority.

For the full calendar, visit


CORRECTIONS People found by police to be inebriated may be arrested for public intoxication. A photo caption in Wednesday’s story stated the policy incorrectly.

Editor in Chief .............................. Joan Khalaf Managing Editor........................... Justin Rains

Sunny • High 56°F • Low 38°F

Pushing Fitness


News Front Desk ......................... 817-272-3661 News after 5 p.m........................ 817-272-3205 Advertising ................................. 817-272-3188 Fax ............................................. 817-272-5009 UC Lower Level Box 19038, Arlington, TX 76019


— National Weather Service at


Art Exhibition — Michelle Dizon/ Vincent Valdez: 10 a.m.–5 p.m., The Gallery at UTA. Free. For information, contact Patricia Healy at 817-272-5658 or


Theft A resident at the Garden Club apartments, 312 UTA Blvd., called police at 10:58 p.m. to report the News Editor ................................. Jason Boyd Assistant News Editor ................ Mark Bauer Design Editor .............................. Marissa Hall Copy Desk Chief ............... Andrew Williamson Sports Editor ......................... Stephen Peters Scene Editor .............................Emily Toman Opinion Editor ................................ Cohe Bolin Photo Editor .................................... Rasy Ran Webmaster ........................... Troy Buchwalter News Clerk ................................ Jeanne Lopez

activity happening on the south side of the building.

theft of his bicycle. Theft A student called police at 6:05 p.m. from Kalpana Chawla Hall. When police arrived, the student informed police that his bicycle had been stolen from a bicycle rack in front of the dorm earlier that day.

Disturbance A student at Centennial Court apartments called police at 1:52 a.m. to report a loud neighbor. The responding officer resolved the complaint without taking official action.


Wednesday Suspicious circumstances Police were called to the University Center at 2:19 a.m. to investigate a report of unusual Student Ad Manager .............. Colleen Hurtzig Ad Representatives ........................ Dondria Bowman, Shannon Edwards, Matthew Harper, Eric Lara, Mike Love, Pax Salinas, Kasey Tomlinson Ad Artists ............................. Antonina Doescher, Robert Harper, Benira Miller Receptionists ............................ Monica

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Barbery, Hillary Green Courier ................................. Taylor Frizzelle


property of The Shorthorn and may not be reproduced, published or retransmitted in any form without written permission from UTA Student Publications. The Shorthorn is the student newspaper of the University of Texas at Arlington and is published in the UTA Office of Student Publications. Opinions expressed in The Shorthorn are not necessarily those of the university administration.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

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The ShorThorn

WorLd vieW

Stimulus bill agreement announced by key senators the aSSoCiated preSS

WASHINGTON — Moving with lightning speed, key members of the Senate announced agreement Wednesday on a $790 billion stimulus bill to create millions of jobs, and said President Barack Obama could sign the bill within days. But in a bewildering — if temporary — turn of events, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House withheld immediate expressions of support. A formal meeting of congressional bargainers who would need to ratify any deal was delayed. At a news conference in the

I-30 continued from page 1A

Cowboys wanted to come to town, it took a mile to get from I-30 to Collins because it was the old Texas turnpike,” she said. “We knew that they needed to fix it, so this will make UT Arlington and the downtown area much easier to get to.” Congestion on Collins slows music junior Caitlyn Melton’s commute when she goes to work at Half Price Books in Lincoln Square, but she said the new detour may help. “Collins gets really really bad, especially right around the bridge,” she said. “It’ll take a while to get used to, but I’m sure it’s fine.” Val Lopez, Texas Department of Transportation public spokesman, said the $165 million “Three Bridges” project also includes a bridge that would connect the Baird Farm Road, which runs by Hurricane Harbor, across I-30 to Stadium Drive. The Center Street bridge was part of a separate project, and though the construction isn’t

Capitol, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the legislation would produce 3.5 million jobs. “More than one-third of this bill is dedicated to providing tax relief for middle-class families, cutting taxes for 95 percent of American workers,” he added at a news conference where he was joined by moderates of both parties whose votes are essential for passage. The emerging legislation includes help for victims of the recession in the form of expanded unemployment benefits, food stamps, health coverage and more, as well as billions for states that face the related to the stadium, it will be finished late winter 2010, right before the stadium hosts Super Bowl XLV. The project will also widen I-30, Lopez said. “Ultimately the footprint will be wider, the impact of that won’t be completely realized until the rest of I-30 going toward Fort Worth is complete,” he said. “You’ll see three more lanes, various auxiliary lanes that will manage traffic both entering and exiting the highway and an HOV lane in each direction.” International business senior Irma Barrios said congestion from the construction has added 30 minutes to her morning commute to the university from Garland. “I try to find a different way to go. Like if I go down Cooper from [I-30], I won’t get there if I’m in a rush,” she said. “I think the Center Street bridge is a great addition, because I used to live in Arlington Hall, and I used to want to take Center all the way down the highway, but I would have to take other ways to get there.” Sarah Lutz

