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Friday December 5, 2008

Volume 90, No. 56

Since 1919 PUBLICATION SCHEDULE This is the final regular issue of The Shorthorn this fall. We will resume publication Jan. 20. TUITION AND FEES

State colleges get ‘F’ for affordability University official says UTA has invested more than $37 million in financial aid. JASON JOYCE Contributor to The Shorthorn

Public education in Texas received an “F” for the affordability of Texas colleges according

to a national report released this week, but that’s not the case at UT Arlington, university officials said. “We are doing everything we can to keep a UT Arlington education affordable and accessible,” Communications Vice President Jerry Lewis said. “Since tuition deregulation began in 2003,

we’ve invested more than $37 million into student financial aid.” The share of college costs paid by Texas families has risen significantly in the last eight years, according to Measuring Up 2008, The State Report Card on Higher Education, a report published by California-based

National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. In justifying the low score, the report states that even though Texas students pay less in tuition than the national average to attend public institutions, “The share of family income, even after financial aid needed to pay for college, has risen substan-

tially.” The report estimates that the average family cost of attending a public four-year institution has increased from 18 percent of family income in 1999 to 26 percent in 2007. But from 1993 to 2008, state financial aid investment rose from 7 percent to 32 percent.

Concerns about rising tuition costs recently led the Texas Legislature to consider a proposal that would implement a twoyear tuition freeze for public universities in the state. In a response to the prospect, on Nov. 12, President James REPORT continues on page 4


Initiative conserves 98,000 gallons of water The savings could go toward providing better food at the Connection Cafe while reducing waste. BY ALANNA QUILLEN The Shorthorn staff

Going “trayless” in the Connection Cafe has proved successful since its implementation at the beginning of the semester, according to President’s Sustainability Committee officials. The University Center saved 98,000 gallons of water this September compared to last year, said Don Lange, Facilities Management assistant director and the committee co-chair. “Reducing is the foremost item to achieve, and I believe we have accomplished that,” he said. Lange said there was a 37,000 gallon increase in water usage in October, which may have been caused by additional events that occurred in the UC. “Despite the increase between 2007 and 2008, trayless dining avoided a larger increase in water usage,” he said. The committee decided to go trayless to save water, energy and chemicals by reducing dishwasher usage. TRAYLESS continues on page 3


The Shorthorn: Stephanie Goddard

Visual arts and communication graduate Rebecca Hirsbrunner sets up plastic wrap figurines and flyers in the central university fountain for her final project on Thursday. The display is designed to increase awareness of a possible water shortage in the future.

Fountain of...Nope Student art project brings up water scarcity issues with human shells BY BRYAN BASTIBLE AND DUSTIN L. DANGLI The Shorthorn staff

Becca Hirsbrunner brought three ghostly friends to the center bridge fountain on Thursday, and they came with a message — water won’t last forever. Her hollow accomplices had boards containing water conservation facts. The display, created by the fine arts and visual communications graduate student, was part of a project for her Research and Visual Communications class.

“There’s lots of water on the Earth and in the oceans,” she said. “But actual water on the water table that we actually use and drink is a cyclical source, and we’re using it faster than the Earth can replenish it.” She drew inspiration from the Aspen Design Challenge, which tasks people with taking on crucial daily problems threatening the planet’s survival. She said she has seen how foreign countries use water, especially in places where water is scarce, and decided to focus her proj-

‘Quitting is Not an Option’ Graduating senior overcomes struggles BY ANNA KATZKOVA The Shorthorn staff

The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley

During a vigil held Wednesday at International Coffee Hour in the Palo Duro Lounge, a student reads a description of the terrorist attacks that took place in Mumbai, India. More than 100 people were killed during the attacks on many sites in India, including the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel.

Sabrina Young put off taking Spanish as long as she could. The social work senior and single mother of two had tried to tackle the subject in previous years and avoided it until it was all that was keeping her from graduating. Now, due to determination and a teacher’s help, Young will walk the stage in front of her 20- and 17-year-old children and move into a career. When she first took Spanish 1441, she made a C and decided to save the subject until the end. When she started it again, she

struggled, but made it with Spanish instructor Bonnie Karrer’s help. “Mrs. Karrer was a big part of my success,” she said. “I was in another class, and I wasn’t able to grasp it. So I switched classes. That was the best choice I have ever made at UTA.” Karrer met Young in her Spanish 1442 class in spring 2008. She continued as her teacher as Young audited the Spanish 1441 and 1442 summer classes. Karrer said she was amazed by Young’s persistence and said she’ll attend Young’s graduation proudly, but GRAD continues on page 4

ect on water conservation efforts in America. She was shocked by the information about wasted water after conducting her research. “From flushing the toilet, you use more water than a North African in an entire day, because North Africans have to go and cart their water,” she said. “I just feel like the whole point of me setting these up here is that I wanted to get university students to look at it and to consider the issues.” WATER continues on page 3


Climbing wall could be installed in the spring Other planned projects include renovations to pool and the Fine Arts Building. BY MARK BAUER The Shorthorn staff

Students returning to campus in the spring have a few renovations to look forward to, including the longanticipated rock wall and stripping of the outdoor pool. The climbing wall, originally scheduled for installation this semester but delayed due to structural engineering issues, should be completed sometime next spring, said Chris Muller, Campus Recreation associate director. “The rock wall climbing company is trying to determine where we

stand in their installation schedule,” he said. One of the old racquetball courts, next to the indoor soccer court in the Maverick Activities Center, will be the new home for the 20-foot-high, 52-foot-wide climbing wall. Design plans indicate that the structural issues were resolved by attaching the wall to steel tubes inserted into the ground for stabilization. Muller said it won’t actually rest on the floor, but just above it. Construction crews have started work on the $375,000 outdoor pool project by stripping the lining, replacing underwater lighting and removing the surrounding deck. PROJECTS continues on page 4



CaleNDar Today Last Day of Classes Special Collections — DEC. Revisualizing Westward Expansion: Mondays 9 a.m.-7 p.m. and Tuesday-Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Central Library sixth floor. Free. For information, contact 817272-3393 or spcoref@uta. edu.

Campus Notebook

Friday December 5, 2008


Art Exhibition — Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition: 10 a.m.5 p.m., The Gallery at UTA. Free. For information, contact Patricia Healy at 817-272-5658 or Education — Are there any

questions?: 10:30 a.m.-noon, 100 Nedderman Hall. Free. For information, contact Sajal Das at 817-272-7405 or das@

C.Y. Choi (UT Arlington): 3-4 p.m., 609 Business Building. Free. For information, contact Barbara Sellers at 817-2723063 or

International Spouses Club: 1:30-3 p.m., Swift Center. Free. For information, contact Julie Holmer at 817-272-2355 or

Opening Reception for the Gallery at UTA Art Exhibition: 5-7 p.m., 169 Fine Arts Building. Refreshments served. Free. For information, contact Patricia Healy at 817-272-5658 or

OPT Seminar: 2-3 p.m., Swift Center. Free. For information, contact Satu Birch at 817-2722355. Nanoparticle Based Surface Energy Transfer Probe: 2:303:30 p.m., 114 Chemistry Research Building. Free. For information, contact 817-2723171.

Planetarium Shows: Chemistry and Physics Building. “Seven Wonders” at 7 p.m., “Rock Hall of Fame” at 8 p.m. Tickets are $5 for adults, $4 for children and seniors, $3 for faculty, staff and alumni, and $2 for students. For information, call Marc Rouleau

at 817- 272-0123 or Friends of the Library — A Holiday Jazz Sampler: 7:30 p.m., Central Library sixth floor. RSVP. For information, contact Betty Wood at 817-272-7421 or

Theatre Arlington box office at 817.275.7661 or at

Ideas in Motion — Only Human: 8-10 p.m., Mainstage Theatre. For information, contact Danielle Georgiou at 214-316-9627 or Theatre Arlington presents “Fruitcakes”: 7:30 p.m., 305 W. Main St. For information or to buy tickets, contact the

Calendar submissions must be made by 4 p.m. two days prior to run date. To enter your event, call 817-272-3661 or log on to

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“I am proud to work with these brave people who are being forced to start over in a country full of unknown. I only hope we can ... help them to adapt to their new surroundings.” Carmen Lopez, study abroad ambassador on working with refugees for The Christmas Wish List project. To read the story go to WWW.THESHORTHORN.COM

three-Day foreCast

Today Mostly sunny • High 49°F • Low 33°F

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poliCe report This is a part of the daily activity log produced by the university’s Police Department. To report a criminal incident on campus, call 817-272-3381.

A nonstudent reported a disturbance Wednesday in F-Lot 7. A nonstudent was arrested for two active misdemeanor warrants Thursday at 701 Nedderman Drive. A student was arrested for outstanding warrants Thursday at 200 Doug Russell Road. A loud noise disturbance was reported Thursday at Centennial Court apartments.

