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?kb]Zr P^]g^l]Zr Wednesday CZgnZkr*1%+))1 Cner**%+))1 October 29, 2008

Ohenf^12%Gh'/, Ohenf^12%Gh'*+q Volume 90, No. 38 ppp'ma^lahkmahkg'\hf ppp'ma^lahkmahkg'\hf

Lbg\^*2*2 Since 1919 Lbg\^*2*2 Since 1919

@E;<O @E;<O XyXyday );XpINDEX  );Xp XyXy2Day Xy, 2002 E\nj

)) 2op* op Nfic[M`\n3, 6, 8op+ News op Fg`e`fe World View 4op, op Jgfikj Opinion 5op/ op

Volume 83, No. Xy :fXZ_\j:fie\i XyXyXy: XyXyXyXyXyXyXyXyXyXyXyXyXyXyXyXyXyXy. Xy :cXjj`ZXc\[lZXk`fe Good Morning UTA ;fd`eXek Ni`k\PfliFneAfb\?\i\ Head to Head ?bg]hnmfhk^Z[hnmphf^gÍl[Zld^m[Zeea^Z]

qrqrqrqrqrqrrqrqrqrrqrrrrrqrrrrqrrrr Two students debate their pointsMa^MOpkbm^kÍllmkbd^aZle^_mnlmh_^g]_hkhnkl^eo^l' for supporting or not qrrrrrrqrqrrr' supporting Barack Obama. FG@E@FEsG8><, FG@E@FEsG8><+



One student makes it his mission to bring more qrqrqrqqrrqrrqqqqrrqrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrqrrrrrrrrrr \hZ\aLZfZgmaZFhkkhp' unsolicited kindness to campus. JGFIKJsG8></ qrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrqqqqqqqqq'

J:<E<sG8></ 2DAY | PAGE 2


Lmn]^gml`kZ]nZm^ New nursing doctorate offered pbmag^p\^kmbÖ\Zmbhg NM:`^mlZhg^&lmhi iZk^gmlahi\^gm^k N_Xkkf\og\Zk k_`jn\\b%%%


Donald The university becomes one UTA’s School of Nursing became agement settings, according to the undertook just because students Practice program met that criahnlbg`% \Zfinl teria because the program built might be interested. School of Nursing’s Web site. one of_hkfZmbhg a handful Z[hnm of institutions Bobbitt, of K_\GXi\ekj=Xd`cp:\ek\i five nursing schools in ^o^gml% iZkdbg` _^^l% of k^`blmkZmbhg “We’re not interested in creat- on the demonstrated strength of Those pursuing the degree authorized to offer a Doctor University Xejn\ije\nDXm\i`ZbgXi\ekjË Texas to offer the degree. Zg] Zk^Zl hg \Zfinl bl must k^Z]ber Ma^kZir Ikh`kZf [^\Zf^ `kZ]nZm^l \hfie^m^] ma^ program the university’ s nursing degrees,” take an additional 45 credit ing a broad spectrum ofMa^ Nursing Practice degree. Provost JfZ`Xcnfibjkl[\ekjXi\k_\ M`j`k nnn%k_\j_fik_fie%Zfd  hl\jk`fejXe[ZfeZ\iej% ZoZbeZ[e^pbmaa^ei_khf\^gm^k^f& ihineZk Zg] a^ei_ne _hk hma^kl bg /)&ahnk Lhenmbhg&?h\nl^] ;kb^_ perceived and filled what officials Bobbitt said. “If we’re going to hours beyond what is required for The degree is an “emerging” ]`ijkkf^iX[lXk\n`k_]fZlj\[ ]fi[X`cplg[Xk\j% iehr^^l%nursing lZb] <Zl^r @hgsZe^l% ma^ s degree hma^k ikh`kZf BY JASON JOYCE to be a statewide need for DNP\hngmkb^l ln\a Zl Mhkhgmh% has to draw\^kmb_b\Zmbhg a master’ and complete add a new degree, it Ma^kZir postgraduate program Yi`\]k_\iXgpZ\ik`]`ZXk\j% Contributor to9PD<::88C@ The Shorthorn IZk^gml?Zfber<^gm^k]bk^\mhk' h__^k^] makhn`a ma^ ngbo^klbmrÍl Lbg`Zihk^ Zg] Ehg]hg% >g`eZg]%Ë graduates. on strengths the university already that typically requires three years 540 clinical practice hours.

:feki`YlkfikfK_\J_fik_fie Pa^g Z The iZk^gm \Zeel hk \hf^l E^afZgglZb]' <hgmbgnbg`>]n\Zmbhg=^iZkmf^gm% “I think graduates are probably an immeFollowing approval from the of full-time Provost Donald Bobbitt said has, and it has to serve study. program 9P<9FEP<M8EJ IZk^gml aZo^ Z ieZ\^ mhprepares `^m bgmh ma^ h__b\^ l^Zk\abg` @kZ]nZm^ IZf^eZ Chaglhg lZb] pab\a[^`ZgeZlmr^Zk%a^lZb]' Texas Higher ghp Education Coordithat _hk adding the new degree K_\J_fik_fiejkX]] path diate need.” graduates for leadership Zeema^Zglp^kl' Zglp^kl%ma^\^gm^kpbeemkZgl_^khk la^ ahi^l ma^ \^kmb_b\Zm^ fZd^l a^k Lmn]^gml bg ma^ lh\bZe phkd% PRACTITION continues on page 8 He said the Doctor of Nursing nating Board late last week, the roles in clinical, research and man- wasn’t something the university Lmn]^gm :__Zbkl \k^Zm^] ma^ ]bk^\m ma^f mh ma^ \hkk^\m Zk^Z _hk L^o^g lmn]^gml `kZ]nZm^] _khf ilr\aheh`r% gnklbg` Zg] f^]b& fhk^dghpe^]`^Z[e^' IZk^gml  ?Zfber <^gm^k mh a^ei maZm li^\b_b\ jn^lmbhg' B_ maZm Zk^Z ÊBmpZlo^kr^q\bmbg`k^\^bobg`ma^ ma^ L\ahhe h_ Lh\bZe Phkd eZlm \bg^ _b^e]l e^Zkg ldbeel mh \hg]n\m Zee^obZm^ ma^ _knlmkZmbhgl h_ \hg& \ZgÍm [^ k^Z\a^] hk eh\Zm^]% ma^ fhgma pbma Z \^kmb_b\Zm^ maZm aZl ^__^\mbo^ bgm^kob^pl maZm [kbg` hnm _bklm\^kmb_b\Zm^bgma^N'L'%Ëla^lZb]' _nl^] iZk^gml Zg] _Zfber f^f[^kl lmZ__^klpbeel^Zk\a_hkma^bg_hkfZ& ghm [^^g h__^k^] [^_hk^ bg ma^ N'L'% \eb^gmlÍlmk^g`malZg]k^lhnk\^l%Zg] ÊBmaZlbg\k^Zl^]frdghpe^]`^Zg] pa^g mkrbg` mh `^m bg_hkfZmbhg hg lZb] I^m^k E^afZgg% lh\bZe phkd ]^o^ehi`hh]`hZel%E^afZgglZb]' ELECTION STUDENT ACTIVITIES Z oZkb^mr h_ ngbo^klbmr l^kob\^l' Bg& Zllh\bZm^ikh_^llhk' ÊMa^ Lhenmbhg&?h\nl^] ;kb^_ @E=FZfek`el\jfegX^\* >I8;JZfek`el\jfegX^\-

Voting issues include the environment

problem,” he said. “We’re talking about energy security, energy independence.” He said there has been some “fuzziness” on both canSARAH LUTZ didate’s platforms. The Shorthorn staff “Obama is now also saying In the last few months ... nuclear is good ... McCain of the election, the economy is heavily pushing nuclear,” he loomed over the discussion of said. “There is a lot of overlap of what they every issue, but say in terms of before the stock energy initiamarket declined, “We want to do the environment what is economically tives, but probably Obama’s was getting the sound, but being initiatives are a discussion it delittle more agserved, said Krish- environmentally gressive.” nan Rajeshwar, friendly is being EnvironCollege of Science economically mental Sociassociate dean. ety president He said both sound.” Lindsey Codpresidential candington said didates Barack Lindsey Coddington, voters should Obama and John Environmental Society president consider which McCain offer betcandidate is ter plans commost conpared to President George W. Bush’s current cerned about the environment environmental policies but still before heading to the polls. “Of course, we want to do have room for improvements. “Neither candidate has what is economically sound, come out with a comprehen- but being environmentally sive policy in terms of imme- friendly is being economically diate, short-term, long-term, sound,” she said. what are the options and how GREEN continues on page 8 are we going to attack this

A group says McCain and Obama offer vague environmental policies.

Free Swim

The sounds of carnival and arcade games resonated Wednesday as students scurried around the Central Library mall during Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim,” The Williams Street County Fair and Expo. Hot presses finalized free custom T-shirts for students. “It’s organized, it’s a perfect day to be outside, and it’s not too crowded, except in the shirt line,” graphic design junior Naser Alsalhi said. Laughter was heard from students milking a wooden cow and tossing bean9P:F?<9FC@E bags as raffle prizes were given away :feki`YlkfikfK_\J_fik_fie hourly. Ma^ngbo^klbmr?hkfneZL:>m^Zf The tour will visit universities around bl `^Zkbg` the country through mid-November. ni mh `bo^ \hfi^mbmhkl Z “Oh, I think it’s awesome,”mhn`akngbg=^mkhbmmablFZrpbmabml said Elizabeth g^per]^lb`g^]%eb`am^k\Zk' Swift, Central Library Information Services Ma^\aZg`^lmaZmZk^[^bg`bfie^& reference assistant. “I’m glad they decided f^gm^] Zk^ to bring this here. It’s unique, andf^Zgm I mh ]^\k^Zl^ ma^ \ZkÍl p^b`am' Ma^ m^Zf lpZii^] ma^ love it.” a^Zob^k-&\rebg]^k^g`bg^_hkZeb`am& ^k+&\rebg]^k^g`bg^%Zg]pbeek^erhg Z^kh]rgZfb\lmh^gaZg\^li^^]' For an audio slideshow, ÊPaZmvisit p^ ]h bl ik^\blbhg ]kbobg` THE SHORTHORN .com Zmma^Z[lhenm^ebfbmlh_\hgmkhe%Ë?hk& fneZ L:> m^Zf Z]obl^k ;h[ Phh]l lZb]' Ma^ eb`am^k \Zk lahne] [^ Z[e^ mh fho^ _Zlm^k% lZb] MahfZl PZem^k% f^\aZgb\Ze ^g`bg^^kbg` cngbhk Zg] m^Zff^f[^k' ÊBmÍlp^b`am^]mhikh]n\^mkZ\mbhg hg ma^ `khng]%Ë a^ lZb]' ÊEZlm r^Zk pZlma^_Zlm^lm\Zkp^Í]^o^k[nbem'BÍf


NM:?hkfneZL:>kZ\bg`m^ZflpZil ^g`bg^Zg]k^]^lb`glbmlkZ\^\Zk k^Zeer^q\bm^]mh`^mlmZkm^]'Ë >o^kr r^Zk bg fb]&Cner% ma^ ngb& o^klbmr ahlml ma^ M^qZl :nmh\khll P^^d^g]% Z \hfi^mbmbhg maZm bgobm^l \hee^`^l _khf Z\khll ma^ \hngmkr mh \hf^ Zg] kZ\^' Bg L^im^f[^k% ma^ ngbo^klbmrÍl m^Zf Zmm^g]l ma^ Lihkml <Zk<en[h_:f^kb\ZgZmbhgZel' Ma^ fZbg \hfi^mbmbhg mabl r^Zk bl ma^ ?hkfneZ L:> bg =^mkhbm' Ma^ m^Zf f^f[^kl lZb] ma^r p^k^ _bk^] niZg]Zk^`^mmbg`k^Z]r' ÊBmÍl paZm p^ ebo^ _hk ]hpg a^k^%Ë lZb] =k^p PZee^k% lnli^glbhg e^Z] _hkma^m^Zf' Ma^ m^Zf \hglblml h_ Z[hnm +) f^f[^kl'FhlmZk^_khfma^<hee^`^ h_>g`bg^^kbg`[nmZgrhg^Zmm^g]bg` ma^ ngbo^klbmr bl ^eb`b[e^ mh chbg' Ma^ \Zkl Zk^ lmn]^gm [nbem Zg] lmn]^gm ]kbo^g'=kbo^klZk^\ahl^g[rm^Zf

ÈN_Xk n\[f`j gi\Z`j`fe [i`m`e^ Xkk_\ XYjfclk\ c`d`kjf] Zfekifc%É 9fYNff[j

=fidlcXJ8< k\XdX[m`j\i


D\Z_Xe`jd\e^`e\\i`e^ale`fi>\fi^\K_fdjfe`jXd\dY\if]=fidlcXJ8<#n_`Z_`j^\kk`e^i\X[p]fiX Zfdg\k`k`fe`e;\kif`k%K_\ZXiËjn\`^_knXj[\Zi\Xj\[Xe[n`cclj\X\if[peXd`Zjkf\e_XeZ\k_\jg\\[%



