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Issue 1 September 2012

UB Students Inspire Kids... NATALIA WONG Staff Writer On Tuesday, September 18 a group of UB students were ready to show some love to their community and the younger generation by volunteering at the Roosevelt School. These students appreciate UB’s Challenge Day and went out so their actions can speak for themselves. Ask any one of the students why they decided to participate in Challenge Day, and their faces would light up with a big smile hinting for a better future.

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G.O.O.D Music "Cruel Summer" Album Review p. 16


Similar Ideas, Unalike Perspectives: Obama and Romney BRITTANY HARRIS Staff Writer

Four years ago, Barack Obama was elected president and is running for a second term against Mitt Romney. Will Obama be president again or will we have a new president? When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, he said change will come and it cannot happen over time. During those four years, four million jobs were created and for the first time in nine years there are no Americans fighting in Iraq.

Derek Jeter-Forever a Yankee p. 22

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Welcome to UB Freshman and Welcome Back Returners!!! Here at The Scribe we hope you have a successful semester.

News The Economy and Your Future Career FAHIM UDDIN Staff Writer Lately, phrases like “Economy is very bad these days; businesses are shutting down. People are losing jobs and homes,” are heard more frequently than ever before. In regard to this issue, I would like my readers to think: are they part of the problem or solution? It is true that the job market is not the same it used to be five or six years ago. What really happened? I don’t know. I do not want to know. Do you? I just like to focus on what I can do as an individual to make sure my career is secured and the investment (time and money) I am making today in school is guaranteed to give me Return on Investment (ROI) at the end. So should be your focus. Many of our students at UB are from the international community and many cultures overseas make them choose careers and majors based on family or market trends. This can hurt. Let me repeat: this can and will hurt.

You do not have to do what they ask you to do. You do and choose what you want. But here is the catch. Not always will you be able to choose what you like; sometime you will have to make adjustments to your choices based on economics, circumstances, availability of resources and your internal gift. For example, you may have an interest in outer space and want to work in NASA, but do you have enough resources to accomplish that? Are you healthy enough? Will this help you make a living and maintain a family if you have one? At the same time, we know for sure that your gift is logical programming and this can make you a great computer programmer.

Let me conclude: “You must love what you do or you must do what you love.” Find out what your gift is and follow the heart. Choose the career and study major that you think you belong to. Success will follow. Don’t get caught in the wrong career or make poor choices. With such an approach, you will not find the economy bad for yourself. Make your own economy: the product of your hard work, intelligent choices and consistency.

Int'l Students Need to Adopt Safety Tricks Even More Now FAHIM UDDIN Staff Writer In reference to the recent event of a UB Student being killed off campus, this article stresses a few important self-safety points mostly overlooked by our new international students. We realize that part of the responsibility comes on the shoulders of an international student, besides law enforcement and security agencies which do their job to their best. They can only do so much. We need to protect ourselves too. We need to know what we are getting into as a foreigner and must understand new people and cultures very clearly. We must


avoid unnecessary activities, but focus on our agenda of getting a degree and education at the university. We must not walk into dark streets and bad neighborhoods. We must pay full attention to all pre-cautions and safety tips given to us from time to time. As old students on campus, we must advise and provide safety tips to new students as applicable. Had the victim known the area better and known how to deal with his attacker, he may have been able to defend himself and save his own life. We highly condemn this tragedy and we will remember him in our

prayers. We learn our lesson with this event and we will together make sure this does not happen again in the future to any student/person and to their loving and hopeful parents. We conclude to avoid any opportunity given to bad guys and thus protect ourselves more than we normally do.


September 2012

Bringing Awareness to Mental Health Issues JILLIAN ANDERSON Staff Writer

Mental Illness Awareness Week has been recognized as the first full week in October since it was established by the U.S. Congress in 1990 in order to raise awareness of mental illness in the United States. This year Mental Illness Awareness Week is observed during the week of October 7th through the 13th, 2012. According to the website for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a mental illness is defined as “a medical condition that disrupts a person's thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning.” Mental health disorders, which are common in the United States, include autism spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, major depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia and seasonal affective disorders. People of all ages, income levels, races and religions may be affected by these issues. These types of conditions can make it difficult, sometimes even impossible, for the person afflicted to cope with typical life events in a healthy manner, but treatment and in some cases recovery is possible. Each year 57.7 million Americans, or about one in every four adults and one in every ten children, live with one of these mental or emotional disorders (NAMI). My Personal Story Sometimes people who know me are surprised when I tell them that I am one of these people. I was diagnosed with major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder when I was 15 years old, only a freshman in high school, and I have been living with these illnesses ever since. The National Alliance on Mental Illness states that major depression is “a serious medical illness that affects one’s thoughts, feelings, behavior, mood and physical health.”

There are periods of time when I am able to function almost as well as someone not living with these disorders but depression is a condition that is long-lasting and my symptoms are frequently and severely limiting in many ways; for example, there have been times when my depression and severe negative emotions prevented me from focusing during a test. Even though I had studied the class materials my brain was fogged by overwhelming thoughts and I couldn’t recall the information at the appropriate time. Other aspects of my life have been affected by my depression as well such as appetite and sleep patterns, excessive feelings of guilt and diminished personal relationships. Over time I have learned some techniques to help ease my own symptoms. Talking things out is usually very helpful to me whether it’s with a friend, family member or a counselor. Although medication can be used to treat depression, I have noticed that most medications only helped me on a short-term basis, until I developed a tolerance. It benefits me immeasurably to be aware and mindful of my nutrition and exercise habits, as well as staying involved with activities where I am expected to succeed and surround myself with positive, productive people, even when I don’t want to. I try very hard to stay positive and there are times when it takes much more of an effort than other times, but the effort is worth it. I mention this because even though sometimes a person’s behavior very clearly indicates that there is a problem, you don’t always know what someone is experiencing if they are not expressing it to you. In this modern era of speed and convenience it can be easy to miss signs that someone you care about is suffering, especially if they feel they have a reason to hide it.

