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Issue 5 February 2012

iPhone, the Kobe Bryant of Phones TRAVIS MITCHELL Staff Writer It is almost impossible to not recognize that the number of iPhone users is rapidly increasing. According to Nielsen, among recent smartphone acquirers 39% choosing the iPhone in November to 45% in December, only behind Android (47%). I asked myself what reason could this increase be attributed to? Then I chose to ask the people this question. Many new iPhone users abandoned their Blackberrys, flip phones, and outdated smartphones, including Androids for the release of the new iPhone 4s. These users come from all walks of life, including educators, engineers, CEOs, housewives, and of course students. With such a variety of people joining the league of Apple users everyone could not have the same reason to invest in such an expensive piece of hardware. Currently with a starting price tag of $199 (apple. com) for the iPhone 4s, it would be easily assumed that there would be much thought and research

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Are 3D movies overrated? p. 16


It's been a long road for ball player David. p. 22

Career Services Center launches new UB jobs website CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor For the past 10 months, the UB Career Service Center wanted to find a better way of providing students with the best resources out there in order to make their job search a little easier. Now almost a year later, that process has become a reality thanks to a recent partnership with CSO Research Inc, based out of Austin, TX. With the collaboration between the two sides, it led to the creation of The new site is powered by CSO and allows UB students to log in and construct a profile and upload their resumes, while looking for jobs and internships not just locally, but around the world. It has different sections such as career events and interview scheduling that are helpful tools. Conttinued on page 2

Looking for Advice? Ask Belle Vie! (she's got it) Read Belle Vie's tips for singles on V-day. pg. 21


Career Services Center launches new UB jobs website CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor Toni Mahoney, Director of Career Services, said that the new site has a lot of advantages for the students. “Most of the students that I have talked to and shown it to, have found the interface a little bit easier to use,” Mahoney said. “You can set up job agents, which a lot of students don’t take advantage of; so you can search for specific criteria it will automatically email you anytime a new job gets listed.” Several online job employment sites have joined forces with including CareerBuilder, JUJU, CareerRookie and Those sites are easy to access through MyInterfase as they will match any jobs or internships you are looking for. Another feature is called the “My Activity” tab which allows you to see any appointment coming up or any previous appointments you had with Career Services. “My Referrals” allocates you to see firsthand the job process in its entirety. “They [MyInterfase] have a tab called referrals and it kind of gets confusing to students

with what it means,” Mahoney said. “What it means is anytime you apply to a job through the system or anytime we from career services send your resume to a company it matches a job [listing]. [A] company finds your resume in a job search, [and] you will see all of that activity there.” Sophomore Katerina Correa has already seen a modern alteration to the new page. “The layout is not much different in finding jobs [but] it has a different layout visually and the transition from the old to new was quite smooth,” Correa said. All of the career events are listed on the new site for this semester. Two info sessions on job searches will take place on February 15 from 3:00-4:00 P.M. and February 16 from 12 to 1 P.M. in Carlson Hall room 253. The two events entitled “Resume 411” will take place on February 22 & 23 from 12 to 1 P.M. in the Discovery Pavilion.

The Career Fair will take place on April 4 from 12 to 3 P.M. in Wheeler Recreation Center and the Career Services are expecting the biggest turnout ever with around 400 participants attending. Only 120 students went last year with just 20 being undergraduates. “My advice to students is come and they [employers] are coming here to see students,” Mahoney said. “They are coming here to hire because they want to hire students; specifically UB students. Don’t be afraid about just checking it out. You aren’t going to leave there with a job but with contacts and hopefully a follow up for some interviews.”

The Scribe would like to wish you a

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Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


February 2012

A year later, the Arab Spring continues KAITLIN O’CONNELL Staff Writer It has been a year since Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire in protest after police confiscated his fruits and vegetables stand, beginning the domino effect of the fight for democracy and freedom from the dictating rulers of Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and especially Tunisia. With the first incident being in Tunisia, a country who rarely ever has any kind of protest at all, the world took notice. Cars began to burn, protestors were being killed and demonstrations continued. By mid-February almost 4,000 Tunisian refugees had fled to the Italian island of Lampedusa, causing the Italian authorities to announce a state of emergency that would follow up with federal aid being brought and distributed to the island. Tunisia was in a state of chaos and black smoke; President Zine alAbidine Ben Ali was broadcasting throughout the nation that the protestors were “mercenaries and extremists,” that they were hurting the tourism value that comes into the country and that would just hurt the economy more. His words fell on deaf ears and on January 14, 2011 President

Ben Ali fled the country to Saudi Arabia with his family. Only a few hours later did Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannoucji announce that he would take over the presidency. As Tunisia rejoiced, other countries began to notice their achievement and begin a revolution of their own. Egypt’s first organized protest against President Hosni Mubarak began on January 25, 2011 with protesters gathering in Cairo’s Tahrir square. Violence erupted just as quickly as the protest began with Mubarak’s army firing into the mass of protestors; this carnage was the worst that the country had ever seen. And after only 18 days of protest Vice President Omar Suleiman announced that President Mubarak was stepping down and letting

the military take over power in the c o u n t r y. Almost everyone around the world can

remember that night when the news broke that Mubarak had stepped down. Celebration swept through out Tahrir square and the nation. So much so that Libya began their protest only five days later lashing out at President Mohammed Gaddafi for censoring the nation and his lack of respect for his people. These protests became the worst that the Middle East had ever seen, with hundreds of people dying each day. Young Libyan men began to take up arms against Gaddafi’s army, finding and making weapons out of scrap metal, car parts as well as other various things. As the rebels fought, it seemed as if Gaddafi would never revoke his Presidency until October 21 when photos surfaced of Gaddafi’s body. After eight months, a week and a day, with an estimated 50,000 dead, President Gaddafi was no more. Today all eyes are on the nation of Syria, where civil unrest has recently been brought up at the United Nations Security Council. Almost every religious, economic and political group has taken up arms against each other. President Bashar al-Assad has blamed protestors on “conspirators.” Still thousands of protestors return to the streets in the capital city of Damascus, to show their nation and the world that they are not giving up just yet. The neighboring countries of Turkey, Jordan and Iraq have had an increase in refugees as Syrians continue to flee their homes. Today the United Nations has estimated that over 7,000 people have lost their lives. As the United Nations meets, the death toll continues to climb, and yet still no solution has been made. Only one question remains: will Syria be able to achieve their goal of democracy like the nations of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia or will the fight continue? This is something that only time can tell, as protests and demonstrations still go on throughout the Middle East and even in the United States. Is it possible that democracy will shine through or just the death toll and unjust that continues to rise?

