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Issue 8 April 2012

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2012 Commencement Speaker.... CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor


Which STD's are on the rise at UB! Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes OH MY! pg. 5


Beepers back in style p. 5


I challenge you to a Cardboard Fight. p. 8

In order to end the 2012 spring semester in style, University of Bridgeport President Dr. Warren O’Jerry along with Vice President Sharon Crudup and all of the other administration staff were having a tough decision as of last week on deciding this year’s commencement speaker at Webster Bank Arena on May 5. The main two leading candidates were actor/ singer Will Smith and rapper/television personality William “Flavor Flav” Drayton. Several factors including each celebrity’s popularity, ability to motivate the upcoming graduates and give a good joke in the end to please the crowd went into making a decision. In the end, it was announced on April 3 that Flavor Flav would represent UB as this year’s speaker.

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Marina Dining Hall: Charging per Plate DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor

Marina Dining Hall will start charging students per plate starting the 2012 fall semester due to an amount of issues going on with Sodexo. Sodexo president, Roger Clements, believes that by changing the way UB’s dining hall charges students, students will start to care about not wasting any food. “I’ve asked the head of Marina Dining Hall to run some stats on how much food these students waste on a daily average and the results are truly alarming,” said Clements. “I just can’t understand why a student would plan on eating four plates of food if they end up eating only 1/4 of their portion servings.”

2012 Commencement Speaker: Will Smith or Flava Flav See who got it pg. 1

News Marina Dining Hall: Charging per Plate DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor (continued from page 1)

Rick Grimes, General Manager of Marina Dining Hall, said he is also shocked as to how much students don’t eat the food that is served in the campus. “My chiefs work their butts off to deliver the best food in this campus,” Grimes said. “It’s sad, depressing and overall horrendous for students to waste food like it’s not a care in the world. This food is fantastic and I can’t understand why students wouldn’t want to eat it as much as they want to waste it.” Another issue that Sodexo is trying to fix is how much students are eating as well. According to UB’s Health Clinic, some students are taking in a 3,000 calorie intake on a daily basis. Kim O’Neill, UB’s Health Nutrient Specialist believes some of the students are endangering their well being by over eating the food. “I mean I know it’s college and you’re introduced to making food choices on your own for the first time,” O’Neill said. “But come on, who in their right mind would want to stuff their faces with three cheese burgers, five servings of French fries, two slices of pizza and six cookies?”

O’Neill explains that if a person keeps on taking in high amounts of their calorie intake, numerous health complications will arise later on including strokes, heart attacks and constipation. Of course with the concern of the student’s health, Marina Dining Hall is also having problems with their food budget. Due to the amount of students wasting food and a number of few whom over eat, Marina Dining Hall is starting to run out of money when it comes to buying their food from Sodexo. “It’s bad enough that we have people that waste the food and other people who are being very greedy eat a week’s worth of food in two days. It’s even worse when we start running out of food a lot sooner than we are expected to. So the cooks and I had to serve the students breakfast for dinner on a couple of occasions,” explains Grimes. According to the UB Dining Service’s website, starting the fall semester the prices for food will change. For breakfast it will be five dollars per plate, lunch will be ten dollars per plate and dinner will be fifteen dollars per plate.

Steven Cummings, a Heath Science major, agrees with Marina’s decision on charging students per plate. “I mean it really is annoying standing in line to get a sandwich for a good twenty minutes because someone is ordering five different sandwich combos.” said Cummings. Patrick Storm, a Music major, disagrees with Marina’s choice of charging and thinks it’s stupid and unnecessary. “It’s bad enough the Hub is charging five bucks for one and half tacos. I would hate Marina to start raising up their food costs as well,” Storm said. “That’s why I always eat there, because in less than a week, all of the dining dollars for the Hub runs out and I rely on the Marina Dinning Hall to feed me all day every day.”

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Top Four UB Hotspots DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor Face it, when it comes to campus activities it’s not enough to just go to an awareness event or even to concerts. Want to know about University of Bridgeport’s hotspots on campus? Want to always be the one to show up in these exciting places? Check out the Scribe’s top four list of UB’s hottest spots. 1. The Bus Station For the ones who are social butterflies, the bus station is definitely for you. Not only do you get to meet exciting new people, you also get free rides in the buses. With the wide open space, it’s impossible to feel crowed so come join in without having to worry about being


cramped up. If you enjoy seeing the sights of cigarette butts, shattered glass and other trash lying around, this scenery is also for you. 2. The Cadaver Lab Located in the basement floor of Dana Hall, there are tons of people who are dying to meet you. This spot however is only open to the ones who have VIP access to the Cadaver lab. Only the most exclusive UB students can get the VIP access with a pretty penny. 3. The Bathroom For the most intimate settings, check out your local hotspot – your dorm bathroom. For the ones who crave the private face to face meet-

ings, the bathroom will provide a nice personal atmosphere to your outing. Not only are the seats available upon request, the hot spot also has accessories suited to your needs. Need to make sure you’re looking good? Then the mirror will work for you. Too hot or too cold? Then the window will help make sure you’re comfortable. 4. Schine Hall For the ones who enjoy a sense of mystery and excitement, Schine Hall will suit your adventurous needs. Located near the ABC building, Schine Hall’s ten floor challenges will certainly test your skills. This spot is also open to the ones who have VIP access to the dorm. Only a select few can go explore its many wonders.


April 2012

2012 Commencement Speaker: Will Smith or Flava Flav

CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor continued from page 1

Dr. O’Jerry said that this year’s committee made their assessment on who to select based on Flavor Flav’s popularity with his recent hit reality show “How to pimp a 53 year old man” and “My Fab Flavorful Life” as well as his ability to motivate people through his tough life growing in his recent book “My Fresh Turnaround.” “It wasn’t easy for us to choose one over the other but at the end of the day, we felt that a man with so much controversy with his stature but also has a unique edge on how he lives his life,” Dr. O’Jerry said. “We want to thank Will for understanding our direction for making this choice and we know our students will enjoy Flavor’s bold personality.” The Scribbler has learned that Flavor Flav will address the 2012 class for around 3045 minutes and will touch on subjects such as how he became a pimp, his love for tattooing vehicles and his duct tape art he enjoys doing.