Some information from NAMI about other disorders I have mentioned: Autism Spectrum Disorders: Developmental disorders affecting social interaction and communication; symptoms typically appear before age 3; causes are not understood. Bipolar Disorder: Dramatic mood shifts, cycling from high (manic) and low (depressive) moods that differs from the typical ups and downs most people experience. Borderline Personality Disorder: A disorder of emotional instability affecting moods, behavior, relationships and self-image; almost always involves physical self-harming behaviors. Eating Disorders: Includes anorexia, binge eating and bulimia. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Appears as intrusive, unwanted, irrational thoughts that repeat and repetitive rituals like arranging, checking, counting, excessive hand washing and hoarding which temporarily relieves anxiety. Panic Disorder: Uncontrollable panic response to ordinary, nonthreatening situations. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Long-lasting effects of some shocking traumatic experience which has threatened injury to self or others; affects many different kinds of people ranging from military personnel, to survivors of rape or natural disasters. Schizophrenia: Interferes with ability to make decisions, manage emotions, relate to others or think clearly; commonly involves psychosis, loss of contact with reality. Seasonal Affective Disorders: Depression associated with seasonal changes during the year; usually lasts from late fall until spring. There is help! provides an extensive list of local mental health resources available regardless of where you are in the state and what your needs are. There is help out there. Bridgeport Crisis Hotline: 1-800-586-9903 UB Counseling Department: 203-576-4454

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September 2012

Similar Ideas, Unalike Perspectives: Obama and Romney BRITTANY HARRIS Staff Writer (continued from page 1) In his campaign, he mentioned it will take sustained, persistent efforts, ours and his, for America to fully recover. “We did these things together not because they benefitted particular individual or group, but because they made us all richer; because they gave us all opportunity; because they move us forward together as one people, as one nation. That’s the true lesson of our past…That’s the right vision for our future.” Obama is also running to make sure by the end of the decade, more of our citizens hold a college degree than any other nation on Earth. A few of Obama’s changes that he wishes to make are to end the war in Afghanistan by2014, and reform Medicare by reducing the spending that is making people healthier and will never allow Medicaid to turn into vouchers. Also, the Obama Administration wants to pay down our debt in a way that is balanced and responsible and wants to stop rewarding businesses and profits that ship jobs overseas and start rewarding companies that create jobs in the USA.


He believes that America is safer and more respected because of the courage and selflessness of the Armed Forces. He does care for veterans and will serve them as they served us “because nobody who fights for this country should have to fight for a job or a roof over their heads when they come home.” His advice to us, is that everyone deserves a fair share, don’t expect the government to solve all our problems and when we decide for a change, change happens and change comes to America. He said that this campaign is about hope and change and there is nothing more powerful than million of voices calling for change. Like Obama, Mitt Romney wants America to succeed; with the help of the people he will do something. He believes that Americans deserve hope and change. His campaign is about the 100% of Americans. He is concerned about Americans because life has become harder for them. He said that people

should invest in companies. In his campaign speech, Romney said that businesses and growing jobs are at risk. He wants to restore the promises of America. He does not want to cut Medicare. Romney will reduce taxes on businesses and will not raise tax cuts on the middle class. Romney is running for president to create a better a future; a future for people who can find a job. In that future, he has a planned to create 12 million new jobs. He promises to help us and our family. Therefore, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have similar ideas of what they will do. They also have different perspectives of ideas. So, would Obama be elected for second term or will Romney be elected as the new president of the United States of America?

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September 2012

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Knight Life

UB Students Inspire Kids for "Challenge Day" NATALIA WONG Staff Writer (continued from page 1)

UB students went on a puzzle hunt collecting puzzle pieces to connect together to symbolize that all the students attending Roosevelt School, no matter their differences in culture and background, are all united and connected to one another. The task truly turned into a challenge after UB students saw how many puzzle pieces had to be placed on the four walls in total throughout the four floors of the school. Not only did students enjoy reading and looking at what the children of Roosevelt school had to offer, but they also showed leadership skills in communicating with others they did not know and completed their projects together at a very sufficient time. Greek Organizations Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated and Chi Upsilon Sigma Latin Sorority Incorporated were both present in the shenanigans of placing the puzzle pieces on the walls of Roosevelt School. Flor Montero, a senior and a member of Chi Upsilon Sigma

Photos courtesy of Flor Montero & Teresa Wheeler


felt the project she was assigned to “meant a lot to the students because their faces were priceless when they walked out of class and saw their work on the walls.” “[However], I feel for the next Challenge Day we should choose one organization that we can all do together because more can be completed in numbers,” Montero said. Students were split in many different locations; some had the task of building a fence, reading to children, Park Avenue clean up and inspiring students at both the Hope School and Roosevelt School. Kareem Freckleton, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity expressed that him being there showed the children of Roosevelt School that university students can be role models as well as encourage the younger generation to pursue a college education. Even though the weather was lousy both sophomore Jessica Fernandez and freshman Laurie Anderson made it out of bed to help out

with the activities at Roosevelt School. “When I see the little kids it reminds me of arts and crafts when I was little,” Anderson said. Anderson was shy at first, expressing how she felt about the kids but when it came to speaking about Challenge Day in general, she wanted to make sure everyone understood “it is a challenge to do great things but the point is to get more people to become involved in their local communities.” Fernandez felt a completely different way. Instead she wished, “we could of done more like planting trees.” In other words something to promote a cleaner, healthier environment. Even though Challenge Day could have been more of a success if more UB students participated, it was still a day filled with giving back to the community. Those who participated were glad to give a helping hand and are on the lookout for future community service projects.


