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The formation of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology began around a kitchen table, where a gathering of a few passionate dreamers dared to imagine a new kind of theological and psychological training. Since 1997 The Seattle School has been committed to developing pastors, therapists, and leaders to be competent in the study of text, soul, and culture in order to serve God and neighbor through transforming relationships. To date The Seattle School has sent out over 850 alumni from our degree programs and thousands of participants from our conferences and training programs. These women and men are salt and light in the world; they are daily offering hope, cultivating justice, and birthing creativity.

We are deeply committed to our mission of transformation and invite you to partner with us in the work of forming, training, and developing.

Forming The Seattle School honors the stories that have shaped each of us as the key to discerning vocational calling. We believe that who we are is essential to the work we are called to do. Embedded within our culture and our curriculum is a commitment to formation through the exploration of our own stories. Our hope is that all of our students and participants will come to know and honor their own stories–for the sake of redemption and transformation in their own lives, and in the lives of those they will serve.

The Seattle School is committed to forming individuals, families, and neighborhoods.

“As a therapist I am called to be with individuals, to offer myself to people who are asking for someone to listen. Many people have never experienced love in a meaningful way–I want to love others well, both personally and in my work as a therapist. Being a therapist invites me to encounter my own brokenness, heartache, and fear. My work invites me to embrace my humanity, my longing for life and relationship, and my need for God.” – Paula Womack, 2010 MACP Graduate Child & Family Therapist at Atlantic Street Center

“The words Dan spoke were truly novel to me and touched my heart. It opened my eyes to issues in my own life and marriage that I wasn’t even aware of. Because of that new awareness my husband and I were able to discuss the issues and move into a new level of intimacy.” – Conference Participant

Intimate Mystery Conference

“At Awake Church, I’ve seen graduates from The Seattle School instill a culture of longing for personal wholeness; a desire for intimacy within the Body of Christ, and an eagerness to imaginatively participate in God’s work of renewing all things–in all the earth, and in the specificity of our own neighborhood.” – Ben Katt

Pastor at Awake Church

Training The Seattle School intentionally cultivates learning experiences that are holistic, experiential, and practical. As students and participants expand their knowledge and skills, we are committed to training the whole person by providing contexts to hone their interpersonal awareness, emotional intelligence, and spiritual rootedness. Our emphasis on the integration of knowing, being, and doing empowers people to step into their sphere of influence with the tools and experience necessary to foster transformation.

The Seattle School is committed to training pastors, therapists, and leaders.

“As a pastor I’m called to help others grow more fully into who God created them to be by illuminating how their story fits into God’s greater Story. Participating in God’s story invites us to trust and to cultivate patience. If we are able to do so God will open doors and lead us down paths that we never thoughts possible. It’s a risky choice to follow Christ, but I’ve found the blessing of God’s presence in the midst of the unknown makes it worth it.” – Meredith Dancause, 2010 MDiv Graduate Pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church

“Soul-searing–that is the pain and repercussion of abuse. Soul-searing–that is also the glory of God’s redemption in our pain. The unique approach of this training–bolding naming God’s plan for good in our lives and Evil’s distortion to try to sabotage offered me a new life view. The training provided me with a new understanding of God’s loving plan, along with the scientific and technical aspects of working in the realm of trauma and abuse. There is no other training that so carefully and so fully brings God’s story into the therapeutic work.” – Workshop Participant Effective Trauma Care

“My work takes me throughout Africa where my focus is HIV and AIDS. I have the unique privilege to spend a large part of each year as a mentor where I guide local leaders, build capacity, listen, and share their pain. I find hope in my work, a desire to see grass root efforts to effect holistic change. The Trinity is actively at work in each place I go and it’s my delight to discover places of movement and light no matter where I am.” – Susan McDonald, 2009 MACS Graduate

International Projects Mentor at Serving in Mission

Developing The Seattle School is emboldening leaders who are prepared to serve God and neighbor through transforming relationships. We believe that our Triune God is made manifest in our lives through the sacredness of human relationship. We have woven our relational mission throughout our learning experiences in order to equip a new generation of leaders with a relational model of transformation. We believe that holistic transformation is rooted in the authenticity and care present in the relationships that develop with our families, our neighbors, our parishioners, and our clients.

The Seattle School is committed to developing provocateurs for change within systems, organizations, and communities.

“Our neighborhoods and communities are rapidly changing. As organizations seek ways to connect with their changing surroundings, culture provides a framework for understanding these changes. Pastoring is about engaging people who are unique and different but at the same time, realizing they are deeply connected. Because of my MDiv from The Seattle School, I am able to engage the complexity of cultural categories while keeping in mind the deeper work of connecting and reconciling.” – Richard Kim, 2011 MDiv Graduate Intercultural Credibility Coordinator at The Seattle School

“The Seattle School is preparing self-aware leaders who can adapt to rapid change while remaining grounded in the Christian narrative. Graduates of The Seattle School are wise decision makers and have a high capacity to strategically assess situations. Their ways of being in the world reflects the theological, psychological, and cultural reflection they did while in training. At the dawn of the 21st century leaders such as these are needed more than ever.” – Dr. Rose Madrid-Swetman

Pastor at Vineyard Community Church & Executive Director at Turning Point

“I love the church and I am burdened by its ineffectiveness. Yet I sense something of the Gospel being born again–in me, in my neighborhood, and in those around me. Our pastoral work is not confined to a church building or to the people who walk through its doors. We are pastors of the neighborhood–reimagining church as we work in collaboration with God and our neighbors toward community revitalization.” – Dr. Dwight J. Friesen, Professor of Practical Theology

Co-Founder of the Inhabit Conference and The Leadership in the New Parish Certificate

Partner with us An investment in The Seattle School goes far beyond the walls of our building and into the communities in which our alumni are living and serving. Your generosity is the fuel for our work. Thank you. “We aren’t aware of any other institution that integrates theology and psychology in such a personal and practical way. The Seattle School fills a unique niche in the Kingdom of God. It recognizes that people have been damaged by the effects of sin and are deeply scarred. They need a special place to be re-tooled with skills that promote healing for themselves and those they encounter in their life and work.” – Mark & Susan Daley

Seattle School Partners since 2008

GIVING LEVELS Generous contributions from our partners cover over 20% of our annual operating costs.

$10,000 or more: President's Table Executive Member $1,000 to $9,999: President’s Table Member $100 to $999: Partner To learn more about giving to The Seattle School, visit:

The Seattle School’s core degree programs – Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and Master of Arts in Theology & Culture; and certificate offerings – The Leadership in the New Parish Certificate, The Advanced Counseling Certificate, and The Lay Counseling Certificate are the foundation of our mission and propel us forward as thought-leaders both nationally and locally as we engage the intersection of theology, psychology, and culture. The Forum at The Seattle School invites individuals in the Pacific Northwest and across the country to the table for thoughtful engagement and meaningful dialogue for an array of conferences, lectures, events, and experiences at the intersection of text, soul, and culture. The Seattle School is also home to The Allender Center, a pioneering organization stewarding the legacy of Dan Allender. The Allender Center is committed to boldly engaging the impact of trauma and abuse; fostering redemption and healing for individuals, couples, and communities; and training leaders and therapists to listen and enter into stories in a way that facilitates hopes and transformation.

As The Seattle School looks ahead to our continuing work of forming, training, and developing we are still driven by the mission birthed around that kitchen table: training people to be competent in the study of text, soul, and culture in order to serve God and neighbor through transforming relationships.


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Our Mission Is About Transformation  
Our Mission Is About Transformation  

To date The Seattle School has sent out over 850 alumni from our degree programs and thousands of participants from our conferences and trai...