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We have also learned that he will announce at the end of his speech that he plans on personally paying off all 1,500 graduates student loans, so they are all debt free. Senior Cookie Beth Skeeters who majors in Puppetry and has a minor in Bakery Science said she is a huge fan of Flavor Flav and thinks he will put on show for her fellow classmates. “When I heard the news he is coming here, I was screaming all throughout Cooper Hall,” Skeeters said. “Personally I think with his coo coo background, my friends will find it interesting the way he will handle himself in front of 7,000 people at the arena.” On the other hand, senior and Sports Ministry major Kurt Tolar said he is disgusted Dr. O’Jerry’s decision on this year’s commencement speaker.

“I hate it. It’s pathetic to a have a man who is always trying to find love over and over again and isn’t successful at finding it,” Tolar said. “How am I going to benefit from someone that has no positive traits and is always getting rejected. Will Smith is my role model and now my college experience is going to suffer from this.” Students are encouraged to arrive at Webster Bank Arena at 9:30 a.m. and the actual ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. and will adjourn at 12:30 p.m. Graduates will have the opportunity to take pictures with Flavor Flav and get autographs as well. “Ahhhhhh, let’s do this,” Skeeters said. “I want to experience some excitement and show him I will be the next reality celebrity on this planet.”

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Apple Introduces New Phone App: I-Gaydar DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor

Apple has introduced a new phone app called iGaydar which will debut in summer of 2012. Apple has decided to do the iGaydar app since it’ll be another fun app for their iphone users to enjoy. For those who aren’t familiar with the new app, the term gaydar refers to having an intuitive ability to determine a person’s sexual orientation. By having the iGaydar app, users won’t have a hard time wondering if the person they’re trying to get with plays on the same team or not. Apple believes that it’ll be a big hit for their LGBT fan base. However some iphone users aren’t too keen with the idea of having the iGaydar app. Mary Smith, a grad student, believes that some apps such as iGaydar are not meant to be made. “I think the new iGaydar app is silly and dumb to make. I mean sure there’s nothing wrong with making fun new apps, but I just think it won’t suit well to the religious crowd,” Smith explained. Toni Vargas, a Music major, loves the idea of having an iGaydar app. In fact, Vargas says sometimes it’s pretty hard to go out and try to hook up not knowing which girl is a lesbian. “I mean I have zero gaydar so most of the time I end up hitting on straight chicks and it’s pretty embarrassing afterwards. I know for sure with this app at least I’ll be hitting on chicks that I know aren’t straight,” Vargas said. The iGaydar app will be available as a free download later on this summer.

What Grinds My Gears…About The Scribe DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor What Grinds My Gears is about telling people what really bothers or annoys them. In fact, it’s the only column in the paper where individuals can freely express their pet peeves. Ironically enough, these UB students’ pet peeve is actually the segment itself. Read on to see what they had to say about What Grinds My Gears. “So much complaining about every little thing. Blah blah this and blah blah that. I mean if you have an issue, then solve it yourself. It’s not rocket science you know. Of course people do find it easier to run their mouths instead of doing anything about it,” -Natasha Bush, freshman “I really don’t think anyone would actually care about what these complainers had to say about their pet peeves. I mean if it takes you going on the newspaper to say what your problem is then you really do have some issues,” -Jeremiah Christ, sophomore


“What grinds my gears glorifies the art of being a complainer. Yes everyone does have their pet peeves and everyone has their bad days but is it worthy enough to even have like the whole school know about it? I believe people who do submit stuff for what grinds my gears are attention seeking losers who need to get a life,” -Brita Tony, senior

Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” Photo courtesy of

“So much negativity goes on in that section of the newspaper. It’s like I’ll have a nice happy day and then after I read “What Grinds my Gears” I get so angry and bitter that my whole day ends up having a whole bunch of annoyances. “What Grinds my Gears” is nothing but pure negative energy,” -Sunny Ortiz, junior

“I hate what grinds my gears because every time I submit something to that column, my comment never gets pick. I mean I read every single issue to find my quote but the paper never seems to want to publish what I want to say. Is my quote not good enough to be in this school newspaper? Do I have to say something outrageous or crazy to get some attention around here?!” -Waldo Summers, freshman Want more of "What Grinds My Gears"? Visit to see the rest of the quotes and leave comments!

Knight Life

Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Oh My! RACHELLE JEANTY Staff Writer/Photographer

When 30,009 students took a survey in 2011 about if they had used condoms in the past 30 days, they found out about 88% of college students didn’t always use a condom according to the National College 2011 Health Assessment. The main STD that is on the rise and found mostly on the UB campus is Chlamydia (caused by a bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis that can cause damage towards the female reproductive organs). Currently the highest STD recorded, it’s coming up more frequently here in Connecticut and across the US. In 2009, 1,244,180 Chlamydia infections were reported to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) from the 50 states and the District of Columbia according to the website. “What is most worrisome for college students, especially at UB, is Chlamydia because there’s many students or persons ages eighteen to twenty-four who are coming down with Chlamydia,” Dr. Melissa Lopez, Director of Health Services at UB said in 2011. Another worry currently is around the STD Gonorrhea. Scientists have watched Gonorrhea over the past decades, recently labeling it a ‘superbug’ (a bacterium with the ability to survive exposure to antibiotics). With 700,000 cases recorded yearly, Gonorrhea has become the second highest reported infectious disease. Not many people know but the infection had had a long history of being curable but then found incurable strands because of its ability to adapt and resist antibiotics. Back in the 1930’s, in order to cure Gonorrhea, doctors would use sulfa-based drugs to eliminate the infection, but in due time it lost

potency and was able to resist the antibiotics. Luckily, scientists discovered Penicillin (broadspectrum antibiotic drugs used for treatment of various infections and diseases) and it became ‘a breakthrough miracle’ towards curing Gonorrhea. Scientists knew the possibility that one day Gonorrhea could adapt to Penicillin leaving them to find yet another cure. Fast-forward 80 years and the antibiotic is becoming weak against strands of this adaptable infection. Recently, scientists have been raising awareness about these incurable strands. Gonorrhea was recently dubbed the “Strongest living organism in the biological realm.” In past years, Gonorrhea cases were decreasing; reported cases dropped 17.4% in 2010 but just recently new cases of untreated Gonorrhea has been found in parts of Canada, Japan, the UK and the US making doctors worry that untreated cases without new treatments could rise bringing on an outbreak of numerous cases. For those strands that are coming up untreatable, doctors are recommending two treatments towards curing Gonorrhea. They are watching the stands that are resistant to the antibiotics closely and researching more treatment options. Another STD that has been recorded on the UB campus is Herpes. Herpes (or genital herpes) is an STD caused by Herpes complex simplex virus’s part 1 or type 2 and typically minimum or no symptoms are shown. Transmitted through sexual intercourse, the only sign is one or two blisters that can appear on the genitals or rectum as well as ulcers over time. One out of six people get herpes but it’s been stable over the past decade. There is no cure for herpes but there are antibiotics to shorten/prevent outbreaks.

