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Lewisburg, Tennessee Lead Line Maxine Beasley Laci Mathews Bibi Beasley Anne Marie Beard Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Amateur Cash In 1129 Sudie Reed Jazz Extra Josh Wright Cash’s Good Wife Alex Blackburn

Sudie Reed Jim & Jeannie Roberts Jimmy Mcconnell

Lite Shod Open La Patrona Walking Out On Parole

Kesselring & Lester Steve & Jan Harris

Kasey Kesselring Bruce Hankins

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Push To Win Clay Sanderson Miss Augusta Jimmy Mcconnell Master Class Herbert Derickson Righteous Ritz Jake Glover I’m Zelda Charlie Green

Mike & Kristie Bell Kimble & Madeline Tew Mr & Mrs Tim Brooks Dr & Mrs David Bullock Rich & Ennis

Youth 11 & Under Free To Score Forbidden Jose’s Ritzy Doll Prime’s Jump Jiven Gen’s Black Gin Creation

Maggie Kail Counti Green Jackson Stephens Cohen Abernathy Storm Sims

Maggie Kail Renee Carlton Stephens, Womack & Fleming Claudia Gribble Mike Chiappari Family

Amateur 50 & Over Specialty Lined With Poison Get Ready The Thug Jose’s Tom Turkey Silver Dollars Donato

Lucky Collins Kathy Zeis Luckey Easterling Tommy Halmontaller Peggy Mervine

Don & Lucky Collins Steve & Kathy Zeis Kay & Luckey Easterling Mr & Mrs Charles Brantley DHN Partnership

Park Pleasure Youth B B King’s Jazz Popcorn Pusher

Jackson Stephens Skylar Nipper

Womack & Stephens Skylar Nipper

Country Pleasure Youth Mr Paparazzi Lined Dancing She’s Magic To The Boys Free Stock Rain’s Good Advice

Anna Kaminski Jesse Odell Kaylee Hash Carter Gleghorn Evan Gleghorn

David Kaminski Dr Jack Kwok John & Barbara Hash Charles & Joy Gleghorn Charles & Joy Gleghorn

Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Jazzmine Lady Winky Groover Midnight Salsa Jimmy Mcconnell She’s Deja Blue Charlie Green We B Cruzin Casey Wright Jazz’s Major Touch Clay Sanderson

Joann Dowell Mary Medina Bill & Karen Bean Kirsten Lambert James Vernon

Park Pleasure Rev’s Flashback Yao Ming JFK All The Way Prince Jose Calipari’s Cousins

Jeff Laughlin Nicole Coffey Dickie Scrivner Jeannae Patterson Betty Denton

Joe Laughlin Nicole Coffey Rebecca Chittenden Jeannae Patterson Betty Denton

Youth 12-17 Dance All Night Absolute Bullet Proof A Final Command Stemwinder Marino

Robert Cortner Jordan Dempsey Alex Blackburn Koston Mcwaters Allison Thorson

Terry & Lisa Smith Charles & Joy Gleghorn Bob Medina Larue Mcwaters Thorsport Inc

Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Gimme A Command Kelly Stewart Jose’s Compadre Caleb Kilburn She’s Intimidating Jack Bolozky Jane’s Silver Lining Libby Doub Unwavering Charles Stivers

Glen Sisk Salt Lick Farms Jack & Lillian Bolozky David & Libby Doub Glendon Stivers

Youth Ponies Roll The Gold I’m Redeemed Ritz Tornado Pusher’s General

Thorsport Inc Denise Maples Mike & Beth Davis Charles & Joy Gleghorn

Allison Thorson Claudia Gribble Meghan Davis Jordan Dempsey

Country Pleasure Adult Jackie Moon Designer Champagne Oh Buddy Limelight’s Legacy

Kasey Kesselring Maggie Moore Jackie Osborne Wayne Westbrook

Montverde Academy Leek & Moore Jackie Osborne Wayne Westbrook

Park Performance Amateur San Juan I’m Money Hungry Black Jack Citation I’m Diamond Rio Ritz Rattle & Roll

Eric Lackey Beth Alagna Sue Irby Kent Lawrence Dr Lynda Brogdon

Mr & Mrs Eric Lackey SBS Colt Group Sue Irby Kent & Mamie Lawrence Ben & Dr Lynda Brogdon

Show Pleasure Amateur The American Choice I Am The Rock Jr Rare Coin Ritz Sky Jam I’m A Proud American

Linda Garrard Jannie Chapman Cynthia Bush Suzanne Moore Bill Williams

Dr Cliff & Linda Garrard Jannie Chapman Chris & Cynthia Bush Bud & Suzanne Moore Bill Williams

Two Year Old Stallions Amateur They Call Me Kid Rock Kelly Dunn Gin’s Hot Topic Diana Cruse

Cannon Ridge Stables Diana Cruse

Amateur (Canter) The Who George W Mcclintock Enrique Enrique The Family Jewels My Senorita