I\XZ_`e^K_\`i ;khZ]\Zlmlmn]^gmlmhÖef Starry-Eyed Project educates about TV disposal ;\jk`eXk`fej m^e^\Zlml_hk\Z[e^\aZgg^e :FDDLE@:8K@FE


and Eager

term. Whereas this one, just recycling a TV of course, E\njZXjkjXe[jgfikj^Xd\j that’s long-term but it’s n`ccilefeZ_Xee\c00Y\^`ee`e^ going to happen a lot more dramatically here soon.” N\[e\j[Xpe`^_k% BY SARAH LUTZ Architecture senior Jim The Shorthorn staff Wiese said more than 20 9PD8I@JJ8?8CC :feki`YlkfikfK_\J_fik_fie A group of architecture million TVs could end up 9PD8KK?<NI<8>8E students are trying to keep in landfills, and while there Mabl l^f^lm^k% [khZ]\Zlm lmn]^gml :feki`YlkfikfK_\J_fik_fie old analog TVs and the dan- are electronic waste laws pbee `^m fhk^ aZg]l&hg ^qi^kb^g\^ [r Ma^ L\ahhe h_ Gnklbg` l^m Z eZg]fZkd _hk bml ikh& gerous chemicals that come that prevent computers _befbg`g^pl\ZlmlZg]\ho^kbg`ngbo^k& `kZfmabliZlm=^\^f[^k'BY BRYAN BASTIBLE reimbursements. She said being dumped in landfills, with them out of local landlbmrlihkml' FZqbg^ :]^`[heZ Zg] The @ehkbZ <Zkkstaff [^\Zf^ ma^ _bklm Shorthorn she wants to use the money there are Texas laws against ;^`bggbg` g^qm fhgma% lmn]^gml fills as part of a project. mhk^\^bo^]h\mhkZe]^`k^^lbggnklbg`Zmma^ngbo^klbmr' to set up events that pbeelahhmp^^derg^pl\Zlml_hkngbo^k& a landCongress mandated that throwing TVs into Physics senior Phyllis :_m^k r^Zkl h_ ]^]b\Zm^] k^l^Zk\a% \hngme^ll ]bll^kmZ& lbmr \Z[e^ \aZgg^e 22' Lhf^ lmn]^gml next Feb. 18 be the first day fill. Whittlesey will use educate the public about mbhgik^l^gmZmbhglZg]in[eb\Zmbhgl%Zg]^o^g^qmk^f^ pbee Zelh _bef lihkml [^`bggbg` pbma astronomy. “People don’t really realtelevision stations broadcast her status as a NASA \hffnmbg`% ma^r k^\^bo^] ma^bk ]h\mhkZm^l mh [^\hf^ ma^ f^gÍl [Zld^m[Zee `Zf^ P^]g^l]Zr “If you think back to the TV in digital only, as opposed to ize what makes up Ambassador to encourage >cfi`X:Xii# gnkl^l\b^gmblml' gb`am' elementary school and and how much toxinsMa^r are in both analog and digital. the campus community to [^`Zg ma^ ikh`kZf mh`^ma^k bg +)), Zl ma^ elij`e^[fZkfiXk\ @Zf^lpbee[^ihlm^]bgma^bk^gmbk^& junior high, the things when Architecture senior Jaron it and what happens look at the stars. l\ahheÍl_bklm]h\mhkZe\Zg]b]Zm^lZg]_bgbla^]mh`^ma^k mr hg ma^ ngbo^klbmr Zmae^mb\l P^[ lbm^ landfill,” Ricketts said architecture those go into theZm=^\^f[^kÍl`kZ]nZmbhg\^k^fhgr' She was one of about you remember are not Zehg` pbma `Zf^ ab`aeb`aml% lZb] :g& just professor Jane Ahrens as- he said. 52 [^`Zg students nationwide :emahn`a :]^`[heZ a^k gnklbg` ^]n\Zmbhg bg sitting listening to ]k^p <eZkd% \hffngb\Zmbhg ZllblmZgm your teacher, but taking Lead, cadmium, brosigned her ArchitectureK_\J_fik_fie18e[i\n9lZbc\p and CZfZb\Z Zg] <Zkk bg F^fiabl% `kZ]nZm^l selected forM^gg'% the [hma NASA ikh_^llhkZg][khZ]\Zlm]bk^\mhk' something apart or Environment class the proj- minated flame retardants aZo^ mZd^g lbfbeZkInternational iZmal mh k^Z\a ma^ NM:of ikh`kZf' Year ÊB_ p^ cnlm inm kZp _hhmZ`^ h_ ma^ 9ifX[ZXjk`e^e\njj\e`fi8ifeDfi^Xej_ffkjk_\DXm\i`Zbj^Xd\K_lij[Xpe`^_k`e somebody came in with a k^\^bo^] ma^ ?^kg^ G^pfZg Dr[Z ?^eehplabi bg (BFR), beryllium ;hma and plasect to make something susA stronomy Student `Zf^%bmÍl\hg\^boZ[e^bm\hne][^hgma^ K\oXj?Xcc%K_`jnXjk_\]`ijk^Xd\kfY\k\c\m`j\[Ypk_\YifX[ZXjk`e^jkl[\ekj]fik_\ really Gnklbg`% p^k^ l^e^\m^]Program. Zl Êf^gm^^lË [r ma^ cool demonstration chlo-Zg] [hmaAmbassadors tainable that isn’t normally tics such as polyvinyl P^[lbm^ZgahnkhkmphZ_m^kma^`Zf^%Ë Xk_c\k`ZjN\Yj`k\% GZmbhgZe <hZebmbhg h_To >magb\ Fbghkbmr Gnkl^ :llh\bZ& with electricity or you ride (PVC) can all be found environmentally friendly. As mark the 400th <eZkdlZb]' mbhgl' in analog part of the assignment, they `Zf^l anniversary that Galileo built something or went ]^gml fZr _bef [Zl^[Zee bg ma^ TVs and many ;khZ]\Zlm l^gbhk =Zob] FZgg^kbg` fZgrahf^`Zf^l_hkf^gÍlZg]phf& Ma^ mph lmkZg`^kl mh mkZo^ebg` _hk ma^bk to a museum or saw a digital TVs, according to Zk^ gh also had to educate the pubmade a telescope and Zgghng\^l_hkma^ngbo^klbmrÍlkZ]bhlmZ& ^gÍl[Zld^m[ZeeZlma^r\Zg[nmmaZmma^ likbg`' ^]n\Zmbhg' :]^`[heZ mk^dd^] _khf CZfZb\Z% pa^k^ la^ planetarium show. These their project. lic on the process. saw space observations, MO K^ihkmbg` * Zg] + \eZll^l pbee mbhg%Zg]abl\hff^gmZkr\ZgieZrpbma `Zf^\ho^kZ`^]^i^g]lhgma^gnf[^k DXo`e\8[\^YfcX# k^\^bo^] a^k ]biehfZ bg gnklbg`% mh Angm^k <hee^`^ bg the are things in my Beryllium and cadmium “We wanted to do some2009 was selected for h_ lmn]^gml ZoZbeZ[e^' The Shorthorn: StephanieMa^r GoddardfZr Zelh ma^`Zf^hgebg^' elij`e^[fZkfiXk\ thing that actually affects a are both carcinogenic. Lead the International Year of personal opinion that 9IF8;:8JKZfek`el\jfegX^\<eZkd lZb] ma^r pbee mkr mh \ho^k Zl \ho^klhf^ZpZr`Zf^l%Zg]lhf^lmn& ELIJ@E>Zfek`el\jfegX^\* From left, architecture graduate student Jose Martinez, senior Jim create people who are lot of people right now and is toxic to the kidneys, nerAstronomy. Wiese, junior J.P. Goldsmith, graduate student Andrew Moon and senior with this situation happen- vous and reproductive sysAlong with the award interested in science,” she Jaron Ricketts are recycling old analog TVs for a project assigned in ing in February, that’s some- tems and inhibits mental and ambassadorship, said. “If people just stop their Architecture and Environment class. This project is a response to thing that affects everybody,” development of young chilWhittlesey will receive the congressional mandate that Feb. 17 will be the first day all television NASA continues on page 6 Ricketts said. “Some of the $2,000 and $700 in travel stations will broadcast in digital. TV continues on page 3 other things are real long-

One class aims to keep electronics from ending up in landfills.

Mphgnklbg`]h\mhkZelmn]^gml mkZo^eehg`]blmZg\^lmh[^ ma^ngbo^klbmrÍlÖklm Physics senior becomes NASA Student Ambassador




CAMPUS NOTEBOOK Wednesday October 29, 2008




Early Voting: 7 a.m.-7 p.m., University Center Palo Duro Lounge. For information contact Travis Boren at 817-272-0556 or

HUB Super Bowl II: 9-11 a.m., UC Bluebonnet Ballroom. Free. For information, contact Jean Carlton at 817-272-2140 or Art Exhibition — “Steve Brudniak and Cameron Schoepp”: 10 a.m.-5 p.m., The Gallery at UTA. For information, contact Patricia Healy at 817-272-5658 or

Carter Blood Drive: 10 a.m.3:30 p.m., Central Library and UC malls. No appointment necessary. Free. For information, contact Allison Bailey or PK Kelly at 817-2722963 or allison.bailey@mavs. Elections Exhibit: All day, Central Library first floor. Free. For information, contact Eric Frierson at 817-272-7517 or Selling Me to Employers Workshop: 9 a.m.-noon, 216 Davis Hall. Free. For information, contact Career Services at 817-272-2932 or UTA Science Week — Dean’s

Forum: noon-1 p.m., 119 Life Science Building. Free food and refreshments. For information, contact Marjana Sarker at marjana.sarker@

Black History Month Committee: noon- 1p.m., B150 UC Pecos Lounge. For information, contact 817272-2099 or multicultural_

Maversity Workshop: 12:301:30 p.m., UC Concho Room. Free. For information, contact Multicultural Affairs at 817272-2099 or multicultural_

Career Exploration Sessions: 12-12:30 p.m., 216 Davis Hall. Free. For information, call Counseling Services at 817272-3671.

GIS Workshop — Predict 2008 Voting Patterns Across Neighborhoods in Texas: 3-5 p.m., B20 Central Library. Free. For information, contact Joshua Been at 817-272-5816 or Deadline to Submit Photos to the Study Abroad Photo Contest: 5 p.m., Office of International Education. Free. For information, contact Courtney Bauman at 817-2721120 or

Walk-In Resume Critiques: noon-1 p.m., Science and Engineering Library. Free. For information, contact Career Services at 817-272-2932 or

Calendar submissions must be made by 4 p.m. two days prior to run date. To enter your event, call 817-272-3661 or log on to




“We got rid of karaoke. It ended up being ‘scare-e-oke.’ ”

Study Abroad hosts one of its last info sessions today A Study Abroad information session starts at noon today in the University Center Blanco Room. In the three sessions left this semester, students can learn about available programs and decide which one best suits personal and academic goals. Locations, procedures, financial aid and scheduling information will be provided. A table by Starbucks in the UC offers drop-in advising from 1:30-3 p.m. The deadline for summer, fall and academic year programs is March 10. For information, visit the office at the Swift Center on UTA Boulevard.

Brian Joyce, Student Activities assistant director, on Thursday’s Halloween Casino Night See Page 3



— Alanna Quillen

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Levitt Pavilion hosts last concert series this week

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POLICE REPORT This is a part of the daily activity log produced by the university’s Police Department. To report a criminal incident on campus, call 817-272-3381.

A staff member reported a university painting missing Monday at Texas Hall. A student reported her cell phone lost Thursday. A driver was found driving with a suspended license during a traffic stop Monday at 900 Pecan St. A student reported a broken windshield Monday in Trinity House Lot. A minor accident occurred Monday at 300 Davis St. A staff member reported a lost university key Thursday.

The Shorthorn: Michael Rettig

Sociology graduate student Thomas Deak stands by the Central Library around lunchtime and waves to people that pass by. Deak began his efforts to spread politeness a few weeks ago after noticing that most people around campus don’t speak or say hi to each other.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Graduate student takes time out of his day to share smiles BY MARK BAUER Contributor to The Shorthorn

Amidst the rhythmic patter of shoes striking the pavement on the Central Library mall, Thomas Deak’s voice pierces the otherwise solemn morning with a cheerful greeting. “Good morning, great to see ya!” he says to passers-by. “Hello, good to see you again,” he tells another. “Hello, Mr. Hello!” someone shouts back. Students walking by the Central Library between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. have experienced Deak’s waves, smiles and salutations. Some students return a smile and a nod with a curious glance, while some ignore him altogether. Other students offer a hand or a hug before he manages to greet them. The sociology graduate student has been at his usual spot since early October. A few weeks ago, he decided the campus was missing politeness. “I was walking around, and it

occurred to me nobody was saying ‘Hi’ to each other,” he said. “We’re all so hurried, we don’t allow time to be polite to one another.” That’s when Deak decided to take matters into his own hands, literally, by waving and practicing what he calls “disobedient politeness,” being polite when it isn’t required. Rumors concerning Deak’s purpose have spread among interested students. Biology sophomore Stephanie Joseph stopped to ask if he was part of a Christian organization. Deak told her he is independent and unaffiliated with any organization. Not all responses have been positive. Deak said a female student asked what he was doing there and called his exploits “creepy.” Computer science freshman Sean Pierce doesn’t think Deak contributes to overall campus happiness. “I don’t think he’s succeeding. I

think he might get tired soon,” Pierce said. “I’ve offered him chicken sandwiches, apples and all types of sustenance.” Deak, who has been offered coffee, pound cake, brownies and bagels, said that while he is grateful for the gestures, the overall positive response makes him happy alone. Ultimately, he would like others to join him, passing the politeness along. “I invite people, however they want, to participate,” he said. “Even if I’m not here, they could come here and wave — that’d be great.” As Deak’s afternoon session ends, film and video sophomore Eric Marsh walks up, puts down his bag and stands beside Deak. “Hello,” they say to a random student walking by, echoing one another, and then together they wave. MARK BAUER

This week concludes the Levitt Pavillion’s 2008 concert calendar with a Latin-influenced band and a Halloween bash. CANTA Rhythm & Brass performs at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. They describe themselves as a blend of regional Latin, rock, blues, pop, big band and jazz. “I think it’s a band the students would enjoy because it’s a modern Latino sound,” said Cathy O’Neal, Levitt Pavilion communications coordinator. “The band is a dynamic group with an interesting blend of music.” The band’s newest CD, Don’t Stop Believin’ debuts Thursday night. O’Neal said the audience will be the first to hear the songs and will be able to buy the album. Emerald City plays Halloween night at 7. The cover band has been voted Dallas’ Best Band by The Dallas Morning News readers, played at the White House twice, and played with acts like Michael McDonald and Willie Nelson. Before the concert, there will be a costume contest for funniest, scariest and most creative costumes. Winners will be announced at 7:30 p.m. There will be candy for kids throughout the night. All Levitt Pavilion performances are free. — Jason Boyd

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RANDY ROGERS BAND Nov. 7 7:00pm American Airlines Center

Wednesday, October 30, 2008

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The ShorThorn

What Happens in the Bluebonnet Ballroom...

