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NM:`^mlZhg^&lmhi Lmn]^gml`kZ]nZm^ Education survey iZk^gmlahi\^gm^k What to expect this week ...

pbmag^p\^kmbÖ \Zmbhg examines salaries What you might have missed...

_hkfZmbhg Z[hnm ahnlbg`% \Zfinl ^o^gml% iZkdbg` _^^l% k^`blmkZmbhg Zg] Zk^Zl hg \Zfinl bl k^Z]ber JfZ`Xcnfibjkl[\ekjXi\k_\ ZoZbeZ[e^pbmaa^ei_khf\^gm^k^f& ]`ijkkf^iX[lXk\n`k_]fZlj\[ for daily updates. iehr^^l% lZb] <Zl^r @hgsZe^l% ma^ Yi`\]k_\iXgpZ\ik`]`ZXk\j% 9PD<::88C@ IZk^gml?Zfber<^gm^k]bk^\mhk' pay. $427,400, and Spaniolo earns gets $16,100 in retirement Spaniolo’s pay ranks 11th :feki`YlkfikfK_\J_fik_fie Z iZk^gm \Zeel hk He\hf^l ranks fourth in the state for $405,100.Pa^g He made $389,000 among presidents atZ ieZ\^ mhlast 9P<9FEP<M8EJ IZk^gml ghp aZo^ `^myear bgmh h__b\^ l^Zk\abg` _hk funds allocated. and ma^ started the job in private K_\J_fik_fiejkX]] Zeema^Zglp^kl' Zglp^kl%ma^\^gm^kpbeemkZgl_^khk Texas public universities. The university chooses the 2004 with a $275,000 salary. Lmn]^gm :__Zbkl \k^Zm^] Before ma^ ]bk^\m mh ma^ \hkk^\m private Zk^Z _hk L^o^g lmn]^gml `kZ]nZm^] _khf to public ratio, and there’s him, ma^f President Robert IZk^gmlBY ?Zfber maZm li^\b_b\ jn^lmbhg' B_ maZm Zk^Z ma^ L\ahhe JASON BOYD <^gm^k mh a^ei no formula, said Rusty Ward,h_ Lh\bZe Phkd eZlm Witt made $243,501. Zee^obZm^ ma^ _knlmkZmbhgl h_ \hg&Communications \ZgÍm [^ k^Z\a^] hk eh\Zm^]% ma^ affairs Vice The Shorthorn staff fhgma pbma Z \^kmb_b\Zm^ maZm aZl business President. Vice Presi_nl^] iZk^gml Zg] _Zfber f^f[^kl lmZ__^klpbeel^Zk\a_hkma^bg_hkfZ& ghm [^^gfunds h__^k^] [^_hk^ bg ma^ N'L'% President James Spaniolo dent Jerry Lewis said the compe- Ward said the allocated pa^g mkrbg` mh `^m bg_hkfZmbhg hg lZb] I^m^k E^afZgg% lh\bZe phkd ranks 11th in total salary among tition in the job market for col- for each salary are decided case Z oZkb^mr h_ ngbo^klbmr l^kob\^l' Bg& Zllh\bZm^ikh_^llhk' @E=FZfek`el\jfegX^\* by case. Texas public university presidents, lege presidents dictates salaries. “We could pay it all from any according to a recent Chronicle of Spaniolo gets $65,945 from Higher Education survey. public funds (state money) and source available to us,” he said. Nationally, university presi- $323,055 from private funds, SALARY continues on page 6 dents make a median salary of which includes tuition. He also

K_\GXi\ekj=Xd`cp:\ek\i Xejn\ije\nDXm\i`ZbgXi\ekjË Visit hl\jk`fejXe[ZfeZ\iej%


Residents express gas well concerns An e-mail sent to UTA says a gas well reservoir nearby could pose health risks. BY JASON JOYCE Contributor to The Shorthorn

Confusion over a holding reservoir at the gas well site at Division and Davis streets has caused concern among surrounding neighbors about possible health risks. The worry stemmed from an e-mail sent by Arlington resident Kim Feil to city officials expressing concerns to the university about her family’s exposure

to contaminants in the reservoir. “Natural gas drilling company created a lined reservoir to hold contaminated water at Davis and Division streets,” she wrote. “ In the holding process, evaporation is taking place, and toxins may be in our air.” Darren Groth, a planner with the Arlington Community Development & Planning department, said concerns about the holding pond have no merit. “That water in the holding reservoir is just water out of a


fire hydrant that Chesapeake purchased for the fracking process,” he said. “It’s just regular, potable water.” Chesapeake Energ y spokeswoman Jerri Robbins also said the concerns are unfounded. “That pond only contains clean water,” she said. “We’d never pump reclaimed material back into it. It’s illegal, for one thing.” She also said Chesapeake has only recently started the fracking process on the well. The storage tanks at the site GAS continues on page 3

Ma^ `kZ]nZm^l \hfie^m^] ma^ /)&ahnk Lhenmbhg&?h\nl^] ;kb^_ Ma^kZir \^kmb_b\Zmbhg ikh`kZf h__^k^] makhn`a ma^ ngbo^klbmrÍl <hgmbgnbg`>]n\Zmbhg=^iZkmf^gm% pab\a[^`ZgeZlmr^Zk%a^lZb]' Lmn]^gml bg ma^ lh\bZe phkd% ilr\aheh`r% gnklbg` Zg] f^]b& \bg^ _b^e]l e^Zkg ldbeel mh \hg]n\m ^__^\mbo^ bgm^kob^pl maZm [kbg` hnm \eb^gmlÍlmk^g`malZg]k^lhnk\^l%Zg] ]^o^ehi`hh]`hZel%E^afZgglZb]' ÊMa^ Lhenmbhg&?h\nl^] ;kb^_

Ma^kZir Ikh`kZf [^\Zf^ ihineZk Zg] a^ei_ne _hk hma^kl bg hma^k \hngmkb^l ln\a Zl Mhkhgmh% Lbg`Zihk^ Zg] Ehg]hg% >g`eZg]%Ë E^afZgglZb]' @kZ]nZm^ IZf^eZ Chaglhg lZb] la^ ahi^l ma^ \^kmb_b\Zm^ fZd^l a^k fhk^dghpe^]`^Z[e^' ÊBmpZlo^kr^q\bmbg`k^\^bobg`ma^ _bklm\^kmb_b\Zm^bgma^N'L'%Ëla^lZb]' ÊBmaZlbg\k^Zl^]frdghpe^]`^Zg] >I8;JZfek`el\jfegX^\-

8IXZ`e^I\[\j`^e NM:?hkfneZL:>kZ\bg`m^ZflpZil ^g`bg^Zg]k^]^lb`glbmlkZ\^\Zk k^Zeer^q\bm^]mh`^mlmZkm^]'Ë ÈN_Xk >o^kr r^Zk bg fb]&Cner% ma^ ngb& Ma^ngbo^klbmr?hkfneZL:>m^Zf o^klbmr ahlml ma^ M^qZl :nmh\khll n\[f`j bl `^Zkbg` ni mh `bo^ \hfi^mbmhkl Z P^^d^g]% Z \hfi^mbmbhg maZm bgobm^l gi\Z`j`fe mhn`akngbg=^mkhbmmablFZrpbmabml \hee^`^l _khf Z\khll ma^ \hngmkr mh [i`m`e^ \hf^ Zg] kZ\^' Bg L^im^f[^k% ma^ Xkk_\ g^per]^lb`g^]%eb`am^k\Zk' Ma^\aZg`^lmaZmZk^[^bg`bfie^& ngbo^klbmrÍl m^Zf Zmm^g]l ma^ Lihkml XYjfclk\ f^gm^] Zk^ f^Zgm mh ]^\k^Zl^ ma^ <Zk<en[h_:f^kb\ZgZmbhgZel' Ma^ fZbg \hfi^mbmbhg mabl r^Zk c`d`kjf] \ZkÍl p^b`am' Ma^ m^Zf lpZii^] ma^ a^Zob^k-&\rebg]^k^g`bg^_hkZeb`am& bl ma^ ?hkfneZ L:> bg =^mkhbm' Ma^ Zfekifc%É ^k+&\rebg]^k^g`bg^%Zg]pbeek^erhg m^Zf f^f[^kl lZb] ma^r p^k^ _bk^] 9fYNff[j niZg]Zk^`^mmbg`k^Z]r' Z^kh]rgZfb\lmh^gaZg\^li^^]' ÊBmÍl paZm p^ ebo^ _hk ]hpg a^k^%Ë =fidlcXJ8< ÊPaZm p^ ]h bl ik^\blbhg ]kbobg` k\XdX[m`j\i Zmma^Z[lhenm^ebfbmlh_\hgmkhe%Ë?hk& lZb] =k^p PZee^k% lnli^glbhg e^Z] fneZ L:> m^Zf Z]obl^k ;h[ Phh]l _hkma^m^Zf' Ma^ m^Zf \hglblml h_ Z[hnm +) lZb]' Ma^ eb`am^k \Zk lahne] [^ Z[e^ mh f^f[^kl'FhlmZk^_khfma^<hee^`^ The Shorthorn: Stephanie Goddard fho^ _Zlm^k% lZb] MahfZl PZem^k% h_>g`bg^^kbg`[nmZgrhg^Zmm^g]bg` ma^ ngbo^klbmr bl ^eb`b[e^ mh chbg' Ma^ f^\aZgb\Ze ^g`bg^^kbg` cngbhk Zg] Habitat for Humanity volunteer David Helmke gets kinesiology science junior Kelsey McPherson to sign a 2-by-4 \Zkl Zk^ lmn]^gm lmn]^gm m^Zff^f[^k' foot plank Thursday in front of the Central Library. The plank [nbem will be Zg] used in the construction of a house built by Habitat. Helmke and UTA Volunteers are trying to raise money for construction costs. ]kbo^g'=kbo^klZk^\ahl^g[rm^Zf ÊBmÍlp^b`am^]mhikh]n\^mkZ\mbhg hg ma^ `khng]%Ë a^ lZb]' ÊEZlm r^Zk pZlma^_Zlm^lm\Zkp^Í]^o^k[nbem'BÍf J8<Zfek`el\jfegX^\9P:F?<9FC@E


D\Z_Xe`jd\e^`e\\i`e^ale`fi>\fi^\K_fdjfe`jXd\dY\if]=fidlcXJ8<#n_`Z_`j^\kk`e^i\X[p]fiX COMPUTING AND TECHNOLOGY


Library to redo Web site, input wanted Police present school shooting I\XZ_`e^K_\`i ;khZ]\Zlmlmn]^gmlmhÖef information ;\jk`eXk`fej m^e^\Zlml_hk\Z[e^\aZgg^e K_\J_fik_fie1D`Z_X\cI\kk`^


long and takes about 10

Digital Library Services is minutes. It includes quesutilizing a 10-minute online tions about the site’s usesurvey to get suggestions. fulness, readability, navigaBY ANNA KATZKOVA The Shorthorn Staff

the best response to a random University Police explain shooting may be to stay E\njZXjkjXe[jgfikj^Xd\j how to react to potential campus on the defensive and hide. n`ccilefeZ_Xee\c00Y\^`ee`e^ campus shootings. “People on a rampage like this N\[e\j[Xpe`^_k% — they are not going to take the SARAH LUTZ

The Central Library wants to update its Web site with student, faculty and staff help via an online survey seeking input through the end of finals week. The survey is three pages

tion and look, along with its research potential and whether it reflects the university’s spirit. Participants can check off the options they think should be implemented and add their own comments. Digital Library Services received about 100 responses since the survey started

last week. Karen Horsfall, Digital Library Services coordinator, said the feedback rate is good, but more responses are needed. “Until we know what the people want, it’s hard to say what will change,” she said. Users have indicated that they would like a personal space on the site and the ability to bookmark pages, Horsfall said. “We’ll focus on content,

navigation, look and feel,” she said. “It’s really about delivering library services to users and enabling them to find what they’re looking for.” The library’s page will still be consistent with the university’s Web site. The refurbishing idea came as part of the library strategic plan. “It was raised that the site was four years old, and

