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‘Business expansion that feels more like community work.’


themselves up to arrive properly with taste and style. The beers are ready and the kitchen craft is already a city legend, based on what they have been doing at Café Kostverloren. The plan is to start off with an offering of just three beers and then spend time researching and experimenting until they can extend their range to a maximum of five more beers of equally recommendable standard/quality with varying strengths and flavours. Capacity is currently set to keep the brew pub itself supplied, with no short-term plan to supply other licensed premises. Through this plan Troost comes over as typically normal for Amsterdam, in terms of atmosphere and attitude – come good, come relaxed, come and enjoy.

There will be a follow-up article about this refreshing and exciting impulse to the Amsterdam quality beer scene but I thought the perfect introduction would be to offer the ‘before’ photos. The ‘after’ photos could well feature you enjoying what will, without doubt, be the number one addition to the Amsterdam hospitality scene in 2014. Capacity & beer type/flavours: 1000 litres per batch Storage capacity 7000 litres 1x India Pale Ale 1x Pale Ale 1x Weizen Troost Brew Pub & Restaurant, Cornelis Troostplein 23, Amsterdam.

The Sentinel Amsterdam vol. 7 #7  

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