September 2012

New Beginnings of Health and Wellness MARY-JO PALLOTTO Staff Writer Whether you are returning to campus, transferring from another college or beginning freshmen year, the excitement and challenges may over shadow practical health and safety needs. As we are absorbed in the activity of starting a new school year, devoting time to protect your mental and physical health can lose its priority. This article will highlight easy ways to care for your physical and emotional well-being. Sleep is more important to our daily functioning than we realize. Not only is it time for your body to rest and recuperate, not getting enough sleep can have negative impacts on how you perform in class, as well as affect your mental health. Besides feeling sluggish and acting grumpy, not setting time for a restful night’s sleep can lead to a depressed mood, poor cognition in class and less productive study time. As the CDC suggests, “avoid stimulants like caffeine and nicotine. Have a good sleeping environment. Get rid of anything that might distract you from sleep, such as noises or bright lights. Stick to a sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, even on the weekends. See your health provider if you continue to have trouble sleeping. Avoid pulling an all-nighter to study.” Under stressful circumstances comfort foods may sometimes medicate momentary worries. Selecting healthy foods you already enjoy and creating time for physical activity is a perfect prescription. Allowing time for physical exertion will help keep your body running at top performance and decrease anxiety. Lessen sugary or fatty treats; saving them only for an occasional treat is an excellent compromise. Feeding yourself healthy foods keeps your body working to fulfill the daily demands of course work and play. In addition, working out whether done alone or with a group is a great way to release pent up worries, and will help to clear your mind for better study time. Think about starting a morning Zumba group, going for an afternoon jog with a friend or an evening walk with a group; these are all possible activities to enjoy and help to promote mental & physical fitness.

Surrounding yourself with a positive circle of people is one step in maintaining healthy relationships. Listen to your intuition; if you are not feeling comfortable or safe with a person or group, these could be signals that this may not be the best relationship for you. Sharing our thoughts and listening to others are skills for cultivating rewarding relationships. Remember others on campus may be experiencing similar feelings of uncertainty, homesickness, loneliness or isolation, so striking up conversations can help others as well as yourself. The University of Bridgeport has many student organizations and activities that can help offer opportunities in meeting new people with similar interests. Another suggestion can be to start a letter writing correspondence with a friend, family member, or infirmed neighbor back home. Even though it might be a long distance it is a great way to stay in touch and share your new experiences while creating lasting connections. The CDC reminds us to take advantage of the services offered on campus. They suggest students “visit the health center, and discuss concerns with a health professional. If the health professional advises treatment, follow instructions. Watch out for side effects, and attend follow-up appointments to assess improvement. If you or someone you know is considering suicide, get help from a counselor or health provider. Call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).” Substance use is of great concern for students to be aware of. Peer pressure is a challenge to overcome and avoid its bait .The consequences of falling into this trap can be devastating. The CDC discusses substance use exposure facts by stating, “binge drinking is a risk factor for sexual assault, especially among young women in college settings. Binge drinking also increases the chances of car crashes, violence against others, unintended pregnancies, and the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. Some college students experience significant pressure to use alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, especially when trying to make friends and become part of a group.” The CDC offers these action steps to help improve and prevent substance uses and abuses: “if you are

concerned about your or someone else's use of alcohol or other drugs, seek assistance from your parents, resident advisor, faculty advisor, student health/counseling services, or health care provider. Avoid second-hand smoke. It is just as harmful as if you were smoking yourself. Don’t drive after drinking or using drugs.” Sexually active students should be aware of the precautions in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). Being out on your own, as we have discussed, is exciting and presents newly discovered responsibilities and challenges. Having all the facts before you make choices can alleviate unwanted traumatic and lifelong consequences. The CDC offers these Quick Tips: “if you are a female age 26 or younger, getting checked for HPV can help to prevent cervical cancer. If you are a sexually active female 25 years or younger, get tested every year for Chlamydia and other STDs. If you are diagnosed with a STD, notify your sex partners so that they also can be tested and receive treatment if necessary. If your sex partner is diagnosed with a STD, it is important for you to be evaluated, tested, and treated. The most reliable ways to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, are to abstain from sexual activity, or to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner. Latex male and female condoms, when used consistently and correctly, can reduce the risk of transmission of some sexually transmitted diseases.” Campus security is available for your safety. Stopping in to their facility to ask what they offer students is a proactive step that is worth the inquirer. An emergency list of phone numbers is a good idea to have at the ready (maybe in your cell phone), and can help to elevate panic. Always call 9-1-1 if needed. Remember, you are not alone in balancing your health and wellness. By being alert and taking control of your personal needs, you will help ensure your safety and wellness as you achieve your goals and dreams. Use the many resources that are available to you as you embark on this exciting and enriching journey.



September 2012

What This Experience Teaches Me: Int'l Student's Intern Experience MUFU DAVE WANG Contributing Writer Working at Northwestern Mutual was the first professional working experience I have gotten in the United States. It was an unpaid job and I always felt I had been taken advantage of, but precious lessons came along too. Anyway, it was my first time working with locals, something that should be absorbed and digested. -Speak English like it's your first language I wish I could speak English rather than Chinese at times when I am with my Chinese friends. Being a long time advocate of speaking English, I myself haven't done a good job of practicing what I preach. That stands in the way. When I talked to my teammates at Northwestern Mutual, they often had a hard time understanding me. Either because of incorrect grammar or my accent, they were confused and I felt embarrassed. As the cases piled up, a stealthy wall was erected. I guess that's probably the reason that many international students find it hard to melt into a local company's culture. We are pretty good at answering English language test questions, but when it comes to verbally communicating we get turned off. That's a problem for all of us. In order to solve the problem, the notion instilled in our minds must be tweaked. Think of English as a tool: how well you're going to do your job depends on how good your tool is. When you truly get this, you don't need anyone to tell you how to improve your English - you can figure it out yourself.


-Don't work too hard. Work your tail off and you will get appreciated and promoted. I personally don't think it's true. Unless your job is solely designed for your capability, i.e., you are the only one who can do the job, working too hard can only do more harm than good. You forget about caring for your colleagues when you work too hard. You focus exclusively on your own world and ignore the surroundings. You do have communications, but they are only about work. What are you? A machine? C'mon, don't become as close to a machine as humanly possible - you are not a professional basketball player. Don't get irritated or even furious the moment you hear your rival has been promoted to the team leader position. You know he hasn't been working as hard as you do and he isn't that qualified in your perspective. But he does spend some time chilling out with your boss, doesn't he? -Be loyal to people, not the company Landing a job might be tough but it's not as tough as keeping a job. To keep a job one has to show loyalty to people, not the company. Keep in mind that a company is run by people. Unless it's a family business and your boss is the heir, showing loyalty to the company helps you little. I am not saying that it will be okay for you to betray your company, but claiming you are loyal to the company when your boss decides to fire you probably won't help change his or her mind. Get loyal to your boss's managing style. Learn from it. A friend of mine used to work at UBS and got to know her boss very well. She then left UBS to join a friend's business and