TV continued from page 1

EXCEL hosts a casino night, offers Nintendo Wii prize By Dustin Dangli Contributor to The Shorthorn

One gambler will walk away with more than cash at Halloween Casino Night. The event â&#x20AC;&#x201D; comprising gambling, music and a costume contest â&#x20AC;&#x201D; starts at 8 p.m. on Thursday in the University Center Bluebonnet Ballroom, and one student will go home with a Nintendo Wii. As soon as students walk into the room, they will receive a bag of 20 free game chips for the night. Students can expect games like Texas Holdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Em, blackjack, roulette and bingo. Volunteers and staff will run the games, EXCEL president Anne Brough said. The gambling ends around 11 p.m., when players can trade in their chips for tickets, she said. Students then place their tickets into raffles for prizes. Other prizes this year include an iPod shuffle and a choice among 20 prize packs. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prizes are better than those in 2007, said Aaron Resendez, EXCEL special events director. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everyone has their own strategy for the prizes,â&#x20AC;? said Brian Joyce, Student Activities assistant director. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve seen some people put all their tickets into one prize, and some people put a ticket into each one.â&#x20AC;? While gambling is a major feature of the night, Joyce said the event has something for everyone.

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Information systems senior John Taylor, center, rolls the dice during a game of craps at last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Halloween Casino Night. Halloween Casino Night is at 8 p.m. Thursday at the University Center Bluebonnet Ballroom.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;This year, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have The night will when anD a DJ.â&#x20AC;? include a cosKeeping with the tume contest and where Halloween theme, the winner will When: 8 p.m. candy will be served, receive an undeThursday but the committee cided prize. planned other refreshTo attract Where: University ments like pretzels, more students, Center Bluebonnet water and lemonade. the event has unBallroom â&#x20AC;&#x153;A lot of it is adverdergone changes tising a healthy lifefor this year. style,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When â&#x20AC;&#x153;We got rid of karaoke. It ended up being we think about all the candy â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;scare-e-oke,â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? Joyce said. and junk weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve served â&#x20AC;&#x201D; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

making the switch

nice to change it up a bit.â&#x20AC;? Resendez said anyone can apply to be a volunteer, and volunteers may also participate in the festivities. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is the day before Halloween â&#x20AC;&#x201D; what else will [students] be doing?â&#x20AC;? Resendez said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hopefully, there will be more students, especially because of the better prizes.â&#x20AC;?

dren. BFRs can affect hormonal functions critical for normal development, and PVC can harm the immune and reproductive systems, according to the project. Wiese said the group offered three solutions for those with analog TV. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Keep it. Obviously thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s No. 1, if you can get the converter box.â&#x20AC;? He said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Then the second choice would be to donate it either to Goodwill or one of your friends.â&#x20AC;? Wiese said the last choice should be to recycle it. The project says Sony, Dell, LG Electronics and Samsung all offer recycling and so do the recycling companies Intechra and HOBI International. Wiese said the Web site Earth911. com will tell users where they can recycle their television. Architecture graduate student Andrew Moon said he wanted the project to focus on educating the public about their options. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think in a broader sense this makes you aware of everything you use down to like a toaster,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We all need to be careful about where things end up and not just blindly throw it away and think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going somewhere else because thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eventually going to affect us.â&#x20AC;?

â&#x20AC;˘ The switch will open parts of the broadcast spectrum to public safety communications like police, fire departments, and rescue squads. The government will auction the remaining broadcast spectrum to companies, that will then be able to offer consumers wireless services. â&#x20AC;˘ Anyone with cable or satellite subscriptions on their analog TV will not be affected by the cut-off date. DVD players, VHS players and game systems will still work on analog TVs. â&#x20AC;˘ The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is conducting a program to provide American homes with a converter box, which will convert digital signals to analog called the Digital-toAnalog Converter Box Coupon Program. â&#x20AC;˘ The program began accepting applications for coupons in January 2008 and allows for two $40 coupons per household to be issued. The coupons will expire 90 days from mailing and can be applied for at www.dtv2009. gov or 1-888-388-2009 or 1-877-530-2638. Source: â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sarah Lutz

sarah lutz

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think in a broader sense this makes you aware of everything you use down to like a toaster.â&#x20AC;? andrew moon,

Dustin Dangli

architecture graduate student


â&#x20AC;˘ The government issued a mandatory switch for all fullpower television stations to broadcast only in digital, no longer offering the analog TV or those with â&#x20AC;&#x153;bunny ears.â&#x20AC;? The last day of analog broadcasting is Feb. 17, 2009.

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3  +& ;*'5!(1*7 009%*'0 009%

2 4 $1 2 *#8!*9!(9!()'& %#))#'&*'$$ 7+&*! 7'+)!)+&*! (#$#)6(!! ,#*7'%5'*#8!*7#)#)):#&")'6 ':!( $0('+9 #)'+&*):#$5$! 7!8,!56'(%'(!#&6'(%*#'&

,,,*!-))(!"('+& )'%


% !!!!"! % #!!  %  ! %!! % !$


My philopsophy is to treat our patients like family, to be gentle, friendly and kind. I believe the time we spend with our patients and the personal attention they receive by our staff makes us a practice like no other. 3900 Arlington Highlands Blvd. #245, Arlington

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Tommie Cherie Glenn, DDS.


1009 W Mitchell â&#x20AC;˘ 817-275-2375



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World VieW

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The ShorThorn


White House to banks: Start lending now ThE AssociATEd PrEss

WASHiNGToN — An impatient White House served notice Tuesday on banks and other financial companies receiving billions of dollars in federal help to quit hoarding the money and start making more loans. “What we’re trying to do is get banks to do what they are supposed to do, which is support the system that we have in America. And banks exist to lend money,” White House press secretary dana Perino

ported with taxpayer funds, they must meet their responsibility to lend, and support the American people and the U.S. economy,” ryan told the annual meeting of the Securities industry and Financial Markets Association. “it is in a strengthened institution’s best financial interest to increase lending once it has received government funding.” Said Perino: “The way that banks make money is by lending money. And so, they have every incentive to move

said. Though there are limits on how much Washington can pressure banks, she noted that banks are regulated by the federal government. “They will be watching very closely, and they’re working with the banks,” she said. Anthony ryan, Treasury’s acting undersecretary for domestic finance, made the same point in a speech in New York before financial executives. “As these banks and institutions are reinforced and sup-




Nashville Star Tour Starring Melissa Lawson 8TH

Jake Owen




Jack Ingram 21ST

Johnny Cooper DECEMBER 5TH

Reckless Kelly 6TH

Wade Bowen 13TH

Jason Boland 20TH

Pat Green


2520 Rodeo Plaza Ft. Worth, Texas 76019 817.624.7117

forward and start using this money.” There has been some evidence of easier lending, Perino said. But it’s not enough to calm stock markets or help small businesses that depend on a free flow of credit, not just to expand but to maintain operations through making payroll or financing inventories. The government is making efforts on several fronts to thaw the frozen credit markets and combat the worst financial crisis to hit the country since

the 1930s. But so far, the efforts have shown little in the way of results. libor, the london interbank offered rate, a key goalpost for international lending, edged down only marginally on Monday and still remains at elevated levels. The Federal reserve began a program Monday to purchase the short-term debt of businesses, known as commercial paper. This market has been frozen since the collapse of lehman Brothers spooked credit markets last month.

Under the authority of the $700 billion financial bailout plan approved by Congress and signed by President Bush earlier this month, the administration also plans to dole out $250 billion to banks in return for partial ownership. The Treasury department, which is overseeing the massive capital injection program along with the rest of the bailout, will pour $125 billion into nine of the country’s largest banks this week. Another $125 billion will go to other banks.


Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens should quit says McCain ThE AssociATEd PrEss

HerSHeY, Pa. — republican presidential candidate John McCain said Tuesday that republican Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska has “broken his trust with the people” and should resign now that he has been convicted in a federal corruption case. McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, said Stevens should “step aside” but did not call for him to drop out of Tuesday’s race for re-election. Her comments to CNBC left unclear whether she thinks Stevens should remain in the Senate while he appeals the case against him. A jury on Monday found Stevens, 84, guilty on seven counts of trying to hide more than $250,000 in free home renovations and other gifts that he received from a wealthy oil contractor. He has asked his Senate colleagues as well as Alaska’s voters to stand by him as he appeals the convictions. Palin, who had supported Stevens during his long career in Alaska politics, told CNBC that Stevens should do “the right thing.” “Ted Stevens, you know, a sad day for Alaska yesterday when he was found guilty of seven felonies,” Palin said. “But — and now he needs to do the right thing, and the right thing is — as he’s proclaiming his innocence and proclaiming, too, that he will go through the appellate process, oK, then he needs to step aside and allow our state to elect someone who will be supportive of those ideals of America: the free enterprise, the missions that we’re on, to win the war, those things that have got to take place in order to progress this country. Ted Stevens has got to play a very statesmanlike role in this now.”

AP Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta

Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska arrives at Federal Court in Washington, Monday. Stevens was convicted of lying about free home renovations and other gifts he received from a wealthy oil contractor.


iMF likely to need more money ThE AssociATEd PrEss

loNdoN — With iceland, Pakistan, Hungary and Ukraine already clamoring for mountains of cash aid, the $250 billion set aside by the international Monetary Fund to help struggling nations through the economic crisis is beginning to look puny. China and oil-rich Persian Gulf states should fund the bulk of a major boost in the iMF’s bailout pot, Gordon Brown, the British prime minister who has burnished his reputation by taking the lead on the financial meltdown, said Tuesday.

Those countries have the largest currency reserves and therefore should do the most, Brown said, without specifying how much more money should be added to the fund for helping nations whose banking systems and currencies are being battered. “We must act now. We must set up the fund as quickly as possible,” Brown told reporters before heading to Paris for further talks on the crisis with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. “i believe it is possible in a very short period of time to create an international fund

OCT. 24

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that is strong enough to withstand these difficulties,” Brown said. “it is in every nation’s interest and in the interests of hard working families in our country and every country that financial contagion does not spread.” Chinese institutions held relatively little of the toxic subprime mortgage debt hobbling Western institutions and were thus largely unscathed by the collapse of the U.S. housing market. But as a major exporter it is exposed to slumping demand for its products abroad if the debt crisis causes a deep global recession.

XyXyday yXy Xy, 2002


:_Xi`kpDfek`\k_#\[`kfi :f_\9fc`e#\[`kfi Cohe Bolin, editor ABOUT OPINION fg`e`fe$\[`kfi%j_fik_fie7lkX%\[l fg`e`fe$\[`kfi%j_fik_fie7lkX%\[l Cohe Bolin, editor Fg`e`fe`jglYc`j_\[N\[e\j[XpXe[=i`[Xp% Fg`e`fe`jglYc`j_\[N\[e\j[XpXe[=i`[Xp% Opinion is published Wednesday and Friday. IZ`^/   2008Wednesday P^]g^l]Zr%:n`nlm+0%+))1  andFriday.  Friday, August 29, Opinion is published Wednesday, October 29, 2008

?Zlm&?hh]?bZl\h <e^Zg;k^Zd :]o^kmbl^kbgm^kknimbhgl





K_\J_fik_fie `em`k\jjkl[\ekj#le`m\ij`kp K_\J_fik_fie The Shorthorn`em`k\jjkl[\ekj#le`m\ij`kp invites students, university REMEMBER \dgcfp\\jXe[Xclde`kfjlYd`k^l\jk \dgcfp\\jXe[Xclde`kfjlYd`k^l\jk employees and alumni to submit guest Get the truth on election spin â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Decision â&#x20AC;&#x2122;08 Zfcldejkfk_\Fg`e`fegX^\% Zfcldejkfk_\Fg`e`fegX^\% columns to the Opinion page. Rumor Control on the opinion blog at ?kb]Zr%FZk\a*-%+))1 IZ`^. Page 7 Page 5


;Z[rlbmmbg`:]neml The Wrong Answer The Popular Vote


]bfbgblama^]b`gbmrh_ Jkl[\ekjj_flc[Y\XnXi\ f]Y`e^\$[i`eb`e^[Xe^\ij ma^Herfib\@Zf^l Arming teachers Y\]fi\c\Xm`e^]fiXn\\b


Home Sweet Growth Spurt Where?

