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Kids Speak Out

Tell Me A Story

It was New Year’s Eve and the clock struck twelve... It was New Year’s Eve and the clock struck twelve. I was crying in my room because I was mad. I wished that I was older and had my own control. I saw a flash and my wish came true. I was 29 and had finally had my own control. I was not in my house. I was in a cool apartment. I went crazy! I did what I wanted to do. I said to myself, “I can’t do this, I want my life back.” I prayed and prayed until it happened. I was finally back. I hugged my family and said, “I want to be a kid forever.”

It was New Year’s Eve and the clock struck twelve and a little boy named Joe who was from New York stayed up all night playing video games. Even after his mom told him to go to bed. At midnight he got sucked into the video game. He did not know what to do. He should have listened to his mom. He had to get out before his mom woke up. The next morning he had to beat the corn maze to get back home. He tried to get through the corn maze for hours. Finally he made it to the end. Suddenly he felt someone was shaking him. He looked up and saw his mom call him for breakfast. He was so happy to see her. He said to his self I will never play video games all night again.

The kingdom of monkeys

Ramona Rinehart, 10 (WINNER) Mt. Holly Springs Fourth Grade

Jaden Batzel (WINNER) Newville Elementary School Third Grade

Indonesian tale

It was New Year’s Eve and the clock struck twelve. Everyone used pots and pans for banging on them. I threw confetti in my backyard. Lady Gaga looked weird. I watched the ball drop in NYC. It was New Year’s Eve and the clock struck twelve. Emily, Justin, P.J., Alexa were all at the lake swimming and suddenly they all turned into monsters! P.J. turned into a vampire, Emily turned into a dragon, Justin turned into a werewolf! Then they run to a cave. They didn’t know what to do, so they tried going back to the lake. When they jumped into the lake again they turned back to normal. The end.

adapted by Amy Friedman illustrated by Jillian Gilliland

Evie, 6 Shaull Elementary School

Glory Dobson Newville Elementary School Third Grade

It was New Year’s Eve and the clock struck twelve, then everything was still. The TV turned off and the lights flickered on and off. Then we realized it was just a squirrel. Coleman, 8 (WINNER) Bellaire Elementary Second Grade

It was New Year’s Eve and the clock struck twelve, it was a pretty hectic moment. My mom and I were at my Uncle Mike’s house. All the adults did there own thing together. Us kids, well we went a little crazy. At 11:59 everyone went outside. When the clock struck twelve we started to scream as fire works filled the night sky. It was so pretty. It was unforgettable! The parents went inside and drank their wine and enjoyed themselves. While the adults did that the kids went outside and played basketball. I believe that every neighbor they had thought we were all maniacs. Then about an hour later everyone started to calm down. We all sat down and watched TV. It was finally about 4 o’clock when we all fell asleep. That night was unforgettable.

It was New Year’s Eve and the clock struck twelve. And then I ended up in a magical world where everything can fly. Then I started to fly like Peter Pan. It was awesome! But I started to yell, “Help! Help!” Because I wanted to get down. So I started to walk around. I saw a dragon. I asked the dragon to give me a ride home, and I got back home safely.

Callie Wiebel, 12 New Cumberland Middle School Sixth Grade

Tyler Thode, 8 St. Patrick School Grade 2A

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The Great Outdoors

Try This at Home

Texas Parks and Wildlife, tpwd., welcomes young adventurers to explore outdoor learning in a virtual environment. Click on Wild Things to examine beautiful flowers, meet Tortuga Tex, uncover dinosaurs and more. Fun Stuff has wonderful offerings such as Arts and Crafts and coloring pages. Print out the ones that interest you and get wild with your crayons. If you are itching to go outside, browse through Outside Games & Activities for Animal Olympics, Bug Picking and the Roadrunner Relay Race. Have fun!

Science Is Fun: Home Experiments, scifun., invites you to enjoy and share science experiments with friends and family members. Check around your house for common ingredients such as cabbage or glow-in-the-dark sticks to begin. Did you know that floating soap bubbles in carbon dioxide will help you discover the hard truth behind these fragile beauties? Now see if a bowling ball will sink or float in a tub of water. You can layer liquids and clean silver as you discover science today.

Which two animals are featured in The Thicket Game?

Feeling and Dealing

Can a black light give you a sunburn?

Culture Watch Scholastic Explorers: Native American Cultures, teacher., is ready to open the door to ancient and modern-day Native American cultures in New Mexico, Utah and Washington. Accept your mission to take on the Skagit River, where the salmon need your attention. Learn about their migration patterns and take part in species protection. Venture to Canyon Rock Art and see interviews that will help you understand the significance of amazing native artifacts. Complete the Field Reports before you move on.