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February 2012


Congratulations to the Giants for winning the 46th Superbowl!!

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February 2012

The Scribe Established 1930

Letter from

Consultant Andrew Woolford

the Editor

Althea Benloss Editor in Chief Cheyenne Owen Managing News Editor Chris Hogan Readers,

Sports Editor Joshua Ryan Fashion Editor Shaniqua King Opinion Editor Entertainment Editor Denise Gotay He Said, She Said

The weather forecasters may say it’s winter, but as I’m sure we’ve all noticed, it feels more like spring around the UB campus. Spring usually ushers in a sense of change and here at the Scribe, we’ve had our fair share of change. Within these pages, you’ll see the work of some of our newest writers who bring you a personal account of joining the U.S. Army to showing you the latest and best electronics coming out of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. You will notice the absence of our “Preacher Dude” column, but we are welcoming a new column to the pages of the Scribe, “My Life as a Rainbow,” which is sure to not disappoint. We’ve been cooking up a great issue for your enjoyment to kick off the start of the Scribe’s publishing this semester. Despite this issue not exclusively celebrating Valentine’s Day, I want to extend a warm Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you couples and a Happy Singles Appreciation Day to those of us who will be celebrating February 14th without a partner.

Bryn Hagley Shanice Drakes Design & Layout Editor

Cheyenne Owen Editor in Chief

Asha Hobbs Web Editor

Jordon Warmington

Art Director Chief Photographer

Michael Lawson Rich Lubrano

Staff Photographers Roseborn Cudjoe

Op-Ed Disclaimer: The Scribe neither endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement made. The Scribe will not be liable for any loss, damage or hurt feelings caused by a reader’s reliance on information obtained from the advice column(s). It is the responsibility of the reader to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, opinion, advice or other content available through The Scribe. Please seek the advice of professionals, as appropriate, regarding the evaluation of any specific information, opinion, advice or other content. The Scribe Editorial Copyright Statement and Policy: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and forum participants in the newspaper do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of The Scribe or official policies of The Scribe To submit articles, story ideas, illustrations or photographs, please send an e-mail of interest to, describing the article you would like to have published. After receiving expressed interest, please save the complete article in DOC format and send as an attachment. Please include full name and contact information (telephone number and e-mail address—to be used by editors only). Be aware that submission does not guarantee publication and all submissions are subject to editing.


Knight Life

Swearing an Oath, Taking the Challenge JESUS RODRIGUEZ Staff Writer 14 weeks of hell. That is what it took for me to capture a dream. It is what I volunteered to endure for the defense of our country. To be a guardian of freedom and the American way of life. United States Infantryman. That is what I am, who I am, and what I became for the people of our country. To carry the honor of those who have fallen for our freedom. To continue a legacy that began hundreds of years ago, dating back to a time when George Washington led our ancestors in battle. September 19, 2011 was the day my life began a dramatic change. I left behind everyone and everything I loved at home for the shooting ranges, gas chambers and new life that was waiting for me at Fort Benning, Georgia. Homesickness began to hit me as soon as I reached Atlanta airport. There was no turning back though. All I could do is keep moving forward. I arrived at Fort Benning and spent about two weeks processing into the training site. September 30, 2011 was when the official training began. All the trainees were bused to Sand Hill and became part of Alpha Company 1-50. We were met with an immediate challenge of having to march up a very long hill with our heavy bags over our heads.

The Drill Sergeants separated everyone into four platoons and I was to became a 1st Platoon Misfit. A memory permanently embedded into my mind was when our Senior Drill Sergeant looked every single one of us in the eye and said, “Welcome to hell for the next 14 weeks.” I thought those words were awesome and intimidating at the same time. The training was tough. Running around with up to 50 pounds of gear on our bodies, training in 30 degree weather wearing shorts, constantly beating up our bodies and countless other things were breaking us down and building us up to be the soldiers we were training to be. Mind games after mind games were getting the best of some of the trainees who broke down and decided to quit. Being unable to contact our families with nothing but letters added to the mental stress. All my fellow trainees and I could do was suck it up and finish the training we signed up for. Day after day the stress became less intense as everyone got used to their new lives away from home. The suffering became enjoyment and before we knew it we were graduating.

The mission was accomplished and I became not just an American Soldier, but a United States Infantryman. Like many before me, I achieved a dream. The grueling journey to graduation was now over and I returned home with many stories to tell. For anyone with future hopes of becoming a part of the Army I just have one thing to say: you can do it. There is nothing hard about it. It was never hard to begin with. It’s just tough and I along with thousands before me proved it can be done. To leave you with a quote from one of my favorite Drill Sergeants, “It’s always a good day to be in the Army.”

Organization of the Week KAITLIN O’CONNELL Staff Writer NAACP Stands for- National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Established- February 12, 1909 About the NAACP- It is the nation’s oldest, most recognized and largest “grassrootsbased” civil rights organization. It has more than a half a million supporters throughout the U.S. and worldwide. It was formed in response to the practice of lynching and race riots in Springfield, Illinois. Recognizing this, a group of white liberals including William English Washington, Mary White Ovington, Oswald Garrison Villiard and Dr. Henry Moscowitz issued a call to have a meeting to discuss racial justice and how to make it possible. Sixty


people attended the meeting, including W.E.B. Du Bois signed the call which was released on the centennial of Lincoln’s birth.

Why it’s important- The principle objectives are to ensure educational, social, political and economic equality of minority groups within the United States and to eliminate the race prejudice that exists. It has a strong emphasis on local organizing so that communities can be able to come together as to understand one another.


February 2012

A Healthy Start SHANICE DRAKES Columnist Even though it’s February, it’s never too late to start over and make a resolution to be healthier. Many people deal with random body aches, year round allergies, feeling tired all the time or even colds in the summer and have no idea why. These problems are usually linked to a poor diet and toxins in the body. With a change in diet and a full body detox these problems will begin to melt away. A full body detox is recommended no more than twice a year. Too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. Listed below are 10 reasons why a fully body detox can be beneficial.

1. Cleanses the colon. This is for when regular colon cleansers just don’t do the trick. 2. Naturally boosts the metabolism. By getting rid of toxins, the body’s natural metabolic state is kicked into full gear. 3. Aids in losing weight. A higher metabolism means losing weight has become that much easier. 4. Increases absorption of nutrients. The small and large intestines can absorb nutrients into the body when it’s cleaner. 5. Boosts vitality and energy levels. Be able to have more energy to spend more time in the gym.