after a while she had to leave her friend's company because it was closing down. Because she was in the United States on a work visa she needed to find a company to sponsor her visa in a short time. It turned out her boss from UBS who now is a global head at RBS gave her a job. Being loyal to your boss help you get a job when you need it. -Intern & volunteer: have knowledge of the company before you take it Many companies including some multinational companies tend to take advantage of international students as free or cheap labor. I was one victim. The lesson I learned was, make sure you know the company well before you actually take the job. These types of companies usually say something like, "we are pleased to offer you a one-month unpaid internship and after that we will decide if we offer you a permanent position" to trap you into the job. Generally your job is limited to typing, printing, scanning and copying. They won't tell you this beforehand; instead they will let you "figure it out" yourself and once you realize the emptiness of doing these things they dump you out of the company because you do not "fit in the company's culture", as they say. Find out people who are really interested in you and want to help your growth. This usually takes a while (literally six to 12 months I think) but it will reward you in the end. This is what the experience has taught me. Being precious to me, I hope this experience will make you think and more importantly, help you make a smart decision down the road.


September 2012

Musicians Wanted for UB’s First Pep Band TRISHA BARTHOLOMEW Staff Writer Chiropractic student Rob Glasgow is attempting to start a pep band here at the University of Bridgeport. Glasgow is currently enrolled in the three year program of the chiropractic department at the university. Having attended Virginia Commonwealth University whose pep band is well known for their performances at basketball games, Glasgow felt that it was about time UB had one too. This being his first year as a part of the UB family, he proposed the idea to Professor Martignetti of the music department who agreed to be the advisor. While woodwinds such as bassoons and saxophones are acceptable, Glasgow is looking mainly at having a large brass section. Singers as well as string instruments such as guitars are also welcomed to join the band. “I can use any music but brass is the best,” Glasgow said.

Glasgow believes that there is no boundary when it comes to making the perfect pep band. He simply wants to create a well known band. “I don’t think there’s a limit; I mean I want us to play at the sporting events. If we got lots of people we could do some really cool stuff,” he explained. “We can go play out places, we can go to competitions, if we got big enough we might be able to travel with the team, we can break off and do different things.” Due to the scarcity of the most traditional pep band instruments Glasgow is willing to change some of the sounds based on what instruments are available. At the moment Glasgow is looking for enough people to create the band. His goals are to have 10 to 20 people, 10 being the minimum to help get the band recognized and supported

by the university. However, if more than 20 people become interested in being a part of the pep band, Glasgow is willing to find ways to make it work. “10 to 20 of the right instruments is the magic number, but since we’re just starting off I will take anyone,” Glasgow said. The goal of a pep band is to excite the crowd and provide entertainment. This is usually done through the music selections played during the performance. Glasgow decided that he wants to use more energetic and popular songs to get people excited. “We want to start playing a song where everyone go, ‘oh yes I know that,’ and start singing dancing and getting involved.” If you are interested in being in the pep band, you can contact Rob Glasgow at for more information.

Photos courtesy of Rob Glasgow



N.Y Fashion Week Spring/Summer Womenswear 2013 Recap SHANIQUA KING Fashion Editor

This September, the energy of New York Fashion Week was back and stronger than ever as many designers presented their spring/summer 2013 Ready-To-Wear collections for the world to see. Many designers this season were predominately inspired by strong women who are daring, confident and strong despite the challenging economic times. There were no longer vibrant pastel and neon colors (which were extremely popular the past two seasons) seen on the runway. Instead, several designers opted for fresh new colors, textures, patterns and embellishments to play with. However, there was a reoccurring trend throughout the New York shows, and it was the colors black and white. A lot of the designs strayed away from head-to-toe color and stuck


with basic colors and silhouettes, whether it was long simple dresses, tailored pants, tops or outerwear pieces. Even the infamous designer Marc Jacobs based his entire spring/summer collection on that color palette, which gave the show a very 60s inspired look. Embellishments were surprisingly another dominate trend seen on the runway. They were heavily decorated tops, jeweled encrusted skirts and floral appliquĂŠ on pants. The young designer Joseph Altuzarra collection was a true example of that, with beautiful gold trimmed dresses, heavily embroidered jackets and fringed skirts. There were also so many other different techniques and textures developed this season, such as laser cut leather, acid prints and handicrafts.

Photo courtesy of

New York Fashion Week would not be complete without sportswear. It’s so ingrained in American fashion that it would be strange without it. The combination between feminine and masculine was another huge style. A lot of designers such as Victoria Beckham, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and Y-3 played with very edgy, masculine and tomboyish pieces including slouchy/ relaxed pants, oversized jackets, boxy shorts and lots of layering. The overall theme of New York Fashion Week had a very strong female presence. Today, women are CEOs of major companies, business owners and dominating the world one step at time. So it was refreshing to see that many designers took inspiration from women from the past, present and future into their spring/summer 2013 collections.


September 2012

Crossword Puzzle courtesy


September 2012

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Express Your Scribe

WILL I BE ~ A POEM FOR BRETT If I move on who will I be? If I move on who will you need? If I move on who will you blame? If I move on who will you tame? If I choose me what will I be? If I choose me what will I see? If I choose me what will I gain? If I choose me what will I change? If I love me there will be pain. If I love me there will be wane. If I love me there will be rein. If I love me, there will I be.

