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Trail Pleasure Youth Specialty Super Zone Kate Bartholomew Intruder’s Foxy Lady Meme Anderson Lareina’s Shade Of Silver Luci Anderson

Anna Bartholomew Meme Anderson Leon & Elizabeth Rembert

Park Pleasure English JFK’s Political Strategy Rednecks Choice

Debbie Wells Mary Ann Adams

Debbie Wells Mary Ann Adams

Youth 17 & Under A Major Uprising

Meme Anderson

Meme Anderson

Costume Class JFK’s Political Strategy Gold’s Little Annie

Debbie Wells Luci Anderson

Debbie Wells Luci Anderson

Model Open How Dare You Snake In The Grass America’s Major Debt Entitled To Be Ritzy Lareina’s Shade Of Silver Pit Stop

Milly Player Debbie Wells Darrin Sisk Patricia Hiott Luci Anderson Brian Fahnle

Player & Buckner Heiden & Wells Doris Penick Laura Thompson Leon & Elizabeth Rembert Dennis Ginn

Country Pleasure Specialty The Colors Of Northstar

Laurie Coats

Chris & Laurie Coats

Two Year Old Open Title Town Entitled To Win

Tyler Baucom Gary Martin

Holland & Kilgore Sarah Sheffield

Park Pleasure Western Open Specialty JFK’s Political Strategy Debbie Wells

Debbie Wells

Amateur/Amateur Specialty The Dangerous Commander The Carolina Girl

Dickie King & Kip Looper Dickie & Patti King Billie Dearmond & Kerry Dearmond Billie Dearmond

Trail Pleasure Adult Specialty Another Jazz Attraction Super Zone Pit Stop Lareina’s Shade Of Silver

Laurie Coats Ayna Bartholomew Robyn Fahnle Gary Rembert

Laurie Coats Anna Bartholomew Dennis Ginn Leon & Elizabeth Rembert

Youth 12-17 Specialty Jose’s Special Edition Heartbeat In Rythm

Eaddy Gamble Meme Anderson

Eaddy Gamble Leon & Elizabeth Rembert

Ladies Auxiliary Members Only Specialty He’s Black As Night Sarah Sheffield

Sarah Sheffield

Amateur Gentlemen Specialty Generator’s Santana Push Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson

Oop’s You Better Be Good

Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen

Lite Shod Western Specialty Olympic Skywalker Summer Wishes Entitled To Be Ritzy

Laurie Coats Meme Anderson Patricia Hiott

Chris & Laurie Coats Meme Anderson Laura Thompson

Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty Stride’s Secret Dollar Debbie Wells Another Image Of Cash Sarah Sheffield

Heiden & Wells Ginger Hartlein

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty Jose Today Emma Lee Cannon Mo’s Rowdy Rebel Joanne Overstreet

Ginger Hartlein Joanne Overstreet

Amateur Three Year Old Outlined With Diamonds

Chad Adams

Chad Adams

Open Specialty Lieutenant Jose Rusty Wallace

Tyler Baucom Kip Looper

Larry Adams Dr Jim Gore

Amateur Four Year Old Goody Goody Mr Forbes

Harolene Willis Kevin Overstreet

Rodger & Harolene Willis Kevin Overstreet

Open Three Year Old Beaujolais Strategy

Sam Martin Jonathan Bellamy

Mr & Mrs Larry Mclaughlin Jonathan Bellamy

Lite Shod English Open Specialty Armed Secret Debbie Wells Summer Wishes Meme Anderson Entitled To Be Ritzy Patricia Hiott Pro Am Specialty Hes A Superstar General Urban Cowboy Dearmond

Heiden & Wells Meme Anderson Laura Thompson

Kip Looper & Gary Martin Dr Jim Gore Kerry Dearmond & Jordan Hall Billie & Kerry

Adult Amateur Pony Specialty The Red Bomber Connie Gamble The Carolina Girl Billie Dearmond

Mr & Mrs Steve Gamble Billie Dearmond

Park Pleasure English Open Specialty Cmon Turn Me Loose Debbie Wells Grandy Garcia Kathy Jamison

Heiden & Wells Kathy Jamison

Two Year Old Amateur Major Title

Emma Lee Cannon

Emma Lee Cannon

Show Pleasure Open Specialty Delights Red Hot Jazz Jonathan Bellamy

Jonathan Bellamy

Amateur 50 & Over Specialty Beretta Mama A Black Gin Hangover Jose’s Dark N Stormy

Kerry Dearmond Dickie King Judy Griggs

Billie & Kerry Dearmond Dickie & Patti King Judy Griggs

Open Four Year Old Specialty Jose’s Door Buster Gary Martin Double Bogey Blues Tyler Baucom

Mr & Mrs Larry Mclaughlin Buddy Stasney

Park Performance Amateur Specialty Ms Hissy Fit Debbie Wells Rocky Marciano Jill Peavey Jose’s Morning At The Ritz Kip Looper The Ultimate Goose Judy Griggs

Heiden & Wells Jill Peavey Gary Martin Judy Griggs

AOT Specialty Tarheel’s Pusher Le Patron Dollar On Fire

Wofford Bush Heiden & Wells Leon & Elizabeth Rembert

Skylar Macleod Debbie Wells Meme Anderson

Members Only Amateur Specialty Jumpin The Border Emma Lee Cannon Commanding Gold Kerry Dearmond

Emma Lee Cannon Billie & Kerry Dearmond

Amateur Ladies Specialty I’m Twice The Delight A Bold Generator Go Ahead Evil

Anya Bartholomew Larry Adams Pam Smith

Anya Bartholomew Mary Ann Adams Pam Smith

Amateur Championship (Canter) A Major Uprising Leon Rembert

Meme Anderson

Trail Pleasure Championship Another Jazz Attraction Super Zone Pit Stop Lareina’s Shade Of Silver

Laurie Coats Anna Bartholomew Dennis Ginn Leon & Elizabeth Rembert

Laurie Coats Ayna Bartholomew Brian Fahnle Patricia Hiott

Lite Shod Specialty Championship Armed Secret Debbie Wells Summer Wishes Meme Anderson

Heiden & Wells Meme Anderson

Park Pleasure Specialty Championship Grandy Garcia Kathy Jamison Cmon Turn Me Loose Debbie Wells

Kathy Jamison Heiden & Wells

Open Championship (Canter) Ritz On The Corner Sam Martin Star In The Making Tyler Baucom Willie Stargell Jonathan Bellamy The Sundance Kid Stan Tindal

Ginger Hartlein Randall Jones Jill Peavey Mr & Mrs Steve Gamble