6. Purifies the liver. The main organ used in detoxing the body. 7. Gives the skin a healthy glow. Have acne? It will become less of a problem now. 8. Boosts the immune system. An immune system in full effect can fight off colds and flus better than usual. 9. Aids in better sleep. A healthy body leads to awesome sleep. 10. Has a positive healing effect on the emotions. A healthy body can lead to healthy emotions.

UB's newest Shuttle in Action



December 2011

Ways You Can End an Unwanted Conversation DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor Nothing screams out boredom more than being stuck in an unwanted conversation. The long awkward talks about some of the most weird, uninteresting topics anyone can have are time killers. How can anyone escape these dreaded unnecessary conversations?

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Here’s how: 4. Be Blunt Say for example, you bump into someone at a party. You really have to go somewhere and yet you’re stuck hanging with this person who seems to love talking about cats. Cats this and cats that, it’s obvious this conversation will not go anywhere except on a trip to awkward town. You can stand there and listen to a half hour talk about why it’s good for cats to lick themselves or you can simply be blunt to the person and tell them to bug off. 3. Cause a Distraction For the ones who think being blunt is brutal then there’s another alternative. Make some sort of a distraction that will catch the talker off guard long enough for you to run away. Not only will your exit be smooth, you won’t necessarily have to face the person to tell them goodbye. So for instance your cat loving person is talking about why cats should dominate the world, just cut them off and say “Look! A bald cat with braids!”

2. Make an Excuse If the distraction doesn’t work out like it planned then you can make up a good reasonable excuse to not be in the conversation at all. That way it makes it seem like you’re actually busy and not being a prick. So if the uber cat loving person comes over and wants to talk about why cats actually prefer mice over tuna fish you can say “I’m sorry I have to take this phone call” or “Sorry I’ll be back. My friend wants me to help her with the food.” 1. Make it Awkward You know what people say, fight fire with fire, right? If all else fails your last hope is to make things awkward on purpose. That’s right; make the conversation even more awkward up to the point where the person you’re talking to actually leaves. That way, not only are you immediately relieved from the conversation, it’s also pretty funny seeing other people react.

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February 2012

Gymnasts work towards Nationals under new role JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor

The last three years have brought a lot of change to the University of Bridgeport women’s gymnastics team. Three consecutive USAT Women’s Gymnastics Championships have put the program in the top tier of Division II women’s gymnastics programs. However, this recent success has changed the dynamic of the team. Head coach Byron Knox said that when the team competed in the championships in Florida in previous years, the team was virtually unknown. That is not the case anymore. “We’re the ones with the target now,” Knox said. That target figures to be amplified, as this year’s championships will be

taking place at UB. Knox said that he feels being the hosts has increased the team’s motivation to return to the championships and that it has affected the way they view their competitions. “Every competition now, we’ve been trying to simulate what it would be like in the championship round, and be behind in points or ahead in points,” he said. The team has gotten off to a very solid start this year, posting three wins in their first five events. They also managed to post a school record team score in their win over Towson University.

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College Fashionista at UB SHANIQUA KING Fashion Editor

Looking to have your most fashionable outfit featured on a major online website? Well, you are in luck. This semester I officially became the first ever style guru intern for the University of Bridgeport campus, and put UB on the map. During my internship period, I was responsible for the Fashionsta/o Stoplight every Wednesday that feature’s a different college student in a unique, stylish or trendy look. The article includes the student’s full body photo of their outfit and a quick interview about the outfit and how to achieve their look. Don’t know what CollegeFashionsta is about? It was founded in early 2009 by Creative Director and Founder Amy Levin, who created the site during her senior year at Indiana University. The site was created to feature everyday fashion trends and styles seen on ordinary college students with amazing sense of fashion from over 100 different colleges and universities from all over the world.


Some universities that are represented on the site include New York University [NYU], Brown University, University of Connecticut and Sacred Heart University. The website has been in existence for almost three years and it has already developed partnerships with brands such as Marshalls, Victoria Secret PINK and Ann Taylor. CollegeFashionista also has an exclusive column on the US Today College website. There aren’t only feature photographs of different college student’s looks, but it offers the average college student style advice on how to achieve the latest trends for less, and an insider look from fashion insiders within the industry. Let’s not forget about lots of free giveaways, events and contests for their readers.

Every week I will be on the hunt for creative, unique and stylish CollegeFashionista/os on campus. You never know if it will be you! You can also check all the featured looks on the website at university_of_bridgeport.


February 2012 DEVIKA HUDSON Fashion Columnist

Valentine’s Day has become the most special and popular day for couples to exchange gifts and boxes of chocolate to one another. Some couples go out their way to make sure they look extra stylish, so that their significant other would appreciate it. By adding the signature red to ones outfit, shows how much one adores the day. Unfortunately, we do not have a couple this issue that I feel compliments each other, but two individuals that stand out when it comes to fashion. Both have completely different styles, but I feel as a pair, it works so well together. Name: Fellisia Robinson Year: Freshman Major: Fashion Merchandising Age: Unknown

Name: Jmar Rose Year: Junior Major: Business Management Age: 20

Interview Questions: 1. What is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Fellisia: I really cannot think about one specific item that would be the perfect gift. For me, it is more about the thought than anything else. I know it sounds corny, but taking the time out to do something nice out weights any gift.

Jmar: The perfect gift would be a bag of the candy gummy bears and Rugby with a matching grey hat, preferably a size 7 ¼.

2. Who and what inspires you with how you dress? Fellisia: My number one inspiration would definitely be street style. I love the randomness of having different choices every day. Dressing up in one style all the time gets old and a bit predictable. Two people that are style icons to me are Solange Knowles and Mary-Kate Olsen. I love their styles individually so I would definitely love to challenge my inner Solange meets Mary-Kate style. The creation together would do me justice.

Jmar: Well, Vado and Wale inspire me with the clothes and sneakers I wear. They are pure examples of how I dress everyday. But I have more of a love for sneakers, from Jordan’s to foamposites. The sneaker completes the outfit for me.

3. What is the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit or a must have item? Fellisia: It would be hard to pick one specific out but I know that RED lipstick is definitely a must.

Jmar: It may not be the perfect outfit to others, but to me it is a pair of black infrared 6s (Jordan’s), Rock & Republic khakis, polo denim shirt, 10 deep cardigan and a grey hat.

4. Do you dress more for yourself or others? Fellisia: My style is not dictated by anyone other than me. The way I dress is an expression of how I feel daily. So one day I might feel preppy and the next is tribal.