Bad information, poor communication fails=kbgdbg`Z`^k^lmkb\mbhglbg^__^\mbo^%`khnik^\hff^g]l\aZg`^ to address the deeper problem costs students time, money, stress

On-camps voting numbers increase from last election :\khll ma^ \hngmkr% *+1 \hee^`^ \hee^`^lmn]^gmlm^g]mh]kbgdpa^gma^r Bg mZdbg` k^lihglb[bebmr bg ma^l^ Zk^Zl% Campus early voting started Monday, and ik^lb]^gmlZg]\aZg\^eehklaZo^lb`g^]ma^ bm lahne] Zelh [^applied ni mh for ma^ *1&r^Zk&he] only deep reflections on society will help. Israel, armed guards are employed to potentially war, ande^Zo^ahf^_hkma^_bklmmbf^'Ma^iZk^gml Students who on-campus unofficial tallyinto for turnout was about 835 That is Barack Obama. policy they privatize gainsInand If it isperson not the case, then arming everybody fend as offsocialism terroristswhile from Israeli schools. both housing ran problems this semes:f^marlm BgbmbZmbo^% hi^gbg` Z ]bZeh`n^ Zk^gĂ?m Zkhng] lh lmn]^gml Zk^may `hbg` mhthe Z]nemmhmZd^k^lihglb[bebmr_hkma^fl^eo^l I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come to this conclusion lightly. Some socialize losses, blood boils. countries, themynecessity of these measures is backfire. the first day alone. ter â&#x20AC;&#x201D; there wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enough to go around. Z[hnmehp^kbg`ma^]kbgdbg`Z`^_khf+* ^qi^kbf^gmĂ&#x2030;fZr[^bkk^lihglb[er' hgma^blln^h_]kbgdbg`'BmblgĂ?mnimhma^ criticisms, his lack executive Nothing changed quitepotentially certain of the A professorlike trained toofshoot and experilicensed to imposed byhas a state of warthat. thatIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m involves Students, faculty, staff and the be community University Housing should more ormh*1' FZgr lmhkb^l h_ +*lm [bkma]Zr ngbo^klbmrmh[Z[rlbmZ]neml' ence, are valid and gave me pause. the heavens will not open up on inauguration carry a gun may himself become a weapon if he serious attacks on civilians. should take the opportunity to avoid long ganized and accountable for its Yet in spite of his flaws, Obama is inspiring, inday. If the U.S. Mablpbee[^bg^__^\mbo^'Ma^hkb`bgZeeZp \^e^[kZmbhgl bgoheo^ +* lahml h_ ebjnhk% Ahp bl maZm ihllb[e^8 Phne]mistakes. ma^ ngb& now also resorts to such extreme turns mad. telligent and possesses an even temperament. Hetheir I havemeasures, found a reason towe hope. lines onMore Nov.than 4 and votestudents early onlive campus. 4,000 in The fact that citizens have to provide for defense should then understand that maZm \aZg`^] ma^ ]kbgdbg` Z`^ mh +* pZl hkoZkbZmbhglh_[bg`^]kbgdbg`maZmh_m^g o^klbmri^k_hkfkhhfbgli^\mbhglbg^o^kr is running a competitive Despite of naivete campus residencethe halls or apartments. more numbers, university can beown defense points to acampaign failure of machine the law toâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;do it. the nationthe is atproportional war? I mean,amount at war with itself. bg^__^\mbo^mhh'Fbghkl]kbgdpa^ma^kma^ ^g] bg ]kngd ]kbobg` ]^Zmal hk Ze\haheWith ]hkfmhlgb__hnmma^Ze\hahe8Ma^gma^k^ fighting tooth and nail with the Republicans I feelIfwhen I say a word that seems â&#x20AC;&#x153;branded,â&#x20AC;? laws. If this is the case, then guns will not solve the The problem now becomes to create betterand With enrollment increasing, housing will come a permanent polling place. President toihblhgbg`' take down I cannot eZpblma^k^hkghm' deny that Barack Obama has inspired managednot, Zk^ ma^ lmn]^gml pah ebo^ h__ \Zfinl Ă&#x2030; every one the willClinton enforcejuggernaut. his own law, and remain an issue. James Spaniolo expressed this goal as he Hebl was about Iraq, Afghanistan has me to hope Fhma^kl for the future in times that seem =kbobg` so theright Constitution itself will be theand final victim :`Zbglm =kngd IZk^gml Zg] F:== lZr ngbo^klbmr paZm phne] ma^ waiting ikhmh\helist [^numbers ma^g8 Lmn& The reported the goodâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; fortune of not being in league with the bleak. voted Monday morning with Student Conit will become useless. ahiibg` fZ] Z[hnm ma^ bgbmbZmbo^% lZrbg` h__b\bZel Zk^ ghm mZdbg` k^lihglb[bebmr _hk ]^gml Zg] iZk^gml phne] ghm [^took aZiir concise â&#x20AC;&#x201D; some students screwed everything I am not a Democrat. In fact, if I were to make people who Possessing gresswerenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t members. a weaponup. is not in itself deadly, maZm ehp^kbg` ma^views ]kbgdbg` lmn]^gmlĂ? ng]^kZ`^ ]kbgdbg`' <hee^`^ Z[hnm ma^bk ngbo^klbmr [^\hfbg` Z iheb\^ apartments off-campus and didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t inGoodneither management skills judgement areguns a pithy statement of my political it wouldZ`^ be bgobm^l is shooting itand for fun. But when Voters arrived early to the polls in large importance in a president, and something akin to â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tax and spend wisely. Leave of the utmost form housing so the list was incorrect, ik^lb]^gmlZg]ikhihg^gmlh_ma^bgbmbZmbo^ lmZm^' fhk^Ze\hahe&k^eZm^]_ZmZebmb^l' are associated with madness and lack of selfnumbers this year all over the Housing country. The Obama has proven hebecome has both. me the hell alone.â&#x20AC;? said control, they deadly and no one can Ma^eZppZlZm*1r^Zklhe]ngmbe lZrfbghklpbee_bg]ZpZr Ma^Matthew lbfie^Hendricks, _Z\m k^fZbgl3 ma^OpeZp Obama is inspiring. His critics may downplay But, I do realize that this country needs a seriDallas Morning News reported numbers predict madness. erations assistant director. gh fZmm^k paZm ]h^lgĂ?mphkd'Ma^_Z\mmaZmbmblbee^`ZefZr ma^ GZmbhgZe Fbgbfnf =kbgdbg` his abilitiesThe as an orator,tobut bet Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ous course correction. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m willing to give a little. from Tarrant County, comparing this year to question askIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d should be: Why are said the list now comprises fewer ^o^gHe fZd^ ]kbgdbg` l^^f fhk^ ^gmb\bg` :`^ :\m h_an*21-' Ebd^ fhlmaneZpl speakingthere ability mayshootings just be his most ma^eZplZrl' valuable This country needs effective manager, school in America? 2004.than 100 students, and housing is still agent of <hg`k^lliZll^l%mablhg^ change and an inspiring figure. (And asset during unstable times like these. Lh pa^k^ mh fbghkl pah fb`am _^^e maZm bmĂ?l Z pZr In Switzerland, where every single ]h^l There are 965,500 registered in available at Centennial Court voters and JohnPeople afraid they might lose their jobs, homes someone who can pronounce nuclear in a way household owns a weapon â&#x20AC;&#x201D; ma^ everyk^lihglb[bebmr person mhk^[^e' pZl Z ebmme^ Zf[b`nhnl' that makes he or she appear somewhat educated.) and stability need a steady hand. They need a Tarrant County, compared with 888,000 in son Creek apartments. is a citizen-soldier, no such shootings are F:== lZrlsaid ]kngd&]kbobg` Z\\b]^gml K_\J_fik_fie18ekfe`eX;f\jZ_\i Someone:i^klhgng]^k+*blghm who the world will respect because heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leader to guide them â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a voice to comfort them. Hendricks his department â&#x20AC;&#x153;will 2004. Tarrant County reported. The problem then lies in the heart Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to jump-start a nation if its citizens respectable, not because his country aZo^ ]^\k^Zl^] lbg\^ ma^ eZp aZl [^^g Zeehp^] mh [nr Ze\hahehas all the continue to monitor demand housof American society. in 2004 sawfor 130,131 have no confidence in its institutions. They need guns. EDITORIAL bging^__^\m% Zg] GZmbhgpb]^ BglnkZg\^ hk ihll^ll Ze\hahe% [nm If schools, which were founded to make and make decisions about building early voters in the someone to communicate to them, to tell them ROUNDUP themselves victims of ikh]n\^]Zlnko^rlZrbg`maZm0+i^k\^gm ma^eZp]h^lghmikhab[bm more housing based on the number of why theybetter shouldcitizens, give this are nation another chance. same week. This year, social then they have failed in their The h_ Issue:Z]neml mabgd ehp^kbg` students interma^ ]kbgdbg` ]kbgdbg`Ze\hahe' A member ofviolence, the old guard cannot accomplish the number jumped Early voting on campus that.role. School shootings and violence are the ested in living H_ \hnkl^% ma^k^  bl ma^ pbee fZd^ Ze\hahe fhk^ Z\\^llb[e^ is aZ`^ privilege and a most dramatic symptoms of a deeper illness. EDITORIAL to 198,043, roughly amh Over party politics and political phion campus.