Mphgnklbg`]h\mhkZelmn]^gml mkZo^eehg`]blmZg\^lmh[^ ma^ngbo^klbmrÍlÖklm

time to stop and try to break LIBRARY continues on page 3 down the door. Their objective is In case someone starts shoot- to kill as many people as possible 9PD8KK?<NI<8>8E l^f^lm^k% :feki`YlkfikfK_\J_fik_fie ing onMabl campus, duck [khZ]\Zlm and cover. lmn]^gml in the shortest amount of time pbee `^m fhk^ aZg]l&hg Assistant police chief ^qi^kb^g\^ Rick as[r possible,” he said. “That’s why Ma^ L\ahhe h_ Gnklbg` l^m Z eZg]fZkd _hk bml ikh& _befbg`g^pl\ZlmlZg]\ho^kbg`ngbo^k& Gomez told a room full of faculty, `kZfmabliZlm=^\^f[^k' lbmrlihkml' staff and students Thursday that LUNCH continues on page 6 FZqbg^ :]^`[heZ Zg] @ehkbZ <Zkk [^\Zf^ ma^ _bklm ;^`bggbg` g^qm fhgma% lmn]^gml mhk^\^bo^]h\mhkZe]^`k^^lbggnklbg`Zmma^ngbo^klbmr' pbeelahhmp^^derg^pl\Zlml_hkngbo^k& :_m^k r^Zkl h_ ]^]b\Zm^] k^l^Zk\a% \hngme^ll ]bll^kmZ& lbmr \Z[e^ \aZgg^e 22' Lhf^ lmn]^gml mbhgik^l^gmZmbhglZg]in[eb\Zmbhgl%Zg]^o^g^qmk^f^ pbee Zelh _bef lihkml [^`bggbg` pbma \hffnmbg`% ma^r k^\^bo^] ma^bk ]h\mhkZm^l mh [^\hf^ ma^ f^gÍl [Zld^m[Zee `Zf^ P^]g^l]Zr >cfi`X:Xii# gnkl^l\b^gmblml' gb`am' Ma^r [^`Zg ma^ ikh`kZf mh`^ma^k bg +)), Zl ma^ elij`e^[fZkfiXk\ @Zf^lpbee[^ihlm^]bgma^bk^gmbk^& l\ahheÍl_bklm]h\mhkZe\Zg]b]Zm^lZg]_bgbla^]mh`^ma^k BY BRYAN BASTIBLE “It gets our message out The Chapter Key is commr hg ma^ ngbo^klbmr Zmae^mb\l P^[ lbm^ Zm=^\^f[^kÍl`kZ]nZmbhg\^k^fhgr' The Shorthorn staff WHEN AND WHERE and our organization seen,” prised of a transit, a sur-:]^`[heZ Zehg` pbma `Zf^ ab`aeb`aml% lZb] :g& :emahn`a [^`Zg a^k gnklbg` ^]n\Zmbhg bg ]k^p <eZkd% \hffngb\Zmbhg ZllblmZgm he said. veying tool used to measure Students walking north to When: 5:30 p.m. CZfZb\Z Zg] <Zkk bg F^fiabl% M^gg'% [hma `kZ]nZm^l K_\J_fik_fie18e[i\n9lZbc\p ikh_^llhkZg][khZ]\Zlm]bk^\mhk' Epsilon president Kyleikh`kZf' GreekmZd^g letters Nedderman Hall can become angles, and the aZo^ lbfbeZkChi iZmal mh k^Z\a ma^ NM: ÊB_ p^ cnlm inm kZp _hhmZ`^ h_ ma^ 9ifX[ZXjk`e^e\njj\e`fi8ifeDfi^Xej_ffkjk_\DXm\i`Zbj^Xd\K_lij[Xpe`^_k`e Hockersmith said Dr[Z the transit It was made ma^ acquainted with a new mon- Chi and Epsilon.;hma Where: k^\^bo^] ?^kg^ G^pfZg ?^eehplabi bg Engineering mall `Zf^%bmÍl\hg\^boZ[e^bm\hne][^hgma^ K\oXj?Xcc%K_`jnXjk_\]`ijk^Xd\kfY\k\c\m`j\[Ypk_\YifX[ZXjk`e^jkl[\ekj]fik_\ wasp^k^ chosen because it was a [rarea of metals ument built to honor an en- with a composite between Woolf Hall and Gnklbg`% Zg] [hma l^e^\m^] Zl Êf^gm^^lË ma^ P^[lbm^ZgahnkhkmphZ_m^kma^`Zf^%Ë Xk_c\k`ZjN\Yj`k\% toolh_used forFbghkbmr many years to :llh\bZ& Nedderman Hall gineering organization today. resembling bronze. GZmbhgZe <hZebmbhg >magb\ Gnkl^ <eZkdlZb]' The project’smbhgl' total cost, aid engineers in seeing great Located on the Engineerbg ma^ ;khZ]\Zlm l^gbhk =Zob] FZgg^kbg` fZgrahf^`Zf^l_hkf^gÍlZg]phf& ]^gml fZr _bef [Zl^[Zee `Zf^l Chimph Ep-Zk^distances. Ma^ gh lmkZg`^kl mh mkZo^ebg` _hk ma^bk ing Mall, the monument will which was started by Zgghng\^l_hkma^ngbo^klbmrÍlkZ]bhlmZ& ^gÍl[Zld^m[ZeeZlma^r\Zg[nmmaZmma^ likbg`' “Itmk^dd^] is our _khf objective, as pa^k^ a Meier ^]n\Zmbhg' :]^`[heZ CZfZb\Z% la^ be introduced with an official silon president Steven “As a DXo`e\8[\^YfcX# chapter, we would MO K^ihkmbg` * Zg] + \eZll^l mbhg%Zg]abl\hff^gmZkr\ZgieZrpbma `Zf^\ho^kZ`^]^i^g]lhgma^gnf[^k society, promote civil enthreepbee years ago,k^\^bo^] was about a^k ]biehfZ bg to gnklbg`% mh Angm^k <hee^`^ ceremony at 5:30 p.m. by Chi like bg to erect our key in honor h_ lmn]^gml ZoZbeZ[e^' Ma^r fZr Zelh ma^`Zf^hgebg^' elij`e^[fZkfiXk\ gineers to look far into the of all of our fellow members’ Epsilon, the civil engineering $2,749 from fundraisers and ELIJ@E>Zfek`el\jfegX^\* 9IF8;:8JKZfek`el\jfegX^\<eZkd lZb] ma^r pbee mkr mh \ho^k Zl \ho^klhf^ZpZr`Zf^l%Zg]lhf^lmn& future during their careers achievements both academidonations. honor society. The Shorthorn: Michael Rettig Richard Nichols, former to advance the profession,” cally and professionally,” he Although it has been in place since October, the Chi Epsilon president, said he said. said. “It is our understandUniversity Police Sgt. John King gives a presentation on campus safety The key was made with a ing and belief that with this Chapter Key’s unveiling cer- he was proud of the statue Thursday in the University Center Guadalupe Room. King spoke about how emony will open to the pub- and the three years of work metal fabricator using diethe campus police department reacts to an active shooter situation, and cast methods. put into it. KEY continues on page 3 lic. what students and faculty can do to protect themselves. The Shorthorn staff 9PD8I@JJ8?8CC :feki`YlkfikfK_\J_fik_fie

A Key Interest

Honor society set to introduce an engineering monument to the public




Campus Notebook

Friday November 21, 2008

Today Special Collections â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Revisualizing Westward Expansion: Mondays . NOV 9 a.m.-7 p.m. and Tuesday-Saturday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., Central Library sixth floor. Free. For information, contact 817-272-3393 or


International Crime: An Introduction to the MS-13 Street Gang: noon, Central Library sixth floor. Free. For information, contact Lindsey Zaleski at 817-272-6107 or International Spouses Club: 1:30-3 p.m., Swift Center.

Free. For information, contact Julie Holmer at 817-272-2355 or Monolithic Aerogels of +2 Transition Metals: 2:30-3:30 p.m., 114 Chemistry Research Building. Free. For information, call 817-272-3171. Planetarium Shows: 7 and 8 p.m., Chemistry and Physics Building. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Seven Wondersâ&#x20AC;? at 7 p.m., â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rock Hall of Fameâ&#x20AC;? at 8 p.m. Tickets are $5 for adults, $4 for children and seniors, $3 for faculty, staff and alumni and $2 for students. For information, call Marc Rouleau at 817-272-0123 or planetarium@

University of Illinois Faculty Brass Quintet Concert: 7:30 p.m., Irons Recital Hall. Free. For information, contact 817272-3471 or

SaTurday Holiday Extravaganza: 10 a.m.-noon, UniNOV. versity Center Palo Duro Lounge. Free. For information, contact Jennifer Dawn Fox at 817272-2293 or jenniferdfox@


Planetarium Shows: Chemistry and Physics Building. â&#x20AC;&#x153;TimeSpaceâ&#x20AC;? at 1 p.m., â&#x20AC;&#x153;Seven Wondersâ&#x20AC;? at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 for adults, $4

for children and seniors, $3 for faculty, staff and alumni and $2 for UTA students. For information, contact Marc Rouleau at 817-272-0123 or UTA Wind Symphony and Jazz Orchestra Concert: 7:30 p.m., Irons Recital Hall. Tickets are $5 the general public and $3 for students and seniors. For information, contact Douglas Stotter at 817-2722533 or

Sunday Planetarium Shows: Chemistry and Physics Building. â&#x20AC;&#x153;TimeSpaceâ&#x20AC;? at



1 p.m., â&#x20AC;&#x153;Seven Wondersâ&#x20AC;? at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 for adults, $4 for children and seniors, $3 for faculty, staff and alumni and $2 for students. For information, contact Marc Rouleau at 817-272-0123 or

Monday EXCEL Campus Activities General Body Meeting: 2-3 p.m., UC Student Congress Chambers. For information, contact Maggie Garza at 817-272-6052 or



Calendar submissions must be made by 4 p.m. two days prior to run date. To enter your event, call 817-272-3661 or log on to

The ShorThorn


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why we recommend that â&#x20AC;Ś if there is ever an active shooter situation on campus, just close the door, lock it, barricade it, turn off the lights and then get out of sight and look for any type of cover or concealment.â&#x20AC;? Rick Gomez, Assistant Police Chief on how students should react in the event of a school shooting. See Page 1

two-Day foreCast

Today Sunny High 50°F Low 36°F

Saturday Mostly cloudy High 57°F Low 49°F â&#x20AC;&#x201D; National Weather Service at

poliCe report This is a part of the daily activity log produced by the universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Police Department. To report a criminal incident on campus, call 817-272-3381.

An officer was dispatched to the Registrarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office for a student causing a disturbance Wednesday. A student reported his bicycle stolen Wednesday from the UTA Bookstore. A nonstudent was issued a criminal trespass warning for the entire campus Wednesday at Centennial Court apartments. An officer investigated a theft Thursday at 600 Center St.

Being a Quitter

Campus briefs

Student Art Association hosts art sale fundraiser

Students participate and learn how curbing smoking habits are helpful

The Student Art Association is holding an art sale 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Wednesday at Gallery West in the Studio Art Center, 810 S. Davis St. Fine Arts senior Kate Stipp said the event happens every semester, and though nonart students may enter a piece, the work is primarily from art students. Stipp said 20 percent of the profits will go to the Student Art Association, the other 80 percent going to the artists. Stipp said students will bring in work throughout the week, and estimates between 100 and 150 pieces, ranging in value from $10 to $300, during the three days. She said work ranges from paintings and prints to sculptures and glass work. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sarah Lutz

by mark bauer

Arlington Holiday Lights Parade held Dec. 6

Contributor to The Shorthorn

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no secret â&#x20AC;&#x201D; smoking and good health arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t on the same plane. But Campus Recreation played its part yesterday by asking smokers to kick the habit and participate in the Great american Smokeout â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a national event that challenges smokers to smoke less throughout the day or quit altogether. The message from the Surgeon Generalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office states on most tobacco products: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and may complicate Pregnancy.â&#x20AC;? In 2006, 21 percent of individuals over 18 identified themselves as smokers, according to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite warnings, many students, like Spanish senior Jona Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien, continue lighting up. She said she is trying to quit after picking up the habit four years ago. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nasty,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;and I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to look 50 when Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m 25.â&#x20AC;? Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien originally started smoking when her then-boyfriend smoked two packs a day. She said she just picked it up. She has since tried quitting â&#x20AC;&#x201D; once with the patch and once with gum. Neither worked. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Now Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m trying to stop on my own,â&#x20AC;? she said. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that personal commitment that Health Services physician Rodger Mitchell said helps. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re probably not going to,â&#x20AC;? he said. If hurting oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enough reason to quit, perhaps the chance of missing out on a job or the fact that it is increasingly unacceptable in public circles, will help make the final decision. Mitchell said if a potential employer discovers that an applicant smokes, the applicant might get overlooked. He said they can be cited as an insurance risk. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It hurts your chances of getting a job,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In terms of your economic success in the job world, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a negative in most cases.â&#x20AC;? Campus Recreation hosted the event as a support system for the second year in a row. Fitness assistant director Kala Markovich said they had a pretty good flow of participants in the