Jmar: Honestly I dress for myself. I really do not care what people say about what I have on, because they are not the one wearing it. It’s important for people to remember that.

5. Do you have any specific way you want your significant other (boyfriend/ girlfriend) to dress? Fellisia: No, I do not have a specific way he has to dress, but it should definitely be his own unique style. It should compliment me as well.

Jmar: I would not mind seeing her wear nice rugby top with some true religion jeans on with a pair of moccasins. I am not really a fan of a girl wearing heels, unless she going out.



February 2012



Express Your Scribe Simply Love Its simply love, The way her heart flutters with every kiss on her lips Every caressing movement of his hands on her thighs sends her in a blissful illusion Where they can love with out fear of society pulling them apart. To them it’s not the sex that draws them to each other Her body becomes warm as he stretches his strong arm around her, Cradling the little bit of innocence she struggles to hold on to. Her mind is at ease when their legs intertwine as they cuddle in bed. His warm body against her body helps her drift asleep with a heightened sense of security. Her eyes shine, Her heart sings, And her soul flutters up leaving her prone to what is simply love.

Trisha Bartholomew

It's something about the way beauty tap dances on your skin And how your eyes glow like the reflection of the moon on a shimmery river.

 From the sunrise of eyes, to the sunset of smiles I look at the heavenly skies and question how can the heavens survive without one of its angels. Its something about the way you talk. Its as if God purposely placed an orchestra in your voice box so that when you speak, you bless my ears with heavenly music.

 Every time I lay my eyes upon you, my heart takes off like ricocheted bullets. You rose petaled my insecurities and planted me in your garden so that we could grow together. I love you like how I learned how to ride a bike – scared Just don’t let the cookie crumble and make me fall just to tumble Just kiss me forever until you find eternity in my lips Because I’m not sure if a heart can survive without it’s beat Losing you would be like removing the sand from the beach and replacing it with asphalt. It’s like taking the hands of love, breaking and replacing them with pencil point knives and cutting at a perfect heart. Losing the same as losing myself. There is no me, without you. So please...if you ever get the crazy idea of leaving Just know.... you'll be taking me with you.

Jasmine Cates

To read more poetry or to submit your own creative works, visit our website at!



The Real Endings to Disney Movies DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor Disney is all about teaching kids happy endings and finding true love. In fact, even if the original story is gruesome and sad, Disney will twist it around to make it seem like life will always end on a positive note. The real endings to these Disney stories will not only shock you, but also might ruin your childhood as well. 1. Sleeping Beauty In the 1959 Disney film version, Princess Aurora gets pricked on her finger by a cursed spindle and ends up in deep sleep. Prince Phillip comes to the rescue and defeats the evil witch that cursed Aurora with the spindle. Phillip’s kiss breaks the spell and Aurora gets out of her deep slumber. They married and lived happy ever after. In Charles Perrault’s version of the tale, the princess ends up sleeping due to prophesy and she ends up being awake to find herself as a mother of two kids. That’s right; she was raped in her sleep by a king.

2. The Little Mermaid Disney ended this tale with Ariel changing from a mermaid to a human and marries Eric. They have a beautiful wedding as both humans and merpeople attended the ceremony. In Christian Andersen’s version of the mermaid tale, Ariel originally had to kill the prince in order to change back to a mermaid. (Also since he was marrying a princess that she hated as well.) But she couldn’t bring herself to do it so she jumps back into the ocean and dies by turning into sea foam. 3. Snow White In the movie, the evil queen tries to kill the dwarfs by crushing them with a boulder, but ends up falling to her death after lightning strikes the cliff she was standing on. In the original brothers Grimm’s version of the story, the wicked queen was actually punished by dancing to death while wearing red – hot iron shoes.

4. Cinderella Cinderella ends up being with her prince charming after showing him proof of her identity by fitting into the glass slipper. The prince and Cinderella have a wedding and live happily ever after. There are multiple endings to this fairy tale, but the sinister version of this story comes from the Grimm bothers themselves. In their version, the step sisters cut off parts of their feet in order to be able to fit into the glass slipper and try to fool the prince. The prince however realizes their trick as two pigeons peck out the step sister’s eyes. The step sisters live as blind beggars while Cinderella becomes a princess.

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The New Google Experience with Google T.V, Not! NATALIA WONG Staff Writer The Google TV is more than just a new experience. It is the key to the door of future technology. About a century ago the Internet was the new amazing creation, but now imagine the Internet and the feature of browsing through the Internet apart of your TV experience today. Users are able to watch TV on their own time schedule. They are able to save favorite movies or videos and pause, fast-forward and rewind anything being watched. Picture Netflix when watching movies on the Google TV. The different channels and categories of movies are displayed clearly across the screen for easy access to hover over them to get a description of what they are about. The movies are endless, and you can switch between Internet movies and movies on TV. The Internet integration is what makes this a brand new experience for TV lovers so much more enjoyable. Also, viewers can watch entire seasons of their favorite shows by the click of a button.


YouTube is one of the options apart of your side panel on your TV screen. With a click you can switch over to the website where you will come across more options such as your play list, watch later list and the browser to find a specific video of your choice. Your TV becomes a huge search engine able to give you multiple ways in watching a live event. For sports fans, having many available ways like dish network, Internet or HBO to watch a live game only makes the experience a more favorable one. Are you an IPhone user because if so this will blow your mind? Remember your favorite apps, well those are all available. Some favorite apps are Flixster, Google Music, Pandora and Angry Birds. Yes! I said it, Angry Birds. All of your favorite games can be saved on your TV ready for you to access them at anytime. The Google TV is evolving the world as we know it, allowing us to multitask and share our experiences with others through cyber space.

One of the coolest features is sharing photos straight from a phone, or camera through your TV while chatting with your love ones on another tab about your photos. The method of doing everything on the same device makes emailing, and uploading photos to Facebook or other websites very easy. However, one downside to the TV is that it did not make as many sales because most of the revenue was returned to buyers because many websites heard of the new technology and purposely blocked streaming to the Google TV. Mainly the hype about the TV was all about its Internet use, so without that there is no possible way people will buy the TV.