The main groups who are mainly affected are active teens, young adults and African Americans. Cases of men having sex with men that have Gonorrhea is raising as well. “People affected with Gonorrhea are also three times more likely to become infected with HIV should they come in contact with the virus,” according to Brian Alexander, writer for msn. com. The hardest part about trying to cure Gonorrhea is the fact that many that are affected don’t show symptoms; sometimes the symptoms are mild or not noticeable. It might take years for someone to recognize symptoms. For females, symptoms are pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding between periods and possible causes of infertility for both sexes. For males, some don’t show any symptoms at all, others do show symptoms, for example: burning urination or painful testacies. Females should be getting screenings of Gonorrhea annually and more frequently if they engage in a lot of sexual activity. Luckily, Chlamydia can be easily treated and cured with antibiotics. If a student on campus feels that they should get tested, the UB Health services office is a great place to go. They have free condoms at the office and at their events. They provide free Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Chlamydia testing as well as free treatments if positive. They also assist with partner notification (telling the sexual partner that they might be affected) for free and all services are confidential.

For more information on testing, students can contact the Health Services office at (203) 576-4712.



Pagers Stage Comeback to Rival Newer Technology CHEYENNE OWEN Editor-In-Chief

“Oh man. Still rocking the pager, Alan?” No longer is this condescension in an era of ever advancing technology. Pagers, more commonly known as Beepers from their inception in the 1950s into the early ‘90s, are making a comeback and expanding from the hands of first responders into the pockets of the average person, including some UB students. Due to their use of satellite controlled networks to send messages, pagers are more reliable than their cell phone counterparts who only rely on ground based cell networks and will continue to work in the event that cellular networks go down or signals are lost. Some students on campus have expressed their approval of Alphanumeric pagers due to reliability and simplicity (their only modes of function being texting and calling people); no apps, expensive contracts or easily breakable screens like some products found nowadays. Sophomore Rachel Hide held disdain for her phone before revealing that purchasing a pager was a no brainer. “Living in Seeley and having AT&T is possibly the worst combination. I have literally

pressed myself against the window to get a signal and still nothing,” Hide said. “I was hesitant at first (to buy a pager) but when I got that message out in less than five seconds, I was sold.” “They’re practically unbreakable too,” added Rachel’s friend, senior Simon Peggs. “I’ve dropped this more times than I care to count and it still functions. It’s kinda like those old Nokia phones; drop it and you break the floor, not the phone.” The expansion of pagers into our lives may be just the cure we need to simplify our overcomplicated lives and bring some functionality as new technology continues to break but old hardware comes in to replace it.

T-Mobile, Motorola, and Unication will be rolling out new models this fall with designs to attract buyers from all walks of life, but at an affordable price (still to be determined) and with the same reliability and functions that make them so appeasing. Who knows? “I was paged last night” may become commonplace once again. Photo courtesy of

Target brings back the Toga this Spring SHANIQUA KING Fashion Editor Last week Target announced its latest designer collaboration, “Jean Paul for Target.” The collection will feature 25 pieces from dresses, handbags and accessories that are perfect for this spring and summer season. The French designer was inspired by the effortless, chic and sophisticated design of the toga. The once iconic shape was first developed during the Greek and Roman periods of the 1500s and 1600s. They were also a popular trend among college students’ Toga parties. It has finally made its way back into the fashion world and has inspired Jean Paul to create The Toga Collection that will be available in Target stores nationwide on April 26. Jean Paul stated in an interview with that bringing back the toga trend in the fashion industry will bring a new and exciting experience that any fashion


loving Target customer will enjoy. “I feel that every consumer that purchases a piece from the Toga collection will add a unique and special clothing item into their daily wardrobe,” Paul said. The pieces within the collection can be easily paired with a simple t-shirt during the day, worn as a fun party dress in the night or worn as lounge clothing around the house. The Toga Collection offers a new clean, fresh and aesthetically pleasing design that will flatter any body type and is also affordable to fit any college student’s tight budget. The collection price ranges from $10-30 that is accessible for any customer. A frequent Target shopper and Fashion Merchandising student at the University of Bridgeport Marissa Torres can’t wait for the upcoming collection. “I’m super excited that

Target Toga Collection it’s something new, exciting and unique that Target is offering a different take on fashion,” she said. If you can’t wait until the April 26 debut of Targets Toga Collection, here is a sneak peek of a few of the pieces featured in the collection.

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Men's Baseball team looks to make next big step JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor

The baseball team had stumbled, fallen and found itself near the bottom of the standings at 1-7. To prevent their season from completely sliding out of control, they needed a spark, something to reignite their season. Enter Tyrell Sutter. Since entering the starting lineup two weeks ago, Sutter has exploded, hitting .524 in 61 at bats with eight homeruns, 10 doubles and five triples, and the team has gone 10-0. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” manager Roger Coblin said. Along with being a force at the plate, Sutter has been a defensive whiz as well. He has played every infield position and excelled at them all. Teammate Olan Johnson called him “Ozzie Smith and Brooks Robinson rolled in one.” There’s just one thing to note about Sutter: he’s 25 and hasn’t played professional baseball in seven years. Sutter did not get on the team through a scholarship; he walked on. Sutter’s emergence is remarkable, especially looking at his background. He grew

up in Nicklethreet, a town in Montana with a population of 2,500. Sutter said there wasn’t much to do in the area growing up. One of the few things Sutter could do besides fly-fishing was play baseball on the local youth teams. Sutter’s left-handed bat shined through his youth years in Little League and through his teens. He ended up at Amaristo Delva High School in Texas. In his four years there, he shattered every school record, with a career .740 batting average, 160 homeruns, 248 doubles and 75 triples. He was highly recruited after high school, receiving scholarship offers from UCLA, Oklahoma and the University of Miami among others. However, he didn’t take any of the offers, and at the age of 18, decided to quit baseball. “It just wasn’t right for me anymore,” Sutter said.