The Downtown Arlington Parade Committee presents the Annual Star-Telegramâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Holiday Lights Parade at 6 p.m. Dec. 6. Festivities include a parade, tree-lighting ceremony, marching units, holiday music, floats antique cars, riding units and a visit from and pictures with Santa Clause. Preceding the parade, there will be additional entertainment at 4 p.m. at the Levitt Pavilion. The parade will go 6-9 p.m., when there will be a tree-lighting ceremony and pictures with Santa Clause. The tree lighting will be located in front of City Hall, and pictures with Santa Clause will be at the pavilion. The parade starts at the corner of Main and Center streets, travels west on Main Street, south on West Street, east on Abram Street and ends at the corner of Abram and Mesquite streets. Handicap parking is available in the parking lot behind Worthington National Bank. Lauren Tatum, Downtown Arlington Parade Committee co-chair, said association member Frances Foster began the first Arlington Christmas Parade in 2002 with the help of members of the Fourth of July Parade Association and the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

The Shorthorn: Stephanie Goddard

Interdisciplinary Studies senior Robby Aranguren jumps at the Great American Smokeout relay race Thursday night in the Maverick Activities Center. The event encourages students to make a pledge not to smoke.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;obstacle course of quitting.â&#x20AC;? University biological curator Carl Franklin said he participated last year and said he returned to beat his previous record. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cool sort of just seeing what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re able to do,â&#x20AC;? he said about his older age. although he said he likes tobacco, he said his choice came down to that he liked breathing better. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have an active lifestyle,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;That doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really fit in with it.â&#x20AC;? He broke his previous record of 56 seconds on the obstacle course by 11 seconds. He attributes his new record to not smoking. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The old man got the record,â&#x20AC;? he said. mark bauer

â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Michelle Leverett

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Friday, November 21, 2008

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The ShorThorn

Come all Ye Faculty, Staff Freshmen Leaders on Campus plan 18 holiday activities for the kids By Dustin Dangli Contributor to The Shorthorn

The University Center’s Palo Duro Lounge will be filled with “ho ho ho’s” Saturday when Saint Nick visits — only Saint Nick will be Greek Life and University Events director Seth Ressl’s father. Bob Ressl’s appearance as Santa Claus has been a part of Freshmen Leaders on Campus’s Holiday Extravaganza for seven years, said Amanda Gonzalez, FLOC Community Service committee co-chair. Children will take pictures with Santa and place them in handmade picture frames they created that morning. FLOC plans to treat the children to many events and activities including letters to Santa, Thanksgiving cookie decorating, face painting and more. With 18 total festivities, FLOC attempts to keep the event nondenominational, aside from the Santa Claus ap-

Gas continued from page 1

are empty, so contamination from chemicals in the reclaimed water isn’t possible. Renee Salzman, a Magnolia Street resident, said she believes that either

pearance, FLOC adviser Bess Alvarez said. “We’re trying to keep a holiday base — snowmen, penguins — just holiday things,” Gonzalez said. The activities have a Thanksgiving and winter motif and music will play in the background. While most of it will be celebration music, the last 30 minutes will feature a number of dance songs, including the chicken dance to encourage children activity, FLOC Adviser Jennifer Fox said. Rather than focus on students, FLOC gears this event toward building a community between faculty and staff. “This shows our professors that they’re not just our teachers,” FLOC member Emma Whinnery said. “It shows that we care.” Whinnery said the one activity she’s most excited about is making candy cane mice. “I made them and it was my

the drilling or exhaust from truck traffic at the site has contributed to her and her family’s recent health problems. “I find that after I’m outside for an hour, I have a horrendous headache,” she said. “Most people don’t think much of a headache, but I don’t get them. When I’m not around the reservoir, I don’t have them.”

when anD where When: Holiday Extravaganza at 10 a.m. Where: University Center Palo Duro Lounge

favorite in elementary school,” she said. “Hopefully it’ll be their favorite too.” Students must bring a child or young relative to the event in order to participate, Gonzalez said. “This event was one of my favorites last year, and I’m hoping that we can make it just as successful this year,” Fox said. “The faculty and staff really look forward to this event, and it’s really a great way for the FLOCers to show how great this organization is and that we do care about our campus and our community.” Dustin Dangli

Whether the site presents a risk is only part of the problem — lack of city planning is the bigger issue, Salzman said. “The city has put the cart before the horse with urban drilling,” she said. “They didn’t take the time to put regulations in place. They just signed off on the leases.” Jason Joyce

“That water in the holding reservoir is just water out of a fire hydrant that Chesapeake purchased for the fracking process. It’s just regular, potable water.” Darren groth,

planner with the Arlington Community Development & Planning department

The Shorthorn: Rasy Ran

sitting anD surfing Aerospace engineering freshman Ronak Patel reads comics online while waiting for his English group to arrive for a class project Thursday at the Central Library.

Library continued from page 1

it was time to look at it and see what works and what doesn’t work,” Horsfall said. Web specialist Candy McCormick created the survey’s advertising. She said her approach was, “What do you want your library Web site to be?” Student input is vital because students utilize the site the most, she said. Marketing junior David Stark, who works in the library basement and helps students with Web problems, said the Web site navigation seems complicated. “There are a lot of people who come down here and ask us how to use it,” he said. He said the site shouldn’t

be changed entirely but needs improvements. Survey participants can sign up for an e-mail list to help the library with future user tests, which will add them to a prize drawing. Results will be analyzed in December and January and prioritized for spring. Survey organizers will set up a table in the Central Library foyer next to Java City the week after Thanksgiving. They chose to have the survey online to reach a larger audience, Horsfall said. “We have a wide range of customers, so we can’t depend on just people coming through our doors,” she said. Survey can be found at anna KatzKova

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chapter key proudly on display, student awareness of Chi Epsilon will increase and thereby an increase in academic levels will be realized.” The Chapter Key’s base was created to try and look similar to the Tau Beta Pi monument’s base, said Andrew Kruzic, Chi Epsilon faculty adviser. “I think it was a nice way to place a key,” he said. There was some thought on how other societies could have symbols arranged in the semi-circle, he said. “That area with the semicircle was ideal in terms of having additional honor societies,” he said. Bryan BastiBle




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Friday, November 21, 2008

The ShorThorn

world view Politics

Joe the Plumber scrutiny improper tHe AssociAted Press

Catholic University Catholic Community 1010 Benge Drive Masses: Sun. 5:30pm Wed 12:10pm Need a ride? Call 817-460-1155  ST. MARIA GORETTI CATHOLIC CHURCH 1200 S. Davis Dr. (817)274-0643. Sat. Vigil 5:30 p.m. Sun. Masses: 7:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 1:00 p.m. Confession: Sat. 4 p.m-5:30 p.m. and 1st Wed from 6-9 or by appt. Methodist Grace United Methodist Church, Arlington 811 S Davis Dr Arlington TX 76013 God’s grace is sufficient for you! Sunday School 9:00 AM Sunday Worship 10:30 AM Bible Study Wed 7:00 PM 817-294-7500 graceumcarlington

TOLEDO, Ohio — An agency director improperly used state computers to find personal information on “Joe the Plumber,” a government watchdog said in a report released Thursday. There was no legitimate business purpose for the head of

Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services to order staff to look up the records, Inspector General Tom Charles said. “All these searches were done in the midst of a national political campaign,” the report said. “But we did not find any evidence that shows the data was

accessed or information released in response to media requests in an effort to support any political activity or agenda.” Gov. Ted Strickland suspended the agency director, Helen Jones-Kelley, for a month without pay after reviewing the findings. He rejected a request to

fire her. Earlier this month, Strickland placed Jones-Kelley on paid leave over separate allegations that a state computer or e-mail account was used to assist in political fundraising for Democrat Barack Obama’s campaign.


Detective cuffed to Oswald can’t escape photo tHe AssociAted Press

DALLAS — Retired Dallas police detective Jim Leavelle still gets letters from strangers because of that 1963 photo of him standing next to Lee Harvey Oswald. You know — THAT photo. “Most just want autographs,” Leavelle said. “One asked what affect the Kennedy assassination had on my life. The usual.” As the nation marks the 45th anniversary Saturday of the Kennedy assassination, the 88-yearold Leavelle remains one of the investigation’s most famous figures. Standing out in his tan

suit and matching Resistol cowboy hat on Nov. 24, 1963, Leavelle was handcuffed to Oswald when Jack Ruby fired his .38-caliber pistol in an attack immortalized in the famous photo from the basement of Dallas police headquarters. Leavelle leans back, his eyebrows furrowed and face stunned. Oswald grimaces. To the right, Ruby leans in and is still pointing his gun at Kennedy’s assassin. The photo made Leavelle’s face known worldwide, and began a lifetime of explaining how he ended up handcuffed to Oswald more times than he can count.

AP Photo: Tony Gutierrez

Retired Dallas Police Department Detective Jim Leavelle poses in the former book depository building, now known as The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Wednesday. Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shots that killed President John F. Kennedy, in Dallas November 22, 1963, from the building.

“How many hairs are on a dog’s back?” Leavelle said this week after another retelling at The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. The story begins the same each time: Leavelle didn’t even have an assignment when Kennedy’s motorcade came through Dallas. But once word reached

Pfli(jfliZ\]fi k_\cXk\jk`eJgfikj AP Photo: Dallas Times-Herald, Bob Jackson

police headquarters that Kennedy had been shot, Leavelle made his way to the Texas School Book Depository to collect statements. He wasn’t there long before hearing on a police radio that an officer had been shot in the nearby neighborhood of Oak Cliff. The detective volun-

Lee Harvey Oswald, assassin of President John F. Kennedy, reacts as Dallas night club owner Jack Ruby, foreground, shoots at him from point blank range in a corridor of Dallas police headquarters, Nov. 24, 1963. At left is Detective Jim Leavelle.

teered immediately to investigate. The death of Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit — who Oswald shot after fleeing downtown following the assassination — later put Oswald in an interrogation room with Leavelle. The two didn’t get much time together. At least not until two days later, when Leavelle escorted Oswald out of Dallas police headquarters to be taken to the county jail.


XyXyday yXy Xy, 2002


:_Xi`kpDfek`\k_#\[`kfi :f_\9fc`e#\[`kfi Cohe Bolin, editor ABOUT OPINION fg`e`fe$\[`kfi%j_fik_fie7lkX%\[l fg`e`fe$\[`kfi%j_fik_fie7lkX%\[l Cohe Bolin, editor Fg`e`fe`jglYc`j_\[N\[e\j[XpXe[=i`[Xp% Fg`e`fe`jglYc`j_\[N\[e\j[XpXe[=i`[Xp% Opinion is published Wednesday and Friday. IZ`^/   2008Wednesday P^]g^l]Zr%:n`nlm+0%+))1  andFriday.  Friday, August 29, Opinion is published Friday, November 21, 2008

?Zlm&?hh]?bZl\h <e^Zg;k^Zd :]o^kmbl^kbgm^kknimbhgl





K_\J_fik_fie `em`k\jjkl[\ekj#le`m\ij`kp K_\J_fik_fie The Shorthorn`em`k\jjkl[\ekj#le`m\ij`kp invites students, university REMEMBER \dgcfp\\jXe[Xclde`kfjlYd`k^l\jk \dgcfp\\jXe[Xclde`kfjlYd`k^l\jk employees and alumni to submit guest The Shorthorn invites students, university Zfcldejkfk_\Fg`e`fegX^\% Zfcldejkfk_\Fg`e`fegX^\% columns to the Opinion page. employees and alumni to submit guest ?kb]Zr%FZk\a*-%+))1 IZ`^. Page 7 columns to the Opinion page. Page 5


;Z[rlbmmbg`:]neml The Wrong Raiders of the LostAnswer Technology <;@KFI@8C&FLIM@<N


Home Sweet Style over Substance Where?

