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Issue 4 December 2011

ARC relocates back to the Library after several years

Academic Resource Center makes Wahlstrom Library its home

ALTHEA BENLOSS Scribe Consultant The University of Bridgeport Academic Resource Center is known on campus as the place to go when one is in need of academic assistance. However, after the Thanksgiving holiday, students returned to campus to discover that Dana Hall no longer housed the renowned ARC. The ARC, as it is often referred as, is currently located in Wahlstrom Library on the 5th floor (Room 506). It continues to provide Undergraduates oneon-one tutoring by selected students, as well as a few professors, who specialize in a specific subject area, ranging from English (Writing), Biology, Math, Chemistry, Accounting, etc. Also available is English Conversation, in which International students who struggle with the English language have an opportunity to strengthen their skills and communicate more confidently.

Photo courtesy of Althea Benloss

Originally, the ARC was located in Halsey House on University Avenue, which is the current home of Dr. Continues on page 3

For The Love of the Internet Liked Brotherhood? Check out Revelations p. 16


Need a dog? Howard has 12 of them. p. 22

New Bills Threatens to Censor the Internet

Althea's Final Letter

JORDON WARMINGTON Staff Writer Usually, most teenagers do not care about politics. Everything changed when the Internet got threatened by the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and the PROTECT IP Act. Both bills attempt to get the same thing done. According to, “If SOPA or Protect IP passes, the government can order internet providers to block any site for its users' infringing posts, using the same DNS-blocking methods as China or Iran.” The Domain Name System (DNS) “serves as the phone book for the Internet by translating human-friendly computer hostnames into IP addresses.” Cecilia Kang stated in “House introduces InterContinues on page 4

Read Althea's Final Letter from the Editor p21

UB Health Fair


KAITLIN O’CONNELL Staff Writer The University of Bridgeport recently held their 6th annual Health Fair. This year, Wheeler Gymnasium was filled with many different booths containing information about many different kinds of cancer, AIDS/HIV, bed bugs, dental hygiene, eating healthy, safe sex, acupuncture, chiropractic services and even the effects of drinking on your body and how much alcohol you really do drink without even thinking about it. Students were given bags as they signed into the event and were able to take any pamphlets they wished, to educate themselves more on the various subjects with

the hopes that they would also be able to educate others about how different things can affect our bodies and how to keep ourselves healthy. The Health Fair as a whole seemed to attract the interest of many students and proved to be informational as well as helpful to the students that were able to ask any questions and get real, informative direct answers. This year’s Health Fair was a success and the student body looks forward to what there might be next year.

Health Fair || Photo courtesy of Kaitlin O'Connell

For The Love of the Internet Continued from page 1

net piracy bill” from the Washington Post that “the main authors of the SOPA were Reps. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.), John Conyers (D-Mich.), Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), and Howard Berman (D-Calif.).” The full title of the SOPA states, “To promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property, and for other purposes.” The act will technically put the fate of the Internet in the hands of the government and if passed, will change the Internet forever. In other words, if you were to post a picture on Tumblr or sing a copyrighted song and upload it to a site such as YouTube, not only could you possibly face up to five years in prison, but that whole site would also be shut down. Many fear that this will be a direct violation of the Constitutional Right of Freedom of Speech. On November 16, hearings began for the act. To raise awareness of what was going on the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and many other groups created what was known as “American Censorship Day.” On that day, Tumblr, Mozilla, Reddit, Techdirt, the Center for Democracy and Technology and many more sites posted a “censorship” stamp over their logos, stating “STOP CENSORSHIP.”


All of the sites asked their members to participate by calling and/ or emailing the Senators that represent their state to ask them not to sign the bill. Tumblr also went the extra mile and put up a code to allow people to censor the top of their page. Certain media companies, including Hollywood studios, are defending the act. Although the issue seems to be piracy and the stopping of thievery on the Internet, the defenders seem to want to cripple the industry that is making more money than them. The House Judiciary Committee chairman plans to move the bill for markup on Dec. 15, according to Kang in “SOPA goes for House debate Dec. 15.”

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December 2011

ARC relocates back to the Library Continued from page 1

Thomas Ward, Dean of the International College. Next was a transfer to Wahlstrom Library, but the configuration was not good for operation, so the following move was to Dana Hall. Now, the Library is the home of the ARC. Director of the Academic Resource Center and First Year Studies Program Professor Roxie Ray likes the new location. “It was like coming back home,” Ray stated in an e-mail. “The configuration of the space gives us more flexibility in serving students in different ways.” The new ARC has newer furniture, as well as two group tutoring rooms and, according to Ray, looks “like a real center for academic assistance.” Sophomore Debbie Fiala, a Chemistry tutor at the ARC, said that she really likes the new location of the Academic Resource Center. “It’s more private—the privacy if you want to work one-on-one with students,” Fiala said. “[It’s] less cluttered [and] a studious environment; I like the openness feeling of it.” Fiala also added that she likes the wireless access, which the ARC did not have in Dana Hall. Senior Guo Sheng Teo, an ARC Biology tutor, likes the convenience of the new location and wireless internet access. “[The location is] more centralized,” Teo said. “People are coming from dorms, from the parking lots, the gymnasium, everywhere, anywhere on campus; the library is basically [about] center.” The relocation over the Thanksgiving break may have caused a lot of confusion for students, however. According to Ray, the move took a very long time to be completed, the phones were not installed correctly and things were not in place when everyone returned on Monday the 28th. “It could have been and should have been a smoother transition, but when dealing with coordinating the services of movers and vendors and the phone company, things can go wrong,” Ray stated. “On the other hand, had they waited until the end of the semester, I would not have had the help of my fantastic staff for the packing and unpacking and organizing.” Ray hopes and thinks that the placement in the Library will be a permanent one. “This is a good opportunity to consolidate student support. We have as neighbors the Stu-

dent Support Services, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching and of course the excellent services of the library,” she stated. “It's kind of like one stop shopping for academic services.” Ray gives credit to the Vice President for Facilities, George Estrada, and his team for being supportive in making sure the ARC had what it needed. “They have been keeping me in the loop as much as possible with completing the whole move process,” Ray stated. “It has been stressful, and there have been times when I felt like screaming, but I think the finished product will be well worth the additional gray hair.”