February 2012

iPhone, The Kobe Bryant of Phones TRAVIS MITCHELL Staff Writer continued from page 1

preceding such an investment, especially among college students. I doubt college students specifically choose a phone simply because of what attention you may get from someone of the opposite sex, but Mass Communications major, Daemion Evans jokingly admitted feeling more confident “pulling [the iPhone] out talking to a girl, rather than something like an HTC.” Interestingly enough I do not believe other male iPhone users would disagree, and according to a study done by OKTrends, iPhone users have the most sexual partners, compared to Blackberry and Android users. Before reaching a 5th edition of the highly successful smartphone, smartphones were typically purchased by businesspersons who wanted to keep track of timely, extensive information. Then gradually it became more and more typical for the average phone to have similar capabilities, and smartphones continued to get ‘smarter.’ Therefore it would seem logical to assume that it would be the capabilities that draw a consumer to these pricey, highly functioning phones, but I have reason to believe otherwise. Especially after Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak even admitted that he wished the iPhone “did all the things [his] Android does.” After listening to many students speak about the smartphones, I realize now that many iPhone users are not even aware of the capabilities of other phones competing for their attention. Martial Arts major, Chris Van

Mieghem said, 'I can listen to and sync music straight from my iTunes, I don’t even know what other phones, like Android even use." After being made aware that Android phones such as the Motorola Bionic could be treated just as you treat a flash drive when transferring Photo courtesy of music, Chris attributes marketing for him not knowing. When approaching an iPhone user with a question such as, why did you choose an iPhone over any other comparable phone on the market? You might expect an answer pertaining to unique capabilities, such as the impressive screen resolution, high-resolution front facing camera, or even the dual core processor unique to the newly released iPhone 4s. Instead, responses are much more ambiguous and less specific. Laray Drayton admitted always wanting an iPhone ‘since the iPhone 3.’ A friend of hers, Aziza Patterson simply responded, “I had the other iPhones.” There is no denying the iPhones popularity, nor Apple’s innovative reputation, as Trichelle Alyssa put it, “iPhones are taking over the world.” I think of it this way, you know that you can consider yourself to be the ‘top dog’ if in order to be the best, candidates must go through you. Oftentimes, when questioning

whether a specific NBA player is the best, his statistics and achievements are then compared to those of Los Angeles Lakers star, Kobe Bryant. Now think of how often the latest phone is deemed, ‘The iPhone Killer.’ The iPhone is sort of treated as a benchmark, and phone specs are compared to Apple’s golden product. In the era we currently live in, about half of U.S. mobile consumers have smartphones, according to Nielsen data. Purchasing a phone is much like buying a new car, in order to avoid future regret and jealousy, you must research and compare what is already on the market and what is soon to come. I decided to speak to a student I knew was tech savvy, and also an Apple supporter, Industrial Design major, Lukasz Fabis. He prefers Apple’s operating system, he feels as though the quality of Apps differ between Apple and Android. Lukasz believes this is because Apple seems to attract Designers and Android attracts Engineers, (referring to developers). On a college campus such as this one, here at the University of Bridgeport it is typical to see students hustling around to class with Apple’s signature white headphones plugged into an Apple device such as an iPad, iPod, or iPhone. That is why the students here were the perfect candidates to survey. To conclude, whether it is the simplicity, minimalistic design, or herd mentality that drives consumers to the iPhone there is no denying that the iPhone is a great product, but will many consumers continue not to question whether it is the best product for them?

What Grinds My Gears…About My Job Compiled by Denise Gotay

When it comes to jobs, it’s not really an easy thing to do. These UB students had their share of pet peeves from their work experiences.

“People who work there longer give the new people a hard time,” -Ebony, grad student

“My boss from my first job. His attitude horrible and he was too thick skin with me and it bothered me.” -Trisha Bartholomew, sophomore

“My manager made me do things that wasn’t in my job description and made me do overtime,” -Neely Neverson, freshman

“The fact that I couldn’t get enough customers selling Avon,” -Shanice Drakes, sophomore

Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” Photo courtesy of

Want more of "What Grinds My Gears"? Visit to see the rest of the quotes and leave comments!


inReview Why 3D Movies Are Overrated DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor For the past couple of years, 3D movies have gotten popular in Hollywood. The thing is it was good at first, but after a while, not only was it annoying to see every other movie in 3D, but it seems like the movie industry thought it’ll be a good reason for movie goers to actually go back to the theatres. 3D movies are over staying their welcome and Hollywood should be a lot more creative when it comes to drawing people back to the movie theatres.

1. Ticket Prices For a regular movie ticket, it costs around 13 dollars. But with a 3D movie, just for seeing the special effects, you’re looking at a ticket that’s worth around 17 dollars. I know what you’re thinking, what’s the difference with four bucks? Well let’s look at it this way. With a group of four people that’s an automatic 52 dollars you’ve just spend. Now with that same group of four, buying four 3D movie tickets will land you around 68 dollars. That’s 16 bucks you could have spent on cheap snack food.

2. Movies That Are Not Meant to be in 3D Beauty in the Beast, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Titanic and Finding Nemo. What do these movies have in common? They’re the ones who will be re-released in 3D this year. The thing is, why bother turning an old movie into 3D? Not only have people seen these movies already, some of these movies are a little inappropriate to turn them into 3D at all. Who wants to see someone jump out of a ship to their death in 3D? Who wants to see an originally 2D cartoon movie in 3D? I mean what’s next? Passion of the Christ in 3D?

Photo courtesy of


3. 3D Movies are not fully in 3D If a movie goer is paying all that money to see some 3D action, you would think the whole movie will be full of 3D effects. Well it turns out, 15 percent of the movie is actually in 3D. Let’s say for example a 3D movie is 90 minutes long. That’s around 14 minutes of seeing actual scenes in 3D that you had to pay four extra dollars for.


February 2012

Celebrate African American History Month 17

Opinion The Pressures of One Day Valentine's Day BY BRYN HAGLEY & SHANICE DRAKES

HE SAID Valentine’s Day, that one day a year that you let that special someone know you care. Well isn’t that a sweet sentiment. Well, as anyone could tell you, women look forward to this day with hopes held high. This, of course, is in contrast to the guys view, as a high pressure day to give gifts. There are all the classics gifts like chocolate, roses, teddy bear and jewelry. But you don’t want to be cliché, and just give those boring gifts so then there is added pressure to come up with an original idea on how to impress your significant other. To top it off you have to deal with the commercial bombardment from all sides of hearts and flowers. Then another issue that guys have to deal with is when their girl tells them “you don’t have to spend much on me, you're all I need.” That’s what we hear, we aren’t mind readers. We don’t know realize what you're really saying is you want to be showered with gifts. When guys don’t give a stellar performance, it does not bear well for them. Because when it comes down to it, the girls talk. They will brag about what their boyfriends did for them on Valentines, so your girl wants to be the winner of that competition. Maybe, that last statement is a little outlandish, but is it really? How does one day of the year express your love for a person? It doesn’t, and also those cliché gifts don’t show love either. So why do we allow the greeting card company’s influence over our love lives? It puts so much pressure on people in relationships, and


