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St. Charles Parish Location: St. Francis, SD Sunday Mass: 11:30 AM Pastor: Fr. John Hatcher, S.J. St. Francis Mission Phone: 605.747.2361 Sacramental Ministry: Fr. David Collins, S.J. Parish Office Phone: 605.747.2496 Parish Administrator: Mr. Tony Lusvardi, S.J. St. Bridget’s Mass Sunday: 9:00 AM St. Agnes Masses Sunday: 2:00 PM St. Thomas the Apostle Masses Sunday: 9:00 AM

Reconciliation: Sundays, 20 min prior to Mass Daily Mass This Week NO DAILY MASS TUESAY OR THURSDAY Wednesday: 5:30 PM, St. Charles


<><><><><><><><><><><><><><>May 13th,2012<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Happy Mother’s Day! Welcome to the celebration of the Sixth Sunday of Easter. We’re glad to worship with you, and we hope you have a blessed week.

Engaging the Word 1st Reading: Acts 10:25-26, 34-35, 44-48 ~ 2nd Reading: 1 Jn 4:7-10 ~ Gospel: Jn 15: 9-17

Today’s Gospel consists of one encouraging line after another from Our Lord about love. He describes a love that the Father has first for Him, that He has for His followers, and that we are called to return to God and extend to our neighbor. This true love is not the cheap and easy love of a TV romance but rather a love that expresses itself in word and action, in obedience and in sacrifice. Christ models this love first for us, and it should in turn motivate all we are and do. How does your life express your love for Christ? How does it spill over into your relationships here and now? As a parent, as a son or daughter, as a brother, sister, or cousin; as a husband or wife in your families? As a Christian in our parish and in our community? These are Christ’s questions to each of us, and He’s looking for answers in our words and all the more so in our actions.

VOTE ONLINE! St. Francis Mission’s own Fr. John Hatcher, S.J., has advanced as a finalist for the 2012 Lumen Christi Award! YOU can help Fr. Hatcher win and bring a $50,000 grant to St. Francis Mission. Facebook members can vote at After May 21, non-Facebook members may also vote on Catholic Extension’s website. Voting ends May 25. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

May: the Month of Mary Join us next Sunday May 20 after the 11:30 Mass at St. Charles as Br. Pat Douglas explores the mystery and meaning of the most popular Catholic devotion — the Rosary. Refreshments will be served.

“No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

St. Dymphna The church celebrates the life of Saint Dymphna on May 15. Dymphna was the daughter of a seventh-century Irish king. Dymphna’s mother raised her a Christian despite the objections of her non-Christian father. When Dymphna was fifteen, her mother died; and her father seems to have suffered a mental breakdown as a result. He became increasingly abusive to Dymphna, even attempting to marry her since she so resembled her mother. Dymphna fled home with two friends and a priest. When her father found them and Dymphna refused to come home, he cut off her head with his own sword. A hospital was built where Dymphna was buried, and it became famous for its humane treatment of the mentally ill. Saint Dymphna herself is a patron saint of those suffering from mental illness as well as of victims of incest and child abuse.

Holy Communion Today several children at St. Bridget’s and St. Charles’ will receive their First Holy Communion. According to the Second Vatican Council, Holy Communion is the “source and summit” of our faith. This occasion also reminds the rest of us of how much the Eucharist means, and what we must do in order to prepare ourselves to receive it. In order to receive Holy Communion, one must: (1) Be a baptized Catholic. Only baptized Catholics may receive Communion in the Catholic Church. Catholics should never receive Communion in any nonCatholic church. (2) Fast (not eat or drink anything except water or medicine) for one hour before receiving Communion. (3) Be in a state of grace, which means living according to the teachings of the Church. If someone is aware of having committed a mortal (serious) sin, he or she must go to confession before receiving Communion. One should not receive Communion if one is in a state of mortal sin. Save the Date… St. Bridget’s Day Carnival will be held on Saturday July 28.

Announcements Summer movies and snacks for kids! After every Sunday Mass Starting Sunday May 27 (Parents are invited too.) Prize Bingo Donations Needed! For St. Charles Summer Prize Bingo Donations may be brought to St. Francis Mission Contact Tony Lusvardi, SJ, 747-2361

Arts & Crafts Camp For children ages 6 to 6th Grade When? May 22nd-24th Where? The CYO Building in Rosebud Time? 10 am—2 pm Contact Davanne Piccini, 747-2436 Summer Religious Education in Parmelee A summer religious education program following Sunday Mass will begin on June 3 at St. Agnes Church. The program is especially for those residents of Parmelee unable to travel to other communities for baptism, confirmation, or other religious education classes. All ages are welcome.

Next Sunday’s Readings 1st Reading: Acts 1:1-11 2nd Reading: Eph 1:17-23 Gospel: Mk 16:15-20

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