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Model Open I’m A Coppertone Girl Unsung Hero Sportster Sweeping Up At The Slots Generatin Magneto Pride’s Midnight Flame

Kelly Dunn Billy Wayne Tolton Suzanne Keplinger Linda Mccarley Lielani Landon Melissa Rowell

Rushing Creek Walkers Billy Wayne Tolton Suzanne Keplinger Estate Of Gilbert Mccarley Mariolive Landon Melissa Rowell

Park Performance Hello Cutie Mucho Pesos I’m An American Idol Dumas Bright Star Diamond Rio Fetch Me The Title Gold Danger

Andy Simpson Nathan Clark Dick Peebles Brian Brewer David Latham Jeff Green Edgar Abernathy

Mike Henson Clark Farms Scott Green The Larry Brewer Family Kent & Mamie Lawrence Nick Rippy Lance & Rhonda Lincoln

Amateur Three Year Old Stallions I’m A Title One Jason Myatt Ritzy Womans Man Bart Mcwaters Firestone Black Ritz Ray Solley El Nino’s Jetstream Joel Stewart Ain’t He Grande Phyllis Heppenstall Gun Maker Roxy Reeves

Jerry Myatt Larue Mcwaters Ray Solley Joel & Linda Stewart Phyllis Heppenstall Reeves & Spinks

Show Pleasure Open He’s Starbucks I’m A Proud American Jose Sure Thing Rare Coin Ritz Chicago Firewalker Perfection Of Jazz A Rendezvous At The Ritz He’s Gunpowder And Lead

John Allan Callaway Bud Moore Michael Wright Bill Williams Charlie Green Don Broome Philip Trimble Chris & Cynthia Bush Todd Smith Barry & Karen White Jack Way Alex Way Steve Beam Reeves & Spinks Jamie Bradshaw Randall Ferguson

Lite Shod Vindicated Caterpillar Kody’s Cookies And Cream Beam’s Vendetta Generatin Magneto

Hannah Pulvers Laurie Toone Chris Zahnd Melissa Rowell Lielani Landon

Jason Myatt Westmark Farms Michelle Cranford Melissa Rowell Mariolive Landon

Amateur Owned & Trained Cash Lined Cash’s Baby Girl General’s Main Lady Gold Poison Puttin Slots At The Ritz

Kenny Smith Donna Kay Head Larue Mcwaters Bert Head Linda Mccarley

Molly Smith Donna Kay Head Larue Mcwaters Bert & Donna Head Linda Mccarley

Two Year Old Amateur Stallions I’ma Pistol Pete Josh Wright Brubaker Laura Cochran King Of Kool Joyce Myers

Archie Brooks Tim & Laura Cochran Meadows & Myers

Billy G At The Ritz The X Factor Let’s Have A Good Time They Call Me Kid Rock Awesome’s Take Over

Nathan Clark Ruth Logsdon Jason Myatt Kelly Dunn Claude Frye

David & Pat Ford Ronnie & Ruth Logsdon Jerry Myatt Kelly Dunn Claude Frye

WHAA Youth 17 & Under A High Dollar Charge I’m Fort Knox Ritz’s Jackpot General’s Top Brass Stemwinder Irish Mardi Gras

Lily Catherine Holland Lily Catherine Holland Ashley Latham Joan Latham Brody Bradshaw Randall Ferguson Ashley Raby Sheila Raby Koston Mcwaters Larue Mcwaters Chance Crocker Bush & Kemp

Amateur Four Year Old Stallions Putting Around Jeff Mitchell Just Bet The Line Libby Doub Clemente Benton Pitts A Home Run By Ted Alex Way They Call Me Saban Ray Solley

Jeff Mitchell David & Libby Doub Benton & Gay Pitts Double B Farm & Ben Beard Ray Solley

Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Zeta Brandye Mills Jazz Badazz Scotty Brooks She’s Deja Blue Charlie Green Jazz’s Major Touch Philip Trimble Boss Mans Dollar Steve Beam A Creme Brulee Michael Wright Luna Lovegood Jerry Collier Jose’s Knockout Edgar Abernathy

Lily Catherine Holland Jerry Myatt Bill & Karen Bean James Vernon Bob & Sudie Reed Wallace & Laura Brandon Andrew Morrison Steve & Carol Shelton

