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SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! You could be losing $1,300.

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Are you being ripped off with your Meal Plan?

Details reveal how much students may be losing ALTHEA BENLOSS Scribe Consultant Hamburger Spot you have to check out p. 16


Let's hear it for UB's Lacrosse team p. 22

College students may agree that money is an important, if not the most important, factor throughout the duration of each semester. When one feels threatened by the deficiency of rightly deserved funds, it is likely to cause a lot of confusion and possibly loss of trust. Therefore, when numbers of how much money the University of Bridgeport students are losing out on emerged, it became an immediate cause for concern.

“I think that what might be happening—because the hUB is so popular, everyone rushed to use the dining dollar side of their plan,” Estrada said. “The plan hasn’t changed; it’s been the same plan.”

Students residing on campus are required to choose from the four meal plans that are offered, which accompanies a certain amount of dining dollars on the student’s ID card, for purchases made at the hUB or the Scribe Café. It is very common for students to run out of dining dollars far before the conclusion of the semester and according to Vice President of Facilities George Estrada, he believes that the hUB may be the factor.

President of Student Government Association (SGA) Colin Capaci made a presentation to the Board of Directors and was able to convey his thoughts and concerns to the highest level of the university about the meal plan. He had his CFO run the numbers, and looking at the breakdown, there were many inconsistencies.

Estrada said that the attraction of the hUB with its dining selections is what has really resulted in students hoping for more on the dining dollars side, as opposed to going into the dining hall.


SLEEP: You Need It OR Need More of It JILLIAN ANDERSON Staff Writer According to the 2005 Sleep in America Poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, 71% of American adults receive less than 8 hours of sleep during the night on a typical weekday. Quality and quantity of sleep, or lack of it, affects all aspects of our lives, from health and safety to mood stability. Sleep even influences our ability to learn and retain new information which is particularly important to college students. Information acquired during hours spent studying for a big exam could be easily lost if it is not followed by a full night of sleep, when short term memory is transformed into long term memory. According to a report released in 2006 by the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, “sleep helps the brain commit new information to memory through a process called memory consolidation,” in which, “people who’d slept after learning a task did better on tests later.” Our brains maintain many aspects of our health during sleep, including levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which influences our moods, ability to handle stressful situations, in addition to cardiovascular health by controlling blood pressure. Other hormones impact immune system function, as well as metabolism, appetite, and weight maintenance. Most people need at least 6 hours of sleep per night, but the exact amount varies from person to person.


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The American Psychological Association asserts that indications of excessive sleepiness include “irritability, moodiness and disinhibition,” as well as an experience of “apathy, slowed speech and flattened emotional responses, impaired memory and an inability to multitask,” eventually leading the sleepy person to “fall into micro sleeps (5-10 seconds) that cause lapses in attention, nod off while doing an activity like driving or reading and then finally experience hypnagogic hallucinations, the beginning of REM sleep.” In 2002 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that fatigue-related car crashes have a high mortality rate that is suspected to be associated with high speeds combined with delayed reaction time since “sleepy drivers are less likely than alert drivers to take corrective action before a crash.” On the NHTSA website for Drowsy Driving and Automobile Crashes, the organization states that “virtually all studies that analyzed data by gender and age group found that young people between ages 16-29, and males in particular, were the most likely to be involved in fall-asleep crashes.” Young adult males, night shift workers, medical residents, commercial truck drivers and people who obtain less than six hours of sleep per night are cited as being at particularly high risk for a fatal car crash, especially when driving late at night or early in the morning.

Environment and behavior play a major role in the amount of sleep a person gets. While it’s normal to experience occasional sleeping difficulties, particularly when faced with stress associated with family or relationship issues, as well as school and job related stress, a longterm sleep deficit could cause many severe long term problems in your life. If you think you are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, it’s important to take steps to improve your sleep environment and modify behaviors that are contributing to your sleep deficit. The American Psychological Association recommends several tips to help you get more quality sleep: .Only go to bed when you are tired .If you have difficulty getting to sleep, do something else until you are ready .Get regular exercise .Reduce caffeine intake throughout the day .Avoid daytime naps .Sleep and wake up at the same times throughout the week, including weekends .Don’t eat food or drink alcohol right before going to bed .Avoid noise, light, and extreme temperatures where you sleep .Don’t watch TV in bed .Avoid caffeine within 4-6 hours of your normal bedtime .Don’t oversleep (even on the weekends)


February 2012

Are you being ripped off with your Meal Plan? ALTHEA BENLOSS Scribe Consultant continued from page 1

“Within the top three issues, number one that I hear about is Dining dollars; and not enough dining dollars, or the food is too expensive, or something related to food,” Capaci said. “I love food myself, so I look at my own meal plan and I ran some numbers and looked at how much we put into food in our tuition and compared those two numbers and saw that there was a pretty big gap there.” According to the SGA breakdown*, on campus students pay $2,800 for food. When the meal plan is broken down mathematically, the following displays the accurate value of each meal plan and its deficit (the amount of money students are losing out on) out of the $2,800: • 19 meals ($75 in dining dollars); deficit of $534 • 17 meals ($125 in dining dollars); deficit of $645 • 12 meals ($200 in dining dollars); deficit of $1,000 • 8 meals ($400 in dining dollars); deficit of $1,300

*It should be noted that the deficit numbers are based on if a student uses every meal plan and factors such as overhead (labor, facilities, food cost, etc.) are some factors not included in the analysis. “How much can you spend a day, every day of the semester and have enough dining dollars by the end of the semester? The answer comes out to around $2.25 for $400 dining dollars,” Capaci said. “$2.25 is how much you can spend a day. It’s not enough to get you a Sobe.” “The most important thing that I want to convey is that the university has zero profit on the food services,” Estrada said. “Food is a pass-through, which means there’s no mark-up whatsoever.” He noted that whatever the cost of all those meals is, it is covered by the students’ dining package and the contract is called a cost plus.