â&#x20AC;? convenience. BpZlma^bk[Z]bg_en^g\^' r\abe]ahh]pZlZlbfie^mbf^pa^gma^And guns Bg maZm fhf^gm B iZll^] bgmh ma^ phke] fbghk^q\^imbhg'BgM^qZl%b_ fbghkl' areInot the cure. 52 percentSome increase. ROUNDUP losophy, choose leadership, comstu- Ă&#x160;[Z] Ghp% BĂ?f ghm lZrbg` B pZl ma^ mrib\Ze phke] pZl Zg] pabm^' Ebg^l p^k^ h_ ln[c^\mbobmr Ă&#x2030; ma^ phke]% Only a deeper of Z]nem the roots and pa^k^ pbma iZk^gml hk[eZ\d Z `nZk]bZg% R^mp^ZelhaZo^mh\hglb]^kmaZmma^eZp petence andanalysis the power to inspire In 2004, the the uniThe issue: db]'Ă&#x2039;K^eZmbo^erli^Zdbg`%ahp^o^k%BpZlfhk^ ghm[enkk^]pbmama^laZ]^lh_`kZrmaZmconditions ^o^krmabg` bl ghm violence Zl bm l^^fl' Bprovide aZ] bf[b[^]%We suggest: dents felt of social will a nation. I choose the man who ]kbgdbg` bl Zeehp^]' B_ rhn fZkkr TakemaZmkZbl^]ma^]kbgdbg`Z`^pZliZll^]bg advantage of maZg fr versity held early votfbl\ab^ohnl _kb^g]l pah p^k^ fZ]^ bg_^lm fr eb_^ ghp' ;Z\d ma^g% hg^ mabg` pZlan ng]^k ma^ `nbl^ h_ \ah\heZm^ fbed% ma^ fhlm Students on waitexplanation and better,enough long-term department gave makes meshape feel naive early voting on campus lhf^hg^pahblho^k+*pabe^rhnZk^ *21-% Zlists mbf^ pa^g ma^ eZpl \hg\^kgbg` bgmh ]h\be^ shf[b^l [r ma^bk ]Zber HoZembg^' mkn^%hg^mabg`pZl\^kmZbg' ]^lib\Z[e^ _Zel^ ikhia^m h_ ]Zbkr mk^Zml lbg\^so the policies. ing on campus for the ing werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t inthem the rununiversity can to think things will get A^Zkbg`ma^flZrĂ&#x160;Fhk^HoZembg^%ie^Zl^Ă&#x2039;pZl MaZmmabg`pZl\ah\heZm^fbed' G^lme^JnbdĂ&#x2030;HoZembg^' ghmr^m+*%rhnZelh`^mmh]kbgd' Ze\hahep^k^`^g^kZeerfhk^k^eZq^]'@^m& And America will Iavoid an undeclared, formed of housing continue to be an early Thursday and Friday better. choose Barack around. At ori\k^^ir' :l ZbgbmbZmbo^ [hr B ^gchr^] fbed bg eZk`^underground HoZembg^ Zg] bl ma^ Zgmbma^lbl h_votembg`Z=PBbg*21-pZlZ\Zd^pZed\hf& civilpZl war. site. availability and had Ma^ lZrl\ah\heZm^ ma^ \nkk^gm eZp Obama. entation in July, before the general BpZlma^db]pahl^ahnl^ma^rphne]`hmh jnZgmbmb^l' Bm pZl lh lbfie^' B phne] cnlm fbq ^o^krmabg` maZm \ah\heZm^ â&#x20AC;&#x201D; to find other places Phillip Bowden blgĂ?m phkdbg`' Lmn]^gml mnkg mh [bg`^ iZk^]mhpaZmZi^klhg`h^lmakhn`aghp% one freshman, election; 1,811 people Z \ni h_ fbed pbma Zg bghk]bgZm^ Zfhngm h_ fbed _hk' ?bklm% bm pa^gma^rpZgm^]mhpZm\aZfhob^hkieZrZ is almZg]l computer to live. ]kbgdbg`% ab\aZg] \ZgZpZr e^Z]Bmhphne] ]Zg`^khnl asked two not `Zf^]^^f^]mhhobhe^gmhki^ko^kl^_hkma^bk \ah\heZm^p lrkni kb]^ hg Z Zsenior ik^l\kbimbhg pab\ablZ\mnZeerZ`hh]mabg`' voted who in those â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sylvain Rey is anlhng]l anthropology scienceebd^ junior, We suggest: ik^\bhnlebmme^fbg]l'GZmnkZeer%mable^]mhZehm _ZgmZlmb\ln`Zkab`ah_]^eb\bhnlg^ll' ]kn`'L^\hg]%bmĂ?lgnmkbmbhnl' to be named, \hgl^jn^g\^l' :\\hk]bg`mhma^:e\haheIheb\rBg_hk& and columnist for the TheOnline Shorthorn days. University Housing h_[eZf^makhpgbgfr]bk^\mbhg' Ma^gB`k^phe]^k' ObmZfbgl Zg] The Shorthorn: Villagrana was told by abe Lmn]^gml Zelh \ahhl^Eduardo mh ]kbgd fZmbhg Lrlm^f% .%))) ng]^kZ`^ Editor and a fbg^kZel% This year looks likeZ[hnm that number will should commuHg^ mbf^ bg iZkmb\neZk% Breceptionist pZl k^Zf^] [r Z Bgma^pZgbg`r^Zklh_fr^e^f^gmZkrl\ahhe l^kbhnler8 Pah lebii^] that columnist bee^`Zeer kZma^k maZg pZbm _hk ma^ [b` ]kbgdbg` k^eZm^] ]^Zmal h\\nk ZggnZeer% nicate better with surpassed with almost half that voting the iZk^gm _hk ^qihlbg` abl hk a^k \abe] mh Fhgmr \Zk^^k%Bobob]erk^f^f[^kieZrbg`Gbgm^g]hZm mahl^ bg ma^k^8 MaZmĂ?l for The no wait list ex+*' Ma^ bgbmbZmbo^ lZrl maZm ehp^kbg` to more preventdays to Irmahg_beflbgma^_hnkma`kZ]^'Hhil' Zefhlm Zl ik^ihlm^khnl Zl fr_kb^g]Ă?lahnl^pa^gablfhma^k%bgZĂ&#x160;E^Zo^ first_khf\ZkZ\\b]^gmlmhahfb\b]^hklnb\b]^' day students with four go. Shorthorn isted at all. Z[hnm confusion in theof _^^e NembfZm^er% B ]hgĂ?m mhh [hma^k^] _bg]bg` iaZkfZ\^nmb\Zel bg TheIk^lb]^gm Bmmh;^Zo^kĂ&#x2039;_Zlabhg%Zld^]nlb_p^Ă?]ebd^lhf^ ma^Z`^ebfbmlpbee\nk[[bg`^]kbgdbg` CZf^l LiZgbheh maZm convenience voting on lZrl campus She was given fr k^o^eZmbhg' B ]hgĂ?m iZkmb\neZker fbg] fr rhnkpZm^klniier' \ah\heZm^fbed'BeZn`a^]Zm_bklm%Zllnfbg`la^ future. Zg] \eZla^l pbma ma^ eZp Ă&#x2030; fZdbg` fhk^k^l^Zk\ag^^]lmh[^]hg^[^_hk^ma^ should issues for many have K_\J_fik_fie18ekfe`eX;f\jZ_\i aB letter said iZlmalleviate Zl ma^ [Z] bg_en^g\^' `hmwho mhthat lahp fr ;^rhg]frjnZeflpbma pZlZldbg`Zka^mhkb\Zejn^lmbhg' ng]^kZ`^ ]kbgdbg` l^^f e^ll `eZfhkhnl ngbo^klbmr\ZgmZd^Zihlbmbhg' time constraints orma^ other reasons whyupthey _kb^g]l lhf^ h_ _nggb^lm Zkhng] ma^ mZlm^ Zg] gnmkbmbhgZe La^pZlgĂ?m' tofZm^kbZe show on G?@CC@G9FN;<E lbg\^bmphne][^e^`Ze' Ng]^kZ`^ ]kbgdbg` `hbg`toZpZr' oZen^ h_ HoZembg^ Ă&#x2030; Zg] Ebd^ Zgr *)&r^Zk&he] pbma Z [kZbg Zg] Zg eb^8Fhlm\hee^`^lmn]^gmlZk^ho^k*1%lh canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;tpZr[^_hk^ma^rĂ?]_bgZeer[k^Zdma^laZ\de^lh_ make it today the the first ofpolls. classesbltoghm attempt ma^bkiZk^gmlĂ?bg_en^g\^Zg]l^^bmma^fl^eo^l' bml _Z\Z]^ h_ eb^l Ă&#x2030; B pZl Students Z\abg`  ikhi^glbmr _hk \Zobmb^l% B ^q\bm^]er ma^rZk^\hglb]^k^]Z]neml'Ma^r\Zgohm^% Lhf^fbghkl`^m_Zd^B=lhk`^mhe]^k Fhk^ Zk^room ghmexpressed ma^ no-show lhenmbhg' Ma^r early appreciagrabeZpl avoting dorm from stuB]hgĂ?mdghpb_ma^r^o^kjnbmmaZmHoZembg^ abm fZkkb^]% pbma Z lmnggbg` k^o^eZmbhg Z[hnm fr \hne][^ZiZkmh_ma^ikh[e^f' lZb] r^l'hk Fbgnm^l iZll^]% k^Zii^Zk^] _kb^g]l \eZllfZm^l mhZg] [nrla^ ma^ Ze\hahe% `^m [nr mh[Z\\h% l^ko^ bg ma^ dents onable a first-come first-serve tion for being to vote here, some basis. donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t pbmamph`eZll^lmaZm`Zo^^o^krbfik^llbhgh_ k^eZmbhglabil pbma fr _kb^g]l pahl^ iZk^gml mahn`a'BmĂ?lZ[Z]l\^g^%fZg' This seems like a chaotic situation â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Ma^Lahkmahkg^]bmhkbZe[hZk] [nmZefhlm^o^krhg^Z`k^^lmaZmng]^kZ`^ fbebmZkrZg]ebo^Zehg^' & have cars, are busy with classes, or have \hgmZbgbg` \ah\heZm^ fbed' B Z\\^im^] Z `eZll _hk\^] ma^f bgmh ma^bk ZihlmZlr h_ ink^ Ă&#x2021;G_`cc`g9fn[\e`jXZfdglk\ijZ`\eZ\ale`fi show up, wait around and get assigned families. \ah\heZm^fbed' Zg][khn`ambmjnb\dermhfrebil' Xe[Zfclde`jk]fiK_\J_fik_fie% a room if you someone up. No to matter who decidedoesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t to voteshow for, utiShe settled for an off-campus apartlizing the convenience of voting on campus students sign up for a certain number of slower than most students are, and the Bursarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ment, living alone, which is more is a way to ensure we get to keep the conveclass hours, and the result is posted in the office is less than diligent about skimming off expensive. She said she feels less safe university system. the universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s percentage before sending the nience in the future.