Home is Where the Tortilla is

Campus briefs

UTA Ambassadors to give out free Scantrons next week To combat final exam fatigue, UTA Ambassadors will host Cocoa and Scantrons 9 a.m.-noon Dec. 8-9. Students can indulge in hot chocolate and pick up all their final exam needs like Scantrons and Blue Books at either the Central Library or University Center mall. The College Store donated the exam necessities, which are free for students. The Scantrons available will be the green 882-E model and the blue 4521 Scantrons, UTA ambassador Tim Brown said. “Blue Books and Scantrons ain’t free,” he said. “This is the chance for UTA Ambassadors to express our love for the students who study hard.” Students are welcome to grab as many items as they need while supplies last.

alumna displays a piece depicting her German-Hispanic heritage by alaNNa QuilleN The Shorthorn staff

— Dustin L. Dangli

a university alumna used tortillas to transform a lifetime of memories into a work of art. art photographer Hannah Frieser has an exhibition on display at Texas Woman’s University that celebrates Latino family tradition through the eyes of a person with a crosscultural background. One of the works, “Tortilla Wall,” expresses her interest in her cultural identity through short stories, bright colors and vintage photographs in a 40-frame collection. “I often hear from others that seeing the work makes them want to preserve the stories in their own family,” she said. Born in Stuttgart, Germany to a German father and Hispanic Courtesy Photo: Shannon Drawe mother, Frieser grew up with her siblings and father’s family. Her interest in photography began when her mother gave Alumna Hannah Frieser currently exhibits “Tortilla Wall” at Texas Woman’s University. Frieser expresses her cross-cultural background her a camera when she was 8 years old. She said her first photographs included her cat, best friend through the use of tortillas. and bad sunset photos. “The photographs I took as a kid were very straightforward,” in Syracuse, N.y. Frieser said. “None of them were masterpieces, but they show “When I’m not working, I still take classes in different arts,” that I was looking at everything around me.” she said. “It helps to keep me inspired.” Frieser learned the German culture and language, but It took half a year for Frieser to create the “Tortilla Wall,” where remained distant from her Hispanic side in the U.S. she practiced making tortillas and laying images over them. “all I knew about america was stories my mother had told me “It took 250 attempts to get what I saw in my head,” she said. and what I saw on TV,” she said. “While making them, I thought of what it meant to be German at 19, Frieser came to Dallas to see it for herself. and Hispanic.” She went to Richland College for a year and then transferred Frieser’s fondest memories with her family involved making to UTa, where she took part in graphic projects, volunteered for tortillas, a tradition in her mother’s family for generations. the Society of Photographic Education and was a Student art “Making tortillas is a tradition that is all but lost,” she said. “My association officer. grandmother still made hundreds of tortillas but today, it’s too She graduated in 1996 with a bachelor’s in interdisciplinary convenient to just go to the grocery store.” studies with an emphasis on art photography, journalism and Frieser said the “Tortilla Wall” ultimately helped her connect graphic design and earned her master’s in Fine art at TWU. with her Hispanic family. Photography professor Kenda North, Frieser’s former art “I was surprised and happy to see her interest in my family,” teacher and mentor at UTa, said she’s impressed by Frieser’s her mother Martha ann Frieser said. “Making tortillas brought commitment to be a professional in the field. me and my mom together, and the project did the same for “I’m inspired by her skills as a writer and her personal work Hannah and I.” that addresses cross-cultural issues,” she said. Frieser worked for SPE for 11 years and now serves as the alaNNa QuilleN director for Light Work, a nonprofit photography organization

Group to offer massages to students 11 a.m.-2 p.m. today The Student Health Advisory Committee will host a free Spa Retreat 11 a.m.-2 p.m. today in the University Center Palo Duro Lounge. Massages and hot tea will be provided to attendees. Health Services director Bob Blum said the event aims to aid students. “One thing we’re trying to do is offer a chance for students to relax a little during their studies,” he said. Blum also wants to get the word out about SHAC and the health center. Professional masseuses will give back massages to students wanting them, but no clothing will be removed. Instead, students will sit in a massage chair and get rubbed down, he said. He called the exam week a stressful period for students. “It was for me when I had to take final exams,” he said. He said this is SHAC’s first massage retreat, though they have conducted health fairs with massages before. — Bryan Bastible

CorreCtioNs Wednesday’s story, “Catch Z’s to make A’s,“ should have stated that Tommy Pickett created the Facebook group, “Mavericks for a Designated Sleep Area,” to push for a quiet place to sleep away from studying areas.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

World VieW

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The ShorThorn

WAshington, d.C

democrats want Barack obama to be more assertive the AssoCiAted Press

WASHiNGToN — democrats are growing impatient with President-elect Barack obama’s refusal to inject himself in the major economic crises confronting the country. obama has sidestepped some policy questions by saying there is only one president at a time. But the dodge is wearing thin. “He’s going to have to be more assertive than he’s been,” House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, d-Mass., told consumer advocates Thursday. Frank, who has been dealing with both the bailout of the financial industry and a proposed rescue of detroit automakers, said obama needs play a more significant role on economic issues. “At a time of great crisis with mortgage foreclosures and autos, he says we only have one president at a time,” Frank said. “i’m afraid that overstates the number of presidents we have. He’s got to remedy that situation.” obama has maintained one of the most public images of any president-elect. He has held half a dozen press conferences, where he has entertained question after question about the economy, the mortgage crisis, and the flailing auto industry. But he has meticulously avoided dictating policy or pressing

members of Congress to embrace specific remedies. earlier this week, obama declined to take a stand in a debate over the source of money for an auto loan package. The dispute has divided democrats and hindered progress on assistance for the industry. At issue is whether to take money from the $700 billion Congress authorized to help the financial markets or to take it from a previously approved loan aimed at manufacturing more energy efficient cars. “i think it’s premature to get into that issue,” obama told reporters at a Chicago news conference Wednesday. He also was asked whether he worried that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson might begin spending the second half of the $700 billion Troubled Asset relief Program money before obama takes office as president on Jan. 20. Again, obama demurred. “Until Secretary Paulson indicates publicly that he’s drawing down the second tranche, the second half of the TArP money, it would be speculation on my part to suggest that that money’s going to be used up,” he said. obama did stress that a significant component of the fund should be used to reduce the number of foreclosures. But he did not specify a particular remedy.

AP Photo: Rajanish Kakade

Maharashtra state Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, second left, leaves the Governor’s office after submitting his resignation in Mumbai, India, Thursday, Dec. 4. India suspects that two senior leaders of a banned Pakistani militant group masterminded last week’s three-day terrorist attacks, an Indian intelligence official said Thursday.

neW delhi

india names Pakistani masterminds the AssoCiAted Press

NeW delHi — A Pakistani militant group apparently used an indian operative as far back as 2007 to scout targets for the elaborate plot against india’s financial capital, authorities said Thursday, a blow to indian officials who have blamed the deadly attacks entirely on Pakistani extremists.

As investigators sought to unravel the attack on Mumbai, stepping up questioning of the lone captured gunman, airports across india were put on high alert amid fresh warnings that terrorists planned to hijack an aircraft. Also Thursday, police said there were signs that some of the six victims of the attack on a Jewish center may have been

tortured. “The victims were strangled,” said rakesh Maria, a senior Mumbai police official. “There were injuries noticed on the bodies that were not from firing.” Members of an israeli rescue group which had a team in Mumbai said it was impossible to tell if the bodies had been abused, however, because no autopsies were conducted in

accordance with Jewish tradition. The surviving gunman, Ajmal Amir Kasab, 21, told interrogators he had been sent by the banned Pakistani militant group lashkar-e-Taiba and identified two of the plot’s masterminds, according to two indian government officials familiar with the inquiry.

approached the display. “No, definitely not. There’s not a water problem.” Whether or not students agree if water conservation is needed, Hirsbrunner said aspiring changing the world may be too high of a goal, but she wants students to step back and consider their

own water usage because she thinks college students are open to change. “Water comes from somewhere,” she said. “And that somewhere may not be as full as it once was.”

Continued from the front

Water continued from page 1

She said she had friends volunteer to be covered in plastic wrap and packing tape to create the human shells that were placed in an empty

Trayless continued from page 1

They also planned to reduce the amount of food waste that would go to the landfill and compost area. lange said the savings could be used to provide better quality meals and show students some appreciation for their support of the program. “Any cost savings is beneficial, especially one that takes little effort from participants,” lange said. The committee also wanted to

George Wentworth called the display fantastic. “it’s very creative,” he said. “Three human beings and a fountain that has no water, it looks like they’re crying out.” He said the display changed his perspective on water usage. “it’s sad,” he said. “Chil-

dren are going to grow up in an age where there’s not a lot of water, and they’ll struggle to survive.” real estate sophomore ryan Hicks said he doesn’t think a water problem exists. “i was trying to figure out what the crazy looking men were,” he said when he first

help people make better decisions abeth Cheong said creating trayless dining was a group effort. about how much food they eat. “it’s not a one“Part of sustainperson thing,” ability is making she said. “it helps people think about “Any cost savings is choices, and provid- beneficial, especially reinforce sustainability awareness ing choices for them on a daily basis.” to look at in eating,” one that takes little According to lange said. “obe- effort from partician article in Biosity is a large prob- pants.” Cycle, a magazine lem in our society, that focuses on and making people don lange, s u s t a i n a b i l i t y, stop and think as Facilities Management assisAramark Higher they load up a plate tant director education conor tray of food is a ducted a study of simple way to gently remind us of what we are put- 186,000 meals at 25 universities that eliminated trays from dining ting into our body.” dining Services director eliz- services and estimated a 25 to 30

percent reduction in food waste per person. “We’re representative of those universities and their results,” lange said. Cheong said between 9,338 and 9,910 people dine in the Connection Cafe each week. “it’s a trend to go away from trays,” said Campus recreation director Sharon Carey, who chairs the dining Services workgroup. “We’ve had an increase in the number of students on campus, so it really does make sense not to wash an extra tray.”

university fountain. Along with the shells were boards featuring water usage facts and flyers with pins and advertisements for her blog. Some who passed by the project, which was on display for several hours, had mixed opinions. Psychology freshman