New ARC Facilities || Photo courtesy of Althea Benloss



December 2011

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December 2011

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Althea Benloss Editor in Chief Cheyenne Owen Managing News Editor Chris Hogan Readers,

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The holidays are almost here, bringing with them promises of gifts, good will, and not to mention, the end of this semester and issue 4 of the Scribe filled with holiday articles sure to please you in the chilly days of December. Beginning next semester, the Scribe will be undergoing a change, as I will be taking over as the new Editor in Chief. I am very excited to play such an important role in this integral part of campus life. News breaks every day and we are scouting campus to bring you the most up to date stories that connect you to UB. As Editor in Chief, I promise to you informed to the best of my ability and work to preserve the Scribe as a reliable, informative, yet fun aspect of UB. With that said, I would like to thank my mentor and resigning Editor in Chief, Althea Benloss for her tutelage and guidance during my short tenure as a part of the Scribe staff. She has molded and transformed the Scribe into the newspaper you see and read each month. I think we can all thank her for her amazing work. I look forward to keeping you all informed and entertained! Cheyenne Owen Editor in Chief

Asha Hobbs Web Editor Esteban Manco Art Director Michael Lawson Chief Photographer Rich Lubrano Staff Photographers Rachelle Jeanty Roseborn Cudjoe

Op-Ed Disclaimer: The Scribe neither endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement made. The Scribe will not be liable for any loss, damage or hurt feelings caused by a reader’s reliance on information obtained from the advice column(s). It is the responsibility of the reader to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, opinion, advice or other content available through The Scribe. Please seek the advice of professionals, as appropriate, regarding the evaluation of any specific information, opinion, advice or other content. The Scribe Editorial Copyright Statement and Policy: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and forum participants in the newspaper do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of The Scribe or official policies of The Scribe To submit articles, story ideas, illustrations or photographs, please send an e-mail of interest to, describing the article you would like to have published. After receiving expressed interest, please save the complete article in DOC format and send as an attachment. Please include full name and contact information (telephone number and e-mail address—to be used by editors only). Be aware that submission does not guarantee publication and all submissions are subject to editing.


Knight Life

Birth Control Free in 2012 DESTINY DEJESUS Staff Writer According to Planned Parenthood, most women pay anywhere from $15 to $50 a month for birth control pills. Many times women cannot keep up with the monthly payments, and are forced to get off of the pill. The biggest misconception is that birth control is used solely to reduce unexpected pregnancies. In actuality, birth control is used for many other purposes such as to reduce menstrual cramps, make periods lighter and offer protection against pelvic inflammatory disease (Planned Parenthood). According to a new guideline issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, beginning on Aug. 1, 2012, women will no longer have to pay for emergency contraceptives like birth control, the morning-after pill, mammograms and pap smears. This health care reform law signed by President Barack Obama is seen as a positive to many. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, described the administration rule as being a "historic victory for women's health and women across the country." All private insurance plans will be required to cover all of these services without co-pay. Every woman with health coverage is permitted

to get HPV screening, breast pumps, an annual physical and counseling on domestic violence. “I think that birth control being more accessible will keep teens more safe. It will not necessarily promote sex, as many are arguing,” freshmen Henry Arroyo said. Though these new guidelines provide coverage for the morning after pill and other contraceptives, it does not cover any medications used to chemically induce abortions. Health care providers associated with religious institutions do not have to implement the new guidelines. "Pregnancy is not a disease, and fertility is not a pathological condition to be suppressed by any means technically possible," said chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. On the contrary, many people do not support these guidelines because they feel it will encourage young adults and teens to have sex. “I think that there will be an increase in abortions because people will abuse the pill. Once you make something legal and free, people begin to take advantage,” sophomore Xenia Amador said. According to Planned Parenthood, about 9 out of 100 women get pregnant each year be-

cause they don’t regularly take the pill each day as directed. Several people feel that young teens will abuse the fact that birth control is always going to be available and not take it responsibly. "Today's recommendation brings us a step closer to ensuring that all newly insured women under the health care reform law will have access to prescription birth control without out-ofpocket expenses," Richards said. Because several teens and young adults associate birth control with solely preventing pregnancy, there are some who are against the pill being distributed with no cost because many teens are uneducated about sexually transmitted diseases. “The pill does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases and because of this I think more teens and young adults will have unprotected sex because they automatically think that birth control prevents pregnancy,” sophomore Ashlie Sanchez said. It is said that family planning services are "an essential preventive service for women and critical to appropriately spacing and ensuring intended pregnancies, which results in improved maternal health and better birth outcomes."

Organization of the Week KAITLIN O’CONNELL Staff Writer WAIT Stands for: Washington AIDS International Themes Established: Initiated in 2001 by Dr. Chang Shik Mission Statement: To stop the spread of HIV through abstinence, factual education and by modeling the choices of abstinence, faithful long time partnerships, using precautions to prevent blood contact and getting tested. WAIT regards all human life as precious, regardless of their HIV status. WAIT believes that respect, love, courage and service are universally acceptable values that must be used to educate others.


About WAIT: They are made up of youth volunteers ages 13 to 25 who teach HIV and AIDS prevention through the preforming arts field. Teams preform at schools, community events, youth centers and health organizations in local areas as well as internationally. The teams preform at hundreds of events each year. Each WAIT member is encouraged to develop their own unique talents in order to portray their message to others. The organization embraces all people despite their age, race, religion or tradition. For more information- Visit Photo Courtesy of


December 2011

College Students’ Christmas Wish List SHANICE DRAKES Staff Writer ‘Tis the season to be jolly. Christmas is coming around. Lights are going up, radio stations are playing holiday music and people are in a very cheery mood. To make the season a little brighter, gifts are going around. Some Christmas shopping was done as early as July. Others are still confused about what to get. If you need a little help, here are ten of the most wanted gifts people want to find under their Christmas tree this year. Money. Need I say more? One of the best gifts one could receive for the holidays. Gift cards. Getting money to shop at one of your most favorite places is just as awesome as receiving the money itself. Jewelry. The icing on the fashion cake. Accessories to add a little flare to every outfit for guys and girls alike. iPod. The perfect thing for music on the go.

Clothes. Everyone loves to look good, especially in the winter months. So, why not get that lovely sweater your friend was longing for? Tablet. Whether it is a Kindle Fire, Nook Color, an iPad, etc., people love these touch screen wonders. Gaming systems and video games. For all the gamers that love their Modern Warfare. Flat screen LCD/LED TV. How can you play video games without one? Android Cell Phones. You can chose between a regular touch screen, and a touch screen with a QWERTY keyboard. Digital camera. You need something of good quality to capture these lovely holiday moments. Remember, Christmas is not all about receiving gifts; it’s also a lovely time to spend with your loved ones, and that’s one of the best gifts one can receive any time of the year. Happy Holidays!