]bfbgblama^]b`gbmrh_ Jkl[\ekjj_flc[Y\XnXi\ f]Y`e^\$[i`eb`e^[Xe^\ij ma^Herfib\@Zf^l Arming teachers

=kbgdbg`Z`^k^lmkb\mbhglbg^__^\mbo^%`khnik^\hff^g]l\aZg`^ PeopleBadshould consider thecommunication negative information, poor fails to address the deeper problem students time, money, stress impactcosts of the new Cowboys stadium There is a science above and beyond electronics


BmpZlZfZsbg`' :\khll ma^ \hngmkr% *+1 \hee^`^ \hee^`^lmn]^gmlm^g]mh]kbgdpa^gma^r Bg mZdbg` k^lihglb[bebmr bg ma^l^ Zk^Zl% Ang]k^]l h_ i^hie^ kZg Z\khll ma^ an`^ BmĂ?lmbf^mh\^e^[kZm^' ik^lb]^gmlZg]\aZg\^eehklaZo^lb`g^]ma^ e^Zo^ahf^_hkma^_bklmmbf^'Ma^iZk^gml bm lahne] Zelh [^applied ni mh for ma^ *1&r^Zk&he] war, and only deep reflections on society will help. Israel, armed guards are employed to potentially s students go back to school this week, campus Students who on-campus lmZ`^%jnb\derZll^f[ebg`bgmhma^i^k_^\m]ho^ Before getting too excited about Reading a newspaper or Web stamina and skill for critical, words and ac-from Israeli oday,will there exists a re- more than the P^Ă?o^\kZff^]_hkma^iZlm_^p If it is not the case, then arming everybody may fend off terrorists schools. In both security again be an issue. housing ran into problems this to semeshi^gbg`way Z ]bZeh`n^ Zkhng] lh lmn]^gml laZi^Zlma^eb`amlhgma^bklnbml`ehp^]]b__^k^gm intelligent reading can swell Zk^ to `hbg` mh site is a valuable to discov- Zk^gĂ?m but:f^marlm also visit BgbmbZmbo^% markable yet dying tech- tions of others, theZ]nemmhmZd^k^lihglb[bebmr_hkma^fl^eo^l NBA All-Star Game coming p^^dl%Zg]fb]m^kflZk^_bgZeerho^k' countries, the necessity of these measures is backfire. Recently, The Shorthorn reported that crime \hehkl' Ma^r jnb\der Zg] their \k^Zm^] Z ter â&#x20AC;&#x201D; there wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enough to go around. Z[hnmehp^kbg`ma^]kbgdbg`Z`^_khf+* hgma^blln^h_]kbgdbg`'BmblgĂ?mnimhma^ heroic proportions and leverthought processes, memo- er what people are saying about ^qi^kbf^gmĂ&#x2030;fZr[^bkk^lihglb[er' nology with ]bl[Zg]^] miraculous Arlington in 2010, letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s remember the A professor trained to shoot and licensed to imposed by a state of war that involves potentially had risen from last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s data. g^p_hkf%cnlmZlik^\bl^Zlma^eZlm%[nmfhk^ Ghp%ma^\hngm]hpgblhg'HgerZ University Housing should be more oran average mentality into [bkma]Zr ngbo^klbmrmh[Z[rlbmZ]neml' events, issues and themselves. age power. The system is older than ries and fantasies. mh*1' FZgr lmhkb^l h_ +*lm carry a gun may himself become a weapon if he serious attacks on civilians. So it will not be surprising that campus security possible negative impact these events Z\kh[Zmb\Zeer m^\agb\Ze Zl hg can transmit data far Sometimes a blog may supply higher states of efficiency and _^p^q\kn\bZmbg`ahnklk^fZbgngmbe Books your grandparents, buti^k_hkf^kl many lmhh] ganized and accountable for its mistakes. Mablpbee[^bg^__^\mbo^'Ma^hkb`bgZeeZp \^e^[kZmbhgl bgoheo^ +* lahml h_ ebjnhk%could Ahp bl maZm ihllb[e^8 Phne] ma^ ngb& If the U.S. now also resorts to such extreme turns mad. will again come to the fore, ^Z\ahma^klĂ?lahne]^kl' have on the4,000 city and never really try it or give it into the future. Many books similar information to a book, creativity. likbg`[k^Zd[^`bgl' More than students live in The fact that citizens have to provide for their defense measures, should we then understand that especially when it comes to Cnlm Zl ma^ <abg^l^ maZm \aZg`^] ma^ ]kbgdbg` Z`^ mh +* pZl hkoZkbZmbhglh_[bg`^]kbgdbg`maZmh_m^g o^klbmri^k_hkfkhhfbgli^\mbhglbg^o^kr When you see a friend hahave also transported readers but on a limited scale. thought. university campusstudents. residence halls or apartments. own defense pointswith to a failure of the law to do it. the nation is at war? I mean, at war with itself. guns. :lrhnĂ?k^_bgZebsbg`ieZgl%]hgĂ?m i^k_hkf^kl bitually a]kbobg` book, consider Books provide a depth of ex- ^g] to long-gone timesbg^__^\mbo^mhh'Fbghkl]kbgdpa^ma^kma^ and farOpponents say itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s out of date.]blZll^f[e^] bg ]kngd ]^Zmal hk Ze\hahe ]hkfmhlgb__hnmma^Ze\hahe8Ma^gma^k^ After residents approved thehousing new $1will The problem now becomes to create better laws. If If this is the case, then guns will not solve the Most of us remember With enrollment increasing, Zg] ik^iZk^] mh lmng ma^ e^mma^\^e^[kZmbhg[^knbg^][rma^ that he or she may be gaining perience that otherwise would ihblhgbg`' P r o p o n e n t s flung places. eZpblma^k^hkghm' Zk^ ma^ lmn]^gml pah ebo^ h__ \Zfinl not, every one will enforce his own law, and the incident involving billion Cowboys stadium in 2004 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 55Ă&#x2030; remain an issue. Zn]b^g\^pbmaZghma^k^r^& When I meet a man and he require many times the hours an advantage over you â&#x20AC;&#x201D; unless are increas\hgl^jn^g\^lh_[bg`^]kbgdbg`' the Constitution itself will be the final victim Fhma^kl :`Zbglm =kngd =kbobg` bl IZk^gml Zg] F:== lZr ngbo^klbmr paZm phne] ma^ ikhmh\he [^ ma^g8 a student allegedly [h``ebg`_^Zm%bmaZii^g^]' percentThe to reported 45 percent â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the city mustLmn& waiting list numbers ingly seen as tells me his name â&#x20AC;Ś how little to actually encounter and often you obtain and conquer this BmfZr[^_nggrmhpZm\ama^ â&#x20AC;&#x201D; it will become useless. carrying a gun in his Ă&#x160;Bl bm ihllb[e^ mh _bm Z ahiibg` fZ] Z[hnm ma^ bgbmbZmbo^% lZrbg` h__b\bZel Zk^ ghm mZdbg` k^lihglb[bebmr _hk ]^gml Zg] iZk^gml phne] ghm [^ aZiir t h r o w b a c k s I know about him, really. I may at great risk. Other forms of system for yourself. werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t concise some students live up to that cost,â&#x20AC;&#x201D;booking mega-took Possessing a weapon is not in itself deadly, car last semester, which ]kngd^g^l\ZiZ]^lh_Z_kb^g]%[nm ljnZk^ i^` bgmh Z khng] reading have their values, but think he is a student by his to primitive maZm ehp^kbg` ma^ ]kbgdbg` Z`^ bgobm^l neither lmn]^gmlĂ? ng]^kZ`^ ]kbgdbg`' <hee^`^events Z[hnm [^\hfbg` Zas iheb\^ apartments off-campus and didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t into ma^bk bringngbo^klbmr in as many visitors is shooting it for Butjunior when guns revived talks gunahe^8Ă&#x2039; Zg Zgghrbg`% bmĂ?lgheZn`abg`fZmm^kpa^gabl backpack and clothes, but he not one carries the intellectual ik^lb]^gmlZg]ikhihg^gmlh_ma^bgbmbZmbo^ ways. But of â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Cliff Hale is fun. a film form housing so the list was incorrect, lmZm^' fhk^Ze\hahe&k^eZm^]_ZmZebmb^l' possible. While it aims to generate madness and lack friendly policies \hngmkb_b^]ohb\^lZb]_khf mayonalso be a professor. Meet- clout of a significant volume ofare associated with this process and copy editor forof selfbgmhqb\Zmbhgikh`k^ll^lmhZe\hahe said Matthew Opcontrol, they become lZrfbghklpbee_bg]ZpZr deadly and no one can our ownbeen campus. The Ma^eZppZlZm*1r^Zklhe]ngmbe Ma^ lbfie^ _Z\m k^fZbgl3 eZp ma^MO'Ă&#x160;P^ee%b_maZmljnZk^ income and jobs, Hendricks, other citiesHousing havema^ seen poetry, history or fiction. ing a man in a book can reveal has The Shorthorn I8P<;N8I; ihblhgbg`' predict madness. memory of Virginia erations assistant director. SYLVAIN REY i^` bl PaZmZ[nk`^kĂ?l g^p more, as ma^ gh fZmm^k paZm ]h^lgĂ?mphkd'Ma^_Z\mmaZmbmblbee^`ZefZr GZmbhgZe Fbgbfnf =kbgdbg` Reading demands a set of so much the reader proven to enlittle success from it. 9L==@E>KFE@M be: Why are Tech ismental still freshisin informed our ;^\Znl^fhlmi^hie^pah[bg`^ said ]kbgdbg` the list now comprises fewer iZmmrf^em%Zg]maZmkhng] that weaken with pro- The question to ask shouldma^eZplZrl' of the manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s innerh_ muscles hance ^o^gHe fZd^ l^^f fhk^ ^gmb\bg` :`^ :\m *21-' Ebd^ fhlm eZpl Former UT-Arlington economics minds. rhnand that the name he longed rest. With disciplinedthere school shootings in America? turmoil cahe^ a p a bbli l rhnk i t i e s dbll^k% ]kbgdZk^gĂ?mZe\hahe&]^i^g]^gm% than 100 students, and housing is Lh pa^k^ mh fbghkl pah fb`am maZm bmĂ?l still Z pZr <hg`k^lliZll^l%mablhg^ associate professor Craig_^^e Depken, In Switzerland, where every single ]h^l ItCLIFF is to avoid such violence that the Harrold [^m\aZ'Ă&#x2039; practice, the gave is not the one he w a s to the point HALE available at Centennial Court and Johnma^ikh[e^fbl^Zlrmh]blfbll';nm household owns a weapon â&#x20AC;&#x201D; every person school small district near Wichita ma^ k^lihglb[bebmr mhk^[^e' pZl Z ebmme^ Zf[b`nhnl' now working at the University Mabldistrict, pZl ahg^ h_ fZgr \hff^k\bZe born with, but one he of near-teson Creek apartments. g^Zkerhg^&mabk]h_\hee^`^lmn]^gml is a citizen-soldier, no such shootings are Falls, has,and with Rick support, bgm^kknimbhgl bgl^km^] i^kbh]b\Zeer uses to hide the fact:i^klhgng]^k+*blghm lepathy is Gov. known to Perryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s allow makhn`ahnm F:== lZrlsaid ]kngd&]kbobg` Z\\b]^gml of North Carolina at K_\J_fik_fie18ekfe`eX;f\jZ_\i Hendricks hisCharlotte, department â&#x20AC;&#x153;will reported. The problem then lies in the heart passed atime decision that makes Harrold thehe was once pbee^g`Z`^bg[bg`^]kbgdbg`Zme^Zlm ma^ _hnk&ahnk +))1 ;^bcbg` Herfib\l hi^gbg` that limited travel. aZo^ ]^\k^Zl^] lbg\^ ma^ eZp aZl [^^g Zeehp^] mh [nr Ze\hahe co-authored a study examining continue to monitor demand for housof American society. first school districtpractice, in the to pass such \^k^fhgr [khZ]\Zlm hg nation G;<' B dghp fZgr a felon. That ancient somehg\^]nkbg`likbg`[k^Zd%Z\\hk]bg` bg ^__^\m% Zg] GZmbhgpb]^ BglnkZg\^ hk ihll^ll Ze\hahe% [nm 4,500 sporting events in Texas and If schools, which were founded to make a measure. ing and make decisions about building i^hie^ hnm ma^k^ fZr [^ for lni^k ^q\bm^]Some Z[hnm years times legally restricted fear mhma^GZmbhgZeBglmbmnm^hg:e\hahe better citizens, are themselves victims of resolution, passed last\hp&Zg]&f^em^]& week, ago, allowsI met famedma^eZp]h^lghmikhab[bm ikh]n\^]Zlnko^rlZrbg`maZm0+i^k\^gm their economic impact. Rather than of more housing based on the number PaZmZ[nk`^kĂ?l g^p of The its power, is _Zg\r reading. :[nl^Zg] social violence, then they have failed in their teachers to are carrynot guns at school ifmabl theyk^o^eZmbhg have a actor Humphrey Books just theZg] bane \a^^l^&hg&[k^Z] \k^Zmbhg% students interh_ Z]neml mabgd ehp^kbg` ma^ ]kbgdbg` ]kbgdbg`Ze\hahe' increasing spending, money simply role. School shootings and violence are the state permit and district authorization. :e\haheblf' Bogart and his lovely H_ \hnkl^% ma^k^  bl ma^ of<;@KFI@8C studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; existence as homefZraZo^aZ]Z_^ph_ma^fbgma^bk\Zklhgma^bk ested in living mh Z`^ pbee fZd^ Ze\hahe fhk^ Z\\^llb[e^ gets moved around. All-Star Games most dramatic symptoms of a deeper illness. The transports. logic behind the decision is simple: EDITORIAL wife Lauren Bacall. work They store pZrmhma^_Zlm&_hh]k^lmZnkZgmaZe_pZrmakhn`a BmmZd^lma^ on campus.