For the next seven years, he worked various odd jobs in his hometown, and eventually settled on a career as a fly-fishing instructor. He was content with his life until he decided for reasons still unknown to him, to move to Bridgeport.“I felt like that’s where my life needed to go,” Sutter said. Upon landing in Bridgeport, he noticed that there was a university with a baseball team in the area. Feeling old passions emerge, Sutter decided to see what he had left, and showed up to one of the team’s practices one day. Upon learning he was 25 and hadn’t played baseball in seven years, the team was reluctant to give him a shot. They gave him one batting practice pitch, to see what he could do with it. He took the fastball and hit it to leftfield….480 feet and well over the wall. The rest is history. “I don’t where he came from, but boy am I glad we found him!” Coblin said.

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April 2012

Ready to battle with cardboard? CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor Many popular sports such as Fencing and Mixed Martial Arts are a mainstream way of battling an opponent. However, there is a new sport that is starting to get a lot of national attention among colleges throughout the U.S. It is called Cardboard Tube Fighting and the UB athletics department has decided to introduce it as a NCAA sport for the fall 2012 semester.

tion will occur. You are only permitted to use your Cardboard Tube Fighting (CTF) tubes during the matches, which are provided. Any forms of shields are forbidden in the tournaments and there is no form of hitting in the opponent’s face, which will lead to ejection. Finally all participants need to sign a waiver before the season starts.

Cardboard Tube Fighting was created by Larry Quiggles, of Riddle Trash in Ellesmere Island, Canada in the summer of 2010. Quiggles, who is an avid mixed martial artist himself, wanted to try out a new form of fighting with different objects. Working as a shipping specialist for UPS, he decided to use some cardboard that was being thrown away at work and make different tube swords and armor out of it. Now over 50 colleges are implementing this sport into their athletics programs.

UB will participate in competitions against several Connecticut and regional schools this year. The first Purple Knight match will be on September 7th against St. Michael’s College (VT) and eighth against Uncle Crusty’s Catering College at Webster Bank Arena at 7:30 p.m. those two nights. For more information and tickets contact: Tremekus Buckburger at 203-979-3869.

UB Athletic Director Charlie Riverbach said that bringing this sport to campus will help generate more students to become interested in the sport and possibly want to join the team. “After adding women’s lacrosse two years ago, we knew that adding Cardboard Tube Fighting will increase our fan base since all of our sports did so well last year,” Riverbach said. “Although this is a strange sport, I believe many students will be eager to try out for the team next fall.”

Montrell Sheppard, a recent transfer student and a former football player at Cheetah Breath College in Bloody Mud Springs, South Dakota said that he would be open to trying out for Purple Knights despite having a weird feeling about it. “I would be ok with representing UB in a new sport like this because I want to destroy my

The game is played with 12 players for each team and each participant tries to break their opponent’s cardboard tube in order to win the match. There are some important rules as one can’t stab their opponent or immediate ejec-


competition,” Sheppard said. “My toughness and bone structure in handling my opponent will be a hot commodity for the campus body. It’s an uncanny situation for me but I know Herbie will be proud of his homie for trying [to put UB on the map].” Finally each region in the US will have a school represent their region in order to compete in the national championship tournament in Quiggles’ hometown of Riddle Trash. The winning school will receive a big championship trophy 10 feet tall and a trip to private dog snow sledding excursion with the famous Buddy Coochie. UB Cardboard Tube Fighting Head Coach Herbie Lippincott thinks that whoever makes his team will bring grit and feistiness to the table so that the program will be successful right off the bat. “All of my athletes need to come hungry and be aggressive like my three Japanese Rottweiler’s are at home,” he said. “If my boys are like them, we will be in boast mode and show Mr. Quiggles UB is where it’s at.”


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Talks of remodeling UB's Bowling Alley pg. 10


April is Alcohol Awareness Month pg. 15


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Issue 8 April 2012

Who is ready to go bowling on campus? CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor For the past 12 years, the campus bowling alley located in the John J. Cox Student Center has been an eyesore and unattended to. Now as this spring semester comes to a close, there is a possibility that the bowling alley could be the next project on UB’s agenda this year. The idea of reviving the bowling alley came after Student Government Association (SGA) Chief Finance Officer Chris Frost who had a vision before he graduated to help improve the entertainment on campus. With the assistance from George Estrada, Vice President of Facilities, the two have been collaborating on a game plan to find the best way possible to create a viable budget to make this project work.

(continued on page 2) Photo courtesy of

Looking for some good Mexican food p. 16

Wisteria has been cancelled until further notice.

Talks about remodeling UB's famous Bowling Alley


***Information available online at UB World Cup comes together p. 22

See whose helping make it happen pg. 1

News Who is ready to go bowling on campus? CHRIS HOGAN Managing News Editor (continued from page 1)

“It was something that was my special project that I took when I joined SGA is to try to get the bowling alley open,” Frost said. “If students want it open and if we can show the administrators that we want it open, theoretically, we can get it open for the fall.” In order to fully expense this massive project, Estrada said that the entire scheme would cost a little under $200,000, right around $185,000 based on a quote he recently received. The proposal includes spending $130,000 refurbishing existing equipment and other aspects of the space. It includes a new drop ceiling and floors, a brand new ball return and electronic scoring along with any other construction needed to get the place on par to open. “We really have been able to reduce that by half of the anticipated cost it would have previous times that we tried to do this,” Estrada said. “What we are looking at now, is that I have to prepare a budget and business plan for this to be able to present to the president so that we can ultimately consider sources of funding for the project.”