Mary-Jo Pallotto Contributing Staff Writer

LIAR! It’s Obvious… Save me from the embarrassment of your lies. Let me keep the single shred of dignity I am dangling from trying so hard not to fall in to your venus fly trap of a mouth as you spout out the lies only a naive child would believe. If you’re going to lie, Keep your mouth shut to prevent the winds of deceit from throwing the dust of stupidity into my eyes. Spare me from the disappointment of finding the truth LIAR!!! Trisha Bartholomew Staff Writer

The Nightmare… I. I’m floating away from the heat of the burning sun, I’m getting closer and closer to the cool of moon; Darkness is only one step away from catching my run, And it’s going to unleash its madness so very soon. II. A vision will reveal encrypted in the terror of the night, Warning about the wave of great death to come along; Another era of battle and deep fear, even if is not right; But keeping the history looked in time will be all wrong. III. I’m losing it so I’m surrendering my heart to the dream, And I’m throwing myself into the hunger of the past; My thoughts are burned by the insidious frozen steam, But I’m trying to cache another path to walk, the very last. IV. A gate is opening embracing my nightmare in the light, I only wish to find my way among the lost illusions; It’s just another war so I have to step further and fight, Defeating all the fears and avoiding the confusions. V. It’s been more than a lifetime since my last fear of recall, And nobody is guiding my in the shadow of the dark; I have to make my choice between “the nothing” and its “all”, But only one of them will show in the end the desired mark. VI. The dark field of the universe will yet reveal a hidden path, Discovered by a restless mind during the first Great War; Its light will defeat in the end the growing killing wrath, Destroying once for all, the last of the moons and its core. VII. I’ve lost another thought inside the labyrinth of your mind, I couldn’t help myself to run away and meditate in cry; But there is one more dream in the darkness I need to find, So I can tell the naked truth, and not to fear and lie. VIII. The world will find itself surrounded by the dying stars, A deadly prison built by the lords of the time and space; Entire planet will die and the new home will be on Mars, Where the humanity will give born to …a different race. Florin Tanase Timis Contributing Poet

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KEVIN MATOS Staff Writer Ever sit around on campus, wondering what to do between new episodes of your favorite television series, or wonder what anime to watch next after having already finished an amazing series? In this article, you’ll get a chance to see two different anime series on the spotlight, each one reviewed and recommended for anime lovers. Most often, this article will feature a somewhat comedic and lightweight anime alongside a more dramatic, action-centered anime. So whether you are looking to watch a funny series, a series full of action or one of mystery and/or adventure, I suggest you check out the following:

Chrono Crusade For those seeking an easygoing, action/comedy anime to watch, try Chrono Crusade. Set in 1928 A.D New York, USA, this short series focuses on the adventures of a young nun named Rosette, and her assistant Chrono. Rosette belongs to the Magdalene Order, an organization dedicated to fighting the supernatural demons that plague the town. Rosette’s naïve and clumsy nature provides plenty of comic relief since the beginning of the first episode, where she crashes a car into a lamppost. Rosette’s known for her ability to complete a mission, but is even better known for her inability to reduce collateral damage. Within the series’ 24 episodes, you’ll find plenty of action, perverse situations, comic relief and drama, as both Rosette and Chrono secretly dedicate themselves to finding Rosette’s missing brother, a quest that will lead them to discover mysteries surrounding the highly regarded Magdalene Order.

Black Lagoon “What the hell is this? Is this a movie?” Rokuro asked. “Don’t be stupid. This is a lot more entertaining than Hollywood,” replied Revy. The series, Black Lagoon, is best described in this line stated in the first episode. In what is one of the most Western-influenced animes out there, Black Lagoon is an epic action series. Aside from the massive amounts of western pop-culture references found throughout the series’ 12 episodes, this series primarily focuses on the Lagoon Company and its crew. After unknowingly being put in charge of delivering a disk with important information regarding the Chinese mafia, Okajima Rokuro gets kidnapped by a group of mercenary pirates sent to steal the disk. However, when his bosses learn of what occurred, they send a group of trained mercenaries to kill the pirates before the information gets exposed. Having learned that his bosses have marked him for dead alongside the rest of the pirate crew, Rokuro decides to help the pirates escape the mercenaries, and soon decides to leave his old life behind to join the group of “delivery boys”. Now a part of this outlaw group, Rokuro (known now as Rock) must learn how to navigate the criminal underworld, while simultaneously avoiding death at the hands of both criminals and his hot-tempered, guntoting, female crewmate, Revy.

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September 2012

Top Five Unknown Paraphilias DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor According to, paraphilia is “a type of mental disorder characterized by a preference for or obsession with unusual sexual practices”. The most known and mainstream paraphilias for example are Foot Fetishism which the individual is sexually attracted to feet and Asphyxiophilia which the person needs to strangle themselves to get a sexual high or thrill. Of course with every paraphilia that slowly gets put into the spotlight, there are a few dozen that are still unknown. Think you know some of the paraphilias on this list? Then check them out. Autovampirism Autovampirism tends to shows up during childhood. The individual will slowly develop some sort of a sexual appeal towards blood from getting scrapes or cuts. Later on, the person will learn how to actually open up major blood vessels such as the veins and the arteries to drink blood more directly. (

Coprophilia People with coprophilia get sexual pleasure from feces. Their excitement comes from either seeing someone defecate on a person, or they’re the ones who are doing the act upon someone and in very rare instances, having the person defecating on them. There’s very little scientific research behind people who have this type of paraphilia since it is rare. ( Lactophilia With this type of paraphilia, according to Dr. Griffiths, he notes that typically males get a sexual pleasure from “watching women lactate, sucking on the women’s milk-filled breasts and or having intercourse with lactating women.” Lactophilia often associates with part of infantilism which an adult is aroused from playing the role as an adult baby. (

Erotophonophilia Erotophonophilia is most common in serial killers. People with this type of paraphilia get a sexual thrill out of killing a human being. Along with homicide, mutilation of sexual organs and/or other acts of sexual behavior is involved as well. Erotophonophilia is also tied in with necrophilia. ( Somnophilia Somnophilia, also known as the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, is when a person gets sexually aroused by a sleeping person. According to, people get “aroused by the waking up a sleeping person, either through sensual caresses or otherwise.” Also by being next to a sleeping person, the individual could end up getting sexual urges as well. (datngish. com)

What Grinds My Gears…About The Mailroom DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor Hey readers, how many of you ever had any problems or issues dealing with the people from the mail room? Well apparently for this issue, these people had a lot of problems with it and didn’t mind expressing their frustrations. Check out what these people had to say about the mail room in the bookstore. “One time they had my mail there and they told me it wasn’t there,” -Teresa, junior “They’re unorganized. Every time I walk in, they have a whole bunch of packages piled up in the corner,” -Trisha Bartholomew, junior