Where is the Skagit River?

Have you ever wondered where your feelings come from? Whether you're feeling angry, happy or sad, it's because your brain is releasing chemicals that make you feel a certain way in response to a situation. Your body will react to these chemicals too. For example, you might start sweating if you feel nervous or cry if you feel sad. Although we can't choose our feelings, we can learn to respond to them in a positive way. Talking about your emotions with a parent or trusted friend can help you feel better. You can also try writing in a journal if you aren't ready to talk to someone yet. For tips on talking about feelings, check out talk_feelings.html. Many people find it helpful to take a few deep breaths when they are feeling angry or upset. This can help you calm down and think clearly instead of letting your emotions get the best of you. Learn more about how to manage your feelings at Topics/HealthTopicDetailsKids.aspx?p=335 &np=287&id=1580.


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What is your New Year's resolution?

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Once upon a time the goddess Sunan Ambu had a son who loved to play tricks. When the gods sent rain to Earth, he hopped upon the raindrops and traveled there to tickle sleeping children. When the winds blew, he flew to Earth and whistled through the trees. The gods did not punish him. “He’s only a child,” they said. But when he sneaked into the goddess Luna’s forbidden chambers, they knew they must punish him. They decreed that he must live on Earth. He would be known as Lutung Kesarung, Stray Monkey, and his face would be fierce and ugly. He would remain this way until a daughter of Earth fell in love with him. So Stray Monkey wandered from one jungle to another, living among the monkeys, forever searching for love. In this kingdom the Rajah Indrajaya made war on everyone, fighting upon the back of a mighty elephant. Anyone who looked at the Elephant of War turned to stone, and so the rajah’s kingdom grew vast. One day he fell in love with a beautiful princess and married her. On their wedding day they floated down the river on a lotus blossom, and butterflies danced above them. The rajah lifted his bride up and cried to the people who had gathered, “Here is the maiden you will worship!” Then to the gods he cried, “And you shall protect the most beautiful woman on Earth!” As he said this, an exquisite bird swooped out of the sky and landed before the rajah. “The gods have heard you,” the bird said, “but they want you to know the most beautiful woman on Earth is your bride’s sister, Princess Purbasari.” The rajah at once sent his servants to bring him this princess. “She sleeps in a nest with parrots,” the bird said, “and she desires to see no man’s face.” But the rajah insisted, so his servants went to her father, who feared the rajah’s fury. To appease the rajah, he sent bird catchers to the nest to get his daughter, but the parrots carried her too far away. He then sent hunters after the parrots, but as they fought with the birds, one bird grazed its wing and fell to Earth. The princess hurried to save it. As she fell to the ground, the hunters trapped her and delivered her to the rajah. The rajah commanded his servants to build her a nest where she could live in peace. There she lived, longing for the parrots and palm trees of her youth. The rajah spoke of nothing but Princess Purbasari: “Her neck is as delicate as a flower stem, her mouth an orchid’s petal. Her eyes are as mysterious as the sea.” The queen grew more jealous of Purbasari. One day while her husband was hunting, the queen called Purbasari to her chambers. “Dear sister, my husband has ordered you to go to the Forest of Monkeys and build a dam. If you are not finished by dark, he will kill you.” Purbasari hurried to the river and carried boulders to the river all day long. When the sun began to set and the water still flowed, she cried with exhaustion, “I shall die!” But a voice behind her said, “Please, tell me your troubles.” When she turned and saw a hideous monkey standing there, she gasped. But the monkey’s voice was kind, so she told him her tale. He called all the monkeys, who came from everywhere, and they set to work building a dam. Before dark the river stopped flowing. Now the monkey said to the princess, “If you see anything in me you might love, please marry me.” The princess saw such kindness in his eyes, her heart swelled. “I will marry you,” she said. He instantly turned into Lutung Kesarung, the handsome god he was, and told her his tale. “I shall ask the gods to take us to their kingdom,” he said. “Go tell your sister you have finished and meet me here at dawn.” Alas, at the palace, the rajah was furious: “You and the demons have dammed my river and my kingdom will flood!” he yelled. “You must die,” he told the princess, and so he sent his servants to bury her in the Forest of Monkeys. When Lutung could not find his bride, he called upon the monkeys: “Your eyes are keen, your smell is sharp. You hear the secrets of the world. Please find the princess.” The monkeys heard her calling from under the dirt and began to dig until they found her body. Lutung washed her with dew. Butterflies fanned her with their wings. Spiders wove compresses to cool her. Parrots wrapped her in their wings. Bees spread honey upon her lips. Together they restored her to life. “We are not safe,” she said to Lutung, but he told her that the gods had declared the two of them could not enter the kingdom until their life on Earth had ended. And so the princess and Lutung lived with the monkeys. Then one day a traveler told the rajah of a beautiful woman who lived among the monkeys. The rajah and his warriors went out into the forest to find her. All through that rainy season, the rajah and Lutung fought each other. When the volcanoes exploded and spewed their lava, a holy man appeared. He placed a branch between the fighters. “The gods have decreed your fight is over,” he said. “From this day on, Rajah Indrajaya, your kingdom is on the right bank. Lutung Kesarung, son of gods, the left bank is yours. Anyone who crosses from one to the other will be cursed.” For the rest of their lives, Lutung and Princess Purbasari lived with the kingdom of monkeys, and when at last their hair turned silver and their limbs grew weak with age, their life on Earth ended. And so they went to live among the gods.