“Sodexo is not in any way profiting tremendously by doing a major mark-up on food and profiting from the students,” Estrada said. “When we pay $2,800 for food we expect the value of $2,800 for food,” Capaci said. “And that’s what we’re looking for here; we’re looking to get more dining dollars; more options.” The Board of Trustees and the President are aware of this, and according to Capaci they are all in negotiation about it. Estrada said that the President as well as The Board are always very receptive to the concerns of the students. “What we do know for certain, is that any amount of excess money, which there is, isn’t coming to us, which we feel is entitled to,” Capaci said. “We would understand if maybe there is a couple hundred dollar difference per student, but we’re looking at a thousand dollar differences per student; that’s too much.” continued on page 3

Photo courtesy of Vice President of Facilities, George Estrada



February 2012 continued from page 3

Sophomore Kiyomi Todd said that she feels like she’s being ripped off.

in three months, but I could be coming close to it and I’m not able to.”

“It doesn’t seem right,” she said.

“We want the administration to know that we’re aware of this; and where is [the money] going? What is that money being used for? Why isn’t it coming back to us? I promise you if you give us more dining dollars, you will make more money,” Capaci said.

She almost regrets changing her meal plan to eight meals because then she would have had more options with Marina when the dining dollars run out. “If you have only $5 to spend, then your option is, like, chicken and fries. The natural foods and the better foods are more expensive but I can’t buy that,” Todd said. “I can only stick to the fast food, and I don’t want fast food every day.”

The General Manager of Food Services Jenn Currier said, “Ultimately, what we want to do is make sure we’re offering the right combination of plans as far as how many meals they’re getting and how many dollars are tied with the meals.”

“As a student I feel cheated,” Capaci said. “I feel like I could be getting more for what I’m paying for, and I love food and I love to eat. There’s no way I’m eating more than $2,800

Currier believes that once everyone sees what the changes in the fall of 2012 are and the new food choices will be, students will

be interested in more meals versus more dollars on their card. She also elaborated on all the major transformations that are to be expected in the campus dining hall and the various options that will be provided next semester, such as healthier food options, a cook-attended salad bar, higher count in desserts, etc. “Everything that we’ve decided to design for the fall, whether it be menus, types of food, stations that we’re going to offer is all a direct response from feedback we’ve gotten from students,” Currier said. “Put the pressure on Marina, put the pressure on Sodexo; Let them know that students are aware and not ignorant to what their meal plans and to the numbers that are public information, and we’re not happy with it,” Capaci said.

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February 2012

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Hoo boy, things are heating up at UB and it’s not just the weather. Our news section is hot this issue with conflicts brewing in not just the dining hall, but within SGA too that may be severely effecting the services you’re provided as a student. We’ve also got some hot reviews for you, not just from the big screen with Nicolas Cage’s latest sequel, Ghost rider 2, but also from a local burger whose atmosphere is at pleasant as the food is delicious. From the fashion world, we bring you a look back on New York City’s Fashion Week and what it brought to the big apple. Overall, issue 6 is packed with news you need to know as a UB student and info on how to keep yourself entertained and healthy. All of us at The Scribe wish you a happy end to February as we all look towards March, midterms and Spring Break.

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Knight Life

The Two Sides of SGA NATALIA WONG Staff Writer

On February 2, 2012 Julian Sampson, former class president for the class of 2014, tagged a number of people on Facebook in his note entitled “What You Need to Know (My Article) SGA.” In the note, Sampson expresses his regret for even becoming class president. The major factor that led him to wanting to resign as class president is his fellow SGA members who he called “puppets.” What pushed Sampson off the edge most of all is not receiving his stipend. Sampson feels that SGA’s decisions are only based on one person’s thoughts, Colin Capaci, the president of SGA. “I still haven’t received my stipend to this day,” said Sampson. The reason he stated for not receiving is stipend is he was told by Capaci that he did not have the proper requirements. Capaci, after having a sit down conversation, explained to Sampson that the reason he did not receive his stipend was because he only attended one town hall meeting when three is required in the constitution. However, Sampson took matters into his own hands and right after their conversion placed his essay on Facebook. The decision taken by Sampson to go public with his faults of SGA was when Capaci felt that things had gotten “out of hand.” The executive board saw Sampson’s public essay as “an explicit statement of resignation,” said Capaci. Not only were some of Sampson’s friends tagged in the essay, but also the executive board members as well. Capaci and the rest of the executive board only felt right to resign someone who so clearly spoke his mind about no longer wanting to be a part of SGA. “Better leadership skills, being clear about where he stands and being

prepared and knowing everyone in the student government” according to Sampson is needed by Capaci or a president in general. “He has a persuasive way of forcing SGA members in supporting his ideas,” said Sampson. Also, he feels that decisions should be made together, not one person only calling the shots. Capaci has learned a lot from this whole ordeal and has changed a few things, involving the way he runs SGA and documenting. “There is no more word-of-mouth conversations solely; instead everything said is documented and sent through e-mail,” said Capaci. In addition, Capaci feels that if he tells one of the members of SGA to do something that is expected of them he wants it to be done. He feels that he has been too slack in checking up on the members of SGA. To make sure everything is running well he wants to stay on top of the members to make sure their work is being done and not just simply that; also done on time. “Why does the executive board continue to aid Mr. Capaci in his distortion of what was once considered the organization of greatness, of intellect and one that was comprised of REAL LEADERS?” said Sampson on Facebook. Sampson was asking those that read his note, what they felt about SGA after hearing his complaints? “Through all of this SGA is remaining positive and optimistic and we know the best interest of the students lies within honesty in productivity,” said Capaci. In Colin’s perspective, SGA will keep moving forward and the minor setbacks will help improve SGA. Now, students and faculty of UB knows the controversies of SGA and from this, can decide for themselves if SGA is really there for the students and not just abusing their power. Where will you stand?