“They take forever to sort out everything,” -Angela, freshman

Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” Photo courtesy of

“The people from the mail room are so rude. It’s like you can’t even ask them a simple question without getting yelled at and being threaten to get thrown out,” -Steven Torres, freshman

“I don’t understand the people from the mail room. I remember one time I got an email saying that my package was delivered there in the morning but when I went to pick it up, they told me they still haven’t gotten it yet. Either they’re very slow at processing the orders or they’re too lazy to even check,” -Kathy Sanders, sophomore Want more of "What Grinds My Gears"? Visit to see the rest of the quotes and leave comments!


inReview Album Reviews on Carly Rae Jespen, Sean Paul and Kanye West ATTIANA JAMES Staff Writer Carly Rae Jepsen Album: Kiss

Sean Paul Album: Tomahawk Technique

Kanye West Album: Kanye West Presents G.O.O.D Music Cruel Summer

First looking at this album I thought, “This album isn’t going to be good….she’s only going to have that one good song that everyone knows her for and that will be it.” I was wrong. As I started listening to her album I thought it was decent but when I got into it, I started really liking it. Carly Rae Jepsen’s album, Kiss, had such an upbeat tone that all you want to do is get up out of your seat and dance around the room or if you’re that type of person who likes something a little more mellow and slow paced, then this album is for you because it has a little bit of everything for everyone. 4 stars

Let me start by saying that I didn’t really know that Sean Paul had a new album out, but now that I have listened to it, I found it was really good. I’m happy that Sean really released a new album; I’ve been waiting for this for a while now and let me just say that I wasn’t disappointed. You will find every song on this album worth listening to especially the songs, “Body” and “Roll Wid Di Don”. Both of these songs with make you get up and start moving your body all over the place. I highly recommend this album. 4 stars

I thought that this album would be good because of the extra artists who contributed to it, but I was kind of disappointed. Five songs from this album were already released before the album everyone who is a Kanye fan was looking forward to this, but as much hype as this album had deserved, it could have been better. Some songs are good and some songs are not. The album is alright and I do recommend it to Kanye fans but out of the entire album he released, this is not my favorite. 3 ½ stars

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September 2012

Pink Debuts The Truth about Love TRISHA BARTHOLOMEW Staff Writer Pink’s sixth album, The Truth about Love debuted September 14, 2012. The album contains 13 tracks and two singles. The first single is “Blow Me (one last kiss)” which was released on July 3, 2012, is the second song on the track list and “Try”, the third song on the track list was released as the second single on September 6, 2012. Pink also has three songs of which she worked with other artists. “Just Give Me a Reason”, the fourth song on her album was done with Nate Ruess. The fifth song on the album “True Love” was done with Lily Rose Cooper and “Here Comes the Weekend” which is song 11 on the album was done with Eminem.

The expectations for The Truth about Love can be said to be based off of the work of Pink’s first five albums. While expecting works of similar content her fans are also looking forward to what she would do next as a way to distinguish this album from the rest.

Although “Try” is one of the singles from this album, it is not a song that would be recommended. It can be said that the lyrics are to repetitive and the song sparks no emotional response, however the beat and rhythm are cute and soothing.

A few songs that really stand out in the album, which is highly recommended, are “Beam Me Up” which is the ninth song on the album, “Slut like You”, the seventh song on the album and “Just Give Me a Reason”, the first duet on the album.

Pink’s The Truth about Love album is rated 8 ½ stars and is recommended for its inspirational deep lyrics and catchy beats.

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HE SAID I’ve never had a piercing in my life; never wanted one, never needed one. In today’s world you have a countless number of people with piercings from just their ears, to their body. It is really surprising at first and really startling when you see it with your own eyes for the first time. It really depends on the person who can tolerate such a thing like that because I know I can. I just choose not to get it. People today can do whatever they want, they have the free will to do anything they please to make them feel better about themselves. It is however really disturbing in my opinion that you go through something like that in order to either showcase something new to your collection, or just ruin the body that you were perfectly good with in the first place. I can understand completely though, that it is their choice to make these decisions since they have the free will to do it. In another scenario however, if they are being pressured to do it, then just don't do it. You are risking your own body to go through something that you might regret later on. Piercings on the ear I can understand since it is a common thing to do, but piercing your tragus, chest, lower waist and other parts is just not right unless you really want to do it. In cases like influence, or being under someone that you cherish like a king and you want to be just like them, it is just not a valid excuse to begin with.


Why? Because of the fact that you are your own person, you stand out from everyone else and most of all you are what defines you. Do not be like someone else and follow every footstep they make. Just be who you want to be and if some people don't like it then they just have to deal with it. SHE SAID There are only so many piercings each gender can have until it borders on plain disturbing and “ew, please, take that off.” Nose piercing? That’s okay. Tongue piercing? Cool. Hips piercing? Neck piercing? Why? Just why? That will hurt like hell when you get it pulled on by accident. Ouch! While some piercings look sexy on a man, it has the complete opposite effect on a woman. It goes the same way on specific piercings girls get that don’t look as appealing on a man, like nipple piercings. To me, a nipple piercing on a man is attractive as hell while on a woman, it’s a slight turn off. It’s not the piercing in general that’s a turn off, but the type of piercing they get or the size. If a woman were to get a certain nipple piercing, then it’ll be more appealing. But why should what they decide to get matter to us?

Why should a piercing be categorized as “for men” or “only woman”? Can’t they just pierce their bodies to their liking and not have to listen to others tell them that their piercings are wrong and that they made a mistake? They like them, they paid for them and they are running the risk of something going wrong with them. Unlike tattoos, they can get rid of them whenever they want to and not have to go through painful treatments to not have them on their bodies. It’s not as if an extra ear piercing or a new nose piercing is going to end someone’s life. It’s just a piercing. I, currently, have five piercings; two on my left ear and three on my right. My friend Sarah has recently gotten her nose pierced. Many of my friends have piercings in different parts of their bodies. Our friends thought the piercings were cool. They liked them so much they went and got the same piercing because of it. In my case, my grandma didn’t like the fact I got my cartilage pierced nor when I got the second hole piercing. I didn’t care though; I like them and do not regret getting them. In fact, I’ve been thinking of getting a new one done- I just need to decide where I want it. My friend has yet to get any hate from her family, but it’s only a matter of time before someone finds something wrong with it. So…piercings. They’re pretty cool. Get them if you want to. If you don’t like them, take it off. It’ll eventually close. No harm done.