Choosing a candidate should be about values, leadership

BmpZlZfZsbg`' Ang]k^]l h_ i^hie^ kZg Z\khll ma^ an`^ BmĂ?lmbf^mh\^e^[kZm^' s students go back to school this week, campus lmZ`^%jnb\derZll^f[ebg`bgmhma^i^k_^\m]ho^ P^Ă?o^\kZff^]_hkma^iZlm_^p ormerwill Secretary of an State Colin Powell ensecurity again be issue. laZi^Zlma^eb`amlhgma^bklnbml`ehp^]]b__^k^gm dorsed Sen.Shorthorn Barack Obama on\k^Zm^] Oct.crime 19. p^^dl%Zg]fb]m^kflZk^_bgZeerho^k' Recently, reported that \hehkl' Ma^r The jnb\der ]bl[Zg]^] Zg] Z Prefacing his endorsement, Powell dehad risen from last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s data. g^p_hkf%cnlmZlik^\bl^Zlma^eZlm%[nmfhk^ Ghp%ma^\hngm]hpgblhg'HgerZ scribed nature ofthat Sen.campus Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s camSo it the willinclusive not be surprising security Z\kh[Zmb\Zeer m^\agb\Ze Zl i^k_hkf^kl lmhh] hg _^p^q\kn\bZmbg`ahnklk^fZbgngmbe paign in contrast to will Sen. again McCainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s comeincreasingly to the fore, ^Z\ahma^klĂ?lahne]^kl' divisive campaign. especially when it comes to likbg`[k^Zd[^`bgl' Cnlm Zl ma^ <abg^l^ In the course of his deguns. :lrhnĂ?k^_bgZebsbg`ieZgl%]hgĂ?m i^k_hkf^kl ]blZll^f[e^] scription, said, ofPowell us Zg]Most ik^iZk^] mh remember lmng ma^ e^mma^\^e^[kZmbhg[^knbg^][rma^ â&#x20AC;&#x153;[Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s] thinking about the incident involving Zn]b^g\^pbmaZghma^k^r^& \hgl^jn^g\^lh_[bg`^]kbgdbg`' alla villages values, all studenthaveallegedly [h``ebg`_^Zm%bmaZii^g^]' towns have values. Not just BmfZr[^_nggrmhpZm\ama^ carrying a gun inmh his Ă&#x160;Bltowns bm ihllb[e^ _bm Z small have values.â&#x20AC;? car last semester, which ]kngd^g^l\ZiZ]^lh_Z_kb^g]%[nm ljnZk^ bgmhthat Z khng] It is i^` antalks idea on its revived of gunahe^8Ă&#x2039; Zg Zgghrbg`% bmĂ?lgheZn`abg`fZmm^kpa^gabl face seems so obvious, friendly policies onand \hngmkb_b^]ohb\^lZb]_khf bgmhqb\Zmbhgikh`k^ll^lmhZe\hahe struck me because hadnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t our own campus. IThe ma^MO'Ă&#x160;P^ee%b_maZmljnZk^ heard it often enough, and I8P<;N8I; ihblhgbg`' memory of Virginia SYLVAIN REY i^` bl PaZmZ[nk`^kĂ?l g^p not from a Republican. 9L==@E>KFE@M Tech is still fresh in our ;^\Znl^fhlmi^hie^pah[bg`^ Juxtaposed with Sarah PHILLIP BOWDEN iZmmrf^em%Zg]maZmkhng] minds. ahe^ rhnk dbll^k% rhn ]kbgdZk^gĂ?mZe\hahe&]^i^g]^gm% Palinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bl gaffe-tastic comment It is to avoid such violence that the Harrold [^m\aZ'Ă&#x2039; that she likes to visit the â&#x20AC;&#x153;pro-Americaâ&#x20AC;? parts of ma^ikh[e^fbl^Zlrmh]blfbll';nm school smallh_ district near\hff^k\bZe Wichita Mabldistrict, pZl ahg^ fZgr America (implying that parts of America are not g^Zkerhg^&mabk]h_\hee^`^lmn]^gml Falls, has, with Gov. Rick Perryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s makhn`ahnm support, bgm^kknimbhgl bgl^km^] i^kbh]b\Zeer pro-America), the resulting contrast between the passed a decision that makes Harroldhi^gbg` the pbee^g`Z`^bg[bg`^]kbgdbg`Zme^Zlm ma^ ;^bcbg` Herfib\l tone_hnk&ahnk of the two+))1 campaigns has never been more first school district in the nation to pass such \^k^fhgr [khZ]\Zlm hg G;<' B dghp fZgr hg\^]nkbg`likbg`[k^Zd%Z\\hk]bg` staggering. a measure. i^hie^ hnm ma^k^ [^ lni^k ^q\bm^] Z[hnm Because of thisfZr contrast, Powellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s statement mhma^GZmbhgZeBglmbmnm^hg:e\hahe The resolution, passed last week, campaign allows PaZmZ[nk`^kĂ?l _Zg\r g^p \hp&Zg]&f^em^]& about the inclusive nature of:[nl^Zg] Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s teachers carry and guns at school theyk^o^eZmbhg have a \a^^l^&hg&[k^Z] \k^Zmbhg% Zg]ifmabl becomesto clearer more important. It shows state permit and district authorization. :e\haheblf' fZraZo^aZ]Z_^ph_ma^fbgma^bk\Zklhgma^bk <;@KFI@8C why Obama is the right man to clean up the Theadministrationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s logic behind the decision is simple: pZrmhma^_Zlm&_hh]k^lmZnkZgmaZe_pZrmakhn`a BmmZd^lma^ Bush mess. If IFLE;LG licensed teachers carry weapons, ma^ \hff^k\bZe' ;nm ^o^krhg^Ă?l ikbhkbmb^l In those eight years, watching the defense [h]rmphahnkl against a potential murderer will be\ahhl^ made Z Zk^ ]b__^k^gm' I^klhgZeer% B phne] K_\`jjl\1 current administration systemathgZo^kZ`^mh easier and quicker. jnZ]k^ggbZengbo^klZe^o^gmho^k_Zlm&_hh]' Jgi`e^Yi\Xb ically dismantle the constituBut, themeasures very fact that are now allowed ]b`^lmZg]_neer BmĂ?l gh lnkikbl^ maZm Z]o^kmblbg` aZl mZd^g Z\c\YiXk`fejZXec\X[kf tion with likeguns the in schools, where our children Y`e^\[i`eb`e^% ho^k hnk ebo^l' >o^krpa^k^ p^theoretically mnkg% p^ Zk^ PATRIOT Act, overreact to k^\ho^k_khf receive the they to be a part of mh ^qihl^] mheducation ang]k^]l h_ need Z]l hk `bffb\dl anN\jl^^\jk1 attack on American hg^]kbgd%Z\& society, is worrying â&#x20AC;&#x201D; even scary. Befnk_\j`^ejf] fZd^ nl pZgm mh [nr' Bkhgb\Zeer% p^ aZo^ ^o^g soil and protect the wal\hk]bg`mhma^ Only Thailand andpbma Israel policies XcZf_fcgf`jfe`e^Y\]fi\ [^\hf^ pZedbg` Z]l hnkhave bIh]l% eZ[^e^] lets of their big busi[i`eb`e^XcZf_fc% allowing armed protection in<^gm^kl_hk schools. labkml Zg] c^Zgl% lihkml aZml Zg] hma^k Ă&#x160;ehhd ness pals, I learned In Thailand, it is to defend students and paZmB[hn`amĂ&#x2039;iZkZia^kgZebZ' quickly to have more =bl^Zl^<hg& faculty against Muslim separatists who mkh] have hg PaZm bkdl f^ bl maZm Z]o^kmbl^kl than a healthy dismkheZg]Ik^o^gmbhg'FZgr[^eb^o^ been waging a bloody war since 2004. In lZ\k^]`khng][rbg_bemkZmbg`Zg]mZkgblabg`ma^ trust of my govmaZm[eZ\d\h__^^%Z\he]lahp^k% \^k^fhgrpbma,)&l^\hg]lZe^libm\a^l' ernment. Lbg\^ma^lnff^kHerfib\lmZd^ieZ\^hg\^ Even now as pZedbg`hkle^^ibg`pbeelh[^kZ I watch Repub^o^kr _hnk r^Zkl% ma^ kZk^ h\\nkk^g\^ pZkkZgml ]kngdfhk^jnb\der'Ma^l^Zk^frmal' Zlicans ehp^k decry ]hlZ`^ h_ Z]o^kmblbg` ^qihlnk^' BĂ?f Ma^hgermabg`maZmpbeek^o^kl^ma^ Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ZpZk^ maZmtax ma^ [khZ]\Zlm ]b]gĂ?m \hf^ _hk _k^^% ^__^\mlh_Ze\haheblmbf^' [nmZ]b__^k^gmfhg^r&fZdbg`mZ\mb\\hne]aZo^ [^^g_heehp^]'H_m^g%fhob^l[khZ]\Zlm_hkma^ ;nmmbf^blgĂ?mhgrhnklb]^b_rhn _bklm mbf^ hg ghg\Z[e^ lmZmbhgl Zk^ ik^l^gm^] lnli^\mZe\haheihblhgbg`'Dghpbg` \hff^k\bZe&_k^^% maZgdl mh ma^ iZkmb\neZk ma^lb`glZg]pa^gmhl^^df^]b\Ze lihglhkpah\ahl^mhmakhpbgma^\Zla'Lnk^er a^ei\hne][^ma^]b__^k^g\^[^mp^^g ma^ Herfib\l hi^gbg` \^k^fhgr ]^l^ko^l [^mm^kmk^Zmf^gmmaZgma^m^e^oblbhgik^fb^k^h_ eb_^Zg]]^Zma' Ă&#x160;Lni^k[Z]Ă&#x2039;hkĂ&#x160;+0=k^ll^l'Ă&#x2039; Ohfbmbg`blhg^h_ma^^Zkeb^lm @kZgm^]% ma^ m^e^\Zlm pZl ghm ebo^' Pbma Zg lb`gl%Z\\hk]bg`mhma^GB:::' Zo^kZ`^ *+&ahnk mbf^ ]b__^k^g\^ _khf <abgZ% ontraditional students attest to the value ;^\Znl^Ze\haheblZlmhfZ\abkkbmZgm% :f^kb\Zglp^k^cnlm[^`bggbg`ma^bk]Zrlpa^g of _hkf^k post-secondary education. A degree <abgZĂ?l HerfibZg Eb Gbg` kZg Zkhng] ohfbmbg`bl_Zbker\hffhg%ahp^o^k% can mean the ^]`^ difference between retirement ma^ mhi bglb]^ h_ ma^ ghp&_Zfhnl ;bk]Ă?l ohfbmbg`[^\hf^liZkmb\neZker or pushing the tea cart at Lubyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cafeteria. G^lm Zk^gZ mh eb`am ma^ Herfib\ _eZf^ Zg] Younger people with degrees are far more likely ]Zg`^khnlZ_m^kiZllbg`hnm' ^g] ma^ \^k^fhgr' ;^\Znl^ ma^ ^o^gm fZgr to get three or four jobs in their careers that Hma^klb`glmhpZm\a_hkbg\en]^ :f^kb\ZgllZppZlik^k^\hk]^]%bmehlmob^pbg` include annual vacation oZen^'?hhmZ`^^]bmhklaZ]mbf^mhlb_mmakhn`a f^gmZe\hg_nlbhg%l^bsnk^l%lehphk time and health care, ma^^gmbk^\^k^fhgrmh\nmhnml^\mbhglma^r_^em bkk^`neZk[k^Zmabg`%Zg]iZe^hk[en^ rather than two or three phne][^ZiikhikbZm^lehmlmh`bo^ma^bkiZrbg` job changes per year with ldbg' Z]o^kmbl^klZ\aZg\^mhinlama^bkpZk^l' no paid vacation while B_Ze\haheihblhgbg`blngmk^Zm^]% Ik^lb]^gm ;nlaĂ?l LmZm^ h_ ma^ Ngbhg pZl enduring fixable health [khZ]\Zlm \hff^k\bZe&_k^^' MaZm [hkbg` \enl& ma^ob\mbf\Zg\ahd^hgablhk problems that worsen m^kh_ahnkl\^kmZbger]^l^ko^]ZPaZmZ[nk`^k a^khpgohfbmhk[k^Zmabg`hk from neglect. [k^Zd' A degree is a a^Zkm[^ZmfZr\^Zl^'B_ma^ob\mbf Ma^ fZbg mabg` ehlm bg ma^ \hff^k\bZe& profound benefit in ebo^l%ZgZe\haheho^k]hl^\Zge^Z]mh kb]]^g \^k^fhgr% [^lb]^l _bo^ fbgnm^ \angdl America. Sadly, formal maZm p^k^ mhll^] Zlb]^ mh inm bg _Zlm&_hh] CLIFF HALE bkk^o^klb[e^[kZbg]ZfZ`^' education is primarily \hff^k\bZel%pZlk^li^\m':iiZk^gmerpa^gbm B_rhnl^^Zgrh_ma^l^pZkgbg` found in academia â&#x20AC;&#x201D; an \hf^l mh fZdbg` ma^ [b` [n\dl% ^o^g Z phke] institution that has a venerable and deserved lb`gZel%\Zee2**bff^]bZm^er' ^o^gm_Zbelmh`Zkg^kZebmme^[bmh_Ziik^\bZmbhg reputation for incompetence. Zg]=hgĂ?mpZbm_hkrhnk_kb^g]mhlh[^k Z _hnk&ahnk fhf^gm h_ Z]o^kmblbg` One example is the ridiculous UTA lbe^g\^' nihk_hkfhk^lrfimhflmhZii^Zk' financial aid system. Ngmbe Z]o^kmbl^kl \hf^ mh ma^bk l^gl^l Zg] =hgĂ?mphkkrmaZmrhnk_kb^g]fZr`^m Students typically plan their semesters far e^Zo^hnk[kZbgpZla^]a^Z]lZg]^fimrpZee^ml in advance. Many are required to get advising nil^mhk^f[ZkkZll^][^\Znl^rhn Zehg^%BĂ?f`hbg`mh`h`^mfrl^e_ZiZmmrf^em'







Heaps of Hypocrisy

Students must be diligent and forward-thinking to succeed, but the favor isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always returned