Photo courtesy of

Flash Mobs: Rise to Popularity RACHELLE JEANTY Staff Writer/Photographer One young movement that is catching the attention of visual lovers everywhere are flash mobs. They are being performed all over, coming up in movies, commercials, YouTube and even in the cafeteria of UB. Flash mobs are being seen more frequently, but why are they goto activity for companies, movies and groups to do? Flash mobs are defined as a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place to perform an act for a brief amount of time. Most flash mobs are performed in malls, outdoor centers and even weddings, instantly catching the attention of people around them. Many flash mobs are dance performances; others involve lights, glow sticks, flashlights and pillows to create a more dramatic effect. The surrounding is their stage and the people around them are their immediate audience. Non-profits and companies have even taken the concept of flash mobs for advertisement. T-Mobile did a flash mob commercial with average people suddenly dancing along in train

station then afterwards walking away as if nothing happened. AT&T did a similar commercial which a man waits for the clock to hit 12pm, does a quick routine, and stops and realizes that the flash mob was moved to 12:30 when his phone finally receives it. These companies are using flash mobs as an amusing, attention-grabbing way to engage their customers into buying their product. “The bigger the better” and it is fact when it comes to flash mobs. More participants’ causes people to come together and be part of something with cause’s unity. YouTube has been a great source for flash mobs becoming viral sensations since these videos/commercials help one in China watch a flash mob in NYC. Many flash mob videos on YouTube have accumulated thousands of views, getting spread by one interested viewer to the next. Flash mobs are a great move because they are low-budget; they

don’t require a lot of money to complete. For companies, commercials and videos with flash mobs are shot in their stores or with their product keeping people entertained as well as their product on their mind. Flash mobs are entertaining to the eye, especially seen at an aerial view so the impact is greater. Clearly, Flash mobs are a smart move when it comes to doing something big, entertaining and causing awareness and togetherness. Photo courtesy of



December 2011

Top 10 Overrated Celebs of 2011 DESTINY DEJESUS & COLTON YOUNG Staff Writers Taylor Swift What’s the big deal with Taylor? What makes her artist of the year? I mean, she’s talented and hardworking, but so overrated. The fact that millions of people don’t believe she can sing live, makes Taylor questionable as an artist! Add some spice in your life Taylor; quit wearing your neutral gowns and do something new to your goldilocks. Lindsay Lohan How do you go from Disney’s innocent “Parent Trap twin” to a party-hard, substance abuser? Lindsay claimed she wanted to win an Oscar by the age of 30, but instead ended up in rehab and jail several times by the age of 24. When are you going to wake up and realize you’re not famous but infamous, Lindsay? T-Pain, Ray J, & Britney Spears These three fall into the category of “Just can’t sing” with T-Pain auto tuning every song he has ever done. It was hot at first, but now in 2011 its old. I guess Jay Z killed you when he did “DOA.” Has anyone ever even heard his real voice? (Awkward Silence) Ray J, Kim Kardashian was your biggest bag. And what’s up with the “For the Love of Ray J” shows? The girls that participate are,

like, your only 40 fans. Britney, when I was a kid I used to love you. But what’s happened to your voice, or should I say your nose? You sing with your nose. Why? Please come out of the box and open up your larynx (in other words, your voice box). Miley Cyrus Ever since Miley was videotaped using illegal drugs she has become infamous. Miley is now known to be America’s average, reckless teen. Biggest guess is that she is “getting the best of both worlds” by partying, smoking and still racking up on cash. Miley just needs a little growing up to do, because right now, she’s pulling off a “Britney Spears” career. Paris Hilton Lucky Paris Hilton, living off of money she didn’t earn. What is she known for? Simply one “tape”, a series about how she and Nicole Richie can’t do anything for themselves, and a song that probably one in a million people know. Enough is enough, Paris needs to retire! There aren’t enough Chihuahuas in the world to support her habit of walking around with them in her thousand dollar purses. The ENTIRE Jersey Shore Cast

Besides going to the gym, clubbing and getting into fight, what exactly are the Jersey Shore cast good for? Every episode is the same old thing. How many times can the crew get intoxicated, fight each other and wake up the next day as if nothing ever happened? Besides the fact that the two love birds bring annoyance to the show, the overall immature mindsets and actions of the cast have definitely made the show overrated. Amber Rose She is gorgeous, and bold in terms of fashion. But the bald head? Yeah, you pull it off well, but its time to grow it out; you’ve been bald for a super long time. Another thing, what are you famous for other than being a repeat girlfriend? First Kanye West then Wiz Khalifa. Who is next? J.Cole? Do something productive and positive with your fame. Jennifer Lopez How many husbands has she had? Probably more than she has had hit singles. She is a great actress (very funny), she is a great dancer (which brought her to fame) and she is gorgeous (she is 42!), but her singing ability is not so great. Just a little overrated.

Love reading? Write poetry? Enjoy Literature on a whole? Join the UB Lit Club! Meetings are every 1st and 3rd Mondays in Dana Hall 236 at 12:30. Be sure to join UB Lit Club on Facebook.



December 2011

Scribe Staff Holiday Wishlist The Scribe staff has compiled a list of their most desired holiday gifts, ranging from headphones and a car, to the ever popular gift of money, no matter the form. The Scribe staff wishes you all a very joyous holiday season and hope you receive what you wish for. See you in January! Cheyenne Owen: Editor-in-Chief -Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising DVD - TFP Starscream and Arcee action figures - An external CD/DVD drive Althea Benloss: Consultant -Money -A car…please and thank you -Gift card to Game Stop, Barnes & Noble and Sephora (Talk about variety, huh?)

- for people to stop hating each other so much… really stop it getting annoying Asha Hobbs: Design & Layout Editor - Alive and well to see Christmas Day - A turtle - A bigger flat screen t.v - Dr. Dre Blue Beats Headphones Trisha Bartholomew: Staff Writer - Sheet music for my saxophone (Alto) - Cool-looking arm warmers - Awesome Skull Candy MESH headphones Hari Singh: Staff Writer - Peace to all - Headphones - NO DRAMA!

Denise Gotay: Entertainment Editor - New music- I want new CDs! - Guitar picks - A JOB!

Jordon Warmington: Staff Writer - A NEW AND BETTER PHONE! - Money!! -Good music

Joshua Ryan: Sports Editor - To be able to get away

Rashada Coton: Staff Writer - Time with my family and friends -To see my niece and nephew’s faces when they open their gifts - Typical shopping

Chris Hogan: Managing News Editor - Rest, rest, rest -To have a full time job offer come late May/ early June 2012 - To see the Patriots win the Super Bowl in February Cam Jones: Design & Layout Editor - Logo Board Game - Two book shelves - the space that was occupied in my room while I was away at school

Asya Rainey: Staff Writer - I wish for my NOOK - I wish for my Mac Book -I wish for my grandma to get better Colton Young: Staff Writer/Columnist Since I can buy myself materialistic gifts,what I want for Christmas is a healthy hearty meal, love and joy from friends and family, and an ex-

cellent 2012. Thank you so much. Destiny DeJesus: Staff Writer Many believe that Christmas is a time to give to others. In my eyes, one can give any time of the year. Because of this, I wish for the world to become more giving and less selfish. I also wish for a healthy new year. The health of myself, family and friends is very important to me. Lastly,I wish for more opportunities to better myself and learn more about my dream career. Kaitlin O’Connell: Staff Writer - Dance Central 2 -Disney Vinylmations - Snow boots Devika Hudson: Fashion Columnist - Great grades for this semester - End the New Year well with the family and friends - And a new pair of pumps!! Rachelle Jeanty: Staff Writer/ Photographer - Blowfish boots - an iPod and Coloud Colors blue headphones to match Shanice Drakes: Staff Writer - A yoga bag for my yoga mat - Shea Moisture Hair Care Line - Kindle Fire Michael Mehl: Sports Writer - For everyone to have a good holiday - To have a good next semester