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When the student center was built in the 1960s, the bowling alley was used sparingly then and throughout the 1970s before closing until the late 1980s. One UB alumni that played a vital role in revitalizing the bowling alley after many years on a hiatus was Brett Silberman. Silberman, who attended UB from 1988-1992, was a lifelong entrepreneur who decided with the help of his fellow classmate Steve Curry and friends/family to raise some money to restore and bring back the bowling alley. With that, he was able to raise $35,000 and the administration at the time agreed to a deal. “We opened it up [during the Fall 1989 semester] and basically made it very inexpensive with the games and [we] were doing sorority nights, pajama nights and Greek weeks with as many as 50-60 showing up a night,” Silberman said in a phone interview. “It started going really well being it was really the only thing on campus at the time.” Towards the end of the spring 1992 semester, the bowling alley closed due to financial problems and funding. Then in 1994, a

gentleman named Geno Bizweski ran the place known as “Geno’s Bowling Alley” through early 1996. Cost back then was $2.00 per game or three games for $5. It wasn’t until late 1997 that the bowling alley would be used one last time occasionally before shutting down for good in early 2000 due to mechanical and funding issues. In order for students to benefit from this project there have been different scenarios discussed so that bowling on campus wouldn’t be costly. A package of renting bowling shoes and three games for around $10 would be cheaper than going to a local place and spending close to $40 for two people and two games according to Frost. There is a possibility that an NCAA bowling team could be formed at UB if this project is completed. “The student body complains a lot that there isn’t much to do [on campus] and with the bowling alley, there is going to be something to do if it’s opened,” Frost said. “It’s something that not many schools have on campus and it would really be beneficial to the students here.”


April 2012


April 2012



April 2012

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the Editor

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Readers, I hope you all enjoyed our April Fools’ articles; whether we managed to make you laugh or utterly confused you, we had fun writing them and coming up with the ideas. April Fools’ may have been a few days ago, but late laughs are better than none. UB has a lot to offer in the upcoming days and weeks, one of which being the long awaited performance of Jeremih. Student Health Services is also holding free STD/HIV testing April 10 and 17 from 12:30 to 3pm in the Health Services Building. Showcasing their young talents will be the students of the BIA performing a rendition Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” in Merten’s Theater. But until those dates come, sit and chill with Issue 8 of the Scribe while you still can; there’s only one left until the end of this semester. Chris brings you breaking news that UB’s very own bowling alley is reopening after its closure in the ‘90s while Josh reports on the World Cup, part of our annual International Week. From the fashion department, Shaniqua discusses the revolution of photo shopping in magazines and Hari takes on two reviews in our inReview section. Relax and enjoy yourself before taking on the work that finals are already throwing your way. You don’t want to be the kind of procrastinator who procrastinates procrastinating.

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Knight Life

Top Yale Neuropathologist gives Poetry Reading at UB JILLIAN ANDERSON Staff Writer Poet and Yale School of Medicine Neuropathologist, Dr. Laura Manuelidis, who is best known for her theory on the causes of “Mad Cow” disease and the corresponding human disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, lectured and read her own poetry in the ABC Art Gallery on March 22, 2012 for the University of Bridgeport’s Necessary Voices Lecture Series. Dr. Manuelidis discussed her views on the intertwining of poetic and scientific knowledge and how both have inspired her career. Dr. Manuelidis began the talk by explaining the atmosphere at the time of her youth. She read some of her first poetry from the age of 17, reflecting back on the beatnik culture she saw herself a part of in the 1960s. Dr. Manuelidis described herself as having been inspired by the strong sense of interconnectedness in nature and the history of people where she fulfilled her medical school requirements in Bangladesh and by the culture back home in the United States back in the early 1960s while she studied po-


etry for her undergraduate degree. She studied poetry first, at Sarah Lawrence College. Later, after deciding that poetry wouldn’t pay the bills, she attended Yale School of Medicine and graduated in 1967. As a person with a deeply rooted love of the humanities and sciences, Dr. Manuelidis is a well-rounded woman. She currently heads the neuropathy department at Yale University’s School of Medicine where she studies the origins of dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. She has published a wide range of work published in various journals, as well as poetry in Reflections (Yale Divinity School magazine), Connecticut Review, Innisfree Poetry, Oxford Poetry and The Nation. Dr. Manuelidis read poetry of a diverse range of topics from nature and medicine to political and feminist works; her verses span decades and describe the changing world from her uniquely brilliant perspective. Comparisons and contrasts between science and religion were

made often in her poetry as she described light as the center and beginning of both the religious and scientific worlds. Although the comparison between science and religion is often considered controversial in recent days Dr. Manuelidis ardently admitted, “it’s always worth taking the risk to be true.”


April 2012

National Alcohol Awareness Month SHANICE DRAKES Columnist

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month. This month should be taken advantage of. Use this to teach people something, and to learn something new about alcohol usage. Knowledge of alcohol is crucial to preventing alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Some do not know the serious effects alcohol can have. If there is someone you know abusing alcohol, seek help and have a support group. The number one rule that cannot be stressed enough is to NEVER drink and drive! The two do not mix and never will. Call a cab or have a friend drive if planning to go out and drink. Leave the keys at home! Listed below are some warning signs of alcohol abuse and some ways to cut back on the drinking. Signs of Alcohol Abuse:

Ways to Cut Back Drinking:

Drinking alone when angry or sad. Drinking worries your family and loved ones. Blackouts Headaches or hangover after drinking. Being late to work because of drinking. Saying this is the last drink, but going out to drink the next day.

Keep track and set a limit of alcohol intake. Avoid places where heavy drinking occurs. Ask doctor, family and friends for help and support. Keep a limited supply of alcohol at home, if any.

Some people have a personal experience with alcohol abuse once and will never drink again. For others it is not so easy. Seek help if any of the signs happen more than once. So go inform and be informed. Someone’s life could be saved in the process. Courtesy of

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H&M Announces Higher Priced Brand SHANIQUA KING Fashion Editor

For you fashion lovers out there who are loyal to the retail giant H&M (Hennes and Maurtiz), on Thursday, March 29 H&M announced that they will be launching a new, higher priced brand potentially called “& Other Stories” that is projected to open in several independent stores in 2013. According to H&M, chief executive officer Karl-Johan Persson is looking forward to H&M moving forward. “We are making these long-term investments in order to build an even stronger H&M, so that we can give our customers an even broader offering going forward. We have many different projects in progress and already next year

we will be launching a completely new store,” Perrson said in an interview with Yahoo News last week. The higher priced brand will offer better quality products but will not be concerned as a “luxury brand.” The new coming brand for H&M is modeled after their current brand COS that was started in 2007, which is also another higher priced extension of the H&M brand.

