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Who's Thoughts: Henery or Bones? Christopher Crawford

What do you think Mr. Bones? Mr. Bones? - Henery's a fool in a hard hat hell. There's a message and a rainbow to deliver to an undeserving sky. He'll jump of a bridge in Mississippi. He walked off quickly into a dream. Things didn't wake up exaclty eye-to-eye, tooth-to-tooth. "That's a miserable grin, Mr. Bones." - Please, call me Henery. "That bridge you jumped off..." - No sir, thing; no. I walked. Jumping means intention to land. I never inteded such. I soared brokenly. "I wuv you Henery." -Please, call me Mr. Bones Henery is dead. Hollow like a bird and whistled on the way down.

Henery or Bones  

This is a response poem to John Berryman's Dream Songs