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St. Bridget’s Parish Location: Rosebud, SD Sunday Mass: 9:00 AM Pastor: Fr. John Hatcher, S.J. St. Francis Mission Phone: 605.747.2361 Parish Administrator: Mr. Tony Lusvardi, S.J. Parish Office Phone: 605.747.2496 St. Charles Masses Sunday: 11:30 AM St. Agnes Masses Sunday: 2:00 PM St. Thomas the Apostle Masses Sunday: 9:00 AM

Reconciliation: Sundays, 20 min prior to Mass Daily Mass This Week NO DAILY MASS THIS WEEK


<><><><><><><><><><><><><><>June 3rd,2012<><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Good morning! Welcome to the celebration of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. We’re glad to worship with you, and we hope you have a blessed week.

Engaging the Word 1st Reading: Dt 4: 32-34, 39-40 ~ 2nd Reading: Rom 8: 14-17 ~ Gospel: Mt 28: 16-20

As we celebrate Trinity Sunday this week, we consider a doctrine so central to our faith that we proclaim it every time we make the Sign of the Cross. Belief in the Trinity is what defines us as Christians, which is why Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses, who reject faith in the Trinity, are not considered Christians. Our faith in the Trinity depends entirely on God revealing Himself to us in Jesus. Because we believe the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are "consubstantial" (they share one nature or substance), when we grow to know Jesus we also grow to know the Father and the Holy Spirit. The three "persons" of the Trinity, unlike human persons, are never in conflict with each other. Even though we use the term "person" to talk about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we must remember that these three are not separate "personalities."

(cont.) In fact, if we were to use the term "personality" at all, we would have to say that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have but one personality, a personality that can be summed up in a single word: love. As the apostle John tells us, "God is love" (1 John 4:8). Real love, unlike the corrupt version we see on television, is self-giving, and we see this most perfectly in Jesus' selfsacrifice on the cross. When we see Jesus on the cross - and when we celebrate Mass -- He is offering Himself to the Father. And it is out of the Father's own selfgiving that we can say the Son is "begotten." And from this relationship, in turn, the Holy Spirit "proceeds" -an explosion of love that has neither beginning nor end. In fact, one of the best images of the Trinity comes from Pope Benedict, who compared the Trinity to a nuclear explosion of love.

SFM Evangelization Video St. Francis Mission is preparing a video to call fallen-away Catholics back to the Church, and we need your help! At Mass on June 10 & 17, Mike O'Sullivan will film our parish. You can help by answering the following question on video: • Why are you Catholic? • What do you like about being Catholic? • What is your favorite Gospel story? • If you have come back to the Church, tell us why you did.

(cont. in next column)

“The Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit, that we are children of God.”

Blessed John XXIII On June 3rd, the Church celebrates the life of Blessed John XXIII. Elected pope at the age of seventy-seven in 1958, John XXIII was regarded as a “transitional” pope. In an unexpected way, he fit that description. As he learned of problems in the Church around the world and of the state of the world itself, John called an ecumenical council, saying “let us come together. Let us make an end of our divisions.” Through his calling of the Second Vatican Council, he steered the Church into a new age, recommitted to being a truly “universal Church.” Some effects of the Council include: increased lay ministries; the translated liturgy into the vernacular; renewed attention to the Scriptures; and an underlining of the Church’s solidarity with humanity, especially with the poor and suffering. Just as Blessed John XXIII further opened the Church to the world, we are called to take our faith beyond our personal relationship with God and to engage in the broken and hopeful world around us.

World Apostolate of Fatima Presents: The National Pilgrim Virgin Statue Come see this beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima and learn Our Lady's message! 7:00 PM, Monday June 11, St. Bridget's In 1917 in Fatima, a small town in Portugal, Our Lady appeared to three shepherd children. At the first apparition, the children were so moved by the radiance of the vision that they cried out involuntarily, "Most Holy Trinity, I adore you! My God, my God, I love you in the Most Blessed Sacrament!" In the United States today, the Pilgrim Virgin Program focuses on the need for prayer and penance, as requested by the American Bishops and Our Lady of Fatima. The Program offers a simple way for all Catholics to pray and make sacrifices of reparation for the sins of our country.

Announcements Body, Mind, and Soul Starts Soon! These week-long vacation Bible schools teach children about the Catholic faith through fun and interactive sessions and activities. For more information, contact Caroline Stands, 747-2436. June 11-15 Rosebud July 23rd-27th Mission June 18-22 Spring Creek July 30th-Aug. 3rd Parmelee July 9-13 St. Francis

Carnival Donations Needed! For St. Bridget’s Summer Carnival Contact Marlene Traversie, 856-2734.

Hills Alive Concert This massive, FREE Christian music festival takes place July 20-21st at Memorial Park in Rapid City. Plans are in the works for a youth trip to the festival with chaperones. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.

Next Sunday’s Readings 1st Reading: Ex 24: 3-8 2nd Reading: Heb 9: 11-15 Gospel: Mk 14: 12-16, 22-26

Save the Date… St. Bridget’s Day Carnival will be held on Saturday July 28.

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20120603 st. bridgets parish bulletin  

20120603 st. bridgets parish bulletin