AlAnnA Quillen

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The Shorthorn: Stephanie Goddard

continued from page 1

Spaniolo said a tuition freeze would not have the intended effect and could cause harm. “While freezing tuition rates may address concerns about the cost of college, it would significantly weaken Texas’ ability to be a leader in higher education,”

he said. Lewis said tuition costs are a concern for university administrators. He points to the recent change in eligibility requirements for the university’s Maverick Promise program that waives tuition costs for qualified students as an example of steps being taken to address university affordability. Lewis agreed with the report’s statement that the U.S. “contin-



continued from page 1

continued from page 1

Earlier this semester, the university removed the brick wall surrounding the pool and installed a cast-iron fence for a more open feel. “It’s just getting a total makeover,” said Jeff Johnson, Facilities Management associate director. “The lighting hasn’t worked for years. We’re hoping, with the lighting getting replaced, there will be more night activity.” The high-dive platform was also removed, but Johnson said it wouldn’t be reinstalled. “It didn’t meet current codes, and it wasn’t necessary for the use of the pool,” he said. The university has also considered heating the pool, but Johnson said that remains undecided due to costs. Aquatics director Becky Crow said the changes, scheduled for completion in May, will improve the pool’s usefulness. “We can have people in the water at night,” she said. “Up to this point, we haven’t been able to. So that’d be nice.” The Green Room in the Fine Arts Building will also undergo an $8,500 renovation. The plan includes installing more electrical outlets and Internet networks for students’ laptops. “During the week, [students] use it as a study lounge,” Johnson said. “We want to clean it up, make it look more like a lounge.” The facilities department will also install new code compliant fire doors in the Fine Arts Building, Health Center, Life Science Building, Texas Hall and Trimble Hall.

cannot take credit for her success. “I didn’t do anything other than record the grades she earned and encourage her to hang in there,” she said. “When things got tough, I have been privileged to be part of her journey to success.” Young has experienced many obstacles in her life, including a car wreck that led to her decision to go back to school and obtain a social work degree. She said she found people in difficult situations often belittled, and she was amazed by how several governmental offices handled her situation. “Everyone wasn’t so pleasant,” she said. “So, I wanted to do something to make a difference.” Brought up in foster care, she said she had a wonderful social worker who kept her with her family and wanted to help people in the same situations. As a student, Young started a part-time job through the Student Employment Services work-study program. She also got a job at the Union Gospel Mission, where she worked with Child Protective Services, helping parents better their

relationships with their children. A co-worker saw her work and suggested she apply for the Catholic Charities, Diocese of Fort Worth, a nonprofit community-support organization. The organization hired her. Young’s supervisor, lead case manager Bridget Washington, said Young exceeded expectations. Washington said she was impressed by Young’s genuineness and concern for clients. Washington took Young on home visits when she started work, and she immediately connected with the people. “Usually people are really scared, but she was just open and went right to it,” Washington said. Karrer said Young’s getting hired before graduation is impressive. “With all the negative news about the economy and people being laid off, I think this was just amazing and a testament to her drive and determination to succeed,” she said. Young advised students to pray, get tutoring, talk to their teachers and strive for success. “Don’t give up,” she said. “If you make it to college, you have your foot in the door. No matter how long it takes, quitting is not an option.” anna KatzKova

MarK Bauer

Sunbelt Pool construction workers renovate the university’s outdoor pool Thursday afternoon.


Friday, December 5, 2008

The ShorThorn

ues to slip behind other countries in improving college opportunities for our residents.” Lewis said the finding suggests states may want to increase their investment in higher education by increasing funding levels. He said the data presented by the report doesn’t present a complete picture of how universities perform. “Like so many of these types of so-called report cards, this

report does little to represent the tremendous value the vast majority of college graduates in this country place on their education,” Lewis said. “I think you’d be hard pressed to find many college graduates, including those from UT Arlington, who would give their alma mater a failing grade.” Jason Joyce

The Shorthorn: Michael Rettig

Graduating senior Sabrina Young balanced work, school and family commitments to earn her bachelor’s in social work. Young, who has gotten a job as a kinship care manager with Catholic Charities in Fort Worth, says her passion for her field comes from her background.


XyXyday yXy Xy, 2002


:_Xi`kpDfek`\k_#\[`kfi Cohe Bolin, editor ABOUT OPINION fg`e`fe$\[`kfi%j_fik_fie7lkX%\[l Cohe Bolin, editor Fg`e`fe`jglYc`j_\[N\[e\j[XpXe[=i`[Xp% Opinion is published Wednesday and Friday. IZ`^/  August  2008 Wednesday  and Friday.  Wednesday, 27, 2008 Friday, August 29, Opinion is published Friday, December 5, 2008


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Drinking age restrictions ineffective, group recommends Bad information, change poor communication costs students time, money, stress It was amazing. We can get along without pretending the same Across the country, 128 weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re college college students tend to drink when they In taking responsibility in these areas, Hundreds of people ran across the huge Y\]fi\c\Xm`e^]fiXn\\b