prospect of making deep cuts in school aid and other programs. Another provision will mean a one-time payment of $250 for millions of beneficiaries who receive Social Security, Supplemental Security Income and veterans pensions and disability, according to officials. The measure also preserves Obama’s signature tax cut — a break for millions of lower and middle income taxpayers. Wage-earners who don’t make enough to pay income taxes would get a reduction in the Social Security and Medicare taxes they pay.

Replacement to be selected for deceased Physics Department chair James Horwitz The Physics department will nominate a replacement interim chair to fill the position vacated by former Physics department chair James Horwitz, who died Jan. 31. Faculty from the department will discuss which candidates will be nominated sometime this week. After the faculty nominates the candidates, it

will be up to the College of Science dean Paul Paulus to decide who will be appointed interim chair next week. “I will be glad to support them on their decision,” Paulus said. “There are a number of people who would be very valuable and challenging that could lead for next year.” Physics professor Jae-

hoon Yu, former associate chair to Horwitz, became acting chair Feb. 1 after Horwitz died. “I understand how much work, all the patience and the load he was carrying to take care of his department,” Yu said. “Now I have respect over him.” Paulus said physics professor Ramon Lopez will be taking over his research

funds. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner has not yet released a cause of death. Examiners did an toxicology and autopsy Feb. 4 and said results could take 60-90 days, the Medical Examiner’s office said.


Interdisciplinary studies senior Ford Hook, Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member, said his organization’s float was designed to look like a fire truck. He said his fraternity entered the parade to raise school spirit. “There’s not enough of it at this school. You might as well hop on the bandwagon — or the fire truck,” he said. “We’re going to make school spirit cool at this school.” Education junior Crystal Edwards said she entered the parade both this year and last year with Lipscomb Hall. Last year, her group decorated the cart like a lion, the hall’s mascot. This year’s theme evolved while decorat-

ing the golf cart. “The theme originally didn’t start out that way, but we put our roof on top first, but it kind of caved in,” she said. “We had to come up with another thing on the spot, so we came up with the ‘Leos, Lean With it, Rock With it Lipscomb House Party,’ and we’re tearing down the roof.” The Association of Mexican American Students decided to use its members’ heritage as its float theme, AMAS President Yvette Luevano said. “So we put the donkey on top,” she said. “That’s what we ride in Mexico is a donkey, so that’s why we have it. People probably don’t get the con-

cept, but we know what it is.” Ms. UTA, Linda Nguyen, said this year’s parade grew in length and participants, extending over Cooper Street to Texas Hall. The carts had to cross Cooper Street at Nedderman Drive with police directing traffic control. She said last year’s parade was a little rocky, but since they’re more experienced, this year’s was better. “I noticed that everyone has brought up their game a little bit this year,” Nguyen said. “Everybody’s got lots of themes and decorations going on.”

thousands in costs by using the free services. “This is a good place to have someone completely neutral who doesn’t know the situation to help you work through the problemsolving process and find some common ground,” said Julie Murphy, a mediator and Greek Life coordinator. She said that the services allow students to give their side uninterrupted and find an agreement in a conflict.

In December, 14 university staff trained for 40 hours and earned state credentials as mediators. Communication sophomore Larrnecia Hart said the services will be helpful to students in avoiding confrontations. “Students should have that stage where they are allowed to speak about their problems with another student without having it result in violence,” she said.

Lamas said there is a growing movement on university campuses to offer alternative dispute resolutions. Snow said it’s a private and confidential way to handle a dispute. “No one has to know you’re going through this,” she said.

continued from page 1A

points for their parade entry that would go toward the Homecoming Spirit Show, which will be added to points earned from other Homecoming events. The group with the most points wins $350. The winning group will be announced at the men’s basketball game Saturday against UT-San Antonio. Contestants were judged on creativity, display of school spirit, decorations applied to the golf cart and costumes pertaining to their cart’s theme.

continued from page 1A

Interstate 30 construction continues to slow traffic in all directions Wednesday morning at Collins Street and I-30. In addition to building new bridges that will allow for easier access to downtown Arlington, the $165 million project will widen I-30.

Led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, center, lawmakers announce agreement on the $789 billion economic stimulus measure at the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday. President Barack Obama could sign the bill within days. Reid is joined by Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, left, and Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa.



