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February 15, 2012

We get by with a little help from our friends. One of mine is Mr. Gary Foss, Vice President of Planning and Marketing for American Airlines. He has donated a raffle prize for the friends of St. Francis Mission. You can have a chance to win two round-trip tickets to anywhere American Airlines flies in the continental U.S.









What’s the connection? Gary is Lakota Sioux with strong ties to Rosebud Reservation. Although he now lives in Texas, his parents still live on Rosebud Reservation and are great friends of St. Francis Mission, especially his mother, Pansy. More about Gary and his family in a moment. To reserve your chance to win the airline tickets, just fill out and return the slip below. Don’t think of it as a bribe for your gift. Think of it as a happy incentive to multiply the generosity of friends working together to do good. What good do we do at St. Francis Mission? Our programs Pansy Foss, alumna of St. Francis Mission School, and Fr. Hatcher help the Lakota people of Rosebud Reservation overcome crushing obstacles, including poverty, addictions, crime, gangs, dysfunctional families, educational disadvantages, and despair. I asked Gary Foss what he thinks is the number one need on Rosebud Reservation. He did not hesitate: “Hope.” Gary knows what he’s talking about because he has recently attended the funerals here of three close relatives, a younger cousin and two nephews—all victims of suicide. Their deaths were tragic. What a sad waste of potential! St. Francis Mission does whatever we can to counter the despair here. In conditions that old-timers say rival the days of the Great Depression, we operate two drug and alcohol (Over) (Cut or tear on the perforation and return this slip with your gift.) Dear Fr. Hatcher, I am proud to join St. Francis Mission efforts to continue to be a force for good. Please use my gift of $_________ to help the Lakota people grow in service to one another. I understand that if I return this slip I have the same chance to win two American Airline tickets with or without making a donation.

 Check here if you prefer to be thanked by e-mail, saving postage. Print your email address here: ____________________________________________________________  Check here if you are interested in helping St. Francis Mission in a more substantial way. We will send you information about how you may earn a guaranteed income for life in our excellent charitable gift annuity program. Please make your check payable to St. Francis Mission Foundation. Your gifts are tax-deductible as prescribed by law. For credit card gifts, please use the back of this slip. All gifts from this mailing will be used to support this appeal and the work of St. Francis Mission. We respect your privacy and will not share your name with any other organization.

Young and old alike rely KINI for a dental clinic, three religious education centers, a museum, recovery centers, sixonparishes, announcements of funerals and wakes, veryand volunteers are involved in constructive efforts all and a 24/7 radio station. Our staff important They hearfrom aboutcounseling upcoming suicidal teens to bringing food to elderly shut-ins in over thehere. reservation, classes preparing for baptism and marriage. remote locations. Our programs help the people of Rosebud get on their feet and move They stay tuned for daily meditations in forward in service to others. Everything we do seeks to enable the Lakota to take the lead both Lakota andcommunity English and,here. later, for thecan’t do it for them, but we do give them the tools they in building We evening Rosary. month we are airing need to do it This for themselves. And,ano, it doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for some. special series of talks centered on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola.

You and I can feel good about the difference we are making here. Your gift in support of

And loves thegoes comica skits St.everybody Francis Mission longcreated way because it provides service opportunities for Lakota byvolunteers our production RogerGary Crow Foss’s mother. likemanager Pansy Foss, Eagle. Each skit is a take on a topic, such as Halloween, recovery, church-going,Pansy or the Foss, now 79, had her first encounter with the Mission tribal powwow. through the old St. Francis Indian School, which she

attended in the 1940s and 50s. I asked her recently the most Nowhere in America, I believe, is there important thing she learned in that school. She said, “Obey a radio station that serves its community better than KINI does. Virtually the commandments!” She is very grateful for her education because it taught her more than academics. She says she also everyone on Rosebud Reservation listens Since we’vePansy been broadcasting “caring for others, cooking, and cleaning.” is to our radio station. They play it alllearned day Sunday Mass live from passionate about education and one of the biggest backers long for entertainment, information, and St. Charles Borromeo Church ofthe our plans to establish a Jesuit boarding school here for has grown (above), attendance inspiration. Even more, KINI brings steadily. The staff of KINI FM students with high academic potential, excellent character, whole community together, expressing (left to right): Mary Lee Fast and strong family support. and multiplying the caring of one person Horse, Roger Crow Eagle, Jerod Mendoza, and Johnna Gueru. for another. Our radio station works a Crediting her own good start in education, Pansy Foss went continuing wonder. I am very proud to college, married a high-ranking official in the Department of our radio staff and you, dear friend, of the Agriculture, traveled the world, and gave birth to twelve for making all this happen in one of Pansy Foss a few years ago, very poorest places in the land. children, including Gary. Pansy and her husband Felix still wearing a Lakota-design shirt. on on theRosebud originalReservation farm, forty from the nearest More than ever in these hard times,live people aremiles leaning on their faith. Francis Mission relies on the radio station to feed this people’s hunger for God and to lift up all things useful, good, Pansy’s experience makes it shows that St. Francis Mission has longgift to and true. The truth is that we’d me havegrateful no radiobecause station without you. I deeply appreciate your generous beenthe doing Mission KINI, Voicegood of FrancisThe Mission. Mayhas Godchanged bless you.since the 1950s, but we remain a great force for good. Thank you for your generous gifts that make this possible. God bless you.

Your Partner in Loving Serviceoftothe theLakota, Lakota, Yours Friend in Service

John Hatcher Fr.Fr. John Hatcher, SJ President


P.S.: We will conduct the drawing for the airline tickets on May 31, 2012. Return the slipThe to enter the drawing! P.S.: radio station is expensive to operate. But the good it does is priceless. Thank you!

(Cut or tear on the perforation and return this slip with your gift.)

(Cut or tear on the perforation and return this slip with your gift.)

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February 2012 Stewardship Letter  

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