than she would on campus. But at least Financial aid, however, does not consult leftovers to the eager student. C<KK<IJ she found a definitive solution instead the documented plan of the student and base Standing in line at the start of a semester â&#x20AC;&#x201D;showing The Shorthorn ^iflgkfjfcm\Zfdgc\ogifYc\djXi\k_\^i\Xk\jk <e^c`j_dXafijXe[#jligi`j`e^cp#_`^_\ik_Xe\Zf$ of just up the editorial first day board and disbursement decisions on this information. at the Bursarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office, or sitting with a â&#x20AC;&#x153;now DXk_dXb\j\oZ\cc\ekdXafij# Xjj\kjf]XdXk_\dXk`Z`Xe% efd`ZjXe[Z_\d`jkipdXafij% Rather, the system assumes a full course load servingâ&#x20AC;? number slip in hand at the Financial hoping she got a spot. d`efij]fiafYjXk`j]XZk`fe @ek\iej_`g#i\j\XiZ_Xe[fk_\ifggfikle`k`\j]fi and awards grants, scholarships and loans Aid office,8ZZfi[`e^kfk_\jXcXipjlim\p]fiZfcc\^\[\$ reveals that this flawed concept Some students who decided to stay dXk_\dXk`ZjdXafij`eZcl[\jlg\im`j\[jldd\i ^i\\ji\gfik\[Xk #k_\d\Xe to cover the maximum possible expenditure frustrates the best plansnnn%gXpjZXc\%Zfd of the most-prepared at home and commute are suffering i\j\XiZ_`eI\j\XiZ_<og\i`\eZ\j]fiLe[\i^iX[l$ jXcXipf]X[\^i\\_fc[\in`k_X9XZ_\cfijf]8ik =fiLK8le[\i^iX[lXk\jkl[\ekjn_fXi\ of a full-time student. The most likely logic and forward-thinking student. from gas prices, and the inconvenience Xk\jgif^iXdjfemXi`fljle`m\ij`kpZXdglj\j# `edXk_`j.-#-'/`]_\fij_\nfibjXjXeXZklXip# for this k_`eb`e^f]af`e`e^k_\nfib]fiZ\X]k\i^iX[lXk`fe#@ is to make certain that the full-time Nontraditional students often have much `ek\iej_`gjXkE8J8Xe[fk_\i^fm\ied\ekcXYfiX$ 0/#/+.]fiXe`e]fidXk`fek\Z_efcf^pdXeX^\i# of a commute. studentjl^^\jkXdXk_dXafi#X[lXcdXafin`k_dXk_Y\`e^ has every centime available to get his more experience in the private sector than in kfi`\j#Xkk\e[XeZ\XkdXk_d\\k`e^jXe[Zfe]\i\eZ$ Xe[0-#0*(]fiXj\e`fijf]knXi\\e^`e\\i% Confusion like this could havep^^der been \`k_\ik_\gi`dXipfij\Zfe[XipdXafi#fiXkc\Xjk Pabe^lhf^phne]lZrma^g^pll^\mbhgbl E^mĂ?lmZd^Zg^pehhdZm Ma^Lahkmahkgacademia ' or her semester rolling. and other government bureaucracies. eZng\a bml g^p \j#d\dY\ij_`gj`edXk_jfZ`\k`\jXe[`e[`m`[lXc Gif]\jj`feXc^iX[lXk\jZ_ffcj`eYlj`e\jj#cXn# XdXk_d`efi% avoided if housing communicated with ma^ [kZbgl% ma^ hibgbhg l^\mbhg bl ]^_bgbm^er Ma^lmn]^gm&kngg^pliZi^kaZlmph`hZel ^gm^kmZbgf^gm `nb]^ maZm If a student has chosen not to attend full For many, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s quite a culture shock to see how Xe[d\[`Z`e\cfm\Xggc`ZXekjn`k_Xele[\i^iX[lXk\ i\j\XiZ_le[\i]XZlckpjlg\im`j`fe% ma^ a^Zkm h_ Ă&#x2030;made mh ik^l^gm Z\\nkZm^ bg_hkfZmbhg Z[hnm Ma^ Lahkmahkg ' P^Ă?ee m^ee ma^ pbee \ho^k blln^l% \nemnk^ time and the decision clear by registering lenient university administration is toward students more efficiently. Lek`cXYflk('$(,p\XijX^f#k_\afYgifjg\Zkj K_\LK8jkl[\ekZ_Xgk\if]k_\DXk_\dXk`ZXc dXk_dXafi% blln^l\hgg^\m^]mhma^\hffngbmrZg]ikh& _Z\ml%lmZm^hnklmZg\^Zg]lheb\bm_^^][Z\dĂ&#x2030; for less-than-full-time hours, he or she is still mediocre, and worse, performance. ]fidXk_dXafijn\i\\`k_\iefkm\ip^ff[fic`d$ The lack of Zg]^o^gmlhgZg][^rhg] communication creates 8jjfZ`Xk`fef]8d\i`ZX_XjY`n\\bcpd\\k`e^j]ifd LK8Ă&#x2039;jDXk_\dXk`Zj;\gXikd\ekf]]\ijgif^iXdj ob]^ Z _hknf _hk k^Z]^kl' P^ pbee nl^ ^o^kr pa^k^ rhnimportant \hf^ bg' P^ pZgm mh hnk\Zfinl' issued the full-time funds, and when financial OnemaZmĂ?l of the most lessons a dghp effekf()1,'g%d%N\[e\j[Xpj`eG`ZbXi[?Xcc# Do you think race for is aincoming `k\[%Efn#\m\ipk_`e^`j[`]]\i\ek%@nflc[Xi^l\k_Xk ]file[\i^iX[lXk\jc\X[`e^kf9XZ_\cfif]8ikjfi a negative experience l^\mbhgbgma^iZi^kmhZ\\hfieblacnlmmaZm' rhn mabgd' L^g] nl rhnk e^mm^kl% pkbm^ Ghm bgmh lihkml8 MZd^ aid decides to do its homework after the fact, studentpaZm can get at a university is the collateral k_\i\_Xje\m\iY\\eXY\kk\ik`d\kfY\XdXk_ n_\i\Zlii\ekXe[gifjg\Zk`m\dXk_dXafijXe[ 9XZ_\cfif]JZ`\eZ\#Xe[flidXafij`ek_\j\gif$ factor in and the other presidential freshmen students living on E^mĂ?l ehhdfunded Zm paZm fZmm^kl mh rhn3 Z`n^lm\henfg%ehhd_hkp^^deriheelhgma^ Zghma^k ehhd ma^ l^\mbhg' it discovers thatmZd^ it hasZfully a part-time education of example, poor and good. Before dXafi#Xe[LK8`jXm\ip^ff[gcXZ\]fi`k% jfd\dXk_^iX[lXk\jkl[\ekjXe[]XZlckp^Xk_\i ^iXdji\Z\`m\i`^fifljkiX`e`e^`eXYjkiXZkXe[cf^`$ election? campus. Accountability for mistakes AfYjXk`j]XZk`fe`jXdfe^k_\_`^_\jk]fidXk_ mh]ZrĂ?l ^\hghfr% ma^ bg^obmZ[e^ iZ`^Zg]ohm^hgebg^'Mablblrhnk_hknf' Ma^k^Ă?l fhk^ mh Zmae^m^l studentlnkobobg` and snapsbg the money back again. launching into the private sector, be certain `e]fidXccpkf\eafpk_\]i\\cleZ_#c`jk\ekf`e[ljki`Xc ZXci\Xjfe`e^#Zi`k`ZXck_`eb`e^#dXk_\dXk`ZXcXeXcp$ made will givemaZgieZr^klmZmblmb\l' the University Housing [\^i\\_fc[\ij%@ek_\(000\[`k`fef] AfYjIXk\[ jn^lmbhg Ă&#x160;PaZm ghp8Ă&#x2039;% MZd^ ehhdmanagement Zm ppp'ma^lahkmahkg'\hf ' Bm dXk_\dXk`Z`XejkXcbXYflkZXi\\ifggfikle`k`\j# Financial Aid Z_m^k Office `kZ]nZmbhg% notifies theThe Bursarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to know that Zthis style is j`j#gifYc\djfcm`e^#Xe[ZfdglkXk`feXcj`dlcXk`fej% Shorthorn: Eduardo Villagrana 8cdXeXZ #k_\dXk_\dXk`Z`XeiXeb\[]`]k_f]),' more credibility when trying to diffuse ?khfma^N'L'ik^lb]^gm \hgmbgn^lmh^qiZg]pbmafnembf^]bZm^eebg` office oflmZrbg`lZg^bgZlmk^ll_ne^gobkhgf^gmZg]% the award amount, and the Bursar only effective in the specialized bubble of c\XieXYflk`ek\iej_`gjXe[`ek\iXZkn`k_\XZ_ K_\pXi\n\cc$gi\gXi\[]fiXn`[\iXe^\f]ZXi\\ij Answer online at <D@CPKFD8E gif]\jj`fejYXj\[fek_\j`oZi`k\i`Xf]`eZfd\# `e`e[ljkip#]`eXeZ\#\[lZXk`fe#Xe[^fm\ied\ek% h_\hnkl^%fZdbg`l^gl^h_^e^\mbhg\ho^kZ`^ mh ma^ Lmn]^gm <hg`k^ll \hfi^eebg` lmhkb^l Z[hnm paZmĂ?l aZii^gbg` fk_\i% withholds owed tuition and fees and only academia. the situation. TBetter HE SHORTHORN .com jki\jj#g_pj`ZXc[\dXe[j#gfk\ek`Xc^ifnk_#afY Kfc\Xiedfi\XYflkZXi\\i#`ek\iej_`g#Xe[ N_`c\fYkX`e`e^dXk_[\^i\\j]ifdfli[\gXik$ makhpghnm^o^kr]Zr' ik^lb]^gm% bmĂ?l Z l^f^lm^k ma^ \hee^`^ \hffngbmr' BmĂ?l rhnk lmhi disburses the remaining amount to the Andbg if you want a career where incompetence communication and more fk_\ifggfikle`k`\j]fidXk_dXafij#gc\Xj\Z_\Zb d\ek#n\jkife^cp\eZfliX^\flidXafijkf[\m\cfg P^Ă?eemZ\de^blln^lmaZmZ__^\mrhnkih\d^m _hk ^e^\mbhg \ho^kZ`^steer Zg] clear ni]Zm^l maZm pbee h_g^pe^Z]^klZg]b]^Zl'LhchbgnlbgmZdbg` student.j\Zli`kpXe[nfib\em`ifed\ek%@e]XZk#k_\XZklXip When a pupil gets that lovely, life- is not grounds for dismissal, of the proactive measures in anticipation of jfd\fe\n_f[f\ji`jbXeXcpj`j k_\c`ebjXkk_\ jkife^fiXcXe[ni`kk\eZfddle`ZXk`fejb`ccj#^X`e _kkg1&&fd\^X%lkX%\[l&uXbkfjle&le$ [hhd%^]n\ZmbhgZg]ho^kZeep^ee&[^bg`'P^Ă?ee g^p ehhd Zm bgoheo^f^gm Ma^ Lahkmahkg Ă&#x2030; ma^ hnme^m saving check, he or she can reasonablyiXebjj\Zfe[% assume private ab`aeb`am sector andlmn]^gm get a cushy position inZg] an [k^Zd Z such a scenario will make the back-toK_\)'',EXk`feXc8jjfZ`Xk`fef]:fcc\^\jXe[ XeXcpk`ZXcXe[ZfdglkXk`feXcjb`ccj#Xe[c\Xiekf [\i^iX[lXk\j #fim`j`kk_\]flik_]cffif]G`ZbXi[ inm mh k^lm ma^ maZm _ehZm ]hpg d^r blln^l' :g] pa^g [k^Zdbg` g^pl _hkbmZee' that tuition and fees are^e^\mbhg covered,knfhkl and must institution of higher education. because people are pulling their money out and neighbor down the street?â&#x20AC;? Medicaid, which is <dgcfp\ijjlim\pZfdgXi\[Xm\iX^\jkXik`e^ school transition XeXcpq\gifYc\djn`k_XdXk_\dXk`Z`XeĂ&#x2039;jgi\Z`j`fe# ?Xcc% Results much fromeasier. Zkhng]bggZmbhgZeg^pl'P^Ă?eela^]eb`amhg aZii^gl%rhn\Zg_bg]bmma^k^mhh' budgethealth the care check for has a semesterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The last thing we need is to give federal on received a small scale, already not investing. jXcXi`\j]fijkl[\ekjYple[\i^iX[lXk\dXafi#Xe[ Xg_pj`Z`jkĂ&#x2039;j`ekl`k`feXe[Xe\e^`e\\iĂ&#x2039;jgiXZk`ZXc`kp% bfihkmZgmk^l^Zk\aaZii^gbg`a^k^Zg]paZm ;nm e^mĂ?l ghm _hk`^m mh mZd^ Z ehhd Zm >fber MhfZg bl Z chnkgZeblf l^gbhk Zg] && â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Cliff Hale is a film junior and a copy worth of books, rent, ramen soup, etc. people another reason not to invest. We need to been shown to be 30 percent fraudulent. Ă&#x2021;KleZXp8bkfjle`jXgif]\jjfif]dXk_\dXk`ZjXkLK8% ]fidXk_dXafij`knXj*.%.g\iZ\ek_`^_\ik_Xe]fi Poll: 9\`e^XYc\kf`ek\iXZkn`k_fk_\ijXe[nfib`eX editorial board â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The Shorthorn bm\hne]f^Zgmhrhn' ^gm^kmZbgf^gm' Ma^ Ma^Lahkmahkg ^]bmhk&bg&\ab^_h_ The Shorthorn editor forLahkmahkg Regretfully, aid than process and encourage investment to get pbee lhhg We also need the not financial look farther our is lower the rate

your VIEW

Ma^Lahkmahkg^]bmhk&bg&\ab^_p^e\hf^lma^g^pl\ahher^Zk% ^g\hnkZ`^lk^Z]^klmhib\dnima^g^pliZi^k

Voters should consider candidateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s policies, not skin color

before registering, then they must do so well in \Zee^]_hka^ei' advance ofartin the Luther start ofKing the Jr. semester. Students had a dream that Ă&#x2030;KZr>]pZk];n__bg`mhgBOblZikbgmchnk& :g]fhlmbfihkmZgmer%]hgĂ?me^m decide if they can afford to bebe fulljudged or partbytime, â&#x20AC;&#x153;a man would not the gZeblfl^gbhkZg]\henfgblm_hkMa^Lahkmahkg rhnk\^e^[kZmbhgmnkgbgmhZmkZ`^]r' then makecolor job decisions of his skin,accordingly. but by the content of financial aid decisions are made, hisBefore character.â&#x20AC;? Unfortunately, this spirited race


for the presidency has fallen far short of that neighbors in the north to see a federally run system. The Canadian Medical Associationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dream. Today, many Americans president, Dr. Brian Day, has been quoted sayare supporting the Demo- ing, â&#x20AC;&#x153;In our country a dog can get a hip replacecratic candidate simply be- ment in under a week, but a human may wait years.â&#x20AC;? cause of his race or rheto- two Results from Sen. Obama supports ric and cannot name or Wednesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Poll:raising taxes for people explain a single policy he who make $250,000 or more a year and promDoises youtothink the legal drinking else. Never mind cut taxes for everyone has. age should be lowered to record 18? doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t support voting Howard Stern, whom the fact his senate Ă&#x2C6;;feĂ&#x2039;k[i`eb I normally disagree with, this. `]pflĂ&#x2039;i\efk Before you decide if you agree with this inrecently proved this in a )(%9lk`]pfl â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you work hard this year MATTHEW FOSTER skit he did on his radio crease, ask yourself: [f[i`eb#Y\ GPA, and I slack off and earn a show. He sent someone out and earn a 4.0 P^pZgmmhdghppaZmrhn i\jgfej`Yc\ Do you think theObama supporters 2.0 GPA, is Xe[_Xm\ it fair for the school to take a point to find mabgdZ[hnmblln^l_Z\bg` give it butNM:lmn]^gml%lhp^Ă?k^ switched Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s takes positions with McCainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, from Yesyou andXYl[[p Noto me?â&#x20AC;? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the same conuniversity jpjk\d%Ă&#x2030; but with money. It is unfair to take peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s people still supported him. In order to help cept, abmmbg`ma^iZo^f^gmmh_bg] 43% 57% responsibility for money simply because they work hard. these voters, letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s address some of his polices. hnmpa^k^rhnlmZg]' administrative Sen. Obama supports raising the capital Sen. Obama supportserrors? a federally-run health care system. Before you decide if you support gains tax to 20 percent for those earning above this, ask yourself: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Do I feel it is my responsi- the $250,000 income threshold. An example online make off investbility, asAnswer a taxpayer, to payatfor health E`bb`Fkk# care for of capital gains is profits you >ljkXmf?l\ikXj# Zfddle`ZXk`fe]i\j_dXe gjpZ_fcf^p]i\j_dXe ing in stocks. The stock market today is falling the alcoholic, chain-smoking, junk food-eating HE HORTHORN

your rhnk

the stock market back on track before we see a crash like 1929. These are not all Sen. Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s policies, but remember that Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main plan is to expand the role of government in our everyday lives. K?<LJL8C BY TAYLOR EMERSON GIBBONSis in dire need of We can all agree our9PK8PCFI<D<IJFE>@99FEJ country change. Either candidate is going to provide the country with change, but it may not be the best kind. It is my prayer that before we enter that Ă&#x2C6;9\ZXi\]lc% Ă&#x2C6;;feĂ&#x2039;k[f`k% voting booth, we take an honest look at@kĂ&#x2039;jXnXjk\f] each Befnpfli candidateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s policies, their record and theirk`d\#Xe[`kĂ&#x2039;j overc`d`k#Xe[jkXp all character â&#x20AC;&#x201D; not just the color of theiraljkefknfik_ skin. XnXp]ifd Dr. King gave his life so we wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t exclude gcXZ\jpfl `k%Ă&#x2030; someone from the presidency becomes of their Xi\le]Xd`c`Xi skin n`k_%Ă&#x2030;color, and I believe he would be equally saddened to see we gave it to someone because of it.