makes the people who aren’t in one feel terrible about themselves. Valentine’s Day is just that- a day. Don’t make it a day; make it all year long and don’t make is so commercial. Grab the person you love and tell them you love them, or just simply, "you're beautiful." SHE SAID Valentine’s Day can be a good or bad thing depending on what side you are on. If you look at it from the optimistic side you’ll see many opportunities to show that special someone that you care. You can take advantage of this day to shower that someone with love and affection, or to just cater to them for the entire day. Either way, this is something you may look forward to. If you look at it from the pessimistic side you’ll see it as a day for people to rub their relationships in your face. You just stay to yourself and avoid wearing any combination of pink, red and white clothing and mope about being single. Then you have the neutral side. That’s where I currently stand. I’ve viewed Valentine’s Day all the three ways mentioned. When I never had a valentine, I’d feel like everyone around me was just talking so much about their relationships on purpose to make me feel bad. I wanted to feel special. I wanted a cute teddy bear and some chocolates. I wanted to go on a date. For a few years I was

very pessimistic about Valentine’s Day. I didn’t wear any colors that related to it, and I stayed away from anyone with a valentine. Then, the year I didn’t care for it anymore I had a valentine. After receiving my first Valentine’s Day gift I was optimistic about the whole thing. I got what I always wanted on this lovely day. I got my chocolates, a teddy bear and a lovely card. I suddenly didn’t care whether people had a valentine or not because I had my own. I had someone of my own to shower me with love, affection and gifts. I had no reason to be sad that day. After a while the whole idea of Valentine’s Day got boring to me. It was the same cliché for everyone and I wanted something different. Now I’m very appreciative of Valentine’s Day. To me it’s just another holiday for businesses to make money off of young and in love couples. If you love someone and want to surprise them or want to make them feel special, don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to do so. True love isn’t temporary and cannot be summed up in just one day. If you feel your significant other needs to be pampered, use the weekend to give them whatever they want. If you know they love chocolate or flowers, bring some to their door, or job, when they least expect it. If you’re bored with the clichés that comes with having a valentine’s, use this day to do something that both of you enjoy and forget the expected gifts. Besides if you don’t have a valentine’s, you can take advantage of the candy sales going on in various stores. Either way there can be a positive outcome to Valentine’s Day.


February 2012

My Life as a Rainbow: Coming Out DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor Chapter One: “Life is just more comfortable if you’re honest and open about everything. I spend so many years being in the closet about one thing or another.” -Antony Sher I knew I was different back when I was a teenager. My cousin and I went to the same high school and every other week she had a new crush on a boy. While she went boy crazy, I stayed my distance since I wasn’t really interested in trying to have a relationship with the opposite sex. Sure I had some experiences like having my first kiss with a guy, but I just couldn’t understand what the big deal was. I noticed that I was different than all my other girl cousins when I first had my real crush with one of my friends – and yes, my friend was a girl. I knew right then and there that my tastes were unlike all the other girls in school. Couple years later, I told my closest cousin that I liked girls and she wasn’t surprised at all:

Me: Well you see [long pause] I have a crush on my friend…I really do like her…It’s like I get butterflies in my stomach every time I’m around her… Cousin: So…You’re a lesbian then…Right? Me: [pauses] Well…Yeah…I am…I’m a lesbian. [Brief moment of silence between us] Cousin: I KNEW IT!!! Me: WHAT??? Cousin: Dude, since freshmen year I knew you’ll end up telling me you like girls cause you never seemed to have a crush on a guy. I was like “Watch this chick telling me she gay later on…” Me: But…But...How did you know? I mean I didn’t even know myself… Cousin: It’s the way you act sometimes…You gave off signs and signals… Me: Oh…

Me: I have to tell you something Cousin: What? What’s wrong babes?

Spiritual Teachings for Everyday Life Happiness There are times when people feel discouraged and feel like there is no way to happy. Although, happiness starts from within, having the right motivation can lead to the path of happiness. Quotes from the Bible – Christianity “But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God, may they be happy and joyful.”
-Psalm 68:3 “In the day of prosperity be joyful, and in the day of adversity consider: God has made the one as well as the other, so that man may not find out anything that will be after him.” -Ecclesiastes 7:14

Quotes from the Qur’an - Islam “Be not sad [of afraid], surely Allah is with us.” -Qur’an 9:4 “[Remember] when you sought help of your Lord and He answered you.” -Qur’an 8:9 Miscellaneous (Courtesy of “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” -Aristotle

Of course when I came out to my aunt a couple years after that, it wasn’t really all that welcoming: Aunt: So, is it true that you’re a lesbian? Me: [long pause] Yeah… [Very long awkward pause] Aunt: You’re going to hell… Me: Ok… I was so scared of coming out of the closet. But after that, I actually felt better and even started to love myself more. Sure not everyone embraces homosexuality, but I learned that you can never please everybody. It doesn’t make sense to be someone you’re not just to satisfy people. Ever since the day I came out, I’ve learned a lot about myself not only as a person, but also what I’m all about. Right now, I’m very content with where my life is going. I have friends who accept and love me. I even have most of my family members who accept me and I feel a lot more confident now that I have no secrets to hide. I don’t care what people think about my orientation. It’s my life. Not theirs.

SHANICE DRAKES Columnist “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, But rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” -Fredrick Keonig “When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” -Buddha “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shamed.” -Buddha



February 2012

Am I an Eagle OUTFITTER?

Having a problem? Need Advice? Submit your letter to "Ask The Scribe" on our website under the Opinion Tab. You may have your letter responed to in the print edition! Please include your full name and contact info for the Editors use only. All letters will be anonymous. (see Op.Ed Disclaimer page 5.)


February 2012

Ask Belle Vie.....She Is All Knowing Dear Belle Vie, Valentine’s Day will be here soon and I have no one to cuddle with, do you have any suggestions on how I can find a cuddle buddy and asap? I don’t want you to think that this is all I care about in my life. I just feel that for once I would like to have a date on Valentine’s Day. I’m extremely hard to get along with because I tend to drive guys away by my smarts. I know funny right, I’m too smart to be dated, exactly what is the world coming too? But I guess me being alone also has to do with my outspoken personality. I would sometimes just say what is on my mind no matter how weird or crazy it may be, and I love laughing and smiling; I must say it’s my two favorite things to do. I’m just an all around jolly person to be around. One thing that turns me off completely about a guy is if he is boring. Man, I go crazy when I’m on a boring date, I feel like ripping my hair out, letting it grow and ripping it out all over again. At least that will be more entertaining than the same old movie and dinner dates. God help me! Turn this terrible holiday into something enjoyable.