September 2012

My Life as a Rainbow: Caught in a Lesbian Romance? DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor Chapter Six: Apparently some people in my college like to assume a lot of things about a LGBT individual such as myself. Yes people, it’s possible for a lesbian to have straight female friends and that not every girl she hangs out with is a possible love interest. I actually find it very hilarious that people automatically think I’m together with someone just because I hang out with them. For instance, around my sophomore year of college, a couple girls from my dorm thought I was either dating Trisha or Teresa. [Chilling in the lounge with Trisha; gets up and walks to my room to get something. Then some random girl comes up and talks to me.]

Me: [being loud as always] No she’s not my girlfriend, why? Random girl: [gets embarrassed] Damn Denise why you gotta be so loud? Anyways I just wanted to know that’s all. Me: Why? Random girl: Cause I always see you with her and people in the floor say that she’s your girlfriend. Me: Oh really? Well that’s real nice. I guess they’re that bored for starting a rumor like that… After talking with this girl, a couple of weeks later I found out even more interesting rumors that were going around about my friends and

I. I found out that I was supposedly dating both of them at the same time and neither one of them knew I was cheating on them behind their backs. Trisha was the one who told me about it since she over heard it from a couple of girls who were talking about it in the lounge. Sometimes I feel a little embarrassed for my friends. I mean, it’s stupid that friends of any LGBT individuals’ gets stigmatize by people just for associating with us rainbows. Of course with my best friends, they simply shrug it off anytime they hear a silly rumor of being in a relationship with me. We’re pretty close just like sisters so we don’t let things like that get in the way of our friendship. To all the straight individuals who have rainbow friends, thank you for not being dumb with us and we’re sorry if people are questioning your relationship with us. People can be naïve sometimes. Just simply brush it off and just laugh away. Rumors are simply pointless to even waste your time on.

Random girl: Hey Denise what’s up? Me: I’m good…What’s up? Random girl: Can I ask you something personal? Me: Sure… Random girl: [whispering] That girl you hang out with…Is she your girlfriend?

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2 Tips for Better Study Habits This Semester Get Organized This may just be the super-organized Capricorn in me, but having a study plan before I even lift the cover of a book is often my first step to successful studying. To start with your study plan, gather all the information you have: when the exam is, how long it will be, what resources you can bring with you, and of course, what material will be covered. Set yourself a timetable for when you can study, and break up the material you need to review into manageable chunks you can tackle at once. Save time in the last day or two before your exam to go over everything together and make sure there’s nothing you missed. Having a plan makes it easier to start each study session, and allows you to plan

when to end it, so you’re not pouring yourself over your notebook for 12 hours at a time. Creating a study plan is the best way to ensure that everything you need to review gets covered, and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed during the process. Get Together I study best alone, as I think most of us do. Spending time studying alone is pretty much essential to making sure you go over everything you need to cover, and feeling comfortable with the material in your own way. That said, I highly recommend booking in even just an hour or two of study time for a group session.

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Getting together with two or three classmates helps you study in a whole different way. You can use this time to brush up on concepts you didn’t quite understand, that other classmates might have down pat. Plus, explaining something you understand to another student is a great way to organize your thoughts and will help you articulate them during the exam. The bonus is the social aspect of a study group, which makes it feel at least a little less tedious than your solo sessions. One caveat: don’t take everything your classmates say for certain – if what they say counters what your notes or textbook says, just brush it off and go with your gut.



September 2012

Why Katy Perry Needs A New Songwriter DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor According to The Sun, Katy Perry wants to write darker material for her new album. I mean I’m all up for reinventing yourself as an artist, but let’s be real. Can anyone take the “California Girls” singer seriously if she ditches her candy pop style for more of a darker and edgier look? If she wants to step into that direction, she’s going to need to improve drastically on her song writing skills or find someone who knows how to write interesting songs for her. Let’s face it, if you look closely at some of the songs she sings, you would understand why she needs to find a new lyricist. “Firework” Perry’s third single, “Firework”, became another successful hit back in 2010 with her Teenage Dream album. I mean, what’s not to like about a good inspiration song that deals with having good self esteem? Then again, what good is it to have a song full of metaphors that makes people wonder if you’re trying too hard to make a feel good song? “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag/ drifting through the wind, wanting to start again/do you ever feel, feel so paper thin/like a house of cards, one blow from caving in/ do you ever feel already buried deep/six feet under screams, but no one seems to hear a thing…” Do you ever feel this? Do you ever feel that? She puts so many metaphors into this first verse that it’s a little too much to process at times. Hey one question, what does a plastic bag feel like? Recycled? I don’t think anyone could say they’ve ever felt paper thin either. I mean, I know Perry is trying to get her listener’s attention by trying to understand what their emotions are like but with these metaphors it’s pretty hard not to laugh at the thought someone could feel like a house of cards.


“Pearl” Pearl is another song from her second album, Teenage Dream. It’s basically about being in an abusive relationship and how the one who’s getting abused feels useless and wants to get out. “She was a pyramid/but with him she’s just a grain of sand/this love’s too strong like mice and men/squeezing out the life that should be let in…” So according to Perry, the theme Of Mice and Men, the same one that John Steinbeck wrote and won him a Nobel Prize, is about being in an abusive relationship where one of the lovers wants to get out. I still don’t know or understand why she would even reference Of Mice and Men in her song Pearl. Did she even read the novel at all? “You’re So Gay” Even though this song is a bit old since it’s from her first album, One of the Boys, this tune is the ultimate, classic example of why Perry needs a new song writer.