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Fashion Forward: Victoria Secrets Fashion Show 2011 SHANIQUA KING Fashion Editor

One of the most highly anticipated runway shows of the season, The Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2011 aired its 16th annual fashion show on November 29, for the entire world to see. The hour long fashion show took the audience and viewers at home on a journey filled with decorative lingerie, elaborate and colossal angel wings and beautiful costumes with impeccable details that were pleasing to the eye. The level of creativity, design and imagination that went on behind the scenes in developing the show, the one year of planning in advance and hard work paid off. The graceful, innocent and poised movements of the ballet dancer opened the “Ballet” scene, which was the launching segment of the show. Delicate feathered wings, soft pastel colors and light tutu skirts embodied the elegance and beauty of the theme. The energetic performance by Kanye West, who performed the song “Stronger,” represented another theme for the night called “Superhero.” The models showcased long flowing capes, tight cat suits and vi-

brant colors to represent their inner super powers, and also during this scene they introduced their newest VS Angel, Karlie Kloss, who is famously known for her fierce walk on countless of high fashion runway shows. One of the show stopping pieces of the night was the $2.5 million wonder bra that was encrusted with diamonds and gems worn by the lucky model Miranda Kerr, in the “Aquatic Angels” scene. The segment featured a musical performance by Maroon 5 who sang “Moves Like Jagger.” The collection showcase featured an array of sequined tops, pearled encrusted bras, panties and enormous seashells as a replacement for wings. It brought all elements of the undersea to life. But the Victoria Secret Fashion Show wasn’t all about vibrant, sparkly and cheerful pieces of clothing. “Spell on you” created a darker and sensual side of the show, from the form-fitted corsets, embroidered lace lingerie and motorized umbrellas presented a darker side of the Victoria Secrets Angels. The show ended with

Runway Final at Victoria Secreats Fashion Show || Photo courtesy of

the fun, girly and youthful scene called “Club Pink” with a performance by Nicki Minaj. The assortment was filled with a lot of colorful patterns, electric powered butterfly wings, cute polka dotted hoodies and sequin dresses perfect for the holiday season. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show was a fun filled night, with lots of energetic performances from various artists, beautiful costumes beyond anyone’s imagination and lots of energy from the VS models. It’s a show you didn’t want to miss.

Walk a Mile in Someone’s Shoes –And Donate a Pair to Someone in Need with TOMS Shoes!” CASSIE TUCKER Opinion Editor/Columnist

Over recent years, I have become really big on giving back to those in need. Just today while in Midtown Manhattan, I held up pedestrian traffic outside Grand Central (surprised I wasn’t trampled!) just to dig some change out of my purse to put in the Salvation Army bucket. It’s holiday time, and there are people all over the world who need our help more than ever. Thankfully, there are plenty of charitable people starting programs to help those less fortunate in our country and across the globe, my favorite being TOMS Shoes. TOMS Shoes donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased (you can now feel less guilty about your shoe spending habits). It is called the “One for One Movement,” and it delivers a necessity we take for granted to needy children in developing coun-


tries who would never have footwear otherwise. Can you imagine walking along dirt and gravel roads day after day without any footwear to protect your feet? Me neither. It’s time to give back! TOMS shoes come in a fabulous array of styles, to fit every fashionista’s taste. Pumps, flats or boots, whichever you prefer! Grab a pair for any child or fashionable man on your gift list, because TOMS Shoes come in women, men as well as children’s styles. Check out the website ( for the entire assortment of styles. I guarantee you are bound to fall in love with these trendy shoes, as well as feel great about wearing them! You won’t only make someone on your gift list happy, but a child halfway across the world will be thanking you too. Lesson learned: don’t hesitate to spend

TOMS Shoes || Photo courtesy of

some extra cash on shoes this Christmas season. In fact, I encourage you to get in the spirit of giving when it really counts.


December 2011

DEVIKA HUDSON Staff Writer Sometimes the person behind the scenes might not be the best dressed, but just more aware about history of fashion overall. They can not agree with every fashion trend that is created, but still enjoy seeing others pull it off nicely. In this case, our trendsetter of the week and former columnist of this section, is well aware of both fashion history and staying stylish herself. It might not be a necessity to have the most common name brands, but putting together an outfit is enjoyable for her. Full Name: Sydney Brown Year: Senior Major: Fashion Merchandising Age: 21 1.How does it feel to be on the other side? Do you think that it is harder for the writer (of a fashion column) to dress the part as a trendsetter? It’s always so much easier asking the questions, it’s no pressure, but when you’re on the opposite side, it’s a different story. But its kind of fun. I never think about being the writer of a fashion column, I just love dressing up, it comes natural, so it doesn’t feel like I have to dress the part. 2.What makes you a trendsetter or do you feel like you are not a trendsetter? I think I’m trendsetter in the sense of not paying attention to what everyone else is wearing. I barely go by what’s “in” because I know how quickly it’s “out” and I don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of outdated clothes. I don’t take as many risks with clothes but I still wear what I want and do my own thing. Even with my hair, having dreads isn’t the norm, but it’s something that’s important to me so I grew them. Thinking about what other people will think of an outfit is usually an after thought on my way out the door; it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. 3.Do you think the shoes or the clothes makes the outfit? Why? That’s hard, but I have a soft spot for shoes, so I think I’ll go with those. Shoes can make or break the outfit. It’s been so many times when I loved an outfit on someone until I realized that the shoes completely ruined it, so that’s most important for me. Usually I plan an outfit starting from the shoes and work my way up. 4.Is a smart shopper one that shops during sales or just a regular day? I am definitely the smart shopper! I just figure that the less I have to pay for something, the more pieces I can buy. But just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean that it’s worth buying- I’m big on quality and looking at the fabric to tell if it’s worth the money after being washed and worn a few times. If I can catch something on sale, I’ll take advantage of it, but if

Sydney is wearing: Jeans from Target, tunic from Plato’s Closet, vest from Charming Charlie, head scarf from Wal-Mart, Minnetonka moccasins, Etsy earrings and a Burlington Coat Factory necklace. || Photo courtesy of Danielle Anderson

it’s an item that’s really worth it, I’ll just splurge and consider it a treat to myself. 5.What is a daily outfit for you in this fall/winter weather? Skinny jeans, Minnetonka moccasins, a cardigan, a scarf and big jewelry would definitely be my go-to look for fall/winter. Looking cozy and cute is key. 6.Would you rather risk being cold to wear a nice outfit or does warmth really matter to you? Warmth matters to me. If it didn’t then I would regret it the next week when I end up sick. So, I’d just save the nice outfit for another time… unless it was a special occasion, then I’d make an exception. 7. What are your plans after graduation? I want to go to grad school for marketing in a few years, but I want to find a job first. I’m looking at Assistant Buyer positions now, I’m just so ready to get started in the industry, I can’t wait.