Organization of the Week KAITLIN O’CONNELL Staff Writer AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION Established- 1924 About- The association was founded by six cardiologists who were concerned about the lack of heart disease information. At first, the patients that were said to have the disease were considered to be fated and were limited to bed rest. In 1946 the American Legion donated $50,000 to them so that they could develop a rheumatic fever program as well as research it. In 1948 the AHA made its public debut, reorganized and brought in non-medical volunteers with skills in communication, fund raising, business management, public education and community organization so that they could educate the community about the organization. By February of 1949 they had raised over $2.7 million. Efforts to include women and minorities in leadership paid off in the late 1980s when they included efforts to understand the effects of heart disease and strokes on women


and minorities. Today the AHA has grown into a national organization with its website providing a digital app that teaches people how to perform CPR.

warning signs of a stroke and what to do if someone has one, heart disease and the effects of cigarette smoke on society (especially how it effects children). They also provide healthy workouts and eating habits for those who have high blood pressure, high or low cholesterol levels, diabetes, smoking and physical inactivity. For more information visit HEARTORG/

Why- It’s a non-profit organization within the United States that provides cardiac care to reduce the amount of disabilities and deaths caused by stroke and cardiovascular disease. It provides information on how to perform CPR,

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February 2012

Coming Soon to your Vending Machines: Plan B DEVIKA HUDSON Fashion Columnist Now, when you go to the vending machine for your casual snacks in your universities, next to your bag of pretzels and bag of snickers candy, soon there will be the so- called “morningafter pill,” Plan B. Plan B is an over-the-counter emergency contraceptive pill to be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. It can reduce the chance of pregnancy when taken as directed up to three days after unprotected sex, if your regular birth control method fails or you had sex without birth control. “I think it is better to help people avoid pregnancy. It’s good to have Plan B on campus and cheaper than going to a nearby pharmacy,” said

Photo courtesy of

senior Shalom Agyei about the idea of having vending machines. Instead of having to walk to your nearest pharmacy counter, you spend less time and have an easier accessible way of protecting yourself right on your campus. Those teenagers 17 and under are only allowed to obtain with a prescription. Shippensburg University located in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania has had these machines for about two years now, but its existence wasn’t widely known until recently. It is amongst one of the first places to show its presence. The university uses the money made from sales to purchase more pills. Some 350 to 400 doses are sold each year.

The idea has drawn the attention of federal regulators and recently raised questions about how accessible emergency contraception should be. Senior Sydney Brown brought up a good point by saying, “it would be a good idea to try, but it never will be enough to reduce the amount of pregnancies each year. It might encourage more people to have sex, because it access is closer and cheaper.” More parents and staff members believe that as much as the health center claims it will help, it can negatively have a bad influence too. But if the machine was just recently noticed after two years, it really must have not been as negative as they thought.



February 2012

New Recycling Program coming to UB next month CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor When last fall semester started, the Student Government Association (SGA) outlined some of their top priorities for the entire year and one of them was to improve the recycling process around the campus since it was lacking. Now as March approaches, SGA and UB administration plans to launch its “Campus Wide Recycling Program” to raise awareness on the matter. In order to make this a possibility, SGA has collaborated with Dean of Students Ken Holmes and Vice President of Facilities George Estrada on how UB could become a greener campus. SGA President Capaci said that starting this program was an important issue for the student body. “The fact that the campus didn’t recycle is something that is so fundamentally wrong that it needed immediate attention,” he said. “Recycling is no longer some progressive thing to do; it’s a standard and a basic thing that intelligent companies, people and anyone who is educated do.” Estrada has been working with All American Waste Company that will provide UB with basic information and resources on how the recycling program will become a successful one. Each building starting with Wahlstrom library from the garden level to the seventh floor will now have different waste receptacles and large waste bins to differentiate between recyclable items and regular garbage.

Following that, dorms including Barnum, Seeley, Chaffee and Cooper will all institute a single stream recycling system and have recycling containers in all student lounges. There will be a communication system with Residential Life Director Robert Vass, Resident Directors and Advisers and students on the how the program is going. Shortly after that Marina Dining Hall will implement a similar system. “The benefit of this is obviously the environmental benefit is primary,” Estrada said. “We recognize that we should be environmentally sensitive and bring the university towards greening the campus.” The project will save the university about $20,000 a year by not taking the recyclables to the plant where the city of Bridgeport would normally burn the garage and create electricity. Those savings will be made that could help UB in becoming even greener down the road. Between 80 and 85 percent of the waste that will be thrown out will be recyclable and put into a single compactor by Marina. Juan Fuentes, Director of Facilities Management said that all of his custodians, housekeeping staff and maintenance workers will have an easy transition when operating with this new system.

Photo courtesy of


“The training is minimal,” Fuentes said. “Instead of throwing the newspaper, soda can or old paperwork in the trash we now are going to place these items in a recycling container. Each recycling container will be marked on numerous spots to distinguish it from a trash container. In addition, there will be postings of what items are recyclable.” Items that will be recyclable consist of newspapers/magazines, pizza boxes, aluminum food and beverage containers and direct mail items among others. Non acceptable pieces include plastic bags, coat hangers, paper towels/ tissues and non paper envelopes. By late spring/early summer every building around campus will be participating in the new program and by June there will be an evaluation on the overall progress on how the entire project is going. “The most important benefit of this new program is instead of filling landfills with items that can be recycled; we will be making these items into something we can use again,” Fuentes said. “It is our responsibility to cherish our environment and protect it from unnecessary waste so that we, as well as our future generations, can enjoy it.”


February 2012

Refresh Yourself SHANICE DRAKES Columnist

Water is essential for all living things, big and small. People drink water when they are thirsty or hot, and need to be refreshed. People don’t realize just how beneficial drinking water can be. Drinking a minimum of eight glasses per day can do things like flushing the body of toxins to regulating body temperature and everything in between. Listed below are some reasons why drinking eight glasses of water a day can refresh you in many ways. Water can lead to a fresh start at things.

• Water helps to maintain healthy body weight by increasing metabolism and regulating appetite. • Water leads to increased energy levels. The most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually mild dehydration. • Water can prevent and alleviate headaches. • Water naturally moisturizes skin and ensures proper cellular formation underneath layers of skin to give it a healthy, glowing appearance. • Water aids in the digestion process and prevents constipation. • Your bones are over 50 percent water and, you guessed it, need water to make healthy new bone cells. • Water helps to eliminate wastes and toxins from your body through the lymphatic system, kidneys and intestines. • Water balances body temperature. • Water alleviates dehydration • Every cell and organ in your body requires adequate water to function properly.

(These facts are courtesy of,, and

Photo courtesy od



DIY Starburst Bracelet KAITLIN O' CONNELL Staff Writer Materials- Starburst wrappers (not ripped) Step One- Take a Starburst wrapper, lay in flat, smooth it out and then fold the two sides into the middle crease so that the wrapper is half the size that it was originally.