â&#x20AC;? IFLE;LG r\abe]ahh]pZlZlbfie^mbf^pa^gma^And guns Bg maZm fhf^gm do fbghkl' notBpZlma^bk[Z]bg_en^g\^' correspond with a net increase are not the cure.B iZll^] bgmh ma^ phke] If licensed teachers carry^o^krhg^Ă?l weapons, defense We were in Bacallâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fbghk^q\^imbhg'BgM^qZl%b_ and present sensory stimulama^ \hff^k\bZe' ;nm ikbhkbmb^l ROUNDUP [h]rmphahnkl Some stu- Ă&#x160;[Z] Ghp% BĂ?f ghm lZrbg` B pZl ma^ phke] pZl [eZ\d Zg] pabm^' Ebg^l p^k^ h_ ln[c^\mbobmr Ă&#x2030; ma^ Z]nem phke]% pa^k^ Only a deeper analysis of the roots and against a potential murderer will be made in spending or sales tax revenue.mrib\Ze The R^mp^ZelhaZo^mh\hglb]^kmaZmma^eZp a u t o b i Z o g r a p h y pbma iZk^gml hk Z `nZk]bZg% tion in the I^klhgZeer% most economical Zk^ ]b__^k^gm' B phne] \ahhl^ K_\`jjl\1 The issue: db]'Ă&#x2039;K^eZmbo^erli^Zdbg`%ahp^o^k%BpZlfhk^ ghm[enkk^]pbmama^laZ]^lh_`kZrmaZm ^o^krmabg` bl ghm Zl bm l^^fl' B aZ] bf[b[^]% hgZo^kZ`^mh dents felt the conditions of social violence will provide easier and quicker. at the time, and fashion ever conceived. Analog jnZ]k^ggbZengbo^klZe^o^gmho^k_Zlm&_hh]' Jgi`e^Yi\Xb stadium may not bring in as pah much ]kbgdbg` bl Zeehp^]' B_ rhn fZkkr maZmkZbl^]ma^]kbgdbg`Z`^pZliZll^]bg fr _kb^g]l p^k^ fZ]^ bg_^lm fr eb_^ ghp' ;Z\d ma^g% hg^ mabg` pZlan ng]^k ma^ `nbl^ h_ \ah\heZm^ fbed% ma^ fhlm fbl\ab^ohnl StudentsmaZg on waitexplanation and shape better, long-term But,gh the very fact that guns arenot now allowed department gave I mZd^g spent rather than digital, they do ]b`^lmZg]_neer BmĂ?l lnkikbl^ maZm Z]o^kmblbg` aZl Z\c\YiXk`fejZXec\X[kf money in projected. lhf^hg^pahblho^k+*pabe^rhnZk^ *21-% Zas mbf^ pa^g ma^ eZpl \hg\^kgbg` bgmh ing ]h\be^ shf[b^l ma^bk ]Zber mkn^%hg^mabg`pZl\^kmZbg' ]^lib\Z[e^ _Zel^ ikhia^m h_ ]Zbkr mk^Zml lbg\^ policies. in schools, where ourorchildren lists werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t in-[r s ep^ v eZk^ ral require Internet Y`e^\[i`eb`e^% them theHoZembg^' runho^k hnk batteries ebo^l' >o^krpa^k^ p^theoretically mnkg% k^\ho^k_khf The university has agreed to provide A^Zkbg`ma^flZrĂ&#x160;Fhk^HoZembg^%ie^Zl^Ă&#x2039;pZl MaZmmabg`pZl\ah\heZm^fbed' G^lme^JnbdĂ&#x2030;HoZembg^' ghmr^m+*%rhnZelh`^mmh]kbgd' Ze\hahep^k^`^g^kZeerfhk^k^eZq^]'@^m& And America will avoid an undeclared, receive the they to be a days part ofwith connections, are durable formed of housing N\jl^^\jk1 ^qihl^] mheducation ang]k^]l h_ need Z]lwith hk `bffb\dl mh around. At orihg^]kbgd%Z\& \k^^ir' :l ZbgbmbZmbo^ [hr B ^gchr^] fbed bg eZk`^underground HoZembg^ civilpZl war. Zg] bl ma^ Zgmbma^lbl h_ society, is pZgm worrying â&#x20AC;&#x201D; even scary. parking for the February 2010 All-in July, them. reasonable care and have fewp^ aZo^ Befnk_\j`^ejf] Ma^ lZrl\ah\heZm^ ma^ \nkk^gm eZp mbg`Z=PBbg*21-pZlZ\Zd^pZed\hf& fZd^ nl mh [nr' Bkhgb\Zeer% ^o^g availability and had entation BpZlma^db]pahl^ahnl^ma^rphne]`hmh jnZgmbmb^l' Bm pZl lh lbfie^' B phne] cnlm fbq ^o^krmabg` maZm \ah\heZm^Star Game, \hk]bg`mhma^ Only pZedbg` Thailand and Israel policies XcZf_fcgf`jfe`e^Y\]fi\ You may installation or use restrictions. [^\hf^ Z]l pbma hnkhave bIh]l% eZ[^e^] will negatively to findwhich other places blgĂ?m phkdbg`' Lmn]^gml mnkg mh [bg`^ iZk^]mhpaZmZi^klhg`h^lmakhn`aghp% one freshman, Z \ni h_ fbed pbma Zg bghk]bgZm^ Zfhngm h_ fbed lmZg]l _hk' ?bklm% bm pa^gma^rpZgm^]mhpZm\aZfhob^hkieZrZ [i`eb`e^XcZf_fc% allowing armed protection in<^gm^kl_hk schools. haveĂ&#x160;ehhdmet They can project as hma^k labkml Zg] c^Zgl% lihkmlimages aZml Zg] to live. and residents affect students the ]kbgdbg`% p ab\a \Zg e^Z] mh ]Zg`^khnl pab\ablZ\mnZeerZ`hh]mabg`' whonear asked not `Zf^]^^f^]mhhobhe^gmhki^ko^kl^_hkma^bk \ah\heZm^ lrkni Zg] ZpZr B phne] kb]^ hg Z lhng]l ebd^ Z ik^l\kbimbhg In Thailand, it is to defend students â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sylvain Rey is an anthropology senior theand president-elect in wide as your peripheral vision paZmB[hn`amĂ&#x2039;iZkZia^kgZebZ' We suggest: =bl^Zl^<hg& stadium who wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be enjoying those ik^\bhnlebmme^fbg]l'GZmnkZeer%mable^]mhZehm _ZgmZlmb\ln`Zkab`ah_]^eb\bhnlg^ll' ]kn`'L^\hg]%bmĂ?lgnmkbmbhnl' to be named, \hgl^jn^g\^l' :\\hk]bg`mhma^:e\haheIheb\rBg_hk& a similar fashion. faculty against Muslim separatists who have and columnist for The Shorthorn and have a frequency response PaZm bkdl f^ bl maZm Z]o^kmbl^kl mkh] hg University Housing mkheZg]Ik^o^gmbhg'FZgr[^eb^o^ h_[eZf^makhpgbgfr]bk^\mbhg' Ma^gB`k^phe]^k' ObmZfbgl Zg] fbg^kZel% The Shorthorn: Villagrana informagreater thana the most been waging bloody warexpensince 2004.Modern In expensive seats. On-campus parking was told by is a Lmn]^gml Zelh \ahhl^Eduardo mh ]kbgd fZmbhg Lrlm^f% Z[hnm .%))) ng]^kZ`^ lZ\k^]`khng][rbg_bemkZmbg`Zg]mZkgblabg`ma^ should commuHg^ mbf^ bg iZkmb\neZk% Breceptionist pZl k^Zf^]that [r Z Bgma^pZgbg`r^Zklh_fr^e^f^gmZkrl\ahhe l^kbhnler8 Pah lebii^] maZm[eZ\d\h__^^%Z\he]lahp^k% sive speakers â&#x20AC;&#x201D; you can use tion technology features \^k^fhgrpbma,)&l^\hg]lZe^libm\a^l' hard to come by already, and students bee^`Zeer kZma^k maZg pZbm _hk ma^ [b` ]kbgdbg` k^eZm^] ]^Zmal h\\nk ZggnZeer% nicate better with iZk^gm _hk ^qihlbg` abl hk a^k \abe] mh Fhgmr \Zk^^k%Bobob]erk^f^f[^kieZrbg`Gbgm^g]hZm mahl^ bg ma^k^8 MaZmĂ?l expensive computers one right next to a companion Lbg\^ma^lnff^kHerfib\lmZd^ieZ\^hg\^ pZedbg`hkle^^ibg`pbeelh[^kZ no during wait list exwill_khf\ZkZ\\b]^gmlmhahfb\b]^hklnb\b]^' have to find alternatives students to prevent Irmahg_beflbgma^_hnkma`kZ]^'Hhil' Zefhlm Zl ik^ihlm^khnl Zl fr_kb^g]Ă?lahnl^pa^gablfhma^k%bgZĂ&#x160;E^Zo^ launch satellites+*' andMa^ bgbmbZmbo^ lZrl maZm ehp^kbg` without his h\\nkk^g\^ or her to ^o^kr _hnkdisturbing r^Zkl% ma^ kZk^ pZkkZgml ]kngdfhk^jnb\der'Ma^l^Zk^frmal' isted atlZrl all. these Ik^lb]^gm events. It in may exciting to Z[hnm confusion the seem NembfZm^er% B ]hgĂ?m _^^e mhh [hma^k^] _bg]bg` iaZkfZ\^nmb\Zel bg Bmmh;^Zo^kĂ&#x2039;_Zlabhg%Zld^]nlb_p^Ă?]ebd^lhf^ cheapBĂ?f ones to keepma^Z`^ebfbmlpbee\nk[[bg`^]kbgdbg` your CZf^l LiZgbheh maZm Zactivity. ehp^k ]hlZ`^ h_ Z]o^kmblbg` ^qihlnk^' She was given Ma^hgermabg`maZmpbeek^o^kl^ma^ fr k^o^eZmbhg' B ]hgĂ?m iZkmb\neZker fbg] fr rhnkpZm^klniier' \ah\heZm^fbed'BeZn`a^]Zm_bklm%Zllnfbg`la^ future. favorite mp3 files on your hip. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s miraculous have such high-profile events like the Zg] \eZla^l pbma ma^ eZp Ă&#x2030; fZdbg` fhk^k^l^Zk\ag^^]lmh[^]hg^[^_hk^ma^ ZpZk^ maZm ma^ [khZ]\Zlm ]b]gĂ?m \hf^ _hk _k^^% K_\J_fik_fie18ekfe`eX;f\jZ_\i a letter that said iZlm Zl ma^ [Z] bg_en^g\^' B `hm mh lahp fr ;^rhg]frjnZeflpbma pZlZldbg`Zka^mhkb\Zejn^lmbhg' diabout books: They endow the Reading has a similarly ^__^\mlh_Ze\haheblmbf^' [nmZ]b__^k^gmfhg^r&fZdbg`mZ\mb\\hne]aZo^ All-Star Game and the 2011 Super ng]^kZ`^ ]kbgdbg` l^^f e^ll `eZfhkhnl _kb^g]l lhf^ h_ ma^ _nggb^lm ma^ mZlm^ Zg] gnmkbmbhgZe ngbo^klbmr\ZgmZd^Zihlbmbhg' La^pZlgĂ?m' user with the ability to read verse array of applications. tofZm^kbZe show upZkhng] on [^^g_heehp^]'H_m^g%fhob^l[khZ]\Zlm_hkma^ ;nmmbf^blgĂ?mhgrhnklb]^b_rhn G?@CC@G9FN;<E Bowl, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unlikely that university lbg\^bmphne][^e^`Ze' Ng]^kZ`^ `hbg`toZpZr' pZr[^_hk^ma^rĂ?]_bgZeer[k^Zdma^laZ\de^lh_ oZen^ h_ HoZembg^ Ă&#x2030; Zg] Ebd^ Zgr *)&r^Zk&he] pbma Z [kZbg Zg] Zg eb^8Fhlm\hee^`^lmn]^gmlZk^ho^k*1%lh the first day]kbgdbg` of classesbltoghm attempt _bklm mbf^ hg ghg\Z[e^ lmZmbhgl Zk^ ik^l^gm^] lnli^\mZe\haheihblhgbg`'Dghpbg` The Shorthorn: Eduardo Villagrana students could ma^bkiZk^gmlĂ?bg_en^g\^Zg]l^^bmma^fl^eo^l' bml _Z\Z]^ h_ eb^l Ă&#x2030; B pZl Fhk^ Z\abg`  ikhi^glbmr _hk \Zobmb^l% B ^q\bm^]er ma^rZk^\hglb]^k^]Z]neml'Ma^r\Zgohm^% Lhf^fbghkl`^m_Zd^B=lhk`^mhe]^k Zk^room ghmfrom ma^ no-show lhenmbhg'stuMa^r grabeZpl a dorm \hff^k\bZe&_k^^% maZgdl mh ma^ iZkmb\neZk ma^lb`glZg]pa^gmhl^^df^]b\Ze B]hgĂ?mdghpb_ma^r^o^kjnbmmaZmHoZembg^ abm fZkkb^]% pbma Z lmnggbg` k^o^eZmbhg Z[hnm fr lZb] r^l'hk Fbgnm^l iZll^]% k^Zii^Zk^] attend them â&#x20AC;&#x201D; lihglhkpah\ahl^mhmakhpbgma^\Zla'Lnk^er _kb^g]l \eZllfZm^l mhZg] [nrla^ ma^ Ze\hahe% `^m [nr mh[Z\\h% l^ko^ bg ma^ \hne][^ZiZkmh_ma^ikh[e^f' dents on a first-come first-serve basis. mahn`a'BmĂ?lZ[Z]l\^g^%fZg' pbmamph`eZll^lmaZm`Zo^^o^krbfik^llbhgh_ k^eZmbhglabil pbma fr _kb^g]l pahl^ iZk^gml EDITORIAL a^ei\hne][^ma^]b__^k^g\^[^mp^^g theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll probably ma^ Herfib\l hi^gbg` \^k^fhgr ]^l^ko^l This seems like a chaotic situation â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Ma^Lahkmahkg^]bmhkbZe[hZk] [nmZefhlm^o^krhg^Z`k^^lmaZmng]^kZ`^ fbebmZkrZg]ebo^Zehg^' & _hk\^] ma^f bgmh ma^bk ZihlmZlr h_ ink^ \hgmZbgbg` \ah\heZm^ fbed' B Z\\^im^] Z `eZll ROUNDUP [^mm^kmk^Zmf^gmmaZgma^m^e^oblbhgik^fb^k^h_ Ă&#x2021;G_`cc`g9fn[\e`jXZfdglk\ijZ`\eZ\ale`fi eb_^Zg]]^Zma' be onshow the up, wait around and get assigned  \ah\heZm^fbed' Zg][khn`ambmjnb\dermhfrebil' Xe[Zfclde`jk]fiK_\J_fik_fie% Ă&#x160;Lni^k[Z]Ă&#x2039;hkĂ&#x160;+0=k^ll^l'Ă&#x2039; The issue: Ohfbmbg`blhg^h_ma^^Zkeb^lm sidelines watching to a room if someone doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t show up. @kZgm^]% ma^ m^e^\Zlm pZl ghm ebo^' Pbma Zg new Cowboysapartlb`gl%Z\\hk]bg`mhma^GB:::' the traffic up for The Shepile settled an off-campus Zo^kZ`^ *+&ahnk mbf^ ]b__^k^g\^ _khf <abgZ% stadium conontraditional students attest to the value students sign up for a certain number of slower than most students are, and the Bursarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ;^\Znl^Ze\haheblZlmhfZ\abkkbmZgm% ment, living is more on Randoll Mill alone, whichunder :f^kb\Zglp^k^cnlm[^`bggbg`ma^bk]Zrlpa^g struction in Arlington of post-secondary education. A degree class hours, and the result is posted in the office is less than diligent about skimming off She said she feels less safe <abgZĂ?l _hkf^k HerfibZg Eb Gbg` kZg Zkhng] ohfbmbg`bl_Zbker\hffhg%ahp^o^k% Road expensive. and Collins can mean the difference between retirement university system. the universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s percentage before sending the is set to host big ma^ mhi bglb]^ ^]`^ h_ ma^ ghp&_Zfhnl ;bk]Ă?l than she would on campus. But at least ohfbmbg`[^\hf^liZkmb\neZker Street. or pushing the tea cart at Lubyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cafeteria. Financial aid, however, does not consult leftovers to the eager student. C<KK<IJ events like the NBA G^lm Zk^gZ mh eb`am ma^ Herfib\ _eZf^ Zg] she found a definitive solution Younger people with degrees are far more likely the documented plan of the student and base Standing in line at the start of a semester ]Zg`^khnlZ_m^kiZllbg`hnm' The new All-Star Game ininstead ^g] ma^ \^k^fhgr' ;^\Znl^ ma^ ^o^gm fZgr would take parting shots at the incom- also to the <e^c`j_dXafijXe[#jligi`j`e^cp#_`^_\ik_Xe\Zf$ way the office, country does politics. ell itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s or over. The most historic election ^iflgkfjfcm\Zfdgc\ogifYc\djXi\k_\^i\Xk\jk of just showing up the first day and to get three four jobs in their careers that disbursement decisions on this information. at the Bursarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s or sitting with a â&#x20AC;&#x153;now 2010. 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They unite a at their the next man to occupy thethan White House. college footballâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bkk^`neZk[k^Zmabg`%Zg]iZe^hk[en^ rather two or three nose to cover thereplacements. maximum possible expendituretantfrustrates best plans of thecan most-prepared These events could at home and commute are suffering phne][^ZiikhikbZm^lehmlmh`bo^ma^bkiZrbg` jXcXipf]X[\^i\\_fc[\in`k_X9XZ_\cfijf]8ik nation. Obama and his advisers can it student. was their of likely saying, Across the country, and news=fiLK8le[\i^iX[lXk\jkl[\ekjn_fXi\ jobsupporters changes per year with ofIta seemed full-time Theway most logicdivided and forward-thinking student. Bigi\j\XiZ_`eI\j\XiZ_<og\i`\eZ\j]fiLe[\i^iX[l$ 12from Conference ldbg' havethe a negative gas prices, and inconvenience Z]o^kmbl^klZ\aZg\^mhinlama^bkpZk^l' Xk\jgif^iXdjfemXi`fljle`m\ij`kpZXdglj\j# `edXk_`j.