December 2011

Dressing for the Holidays COLTON YOUNG Staff Writer Have you ever wanted to be in tip-top style for Thanksgiving or Christmas, if no other time of year? If you agree, then you fall in the category of everyone. Maybe it is because you will be attending social events, around friends and family, and wants to look your best. Or maybe you are single and want to impress that certain Mr. Right. Putting together particular outfits depends on your style and body shape. If your style is classy, you want to use accessories such as pearls, diamonds, scarves and wrist watches. Everything should have be feminine details: pink and purple color, lace, chiffon and silk and faux fur will instantly give you that feminine, classy look. For the holidays, mix pearls, silk and fur. If your style is edgy, you are a risky woman, which men find intriguing. Wear chains, studded shoes, mix silver and gold colors and put on things that challenge fashion norms. For the holidays, wear a studded blazer with some Evelyn Lozada earrings and red lipstick. Knowing your body type is key to being sexy. But no matter the shape, showing some skin is essential. Wear open toe heels and a blouse (or dress) that shows some cleavage. For the holidays, wear a dress that glitters and hugs your curves in the right places and some open toe pumps. Body shape plays the biggest role in choosing holiday attire. What looks good on Sarah

Jessica Parker will not essentially look as good on Wendy Williams, and something that looks great on Kim Kardashian will not look as good on Pamela Anderson. Why? Their body shapes are different. The four main female body shapes are hourglass, boy shaped, busty and pear shaped. If your body shape is an hourglass, you can pretty much pull of any look, but show off your waist by wearing a thin belt, and pencil skirts are your best friend because they show off your natural curves. When dressing for a boy shaped body, accentuate the waist by wearing a thick belt across the waist. The next step is to draw attention away from your waist by showing off your legs, because they are amazing. Wearing a tight skirt that comes to the knees or a little below will instantly give you a sexy and classy look. If you’re busty, wear black or navy blue because it is slimming, classic and universally appealing. Make sure you avoid strapless bras because, to be honest, they are not for you. Avoid skinny pants and anything with shoulder pads. Pair a white pencil skirt with a black blazer; this will make your legs look larger and your torso look smaller. Pear shaped women, blazers, jackets and coats with shoulder pads are your best friends. If you can, find a blouse, shirt or blazer with puffed sleeves. Avoid stilettos because they make your look seem uneven. Instead, wear

pumps or even better, wedges. Next, do something dramatic with your makeup.

ject to the inside of the lid.

Step Four- Turn your jar upside down and shake well!

Photo courtesy of

DIY Snow globe KAITLIN O’CONNELL Staff Writer MaterialsMason jar (make sure it is clean and has a watertight lid) Glitter (I used white so it would look like snow) Water (Distilled is best) Hot Glue/Krazy Glue Small Christmas Ornament (or any small figurine/object) Step One- Take the lid off of your jar and glue the bottom of your chosen ob-


Step Two- Add water and glitter to your jar. You can use as much glitter as you want, make sure that you do not fill your jar all the way to the top with water because it will come out of the top once you screw on the lid. Step Three- Screw on the top of your lid so that the object is now inside the water.

This is a very simple, easy and fun gift Photo courtesy of Kaitlin for any holiday or ocO"Connell casion, the project as a whole cost me only $3 because I already had the jar and the small Christmas ornament. The snow globe also only took me about 15 minutes to make. Remember to always add your personal touch! I hope that everyone enjoys their winter break and remember, stay creative!

Express Your Scribe Hidden World When I close my eyes I see what I want to see, my own reality. Somewhat an authentic fantasy. Some place inside my head where my thoughts can breathe. No more suffocation from the real world but relaxation from my own creation. Laying in the bright green grass taking off my shoes, my toes wiggle free and they breathe. Above them hovers the ocean blue sky, and winter white clouds blended together a canvas. So peaceful, gentle, beautiful. Purple and sea green flowers bloom right from the grass below my body. A delightful scent, colorful, breathe taking. The way they caress me help settle my thoughts. Relaxation wherever I turn and space where I can chill. The summer morning breeze in the middle of the evening calms my mind, my soul. But as I take out paper and a pen to begin to write down this memory, I black out. All of a sudden I'm in this place I'm afraid to be in, humanity's insane version of reality. A place where they own sick uncool thoughts and reveal their twisted depressed emotions. A place where my thoughts are crazy but my poet makes them somewhat saner. View my world. SHANICE DRAKES Staff Writer

Dear Mom Dear Mom, It would be nice to see you again. To talk to you, to spend time with you. But now that you’re gone, I won’t be able to do those things anymore. Maybe someday, when these feelings of pain, Hurt and grief fade away, I’ll be able to laugh again and replay all of those Memories of you and I. Now that you’re gone, things will never be the same. But none the less I still love you so. I hope you could hear me. I hope you’ll realize how much I love you so. DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor To read more poetry or to submit your own creative works, visit our website at!



“Marry The Night” Delivers Gaga’s Sense of Creativity TRISHA BARTHOLOMEW Staff Writer “I'm gonna marry the night, I won't give up on my life, I’m a warrior queen, Live passionately tonight,” sings Lady Gaga in her recently released music video for the single “Marry The Night.” From a long monologue to her dancing in cheerios and milk this thirteen minute video depicts what can be said to be Lady Gaga’s sense of creativity. The possible meaning behind the lyrics and the song title “Marry The Night” deals with the concept of giving your all when you have nothing left to lose. In this case she is working towards her wanted stardom. Since in the intro she voiced that she will be a star because she has nothing left to lose it can be said that the night represents the nothing that’s she has a

hold on to push her towards her goals. Although the monologue was interesting, it is considerably long for a music video seeing that the actual song begins about 8 minutes and 47 seconds into the video. However the dancing is a real high light to the video. The scene with the dancing in a way flows with the song. While also being well choreographed the dancing scene goes very well with the possible meaning of the song. It truly shows Gaga working hard to reach her dream to be a star. This video is highly recommended to viewers looking for an insight

to Lady Gaga’s processes. When it ends it leaves viewers deep in thought with its many eccentric symbols.

Photo courtesy of

Horoscopes ROSEBORN CUDJOE Photographer Sagittarius Your New Year will start off great. Make sure to break free from what no longer supports you, and open to a deeper sense of faith and trust. Some recent events will show you how to make more of your life and how to think differently about familiar subjects and situations. You will learn over the weeks that you’re not quite the same person you were before; in fact, you’ll spend most of your time realizing you’ve grown Zodiac symbols for Sagittarius and Capricorn


older and much cleverer. Put all the negativity aside and embrace the most positive possibilities. Capricorn You'll experience a distinct change of heart this month. Your generous nature will attract all the right people. Someone close to you may be having a hard time. Your helpful advice and sympathetic companionship will make all the

difference for them. Romance does very well for you this month resurfacing or running into old flames is likely to occur. Although it might be impossible to make definite plans, talking it through helps to focus ideas. You might have been waiting for a single opportunity and now you’ve got two or three all coming at the same time. Seeking advice is the best way to proceed, although who you decide to listen to could be a challenge in itself. Photo courtesy of


December 2011

I don’t always read the newspaper but when I do I prefer

The Scribe Stay informed my friends. Pick up your copy of The Scribe from the news stand today. What grinds my gears…about my dorm Compiled by Denise Gotay

“Dust. Cooper has so much dust. It’s so frustrating. Have to clean my room every day,” Jordon Warmington, sophomore

When it comes to living on campus, dorms can be either the worst place to live or the best place to get away. Of course with these students, dorms can be a bit of a pain at times. Read on to see what UB students had to say about their dorms.