Yours Truly, In Need

Photo courtesy of

Dear In Need, You seem to be in a predicament, but I have just the answer. I have been alone on Valentine’s Day a number of times so I know exactly how you must feel. I think deep down inside I too hate this holiday and wish it never existed. However, because the world keeps moving and it keeps us moving with it, we have to learn to be strong. So the problem is, how do you deal with 24 hours on Tuesday, February 14th? Here is your assignment: step one, watch your favorite movie. I’m not talking about any old thing you can find, I’m talking about that one movie in the whole world you can never get tired of watching. Make sure you get the movie a week in advance so that when the clock strikes 12 am on Valentine’s Day, you are ready to pop the movie into your DVD player and begin watching. On this magical movie night dig in to the best tasting chocolate in the world and wash it down with a tall glass of milk. Make sure wherever you may be looking at the movie, it is isolated and filled of pillows for you to grab and hug at any moment. This should kill about two hours of your day and lead you to the easiest part of the day. Step two, sleep. Get ready for beauty sleep because after eight full hours you should be well energized. The purpose of the full hours of sleep is to ensure you are glowing in the morning. It should be around 10 am when you wake up. After that I want you to take a bubble bath or if you don’t have a tub, take a long hot shower. Then do the essentials, get dressed and have a small bite. Don’t forget the daytime makeup and as your outfit something simple but cute. Step three, meet up with some friends. It should be around 2 pm when you meet up with your friends. Get a little something to drink like jamba juice, coffee or bubble tea. This should give you and your friends some time to catch up. Then it’s off to your next location.

Step four, go somewhere that has an ocean view and sand, where you guys can run around, tell funny stories and draw in the sand. Simple and natural things usually are the things that are most memorable. Something I always liked doing in the sand is collecting sea shells, so many that I am able to place them around my friend lying on the sand. It’s fun to do funny positions so that when you trace them with your shells their fun to look at after the person gets up. Step five, dinner date. Most of your day will be over now, it should be around 7 pm. This is time for you to start heading home and get ready for your dinner date. In your closet make sure there is a sexy red dress waiting for you. If you don’t already own a red dress this will be something to get in advance. Make sure the fit is perfect. Call up that best guy friend of yours, if you don’t have a guy friend, your best girl friend will work too. Step six, your hair is just as important as your red dress. Place your hair up neatly in a style where your neck and back can be exposed. After all one of a woman’s best features is the neck and back. Add a glamorous clip or hair broach to your hair style to add some elegance. Don’t forget your nighttime makeup, which should be much bolder and a different color from which you are wearing. Usually gold color eye shadows look amazing with dim lighting. Step seven, let your best friend be your cuddle buddy. Who better than someone you can share all your secrets with, and they won’t judge you by anything weird or crazy you may say. I know you’re looking for that person you can be more than friends with, but now is the time for you to stop killing yourself trying to find the perfect person and let him find you. After this eighth step, the “terrible day” should be over and instead you will have an even closer best friend.

Sincerely, Belle Vie



Gymnasts work towards Nationals under new role JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor continued from page 9

Yet, Knox feels the team has gotten off to an uneven start in terms of their vaulting and beam skills, and that work still needs to be done on the uneven bar. One player who said that she personally needs to improve is senior Carolyn Colon, who missed half of last season with an ankle injury. “So far I’ve struggled a little bit, but I’m trying to make sure I can make a comeback,” Colon said. Another of the challenges the team has faced up to this point has been trying to incorporate all of the new players into the system. This year’s team features seven freshmen and one transfer. However, Knox said he’s gotten a lot more out of the new players than he expect-

ed, and he named Sasha Tsikhanovich, Lissette La Fex, Caitlin Perry and Alex Oringer as standing out in particular. Perry, who specializes in vaults and floor, said that it’s been a bit of an adjustment period for her so far. “It’s definitely more of a team sport now, because in club gymnastics, it’s more of an individual (sport), but now it’s more like a team, everyone depends on you and you depend on everyone else,” Perry said. Colon said she and the other veterans on the team have been trying to help the new players get adjusted to the nuances of college gymnastics, by doing certain parts of their routine all together.

While the season is still early, the team has two main goals in mind for the rest of the season: winning the championship again, and advancing to the NCAA Regionals, which would be a first for the team. Knox believes that they are the only ones in their way. “It’s all about how we perform under pressure, and what we do on the floor against the bigger schools.” he said.

Swimming Team looking to continue their Successful Season TAYLOR MACBETH Staff Writer Coming into the 2011-2012 season, the Purple Knights set goals to maintain and new goals to achieve. Hoping to make a second consecutive appearance at the National Championship; the Purple Knights have been training relentlessly since September. With their season coming to a close, both teams have been able to look back at what they consider a very successful season. Both programs have been working nonstop, not just in the pool; but additionally, in the classroom. “We have some basic goals year in and year out,” head coach Brad Flood said. “Those are for both teams to be Scholar All-America through the College Swim Coaches Association”. The Purple Knights achieved this honor as both teams finished with a grade point average above 3.0. The men finished with a 3.18, followed closely by the women at 3.17.


Photo courtesy of Sogi

Their hard academic work has been accompanied by their tough training in the water. Throughout the season the two teams have been posting numerous qualifying times for the National Championship and have become more determined to make an impact for their team. “We have been getting better and better and are looking to do some serious work with our two biggest meets coming up,” freshman Vladislav Paskas said. Even though this season hasn’t always been easy for them, the Purple Knights feel confident heading into the conference championship in just a few weeks.

“There might be days where we feel weak or tired, but with the support of teammates and the coaches we have always been able to keep our focus and we know we will be able to accomplish anything,” women’s captain Maris Visse said. The next few weeks will prove to be the team’s toughest yet as they continue to train in aims of achieving many personal and group goals. “The goal of each swimmer is not to have a perfect score every meet; but to be fast at the right time,” Visse said. “The right time for the team is at conference and at nationals.” The Purple Knights will head into the conference championship hoping to overcome an old opponent The College of New Jersey. “We have certainly put in the work and we have posted up times that have put definitely put us in a position to move forward,” Flood said.