presidents have signedwar, the andleave home for the on first time. The parents Although it should beapplied upwill to be thedifferent 18-year-old only deep reflections society will help. Israel, armed guardsand are chancellors employed to potentially s students back to school Students who for on-campus thealso holidays stage, quickly go assembling into this the week, perfectcampus dove P^Ă?o^\kZff^]_hkma^iZlm_^p If it is not the case, then arming everybody may fend off terrorists from Israeli schools. In both security will again be an issue. we have Roman law and commean that we both share a comthe Indians â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and both the uppose we had two difhousing ran responsibility into problems thisthemselves semesAmethyst Initiative, opening a dialogue arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t around so students are going to this adult to remember take shape as the lights on their suits glowed different year, what is for important p^^dl%Zg]fb]m^kflZk^_bgZeerho^k' backfire. mon law, which are unknown countries,have the necessity of heritage measures is where Recently, Shorthorn reported that crime withage India, and dis- mon ferent cars, of different colors. They The quickly disbanded and West created a Muslims terthe â&#x20AC;&#x201D; issue there of wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enough to goup around. about lowering thethese drinking from 21 experiment â&#x20AC;&#x201D; maybe irresponsibly. on drinking. It isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t to the in Islam? A professor trained to shoot and licensed to this numeral a stateof of war that involvesoriginated? potentially used thebyworks had risen from last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s data. model, year and new form, just as color. precise as the last, covered but moreand imposed Ghp%ma^\hngm]hpgblhg'HgerZ University Housing should be more to 18. Many stories of 21st birthday university to babysit adults. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s official. The U.S. economy hasorthought, itsaparticuGreek philosophy is not carry suffi-a gun Western certain philosophers to may himself become weapon if he Suppose in order toaserase difserious attacks on civilians. So it will not be surprising that campus security acrobatically technical performers stood onGreek _^p^q\kn\bZmbg`ahnklk^fZbgngmbe for its mistakes. lar conception of the21human Thisnow will becient ineffective. original law mad. celebrations involve shots of liquor,beenganized How isand thataccountable possible? Would the unieither. IfThe both the Muslim various degrees. IfAlso, atalso ferences between these turns the looking U.S. resorts to such extreme will two againcars, come to the fore, in a recession since Decemeach othersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; shoulders. likbg`[k^Zd[^`bgl' More than 4,000 students livein inevery being as sacred and its cosmolworld and what was then called Muslim medieval architecture, we painted them the same color The fact that citizens have to provide for their defense measures, should we then understand that especially when it comes to Just as the Chinese that changed the drinking age to 21 was or variations of binge drinking that oftenberversity roomtoinspections 2007,perform according the National campus residence halls or apartments. ogy are diChristendom, the medieval one may be surprised to find and:lrhnĂ?k^_bgZebsbg`ieZgl%]hgĂ?m rearranged some of the own defense points to a failure of the law to do it. the nation is at war? I mean, at war with itself. guns. performers disassembled on there ineffective too. Minors drink whether the end in drunk driving deaths or alcoholBureau dorm of to Economic sniff out theResearch alcohol? Then rectly West, some Roman architectural ele- then equipment inside.and Would that The problem nowrooted becomes to create better laws. If If this is the case, gunsborrowed will not solve the aspects Most of us remember With enrollment increasing, housing will prepared to many stun the e^mma^\^e^[kZmbhg[^knbg^][rma^ Monday. is no surprise to many law is there orofnot. poisoning. are theThis students inevery the one ChrisGreek philosophy â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Aristotlenot, ments. make the two cars same? will enforce his own law, and thetheincident involving remain an issue. who live off campus â&#x20AC;&#x201D; audience with another eye\hgl^jn^g\^lh_[bg`^]kbgdbg`' tian faith that in particular â&#x20AC;&#x201D; it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mean But do those similarities students who have financial obligaObviously not. They would still the Constitution itself will be the final victim Mothers Against Drunk Driving is Parents and MADD say university what would the waiting protocol benumbers then? Stua student allegedly boggling feat, it happened. The reported list BmfZr[^_nggrmhpZm\ama^ defined reached the same saying conclu-â&#x20AC;&#x201D;officials be of a different brand year ithas will become carrying a gun intohis other than tuition like supportâ&#x20AC;&#x153;Isand it possible fit a make us similar? hopping madthey about the initiative, are useless. not taking responsibility fortions dents and parents would not be took happy werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t concise â&#x20AC;&#x201D; some students the West a for They donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t, and sion. and would still look different. Possessing weapon is not in itself deadly, car lastpeg semester, ]kngd^g^l\ZiZ]^lh_Z_kb^g]%[nm square into which a round ing a family or mortgage payments. that the studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; underage drinking. College about their university becoming a police apartments off-campus and didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t inso long. Bothdrinking Christian age and invites Muslimneither they are not lowering suffiYet this is our hole?â&#x20AC;? attitude talks is shooting it for fun. But when guns revived gunan of annoying, bmĂ?lgheZn`abg`fZmm^kpa^gabl With the Christmas holidays coming, form housing so the list was incorrect, presidents and proponents of the initiative state. more alcohol-related fatalities. This conphilosophers used it to express cient to do so. when we try to erase are associated with madness and lack of selffriendly policies countrified voice saidon from bgmhqb\Zmbhgikh`k^ll^lmhZe\hahe issimple struggling financially ception does say very different categories ofcontrol, If we differences between said Hendricks, Housing they become deadly and nowill onefind can a wayeveryone ourTV. own campus. The Theshare law was at 18 years old until minors TheMatthew fact remains: theOplaw the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Well, if that square EDWARD not exist in ihblhgbg`' thought and reached very difa common twoRAY cultures predict madness. and should consider moderation in may memory of Virginia erations assistant director. SYLVAIN REY inpeg is Whataburgerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new no matter what doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work. The fact that it is illegal the National Minimum Drinking BUFFINGTON IV Islam, which heritage be- ferent conclusions. order to make The question to ask should be: Why are Techmelt, is stilland fresh in our ;^\Znl^fhlmi^hie^pah[bg`^ said the list now comprises fewer patty that round Christmas shopping. the law says. evenHe make drinking seem more enticing Age Actweof 1984. Like most laws phi-there has taken a If knowledge of Greek cause them look simi- hole is your kisser, you school shootings inSYLVAIN America? minds. REY ]kbgdZk^gĂ?mZe\hahe&]^i^g]^gm% than 100 students, and housing is A article states still different way. losophy in Islam was limited In took the larIt is â&#x20AC;&#x201D;to avoid to try So where Congress passes, this one Switzerland, where every single does to minors who might feel that itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a way such violence that the Harrold betcha.â&#x20AC;? available at Centennial Court and Johnma^ikh[e^fbl^Zlrmh]blfbll';nm thistoyearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s If weowns both to Aristotle and a few others, ithousehold zeroa from to This make them a weapon â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the everyresponsibility person school district, aone smallofdistrict nearcommercial Wichita rebel. Thanksgiving sales rose was little ambiguous. was many son Creek apartments. the influence Greek phi- are A r a b s , was much more far-reaching inis ahave more respectable g^Zkerhg^&mabk]h_\hee^`^lmn]^gml less than one percitizen-soldier, no of such shootings Falls, has, with Gov. Rick Perryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s throughout support, interruptions inserted periodically A person under 21West, is notwhere the influence losophers, MADD sayssaid drunk-driving accidents K_\J_fik_fie18ekfe`eX;f\jZ_\i our interpretation the does it to each other. Hendricks his department â&#x20AC;&#x153;will reported. The problem then lies in the heart passed a decision that makes Harrold the pbee^g`Z`^bg[bg`^]kbgdbg`Zme^Zlm cent during the the four-hour 2008 Beijing Olympics opening have decreased since the law has been allowed to buy alcohol EDITORIAL of them was ultimately shaped of the medieval Greeks and the This attitude continue to monitor demand for housof American society. first schoolbroadcast district in the pass such ceremony on nation NBC. to I know many three day period hg\^]nkbg`likbg`[k^Zd%Z\\hk]bg` byschools, our diverging conception rediscovery of Plato and Latin If ismeasure. prevalent today in effect, and Nationwide Insurance or possess alcohol, but which were founded to make a ing and make decisions about building ROUNDUP people out there may be super excited about after the holiday mhma^GZmbhgZeBglmbmnm^hg:e\hahe of man andare his themselves relationship to authors combined to shape thebetter in The the relationship citizens, victims of resolution, passed week, allows produced a survey saying that 72 percent the law does not prohibit more housing based on the number of Whataburgerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fancy newlastcow-and-meltedthe divine. This is what makes Renaissance. between Islam and compared to last :[nl^Zg] social violence, then they have failed in their The issue: teachers to carry guns at school theyrevelation have a cheese-on-bread creation, and ifthis students interof adults think lowering the drinking drinking alcohol. the West and Islam different. If Philosophy strongly inthe West, and itdistrict may not yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ested numbers. role. School shootings and violence are the state permit and authorization. :e\haheblf' may have had a few of them in their cars on their Christmas is in living to Of course, there is the early Chris-most age will make alcohol more accessible wedramatic faced military threats fromillness. fluenced be<;@KFI@8C thelogic bestbehind solu- the decision is simple: symptoms of a deeper The EDITORIAL way to the fast-food restaurant halfway through The article also BmmZd^lma^ coming â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and China, would we also try to find on campus.