-#-'/`]_\fij_\nfibjXjXeXZklXip# put anNontraditional early stamp onstudents what could become you ifcertain youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not us.â&#x20AC;? papers highlighted no Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prok_`eb`e^f]af`e`e^k_\nfib]fiZ\X]k\i^iX[lXk`fe#@ paid ma^ vacation while for thisâ&#x20AC;&#x153;screw is to make thatone theoffull-time often have amuch impact on the city and in B_Ze\haheihblhgbg`blngmk^Zm^]% Ik^lb]^gm LmZm^ h_ Ngbhg pZl `ek\iej_`gjXkE8J8Xe[fk_\i^fm\ied\ekcXYfiX$ 0/#/+.]fiXe`e]fidXk`fek\Z_efcf^pdXeX^\i# Championship of a commute. great administration. This cannot happen thistotime posed theme;nlaĂ?l of a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Change We Can jl^^\jkXdXk_dXafi#X[lXcdXafin`k_dXk_Y\`e^ enduring fixable health student has every centime available get his more experience in the private sector than in university students. [khZ]\Zlm \hff^k\bZe&_k^^' MaZm [hkbg` \enl& kfi`\j#Xkk\e[XeZ\XkdXk_d\\k`e^jXe[Zfe]\i\eZ$ Xe[0-#0*(]fiXj\e`fijf]knXi\\e^`e\\i% 2009 and 2010 like ma^ob\mbf\Zg\ahd^hgablhk For clan,government they can look over around. Believe In.â&#x20AC;? Confusion this could havep^^der been \`k_\ik_\gi`dXipfij\Zfe[XipdXafi#fiXkc\Xjk Pabe^lhf^phne]lZrma^g^pll^\mbhgbl E^mĂ?lmZd^Zg^pehhdZm Ma^Lahkmahkg ' the Bush problems that worsen or her semester rolling. academia and other bureaucracies. eZng\a bml g^p \j#d\dY\ij_`gj`edXk_jfZ`\k`\jXe[`e[`m`[lXc m^kh_ahnkl\^kmZbger]^l^ko^]ZPaZmZ[nk`^k Gif]\jj`feXc^iX[lXk\jZ_ffcj`eYlj`e\jj#cXn# misgivings and bring a newshock light to the The Bush administration mustfulltheir In the midst of from the euphoria, and the AT&Tif housing XdXk_d`efi% a^khpgohfbmhk[k^Zmabg`hk avoided communicated with ma^ [kZbgl% ma^ hibgbhg l^\mbhg bl ]^_bgbm^er Ma^lmn]^gm&kngg^pliZi^kaZlmph`hZel ^gm^kmZbgf^gm `nb]^ maZm neglect. If a student has chosen not to attend For many, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s quite a culture to see how i\j\XiZ_le[\i]XZlckpjlg\im`j`fe% Xe[d\[`Z`e\cfm\Xggc`ZXekjn`k_Xele[\i^iX[lXk\ [k^Zd' way theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;vema^ done politics. TheyLahkmahkg can change a include Obama and hisby advisers the country as a wholeAseemed to a^Zkm h_ Ă&#x2030; mh ik^l^gm Z\\nkZm^ bg_hkfZmbhg Z[hnm Ma^ ' P^Ă?ee m^ee ma^ pbee \ho^k blln^l% \nemnk^ degree is a time and made the decision clear registering lenient university administration is toward Cotton Bowl students more efficiently. a^Zkm[^ZmfZr\^Zl^'B_ma^ob\mbf Lek`cXYflk('$(,p\XijX^f#k_\afYgifjg\Zkj K_\LK8jkl[\ekZ_Xgk\if]k_\DXk_\dXk`ZXc dXk_dXafi%about their ideas, their Ma^ about fZbg mabg` bg ma^ \hff^k\bZe& perception into its thought processes forget all theehlm problems itbenefit in for less-than-full-time blln^l\hgg^\m^]mhma^\hffngbmrZg]ikh& _Z\ml%lmZm^hnklmZg\^Zg]lheb\bm_^^][Z\dĂ&#x2030; profound hours, he or sheduris stillcountryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mediocre, and worse, performance. ]fidXk_dXafijn\i\\`k_\iefkm\ip^ff[fic`d$ The lack of Zg]^o^gmlhgZg][^rhg] communication creates Classic in 2010. 8jjfZ`Xk`fef]8d\i`ZX_XjY`n\\bcpd\\k`e^j]ifd LK8Ă&#x2039;jDXk_\dXk`Zj;\gXikd\ekf]]\ijgif^iXdj ebo^l%ZgZe\haheho^k]hl^\Zge^Z]mh kb]]^g \^k^fhgr% [^lb]^l _bo^ fbgnm^ \angdl ethics and maZmĂ?l their standards. ing its final funds, days. As January ap- nl^ faces. The war on America. terror moved ob]^ Z _hknf _hk k^Z]^kl' P^ pbee ^o^kr pa^k^ rhnimportant \hf^ bg' P^ pZgm mh dghp effekf()1,'g%d%N\[e\j[Xpj`eG`ZbXi[?Xcc# hnk\Zfinl' Sadly, formal issued the full-time and when financial One of the most lessons a `k\[%Efn#\m\ipk_`e^`j[`]]\i\ek%@nflc[Xi^l\k_Xk ]file[\i^iX[lXk\jc\X[`e^kf9XZ_\cfif]8ikjfi a negative experience for incoming maZm p^k^ mhll^] Zlb]^ mh inm bg _Zlm&_hh] Other possible eventsGhm include the CLIFF They can salvage proaches, the opportunity a to the backHALE burner. The economic bkk^o^klb[e^[kZbg]ZfZ`^' l^\mbhgbgma^iZi^kmhZ\\hfieblacnlmmaZm' paZm rhn L^g] is nlthe rhnk e^mm^kl% pkbm^ n_\i\Zlii\ekXe[gifjg\Zk`m\dXk_dXafijXe[ bgmh lihkml8 MZd^ education is primarily aid decides to do its homework after for the fact, student can get atamabgd' alegacy. university collateral k_\i\_Xje\m\iY\\eXY\kk\ik`d\kfY\XdXk_ 9XZ_\cfif]JZ`\eZ\#Xe[flidXafij`ek_\j\gif$ freshmen and other students living on \hff^k\bZel%pZlk^li^\m':iiZk^gmerpa^gbm Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a win-win situation. The incoming smooth hand off decreases. It has crisis and credit crunch seemed NCAA Final Four and the NCAA B_rhnl^^Zgrh_ma^l^pZkgbg` E^mĂ?l ehhdfunded Zm paZm fZmm^kl mh rhn3 Z`n^lm\henfg%ehhd_hkp^^deriheelhgma^ Zghma^k ehhd ma^Bowl l^\mbhg' found in academia â&#x20AC;&#x201D; an it discovers thatmZd^ it hasZfully a part-time education of example, poor and good. Before dXafi#Xe[LK8`jXm\ip^ff[gcXZ\]fi`k% jfd\dXk_^iX[lXk\jkl[\ekjXe[]XZlckp^Xk_\i ^iXdji\Z\`m\i`^fifljkiX`e`e^`eXYjkiXZkXe[cf^`$ \hf^l mh fZdbg` ma^ [b` [n\dl% ^o^g Z phke] campus. Accountability for mistakes administration is included and can hit the to begin now, and will take coopforgotten. AfYjXk`j]XZk`fe`jXdfe^k_\_`^_\jk]fidXk_ Championship Series game. lnkobobg` bg mh]ZrĂ?l ^\hghfr% ma^ bg^obmZ[e^ iZ`^Zg]ohm^hgebg^'Mablblrhnk_hknf' Ma^k^Ă?l fhk^ mh Zmae^m^l institution that has a venerable and deserved student and snaps the money back again. launching into the private sector, be certain `e]fidXccpkf\eafpk_\]i\\cleZ_#c`jk\ekf`e[ljki`Xc ZXci\Xjfe`e^#Zi`k`ZXck_`eb`e^#dXk_\dXk`ZXcXeXcp$ lb`gZel%\Zee2**bff^]bZm^er' ^o^gm_Zbelmh`Zkg^kZebmme^[bmh_Ziik^\bZmbhg ground running onZthis Jan. while the outeration from both sides. the Bursarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s This cannot be the case. Our made will givemaZgieZr^klmZmblmb\l' University Housing [\^i\\_fc[\ij%@ek_\(000\[`k`fef] AfYjIXk\[ jn^lmbhg Z_m^k `kZ]nZmbhg% Ă&#x160;PaZm ghp8Ă&#x2039;% MZd^ ehhd20, Zm ppp'ma^lahkmahkg'\hf ' Bm These reputation for incompetence. Financial Aid Office notifies to know that management style is dXk_\dXk`Z`XejkXcbXYflkZXi\\ifggfikle`k`\j# j`j#gifYc\djfcm`e^#Xe[ZfdglkXk`feXcj`dlcXk`fej% events maythe deter regular =hgĂ?mpZbm_hkrhnk_kb^g]mhlh[^k Zg] Z _hnk&ahnk fhf^gm h_onZ]o^kmblbg` going administration can save face in what Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s right â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Obama needs to nation must remain focused 8cdXeXZ #k_\dXk_\dXk`Z`XeiXeb\[]`]k_f]),' more credibility when trying to diffuse ?khfma^N'L'ik^lb]^gm \hgmbgn^lmh^qiZg]pbmafnembf^]bZm^eebg` One example is the ridiculous UTA office oflmZrbg`lZg^bgZlmk^ll_ne^gobkhgf^gmZg]% the award amount, and the Bursar only effective in the specialized bubble of c\XieXYflk`ek\iej_`gjXe[`ek\iXZkn`k_\XZ_ K_\pXi\n\cc$gi\gXi\[]fiXn`[\iXe^\f]ZXi\\ij lbe^g\^' visitors and actually cost the city has been an abomination of a last term. put forth the effort as well. The <D@CPKFD8E the problems at hand, on the isnihk_hkfhk^lrfimhflmhZii^Zk' JUSTIN RAINS gif]\jj`fejYXj\[fek_\j`oZi`k\i`Xf]`eZfd\# `e`e[ljkip#]`eXeZ\#\[lZXk`fe#Xe[^fm\ied\ek% h_\hnkl^%fZdbg`l^gl^h_^e^\mbhg\ho^kZ`^ mh ma^ Lmn]^gm <hg`k^ll \hfi^eebg` lmhkb^l Z[hnm paZmĂ?l aZii^gbg` fk_\i% financial aid system. withholds owed tuition and fees and only academia. the situation. Ngmbe Z]o^kmbl^kl \hf^ mh ma^bk l^gl^l Zg] Most importantly, both can save a natime for partisanship, the red state sues that could divide the nation. money. The idea is that hotels will jki\jj#g_pj`ZXc[\dXe[j#gfk\ek`Xc^ifnk_#afY Kfc\Xiedfi\XYflkZXi\\i#`ek\iej_`g#Xe[ N_`c\fYkX`e`e^dXk_[\^i\\j]ifdfli[\gXik$ =hgĂ?mphkkrmaZmrhnk_kb^g]fZr`^m makhpghnm^o^kr]Zr' ik^lb]^gm% bmĂ?l Z l^f^lm^k bg ma^ \hee^`^ \hffngbmr' BmĂ?l rhnk lmhi Students typically plan their semesters far disburses the remaining amount to the And if you want a career where incompetence Better communication and more e^Zo^hnk[kZbgpZla^]a^Z]lZg]^fimrpZee^ml versus blue state battle, has come tion. The responsibility for this falls j\Zli`kpXe[nfib\em`ifed\ek%@e]XZk#k_\XZklXip fk_\ifggfikle`k`\j]fidXk_dXafij#gc\Xj\Z_\Zb d\ek#n\jkife^cp\eZfliX^\flidXafijkf[\m\cfg fill up, and restaurants and bars will P^Ă?eemZ\de^blln^lmaZmZ__^\mrhnkih\d^m h_g^pe^Z]^klZg]b]^Zl'LhchbgnlbgmZdbg` _hk ^e^\mbhg \ho^kZ`^steer Zg] clear ni]Zm^l maZm pbee in advance. Many are required to get advising student. When a pupil gets that lovely, lifeis not grounds for dismissal, of the nil^mhk^f[ZkkZll^][^\Znl^rhn proactive measures in anticipation of Zehg^%BĂ?f`hbg`mh`h`^mfrl^e_ZiZmmrf^em' That is change to believe in. ending when the polls closed on directly into the lap of the outgoing Bush and gone,jfd\fe\n_f[f\ji`jbXeXcpj`j jkife^fiXcXe[ni`kk\eZfddle`ZXk`fejb`ccj#^X`e _kkg1&&fd\^X%lkX%\[l&uXbkfjle&le$ [hhd%^]n\ZmbhgZg]ho^kZeep^ee&[^bg`'P^Ă?ee g^p ehhd Zm lmn]^gm bgoheo^f^gm Ma^ItLahkmahkg  Ă&#x2030; ma^ hnme^m before registering, then they must do so well in saving check, he or she can reasonablyiXebjj\Zfe[% assume private ab`aeb`am sector and get a cushy position inZg] an [k^Zd seeZk_\c`ebjXkk_\ more sounds \Zee^]_hka^ei' suchbusiness. a scenario will makegood the back-toNow, Obama must follow up administration as much as it falls on the Election Day. K_\)'',EXk`feXc8jjfZ`Xk`fef]:fcc\^\jXe[ XeXcpk`ZXcXe[ZfdglkXk`feXcjb`ccj#Xe[c\Xiekf [\i^iX[lXk\j #fim`j`kk_\]flik_]cffif]G`ZbXi[ inm mh k^lm maZm _ehZm ]hpg blln^l' :g] pa^g [k^Zdbg` g^pl _hkbmZee' advance of the start of the semester. Students that tuition and feesma^ are^e^\mbhg covered,knfhkl and must institution of d^r higher education. in theory, buttransition those visitors will Ă&#x2030;KZr>]pZk];n__bg`mhgBOblZikbgmchnk& â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Justin on his promises to reach across aisles and incoming Obama administration. Rains is a journalism senior <dgcfp\ijjlim\pZfdgXi\[Xm\iX^\jkXik`e^ school much easier. :g]fhlmbfihkmZgmer%]hgĂ?me^m XeXcpq\gifYc\djn`k_XdXk_\dXk`Z`XeĂ&#x2039;jgi\Z`j`fe# ?Xcc% aZii^gl%rhn\Zg_bg]bmma^k^mhh' decide if they can afford to be full or part time, budget Zkhng]bggZmbhgZeg^pl'P^Ă?eela^]eb`amhg the check received for a semesterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ma^Lahkmahkg bring change gZeblfl^gbhkZg]\henfgblm_hk not only to the country, but In the past, outgoing administrations and The Shorthorn sports editor jXcXi`\j]fijkl[\ekjYple[\i^iX[lXk\dXafi#Xe[ simply replace guests wouldl^gbhk have Zg] Xg_pj`Z`jkĂ&#x2039;j`ekl`k`feXe[Xe\e^`e\\iĂ&#x2039;jgiXZk`ZXc`kp% rhnk\^e^[kZmbhgmnkgbgmhZmkZ`^]r' bfihkmZgmk^l^Zk\aaZii^gbg`a^k^Zg]paZm ;nmHale e^mĂ?lisghm _hk`^m mhand mZd^ Z ehhd Zm MhfZg bl Zwho chnkgZeblf &&>fber â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Cliff a film junior a copy then make job decisions accordingly. worth of books, rent, ramen soup, etc. Ă&#x2021;KleZXp8bkfjle`jXgif]\jjfif]dXk_\dXk`ZjXkLK8% ]fidXk_dXafij`knXj*.%.g\iZ\ek_`^_\ik_Xe]fi 9\`e^XYc\kf`ek\iXZkn`k_fk_\ijXe[nfib`eX â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The normally stayed inShorthorn hotels oreditorial gone outboard bm\hne]f^Zgmhrhn' ^gm^kmZbgf^gm' Ma^  pbee lhhg Ma^Lahkmahkg ^]bmhk&bg&\ab^_h_ The Shorthorn Before financial aid decisions are made, editor forLahkmahkg Regretfully, the financial aid process is