If you are currently a fashion lover of the H&M brand, you will be intrigued by their newest extension to their fast growing company. You should be on the lookout for learning more information about the latest developments that will occur during the next couple of months.

“Like COS, which today is very successful with good profitability, the new chain of stores will be independent and complement the other offerings from the group," Persson said to WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) . "We have great faith in this new brand and we see considerable potential for further initiatives." Photo courtesy of the-elevated-shops/ Returns for Season Two ERIC WILSON Courtesy of The second issue of (the new physical magazine from the editors of is already printed, just 20 days after the end of the fall fashion season, and headed to newsstands next week. While it’s a bit thinner than the first issue, it’s more readable, partly thanks to a cleaner font used for the articles, and partly because it was an awfully newsy season, what with the departures of Stefano Pilati at YSL and Raf Simons at Jil Sander.

these were planned by the editors in advance, they were smart choices. There’s also a funny exchange between Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld, who have collaborated on a new book on the Chanel jacket. Tim Blanks asks Mr. Lagerfeld and Ms. Roitfeld about their first memories of seeing a woman wearing a Chanel jacket, eliciting a response that would certainly have irritated Oleg Cassini, if he were still alive.

With such a speedy journey from event to print, the merits of a magazine coming from a Web-based fashion site are a little clearer in this issue, which includes behindthe-scenes profiles of Joseph Altuzarra, who had a hit show in New York; J.W. Anderson of London and Alber Elbaz of Lanvin in Paris. If

Ms. Roitfeld, asked the same question, says, “Not in ’54 because I was just born. The first Chanel jacket that I saw – that I knew was Chanel – was on TV. It was on Mrs. Kennedy – the pink one.” Mr. Lagerfeld adds: “In 1963. It was a fake, a line-by-line copy by Cassini. She did have real Chanels [but] her sister ordered them. We have all the proof.”

Photo courtesy of


“I went from school with a friend of my parents to see the Chanel show that was such a flop in 1954,” Mr. Lagerfeld says. “People hated it. I thought it was very chic because it had the sort of avant-garde touch I had seen in old photos.”

Express Your Scribe Only Then Not only words can express what I am feeling, Pictures sometimes do a better job. Look closely, what do you see? Some may say a mother with her children. But look closer, Deeper. Breathe in the picture, Embrace it. You, my dear child must see what others do not, What others miss, Only then can you answer my question. What’s taking so long? Do you not see it? Can’t you see the happiness, The love of which my family has? This is what we will share, You and I my dear child. Only I can hold you close, Only I can keep you near. Just as my mother held usMy sister and I. ONLY THEN! Trisha Bartholomew Staff Writer

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From the Scribe Family to Yours

Happy Easter

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What Grinds My Gears…About April Fool's Day DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor In a yearly tradition of playing cruel jokes on friends and family, some people aren’t too fond of the tricks people do on the first day of April. Here at UB, these students hate April Fools’ with a passion. Check out their reasons why April Fools’ grinds their gears. “I hate getting tricked on because unfortunately I’m the one person who falls for anything,” -Jamie Evans, freshman “I mean I don’t mind having April Fools’ day but apparently some people don’t know when enough is enough and end up going too far with their joke,” -Chris Hayes, sophomore


“April Fools’ day is a waste of time. I just don’t see how that day is actually a holiday. All you do is prank gullible people. I mean it’s one of the most worthless holidays ever,” -Amanda Cruz, senior

Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” Photo courtesy of

“Either I’m doing my pranks wrong or they’re not too epic enough but my April Fools’ pranks always go wrong,” -Josh Bennett, junior

“I see people do the same pranks year after year. It gets too boring and too predictable after a while,” -Sam Webb, Grad Student GR

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inReview Los Cabos (Norwalk) JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor If you're looking for Mexican food that's actually Mexican food and not Taco Bell, then you should definitely try Los Cabos at 36 Westport Avenue in Norwalk. The atmosphere in Los Cabos is very relaxing, and an excellent place to have a nice family dinner. I sat in a booth seat and watched basketball on the television above. Spanish music blasted in the background. Before I had ordered, the waiters brought out a basket of tortilla chips with salsa. The chips were warm, crispy and went well with the salsa. Just a warning: do not eat too many of the chips because you will fill yourself up quickly. For an appetizer, I had some Dos Equis beer and ordered their Super Nachos. The chips were layered with salsa, sour cream, guacamole, onion, tomatoes, a choice of three meats (chicken, beef, pork: I went with beef) and melted American cheese.

The nachos were decadent, flavorful and overall very delicious. The beef was cooked well and went nicely with the rest of the platter. For my entree, I went with the enchilada mexicanas: three enchiladas (cheese, pork, chicken) each covered with a different sauce. The dish came with rice and beans. The enchiladas (a meat, cheese or other ingredient inside a wrapped tortilla) were very good. The chicken enchilada was covered in a brown mole sauce that I had never tried before, but tasted good. The pork enchilada was covered in an orangish-yellowish sauce for which I didn't know the name. Both were delicious, as the meat was thoroughly cooked and full of flavor. I was not a fan of the cheese enchilada, but it wasn't terrible. Overall, I had a very good experience at Los Cabos. Good, authentic Mexican food is difficult to find, and you will not be disappointed if you come here.

To this years’ graduating class at UB, The Scribe would like to dedicate their last issue of this semester to the Elite Class of 2012. All seniors are encouraged and welcomed to send in quotes of their most favorable memories along with photos of them and their friends. Any and all quotes and photos should be sent in by April 14th. Submit your work to



Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Storm Generations HARI SINGH Staff Writer

Out of the last Ninja Storm series of games, this one is by far the most improved version out in the open right now. The storyline gives new and old players a summary of what happens in the ninja world. You have options of many other story lines you can play in any order, but you have to play certain ones to unlock the next one. The story doesn't confuse the players; whether new to or knowledgeable of the series, it gets right to the point of what’s happening and then leaving some obvious questions unanswered. Mostly Ultimate Ninja Storm had a wide selection of characters you can play as, whether you’re a short, medium or long range fighter. The characters will fit your playing style if you just play around with them first instead of just picking one character. From over 70 characters to choose from, the possibilities are endless when you are done unlocking the characters from story mode.