Step Three- Repeat steps one and two with another wrapper then take wrapper #1 and insert the folded end into wrapper #2 (see photo), at this time both of your wrappers should be making a “V” shape.

Step Two- Fold the sides of wrapper to the inside again then fold the two ends so that they both meet in the middle (making a “V”shape).

Step Four- Keep repeating all three steps until your bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist, when this is complete unfold the last wrapper on one side so that it is a larger “V” shape, then insert the end of the bracelet into the other, tuck them into the opposite end (almost like reversing the way that they have been inserted).






Step Five- If the bracelet comes apart during step four you can dab a drop of super glue into where the wrapper has been inserted so that it won’t come apart.

Just remember that you might have to buy at least two packs of Starburst’s so that you have enough wrappers to fold so that the bracelet will fit around your wrist. Just remember that with this particular DIY you can choose a variety of colors and patterns, STAY CREATIVE!





February 2012 DEVIKA HUDSON Fashion Columnist

Every issue, a student that attends UB is brought out to the spotlight because of their unique fashion sense. It can either range from what is popular around the world or something new from their diverse culture. Not only do clothes add creativity to one human being, but hair, makeup, accessories and footwear play a part as well. On this issue, one individual was specifically chosen because of her natural hair. It has recently become a new fade, of women around the world embracing the real “her.”

Name: Neely Neverson Age: 18 Major: IPED Year: Freshman Interview Questions 1. How long have you been natural and why? I have been natural since my junior year of high school, which was my last relaxer. My big chop was on June 30, 2011 the day after my birthday, which is when I cut off all my relaxed ends. It was not dramatic, because I transitioned a couple of months prior to reach a certain length. I realized that perming my hair cost a lot of money and I knew that I would be coming away from home in the next years; it would be hard to find a new stylist. It was a way for me to take care of it and do exactly what I wanted to do myself. 2. Does your hair influence the way you dress? My hair does not influence the way you dress. It is more of the other way around. My clothes have a lot to do with the way my hair is. For each occasion, I present my hair differently. 3. Do you have any “natural hair” role models? Yes, I have “natural hair” role models, but they are only specifically people that are on YOUTUBE channels, not celebrities. Some examples are Taren Guy and THENATURALSISTAS. I find them more relatable, because they gave me step-by-step hairstyle ideas and reasonable products that I could afford.

4. Well, since we are on the topic of products, what are your top five products that you have to use? My top five natural hair products would have to be Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie, Kinky Curly Shampoo and Leave In conditioner, Beautiful Texture Leave In conditioner and Curling Smoothie. 5. How do you feel about the latest trend of everyone being able to rock natural hair? I am for young women to embrace their natural hair, but I do not like that people assumed that I have done the same because it is a trend. I like the fact that people embrace who they really are. 6. Do you have anything against people that have relaxed hair? Would you ever perm your hair again? I do not have anything against people that choose to relax their hair. I do not feel like I am better than anyone, because my hair is natural. What works for some, just might not work for others. I feel like I will one day go back to perming my hair, because you get tired of the same style. I might get tired of having to comb through my hair or doing different hairstyles, but right now it is easy to mange.


February 2012

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012


SHANIQUA KING Fashion Editor

Last week, fashion month officially began and the first stop was New York Fashion Week Women’s Ready-To-Wear collection for Fall/ Winter 2012. The general mood of the clothing pieces from the collections was dark, edgy, ladylike and whimsical. Many designers focused on the aspect of a strong, mysterious and edgy woman as their source of inspiration, by focusing on silhouettes such as structural outerwear pieces that are inspired by the military, menswear and the 60s. Sportswear inspired details were also a strong trend on the runways such as pointed collars on shirts and dresses, clean and minimal tight dresses and lots of androgynous looks. Designers such as Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs and Donna Karen all incorporated this trend into their collections to convey a very powerful woman.


Some of the other emerging trends on the runway for NYFW were the comeback of the sheath dress, pencil skirts, the jumpsuit and sweater dresses. These basic silhouettes were recreated for this fall season with new colors, patterns and textures. This would be the perfect classic staple in any women’s everyday wardrobe. There were many unique colors that were seen on the runway such as textured black, deep shades of red, electric blues, oranges and deep greens. They also a lot of recurring colors trends that were seen on the runway. The past two seasons color blocking trend made a huge presence. Many designers played with this popular Spring 2012 trend such as Diane von Furstenberg, Karen Walker and Lacoste.

Different patterns and fabrics such as tweed, leather, jacquard and metallic’s were a hot trend on the runway, adding visual interest and personality to the clothing pieces. Even this New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 collection wasn’t the most innovating when it came to new silhouettes and designers, because there was a lot of repetition from the past few seasons. This NYFW has full of excitement, which focused on the story of a strong women during these hard economic times through the power of clothing.

Express Your Scribe Damn Shame! Her words flow like a stream heading to a river, Seeping through her pen like sweet honey on a bee hive They dance in your mind like a ballerina Spinning and Spinning. Her words so sharp leave deep wounds in your soul You ponder the secret emotion behind them. And you want to write like her. With the passion of two lovers kissing The emotion that would leave a single tear drop in the corner of your eye That tear drop will equal beauty, Strength in the words that express your very fear Every Worry It’s funny how you can admire someone for their work but hate them for their personality The words that slither from her mouth like a venomous snake Ooze through her teeth like poisonous slime Bares no comparison to the beauty of her poetry. One person on paper Another in Life She’s an angel when she writes But only when she writes! Trisha Bartholomew

To read more poetry or to submit your own creative works, visit our website at!



Have a Love for writing? Have a poem, opinion, review about a movie or restaurant, or got the latest news on campus? Then, We Want You! Feel free to join The Scribe every Wednesday @8:30pm in The Scribe Office Rm 228 of the Student Center.



February 2012

Dark Side of Fame DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor For many celebrities the price of fame results in not only giving up their private lives, but has their every move watched under the public eye. With one little mistake, their whole career ends up being torn to shreds without any mercy. Of course, the dark side of fame comes to play once the celebrity dies. When a certain celebrity is being bashed constantly with one mistake and ends up passing away, the media goes into guilt trip frenzy and showers the deceased with praise to make up the hard troubles they put them through.

