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January 25, 2013

Happy New Year to you! Thank you for your wonderful generosity to St. Francis Mission Among the Lakota in 2012. We are doing much good. Together we are obeying Christ’s commandment to love and serve those in need.









I am very happy to announce a major new initiative that will develop a whole new crop of Lakota professionals to lead and serve the people of Rosebud Reservation. The people here will benefit greatly from having many more Lakota professionals among them, including teachers, doctors, nurses, scientists, engineers, administrators, entrepreneurs, lawyers, priests, sisters, and brothers. We are starting a school based on the highly successful Nativity School founded by Jesuits in 1971 to serve atrisk youth in New York City. The Nativity School model has worked so well that there are now 41 such schools graduating students who have the aptitude, family support, and personal character to do well in college and in the Fr. Hatcher and Mrs. Caroline Stands, principal, professions. So far only one of these schools is located make plans for the new Sapa Un School. in a rural area, the De La Salle School on the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana. That school proves that the Nativity School model can work well among Native Americans. The Nativity School model succeeds because the students selected want to learn, their parents and family members are committed, students and parents alike contribute services to the school, the teachers are dedicated, the student/teacher ratio is favorable, the school day goes until 7 PM, and the school year is 11 months. The intensive curriculum includes religious education and requires the family to be active in the parish. Upon graduation, the student is not only prepared for college but also disposed to return to the reservation after college to help others overcome the cycles of poverty, despair, abuse, and addiction. We are proud to call our new school the Sapa Un School. Sapa Un means Black Robes, what the Lakota people called the Jesuits who came here as missionaries in the 19th century. Our school will start in September with up to 20 third graders. Mrs. Caroline Stands, director of our religious education, will be the principal and part-time teacher and assist a full-time teacher we haven’t (Over) (Cut or tear on the perforation and return this slip with your gift.) Dear Fr. Hatcher, please accept my gift of $_________ in support of the children you are enrolling in Sapa Un School.

 Check here if you prefer to be thanked by e-mail, saving postage. Print your email address here: ____________________________________________________________  Check here if you are interested in helping St. Francis Mission in a more substantial way. We will send you information about how you may earn a guaranteed income for life in our excellent charitable gift annuity program. Please make your check payable to St. Francis Mission Foundation. Your gifts are tax-deductible as prescribed by law. For credit card gifts, please use the back of this slip. All gifts from this mailing will be used to support this appeal and the work of St. Francis Mission. We respect your privacy and will not share your name with any other organization.

announcements of funerals and wakes, very important here. They hear about upcoming classes preparing for baptism and marriage. They stay tuned for daily meditations in both Lakota and English and, later, for the evening Rosary. This month we are airing a hired yet, Deacon Ben Black Bear will teach Lakota language and literature, Dr. Gail Mason will be special series of talks centered on the spiritual school counselor, and St. Francis Mission staff will provide administrative services. exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. Theeverybody school will growthe year by year. the first batch of students moves up from grade to grade, we will And loves comic skits As created new students in theRoger lower Crow grades. We will add kindergarten, first, and second grade as we can, since byenroll our production manager the early grades are important to later academic achievement. Eventually Sapa Un School will enroll Eagle. Each skit is a take on a topic, such as students K - 12. Halloween, recovery, church-going, or the tribal Howpowwow. will we fund the school? The cost per student will be $10,000 per year. ForI several we have been building an Nowhere in America, believe,years is there endowment that will help ensure the a radio station that serves its communitystability of the school by covering some of the operating expenses. We will also better than KINI does. Virtually ask our families to contribute toward tuition as they are able. everyone on Rosebud Reservation Part of the tuition may be waivedlistens depending on financial Since we’ve been broadcasting toneed our radio station. They play it But all day and contributed services. beginnings are always Sunday Mass live from long forWe entertainment, information, hard. have great financial need and in getting the school St. Charles Borromeo Church (above), attendance has grown started andEven putting theKINI first children in the classroom. inspiration. more, brings the steadily. The staff of KINI FM whole community together, expressing (left to right): Mary Lee Fast The Sapa Un School is anofexciting opportunity for our and multiplying the caring one person Horse, Roger Crow Eagle, Jerod friends to help us transform the lives of the Rosebud Mendoza, and Johnna Gueru. forfaithful another. Our radio station works a Lakota, one child at a time. Yes, it will take a while, but continuing wonder. veryisproud the Nativity SchoolI am method tried and true. Starting this school is the right thing to do--I believe that. ofIfour radio staff and you, dear afriend, you agree, I ask you to make gift in support of scholarships for deserving students. If you have the formeans, making thisfeel happen of thea child for a full year or for part of a year. Large or small, your youallmay calledintoone sponsor giftpoorest will helpplaces a child his or her potential. You can help a little girl become a well-educated very in achieve the land. professional with a commitment to serving others. You can help a little boy grow into a role model of More thanand ever in these people onafter Rosebud success service for hard thosetimes, who will come him. Reservation are leaning on their faith. St. Francis Mission relies on the radio station to feed this people’s hunger for God and to lift up all things useful, good, and true.areThe truthtoismake that we’d no radio station without you. Un I deeply appreciate your If you moved a gifthave in support of the students of Sapa School, thank you. Asgenerous student gift to KINI, the Voice of be Francis Mission. Maymay Godwant blesstoyou. scholarships will ongoing need, you arrange a recurring gift. Thank you for your commitment to the children. Thank you for your commitment to St. Francis Mission Among the Lakota. Your Partner Service to the Lakota, In the PeaceinofLoving the Child Jesus,

John Hatcher, SJ Fr.Fr. John Hatcher, SJ President President P.S.: If you would like my regular reports about the progress of a student you sponsor or about the Sapa Un School in general, simply include your e-mail address on the return slip below. P.S.: The radio station is expensive to operate. But the good it does is priceless. Thank you!

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Stewardship Letter-January 2013  

Stewardship Letter for January 2013

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