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Weanling Fillies Gen’s Classy Touch Star Dusts Black Gin London Strong By His Glory

Glenda Hester Cliff Costello Alesia Graham Sally Schauman

Dr Richard Wan Joyce Augustine Alesia Graham Sally Schauman

Weanling Colts Eminent Danger IB Blue Denim Pushy Lady’s Jose Jose Armed By Touch Easy Dealer

Carla Hurley Tommy Loid Cliff Costello Randy Stillwell Kimberly Stillwell

Laurale Lowery Holly Schroedor Joyce Augustine Kimberly Stillwell Arlene Gray

Trail Pleasure English & Western Amateur Four & Under Specialty The King’s Reward Donna Byard Kim Campbell Charcoal’s Big Threat Randy Poland Randy Poland Gen’s Sundance Man Steve Meeks Steve & Cathy Meeks Threat’s Copy Coin Freddie Maggard Freddie Maggard Jazz’s Fatal Attack Judy Wilson Joel Woosley Model I’m A Coppertone Girl Genius Boys Alpha Star My My’s Shadow Hunter Indigo Jewel Eagletistical

Ronnie Rushing Rachel Cowles Cliff Costello Tommy Loid Carol Camp

Rushing Creek Walkers Rachel Cowles Joyce Augustine Kay Andrews Carol Camp

Country Pleasure Keg Shod Western Specialty Heat In The Limelight Randy Stillwell Perry’s Criminal Intent Angela Runnels Star At The Ritz Meredith Thessen Dixie’s Dee Dee David Lindsey Ivory Secret Affair Lonnie Glass

Walter Stillwell Angela Runnels Meredith Thessen David Lindsey Lonnie Glass

Yearling Fillies Hi I’m Johnetta Cash Coin’s Dark Gold Bluephoria By Chance Ima Angel VIP’s Queen

Jerry Brumagen Donna Byard Tommy Loid Debbie Dismon Steve Ponder

Phyllis Brumagen Randy Poland Holly Schroedor Debbie Dismon Steve Ponder

Local Pleasure Specialty Jose’s Poisonous Lady Night Wolf Jose’s Double Take Bluray Jose Mc Lovin

Donna Byard Debbie Smothers Blair Knight Tommy Loid Jesslyn Robey

Mehaffey & Byard Debbie Smothers Hancock & Knight Holly Schroedor Robey Family

Trail Pleasure English & Western Four & Under Specialty Pushin Some Black Jazz Shelli Mehaffey Kathy Owen & Double Springs Farm Self Winding Touch Jason Crawhorn Arlene Gray Miss Ruby Wilson Jordan Wrenn Arlene Gray Fatal’s Deuncle Jamie Woosley Donald Hendrick

Polka Dottie

Alesia Graham

Alesia Graham

Classic Park Pleasure English & Western Specialty Paroled By Design Zach Parsons Rhonda Stone Cocoa’s Legacy Jason Crawhorn Tiffany Crawhorn Trail Pleasure English & Western AOT Specialty Enchanted Wolf Debbie Smothers Charcoal’s Red Gal Randy Poland I’m Mr Locomotion Freddie Maggard Polka Dottie Alesia Graham Hard Cash Ditto David Lindsey

Debbie Smothers Randy Poland Freddie Maggard Alesia Graham David & Gina Lindsey

Yearling Colts Doc’s War Horse Teddy Twister He Owns The Night Armed And Jazzed Up Dog On Deal

C L Kline Farms Kim Campbell Debbie Smothers Leigh Anne Gregory Steve Ponder

Ella Kline Blair Knight Debbie Smothers Allie Easley Jamie Ponder

Country Pleasure Keg Shod English Specialty Corona Gold Sandy Harris Perry’s Criminal Intent Angela Runnels Irish Stakes Allie Easley Mc Lovin Jesslyn Robey Art’s Charcoal Nibbler Donna Byard

Sandy Harris Angela Runnels Holly Schroedor Robey Family Donna Byard

Park Performance The Morning Line

Ann Darmody

Ann Darmody

Lite Shod Four & Under Specialty Vindictive Color Zach Parsons Gimme Solidarity Angela Runnels The Milkman Ethan Robey Just Princess Power Freddie Maggard La Moon David Lindsey

Heather Dawson Angela Runnels Robey Family Freddie Maggard David Lindsey

Youth 4 H Specialty A Sure Fire Genius Boy’s Alpha Star Indigo Jewel Mc Lovin I Am Legend

Andi Long Rachel Cowles Kay Andrews Robey Family Joel Woosley

Riley Long Rachel Cowles Allie Easley Whitley Robey Ava Johnson

Trail Pleasure English & Western Amateur Specialty Bugsy Malone Donna Byard Mehaffey & Byard Coin’s Red Glow Randy Poland Randy Poland Coin’s Top Spot David Lindsey David Lindsey Party Time Attack Jamie Woosley David Lindsey Sweepstake’s Magic Copy Ethan Robey Robey Family Lite Shod English & Western Amateur Specialty Gimme Solidarity Angela Runnels

Angela Runnels

Dangerous Willy The Milkman Miss Indigo Blue

Derek Alexander Jesslyn Robey Jamie Woosley

Carole Hill Robey Family Jamie Woosley

Country Pleasure Keg Shod Four & Under Amateur Angel Of Camelot Nettie Lay Nettie Lay Red Lady VIP Jamie Ponder Steve Ponder Blind Luck Blair Knight Knight & Campbell Wolf Without A Doubt Jerry Brumagen Jerry Brumagen Push’s Sippin Champagne Cynthia Dickinson Cynthia Dickinson Flat Shod Youth English & Western Specialty Mc Lovin Whitley Robey A Sure Fire Riley Long Genius Boy’s Alpha Star Rachel Cowles That Darn Cat Ava Johnson

Robey Family Andi Long Rachel Cowles Jason & Tiffany Crawhorn

Country Pleasure Keg Shod AOT Specialty Corona Gold Sandy Harris Perry’s Criminal Intent Angela Runnels Mr Adjustable Kris Ponder Final’s Big Bum Randy Poland I Am The Fonz Donna Byard

Sandy Harris Angela Runnels Steve Ponder Randy Poland Donna Byard

Trail Pleasure Open Specialty Cocoa’s Red Zone Extra Brite Spot Sweepstake’s Magic Copy

Bowen & Crawhorn Mehaffey & Byard Robey Family

Jason Crawhorn Shelli Mehaffey Ethan Robey

Classic Park Pleasure English & Western Amateur Specialty Paroled By Design Rhonda Stone Rhonda Stone Spreading The Charm Kris Ponder Steve Ponder Favorite Gait English & Western Flat Shod He’s Puttin On Roses Kenneth Stirn Mc Lovin Ethan Robey Pushy Lady Charged Up Jason Crawhorn A Sure Fire Riley Long Color In Mud Sharon Richert

Ken Stirn Robey Family Joyce Augustine Andi Long Steve Ponder

Lite Shod English & Western Specialty Dangerous Willy Derek Alexander The Milkman Ethan Robey Sweepstake’s Magic Copy Ryan White Miss Blue Velvet Allie Easley

Carole Hill Robey Family Robey Family Holly Schroedor

Trail Obstacle Victory Trip Genius Boys Alpha Star Sweet Dixie Delight Victory Trip The Goose Is Loose

Linda Starnes Rachel Cowles Larry Starnes Linda Starnes Carol Camp

Linda Starnes Rachel Cowles Linda Starnes Rachel Cowles Carol Camp