Taylor Walters Miles Irby Bob Lawrence Kim Leonard Peggy Mervine

Molly Walters Rick & Marla Lovett Bob Lawrence Scott & Kim Leonard Peggy Mervine

Show Pleasure Youth In A Danger Zone Santana’s Renaissance Man Thunder With Lightning

Svanah Martin Allison Thorson Jesse Odell

Kelly Martin Allison Thorson Dr Jack Kwok

Trail Pleasure Amateur Confederate Jazz Twist Of Cash Victoria’s Got A Secret I’m A Southern Secret

Kailin Kesselring Mackenzie Morgan Dr Jack Kwok Trista Brown

Kasey Kesselring Family Sharon Mccaleb Dr Jack Kwok Willie Brown

Adult Amateur Ponies The Indy Five Hundred Inception London Rain Cy Young Major Gs Hard Cash Girl

Sue Ann Dowell Detha Yoder Erica Jenne Brenda Carlon Megan Peebles

Joann Dowell Detha Yoder Erica Jenne Brenda Carlon Megan Peebles

Amateur Ladies Mares & Geldings Jazz’s Master Kelly Mills The Man Of The Town Lisa Steinbach A Private Benjamin Detha Yoder Sophisticated Renee Carlton She’s Our Amazing Grace Margaret Ann Alias

Kelly Mills Lisa Steinbach Detha Yoder Renee Carlton Margaret Ann Alias

Two Year Old Stallions He’s Unmistakeable I’m Handsome Jimmy Valiant Paroled From Hardtime Mesmerizing Gin Texas Jazz

Sammy & Gayle Cagle Kimble & Madeline Tew Tommy & Sister Milligan Larue Mcwaters Joe Bertram

Casey Wright Jimmy Mcconnell Dick Peebles John Allan Callaway Rocky Mccoy

Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings She’s Limitless Taylor Walters Lindsey Lohan Kim Butler Clemente Benton Gay Just Say Ole Linda Scrivner Hot Dollar Sherri Ward

Molly Walters Bruce & Kim Butler Benton & Gay Pitts Linda Scrivner Sherri Ward

Park Performance Open Specialty Paroled In Tennessee Jeff Laughlin JD’s Armed Ray Lewis Jeff Green Gold Danger Edgar Abernathy Frontgate Winky Groover A Silk Lining Jerry Williams

Belvie Jordan Vicki Swayne Lance & Rhonda Lincoln Winky & Sheila Groover Anita Heitzler

Four Year Old Open (Canter) Blues Master Jimmy Mcconnell Masters Razzel And Jazz Herbert Derickson Ted’s Hank Williams Brock Tillman

Mike & Lee Mcgartland Alan Riddley Maple Crest Farms

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Lewisburg, Tennessee Amateur Five Year Old I’m Pushin N Line The Jazz Player Armed Assassin

Janice Fostek Edith Dilday Gavin Kasser

Joe & Janice Fostek Jimmy & Edith Dilday Charles & Carol Ann Gavin

Open Specialty He’s Ritz N Cash Jazz Talkin The Nickle The Sportster The L A Ritz

Herbert Derickson Edgar Abernathy Clay Sanderson Keith Blackburn Casey Wright

Rick & Marla Lovett Dr Renee Montgomery Merv Whittenburg John Vernon Jones Donnie & Charlotte Taylor

Amateur Four Year Old Stallions Memphis Mafia Gail Walling Heza War Horse Ed Breedlove Command On Parole Henry Metcalf National Hero Taylor Walters Cougar Jannie Chapman

Judy Mcdonald Kilgore & Breedlove Crawford & Metcalf Molly Walters Jannie Chapman

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty Ozone’s Cut Above All George Ann Pratt Don Julio Alie Napier Dark & Shady Taylor Walters Gettin Out On Parole J W Morgan

George Ann Pratt Tim Napier Molly Walters J W & Joanne Morgan

Three Year Old Stallions Led Zeppelin Gretzky Rio Lobo 7HF Armed Skymarshel Gintastic

Justin Jenne Chad Williams Winky Groover Eric Yokley Scotty Brooks

Carson Adams Thorsport Inc Jack & Lillian Bolozky Michele Bolin Sherri Ward

Amateur Specialty Skywalks Diego A JFK’s Monopoly Extremely Poisonous

Judy Stanfill Diana Bowers Sally Schmidt

Ruby Stanfill Diana Bowers Bill E Webb

Amateur Three Year Old Stallions I’m Mayhem Sue Ann Dowell Ain’t He Grande Phyllis Heppenstall Jose Hayburner Diana Bowers A Playboy Tam Brogdon

Joann Dowell Phyllis Heppenstall Diana Bowers Tam Brogdon

TWHNC Championship (Canter) A Strong Need For Cash Michael Wright Puttin Cash On The Line Jimmy Mcconnell Another Nine Yards Ronal Young Will E Walk Winky Groover

Jim & Jeannie Roberts Molly Walters Darby Oaks Stables Harry York

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