Amy Winehouse Ever since her drug addiction came out into the spotlight during her last few years, the media have bombarded Winehouse constantly with her struggles. More news on her latest drug addiction graced the tabloids than her music career. When Winehouse passed away however, there were no reports of any drugs in her body. Following the report, the media showered her death with tributes and stories on how she was a good singer knowing that months before they criticized the singer for her drug habits.

Photo courtesy of

Michael Jackson The King of Pop’s career came down quickly from increasing media coverage of his child molestation case back in 2003. Even though Jackson was proved innocent, some people still believed he was guilty. After he passed away before he could make his comeback, Jackson sold over 35 million albums worldwide, had Cirque du Soleil do a “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour” and had Mohamed Al-Fayed put a statue of Jackson in Craven Cottage.

Photo courtesy of

Whitney Houston Ever since Houston married Bobby Brown in 1992, rumors of drug abuse started when things have changed during the 90s. With canceled concerts, failed talk show appearances and weight loss, it furthered the suspicion for drug use. After the recent death, reports have showed Houston died from a combination of Xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol. With a Grammy Tribute and a musical farewell in her funeral, many people are now regarding Houston as the voice in the music industry.

Photo courtesy of

What Grinds My Gears…About Campus Security

DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor

“Their attitude grinds my gears. You ask them a question and they respond with an attitude,” -Kristen McDowell, junior

When it comes to campus security, some students wonder what they’re really doing with their jobs. Check out what these UB students had to say about what grinds their gears with UB’s security.

“When security guards jump to conclusions,” -Rachel Rambo, sophomore

“When I press my PAL and they don’t come at all,” -Alexandrea Feaster, sophomore “How they have favorites. So they would check one person’s ID and won’t check the ones they’re friends with,” -Trisha Bartholomew, sophomore

“When they take too long to come after you press your PAL,” -Dani Gomez, junior Want more of "What Grinds My Gears"? Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” Photo courtesy of

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inReview Restaurant Review: Jake's Wayback Burgers (Stratford, CT) JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor McDonalds, Burger King and other fast food chains have made a killing off of making cheap hamburgers. The problem with these burgers is that they’re usually dry and taste terrible.

a lone TV hanging on the wall. The restaurant offers chicken sandwiches, hot dogs and turkey burgers among other things. Their specialty is hamburgers though.

Conversely, you have upper scale restaurants which offer “gourmet” burgers which may taste good, but also have ridiculous prices.

They offer hamburgers and cheeseburgers, with one, two or three patties. The double burgers are $5.49 and the triple burgers are $7.49. Their sides include fries, onion rings and homemade barbecue chips. They also offer milkshakes in 10 different flavors, and in two different sizes.

There are very few places where you can get a halfway decent burger that isn’t overly expensive. Jake’s Wayback Burgers in Stratford is one of those places. Jake’s Wayback Burgers started in 1990 as a single restaurant in Newark, DE and has since expanded to several locations throughout the Northeast. The Stratford location is very small and cozy, and the lines usually aren’t long at all. There’s

Photo courtesy of


When I was there, I ordered a Jake Cheeseburger (two patties), a small side of fries and a junior chocolate mint shake. One of the best things about Jake’s Wayback Burgers is that unlike a lot of places, they don’t use frozen patties; they use fresh ground beef and you can see the burger being made right in front of you. Most of the toppings at Jake’s are free, including jalap-

enos, fried onions and relish. The only ones you have to pay for are mushroom, chili and bacon. I waited about 10-15 minutes, and then my order was brought to my table. The burger bun was seedless and soft. The burger itself was delicious and cooked just right. What made the burger especially good was the fact that it wasn’t coated in grease. The cheese was melted appropriately and didn’t ooze off the burger. The fries were golden, not too crispy and not too salty. Jake’s milkshakes leave a lot to be desired, but mine was decent enough. My bill ran up to about $10.50, which is cheaper than other burger places I’ve been too. Overall, my experience at Jake’s Wayback Burgers was very pleasant. The food is very tasty, and you can feel comfortable eating a nice, casual lunch there. I would definitely recommend it.


February 2012

The Darkness 2: Short Yet Sweet HARI SINGH Staff Writer Two years after the first game, The Darkness 2 takes place in the dark gameplay that you knew and love in the first game. Jackie Estacado, the main character of the game and now the Don of the Franchetti crime family, still possesses the Darkness, a demonic power that gives the user powers out of this world but comes with a price; the user is only used as a shell so that it can slowly consume the host to take control of the user's body. After the two years of holding back from the Darkness, Jackie gets ambushed in his restaurant by a dark group called the Brotherhood, an ancient secret society that was formed thousands of years ago by a saint for the sole purpose of protecting the world from the Darkness, but now the group searches for the Darkness for personal gain. Jackie then unleashes the Darkness once again to find out what is the Brotherhoods real intentions for the Darkness. There is an additional mini campaign mode call Vendettas. It basically lets the

player and three other friends control four hit men that have a specific Darkness power for each of the characters that you pick. You go on missions for Jackie to recover dark relics from the Brotherhood. Vendettas mode can be played offline alone or co-operatively online with other people. The storyline is twisted, yet addicting at the same time. The player will want to play every second of the Darkness because of the comic book storyline it has; it’s deep, innovating and above all keeps the player wanting to play the game and find out what really is happening to Jackie in the game. The Darkness 2 also brings a better gameplay from the first one that had a stealthy type of gameplay. The Darkness 2 gives you something that most first person shooters give like ways to brutally execute enemies with the Darkness itself that you can either regain health or ammunition from. To play with Jackie and his guns, the game lets you play either run and

gun, stealthy, tactical or all of the above as a hybrid gameplay, depending on how and what abilities you purchase from the tech tree. The graphics in the game have a comic book type of feel when you play it. The player would feel as if the graphics are accustomed to this game, that it fits perfectly to what players would of hoped for in the second installment. Compare it with the first The Darkness which had an overall gloomy style of graphics, which in the Darkness 2 brings out the graphics even more using this graphic novel type of visual into the game. Even though The Darkness 2 is only about six to10 hours of gameplay, the amount of enjoyment the player will get will be worth it. By far this game is the most diverse first person shooter for the new year of 2012. The Darkness 2 brings out a different type of gameplay that the first person shooter player would enjoy playing, alone or with friends.