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Tuesday • January 10, 2012

Kids World

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When kids speak out, The Sentinel listens 3-1 (12)

release dates: January 21-27

Mini Spy . . . Š 2012 Universal Uclick from The Mini Page Š 2012 Universal Uclick

Winnie-the-Pooh Creator



Meet Author A.A. Milne photo by Howard Coster, courtesy Dutton/Penguin Publishing Co.

Have you grown up hearing the stories of Winnie-the-Pooh and watching the movies? Many people keep their love of Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends for their entire lives. The author of the original Winniethe-Pooh books, A.A. Milne, was born 130 years ago. In celebration, The Mini Page takes a look at the author and his beloved stories.

The author grows up

After college

One of Alan’s early science teachers was author H.G. Wells, who later became a famous science fiction writer. (Wells is best known for his works such as “The War of the Worlds� and “The Time Machine.�) Wells and Alan stayed friends throughout their lives. After he grew up, Alan got a scholarship to study math at Cambridge University in England. While there, he and his brother Ken began composing funny poems for the university magazine.

Alan became the editor of the college magazine and later wrote for other magazines. He worked as an assistant editor of a humor magazine in England. When World War I began, Alan enlisted in the British armed services. He began writing plays while in the service. After the war ended, he wrote an article against war. This article, “Peace With Honour,� became famous.

Meet Laurie Berkner

Chili With Black Beans

You’ll need:


What to do:

s12 teaspoon salt s12 teaspoon ground cinnamon sCUPBEEFBROTH s OUNCE CANTOMATOSAUCE s OUNCE CANTOMATOPASTE s OUNCE CANBLACKBEANS drained and rinsed

"ROWNGROUNDBEEFINALARGESKILLETPOUROFFFAT3ETASIDE 2. Heat oil in large pot; add onions and cook until tender. 3. Add garlic; cook another minute. 4. Add spices and cook for 1 minute to blend well. 5. Add broth, tomato sauce, tomato paste and cooked ground beef. 6. Heat to boiling; stir in beans. 7. Reduce heat to low; cover and simmer for 20 minutes. You will need an adult’s help with this recipe. from The Mini Page Š 2012 Universal Uclick

from The Mini Page Š 2012 Universal Uclick

Supersport: Tyrann Mathieu Birthdate: 5-13-92 Hometown: New Orleans

“Honey Badger� sounds a little like the title of a children’s BOOK"UTAT,OUISIANA3TATE5NIVERSITY ITSANICKNAMEGIVEN to cornerback Tyrann Mathieu. Like an aggressive badger, Mathieu was all over the field making game-changing plays. He tackled (70 hits), forced FUMBLES RECOVEREDFUMBLES BROKEUPPASSES ANDELECTRIFIED#AJUN crowds with dazzling punt returns, including two for touchdowns. )N.O RANKED,35SPERFECTREGULARSEASON THE4IGERSSOPHOMOREWAS NAMED3OUTHEASTERN#ONFERENCE$EFENSIVE0LAYEROFTHE9EAR(ISREPUTATION as a defensive dynamo started last year, when he created 10 turnovers and also was voted MVP of the Cotton Bowl. !SPORTSADMINISTRATIONMAJOR -ATHIEUISNTTHETALLESTORBIGGESTCOLLEGE player. But he’s one of the best at badgering opponents in a variety of ways.