Heaps of Hypocrisy

Students must be diligent and forward-thinking to succeed, but the favor isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always returned

A Common Goal



Incoming and outgoing administrations should work together for the nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good


Ma^Lahkmahkg^]bmhk&bg&\ab^_p^e\hf^lma^g^pl\ahher^Zk% ^g\hnkZ`^lk^Z]^klmhib\dnima^g^pliZi^k

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CANNON FODDER by Isaac Erickson

9PK8PCFI<D<IJFE>@99FEJ THE USUAL BYK?<LJL8C TAYLOR E MERSON GIBBONS Resultsfrom from PaZmphne]rhnlZrmhlhf^hg^ Results Wednesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Poll:

pahieZglmh[bg`^]kbgdho^klikbg`[k^Zd8 Wednesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Poll: - Polls  Your View VIEW OB>P DoVIEW you think the drinking age should be lowered Yes No to 18? Do you think the legal drinking age should beĂ&#x2C6;;feĂ&#x2039;k[i`eb lowered to 18? Do you think university vehicles

P^pZgmmhdghppaZmrhn Do you think books will Do you think the mabgdZ[hnmblln^l_Z\bg` become obsolete in the NM:lmn]^gml%lhp^Ă?k^ university takes future? abmmbg`ma^iZo^f^gmmh_bg] responsibility for hnmpa^k^rhnlmZg]'

Ă&#x2C6;9\ZXi\]lc% Befnpfli c`d`k#Xe[jkXp XnXp]ifd gcXZ\jpfl Xi\le]Xd`c`Xi n`k_%Ă&#x2030;

driving on campus `]pflĂ&#x2039;i\efk are a danger to )(%9lk`]pfl pedestrians? [f[i`eb#Y\ i\jgfej`Yc\ Xe[_Xm\ XYl[[p jpjk\d%Ă&#x2030;

43% No 48%

57% Yes 52%

Answer online at Answer online online at Answer at THE SHORTHORN .com administrative errors?







E`bb`Fkk# Zfddle`ZXk`fe]i\j_dXe Number of voters: Number of voters: 2347

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The Shorthorn: Marissa Hall


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to eat, increasing spending some, but not enough. Arlington was not the first choice for the new Cowboys Stadium. Fair Park :8EEFE=F;;<IYp@jXXZ<i`Zbjfe in Dallas was originally considered, but the city couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t justify raising taxes for it. With no public transportation or solutions to the current traffic problem, Arlington is not equipped to host such big events. People should consider who would actually benefit from things like the 2010 NBA All-Star Game before getting too starry-eyed about highprofile events.

>=BMHK&BG&<AB>? >=BMHK&BG&<AB>? EDITOR-IN-CHIEF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF <Zllb^Lfbma >fberMhfZg Emily Toman Emily Toman >&F:BE E-MAIL E-MAIL >&F:BE ^]bmhk'lahkmahkg9nmZ'^]n Volume 83, No. Xy ^]bmhk'lahkmahkg9nmZ'^]n

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horn advisers or university administration. LETTERS ahkgZ]obl^klhkngbo^klbmrZ]fbgblmkZmbhg'E>MM>KL ahkgZ]obl^klhkngbo^klbmrZ]fbgblmkZmbhg'E>MM>KL horn advisers or university administration. LETTERS should be limited to 300 words. They may be edited lahne][^ebfbm^]mh,))phk]l'Ma^rfZr[^^]bm^] lahne][^ebfbm^]mh,))phk]l'Ma^rfZr[^^]bm^] should be limited to 300 words. They may be edited for space, spelling, grammar and malicious or libelous _hkliZ\^%li^eebg`%`kZffZkZg]fZeb\bhnlhkeb[^ehnl _hkliZ\^%li^eebg`%`kZffZkZg]fZeb\bhnlhkeb[^ehnl for space, spelling, grammar and malicious or libelous statements. Letters must be the original work of the lmZm^f^gml'E^mm^klfnlm[^ma^hkb`bgZephkdh_ma^ lmZm^f^gml'E^mm^klfnlm[^ma^hkb`bgZephkdh_ma^ statements. Letters must be the original work of the writer and must be signed. For identification purposes, pkbm^kZg]fnlm[^lb`g^]'?hkb]^gmb_b\Zmbhginkihl^l% pkbm^kZg]fnlm[^lb`g^]'?hkb]^gmb_b\Zmbhginkihl^l% writer and must be signed. For identification purposes, letters also must include the writerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s full name, address e^mm^klZelhfnlmbg\en]^ma^pkbm^kĂ?l_neegZf^%Z]]k^ll e^mm^klZelhfnlmbg\en]^ma^pkbm^kĂ?l_neegZf^%Z]]k^ll letters also must include the writerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s full name, address and telephone number, although the address and teleZg]m^e^iahg^gnf[^k%Zemahn`ama^Z]]k^llZg]m^e^& Zg]m^e^iahg^gnf[^k%Zemahn`ama^Z]]k^llZg]m^e^& and telephone number, although the address and tele-

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Friday, November 21, 2008

The ShorThorn

Salary continued from page 1

“We choose to pay it this way.” Ward said the $64,945 has stayed the same for several years and that the private allocation has gone up to pay the total salary. “This is our choice and could just as easily be the reverse,” he said. Ward said the UT System tells him how much the president will make, and Ward chooses how to allocate funds. Therefore, Lewis said, tuition changes don’t drive presidential salaries. A Nov. 19 Dallas Morning News article made comparisons, with a headline stating, “As college costs grow, so do leaders’ paychecks.”