The Shorthorn: Stephanie Goddard

The Shorthorn: AP Photo: J. Scott Applewhite

together to establish some kind of agreement ... to settle whatever dispute may occur.” Snow said mediation services help students involved in disputes off campus, like someone in a custody battle could go through mediation. She said that students can save

— Erika Rizo

Sarah Lutz

CaroLine BaSiLe

about sports Stephen Peters, editor Sports publishes Tuesday through Friday. Page 4A


remember is your home for everything UTA sports with podcasts, standings, schedules and blogs. Thursday, February 12, 2009

The ShorThorn

olympian Addition Multiple championship winner becomes new track and field assistant coach

The Shorthorn: Monica Lopez

Dennis Darling, a three-time Olympian, joins the university as the assistant track coach this semester. Darling competed in 1996, 2000 and 2004.

Cory Armstrong Contributor to The Shorthorn

A select number of athletes have the privilege of competing on the world stage that is the olympics. It is the highest level of world competition, especially in the arena of track and field, because the window of opportunity comes once every four years. the latest addition to the track and field coaching staff competed on that stage three times. Dennis Darling, who represented the Bahamas in his olympic quest, was named the new assistant coach of the UtA track and field team Jan. 12. Darling works with sprinters from both the men’s and women’s teams. “When I got the opportunity, it was a blessing

in disguise,” he said. “I took it right away.” this is Darling’s second coaching position after serving as an assistant coach, and later, head coach of the University of texas-pan American men’s and women’s track and field and cross country teams. He said he enjoys coaching just as much as running. “I am extremely passionate about what I do,” Darling said. “I put 100 percent into it.” sprinter Cordero Grey said he hopes coach Darling can help with running form and mechanics. “He should make a big influence, especially on the 400,” Cordero said. “He’s already done everything we’re trying to accomplish.” Darling said the team is doing well, but he would like to focus on the team’s mental capacity.

“that’s 90 percent of it right there, your mental state and believing in what you do,” he said. Darling was part of the 4x400-meter relay in the 1996 and 2000 olympics and served as team captain in 2004. He said he also qualified for the 200-meter dash in 1996, but decided not to run, instead focusing on the 4x400 relay because of Michael Johnson’s world record trial times. He participated in four International Association of Athletics Federations World Championships, taking home the bronze medal in 2003, in the 4x400-meter relay. While earning his bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston, Darling won 12 Conference UsA individual titles and in 1998, he ran the 400-meter dash with a time of 46.65, winning that year’s NCAA National Championship. With all of his accomplishments on the track,

it is the experiences off the track that Darling said he remembers most. “Meeting people, just seeing the poorest of the poor, the richest of the rich, from people that live on the streets in senegal, Africa, seeing where the slave trade used to go, to meeting the prince of Monaco,” Darling said. But it will be Darling’s experiences on the track that will help the already successful UtA men’s and women’s track and field teams become even better. “I think we can run with anybody,” Darling said. “We’ve got the talent, we’ve got the athletes, and we’ve got the coaching staff. We compete with the best.” Cory Armstrong

UtA 78, mCneese stAte 59 McNeese State Player FG-FGA REB Kapelan 2-13 2 Penn 1-1 2 Collins 1-6 1 Pichon 5-13 8 Alawoya 6-12 10 Richard 1-6 3 Little 0-0 0 Neal 4-9 8 Martin 2-9 3 Cotton 1-3 1 Totals 23-72 39

PTS 6 2 3 10 13 5 0 11 5 4 59

MIN 28 14 24 30 29 13 1 18 27 11 200

UTA Player Haynes Guignard Moffitt Long Vereen Smith Davis Parker Totals

PTS 3 19 21 14 21 0 0 0 78

MIN 28 37 29 34 37 21 1 13 200

FG-FGA REB 1-7 8 8-15 4 9-11 5 6-12 7 7-10 11 0-2 2 0-0 0 0-1 0 31-58 41

Records: McNeese State (9-13, 3-6), UTA (12-10, 5-4) The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley

Junior guard Brandon Long elevates for a layup Wednesday during the Mavs’ 78-59 win over McNeese State.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Campus Org.





Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. invites interested ladies for a FREE Nizza Pizza lunch on Friday, February 13th at 1 PM.

First Baptist Child Development Center A Ministry of First Baptist Church, Arlington Now hiring for part-time afternoon hours. Contact: Louise Michell at (817) 276-6492

The Shorthorn

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Nicely updated 2 bd/1 1/2 bath duplex. $550/mo. 817-891-8220

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$5,000$45,000 PAID EGG DONORS for up to 9 donations + Expenses. N/smokers, ages 18-29, SAT>1100/ACT>24GPA>3.0

Organizations Attend a conference February 14th with DFW’s top Islamic Scholars exploring the Quran’s empowerment of spirituality, intellect, and communities.