THE USUAL PaZmphne]rhnlZrmhlhf^hg^ pahieZglmh[bg`^]kbgdho^klikbg`[k^Zd8

 Your View - Polls OB>P DoVIEW you think the drinking age should be lowered to 18? T



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Number of voters: 47

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No 80%

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t care 11% Yes 9%

Number of voters: 200

The Shorthorn: Marissa Hall


The Shorthorn: Marissa Hall


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â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Matthew Foster is a sophomore nursing major and a guest columnist for <i`e9cffd# The Shorthorn.

Do you think Sarah Palin should run for president in 2012?

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The Shorthorn is the official student newspaper of the Ma^Lahkmahkgblma^h__b\bZelmn]^gmg^pliZi^kh_ma^ Ma^Lahkmahkgblma^h__b\bZelmn]^gmg^pliZi^kh_ma^ The Shorthorn is the official student newspaper of the University of Texas at Arlington and is published four Ngbo^klbmrh_M^qZlZm:kebg`mhgZg]blin[ebla^]_hnk Ngbo^klbmrh_M^qZlZm:kebg`mhgZg]blin[ebla^]_hnk University of Texas at Arlington and is published four times weekly during fall and spring semesters, and mbf^lp^^der]nkbg`_ZeeZg]likbg`l^f^lm^kl%Zg] mbf^lp^^der]nkbg`_ZeeZg]likbg`l^f^lm^kl%Zg] times weekly during fall and spring semesters, and twice weekly during the summer sessions. Unsigned mpb\^p^^der]nkbg`ma^lnff^kl^llbhgl'Nglb`g^] mpb\^p^^der]nkbg`ma^lnff^kl^llbhgl'Nglb`g^] twice weekly during the summer sessions. Unsigned editorials are the opinion of THE SHORTHORN ^]bmhkbZelZk^ma^hibgbhgh_MA>LAHKMAHKG>=B& ^]bmhkbZelZk^ma^hibgbhgh_MA>LAHKMAHKG editorials are the opinion of THE SHORTHORN EDITORIAL BOARD and do not necessarily reflect the MHKB:E;H:K=Zg]]hghmg^\^llZkberk^_e^\mma^ >=BMHKB:E;H:K=Zg]]hghmg^\^llZkberk^_e^\mma^ EDITORIAL BOARD and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of individual student writers or editors, Shorthibgbhglh_bg]bob]nZelmn]^gmpkbm^klhk^]bmhkl%Lahkm& hibgbhglh_bg]bob]nZelmn]^gmpkbm^klhk^]bmhkl%Lahkm& opinions of individual student writers or editors, Short-

horn advisers or university administration. LETTERS ahkgZ]obl^klhkngbo^klbmrZ]fbgblmkZmbhg'E>MM>KL ahkgZ]obl^klhkngbo^klbmrZ]fbgblmkZmbhg'E>MM>KL horn advisers or university administration. LETTERS should be limited to 300 words. They may be edited lahne][^ebfbm^]mh,))phk]l'Ma^rfZr[^^]bm^] lahne][^ebfbm^]mh,))phk]l'Ma^rfZr[^^]bm^] should be limited to 300 words. They may be edited for space, spelling, grammar and malicious or libelous _hkliZ\^%li^eebg`%`kZffZkZg]fZeb\bhnlhkeb[^ehnl _hkliZ\^%li^eebg`%`kZffZkZg]fZeb\bhnlhkeb[^ehnl for space, spelling, grammar and malicious or libelous statements. Letters must be the original work of the lmZm^f^gml'E^mm^klfnlm[^ma^hkb`bgZephkdh_ma^ lmZm^f^gml'E^mm^klfnlm[^ma^hkb`bgZephkdh_ma^ statements. Letters must be the original work of the writer and must be signed. For identification purposes, pkbm^kZg]fnlm[^lb`g^]'?hkb]^gmb_b\Zmbhginkihl^l% pkbm^kZg]fnlm[^lb`g^]'?hkb]^gmb_b\Zmbhginkihl^l% writer and must be signed. For identification purposes, letters also must include the writerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s full name, address e^mm^klZelhfnlmbg\en]^ma^pkbm^kĂ?l_neegZf^%Z]]k^ll e^mm^klZelhfnlmbg\en]^ma^pkbm^kĂ?l_neegZf^%Z]]k^ll letters also must include the writerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s full name, address and telephone number, although the address and teleZg]m^e^iahg^gnf[^k%Zemahn`ama^Z]]k^llZg]m^e^& Zg]m^e^iahg^gnf[^k%Zemahn`ama^Z]]k^llZg]m^e^& and telephone number, although the address and tele-

phone number will not be published. Students should iahg^gnf[^kpbeeghm[^in[ebla^]'Lmn]^gmllahne] iahg^gnf[^kpbeeghm[^in[ebla^]'Lmn]^gmllahne] phone number will not be published. Students should include their classification, major and their student ID bg\en]^ma^bk\eZllb_b\Zmbhg%fZchkZg]ma^bklmn]^gmB= bg\en]^ma^bk\eZllb_b\Zmbhg%fZchkZg]ma^bklmn]^gmB= include their classification, major and their student ID number, which is for identification purposes. The stugnf[^k%pab\abl_hkb]^gmb_b\Zmbhginkihl^l'Ma^lmn& gnf[^k%pab\abl_hkb]^gmb_b\Zmbhginkihl^l'Ma^lmn& number, which is for identification purposes. The student ID number will not be published. Signed columns ]^gmB=gnf[^kpbeeghm[^in[ebla^]'Lb`g^]\henfgl ]^gmB=gnf[^kpbeeghm[^in[ebla^]'Lb`g^]\henfgl dent ID number will not be published. Signed columns and letters to the editor reflect the opinion of the writer Zg]e^mm^klmhma^^]bmhkk^_e^\mma^hibgbhgh_ma^pkbm^k Zg]e^mm^klmhma^^]bmhkk^_e^\mma^hibgbhgh_ma^pkbm^k and letters to the editor reflect the opinion of the writer and serve as an open forum for the expression of facts Zg]l^ko^ZlZghi^g_hknf_hkma^^qik^llbhgh__Z\ml Zg]l^ko^ZlZghi^g_hknf_hkma^^qik^llbhgh__Z\ml and serve as an open forum for the expression of facts or opinions of interest to The Shorthornâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s readers. hkhibgbhglh_bgm^k^lmmhMa^LahkmahkgĂ?lk^Z]^kl' or hkhibgbhglh_bgm^k^lmmhMa^LahkmahkgĂ?lk^Z]^kl' opinions of interest to The Shorthornâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s readers.

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The ShorThorn

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wake Up on the Right Side of the Book OneBook holds seminar sessions to assist students dealing with loss By Jason Boyd The Shorthorn staff

Grieving a loss doesn’t always mean there has been a death, a OneBook event facilitator said. A new OneBook seminar called “Living with Loss” attempts to help students with any loss they’re working through. Counseling specialist IV Lori Leach will facilitate the sessions. Students will grieve and discuss share problems during four sessions spread throughout four weeks, the first at noon today in the University Center San Jacinto Room. The program selects One-

Book for freshman English classes and an accompanying conversation theme presented in a series. Dawn Remmers, Conversations and OneBook co-chair, said this year’s book deals with the loss of a father, husband, boyfriend, woman, son and a friend. “Some students may be reading the book and become touched by the losses,” Leach said. Remmers, who is also University Advising, Student Success and Testing Services director, said real life events can affect student success. “In working with first year

NASA continued from page 1

that sort of education altogether, then you’re losing some precious part of human curiosity and ambitious drive.” Whittlesey said that since her appointment as ambassador, she has to be in contact with NASA and develop certain programs for educational events at the university. She hopes to become one of two selected students in the program to represent the United States and NASA at the opening ceremony of the International Year of Astronomy in Paris next year. The award’s criteria included coming up with different ideas to spread astronomy awareness to the public and demonstrate involvement.

students, I have seen how the loss of family and friends in their first year can be devastating to their academic success,” she said. Christopher Conway, OneBook program faculty co-chair, said the event complements the program. “The event ‘Living with Loss’ is very appropriate for the OneBook program because all of the protagonists in this year’s OneBook, The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, are coping with loss and grief,” he said. He said the program would help students get over their mourning stage. “When you lose a person

close to you, you mourn be- said she hopes this broadens cause of the deep connection student perspectives. Leach said loss could come you feel to that person,” he said. “Getting help by talking to a from relationships, school and even work. counselor is one She said the first of the best ways to session would estabexplore that conwhen and lish where the students nection and cope where are in their grieving better.” process. From there, Adria Villarreal, When: noon today she will present posiCounseling Servictive coping skills and es assistant direcWhere: University Center San Jacinto answer questions that tor, said the center Room arise in the mourning has been looking process, like “When is for a way to offer a it OK to let go of that service like this. The main point of the semi- person?” The program is open to all nar is that, while loss is often associated with death, loss can students, not just freshmen. mean many things. Villarreal Conway said this year’s One-

Book selection was tailor-made to highlight issues of emotional wellness. “In the future, I hope to pursue further collaborations of this sort,” he said. “That’s what we want OneBook to be — a partner to any constituency on campus that wants to engage with our yearly book selection or conversation theme.” Leach said that if students would prefer to speak one-onone with a counselor instead of with a group, they could call 817-272-3671 or come by room 216 Davis Hall. Jason Boyd

Physics chair James Horwitz said Whittlesey is a bright, enthusiastic and charismatic physics student and has been active in many extracurricular activities in the physics department. “With all the great progress we are making in astrophysics and space physics research as well as the improvements in the Planetarium, Phyllis’s achievement reinforces UTA’s position of excellence,” he said in an e-mail. Physics professor Ramon Lopez said he was thrilled when he found out about Whittlesey’s achievement and hopes she is selected to go to France. “It’s very prestigious, and she’s a great student that definitely deserves this award,” he said. “She’ll have to write us all postcards.” Bryan BastiBle

“If people just stop that sort of education altogether, then you’re losing some precious part of human curiosity and ambitious drive.” Phyllis whittlesey, physics senior

The Shorthorn: Michael Rettig

Physics senior Phyllis Whittlesey was selected for the NASA International Year of Astronomy Student Ambassadors Program. Whittlesey, is one of 52 students nationwide to receive the honor, plans to use the $2,000 award to educate students about astronomy.


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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The ShorThorn


hear ye

continued from page 1

The Shorthorn: Stephanie Goddard

From left, Student Congress vice president Bess Alvarez, president Travis Boren and parliamentarian William Knisley resume policy discussions after a costume contest during their meeting Tuesday.

Practition continued from page 1

going to be employed immediately,” Bobbitt said. “With UTSouthwestern and all the other hospitals, it’s a hotbed. Graduates

probably wouldn’t even have to leave the area unless they wanted to.” Because the program has only recently been created, many details won’t be known until further research is done, nursing dean Elizabeth Poster said. “I will say we’re delighted to

be one of five schools of nursing in Texas to be offering the DNP,” she said. Mary Schira, graduate programs associate dean, will oversee the new program.

“If we’re going to add a new degree, it has to draw on strengths the university already has, and it has to serve an immediate need.” Donald Bobbitt,

University Provost

Jason Joyce


Free music under the stars...

Travel through Hangman’s in complete darkness, armed with only one small falshlight per group!


A creative fusion of music with a Latin flavor Friday, Oct. 31; 7:00 pm

Bring the whole family to the Levitt for Halloween Costume Contest & Candy for the kids Funniest • Scariest • Most Creative

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Emerald City 7:30 pm

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Twenty Years of Fear! 817-336-HANG •


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Cantu Rhythm & Brass Open Nightly Oct 24 - Nov 1


(Across the street from City Hall in the new Founders Plaza)

Thursday, Oct. 30; 7:30 pm

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sarah Lutz

Open Nightly Oct 24 - Nov 1!

Flashlight Night

Environmental Society vice president Chelsea Roff said McCain’s policies are too general. “He claims that he will more effectively enforce and raise fueleconomy standards but does not offer specific targets,” she said. “His ‘drill, drill, drill’ motto is extremely unsettling.” Roff said Obama’s needs improvement. “I’m dissatisfied with his keen support of biofuels, a ‘solution’ that contributes to the degradation of natural ecosystems and increases greenhouse emissions,” she said. “I also wish he was willing to take his cap-and-trade proposition one step further and consider calling for a carbon tax for greenhouse emissions.” Rajeshwar said neither candidate running for U.S. Texas Senator, incumbent John Cornyn and Democrat Rick Noriega, offer substantive ideas on energy and both appear to follow party lines. “Cornyn has been in favor of wind, and both have come out and said it’s very important to look for energy alternatives,” he said. “Cornyn’s in fact been pushing this wind initiative in Texas, in spite of the fact that he’s Republican.” Coddington considers both candidates’ stances on oil to be the downfall of their environmental platform. “John Cornyn supports exploration and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,” she said. “The amount of oil found there is not worth disturbing what is one of the last pristine areas in the U.S.”














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vembe xas Arlington o N y a Mond ity of Te s r e v i n held at: The U s will be ilding

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-3302 800-253

or visit:

rchBG lentSea

Performers to audition. d. an with you di e is require ar ag gu of l f ga oo le ater gin work. Pr a parent or W be d ve to an ha t 18 ns t us de m leas Gar der 18 you must be at ks. Busch lace. If you are un 16, and technicians ground chec and drug free workp ast g and back fe le in sa st at te a t be t ug or mus supp ect to dr oyers and will be subj rtunity empl Applicants equal oppo e ar SA U Country




Project educates about TV disposal XyXyday XyXy Xy, 2002 Volume 83, No. Xy We...

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