Photo courtesy of


Other than story mode, there are other modes you can play in the game. There is online play, where you can challenge other people from all over the world to see who the better player is. Then there is free battle, and it gives you options to play either in a tournament, survival, versus mode or training mode. Tournament mode is if you have three of more players and you want to play in a competitive playing style. Survival mode is playing a different character one after another; the only thing is that your health will recover depending on how much damage you took. Versus mode is just the basic one on one with a computer or a friend. Training mode lets you try out all the characters you unlocked to see how they play in combat.

The gameplay is fairly simple if you know what you are doing. The only controversial thing is that people are either complaining or glad that the substitution log is on another bar rather than on your chakra(energy) meter. Timekeeping and strategy is key to playing this game. It's not just run and beat the crap out of the opponent, you have to deal with them cautiously or else they will get you in a matter of seconds. The graphics are gorgeous, capturing the tone of the anime and the manga very well, never in a dull setting.

Sound/Graphics:8.5/10.0 Gameplay:8.5/10.0 Overall:8.5/10.0

Opinion Spring is Here! BY HARI SINGH & SHANICE DRAKES

HE SAID So now that the dreaded winter season is over, and for the snow lovers out there, we will miss it so much. Spring is here, nice regular weather that we can actually look forward to and it is preparing us for summer as well. Even though we as students of the University of Bridgeport live near the sea, we have to deal with the highs and lows and the most random times of the day. At least the weather is starting to become warm from day to day. This is not the time to just be in your room for the whole day, that is if you have homework or a project to do, which would suck because of not enjoying this beautiful weather we are progressively having. Spring, when defined in this manner, can start on different days of the months in different regions. In the USA and other regions in the Northern Hemisphere, around the 21st of March is probably the day when the first day of spring is marked. In South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, spring begins on September 1st. In Ireland, spring starts around February 1st, but according to the meteorologist in Ireland the whole month of February is a part of winter. Spring is a season of regrowth, rebirth and renewal. You see the plants and trees grow their colorful leaves and the animals come out and entertain us humans to thank these little things for lightening our day. One event that anyone is looking forward to is Labour Day, a day in celebrating the social and economic achievements of the labour movement. This season is special for having Easter, an important religious Christian day when Jesus was resurrected.

It is actually enjoyable of knowing the fact that you’re seeing people outside doing things or just relaxing with the weather. People are actually starting to come outside and are playing football, soccer, Frisbee and maybe cricket. Some people may even head to the beach to catch a tan, play volleyball or to swim. When you take your walk or playing sports, you encourage others who are watching you and your friends play the sport to join the fun and have a good time. Spring is about having the best time outside with family and friends doing things that you will remember for years to come. SHE SAID Goodbye winter and hello spring. The season of rebirth is here. Spring seemed to be so far away during the winter, but now we don’t have to wait any longer. As the weather gets warmer you see people outside more. The sunny days and warmth puts smiles on people’s faces and happiness in their hearts. As you take a nice walk around campus, you’ll notice that life is happening all around you. Trees are beginning to blossom and flowers are beginning to bloom. Unfortunately the bugs are returning and allergies are acting up. Hopefully that would not keep you from enjoying the nice weather we yearned for.

If you have a garden at home, this is the perfect season to plants some flowers, fruits and vegetables. Having bright colors around the garden can promote a happier mood. So why not give it a shot? It’s also a perfect place to read a book or do some homework. When the weather is nice, I love to sit under a tree and write poems. Inspiration is all around me during the spring and I love to take advantage of it. A lot of people tend to eat healthier when the weather is nice because many delicious fruits and vegetables are in season. Brightly colored foods attract the eyes and that’s another reason people eat healthier in the spring. During the spring moods start to get better. In the winter season many people were sad due to the cold and lack of sunlight. Now that the days are getting longer, the sun is out more. When I’m out in the sun, my mood gets better. I go from feeling unhappy to feeling awesome. I would recommend going outside for a nice walk or to play some sports with some friends. The sun, the warmth and sharing it with friends would definitely boost a positive mood. Spring is also a time for fashion. Bright, bold colors in every outfit have always been in spring fashion for many years. So don’t be afraid to add some color to your wardrobe. Bright colors will add a smile to your face, so have fun. Also be sure to have a pair of rain boots handy in the early part of spring because of those April showers. You want to keep your feet nice and dry while heading out it the rain. So take advantage of what spring has to offer you. It will definitely turn any frown upside



April 2012

My Life as a Rainbow: The Lesbian Dictionary DENISE GOTAY Entertainment Editor Chapter 4 In the lesbian world, there are different kinds of rainbow girls. Some people get confused as to what kind of a lesbian a girl is. You may think the only thing you need to know about a lesbian is their love for women but of course that’s not enough to get through the lezzie lingo. The following terms and labels are the common names rainbow girls use to describe themselves. Lipstick Lesbian: These girls stick close to their feminine side. They enjoy dating other lipstick lezzies as well as studs and butches. Butch: The opposite of a lipstick lesbian. They carry masculine characteristics and tends to be the dominate one in the relationship. They also dress and act very manly.

Stud: Same thing as a butch but is applied to African Americans. Baby Dyke: A lesbian who just came out of the closet. Gold Star Lesbian: A lesbian who has never slept with a man.

Soft Butch: When you add a lipstick lesbian and a butch together, you get the very androgynous soft butch lesbian. Even though they carry masculine characteristics like a butch, they do have girly tendencies like a regular lipstick lezzie.


Diesel Dyke: A very manly lesbian who is very aggressive. Bisexual: A woman who is sexually and emotionally attractive to both sexes. Lesbophile: Someone who loves or appreciates lesbians. LUG: (Lesbian Until Graduation) these ladies experiment with women during their college years but decide she’s straight and marries a man after graduating.