â&#x20AC;? tianity through the tion. IFLE;LG BpZlma^bk[Z]bg_en^g\^' r\abe]ahh]pZlZlbfie^mbf^pa^gma^ Bg maZm fhf^gm B iZll^] bgmh ma^ phke] minor exception. In Texas, if minors. And guns are not the cure. If licensed teachersBut carryeveryoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s weapons, defense the commercial. priorities ROUNDUP states the obviâ&#x20AC;&#x153;common originsâ&#x20AC;? between ChiGreek language Indeed, everyone is the [h]rmphahnkl Some stuGhp% ghm lZrbg` B pZl ma^ mrib\Ze phke] pZl Zg] pabm^' Ebg^l p^k^ h_ ln[c^\mbobmr Ă&#x2030; ma^ phke]% Only a deeper analysis of Z]nem the roots and pa^k^ against a potential murderer will bechoose made a with parents or [eZ\d a guardian, Yet weBĂ?f also have to consider that the Ă&#x160;[Z] law are different. Personally, I would K_\`jjl\1 nese and Western civilizations, â&#x20AC;&#x201D; this is absentconditions West has ous: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cautiousâ&#x20AC;? The issue: financially db]'Ă&#x2039;K^eZmbo^erli^Zdbg`%ahp^o^k%BpZlfhk^ ghm[enkk^]pbmama^laZ]^lh_`kZrmaZm ^o^krmabg` bl ghm Zl bm l^^fl' B aZ] bf[b[^]% hgZo^kZ`^mh dents felt the in of social violence will provide easier and quicker. quadrennial universal event over fast-food. Jgi`e^Yi\Xb drinking is allowed. If you marry that raised the drinking age was passed even ifma^ it involved histaken fbl\ab^ohnl fr _kb^g]l pahare p^k^ fZ]^ bg_^lm fr eb_^ ghp' ;Z\d ma^g%from hg^ Islam. mabg` pZlan ng]^k `nbl^ h_rewriting \ah\heZm^ fbed% ma^ fhlmstrapped. consumers StudentsmaZg on waitexplanation and shape better, long-term But,no thethe very fact that are now allowed department gave ]b`^lmZg]_neer Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s surprise thatguns advertising has taken Z\c\YiXk`fejZXec\X[kf tory? If are we re-policies. number zero someone who is over 21 while you 1984, a lists time when the laws concerning bgmh ]h\be^ shf[b^l [r ma^bk ]Zber HoZembg^' mkn^%hg^mabg`pZl\^kmZbg' ]^lib\Z[e^ _Zel^ ikhia^m h_ ]Zbkr mk^Zml lbg\^ in schools, where our children theoretically ing werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t inshrinking spendY`e^\[i`eb`e^% them the runover our lives. Everywhere we turn, we are We suggest: k^\ho^k_khf different not from the the A^Zkbg`ma^flZrĂ&#x160;Fhk^HoZembg^%ie^Zl^Ă&#x2039;pZl notMaZmmabg`pZl\ah\heZm^fbed' yet 21, you also get to drink. ally are the G^lme^JnbdĂ&#x2030;HoZembg^' alcohol were generally relaxed. GetAndBeing America will avoiddoes an undeclared, receive education they need or to be a part of to formed N\jl^^\jk1 exposed to gimmicks ing more this year and around. At orispend of housing we must slit each otherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s same, then mean Arabs â&#x20AC;&#x201D; hundreds of ads hg^]kbgd%Z\& \k^^ir' :l Z [hr B ^gchr^] \ah\heZm^ fbed bg eZk`^ HoZembg^ pZl Zg] bl ma^ Zgmbma^lbl h_ Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t underground civil war. society, is want worrying â&#x20AC;&#x201D; even scary. we have even Befnk_\j`^ejf] The initiative says the current law ting a DWI in 1984 was a cakewalk commake us to buy. Ironically, availability and had entation in July, against whyfbq do throats and send armies big spenders who took keep BpZlma^db]pahl^ahnl^ma^rphne]`hmh jnZgmbmb^l' Bm pZl lh lbfie^' B phne] cnlm ^o^krmabg` maZm \ah\heZm^too much, \hk]bg`mhma^ Only Thailand and Israel have policies XcZf_fcgf`jfe`e^Y\]fi\ become toto find othera places isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t working. Students turn to binge pared what person goes now, each other. it from walking ads with our iPods, labeled onethrough freshman, have curbed their pa^gma^rpZgm^]mhpZm\aZfhob^hkieZrZ Z \ni h_ fbed pbma Zg bghk]bgZm^ Zfhngm h_ fbed lmZg]l _hk' ?bklm% bmexpectations [i`eb`e^XcZf_fc% allowing armed protection in<^gm^kl_hk schools. shirts and jeans, sports hats and other â&#x20AC;&#x153;look to live. But artificially erasing difdrinking, can ZpZr lead Btophne] dangerous which is actually thing. who asked not `Zf^]^^f^]mhhobhe^gmhki^ko^kl^_hkma^bk \ah\heZm^which lrkni Zg] kb]^ hg Z ebd^ Zsenior ik^l\kbimbhglow holiday budgets InIThailand, it is to defend students and â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sylvain Rey is anlhng]l anthropology andWefind cre- a good what boughtâ&#x20AC;? paraphernalia. suggest: =bl^Zl^<hg& ferences is dishonest, with the ik^\bhnlebmme^fbg]l'GZmnkZeer%mable^]mhZehm _ZgmZlmb\ln`Zkab`ah_]^eb\bhnlg^ll' ]kn`'L^\hg]%bmĂ?lgnmkbmbhnl' to be consequences. According to the Alcohol Policy Inforfaculty against Muslim separatists who have and columnist for The Shorthorn because of named, knocks What irks me is that advertisers trod on ative, inexpenUniversity Housing other culture â&#x20AC;&#x201D; ObmZfbgl but especialmkheZg]Ik^o^gmbhg'FZgr[^eb^o^ h_[eZf^makhpgbgfr]bk^\mbhg' Ma^gB`k^phe]^k' Zg] fbg^kZel% The Shorthorn: Eduardo Villagrana been waging a bloody war since 2004. In was told by Students also choose to drink mation System, about 5,000 underage sacred ground by infiltrating and tarnishing the theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve taken in a [r Z We cannot ideas. should commuHg^ mbf^ bg iZkmb\neZk% Breceptionist pZl k^Zf^] Bgma^pZgbg`r^Zklh_fr^e^f^gmZkrl\ahhe ly with ourselves.l^kbhnler8 Pah lebii^]sive gift maZm[eZ\d\h__^^%Z\he]lahp^k% that ceremony with 30-second sales pitches. illegally rather than wait for the big deaths occur annually, pretend to promote friendship nicate better with the stock market iZk^gm _hkrelated ^qihlbg` abl hk a^k \abe] mh Fhgmr \Zk^^k%Bobob]erk^f^f[^kieZrbg`Gbgm^g]hZm mahl^ bg ma^k^8 MaZmĂ?l drinking Since the summer Olympics take place once pZedbg`hkle^^ibg`pbeelh[^kZ no wait list exwhere there is dishonesty and 21. The initiative says that lowering car accidents to homicide or suicide. students to prevent Irmahg_beflbgma^_hnkma`kZ]^'Hhil' Zefhlm Zl ik^ihlm^khnl Zl from fr_kb^g]Ă?lahnl^pa^gablfhma^k%bgZĂ&#x160;E^Zo^ declines. every four years, the rare occurrence warrants falsehood. ]kngdfhk^jnb\der'Ma^l^Zk^frmal' isted atsays all. that confusion in the NembfZm^er% B ]hgĂ?m _^^e mhh [hma^k^] _bg]bg` iaZkfZ\^nmb\Zel bg Bmmh;^Zo^kĂ&#x2039;_Zlabhg%Zld^]nlb_p^Ă?]ebd^lhf^ the age limits will curb binge drinking President James Spaniolo Charles Evans,Z[hnm a lower dosage of advertising exposure. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m She was given Ma^hgermabg`maZmpbeek^o^kl^ma^ fr k^o^eZmbhg' BReserve ]hgĂ?mtoiZkmb\neZker fbg] fr rhnkpZm^klniier' \ah\heZm^fbed'BeZn`a^]Zm_bklm%Zllnfbg`la^ future. and clashes with the law â&#x20AC;&#x201D; making more research beBank done before the aware that the broadcast didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come for free, Chicago Federalneeds presi-Sylvain Rey is an The Shorthorn: Antonina Doescher a letter that said fr ;^rhg]frjnZeflpbma iZlm Zl ma^ [Z] bg_en^g\^' B `hm mh lahp pZlZldbg`Zka^mhkb\Zejn^lmbhg' ^__^\mlh_Ze\haheblmbf^' but a different money-making tactic could have anthropologyma^ senior and a underage drinking seem less glamorous university canh_take aaposition. dent, waslhf^ quoted in_nggb^lm Reuters article _kb^g]l ma^ fZm^kbZe Zkhng] mZlm^ Zg] gnmkbmbhgZe La^pZlgĂ?m' to show up on been followed. Often, movies broadcast for the ;nmmbf^blgĂ?mhgrhnklb]^b_rhn G?@CC@G9FN;<E for The Shorthorn The Shorthorn: Eduardo Villagrana lie? columnist since it would be legal. Most college students are over Ă&#x2030; 18,Zg] sothatpZr[^_hk^ma^rĂ?]_bgZeer[k^Zdma^laZ\de^lh_ Underage istonot going toaway. the economy â&#x20AC;&#x153;contracting oZen^ h_ HoZembg^ Ebd^ Zgr *)&r^Zk&he] pbma Z [kZbg Zg] Zg the first daydrinking of is classes attempt first time on noncable stations are presented lnli^\mZe\haheihblhgbg`'Dghpbg` ma^bkiZk^gmlĂ?bg_en^g\^Zg]l^^bmma^fl^eo^l' bmladults. _Z\Z]^ They h_ eb^lcan Ă&#x2030; vote, B pZl Z\abg` ikhi^glbmr ^q\bm^]er markedlyâ&#x20AC;? consumers planning Some minors get_hk fake\Zobmb^l% IDs orBget older they are considered More areroom not from theare solution. They grablaws a as dorm no-show stucommercial-free, thanks to the particular ma^lb`glZg]pa^gmhl^^df^]b\Ze B]hgĂ?mdghpb_ma^r^o^kjnbmmaZmHoZembg^ abm married, pbma Z lmnggbg` k^o^eZmbhg Z[hnm fr lZb] r^l'or Fbgnm^l iZll^]% to spend less and jobless rates rise. sponsor who chose to throw in the cash. Surely friends classmates toZg] buyla^ thek^Zii^Zk^] alcohol, get buy tobacco, serve in the could be a part of the problem. dents on a first-come first-serve basis. pbmamph`eZll^lmaZm`Zo^^o^krbfik^llbhgh_ k^eZmbhglabil pbma fr _kb^g]l pahl^ iZk^gml mahn`a'BmĂ?lZ[Z]l\^g^%fZg' a^ei\hne][^ma^]b__^k^g\^[^mp^^g the Olympics opening ceremony deserves Priorities should precedent This seems like atake chaotic situation â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Shorthorn editorial board but almost everyone agrees that underage military and live alone. \hgmZbgbg` \ah\heZm^ fbed' B Z\\^im^] Z `eZll _hk\^] ma^f bgmh ma^bk ZihlmZlr h_ ink^ better treatment than the television premiere of Ă&#x2021;G_`cc`g9fn[\e`jXZfdglk\ijZ`\eZ\ale`fi eb_^Zg]]^Zma' whenshow deciding a budget and giftassigned list up, wait around and get \ah\heZm^fbed' Zg][khn`ambmjnb\dermhfrebil' Xe[Zfclde`jk]fiK_\J_fik_fie% â&#x20AC;&#x153;Superbadâ&#x20AC;? or â&#x20AC;&#x153;27 Dresses.â&#x20AC;? Ohfbmbg`blhg^h_ma^^Zkeb^lm to a room if someone doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t show up. this holiday season. More than likely, Granted, the telecast was not live. With an lb`gl%Z\\hk]bg`mhma^GB:::' She settled an to off-campus many people will for have sacrificeapartaverage 12-hour time difference from China, ontraditional students attest to the value students sign up for a certain number of slower than most students are, and the Bursarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ;^\Znl^Ze\haheblZlmhfZ\abkkbmZgm% ment, living whichthis is more Americans were just beginning their days when a less-lavish giftalone, giveaway year, of post-secondary education. A degree class hours, and the result is posted in the office is less than diligent about skimming off expensive. She said she feels less Chinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s former Olympian Li Ning ran around ohfbmbg`bl_Zbker\hffhg%ahp^o^k% but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to keep in mindsafe can top mean the difference between retirement university system. the universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s percentage before sending the the inside edge of the now-famous Birdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s than sheand would on campus. But famat least ohfbmbg`[^\hf^liZkmb\neZker that feeding sheltering your or pushing the tea cart at Lubyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cafeteria. Financial aid, however, does not consult leftovers to the eager student. C<KK<IJ Nest arena to light the Olympic flame and she found a definitive solution instead Younger people with degrees are far more likely the documented plan of the student and base Standing in line at the start of a semester ]Zg`^khnlZ_m^kiZllbg`hnm' ily outweighs any expensive gift. end the ceremony. Because the event many ^iflgkfjfcm\Zfdgc\ogifYc\djXi\k_\^i\Xk\jk <e^c`j_dXafijXe[#jligi`j`e^cp#_`^_\ik_Xe\Zf$ of just showing up the first day and to get three orwas fourprerecorded, jobs in their careers that disbursement decisions on this information. at the Bursarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office, or sitting with a â&#x20AC;&#x153;now DXk_dXb\j\oZ\cc\ekdXafij# Hma^klb`glmhpZm\a_hkbg\en]^ ItXjj\kjf]XdXk_\dXk`Z`Xe% would be wise to keep the gift Americans saw it lost viewing stillservingâ&#x20AC;? being late to your 8 a.m. classatsucks, onRather, any classes or instructors. n the past two include years, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve experienced efd`ZjXe[Z_\d`jkipdXafij% annual vacation the system assumes a full course load number slip in hand the Financial hoping she got a spot. value. Footage editors had time to sift through f^gmZe\hg_nlbhg%l^bsnk^l%lehphk giving@ek\iej_`g#i\j\XiZ_Xe[fk_\ifggfikle`k`\j]fi toSome a minimum. Some may degetting respect your Oneawards thing said to mescholarships in the good and loansas does Austinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s South time by Southwest festival, d`efij]fiafYjXk`j]XZk`fe 8ZZfi[`e^kfk_\jXcXipjlim\p]fiZfcc\^\[\$ and health care, and grants, Aid not office, reveals thatfor this flawed concept students who decided to stay the entire ceremony to cut out sections they felt olâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Fine Arts Building that has stuck ^i\\ji\gfik\[Xk â&#x20AC;&#x153;athleticismâ&#x20AC;? while others on the team were#k_\d\Xe cidedXk_\dXk`ZjdXafij`eZcl[\jlg\im`j\[jldd\i nnn%gXpjZXc\%Zfd been a part of President Bushâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s press bkk^`neZk[k^Zmabg`%Zg]iZe^hk[en^ to give gifts only to rather than two or three to cover the maximum possible expenditure frustrates the best plans of the most-prepared at home and commuteimmediate are suffering would slots to give their paying with me is when a professor called me i\j\XiZ_`eI\j\XiZ_<og\i`\eZ\j]fiLe[\i^iX[l$ jXcXipf]X[\^i\\_fc[\in`k_X9XZ_\cfijf]8ik heavily scouted and giftedstudent. by the pros. corps be forappropriate a few hoursjob inchanges Houston and =fiLK8le[\i^iX[lXk\jkl[\ekjn_fXi\ per year with of a full-time student. The most likely logic and forward-thinking family. Once again, priorities come ldbg' from gas prices, and the inconvenience advertisers a chance to push their wares. Xk\jgif^iXdjfemXi`fljle`m\ij`kpZXdglj\j# `edXk_`j.