“The mice in Bodine,” – Aleruchi Wosu, sophomore “People making me mad. They get a kick outta it,” – Hary Singh, freshman”

“Residents that do not respect quiet hours,” – Shanice Drakes, sophomore “Interior such as desk chairs. Who wants to sit on hard chairs? Update the TVs and game rooms. Bring more games, make it look nice,” – Primo Delgado, junior

“The small rooms, the non existing heat on the 4th floor. The nasty bathrooms that are just horrible and never clean well,” Ashlie Sanchez, sophomore “What grinds my gears about dorms are the mice. The quality of the dorms the cots as beds and the showers are horrible and the lounges are not up to par. The guest policy is unfair, new microwaves instead of new beds, the washer machine are broke. Also the elevators are broken,” Danara Butler, sophomore

Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” Photo courtesy of

“No wireless in the rooms,” – Sabreen Abdullah, sophomore “When you’re looking for an RA and you can’t find one,” Trisha Bartholomew, sophomore

Want more of "What Grinds My Gears"? Visit to see the rest of the quotes and leave comments!


inReview Ubisoft expands and prevails again with Assassins Creed Revelations HARI SINGH Staff Writer After Assassins Creed Brotherhood, one of the most praised franchised games last year, Assassins Creed Revelations brings an ever expanding world as players can play three of the most iconic characters in video game history; Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Altair ibn La-Ahad, and Desmond Miles. For most of the gameplay, gamers can play as Ezio, but portions of Revelations let you play as Altair as well. The story continues after Brotherhood, as Desmond is in a comma stuck in the Animus, the machine that lets Desmond relive his ancestor's memories. To keep himself alive he goes into a safe mode in the Animus called the Black Room. As he is in the Black Room, he discovers Subject 16, an assassin who was abducted by Abstergo before Desmond. He basically guides Desmond through the Black Room until the very end of the game. As 16 helps him to gain consciousness, Desmond has to find memories of Ezio and Altair that he has not been to until his ancestors have nothing left to teach him. The storyline is so phenomenal that it will attract casual and serious gamers that either

played the Assassins Creed games or want to know what the story is behind the game. In this game, Assassins Creed players are free to do whatever they want in Constantinople in 1511 AD. Aside from the storyline of Revelations, multiplayer has improved significantly since Brotherhood. The player will still play as Templars, but there are a variety of customizations from characters, editing your profile to match your standards and editing your classes to fit your type of gameplay. The whole feeling and mindset matches what the gamer plays, whether it is a simple team deathmatch or a capture the flag match which can be played either for fun or for competing. Both the casual and hardcore gamer will enjoy the improvement of the Revelations multiplayer. These improvements have made the game exceptional; however, the game is not at all perfect. The game has a few bugs when it comes to controlling the movement of a character and the character spazzes out of control for a quick second. Another problem is that the texture for the

graphics usually fades out or looks like a muddy canvas for only a few seconds. Aside from the few seconds of bugs and the technical graphic error, the game truly deserves praise. Out of the games of 2011, Assassins Creed Revelations is genuinely a different type of game that is sensational and well developed.

Sound/Graphics: 9.5/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Overall: 9.5/10

Courtesy of:



December 2011

Halo remastered still brings back the past HARI SINGH Staff Writer The most iconic game from the past brings an even better experience with the innovated graphics from the present. Nothing has interfered with the gameplay, story and experience, and nothing has been changed except for the graphics. The story, for those gamers who haven't played the Halo Combat Evolved in 2001 and have been waiting for the remastered edition to come out, basically tells the story of the UNSC, the humans from Earth, and the Covenant, a mass, diverse alien group that follow the Prophets into the Journey, as they fight for the secrets of the ring shaped world called Halo. You play as the Master Chief, the last cybernetic super solider of the Spartans class from the war, and Cortana who is a artificial intelligence who is in Master Chief's neural interface. The gameplay has the same intense feel-

ing as you got from 2001. The weapons didn't change at all; you still get the almighty pistol that wins in all sequences of the campaign. Players will still have to face the secondary enemy, The Flood, a parasitical life form that can take over dead and alive bodies of any race and are now loose in Halo. Aside from the story, multiplayer is something that I myself did not expect from the game. The multiplayer doesn't bring back the old multiplayer gameplay or maps gamers used to enjoy and love for what it was. Instead, the game gives you the Halo: Reach style of gameplay that is in the present. It really would of given the players a shock if they had the option to play the old maps and have the same style as the original Halo in 2001. As more and more games have been remas-

tered throughout the years, this game is by far the best in the series of reedited games. Even though you only get the chance to play the campaign edited, you still get the chance to feel how Halo would look like if you played it with even more highly concentrated graphics that will simply blow your mind away. The player also has the option to get the chance to see how the game looked like in 2001 by pressing the select button. Overall this game was not tampered with in any way possible; it still gives new and old players the chance to enjoy the spirit that was Halo itself in its prime. Sound/Graphics: 9.5/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Overall: 8.5/10


Opinion Don’t Get Crushed By Your Crush – You Can Make It Lead to Love! BY COLTON YOUNG & CASSIE TUCKER

HE SAID Have you ever been in a situation where you have a “crush” on someone, but don’t know how to approach him or her? Don’t get me wrong, we are all adults and should be more mature in this matter. Sometimes, however, you cannot control what you feel, and when you see this particular person, you feel “butterflies.” Then you have the problem of over analyzing the situation. “Do you think she likes me too, but too afraid to let me know?” or “I wonder if he ever thinks of me?” and keep thinking about it. As of now, I have a particular person that I have a “crush” on. It started very innocent, because I wasn’t looking for anything. But after chatting a few times, I became attracted. Also, it is funny how this happens because, like I said, you cannot control how you feel. Then, I started to feel like this person was very cute, but beautiful to be more accurate, in my opinion. One of my friends told me that I was actually too cute for this person. But I said “No, I see something in him that you don’t see.” My advice in regards to friends telling you that a crush isn’t for you is to tell them that your crush is what you find attractive and you cannot help that. And if you think that your crush is in approachable range, to go for it. You only live once, so make it a happy one. Also, the suspense