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“You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys/no you don’t even like, no you don’t even like, no you don’t even like boys/you’re so gay and you don’t even like boys/no you don’t even like, no you don’t even like, no you don’t even like…” So apparently the guy she’s singing about is so gay that he’s not even interested in the same sex. That totally makes sense in Perry’s world. Throughout this song, she basically complains about how dumb he is because of the way he acts. This is supposed to be a break up song by the way. Ms. Perry, if you do indeed go on in a different music direction of being more dark and edgy, please spare your listeners of putting up with another song full of ridiculous metaphors and out of whack references.

September 2012

The Do's and Dont's of Social Networking DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor It seems like people are treating their Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr like it’s a nonstop circus show. There’s the usual sad, depressing messages, the typical story of he said, she said and the classic tactic of spilling real life drama into the internet world. Let’s slow down a bit and be reminded of the do’s and don’ts of how to use your social networking site. Let’s use the following Facebook statuses that I see on my Facebook page as the examples that will be mention.

Do’s Always Leave a Friendly Message on your friend’s inbox Your friend could be having a rough day. Or maybe they’re sad because of a situation they’re in. Putting a positive message in their inbox will change their day. From starting out crappy to ending it on a good note, it will make a difference. Nothing Wrong with a Good Tease If you’re not good at making inspirational, feel good messages; use some humor to make your friend feel better. Besides, laughter is the best medicine after all.

Good Tease

Don’ts Put Up Your TMI (Too Much Information) Last thing anyone wants to read is private facts about your sex life or airing out your dirty laundry. This also applies to people who like to spill their real life drama into the internet world. Social networks should be used to make connections, not to be used as a TMZ website. SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! It’s bad enough that people get spam in their email. It’s even worse when it shows up on your Facebook newsfeed, pressuring you to like it just because of the message or making you share it if you’re truly “a good person”. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with spreading awareness of a cause but try seeing the same thing over and over again multiple times. It will get annoying.

Remember; do always leave a friendly message in your friend’s inbox. Do give a good tease just to make them smile. Don’t put up your TMI and don’t spam your newsfeed like you have nothing else to put on your status. Follow these simple social networking rules and you should be good to go on having a good time using your social website.


Too Much Information

Friendly Message



Derek Jeter Wants to Stay a Yankee ANDREW MARCHAND courtesy of NEW YORK -- After saying he could envision himself playing for another team, New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter said his desire is to remain in the Bronx his whole career. "I think it is comical that we are talking about it after I told you guys time and time again I can't picture myself playing anywhere else," Jeter said. In a Q&A with's Rick Reilly, Jeter was asked, "Peyton Manning changed teams this season after 14 seasons with the one team. Could you see yourself doing that?" Jeter responded, "Well, if I wanted to keep playing, yes. It's a business. People forget that." Jeter's answer created a lot of buzz on the Internet and landed him on the front page of the New York Daily News. "I'm going to tell you guys what went down," Jeter said. "I was asked about Peyton Manning going from Indianapolis to Denver. The question was in reference to if the organization doesn't want you around anymore, do you still want to play? You have no choice but to go to another team. I think it is common sense. But I'm glad you guys had fun with it."


Jeter, 38, entered Friday leading the majors in hits with 202. He was batting .323 on the season. He is in the second season of a three-year deal that includes a player option for 2014. Jeter will make $17 million next year. In 2014, he can opt in and make $811.5 million (depending on incentives), or he can accept a $3 million buyout and test the market. During negotiations with the Yankees before the 2011 season, Jeter and the front office clashed, with general manager Brian Cashman challenging the shortstop to test the market and see how he is valued throughout baseball. Jeter was coming off a career-worst .270 season in 2010. At the news conference to announce his re-signing, Jeter said he was disappointed about the public nature of the talks. Despite Jeter's success this season, the Yankees will be forced to weigh how much longer he will sustain his high level of play. They already have Alex Rodriguez, 37, signed for five more seasons after this one, which could create a very old left side of the infield.

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A-Rod, for one, doesn't see Jeter going anywhere. "That'll never happen," Rodriguez said of Jeter leaving. "I never see Derek playing in [another] uniform. I see him, forever, for the next 1,000 years in pinstripes. Even when he's 50 or 60, who knows, he'll still be helping out and being a leader to a captain to the Yankee franchise." Jeter lamented the publicity that he caused during a pennant race. During the Q&A, Reilly gave Jeter the option to "miss," meaning pass, on any question he didn't like. "It is a business," Jeter said, further explaining his answer. "There are two sides to a business. That was the reference. If I thought it was going to be a big deal, I would have said, 'Miss,' right?" In the past, Jeter never had referenced, in any context, the possibility of playing elsewhere. "I have been asked this question 100 times and I've told you guys the same thing," Jeter said. On Friday, he repeated it again -- Jeter hopes to be a Yankee for life


September 2012

In St. Louis, Future Looks Bright CHRIS SPROW courtesy of The NFL draft is not a crapshoot. Tom Brady (sixth-round pick) can complete a million passes to Wes Welker (undrafted), and it won't change this fact. Brady-to-Welker situations happen because the league turns over players at such a high rate that those not drafted inevitably get their shot. You'll see it again and again, because at just seven rounds, the draft isn't designed to fill rosters completely. This is why roughly 15 percent of the league is made up of undrafted players. But the best players are, on average, drafted high.

The Pro Bowl isn't a perfect measure of greatness, it's not where number-crunchers and scouts sip scotch together and agree, "Yep, these truly are the best guys." But it's not a bad one. And if you took every Pro Bowl player drafted in the last 10 years, 100 were drafted in Round 1, 36 in Round 2. That means 71 percent of the NFL's best players were drafted in the first two rounds. Go back another 10 years, when the draft extended to 12 rounds in some years, and the percentage dips to 63 percent. Subtract

kickers, punters and special-teams aces from the equation -- most of whom were drafted late or not at all -- and the first two rounds are even more dominant. It's already happening this year -- 28 of 29 healthy first-round picks have started or played big roles in the first two games; same with the second round. So I'll say it again: The draft is not a crapshoot. And that's why by Week 1 of 2014, and perhaps well beyond, no team in the NFL will be more loaded with talent than St. Louis Rams. And it won't just be because of the draft.

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September 2012



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