Christopher Robin’s Bear The real Christopher Robin !LANANDHISWIFE $OROTHY NICKNAMED$APHNE GAVEBIRTHTO their only child, Christopher Robin, in 1920. When Christopher was 3 years old, Alan began writing poems for children. The poems were published in a book, “When We Were Very Young.�

The real bear When Christopher was a child, he became friends with a real bear at the London Zoo. It was called Winnie. He became such good friends with the bear, and it was so tame, that zookeepers let Christopher go in the cage with Winnie many times.* Christopher named his toy bear after the live bear. *Today a zoo would not let a child go into a bear’s cage. It would be much too dangerous.

“The House at Pooh Corner� is the second collection of stories about Pooh and his friends. It was published two years after “Winniethe-Pooh.�

Christopher’s stuffed animals Christopher played with several stuffed animals besides Winnie-thePooh. He had a toy donkey named Eeyore and a stuffed pig named Piglet. Later, his parents gave him stuffed kangaroos, Kanga and Roo, and a toy tiger, Tigger. Eeyore from the Disney movie “Winnie the Pooh.�

The stories Christopher and his mother invented stories and acted them out with his stuffed animals. Alan said watching them play inspired him to write the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. Alan also wrote a second book of POEMSFORKIDS h.OW7E!RE3IXv He also continued to write plays, screenplays and novels for adults. The illustrator of the first Pooh BOOKS %RNEST3HEPARD DREWHIS Christopher Robin based on what the real 4-year-old boy was like.

Š Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

photo by Steve Vaccariello

from The Mini Page Š 2012 Universal Uclick

Height: 5-9 Weight: 175

Rookie Cookie’s Recipe

from The Mini Page Š 2012 Universal Uclick

Laurie Berkner is a singer and songwriter who formed a band to perform for kids, the Laurie "ERKNER"AND3HEFORMEDHEROWNRECORDING COMPANYANDHASMADESEVERAL#$SFORKIDS Laurie grew up in Princeton, N.J. From the time she was a child, she sang in choirs, played in bands and performed in musicals. In high school and college, she toured Europe with several choirs and orchestras as a soloist, both as a singer and playing the guitar. After college, she worked as a music specialist for preschools and day care centers in New York. The parents of her students encouraged her to produce her first album. 3HEANDHERBANDAPPEAREDON.ICK*R46WITHTHEIRMUSICVIDEOS 3HEHASWRITTENTWOPICTUREBOOKSTHATINCLUDE#$S Laurie supports charities such as Room to Grow, which donates clothing, books, toys and other items to babies in need. TM


Going to school

Christopher Robin as he appears in the Disney movie “Winnie the Pooh.� When the Disney artists began drawing Christopher for the movies, they made his clothes more modern and Americanlooking.

Š Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The original “Winnie-thePooh� book was reissued on the 75th anniversary of its publication. It was first published in 1926.

from The Mini Page Š 2012 Universal Uclick

jacket art by E.H. Shepard, Š Trustees of the Pooh Properties, courtesy Dutton/Penguin

jacket art by E.H. Shepard, Š Trustees of the Pooh Properties, courtesy Dutton/Penguin

Alan Alexander Milne was born in London in 1882. He had two older brothers. His father, John Vine Milne, ran a boys school named Henley House. Alan went to school there when he was young.

A.A. Milne sits with his son, Christopher Robin, and Christopher’s stuffed toy bear, Winnie-the-Pooh. Christopher got the original Winnie-the-Pooh toy bear when he was about 1 year old. Christopher’s family called him by the nicknames Billy or Moon, because he called himself Billy Moon when he was a young child. “Moon� is how the last name “Milne� sounded when he said it.

from The Mini Page Š 2012 Universal Uclick

from The Mini Page Š 2012 Universal Uclick

Creating Pooh’s World


!LLTHEFOLLOWINGJOKESHAVESOMETHINGINCOMMON Can you guess the common theme or category?

The real Hundred Acre Wood

Wally: Where would you be likely to find Winnie-the-Pooh after he got married? Wendy: On his honeymoon! Wilson: Why didn’t Winnie-the-Pooh finish his dinner? Winton: Because he was stuffed! Wesley: What does Winnie-the-Pooh sound like when he cries? Wanda: “Pooh-hoo�!

art Š Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Disney artists modeled Owl’s house in the “Winnie the Pooh� movie (above) after a real tree in Ashdown Forest near London (pictured at left).