Sound Graphics: 8.5/10 Game Play: 8.5/10 Overall: 8.5/10

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Opinion Are all gays and lesbians the same as what we see on t.v? BY HARI SINGH & SHANICE DRAKES

HE SAID In my personal way of having gay friends, I never had a problem with my friends being gay because they are expressing themselves. No one is perfect, just the fact that most people in this world judge others for having gay friends when they are not gay. People today judge others so quickly for just one observation, and they think that its just how the person really is. Gay people are not really disturbing our way of life, even having them as friends is just like having any other regular friend weather a boy or a girl. The first gay friends I had literally were in the University of Bridgeport. Never back in Florida would I ever imagine having gay friends because of the private Muslim academy that I went to. Even though they talked about gay people and having gay friends I really never payed attention to it because of the fact that they are just like everyday people just like us trying to go through life everyday, never bothering us, and never harming our way of living at all. When I first meet Sabreen, Denise, and Colton they were just like regular everyday people. Even though they acted differently, I first thought that I was going to feel uncomfortable amongst them. Then, as the minutes went on we were just having enjoyable conversation about stupid stuff like T.V episodes, music, clothes, just everyday things that people in general talk about.


Even though its just that fact that people have gay friends, doesn't mean we change, we just evolve to a better understanding of how society in general works. Having gay friends isn't a bad thing, you can just learn from them a thing or two about things you wouldn't even know about. SHE SAID Having gay friends is not what most television shows make it seem. None of my lesbian friends hit on me or tried to date me. None of my gay friends were fashionistas or talked about cute guys with me 24/7. Yet that’s what people think goes on between gay and straight friends. Since high school, I’ve had a few gay friends. I found it cool that we could talk about the cute guys in school, but we also talk about other typical teenage things. Such topics touched on school, work, family, friends and teenage life. Whenever I was going out somewhere and needed a nice outfit I wouldn’t go to my gay friends. Why? Simply because they were not into that type of fashion. They were into the regular guy fashion.

I also had some lesbian friends. Everyone assumes I date my lesbian friends because we hang out a lot. Why can’t I be friends with a person in general without someone claiming we date without asking one of us first? Then you have those that assume your friend is a lesbian because she’s a tomboy. Not all lesbians dress or act like guys. In fact there are some feminine, “girly” lesbians. As for my gay friends, not all of them were feminine or “queens.” I have gay friends that look like your average guy. You wouldn’t know these people were gay unless they were to tell you. Some people say they would end a friendship if a gay friend of theirs were to ever like them. Sometimes it happens, but is it really worth ending the friendship over? A friend once told me she liked me and I told her how I honestly felt and we’re still friends. It wouldn’t make sense to not talk to her anymore because of the feelings she had for me. If you have any gay friends, don’t treat them like some character off of television or like they’re some oddball. They are your friend, not a stranger. You can easily offend a person by assuming that you know who they are.


February 2012

My Life as a Rainbow: Homophobia DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor

Chapter Two: It’s not easy being a rainbow. I believe gays and lesbians are born the way they are and they have the right to love whoever they want to love; but unfortunately not everyone understands that. There are people out there who are homophobic – meaning they have an unreasoning fear of homosexuals. I thought coming out of the closet was going to be the toughest part, but I was wrong. After I came out, the following three weeks were pure hell for me. My family treated me like I was diseased and just gave me the silent treatment. They reminded me daily on how much of a failure I was to them for coming out as a lesbian. I mean I thought it was a damn shame to be a teen mother in the Hispanic community. I thought once you end up being 15 and pregnant, not only have you destroyed your future, but also your family’s name as well. At least that’s what I was taught growing up. So I figured if I confessed to my aunt about being a lesbian, at least she’ll know I won’t be like some of my other cousins who are struggling with a kid in their arms. But I guess I was wrong.

Aunt: You’re disgusting. You make me sick… Me: [trying to light up the mood] Well look at it this way…At least I won’t end up as a teen mom. Aunt: I would rather have you as a teen mom than a lesbian… It became so ridiculous that I started to question whether or not it was worth living through this process of pain and hurt. It seemed like my whole family hated me and actually wanted me to writher way. I had no voice to defend or even express my pain that they were causing me. At that time, the only way I eased out my pain was through cutting. It was an unfortunate outlet for me to even do it and even with the painfully obvious cry out, I was bombarded with homophobia without mercy. The phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words would never hurt me,” has to be one of the worst understatements I’ve ever lived through. Emotional and mental abuse takes a hell of a lot longer to heal than any physical bruise. It gets deeper when your own family is the one that’s gay bashing you. But of course, that died down once they realized that I no longer cared about them or their “expectations of what a woman should

be”. People say being gay is a choice, so if that’s the case, then why would any sane person choose to be hated and being bashed constantly? Months went by and all the negativity died down. Once in a while I get a comment here and there, but through therapy and support groups I’ve learned to brush it off and keep going. Through my LGBT friends that I’ve met online, they taught me to always love myself and to never let any negativity bring me down. Through my therapist, she taught me how to always be true to myself and be a strong woman. It’s been a good two years since the last time I’ve cut myself. I can honestly say that I’m more emotionally stronger than I was a couple years ago. I think every individual has to go through a dark phase in order to become strong, to become the person that they are now. It does get better later on, and yes there will always be homophobia but no matter what, homosexuals are human beings too. They’re just like everyone else and yes, being gay or lesbian or bisexual or even transgender is actually normal. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Spiritual Teachings for Everyday Life


Family Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. However when needed they are just a call away. Family is the backbone of many. Even though they can be quite a pain, there are greatly appreciated. Let a family member know how much they are loved. Quotes from the Bible – Christianity “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.” -Psalms 127:3-5

“To support mother and father, to cherish wife and child and to have a simple livelihood; this is the good luck.” -Buddha “Just because somebody doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they got” -Anonymous ” We automatically expect our family members and closest friends to be here when we wake up every morning to start our day. Don't take one single thing/person for granted. If you love them, tell them.” -Anonymous

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” -Proverbs 31:28-29 “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” -1 Corinthians 13:7 Miscellaneous (Courtesy of “In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” -Eva Burrows “The best inheritance a parent can give to his children is a few minutes of their time each day.” -M. Grundler



February 2012

Am I an Eagle OUTFITTER?

