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Since before I could read, I’d had a strange, unexplainable conviction that I was meant to be in a much more arid environment than I was. I was convinced that I wasn’t where I should be.

I spent a lot of time thinking about that ‘other’ place and writing stories that bloomed from there.

Finally, forever, free.

You grow up knowing the world is big, but there’s no real sense of it until you’ve been flying for hours with nothing but ocean outside the plane window.

Sometimes the desert is like the ocean, so vast, endless, silent with hidden life, wind animating the sagebrush, waves rising and falling, lapping against the emptiness.

When I lived by the sea, I used to stare into the straight blue line of the horizon and wonder what was beyond it. Once upon a time, a long time ago, my desert too was an ocean. Now I can travel great distances on the ocean floor, disappear into the brown line of the horizon.

... and then I woke up


worrying about what was below the surface about the haitchbomb that got mum and dad so scared

worrying I might have to kiss a girl

... and ...

worrying I might never kiss a girl worse things happen at sea

I’m 10 years old and everything is t’riffic! or I might turn out to be gay

Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee and Buzz Aldrin are here for now, nothing will go wrong ever

The skipper of the seas is Iestyn Pettigrew. Check out for the full version of this publication and to help you navigate the uncharted waters of creative zines in the 21st Century.

Sit, listen and watch. Turn inwards and hear the voice inside. Let your spirit float and your eyes will open. There are many Seas on the Earth – not all are watery, many are found in the 7½ billion people we share this planet with.

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