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St. Charles Parish Location: St. Francis, SD Sunday Mass: 11:30 AM Pastor: Fr. John Hatcher, S.J. St. Francis Mission Phone: 605.747.2361 Parish Administrator: Mr. Tony Lusvardi, S.J. Assistant Pastor: Fr. Jim Michalski, S.J. Saint Bridget’s Mass Sunday: 9:00AM Saint Thomas the Apostle Masses Sunday: 9:00AM

Reconciliation: Sundays, 20 min prior to Mass Daily Mass This Week Tuesday: 12:00PM, St. Bridget Wednesday: 12:00 PM, St. Charles Thursday: 12:00 PM, St. Bridget


<><><><><><><><><><><><><><July 21st, 2013<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Welcome to the celebration of The Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time!

Summer Prayer

Engaging the Word

Father, Creator of all, thank You for summer!

1st Reading: Genesis 18:1-10a ~ 2nd Reading:

Colossians 1:24-28 ~ Gospel: Luke 10:38-42 In the First Reading, Abraham encounters God in the form of three travelers. Abraham and Sarah drop everything to accommodate these men by feeding them and providing for them a place to rest. We, too, can learn from the example of Abraham and Sarah; we are called to show hospitality, love and care to our brothers and sisters, because God resides in each and every one of them. When we take care of our neighbor or stranger, we take care of God. At the end of the reading, God tells Abraham He will give Sarah a son in the coming year. Abraham and Sarah worked tirelessly for these men without expecting any reward, but God provided for them. We, too, should strive to serve God and our neighbors for the sole purpose of spreading Christ’s love, not for personal gain or benefit. In the end, God will grant us exactly what we need. In the Gospel, Jesus is taken into Martha and Mary’s home. As Martha exhausts herself trying to serve Jesus, Mary simply listens to His words. Martha’s anxiety over her physical tasks prevents her from gaining the true graces Jesus can provide. Martha’s example reminds us that, while work is important, it should never prevent us from taking time to sit in silent prayer and conversation with Jesus. If we have become too busy in our works to pray, then we are no longer working for Christ; we are working for some other earthly purpose. Let us pray for the love and compassion Abraham and Sarah showed, but, also, for the wisdom of Mary to know when it is time to stop in the presence of God and receive His graces.

Thank you for the warmth of the sun and the increased daylight. Thank You for the beauty I see all around me and for the opportunity to be outside and enjoy Your creation. Thank You for the increased time I have to be with my friends and family, and for the more casual pace of the summer season. Draw me closer to You this summer. Teach me how I can pray no matter where I am or what I am doing.

Warm my soul with the awareness of Your presence and light my path with Your Word and Counsel. As I enjoy Your creation, create in me a pure heart and a hunger and a thirst for You. Amen.

St. Bridget’s Carnival THIS SATURDAY! Saturday, July 27 Games begin 10AM; Prize Bingo 12:30 PM! You may even get the chance to dunk one of our Jesuits! To donate prizes, contact Marlene Traversie.

Saint Bridget of Sweden From the age of seven onward, Bridget had visions of the crucified Christ. This formed her spiritual activity, which took an emphasis on charity over spiritual favors. Bridget lived her life as a married woman with eight children in the court of the Swedish king Magnus II. After her husband’s death, she lived a penitent life. Bridget worked hard to influence Magnus to do better works; he never fully reformed to Bridget’s ways, but Magnus did grant her land to open a monastery for men and women. This group eventually became the Brigittines. In 1350, which was a year of jubilee, Bridget traveled through plague-stricken Europe to pilgrimage to Rome. In Rome, Bridget faced much hardship in debts and opposition to her work against church abuses. During her final pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Bridget faced shipwreck and the death of her son, Charles. Bridget died in 1373. In 1999, she was named a co-patron of Europe along with Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Teresa Benedicta. We celebrate her feast day on July 22.

Announcements How to Pray the Rosary

St. Francis Mission will be hosting

Scholastic Doug Ray, S.J., will give a short talk on how to pray the rosary and the meaning behind this ancient prayer following the 9:00 AM Mass at St. Bridget’s on Sunday, July 21 and Sunday, July 28.

at the SFM Dental Clinic in St. Francis.

Women’s Bible Study Group

July 22-26 The SD Dental Association will also be helping on the 22-26th so we will have twice the availability!

A small group for Bible study and prayer will be starting soon and is open to all women. For more information, contact Lisa Bouvais or Caroline DeCory or call St. Francis Mission at 747-2361.

St. Charles Parish will host a Year of Faith celebration on Sunday August 18; mark your calendars!

Summer Dental Clinics

IMPORTANT: Don’t just show up, you must call Marty Jones at 605-747-2142 to schedule an appointment for a definite day and time! Every Monday this summer from about 9am-3pm there will also be dental hygienist days especially for mothers with young children. Call Marty for more information!

Next Sunday’s Readings 1st Reading: Genesis 18:20-32 2nd Reading: Colossians 2:12-14

Sapa Un Academy Saint Francis Mission’s Sapa Un Catholic Academy is accepting applications for it’s 3rd grade class for this coming Fall of 2013. The school features daily religious education classes, weekly Masses, Lakota language and culture courses, and a standard uniform.

Gospel: Luke 11:1-13

“There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her.”

20130721 st charles  
20130721 st charles  

Parish Bulletin for St. Charles Parish for 7/21/13