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Park Pleasure Western Breathless At Midnight A Dream The Natural Of Skywatch He’s A Major Delight

Grandy Tuck Jr Daphne France Darrel Walker Lynn Culbreth

Burl Dale Clyde France David & Laura Smith Lynn Culbreth

Amateur Four Year Old Mr Forbes Star Of Black Gen Rare Generation

Kevin Overstreet Sandy Brumbaugh Sarah Leonard

Kevin Overstreet Sandy Brumbaugh Sarah Leonard

Plantation Open Specialty Jose Loco

Jessica Hlebak

Jessica Hlebak

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty The Red Bomber

Connie Gamble

Connie Gamble

Country Pleasure English & Western Specialty On The Loose And Armed Gary Pope Spirit’s Pushy Jackie Dean She’s Outta Line Kayleigh Mesimer Lil Miss Dumas Burl Dale Dynagold Mary Ann Adams

Gary & Carolyn Pope Jackie Dean Kayleigh Mesimer Karen Palmieri Mary Ann Adams

Amateur Three Year Old Jagger Swagger Jazz It

Yvonna Matthis Sandy Brumbaugh

Abe Matthis Sandy Brumbaugh

Classic Park Pleasure Specialty Diva In Black

Darrel Walker

David & Laura Smith

Amateur Specialty A Bold Generator Go Ahead Evil

Mary Ann Adams Pam Smith

Larry Adams Pam Smith

Show Pleasure Open Specialty Hometown Ritz

Phil Janke

Phil Janke

Park Pleasure Amateur Specialty Commanding Performance John Harris A Dream Daphne France He’s A Major Delight Lynn Culbreth

John Harris Clyde France Lynn Culbreth

Trail Pleasure Amateur Specialty Contemporary Jazz Nancy Evans Good Til The Last Drop Kristen Mcwilliams Labeled A Parolee Jackie Dean Princess Power Terri Smith Lil Miss Dumas Burl Dale

Anne & Nancy Evans James & Dawn Payne Jackie Dean Terri Smith Karen Palmieri

NC Members Only Specialty Pl Horse Mo’s Rowdy Rebel

Owner Joanne Overstreet

Rider Joanne Overstreet

Country Pleasure English & Western Youth On The Loose And Armed Kayla Baucom Dynagold Landon Callicutt He’s All About The Gold Audrey Nuckles Jake In Progress Robert Mones

Gary & Carolyn Pope Mary Ann Adams Audrey Nuckles Robert Mones

Two Year Old Open Carolina Ritz

Larry Mesimer

Tyler Baucom

Park Performance Open Specialty The Ultimate Goose Stan Tindal Cash’s Little Lalique Ronald Mosley The Rockduster Daphne France

Judy Griggs Rachel Havens Clyde France

Amateur 50 & Over Generators Santana Push Jose’s Dark N Stormy

Joe Johnson Judy Griggs

Joe Johnson Judy Griggs

Youth Ponies Tarheel’s Pusher Swiffer

Skylar Macleod Jada Polk

Wofford Bush Jada Polk

Open Specialty Lieutenant Jose Jose’s Special Edition Probation Officer Beauty Line

Tyler Baucom Stan Tindal Ronald Mosley David Polk

Larry Adams Eaddy Gamble Rosemary Whitley Joe Manis

Trail Pleasure Youth Specialty Princess Power Contemporary Jazz Good Til The Last Drop Gold Line

Kayla Baucom Anne Evans Landon Callicutt Chloe Mcchlive

Terri Smith Anne & Nancy Evans James & Dawn Payne Chloe Mcchlive

Open Three Year Old San Fran 49ers North Star’s Pushing Cash

Stan Tindal Darrel Walker

Ryles & Tindal Shanna Rennie

Aot Specialty Padron

Tara Rhoades

Tara Rhoades

Park Pleasure Specialty Championship Royal Jazz Expression Grandy Tuck Jr Color’s Clown Lori Abbott Diva In Black Darrel Walker A Dream Daphne France Commanding Performance John Harris

Burl Dale Lori Abbott David & Laura Smith Clyde France John Harris

Walking Stake The Sundance Kid

Mr & Mrs Steve Gamble

Stan Tindal