The Shorthorn: Rasy Ran

can he fix it? 3M Co. field service technician Lee Sly tests a security scanner Thursday at the Central Library. The system required repairs due to malfunctions.

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ranking UTA President James Spaniolo $405,100 National median $427,400 At UTA: Average professor $97,600 Associate professor $71,500 Instructor $69,200 National: Average baccalaureate institution professor $80,408 Associate professor $65,431 Instructor $47,699 Source: Chronicle of Higher Education

tion arose on campus, she would be right there at the door. “I learned a lot. I liked the way they invited the employees to come listen to them and show them how to help themselves,” she said. “But I’m still scared at the weight room. They need to put another door in there so I can get out.” Sarah Lutz

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counted as private funds. The Chronicle of Higher Education survey also covered faculty salaries. The average professor at UTA receives $97,600, an increase of $3,100 from 20062007, according to the survey. The average male professor makes $98,500, the average female $91,500. Nationally, the average public university professor makes $80,408. The average UTA associate professor makes $71,500 and the average instructor $69,200. The school has to raise faculty salaries to stay competitive, said Antoinette Sol, Faculty Senate secretary and French associate professor.

the meantime, lives were taken. People were being killed and outraged as to why the police reacted the way they reacted because kids were being killed — well that’s the way we were trained,” he said. “But since Columbine, that changed the way we respond to active shooters from that point-on.” University housekeeper Crystal Gilbert said she came to the presentation because if the situa-

with UTA ID

with UTA ID

Arbrook Blvd.

* Genghis Grill E. 1-20 Hwy

S, Collins St.

we recommend that … if there is ever an active shooter situation on campus, just close the door, lock it, barricade it, turn off the lights and then get out of sight and look for any type of cover or concealment.” The presentation was part of

— the first team’s goal is to only take out the shooter. He said people should show their hands and not run toward law enforcement officers. He said to remember as many details as possible. Gomez said the second team would pull people out of the building and treat the injured. “Prior to Columbine, police were trying to set up a perimeter and wait for SWAT, but in

Matlock Rd.

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University Police Sgt. John King defined a hostile intruder as a suspect or assailant whose activities immediately cause death and serious injury. He suggested using a textbook for body armor. King said the presentation would prepare viewers for a situation like those at Virginia Tech in 2007, Columbine in 1999 or the UT-Austin Tower in 1966. King said police would likely come in two teams

Cooper St.


several monthly events the police department holds on campus to raise safety awareness. This presentation was previously available only to resident assistants and faculty. The University Center Guadalupe Room was filled to the occupancy level of 50 — primarily staff — until a false fire alarm sounded midway through the presentation, trimming the number to about 20.

In comparison, University of North Texas President Gretchen Bataille makes $532,634, Texas Tech University President Jon Whitmore makes $467,166 and UT-Austin President William Powers Jr. makes $676,912. Former UT System Chancellor Mark Yudof made $786,045 before he resigned in June, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education survey. “In the past, when UT presidents had car allowances and housing allowances, those items had to be paid from local sources,” Ward said. “When those were eliminated, we chose to alter the local piece of [Spaniolo’s] funding when his salary changed.” Ward said revenue from Carrizo Oil and Gas drilling into the Barnett Shale will be

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Friday, November 21, 2008

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about sports Justin Rains, editor Sports publishes Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Page 8

remember Tuesday’s Sports page will have complete recaps of the men’s and women’s basketball teams’ weekend action. Friday, November 21, 2008

The ShorThorn

Getting to know...



rogér Guignard as he deep threats his way to the NCAAs for the second time

SportS talk “there are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in or you’re out. there is no such thing as life in-between.”

that’ll come up and say that they come to the games. It the men’s basketball gives you a little more moteam improved to 2-0 for tivation to do good. TS: Have you ever seen or just the third time in 15 seasons, but for the sec- taken a shot that you didn’t ond consecutive season. Al- think you could make? RG: Nah. I think I can though his scoring numbers are down to start the year, make every shot I take. TS: Favorite video game junior sharpshooter rogér growing up? Guignard is a RG: Madkey component den to the Mavs’ GettiNG tHe factS Live.and NBA success this — Set a school record TS: Who’s year and was with 99 3-pointers last been the biglast year too. year gest inspiraGuignard, — Has average 11.9 tion to you prior to the points per game at UTA throughout texas Wesleyan your life? — A career 74 percent game, sat down RG: My free-throw shooter. with the shortmom, because — Scored 47 points durhorn to talk she’s been ing the SLC tournament about video there all my last year games, inspiralife. tions and initial TS: First thoughts about t h o u g h t s playing at texas when you were being reHall. cruited and they said you’d The Shorthorn: Talk play your home games on a about your life outside of stage? RG: I didn’t know what school and basketball. Rogér Guignard: I just to think. I was like, ‘How is chill with my cousins or go that possible?’ then, when home on weekends when I came and saw it, I was like, ‘oK.’ I can. When TS: Were you we’re not in shocked more coMiNG up season I try to when they told see my family Saturday you or more as much as I At Eastern Washington when you saw can. Time: 9:05 p.m. it? TS: What’s RG: When I Place: Cheney, Wash tougher, being saw it. a student or TS: A place being an athyou’d love to lete? travel to that RG: probably a student. I’ve been an athlete all my you haven’t been? RG: A few, probably life, it kinda comes natural. You got to work to be a like the Bahamas … puerto rico. student. TS: If you didn’t play TS: If your iPod could only play one song over and basketball, what would you be doing instead? over, what would it be? RG: I would try to get RG: “say Yes Girl” [by into business, something Lil’ Corey]. TS: What is celebrity life like that. Invest in stuff. like now on campus after getting to the NCAA’s? StepHeN peterS RG: It’s cool. I like it. there’s a lot more people By StepHeN peterS The Shorthorn staff

pat riley, Miami Heat president and former NBa head coach

By tHe NuMBer: woMeN’S BaSketBall


Number of points scored by seniors Erin Dixon (13) and Candice Champion (12)


Number of points scored by the other six Mavericks who played


Run pulled off by TCU to turn a four-point Maverick lead into a 30-point deficit

MeN’S BaSketBall

Mavericks sign recruit from Louisville, Ky. Head men’s basketball coach Scott Cross announced the signing of a top recruit out of Kentucky on Thursday. Jordan Reeves, a 6-foot-10-inch senior from Louisville, Ky., signed a National Letter of Intent to join the Mavericks for the 2009-2010 season. After averaging 11 points, nine rebounds and three blocked shots a game during his junior season, the Rick Bolus Recruiting Service named Reeves its top sleeper in the state of Kentucky. — Justin Rains


Mavericks snag eight recruits for ’09-’10 The baseball team announced its early signing class for the 2009-2010 on Thursday, with eight recruits pledging to come play for the Mavericks with National Letters of Intent. Among the eight were two Arlington products, both from Martin High School. Brian Nephew, who may play either infield or outfield, finished the 2008 collegiate season with six home runs and 35 RBIs for the McLennan Community College Highlanders in Waco. Catcher Daniel Garcia, who will finish his career at Martin this season, hit .444 for the Warriors during his junior season. His performance earned him All-District honors as well as the Defensive Player of the Year award. Overall, the Mavs signed six players with infield experience, three players with outfield experience, one catcher and one left-handed pitcher.

The Shorthorn: Michael Rettig

Antoinette Thompson (left) of TCU blocks the lane of Maverick junior guard Meghan Nelson during the Mavericks’ 70-45 loss to TCU on Thursday at Daniel Meyer Coliseum in Fort Worth. The Mavericks’ next competition will be Sunday against Texas Tech in Lubbock.

Mavs fall to No. 24 tCU in 25-point blowout Horned Frogs Mavericks

70 45

The Horned Frogs use a long scoring run to pull away from the Mavericks. By BeN HauSS Contributor to The Shorthorn

the women’s basketball team failed to win back-toback games against Metroplex foes, falling to texas Christian 70-45 thursday night. After a back and forth first half, the Mavericks let up in the second, allowing the Frogs (3-0) to turn a close game into a blowout. “I’m not happy with our performance,” head coach samantha Morrow said. “I know we’re a lot better than that.” At the end of a hard fought first half by both teams, the Mavericks (1-1) trailed the Horned Frogs 29-21. Neither team shot well from the field in the half, with the Mavericks shooting 25.7 percent to the Horned Frogs 24.3 percent. the Mavs played a very good defensive game in the first half and kept the game within reach, Morrow said. “We played hard for about 30 minutes,” she said. “After the girls realized we were going to lose, they let up a little bit.” senior forward Erin Dixon led the Mavericks with her second double-double of the

season, scoring 13 points and was horrendous,” Morrow said. “We shot 20-something pulling in 11 rebounds. Also in double figures percent. that’s ridiculous, was senior forward Candice we’re a better shooting team Champion, scoring 12 points then that.” the Mavs only sent eight and grabbing 13 rebounds. Champion said she wasn’t players into the game, while able to find her groove until the Horned Frogs used 12 later on in the game due to players. Morrow said the lack of depth played a role in the tough tCU pressure. “they switched up their loss. UtA started the game defense,” she said. “they knew from the get-go they weren’t with a lot of excitement going going to be able to play us against a good team like tCU, who defeated then-No. 3 man to man.” Champion finished the Maryland by 12 early in the game perfect from the free- season. “We were really excited throw line, making all eight of to get out there her attempts. and play against tCU started a team like tCU,” the second half coMiNG up Dixon said. on a 6-0 run — Sunday Morrow said after ending the at Texas Tech the Mavs are prefirst half on a Time: 2 p.m. paring for consimilar 12-0 run ference games by — forcing MorPlace: Lubbock playing against row to call her ‘tough teams’ like first time out of texas Christian. the half. the Champion and Dixon both Horned Frogs continued to build on their lead from the agreed that the team has a lot first half and there was no to work on but know what the team is capable of. looking back. “We need to say focused on the Mavericks had a hard time all night driving the lane what our main goal is,” Dixon against a bigger tCU team. said. the Mavericks travel to the Mavs found themselves shooting beyond the arc 21 Lubbock this weekend to play times, and only three of those against the texas tech red raiders. tip-off is sunday at shots fell through. the Mavs shot 24.1 per- 2:30 p.m. cent from the field for the overall game, while tCU shot BeN HauSS 33.8 percent. “our shooting percentage

“I’m not happy with our performance. I know we’re a lot better than that.” Samantha Morrow head coach

Showdown K@:B<K>@M<8N8P KXb\Xe\ncffbXk


Sal n

=`e[k_i\\JXekX9lccj`eK_\J_fik_fie Xe[<$dX`ck_\`icfZXk`fejkf

Wednesday, November 26


9fY JZ_e\`[\i

)e[?Xe[ J\i\eX[\ <c\m\e ?le[i\[ Jgi`e^j

The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley

Rogér Guignard, junior guard

— Justin Rains


woMeN’S BaSketBall

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kfY\\ek\i\[`ekfX[iXn`e^kfn`e k`Zb\kjkffe\f]k_\j\ZfeZ\ikj% Fe\gX`if]k`Zb\kj^`m\eXnXp[X`cp% 2019 S. Cooper St. 817.460.4893

Thanksgiving Day Feast and Party Free Food Buffet OPEN ALL DAY

=fidfi\`e]fidXk`fe# ZXcc/(.%).)%?FIE N`ee\in`ccY\efk`Ô\[m`X<$dX`c%

Cowboy Game in HD & Surround Sound


Friday November 21, 2008 Volume 90, No. 50 Wednesday July 11, 2008 Volume 89, No. 12x Library to redo Web site, input wanted...

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