-#-'/`]_\fij_\nfibjXjXeXZklXip# We Nontraditional all know timeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s students precious, often but unlike contemplated my future at 4 a.m. on a while presumptuous. k_`eb`e^f]af`e`e^k_\nfib]fiZ\X]k\i^iX[lXk`fe#@ no paid vacation for this is to make certain that the full-time have much into play when being frugal this year. B_Ze\haheihblhgbg`blngmk^Zm^]% President Bushâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Washington, State of the D.C. Union was `ek\iej_`gjXkE8J8Xe[fk_\i^fm\ied\ekcXYfiX$ 0/#/+.]fiXe`e]fidXk`fek\Z_efcf^pdXeX^\i# of a commute. comes freein to the everyone. spent than a That professor probably right to stoop. jl^^\jkXdXk_dXafi#X[lXcdXafin`k_dXk_Y\`e^ enduring fixable health student has everywas centime available to get hismoney, moreitexperience privateIsector in broadcast commercial-free. 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If a student has chosen not to attend For many, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s quite a culture to i\j\XiZ_le[\i]XZlckpjlg\im`j`fe% Xe[d\[`Z`e\cfm\Xggc`ZXekjn`k_Xele[\i^iX[lXk\ break. My and college stay was more challenging after I graduate from made surethe to enjoy dancing inShorthorn Dallas, late dow. We are in critical times. heart of â&#x20AC;&#x201D; to present accurate information about The . Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll tell the will cover issues, culture A degree is a time made the decision clear by registering lenient university administration is toward students more efficiently. a^Zkm[^ZmfZr\^Zl^'B_ma^ob\mbf Lek`cXYflk('$(,p\XijX^f#k_\afYgifjg\Zkj K_\LK8jkl[\ekZ_Xgk\if]k_\DXk_\dXk`ZXc dXk_dXafi% The main thing the lostuniversity in the commercialhaving worked ascommunity a she is still this nights at Waffle House and just talking to feedback â&#x20AC;&#x201D; issues connected to thehe and profacts, state our stance and solicit events onwhich andcreates beyond profound benefit in and forworthwhile less-than-full-time hours, or mediocre, and worse, performance. The of and communication With thatlack comes struggle, 8jjfZ`Xk`fef]8d\i`ZX_XjY`n\\bcpd\\k`e^j]ifd LK8Ă&#x2039;jDXk_\dXk`Zj;\gXikd\ekf]]\ijgif^iXdj ebo^l%ZgZe\haheho^k]hl^\Zge^Z]mh ridden ceremony, besides five minute chunks reporter, ]fidXk_dXafijn\i\\`k_\iefkm\ip^ff[fic`d$ Scene editor and editor in chief at month. friends and family â&#x20AC;&#x201D; I love you all, for your vide a forumfunds, for readers. Wefinancial will use every thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where youimportant come in. We want to knowbrings our campus. America. Sadly, formal issued the full-time and when One of the most lessons a `k\[%Efn#\m\ipk_`e^`j[`]]\i\ek%@nflc[Xi^l\k_Xk effekf()1,'g%d%N\[e\j[Xpj`eG`ZbXi[?Xcc# ]file[\i^iX[lXk\jc\X[`e^kf9XZ_\cfif]8ikjfi a negative experience for incoming out the best in people â&#x20AC;&#x201D; be that were tossed asideOne to thingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s put in for fast-food The Shorthorn, even if some on the outside chides, support and sometimes for your CLIFF HALE bkk^o^klb[e^[kZbg]ZfZ`^' section in its thehomework paper to accomplish just that. youatthink. Send is usthe your letters, write n_\i\Zlii\ekXe[gifjg\Zk`m\dXk_dXafijXe[ Not into sports? Take education is primarily aid decides to do after the fact, studentwhat can get a university collateral k_\i\_Xje\m\iY\\eXY\kk\ik`d\kfY\XdXk_ 9XZ_\cfif]JZ`\eZ\#Xe[flidXafij`ek_\j\gif$ freshmen other studentsinexliving on commercials, was respect. Apparently when it certain: None of the simple presence. only knows me as their friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cousin it creativity or and unity. Finding B_rhnl^^Zgrh_ma^l^pZkgbg` Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s take afully lookfunded at what matters to you: a^iXdji\Z\`m\i`^fifljkiX`e`e^`eXYjkiXZkXe[cf^`$ guest column,poor lookand for good. weeklyBefore polls on the jfd\dXk_^iX[lXk\jkl[\ekjXe[]XZlckp^Xk_\i another look the section. found in academia â&#x20AC;&#x201D; an it discovers that it has a part-time education of example, dXafi#Xe[LK8`jXm\ip^ff[gcXZ\]fi`k% comes to making theabove big bucks, even acould world or that guy in their class thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s somehow highlights Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss the â&#x20AC;&#x2122;horn and the university, but campus. Accountability for mistakes gift ideas Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s can stretch AfYjXk`j]XZk`fe`jXdfe^k_\_`^_\jk]fidXk_ todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s economy, the inevitable pageinto andthe voteprivate online.sector, This isbeyour forum. pensive more atoshort athletes institution that has a little venerable and deserved studentsurviving and snapsinthe money back again. launching certain `e]fidXccpkf\eafpk_\]i\\cleZ_#c`jk\ekf`e[ljki`Xc lb`gZel%\Zee2**bff^]bZm^er' event fails to garner ahave bit of appreciation happened if I itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be niceZXci\Xjfe`e^#Zi`k`ZXck_`eb`e^#dXk_\dXk`ZXcXeXcp$ to do those things without so graduating. made will homemade givethan the University Housing [\^i\\_fc[\ij%@ek_\(000\[`k`fef] AfYjIXk\[ question after graduation, â&#x20AC;&#x153;What now?â&#x20AC;?, Take a look at player statistics. . It reputation for incompetence. Financial Aid Office notifies the Bursarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to know that this management style is budget. Make food basdXk_\dXk`Z`XejkXcbXYflkZXi\\ifggfikle`k`\j# j`j#gifYc\djfcm`e^#Xe[ZfdglkXk`feXcj`dlcXk`fej% and=hgĂ?mpZbm_hkrhnk_kb^g]mhlh[^k a four-hour moment of atadvertising didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work conflicting tasks and responsibilities For those just what I got from The 8cdXeXZ #k_\dXk_\dXk`Z`XeiXeb\[]`]k_f]),' more with credibility when trying diffuse sane amount, in a stressful and, From the U.S. president continues expand with multimedia One example is the ridiculous UTA office ofstaying theasking award and environment the Bursarmany only effective in tothe specialized bubble of tellingketsc\XieXYflk`ek\iej_`gjXe[`ek\iXZkn`k_\XZ_ K_\pXi\n\cc$gi\gXi\[]fiXn`[\iXe^\f]ZXi\\ij filled baked goods or to trinsilence. in the back of my head. the â&#x20AC;&#x2122;horn,gif]\jj`fejYXj\[fek_\j`oZi`k\i`Xf]`eZfd\# it taught me how to better Shorthorn , and thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s EMILY TOMAN nihk_hkfhk^lrfimhflmhZii^Zk' ANTHONY WILLIAMS `e`e[ljkip#]`eXeZ\#\[lZXk`fe#Xe[^fm\ied\ek% of course, making and sensefees of election coverage to the Student Congress compelling stories about whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happening fk_\i% financial aid system. withholds owed tuition and only academia. the situation. Until advertisers come to their sensesupand observe and report what I learned from even more coming kets. Take some copies of photos of jki\jj#g_pj`ZXc[\dXe[j#gfk\ek`Xc^ifnk_#afY Kfc\Xiedfi\XYflkZXi\\i#`ek\iej_`g#Xe[ N_`c\fYkX`e`e^dXk_[\^i\\j]ifdfli[\gXik$ =hgĂ?mphkkrmaZmrhnk_kb^g]fZr`^m thrown every day.amount to the president, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s semester the college community. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your stop Students typically heads plan their semesters far disburses the out remaining Andin if you want a career where incompetence Better communication anda more leave our brainwashedbecause and empty wallets â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Anthony general â&#x20AC;&#x201D; fellow students, staff of my time here people inj\Zli`kpXe[nfib\em`ifed\ek%@e]XZk#k_\XZklXip Williams has written your family and friends and use some fk_\ifggfikle`k`\j]fidXk_dXafij#gc\Xj\Z_\Zb d\ek#n\jkife^cp\eZfliX^\flidXafijkf[\m\cfg Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll tackle issues pocket leadersmeasures and ideas.inSoanticipation join us in taking for election coverage steer and clear updates that will of new in advance. Many are required to get advising and student. When a pupil gets that affect lovely,your life-more is not grounds for dismissal, of the nil^mhk^f[ZkkZll^][^\Znl^rhn proactive of alone, going to go getstudent myself newspaper. a patty melt. administration. I got an educationiXebjj\Zfe[% at ourIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m award-winning than jkife^fiXcXe[ni`kk\eZfddle`ZXk`fejb`ccj#^X`e 130 articles, columns, reviews jfd\fe\n_f[f\ji`jbXeXcpj`j to give a the memenbook, education andreasonably overall well-being. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ak_\c`ebjXkk_\ new look frames at_kkg1&&fd\^X%lkX%\[l&uXbkfjle&le$ highlight student involvement and breakinexpensive The Shorthorn â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the outlet before registering, then they must do so well in saving check, he or she can assume private sector and get a cushy position in an \Zee^]_hka^ei' through them, hearing stories and But where does one begin writing their and more in his six semesters with The such a scenario will make back-toK_\)'',EXk`feXc8jjfZ`Xk`fef]:fcc\^\jXe[ XeXcpk`ZXcXe[ZfdglkXk`feXcjb`ccj#Xe[c\Xiekf [\i^iX[lXk\j #fim`j`kk_\]flik_]cffif]G`ZbXi[ put to rest election rumors that float down key issues. Andand when breaking newsto that for it marks all. advance of the start of the semester. Students packaging that tuition and feestheare institution of help higher education. a good memory. them together forcovered, others toand mustShorthorn, final with from God Shirley â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Shorthorn Ray Edwardpiece? Buffington IV is a print jour<dgcfp\ijjlim\pZfdgXi\[Xm\iX^\jkXik`e^ :g]fhlmbfihkmZgmer%]hgĂ?me^m XeXcpq\gifYc\djn`k_XdXk_\dXk`Z`XeĂ&#x2039;jgi\Z`j`fe# ?Xcc%school transition much easier. around in national news. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll shed light on happens, you can find it there too. decide if they can afford to be full or part time, budget the check received for a semesterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Craft-making is the best way to notice while they listen halfIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m only repeating others, Caesar in the tough times. The broadcast Thethe Shorthorn hopefullyjXcXi`\j]fijkl[\ekjYple[\i^iX[lXk\dXafi#Xe[ nalism senior and columnist forbut rhnk\^e^[kZmbhgmnkgbgmhZmkZ`^]r' important research what Butbe letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s forget take a look at Toman is a journalism senior and --Emily â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Xg_pj`Z`jkĂ&#x2039;j`ekl`k`feXe[Xe\e^`e\\iĂ&#x2039;jgiXZk`ZXc`kp% Cliff Hale isnot a film junior and a copy then jobclassroom decisions accordingly. worth of books, rent, ramenhappening soup, etc. here and Ă&#x2021;KleZXp8bkfjle`jXgif]\jjfif]dXk_\dXk`ZjXkLK8% heartedly to a lecture. â&#x20AC;&#x2122;hornmake was my here. I should news senior will remembered for to his ]fidXk_dXafij`knXj*.%.g\iZ\ek_`^_\ik_Xe]fi go because it shows the receiver that 9\`e^XYc\kf`ek\iXZkn`k_fk_\ijXe[nfib`eX board â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Shorthorn it could mean to you. Thefor Shorthorn will soon The Shorthorn editor-in-chief ofeditorial The Before be financial aid decisions made, editor Regretfully, thecourse financial aid my process iseagle eyes,entertainment. Was the obstacle that was probably a little ashamed of my are GPA, his love for BeyoncĂŠ and hisShorthorn





