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September 18, 2012

The big news out here at St. Francis Mission is that we have been reinforced by three new volunteers from the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Tony Lusvardi, SJ, who will supervise their activities, calls them “The Apostles,” because they are named Peter, Paul, and James. We are really glad to have them. In a moment, I’ll let them introduce themselves to you.









First, let me tell you how they will be helping out in our programs this year. They are already on the air at KINI FM as DJ’s; later they’ll have their own three-hour show on Sunday. They will also be teaching school children in our religious education program and helping Tony with parish duties, including sacramental preparation and music. Later I anticipate they’ll be working with the boys at the juvenile detention center, receiving suicide/crisis training in the new suicide prevention program, assisting at the local homeless shelter, and contributing their talents to the Family Recovery program. I asked the volunteers why they signed up for this challenging assignment. Here’s what they told me. I believe you will be impressed.

Newly arrived Jesuit Volunteer Corps volunteers at St. Francis Mission: from left, James (Jimmy) Hamill, Peter Sanneman, and Paul Riffon

Jimmy: “I became a Jesuit Volunteer because my experiences at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia truly left me, as the Jesuits like to say, ‘ruined for life.’ I could no longer look at the world without seeing both its beauty and its struggle. I come knowing little about the Lakota and their lives on Rosebud Reservation. More than just an observer, I will enter fully into into the joys and sorrows of this community. I was attracted to St. Francis Mission because it seamlessly combines social justice and spirituality. The Mission provides vital services, such as the dental clinic, family recovery program, and suicide hotline, while it feeds deeper hungers through religious education and sacramental preparation. I want to serve the (Over) (Cut or tear on the perforation and return this slip with your gift.) Dear Fr. Hatcher, I’m am happy to support your Jesuit Volunteers with a gift of $_________.

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Young and old alikeway, rely on KINIorforform. After my year, I know I will leave having received much Mission in any shape, announcements of funerals anddown wakes,the veryroad, I want to get a Master’s degree in Fiction Writing.” more than I gave. Farther important here. They hear about upcoming classes preparing for baptism and marriage. Peter: “I come from a privileged, big-city background, They stay tuned for daily meditations in so I wanted to put myself out there for a community that both Lakota and English and, later, for the would be willing to accept my inexperienced but educated evening Rosary. This month we are airing a I was drawn to the Jesuit Volunteer Corp’s ideals of self. special series of talks centered on the spiritual Spirituality, Social Justice, Community, and Simple Living. exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. So here I am, grateful to be somewhere very different with

new blessings and responsibilities. I hope to provide labor, And everybody loves the comic skits created by our production manager Roger Crow ideas, and personal connections to strengthen Mission that will touch the Lakota and outlast my time Eagle. Each skit is a take on a topic, suchprograms as here. I will do whatever I can to deepen their religious Halloween, recovery, church-going, or the faith, as well as organize their community for structural tribal powwow.

Nowhere in America, I believe, is there change. When I leave, I may go to graduate school or a radio station that serves its communityinvestigate a couple religious communities as I discern my vocation.” better than KINI does. Virtually everyone on Rosebud Reservation listens “I came here because wanted in working for we’ve been broadcasting toPaul: our radio station. They play itIall day to do something worthwhile. I believe Since Sunday Mass live social justice. If people like me,and who can spend a year doing meaningful work for socialfrom long for entertainment, information, St. Charles Borromeo Church justice like this--if don’t do it, meanhas grown (above), attendance inspiration. Even more,we KINI brings theit just won’t get done. By meaningful, I especially steadily. TheMission staff of KINI spiritual. I want to do the Lord’s work in service to the poor. I believe in what the isFM whole community together, expressing (left to right): Mary Lee Fast doing. I am excited toofhave chance to further its work. The mission is multi-faceted, but and multiplying the caring one this person Horse, Roger Crow Eagle, Jerod all contributes tostation empowering I hope Mendoza, and Johnnato Gueru. foritanother. Our radio works a the local community. After my year on Rosebud, go to graduate school for pastoral theology and medical ethics. I want to work with end-of-life continuing wonder. I am very proud ofissues.” our radio staff and you, dear friend, for making all this happen in one of the Youpoorest can see whyinthese fine young men kind of put a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. very places the land.

(Well, that might happen if I were sentimental at all.) You should also know that while

More than ever in these hard times, people on Rosebud Reservation are leaning on their faith. St. Francis the volunteers receive no salary for their work, St. Francis Mission incurs about $50,000 in Mission relies on the radio station to feed this people’s hunger for God and to lift up all things useful, good, expenses to have the three of them here for a year. Would you be willing to help in that and true. The truth is that we’d have no radio station without you. I deeply appreciate your generous gift to department? Please support our volunteers. Your gifts make all the difference in what we are KINI, the Voice of St. Francis Mission. May God bless you.

able to do at St. Francis Mission Among the Lakota. I thank you sincerely.

In the Risen Lord, Service to the Lakota, Your Partner in Loving

Father John Hatcher, SJ

Fr.President John Hatcher, SJ President

P.S.: The radio station is expensive to operate. But the good it does is priceless. Thank you!

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Stewardship Letter for St. Francis Mission for 09/2012

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