Having a problem? Need Advice? Submit your letter to "Ask The Scribe" on our website under the Opinion Tab. You may have your letter responded to in the print edition! Please include your full name and contact info for the Editors use only. All letters will be anonymous. (see Op.Ed Disclaimer page 5.)


February 2012

Ask Belle Vie.....She Is All Knowing Dear Belle Vie, In high school I received notice that my closest friend was not coming back to school because she found out that she had cancer in her leg. Recently I found out that she died. To be honest I didn’t cry but my world is now destroyed. We were so close; it was like she was literally half of me in a strange way. I went to her wake but I do not want to go to her funeral. I just can’t watch them put her in the ground. Some days I do not want to get out of bed and some nights I cannot sleep. Does it make me a horrible person because I can’t cry? How can I make new friends knowing that she’s gone? How will I learn to cope with her absence? She was a good person and I miss her. Sincerely, Distraught Dear Distraught, When it comes to death there is nothing I can do but allow you to overcome this loss in your own way. Death is a thing that affects people mentally and physically. I learned that we must pay close attention to those who refuse to live on when their loved ones have died. I will be here for you in strength when you come across those moments that you want to break down and cry. Know that someone out there knows your situation and prays for you to one day realize that living in the past is not living at all. Yes, it is okay to remember those who have passed, but it is never okay to want to completely stop living for your future. I know it must have been hard to find out that your closest friend had cancer in her leg, especially when you couldn’t see her at school anymore. When developing a close bond with a friend, it is easy to recognize when that person is not around or if something is bothering them. I know you wish you could have seen and spoken to your close friend in her time of need. I’m positive that everyday when you thought of your friend, she thought of you. Your reasons for not going to the funeral or crying is normal, these are just your ways of dealing with the shock of losing someone who was so very close to you. I mentioned before that you have to find your own way of dealing with this death; now I am positive that you are on your way to discovering that because you are showing resistance towards things that you know would bother you if you did say, attend the funeral or cried. The next time you don’t want to get out of bed, think of all the people that love you and how much it would hurt them to see you make yourself suffer? Not being able to sleep is something that will eventually pass; your body will be so tired from lack of sleep you may pass out at weird hours. The point is you will be able to sleep normally again once you come to the conclusion with yourself that unexplainable things happen to all of us. There will come times when you will miss your friend beyond imagination. However, I want you to go out there and make new friends. Try to make a new conversation that won’t remind you of the past and dedicate some time with your new friend; get to know him or her by finding out what they like and dislike. Moving on will be a big step for you, but I feel it’s the best option because you are harming yourself by staying in bed and bottling up your feelings.

Sincerely, Belle Vie



The Training Staff: A Team behind the scenes TAYLOR MACBETH Staff Writer

A variety of people encourage athletes to play, including the coaches, teammates and parents. However, there is another team that helps improve and develop players as well; in the background of games, tournaments or practices, the University of Bridgeport athletic training staff is at every event for the Purple Knights athletic department. They don’t have the usual Monday through Friday, nine to five job, but they work around six days a week, sometimes seven covering every practice that the teams have. On some days, they arrive at around 7:00 in the morning and don’t leave until midnight. They work relentlessly to help every athlete be ready for every game and every practice. So, what exactly do they do? The athletic trainers are there for every cut, every pulled muscle, every torn ligament and every tired body. They are involved in the rehab and strengthening of all injuries. “We treat athletes who are injured by icing, heating and massaging,” associate athletic trainer Leah Dunagan said. “The rehab depends on what phase the injury is in and the severity. Sometimes it will involve pre surgical or post surgical attention.” The trainers work every day helping athletes get back onto the court or onto the field. For some of them that is the most rewarding part of their job.


Photo courtesy of

Seeing an athlete return from an injury and start playing again is one of the most satisfying feelings. Not only do the athletic trainers help aid the athletes physically, they are also available for any other type of problem. “We now have private offices that are available if an athlete needs to talk,” Dunagan said. “We can help with any physical, emotional or mental problem an athlete may have.” Back in February 2011, the athletic trainers moved their facility across the hall in Hubbell Gymnasium to a newly renovated athletic training room. This new training room is much bigger, better organized and more productive for the athletes and the trainers. With their new training room they are able to help in all areas. “We have more space to treat more athletes at one time,” head athletic trainer Dan Smith said. “The bigger area has better separated the treatment tables from the whirlpools and then rehab equipment. Overall, it has created a better atmosphere.”

Photo courtesy of

Smith has been working in athletics since 1988, and one of the biggest changes he has seen have been the many different technological advancements. “Over the years technology has come such a long way that has helped our job become a lot easier and more efficient,” said Smith “Probably the biggest improvement has been the convenience of a computer.” The University of Bridgeport athletic training staff is improving athletes’ health weekly. Their nonstop support and successful results helps motivate athletes to become stronger every day.


February 2012

Carter Shines for Women's Basketball Team JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor In many cases, bright spots can stand out, illuminating and shining above everything else that surrounds it. Sometimes, they’re a bit harder to find. On the surface, one would take a look at the University of Bridgeport women’s basketball team, see that the team was 8-15, and conclude that nobody on the team did anything of particular note. That person would be mistaken. Junior forward/center Tanisha Carter stood out in a major way for the Purple Knights this season, averaging a team high 16.2 points and 8.3 rebounds per game, as well as shooting 44% from the floor Carter is a transfer from Eastern Connecticut State, a D-3 program, where she spent the previous years. Last year, she averaged 11.2 PPG, and her team went 21-9 and advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament. However, Carter decided that she wanted to try a higher level of competition. “It’s a really good program there, I enjoyed it, but I just felt that I could come to play at the next level,” she said. Connections established a few years before helped lead her to UB. Beginning in the fifth grade, Carter started playing AAU basketball with the Connecticut Starters, a travel team that plays primarily in the summer and travels across