Personals Fernando, Happy Almost 4 months! I love you sweetie. Love, Joan Doodlebug, Will you be my Valentine? Love Maura 817-272-3898

Driver/Delivery Excellent part time job! -Valet drivers -Cashiers $8-14/hr w/ tips. Call Darren (469)323-2126

General $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

HIRING STUDENTS Now hiring students to read government flood maps for banks. No experience necessary. Competitive starting wages. Part-time a.m. and p.m. shifts available.

Great Experience Apply in person. LPS Flood Services. 1521 N. Cooper St. 4th floor Arl, TX 76011 (817)548-7128. Make up to $75 taking online surveys. SURVEY TAKERS NEEDED: Make $5-$25 per survey.

is currently accepting applications for the following positions for the Spring Semester; • Reporter • Sports Reporter • Ad Sales Rep • Page Designer Get a job description and an application TODAY! Student Publications Dept. University Center, lower level. Also available online at: All are paid positions for UTA students. For more information call; 817-272-3188

STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid Survey Takers needed in Arlington. 100% FREE to join. Click on Surveys. Need an assistant for 2 stockbrokers. Self starter to run errands & solve problems. Office on Camp Bowie, FTW. Top Dollar if qualified. Learn about finances, stockmarket , ETC. Send resume & schedule (availability) to: Position avail. Immediately (239)-248-2888 ELDER CARE Need responsible student to take elderly woman on errands. 3-4 hrs/ week. You decide days/ times. $10/ hour + gas. East FW. 469-364-6428

DR. RUTH Q: I would like it if my partner would spank me during intercourse, but I'm a little afraid to tell him, because I did so in a previous relationship and it kind of freaked my boyfriend out.

his pajama tops. So, by hinting around like this, see if you can communicate your message in a nonthreatening way that won't put the relationship at risk.

Q: Would you say that sex for women is more cereA: My favorite animal is bral, and more physical for the turtle, because if it is men? In other words, do going to get anywhere, it women enjoy sex more has to leave the safety of its when their hearts and shell and stick its neck out. minds are engaged with If you keep this desire pritheir partners before lovevate, then yes, you avoid making even takes place? the risk that this new partner leaves you over it, but A: This seems like an you also never get the innocent question, but it's chance to enjoy an experi- Dr. Ruth actually a very dangerous ence that you desire. And Send your one. It's not necessarily danwhat could happen is that questions to Dr. over the long haul, this Ruth Westheimer gerous in the aggregate, but it is for an individual, which would sour your desire to c/o King is why I don't want to remain in the relationship. Features What I would suggest is Syndicate, 235 E. answer it in general terms. You see, even if what you that you bring it up in a 45th St., New say were right, it doesn't playful way and see what York, NY 10017 mean it applies to any one happens. In fact, don't bring individual. For some it up when you're actually having sex, but at another time, when women, sex may be more physical, you make a mistake at some point. and for some men, sex may be more Just say to him something like, "I cerebral. So it doesn't matter what deserve a good spanking for that," and other people are doing or feeling, it see how he reacts. If you have the only matters what you are doing and proper smile on your face when you feeling. Therefore, you shouldn't even say it, he might take you up on it, par- be pondering questions like this one, ticularly if you plan the mistake and but instead seeking to know how you are wearing an outfit that would make feel and then acting accordingly. it easy for him to do, like only one of

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Homes Looking for a house for you and your friends?

500$/mo +util. Call Gene: (817)275-1111

The Shorthorn is seeking a Receptionist for the spring semester. Must be a UTA work-study student available to work MWF, 10-1 & T/Th Noon -1 Apply online at For more information call 817-272-3188

HOUSING Apartments Benge Oak Apartments Walk to UTA. 1 Bd/1Bth $425 Move in special $199. (817)291-3385 Cottonwood Park now leasing 3&4 bedroom apts. Please contact for more info (972)263-0744 or e-mail at Meadow Creek Apartments one and two bedrooms 817-274-3403

Roommates Need a roommate. $235/mo. 2bd/2ba house. UTA students welcome. 6407 Valleybrooke Ct. Cell 817-907-2927 E-mail

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CROSSWORD PUZZLE Instructions: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9 with no repeats. That means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.

Solution Solution, tips and computer program at

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The ShorThorn

Thursday, February 12, 2009


the construction is part of a project that aims to make downtown Arlington more accessible and i-30 less congested. Dust in a janitor’s clos...