is kind of thrilling in a way. A friend of mine, Naomi (name changed) told me that guys on this campus [UB] try to talk to everybody. Meaning that they approach every girl that they find just a little attractive and pursue more than one girl at a time. Naomi says that she may actually interested in the guy until she finds out that he is also pursuing other girls. “Then I am completely turned off, no matter how cute the guy is,” says Naomi. What I am trying to teach you from this story, is to NOT pursue EVERY person you find attractive. Find one person special enough for your time, and then take that time to let the person know that you like him/her. Your “crush” will have to respect you for that. In my case, the person I was telling you about knows that I like him, but still hasn’t let me know how he feels. I guess he is waiting for me to be more upfront with him, or he is not interested in me. Either way, he is the only person that I feel worthy of my pursuance. SHE SAID As the semester comes to a close, I am compiling my Christmas gift list (and checking it twice!) and thinking about the beginning of a new year. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and most ladies are dreading the idea of spending it alone. The main reason why most women are alone on this lovely holiday is be-

cause they never pursue a crush, or let a romance fizzle out because they don’t know how to take a relationship to the next level. You have to steer your own life; don’t let your crush go without at least giving it a try! First off, don’t doubt yourself (that is the golden rule), and never feel that you aren’t good enough for someone. It is key to have confidence and a good amount of self worth before you pursue a relationship. It is true: you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. If you are not comfortable with yourself, how can you open up and be yourself with someone else? A woman who is sure of herself is ready to pursue a partner! It is as simple as that; be confident, be yourself and be (somewhat) aggressive! As they always say, you only live once, so make the most out of what you have! There is someone out there for everyone and you don’t want to miss out on love because you were afraid to make a move. Just remember, countless relationships may not work out – don’t let it bring you down. There are a million incompatible fish in the sea, and you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Don’t get discouraged! You have to sort through a million relationships before you find the perfect fit, so patience is most definitely a virtue. When the shoe finally does fit, don’t be afraid to wear it!


December 2011

Finals Are coming up

too bad you’ve lost all of your sanity by now

Spiritual Teachings for Everyday Life RACHELLE JEANTY Columnist / Photographer

Optimism The best way to fight hurt, trials and tribulations and sadness is to accept optimism by embracing it. Quotes from the Bible - Christianity “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9 “But if we look forward to something we don’t

have yet, we must wait patiently and confidently.” – Romans 8:25 (NLT) “Finally, Brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthythink about such things.” – Philippians 4:8 (NIV) Miscellaneous courtesy of and

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson “Optimism refuses to believe that the road ends without options.” – Robert H. Schuller “It’s not that optimism solves all of life’s problems; it is just that it can sometimes make the difference between coping and collapsing.” – Lucy Macdonald



December 2011

Am I an Eagle OUTFITTER?

Having a problem? Need Advice? Submit your letter to "Ask The Scribe" on our website under the Opinion Tab. You may have your letter responed to in the print edition! Please include your full name and contact info for the Editors use only. All letters will be anonymous. (see Op.Ed Disclaimer page 5.)


December 2011

Althea's Final Letter

The final letter from our Editor in Chief of two and a half years

Dear Readers, As much as I knew this day would soon come, I didn’t realize it would approach so quickly. I still remember when I accepted the responsibility of having the title “Editor-in-Chief” April of 2010. It seems like yesterday I agreed to oversee the, at the time, 8-page newspaper. When I joined The Scribe in the fall of 2008 (freshman year) I was disheartened that a majority of students I spoke to had no idea that the university even had a school newspaper, not only that but the website was on a hiatus and I knew that this was a vital aspect to any and all campus newspapers. As much of an extracurricular as it is, when this position was passed down to me I made it my goal to ensure that EVERYONE was aware of UB’s student-run newspaper. From the page quantity increase, to the 10+ newspaper stands added to the campus, to the new Scribe website that has only increased in online traffic since its initial launch in the spring—The Scribe has only grown. Many people have come up to me during my E.I.C. tenure and have attested to its improvement, but honestly, it could NOT have been possible without my AMAZING staff. It’s a bittersweet moment, but nonetheless, I decided on my own to withdraw from the editor-in-chief position a semester early. I have held this title for a year and a half, and I felt that it was someone else’s turn to carry The Scribe even further

than I, and past Scribe Editor-in-Chiefs, have. I graduate in May and although I will no longer be managing The Scribe, I will still make myself available next semester, as a secondary consultant to the primary one the newspaper currently has. So, yes, I will still be around, but Cheyenne will be the one leading the pack and I have no doubt that she will do an excellent job. Thank you, readers—students, professors, faculty, non-UB—for taking the time out of your busy schedule to pick up the latest print editions from the stands and make The Scribe apart of your day each month… thank you for visiting our website and also following us on Twitter and Facebook… and thank you for your feedback and encouragement; I know this will continue even after I graduate. A special thank you goes to Assistant Dean of Students and Scribe Advisor Edina Oestreicher who has been a tremendous help to me and the newspaper overall, during my time as Editorin-Chief (and even before!). It was a pleasure being the so-called “face of The Scribe,” now… it’s Cheyenne’s turn. Althea Benloss

Retractions for Issue 3 In The Scribe issue 3, several mistakes were brought to our attention. We would like to retract those statements. We are deeply sorry for any confusion this false information may have caused. Here is what they should have read: In “An Overview of the SGA and SPB Budget,” the SPB receives 65% of the budget while DGA receives 35%. The stated $120,000 is annual… the approximate percentage SPB is budgeting for out of the total $200,000. In a quote by Colleen Powers, the quote should have read “…until all spring 2012 traditional…” The students activity fee is $90 a semester, not a year. That makes up all that is

received, not 25%. 25% of the $90 is used for operating costs prior to being given to SPB/ SGA. In “Low Funding in a High Focused Program,” the Martial Arts Studies Major was created when the University made a decision in Fall 2002 to take steps towards establishing the major. It required the involvement of faculty both inside the University and outside of it. It required the involvement of the Connecticut State Department of Higher Education. The name of Dr. Kim should have been written out as Dr. Yongbom Kim.



Designed by Mike Mehl

Women’s Soccer: A Season to Remember CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor Back in August, the UB women’s soccer team never would have thought that they would have the type of season they did. With 15 new players, and not having former players Linda Velaj and Rakel Hinriksdottir on this year’s team, the Purple Knights went on to a 16-0-2 campaign. UB had their perfect season end on Nov. 13 when they fell to U-Mass Lowell 2-1 in penalty kills during the second round of the NCAA playoffs at Knights Field. Despite that, the Purple Knights saw themselves ranked number one in the nation in Division II women’s soccer standings for six consecutive weeks and had seven different players earn all East Coast Conference honors. Senior defender Danielle Weir, who earned Second-Team All ECC, said that the team exceeded all expectations this year. “We achieved more than what thought we would and at the start of the season, we thought it was going to be more of a rebuilding season,” Weir said. “Our team overachieved once we got into a winning habit and started to realize we were coming together as a team.” Several major awards that were presented to Purple Knights included senior forward Kasey