Heaps of Hypocrisy

Students must be diligent and forward-thinking to succeed, but the favor isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always returned

Encore for the Fans


Take a Gander

Graduation means leaving behind more than just classes


The Shorthorn editor-in-chief welcomes the new school year, encourages readers to pick up the newspaper

life always fun? Hardly. Sleeping under your desk after a late night at work and

but I learned so much covering Maverick Country that itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not even worth it to hate

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THE USUAL BY TAYLOR EMERSON GIBBONS CANNON FODDER byGIBBONS Isaac Erickson THE USUAL BY TAYLOR EMERSON Results from PaZmphne]rhnlZrmhlhf^hg^ Wednesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Poll: Results from

pahieZglmh[bg`^]kbgdho^klikbg`[k^Zd8 - Polls  Your View Wednesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Poll: OB>P DoVIEW you think the drinking age VIEW No No to 18? should be lowered Yes 23% Do you think the legal drinking age should beĂ&#x2C6;;feĂ&#x2039;k[i`eb lowered to 18?

Do you think `]pflĂ&#x2039;i\efk we should bail out the )(%9lk`]pfl auto industry? [f[i`eb#Y\ i\jgfej`Yc\ Xe[_Xm\ XYl[[p jpjk\d%Ă&#x2030;

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57% Yes 77%

Answer online at

administrative errors? Answer and see results online Answer online at at E`bb`Fkk# T HE S HORTHORN .comZfddle`ZXk`fe]i\j_dXe THE SHORTHORN .com

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love and hard work went into their gift. Those on your gift list will understand â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the economy affects everyone. :8EEFE=F;;<IYp@jXXZ<i`Zbjfe Gifts are overrated. Spending the extra time with family and friends is more important than gifts received or given. Realize that this season will be very different compared to the past. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get exactly what you want or if your neighbors donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t drop by their usual gifts, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not because they forgot or donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t care, but likely that they too are struggling through the slumping economy.

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The Shorthorn is the official student newspaper of the Ma^Lahkmahkgblma^h__b\bZelmn]^gmg^pliZi^kh_ma^ The Shorthornisisthe theofficial officialstudent studentnewspaper newspaperofofthe the The Shorthorn University of Texas at Arlington and is published four Ngbo^klbmrh_M^qZlZm:kebg`mhgZg]blin[ebla^]_hnk University TexasatatArlington Arlingtonand andisispublished publishedfour four University ofofTexas times weekly during fall and spring semesters, and mbf^lp^^der]nkbg`_ZeeZg]likbg`l^f^lm^kl%Zg] timesweekly weeklyduring duringfall falland andspring springsemesters, semesters,and and times twice weekly during the summer sessions. Unsigned mpb\^p^^der]nkbg`ma^lnff^kl^llbhgl'Nglb`g^] twice weeklyduring duringthe thesummer summersessions. sessions.Unsigned Unsigned twice weekly editorials are the opinion of THE SHORTHORN ^]bmhkbZelZk^ma^hibgbhgh_MA>LAHKMAHKG>=B& editorials arethe theopinion opinionofofTHE THESHORTHORN SHORTHORN editorials are EDITORIAL BOARD and do not necessarily reflect the MHKB:E;H:K=Zg]]hghmg^\^llZkberk^_e^\mma^ EDITORIAL BOARDand anddo donot notnecessarily necessarilyreflect reflectthe the EDITORIAL BOARD opinions of individual student writers or editors, Shorthibgbhglh_bg]bob]nZelmn]^gmpkbm^klhk^]bmhkl%Lahkm& opinions individualstudent studentwriters writersororeditors, editors,ShortShortopinions ofofindividual

horn advisers or university administration. LETTERS ahkgZ]obl^klhkngbo^klbmrZ]fbgblmkZmbhg'E>MM>KL horn advisers university administration. LETTERS horn advisers oror university administration. LETTERS should be limited to 300 words. They may be edited lahne][^ebfbm^]mh,))phk]l'Ma^rfZr[^^]bm^] should limited 300 words. They may edited should bebe limited toto 300 words. They may bebe edited for space, spelling, grammar and malicious or libelous _hkliZ\^%li^eebg`%`kZffZkZg]fZeb\bhnlhkeb[^ehnl forspace, space, spelling, grammar and malicious libelous for spelling, grammar and malicious or or libelous statements. Letters must be the original work of the lmZm^f^gml'E^mm^klfnlm[^ma^hkb`bgZephkdh_ma^ statements.Letters Letters must original work statements. must bebe thethe original work of of thethe writer and must be signed. For identification purposes, pkbm^kZg]fnlm[^lb`g^]'?hkb]^gmb_b\Zmbhginkihl^l% writer and must signed. For identification purposes, writer and must bebe signed. For identification purposes, letters also must include the writerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s full name, address e^mm^klZelhfnlmbg\en]^ma^pkbm^kĂ?l_neegZf^%Z]]k^ll letters also must include writerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name, address letters also must include thethe writerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fullfull name, address and telephone number, although the address and teleZg]m^e^iahg^gnf[^k%Zemahn`ama^Z]]k^llZg]m^e^& and telephone number, although address and teleand telephone number, although thethe address and tele-

phone number will not be published. Students should iahg^gnf[^kpbeeghm[^in[ebla^]'Lmn]^gmllahne] phone number published. Students should phone number willwill notnot be be published. Students should include their classification, major and their student ID bg\en]^ma^bk\eZllb_b\Zmbhg%fZchkZg]ma^bklmn]^gmB= include their classification, major their student include their classification, major andand their student ID ID number, which is for identification purposes. The stugnf[^k%pab\abl_hkb]^gmb_b\Zmbhginkihl^l'Ma^lmn& number, which is for identification purposes. number, which is for identification purposes. TheThe stu-student ID number will not be published. Signed columns ]^gmB=gnf[^kpbeeghm[^in[ebla^]'Lb`g^]\henfgl dent number published. Signed columns dent IDID number willwill notnot be be published. Signed columns and letters to the editor reflect the opinion of the writer Zg]e^mm^klmhma^^]bmhkk^_e^\mma^hibgbhgh_ma^pkbm^k and letters to the editor reflect opinion of the writer and letters to the editor reflect thethe opinion of the writer and serve as an open forum for the expression of facts Zg]l^ko^ZlZghi^g_hknf_hkma^^qik^llbhgh__Z\ml and serve as an open forum expression of facts and serve as an open forum forfor thethe expression of facts or opinions of interest to The Shorthornâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s readers. hkhibgbhglh_bgm^k^lmmhMa^LahkmahkgĂ?lk^Z]^kl' opinions of interest to The Shorthornâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s readers. or or opinions of interest to The Shorthornâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s readers.

about sports Justin Rains, editor Sports publishes Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Page 6


remember Just because we stop printing doesn’t mean our coverage stops. Go to for sports updates over the winter break. Friday, December 5, 2008

The ShorThorn

Grizzly road Ahead Weekend tournament a precursor to tough non-conference schedule by stephen peters The Shorthorn staff

on the heels of winning its first road game, the men’s basketball team heads to Missoula, Mont., for the Grizzly Basketball Classic. the Mavericks (4-1) face the Denver pioneers (0-4) and the Montana Grizzlies (3-4) in a round-robin format tournament as they continue a 10-game road trip spanning more than a month. Junior forward tommy Moffitt said earning victories this weekend would be big for the team as it moves forward to tougher nonconference games. “If we can pull out two wins on this trip, it’ll be pretty good and build up a lot of confidence,” he said. “We’ll just know that we can win on the road.” the team is 1-1 in road games this year after finishing last year 4-8 away from texas Hall. Friday’s game against Denver is a neutral-site game in which the Mavs were 3-1 last season. the winless pioneers are scoring 56 points per game this year, which is second worst in the sun Belt Conference, and are led by the duo of junior forward Nate rohnert (14.8 points per game) and sophomore forward rob Lewis (14.5 points per game). Denver is also allowing opponents to shoot 48.5 percent a game this year and are being out-rebounded by six boards a game (29.5 to 23.5).