February 2012

It's Just a Game Folks! JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor One of the great things about sports is the vast range of emotions it can illicit from people. Jubilation, anger, apathy, etc. are all experienced at various points in the game. Sports fans can, even in the worst cases of fanaticism, manage to stay reasonable for most of the time. Note the word most. Kyle Williams, a wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, unfortunately got to see the very ugly side of fanaticism the night after his two fumbles on special teams lead to his team’s loss in the NFC Championship Game against the New York Giants. Williams has a Twitter account, and immediately after the game, he was bombarded with some incredibly hateful messages. In that regard, it doesn’t distinguish him from any other athlete on Twitter after a bad game, except for the fact that he received death threats. Yes, death threats. Countless numbers of them. Some suggested he simply die; others suggested he kill himself. Worst yet, some actually wished death on his family. In one of the more surreal moments of the night, one fan told Williams that he hoped he would get lynched and called him the n-word, and then in another tweet two hours later, he told Williams he was a fan and that he just got frustrated.

Some will say that there’s a fine line between becoming frustrated and eventually saying something. Well, there’s a Grand Canyon sized gap between being frustrated and wishing death on another human being, especially over a sporting event. Simply put, wishing death on another human being over something so ultimately trivial is reprehensible, shameful and there’s no excuse for it. Of course, death threats in sports have been around for a long time. Bill Buckner and Steve Bartman can sadly attest to this. However, technology like Twitter allows us to see these kinds of threats up close and traceable from a source, which makes it easier to punish them. Sports are a wonderful thing, but at the end of the day, they’re inconsequential to real world matters. The sun will rise and life will proceed as always, regardless of the outcome of a sporting event. Perspective is always needed, even at times when it’s impossible to find some. Williams did screw up in that game, but he never ever should have had to fear for his life. When it all comes down to it, it really is just a game.

Kyle Williams fumbles ball during NFC Championship game

Photo courtesy of



February 2012

UB Leading Scorer leads by support and compassion CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor Some college athletes struggle to find their niche balancing both their personal and athletic life. The case can be made for men’s basketball player Darian David and his journey to be a successful student athlete. David, who grew up in the Bronx, N.Y, started playing basketball at the age of three. He is currently in his first year at UB and has already made a name for himself leading the Purple Knights in scoring averaging 20 points per game and steals. Before arriving at UB last fall, his life had been a rough one as he encountered several individual problems, both academically, while attending four different colleges in almost seven years, and personally. “In early 2009, my mom Kim [Humphries] had two emergency surgeries and my daughter Lauren was born right around that same time period,” David said. “My head wasn’t focused into it [basketball and academics] as it should have been.” Upon graduating from James Monroe High School in 2005, David planned on playing Division I basketball at St. John’s University, but things fell through. So he decided to attend Jamestown Community College near Buffalo, N.Y later that fall, where he averaged 19 points per game for the Jayhawks, but said it was a difficult transition for him. “It was different and it had a lot of snow,” David said. “It took some time for me to adjust being away from home.”

Sports Schedule Home Games = Bold

Women’s Basketball: Feb. 8 at Molloy * 6:00 PM Feb. 11 Queens (N.Y.) * 1:00 PM Feb. 18 at Dist. Columbia * 1:00 PM Feb. 22 St. Thomas Aquinas * 5:00 PM Feb. 25 at NYIT * 12:00 PM Men’s Basketball: Feb. 8 at Molloy * 8:00 PM Feb. 11 Queens (N.Y.) * 3:00 PM Feb. 18 at Dist. Columbia * 3:00 PM Feb. 22 St. Thomas Aquinas * 7:00 PM Feb. 25 at NYIT * 2:00 PM


After one year at JCC, David transferred to nearby Erie Community College and enjoyed a nice campaign for the Kats leading the nation in scoring with 27 points per game along seven rebounds and seven assists. His team ended up losing in the conference tournament. As summer 2008 approached, he was looking to play Division I basketball for the first time as schools such as South Alabama, Norfolk State and Hampton were interested in having him play for their programs. David ended up choosing Delaware State University in Dover, DE since he thought that their schedule was going to be a competitive one with games against UConn, Louisville and Ohio State but ended up playing in only a handful of them before a downward spiral occurred. “I played the first two games and that was it since I felt like I didn’t fit there [as a student and athlete],” he said. “I ended up getting on academic probation, wanted to quit basketball and quit everything. Everything was turning downhill and I couldn’t take it.” His mother Kim and aunt Regina Keith helped him get through this tough time as they encouraged him to return to school, get his education and play the game he loved while raising Lauren. It wasn’t until last summer where David decided to tour and attend UB. Right off the bat, he noticed a lot of positives about the basketball program. “I knew they had a good program but

Men’s Swimming: Feb 17, 2012 vs. Metropolitan Conference Championships @ Rutgers University-Piscataway, NJ All Day Feb 18, 2012 vs. Metropolitan Conference Championships @ Rutgers University-Piscataway, NJ All Day Feb 19, 2012 vs. Metropolitan Conference Championships @ Rutgers University-Piscataway, NJ All Day

I also knew I had to focus in class,” David said. “Being that my grades slipped when I went Division I, I saw that they took their academics very seriously here.” Photo courtesy of

Men’s Basketball head coach Mike Ruane has nothing but high remarks for David. “He has been a great kid and I think he really provided scoring and confidence for the team,” Ruane said. “I thought he did terrific academically. He is a solid student and guy in the community.” David has a lot of goals both on the court and in the classroom. “This past semester I got a 3.0 and I am working hard in the classroom”, he said. “Personally I just want to stay on top of my grades, grow as a person and go to the NCAA tournament.”

Championships @ Rutgers University-Piscataway, NJ All Day Feb 19, 2012 vs. Metropolitan Conference Championships @ Rutgers University-Piscataway, NJ All Day

Women’s Gymnastics: Feb 11, 2012 at Yale w/Springfield and RIC 1:00 pm Feb 18, 2012 at Metroplex Challenge @ Ft. Worth, Texas 6:30 pm Feb 25, 2012 at Rutgers w/Air Force and EastWomen’s Swimming: Feb 17, 2012 vs. Metropolitan Conference ern Michigan 7:00 pm at New Hampshire w/Maryland Championships @ Rutgers University-Piscat- Mar 3, 2012 and Brown 7:00 pm away, NJ All Day Feb 18, 2012 vs. Metropolitan Conference Mar 8, 2012 Brown w/Southern Conn. State 6:00 pm

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Issue 5 2011-2012  

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