Kenny earning ECC Offensive Player of the Year, senior defender Marie Pettersson receiving ECC Defensive Player of the Year, sophomore goalkeeper Julia Hansson earning ECC Goalkeeper of the Year and freshman defender Gillian Munro taking home ECC Rookie of the Year. Finally, head coach Magnus Nilerud earned his second ECC Coach of the Year honors in the past three years. “We had such a deep team and the players that earned All-American [Honors] is something that has never been seen at our school,” junior forward Asia Pulse said. “We had the chance to show the players and the skill we do have, which the [national] polls took notice of.” The Purple Knights also allowed the fewest goals in program history in a season with four and Hansson recorded the most shutouts with 13, surpassing former UB goalkeeper Allison Verobel’s 11 in 2004. Hansson is now the all time leader in shutouts with 18, also surpassing Verobel, who previously held the record with 15. “Getting to the number one stop [in the nation] was the biggest highlight for us this season because it showed we could actually do something for the season,” Weir said. “Being there

for six weeks almost became unbelievable and beating Queens [College] during the final game of the season, gave us a chance to finally celebrate for our great accomplishment.” Senior forward Katie Stanley, who came into the 2011 season with 52 career points, moved pass former UB standouts Linda Ohlander (1997-1998), Sara Warfield (1997-2000), who both had 54 points and Rut Bjaranadottir (2003-2004) with 60 to move into sixth place on the all time points list with 72. Next year’s squad is expected to remain solid despite the loss of Weir, Pettersson, Kenny, Stanley and Julia Colley due to commencement. In spite of that, junior defender’s Gabby Trombley and Becky Wallis will provide leadership, while freshman forward Ashleigh Berg and midfielder Jenny Hwang will supply more offensive punch. “With our freshmen and the production we have gotten [out of them], we just have to look for them for next year [to produce for us],” Pulse said. “We will be getting some good new players and I think Magnus is well prepared for next season.”


December 2011

Tim Tebow not a franchise savior for the Broncos JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor There have been plenty of intriguing stories in the NFL this season; the collapse of the Philadelphia Eagles, the play of Aaron Rodgers, the resurgence of the San Francisco 49ers. Nothing has been as compelling or as mind-boggling as the saga of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Since taking the starting job from Kyle Orton on Oct. 23, the Broncos have won five of six and are over .500 on the season. This has led some to say not only have the Broncos found their quarterback of the future, but that Tebow should be considered an MVP candidate. Seriously. Tebow has been a nice story, but one cannot ignore the cold hard facts. First, Tebow has been awful for the most part. His completion percentage is 45.5%, which if qualified, would rank dead last among all NFL QBs. His yards-per-attempt is 5.96, which would put him at third worst among QBs. He’s thrown eight touchdowns and only one interception, but is that really that impressive when you consider that his passes are too inaccurate to intercept? Second, he has not carried the Broncos. Sure, he did have over 100 rushing yards in one game, and yes, he did pull off a great drive to beat the New York Jets a couple of weeks ago. However, in four of the five wins in this

Photo courtesy of

streak, the Broncos have scored under 20 points. Little credit has been given to the Broncos defense, which has given up 15 points or less in

those games. People say Tebow has been “clutch” in his wins as they have all come down to the final few minutes of the game, and usually required a comeback by the Broncos. My thought is that if Tebow weren’t so terrible in the first three and a half quarters, the Broncos wouldn’t have to rely on comebacks. Third, what he and the Broncos are doing is completely unsustainable. It’s worked for now, but no team can win on a consistent basis when their quarterback only throws 20 passes a game and completes half of them. In fact, in one of the games the Broncos won, Tebow only threw eight passes and completed two of them! The spread offense Tebow ran at the University of Florida simply will not work long-term in the NFL. Defenses are too big, too fast and too strong compared to college, and Tebow isn’t nearly athletic enough to compensate for his weird throwing motion and lack of accuracy. This isn’t a slight on Tebow’s character, race, or religion, it’s just the truth. Unless Tebow reconfigures his mechanics, he will not have success long-term, and the Broncos will undoubtedly have to find a new quarterback.



December 2011

Howard turns his passion for dogs into a career ISAIAH RHODES Staff Writer cheering my teammates on every day. Now that my time has come I have to capitalize on it.” Capitalizing on that opportunity has helped Howard put many things in perspective. Running a business, maintaining his dogs, playing basketball all while going to school give him short gaps in the days, but he says he has gained appreciation for the time he does have. “My gaps of time usually got to my dogs,” Howard said. “You really notice how much free time you have, when you are doing something you like. The dogs taught me how to make better use of my free time, and getting rid of the unimportant stuff.” Not taking anything for granted has allowed Howard to appreciate the little things on a heightened level. The affection and effort that he gives to them, is what he strives to give to his

If you see Omari Howard walking some of his dogs on campus, do not be surprised; he owns 12 of them. Howard, a guard/ forward for the University of Bridgeport Purple Knights men’s basketball team has a unique hobby that has taught him many lessons outside of the basketball court, which involve the dogs. Howard has been running his own kennel, breeding pit-bulls (American Bullies) for three years, along with being a math major in his senior year of school. With all of these stressors during college life, how did Howard’s love for dogs turn into his own business? “I’ve always had this love for dogs,” Howard said. “I’m CEO now, but it actually started from a buddy of mine in New Jersey who really got me started. It’s actually a hobby, something extra to occupy my time.” Time is something Howard rarely has nowadays. This is his first year getting extended play on the court for the Purple Knights. Because he has been in the system for four years as a player, Howard knows how it feels to wait for his number to be called, but he bided his time on the bench and now it is paying dividends. So far this season Howard has played in all seven games and is averaging 14 minutes a game, 3.4 points a game, three rebounds a game while shooting 56%. He feels his strongest contribution to the team though is providing leadership and working hard. Howard attributes some of his patience and work ethic to working with his canines. “It’s a patient process; I’m not going to lie it was tough,” Howard said. “But I was there

school work, and the basketball court. “There are days where my dogs teach me things,” Howard said. “If I throw the ball 25 times, 25 times my dog will go get it. That’s work ethic. That’s what you have to do. Apply that to basketball; if you want the ball bad enough you go get it.” That dedication shows why Howard is no stranger to success in the class room. In the fall of 2010, he made the President’s List. The academic standard that you have to maintain to make that list is a 3.8 GPA. Howard followed that performance up with a Dean’s List appearance in the spring of 2011, and he is aiming for the Dean’s List once again this semester, with his eyes on a May 2012 graduation. With all of this on his plate some would wonder, how does Omari Howard do it? “It’s a pretty good balance,” Howard said. “I feel that I am balancing both pretty neutrally. Can I balance one more than the other or can I Improve on both? I believe I can and that is something that I work towards everyday.” Those gaps of time that have kept Howard away from his dogs have ironically helped the business expand as far as Virginia. Howard has also charted calls from as far as Puerto Rico and France. With that ambition in hand, how far does Howard plan on taking this hobby? “I thought about going in depth with it, while still maintaining my professional career,” Howard said. “It’s not something I want to do completely and forget about my professional career right away, but if the opportunity knocks and it does go global than I will take it.”

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The Scribe Issue 4 - 2011  

The Scribe Issue 4 - 2011

The Scribe Issue 4 - 2011  

The Scribe Issue 4 - 2011