Spiritual Teachings for Everyday Life Confidence Everyone goes through moments when they feel that failure is the only thing and success will not come. It seems as if there is nothing that can be motivational. Sometimes all that is needed is a little trust and faith in you. That’s when everything starts to fall into place. Quotes from the Bible – Christianity “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Philippians 4:13 “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” -2 Timothy 1:7 “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” -Ephesians 4:29

Boi: A lesbian who has a boyish appearance.

Miscellaneous (Courtesy of & “Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true.” -Anonymous “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” -Buddha “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” -Benjamin Spock “Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.” -Thaddeus Golas

SHANICE DRAKES Columnist “To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives.” -Denis Waitley “Somehow I can’t believe that there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secret of making his dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four C’s. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of these is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way.” -Walt Disney


April 2012

Ask Belle Vie.....She Is All Knowing Dear Belle Vie, I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years now, and I love him dearly and all, but he just doesn’t seem to live up to the standards I set up in my mind. You see, I have something called Schediophilia, or more commonly known as Toonophilia. It means I’m sexually attracted to cartoon characters or fictional characters in general. There are several male characters I’m incredibly attracted to, and I find myself looking at my partner as if he is one character or another instead of himself. His affections are staring to mean nothing to me and I fantasize less and less about him in favor of my favorite protagonist. How can I tell him, or anyone, for that matter about this type of attraction and that I would like to break things off with him? I feel horrible, but I’m not happy with him and I can’t be fooling myself or him anymore. A break up would be better for the both of us.

Sincerely, Attracted to Fiction

Photo courtesy of

Dear Attracted to Fiction, While reading your letter, I came to realize that you have already made your decision of breaking up with your boyfriend. I will have to agree with your decision because if you know to yourself that the relationship is going nowhere, then it is best to get out of there and save both of you the headache of trying to make things work. When it comes to relationships that people want to work out so badly but eventually they don’t, usually there is always a positive quality that you like most about that person that drives away all the other negative things. It is called compromising. Some feel being able to compromise is the most important value in a relationship to have, but others feel that knowing what exactly you are looking for in a person, is the best relationship to pursue. Pertaining to your relationship I can see you need someone who is more accepting to your condition Toonophilia. You were not able to open up completely to your boyfriend about your condition, and that means that you do not believe he will be accepting towards it. Think about it, if he cannot accept your condition, what else will he not accept down the road when he and you have been dating for much longer? Let me share a story that I previously went through that I feel will ease your mind about your upcoming breakup. I once dated someone that I made many compromises for to the point where I placed myself second in anything I did; even today I would come across something that I know would help him in his career like contact information to help him get his foot in the door. However, I still know I care dearly for him, but I asked myself the question: is just caring enough or do I also need all the other necessities to a relationship? I thought of myself going day by day in the one-sided situation which was even worst knowing that I was the one who had fallen hard. Eventually, I learned to let go under the process of separating myself from him. Not seeing, calling or texting really helped the situation of me getting over him. If you, Attracted to Fiction, feel as though letting go will be the hardest part, do what I did and locked myself away until I was able to stand alone with no one else. Your road to self discovery starts with you and ends with you, for only you can decide if something is right or wrong for you. P.S. Remember, don’t settle for anyone or anything that is causing you doubts.

Sincerely, the all knowing, Belle Vie



UB World Cup shows diversity JOSHUA RYAN Sports Editor One of the hallmarks of the University of Bridgeport today is its cultural diversity. The university currently has people from 80 different countries enrolled. People of all different ethnicities, creeds and backgrounds can be found. This diversity is celebrated every single year with the school’s International Week, which has been going on for 36 years running. In the last four years, the university has put on a minisoccer tournament called the UB World Cup, which is played in Marina Park Circle.

“I think soccer exemplifies unity, because that’s one game almost every country knows,” Das said. FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) currently features associations from 208 countries around the world. By comparison, the United Nations only features 193.

Das, who is from Bangladesh, said her country is primarily interested in cricket but that when the World Cup comes along, she goes crazy. Only part of the event could be played due to one of the players suffering a sprained ankle. The rest of the event will be played this weekend.

This year’s event featured six different teams competing: African Lions, Saudi Arabia, Libya, the West Indies, Iraq, and Team Europa. Each match was 30 minutes long. The event featured several players from UB athletics. It also featured many who play soccer casually and just enjoy the sport. Ahmed On, captain of the Libya team, said he plays soccer every Monday and Tuesday with several other kids in the Wheeler Recreation Center. Perdita Das, who organized the event, said soccer is important because many other sports are not universally recognized.

Sports Schedule Home Games = Bold

Baseball: Apr. 7 at Mercy * 12:00 PM at Mercy * 3:00 PM Apr. 9 Mercy * 3:00 PM Apr. 10 at Molloy * 3:30 PM Apr. 12 at Post 3:00 PM Apr. 14 C.W. Post * 12:00 PM C.W. Post * 2:30 PM Apr. 15 at C.W. Post * 1:00 PM Softball (Home games played in Stratford): Apr. 5 Molloy * 3:00 PM Molloy * 5:00 PM Apr. 7 at Dowling * 12:00 PM at Dowling * 2:00 PM


Apr. 9 C.W. Post * 3:00 PM C.W. Post * 5:00 PM Apr. 10 St. Thomas Aquinas * 3:00 PM St. Thomas Aquinas * 5:00 PM Apr. 12 at NYIT * 3:00 PM at NYIT * 5:00 PM Apr. 14 at Mercy * 1:00 PM at Mercy * 3:00 PM Apr. 16 at Felician 2:30 PM at Felician 4:30 PM Women’s Lacrosse: Apr. 6 Maritime (N.Y.) 1:00 PM Apr. 10 Molloy * 6:00 PM

Apr. 15 at Lake Erie * 12:00 PM Apr. 16 at Seton Hill * 4:00 PM Apr. 18 C.W. Post * 6:00 PM Women’s Gymnastics: Apr 7, 2012 at NCAA Regional @ Auburn 6:00 PM Apr 12, 2012 USAG Collegiate National Championship 1 & 6:00 PM Apr 13, 2012 USAG Collegiate National Championship 7:00 PM Apr 14, 2012 USAG Collegiate National Championship 1:00 PM

Issue 8 - 2012  

Issue 8 - April 2012 Print Edition

Issue 8 - 2012  

Issue 8 - April 2012 Print Edition