Montana enters the weekend having just said. “they were breaking down the defense, ended its three-game losing streak with an and it was just really kind of like watching 83-63 win against North Dakota on tuesday. poetry in motion, watching those three guards the Grizzlies have three players averaging play.” With the stellar performances from the double-digits in scoring, led by senior forward Jordan Hasquet at 15.7. the hometown guards, the focus has moved away from senior forward Anthony Vereen, product is shooting at 52.7 allowing him to average a percent per game and avquiet 14.6 points per game. eraging a team-high 30.6 MAvs At the Grizzly sophomore guard Jerminutes per contest. bAsketbAll clAssic emy smith said the team’s since losing to Eastern Dahlberg Arena, Missoula, Mont. ability to score from outside Washington on Nov. 22, the makes it easier to get Vereen Mavericks are scoring 93.5 Friday involved in the game. points per game, shooting vs. Denver Pioneers “Everyone focuses on our 46.5 percent from the floor Time: 8 p.m. shooters because we have and 37.5 from behind the such great shooters, and ev3-point line. Saturday eryone wants to make sure A big reason behind the vs. Montana Grizzlies they knock down shots,” he Mavs’ recent success has Time: 8 p.m. said. “It’s easier to get the been the guard play behind Online video:, ball in the post.” juniors rogér Guignard, free after registration smith also said for the Marquez Haynes and BranOnline radio: new.grizcountry1015. team to win both games this don Long, who are scoring com, click “listen live” link weekend, it must out-hustle a combined 55.5 points per opponents and play solid in game the last two games, all aspects. which is 56.1 percent of the “First and foremost, we team’s offense in that span. Head coach scott Cross said he is impressed want to win the ‘hustle points,’ ” he said. “We with the trio’s play lately, as it was expected to want everyone to come out and play hard and don’t back down.” be a big portion of the offensive attack. “It was, by far, the best performance I’ve seen all year — even in preseason games — stephen peters what they did against Houston Baptist,” Cross

At A GlAnce... UT Arlington Mavericks (4-1) The Mavs have won two straight, including their first road win, since losing to Eastern Washington on Nov. 22. Who’s Hot: Rogér Guignard Guignard has picked up his scoring the last two games, averaging 15.5 points per game after starting the first three games out averaging 7.7 points.

Denver Pioneers (0-4) Denver has opened the season scoring just 56 points per game, which is second worst in the Sun Belt Conference. Who’s Hot: Rob Lewis The sophomore has played the most consistently for the Pioneers in the young season, averaging 14.8 points per game while shooting 47.4 percent from the floor and 43.8 from beyond the arc.

Montana Grizzlies (3-4) The Grizzlies ended a three-game losing streak, beating North Dakota on Tuesday by 20 (8363), holding NDU to 37.7 percent shooting while shooting 49.1 percent. Who’s Hot: Jordan Hasquet Hasquet scored 22 against the Fighting Sioux on Tuesday, boosting his team-high scoring average to 15.7 points per game.

The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley

Sophomore guard Jeremy Smith shoots during the Mavericks’ 99-67 win over UT-Tyler on Nov. 25 at Texas Hall. The Mavericks will play Denver on Friday and Montana on Saturday during the Grizzly Basketball Classic in Missoula, Mont.

Getting to Know... Wheelchair basketball player tyler Garner talks about his no-regrets mentality and Hayes’ passing by stephen peters The Shorthorn staff

The Shorthorn: Jacob Adkisson

Exercise science senior Tyler Garner is in his fifth year playing for the Movin’ Mavs.

two players on the current wheelchair basketball roster have national championship experience from the 2005-06 season — Aaron Gouge and tyler Garner. Garner, a soft-spoken senior guard and team co-captain, looks to help guide the Movin’ Mavs back to the national spotlight. Last year, he averaged four points and six assists a game for a young team. prior to a weekly scrimmage against the Dallas Mavericks community wheelchair team, Garner took time out to speak with the shorthorn about state allegiance, a certain former head coach and graduating.

The Shorthorn: What is life out-

side of school and playing for the Movin’ Mavs? Tyler Garner: I joined a fraternity last fall, so I try to get real involved in that as much as possible. TS: What fraternity is that? TG: sigma phi Epsilon. TS: Arkansas or Texas? TG: Arkansas TS: So how much did it pain you to see Texas beat Arkansas this year? TG: Aw man, I knew it was going to happen, but it’s alright. TS: You got some retribution though, you beat LSU this year. TG: that’s right, that’s right. I loved seeing that. TS: What describes your mentality on the court? TG: I’m really big on chemistry. so, I really look for certain situations to

get our teammates involved. TS: What is the greatest moment of your life? TG: Definitely winning the championship in — what was it? — ’05’06. TS: Something people wouldn’t know about you when they first see you? TG: [pause] Uh … I used to be really shy. TS: What does postgraduation hold for Tyler Garner? TG: [Chuckles] … When you find out, let me know. TS: What was your initial reaction to Jim Hayes passing away? TG: through the years that I knew him, I could just tell he was getting sicker. Even though he didn’t show it to most people, I could tell he was

suffering. so, I was glad that he wasn’t suffering anymore, but it was a huge loss. He was one the greatest men I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. TS: If there was one thing you could change from your past, what would it be? TG: I have no regrets. TS: Hypothetically speaking, you win the national championship this year — the second one for you — do you wear it or put it somewhere on display? TG: I’d put it in a safe display area. I don’t usually wear rings. But I would definitely be showing it off for a while. stephen peters



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Friday, December 5, 2008

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Egg Donation

Egg Donation

Lost & Found






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while he thinks I am asleep. If I weren't there, I could see that, but while I'm lying next to him? I have asked him about it, but he just denies doing it, sometimes to the point of physically hurting me. Even though I know he may do this, I can't help but mention it! Now I feel like he has feelings toward my sister-in-law, but I don't know if it's me or my imagination. I don't know if what I see is real anymore or my illness taking over. Can you please help me determine what I can do to help our marriage? Our sex life has always been good, and I try to spice it up, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

A: Though I've answered this question before, I think it's time to answer it again, as it's a piece of misinformation with a hint of truth to it that people need to understand. When a woman is in her third trimester -- i.e., far along in her pregnancy -the blood vessels inside her vagina are quite dilated, and it is possible, though not likely, that if someone were to blow into her vagina quite strongly, an air bubble might penetrate a Dr. Ruth blood vessel, which would be Send your very serious. But blowing inside the vagina of a woman questions to Dr. who is not in her third Ruth Westheimer trimester poses no risk. c/o King

A: There's a lot going on in your life, and I know I sound like a broken record, but you two need to see a counselor. It's one thing to forgive a partner for cheating, but if he's Features Q: I have been married for Syndicate, 235 E. leaving behind hints that he may do it again, and he did tell almost 15 years now to a man you last time that you should I have known most of my life. I 45th St., New have spotted it, then it's time to love him very much, but about York, NY 10017 take action. If he gets violent eight years ago he confessed to me the lust he felt for my best friend, only when you bring up his nocturnal which was very disturbing to me. He felt masturbation, I would tell you to just stop like I should have known this and that it mentioning it until the other issues get wasn't love, just lust, and there is a big dif- resolved. Of course, if he also gets violent ference. Anyway, he acted on his emo- at other times, then you might need to not tions, and I am still hurting and very only seek counseling, but consider movuntrusting of him. For the past seven ing out until this gets resolved. But there's years I have been dealing with depression too much going on here for me to give and agoraphobia. I have three wonderful you any better advice than to find a prochildren whom this affects very much. In fessional to help you sort all of this out. the past year, he has been masturbating

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Friday, December 5, 2008

The ShorThorn

Attorney James Mallory

HOURS: MON-SAT : 9-8, SUN: 10:30-6:30





In Fort Worth, Arlington, Grapevine, Southlake, Colleyville, Keller, Bedford, Azle, Mansfield, Hurst, Crowley, Haltom City, Richland Hills and elsewhere in Tarrant County.

Free $5 Game Card Limit ONE per person Sunday-Thursday ONLY

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Traffic Tickets Defended


1201 E. Arkansas Ln. Arlington (Arkansas & Daniel Dr.) (817) 801-5115

3024 Sandage Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76109

offer expires end of 2008 Fall Semester

No promise as to results.


ARLINGTON Next to Putt Putt near 1-20 and Cooper

Any fine and any court costs are additional.

3408 S. Collins

1219 E. Pioneer Pkwy.



5780 W. Pleasant Ridge

3022 S. Cooper


(Behind Braum’s & Stanton Plaza)


We do State Inspections

$3.99 Full Service Car Wash

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Cooper St.

Arbrook Blvd.

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4000 Five Points Blvd. • 817.465.7847

exp. 1/30/09


10 Minute Oil Change COMputerized tune up COMputerized alignMent State inSpeCtiOn BrakeS, BatterieS air COnditiOning MajOr engine repair

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W. Division St.

Loop 820

20% off with UTA ID

with UTA ID

with UTA ID

Bowen Rd.



Other planned projects include renovations to pool and the Fine Arts Building. University official says UTA has invested more than $37 milli...

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