the United States. Carter said that she started playing AAU basketball because of her brother John, who she considers a major role model in her life along with her father. Stephanie Hiriak, one of the assistant coaches for UB women’s basketball head coach Stephanie Del Preore coached Carter while she was playing AAU, and after Carter got her release from ECSU, Carter contacted UB, and soon after visited the campus and decided to transfer. Del Preore said that Carter has been a great fit, bringing a sense of toughness and hard work ethic to the team. “She keeps us going a lot of the time. She’s a great rebounder. She’s a force on the court so she fits in great with us,” Del Preore said. One area Del Preore believes Carter needs to improve on is her aggressiveness on the court. Del Preore said that she should try and demand the ball more, because when gets her hands on it, good things happen for the team. Carter attributed a lot of her success this season to the play of her teammates, who she said she could not be successful without. “It comes from our guards,” she said. “Players like Edna (Marant) and Aziza (Patterson), they set up plays so that I can get the ball. They sometimes take a lot of pressure off me. Games when I’m not doing good, they step up. They knock down the good shots.”

Marant said she and Carter have become good friends and that off the court, they will look over certain plays together. Some athletes rely on intense pre-game rituals to get them hyped up for games. Carter said she listens to music before the game, and along with motivational texts her father sends her; it helps her clear her head. Although the team’s record doesn’t reflect it, Carter said that the team was very competitive in conference play, and pointed out the team’s 69-61 win over Dowling, which was undefeated at that point, on February 1 as her favorite moment of the season. Carter is a sociology major and hopes to become a case worker. She said she doesn’t envision playing basketball after college, but that anything is possible. While the team she was on this season wasn’t as successful as the team she was on last season, Carter said she appreciates the high level of competition which she felt was lacking at ECSU. “I’m really proud that I got to play here,” Carter said.



February 2012

UB's Lacrosse Welcomes New Season and Opportunity CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor After coming off their first year as a fulltime NCAA Division II program, the women’s lacrosse team is looking to build on a 2011 season that saw the Purple Knights tally a 0-11 overall record. With seven new players and better team chemistry, there is more hope for this team going forward. One of the most intriguing aspects of this upcoming season for UB is the amount of home games that will be played at Knights Field this spring. In total, nine out of 13 games will be at home, which will help generate higher results. Lacrosse head coach Kate Backman said her team has made great strides so far in practice that will help translate to the playing field. “I have seen tremendous growth,” Backman said. “Offensively we are much better than last year and we struggled by not scoring goals. Our defense worked really hard but we weren’t in games because we weren’t scoring goals. This year that has turned around and our offense is something we are working hard on. Our defense is coming along right with it.” There are several returning players will have an immediate impact on this year’s team. On the offensive side, junior midfielder/attacker Jennavie Orrell, who led the Purple Knights in scoring with 25 goals and Colleen Pruesse, who

Sports Schedule Home Games = Bold

Women’s Basketball: Feb. 22 St. Thomas Aquinas * 5:00 PM Feb. 25 at NYIT * 12:00 PM Men’s Basketball: Feb. 22 St. Thomas Aquinas * 7:00 PM Feb. 25 at NYIT * 2:00 PM

recorded four goals lead the way. Defensively, senior defender Natasha Mitchell and sophomore midfielders Kathlena Rivera (two goals, two assists) and Charity Holt will help anchor the backfield. Sophomore goalkeeper Victoria Harrison will be the mainstay in net after having several solid fall scrimmages against University of New Haven and Southern New Hampshire University.

Mitchell said that the team’s practices during the winter have helped develop a better outlook on the season. “Our focus is working on offense because last year we were mostly a defensive team,” she said. “Now we have actual offensive players who are looking very good and will score goals for us this year.”

Mar 8, 2012 Brown w/Southern Conn. State 6:00 pm Mar 11, 2012 at Maryand w/Penn 2:00 pm Mar 17, 2012 at Arizona w/Air Force and Utah State 7:00 pm PT

Men’s Swimming: Mar 14, 2012 vs. NCAA Division II National Championships @ Mansfield, TX-Hosted by Henderson State University All Day Women’s Lacrosse: Mar 15, 2012 vs. NCAA Division II National Mar. 1 at Post 4:00 PM Championships @ Mansfield, TX-Hosted by Henderson State University All Day Women’s Gymnastics: Mar 16, 2012 vs. NCAA Division II National Feb 25, 2012 at Rutgers w/Air Force and East- Championships @ Mansfield, TX-Hosted by ern Michigan 7:00 pm Henderson State University All Day Mar 3, 2012 at New Hampshire w/Maryland Mar 17, 2012 vs. NCAA Division II National and Brown 7:00 pm


Of the seven new players, many of them will provide depth and goal scoring ability according to Backman. Graduate student midfielder Lindsay Kehoe, who previously played collegiately at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA will add leadership and experience. Freshman midfielder Gabrielle Valela and attackers Katie King and Emily Catalano will all provide offensive punch in a variety of roles. Valela said that transitioning from high school to collegiate level lacrosse has helped her be better prepared about the upcoming campaign. “Working with these girls has taught me to be more patient since I came from a very high [ranked] high school lacrosse program and to come here, we are learning the basics but Coach K has been helping us really well,” she said. “Everyone has really improved and I am really happy.” The Purple Knights will open the season on March 1, at Post University at 4 p.m. before playing their home opener on March 10 against Southern Connecticut State University at 11 a.m. at Knights Field. “It [the team] is really starting to gel right now,” Backman said. “There is still a lot of growth and things we need to work on but we are definitely gelling. They are very positive and are excited to play and win some games.”

Championships @ Mansfield, TX-Hosted by Henderson State University All Day Women’s Swimming: Mar 14, 2012 vs. NCAA Division II National Championships @ Mansfield, TX-Hosted by Henderson State University All Day Mar 15, 2012 vs. NCAA Division II National Championships @ Mansfield, TX-Hosted by Henderson State University All Day Mar 16, 2012 vs. NCAA Division II National Championships @ Mansfield, TX-Hosted by Henderson State University All Day Mar 17, 2012 vs. NCAA Division II National Championships @ Mansfield, TX-Hosted by Henderson State University men’s Swimming:

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