Success of the books

From books to movies

The Winnie-the-Pooh books have been translated into more than 35 languages. “Winnie-the-Pooh� was even translated into Latin. The Latin version, called “Winnie Ille Pu,� was a best-seller. The Pooh books have sold millions of copies around the world. About 80 years after “House at Pooh Corner,� the people in charge of the Pooh Properties approved new tales about Pooh and his friends.

After Alan died in 1956, his widow sold the movie and TV rights to The 7ALT$ISNEY#O$ISNEYHASPRODUCED small Pooh films, a longer feature, a TV series and books.

jacket art Š 2009 by Mark Burgess, published by Dutton Juvenile

Pooh does a bit of decorating in the Hundred Acre Wood in the Disney movie. The Mini Page thanks Jessica Shoffel, Penguin Publishing; and Hallie Patterson, Disney Enterprises, for help with this issue.

Add`i]gdj\]ndjgcZlheVeZg[dge^XijgZh d[VgZVhi]Viadd`a^`Zi]ZnXdjaYWZ bV\^XVahZii^c\h[dghidg^Zh# Next week, The Mini Page celebrates Groundhog Day.

In “Return to the Hundred Acre Wood,� Christopher Robin returns from school to see his old friends.

In the movie “Winnie the Pooh,� the friends of Hundred Acre Wood come together again. From left to right are Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Owl, Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore.

art Š Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

art Š Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

After the success of the first book of kids’ poems, the Milnes were able to buy a farmhouse outside of London IN%AST3USSEX %NGLAND4HEYSPENT vacations there, and later the family moved there. Alan Milne and the illustrator %RNEST3HEPARDUSEDAFORESTNEAR the farm, Ashdown Forest, as a model for Pooh’s land. When they made the movie “Winnie the Pooh,� $ISNEYARTISTSWENTTOVISITFOR inspiration. Ashdown Forest is the real version of the imaginary Hundred Acre Wood, the dark Forest and Roo’s sandpit. Alan Milne took Christopher for walks in Ashdown Forest.

The adult Christopher Robin When he grew up, Christopher Robin owned and ran a bookstore. He also wrote true books about his life. He led a fight to save Ashdown Forest from damage by oil companies. He died in 1996.

The Mini Page Staff Betty Debnam - Founding Editor and Editor at Large Lisa Tarry - Managing Editor Lucy Lien - Associate Editor Wendy Daley - Artist


<j^YZidi]Z8dchi^iji^dc The popular nine-part series on the Constitution, written in collaboration with the National Archives, is now packaged as a colorful 32-page softcover book. The series covers: sthe preamble, the seven articles and 27 amendments sthe â&#x20AC;&#x153;big ideasâ&#x20AC;? of the document sthe history of its making and the signers

Brown Bassetews n e h t â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hound


from The Mini Page Š 2012 Universal Uclick

try â&#x20AC;&#x2122;n find

A.A. Milne

Words that remind us of A.A. Milne are hidden in the block below. Some words are hidden backward or diagonally. See if you can find: ACRE, AUTHOR, BEAR, BOOKS, CHRISTOPHER, EEYORE, FOREST, HOME, HUNDRED, KANGA, MOVIE, OWL, PIGLET, POEMS, POOH, ROBIN, ROO, STORIES, STUFFED, TIGGER, TREE, WINNIE, WOODS, ZOO. Whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your favorite Pooh character?
















from The Mini Page Š 2012 Universal Uclick

ready resources The Mini Page provides ideas for websites, books or other resources that will help you learn more about this weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s topics. On the Web: sPOOHCORNERCOM sPOOH CORNERORG sJUST POOHCOM At the library: sh$ISNEY7INNIETHE0OOH!#ELEBRATIONOFTHE3ILLY/LD Bearâ&#x20AC;? by Christopher Finch sh4HE-ANY!DVENTURESOF7INNIETHE0OOH!#LASSIC $ISNEY4REASURYvBY*ANET#AMPBELL 4EDDY3LATER 3TEPHANIE#ALMENSONAND!!-ILNE

To order, send $9.95 plus $3.50 postage and handling for each copy. Send check or money order (U.S. funds only) payable to: Andrews McMeel Universal, P.O. Box 6814, Leawood, KS 66206 or call toll-free 1-800-591-2097. Please send ______ copies of The Mini Page Guide to the Constitution (Item #0-7407-6511-6) at $13.45 each, total cost. (Bulk discount information available upon request.) Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________________ State: _________ Zip: ________________

Please include all of the appropriate registered trademark symbols and copyright lines in any publication of The Mini PageÂŽ.

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January 10, 2012

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