Open Amateur Royal Luck

Ray Solley

Ray Solley

Amateur 50 & Over Lined With Poison Cash’s Bold And Fresh High Jacked Simply Jose Not Gold But Bold Out In The Weather Americas Touch Of Pride I’m Stone Cold Cash

Lucky Collins Virginia Counts Dr Jim Baum Larue Mcwaters Bill Williams Sudie Reed Larry Mclaughlin Barbara Corbett

Don & Lucky Collins Carroll & Virginia Counts Lisa Baum Larue Mcwaters Bill Williams Bob & Sudie Reed Margaret Mclaughlin Ridgemont Farm

15.2 & Under Mr Heisman The L A Ritz Gin And Juice Diamond Ritz He’s Made In The Usa Nine Dangerous Yards Jazz Me Up C Me Push

Brandye Mills Randall & Sadie Baskin Casey Wright Bill Williams Mickey Mccormick Rick & Marla Lovett Jamie Bradshaw Randall Ferguson John Allan Callaway Jordan & Wierenga Jack Way Way & Way Edgar Abernathy Lance & Rhonda Lincoln Dick Peebles Tommy & Sister Milligan

Amateur Ponies Major Gs Hard Cash Girl Mark Zone Inception I’m Redeemed An American Threat Shady Cash Real Bad & A Little Firey

Megan Peebles Megan Peebles Lora Lawrence Lora Lawrence Detha Yoder Detha Yoder Dr Renee Montgomery Linda B Stewart Meg Callaway Allan Callaway Meredith Driskell Steve Driskell Casee Bush Bush & Kemp

Park Pleasure Prince Jose Sheza All Mine Double Shot Of Cash Defying All Odds The Flash Light

Brock Tillman Dick Peebles Laurie Toone Linda Mccarley Melissa Rowell

Jeannae Patterson Barbara Civils Tamara Hader Estate Of Gilbert Mccarley Melissa Rowell

Phyllis Heppenstall Dalia Smith Harr Detha Yoder Betty Mosley Lisa Baum Casee Bush Donna Kay Head Kimberly Coult

Phyllis Heppenstall Molly Smith Detha Yoder Charles Mosley Lisa Baum Bush & Kemp Bert/Donna Head Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly

Ladies Amateur Miss Midnight Rider I’m A Rod A Private Benjamin Show Boat Chaparral Jose’s Gold Coin Lady Vindictive Extra Good Looking Mexican Fire Coult

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Amateur She’s Title Bound Gail Walling Full Back Bob Lawrence Master’s Showgirl Lucky Collins She Generates A Dollar Morgan Robertson Live Strong Stephanie Driskell Call Me Maybe Edwina Duddy Coach’s Grey Goose Sid Baker Aged Mares & Geldings Country And Famous Rocky Mountain Sky Bum In The Storm She Has Status Labeled At Midnight Ms Jose Walks Yankee Girl The Down Home Blues

Mcdonald & Walling Bob Lawrence Don & Lucky Collins Clyde & Grace Robertson Steve Driskell Edwina Duddy Sid Baker

Mickey Mccormick Rick & Marla Lovett Justin Harris Bruce & Robin Macdonald Charlie Green Stewarts Farm & Nursery John Allan Callaway Joyce Meadows Philip Trimble Joe & Betty Alvarez Dick Peebles Tommy & Sister Milligan Edgar Abernathy Lance & Rhonda Lincoln Chris Zahnd Kelly Peevy

Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings Miss Ebony Rose Sudie Reed She’s Driving Ted Crazy Terry Lowman I’m KC Jazz Mike Henson I’m Sky King Robbie Spiller I’m Tex Anna Dalia Smith Harr

Bob & Sudie Reed Larry & Terry Lowman Mike Henson Raymond & Jane Stiles Molly Smith

Powerstroke’s Miss Delight I’m All About Cash Sweepstar

Todd Fisher Casee Bush Gay Pitts

Tommy & Sister Milligan Bush & Kemp Benton & Gay Pitts

Novice Amateur A Superbowl Mvp A Beeline Next Simply Red Wing’s Of War 9 In The Sky He’s A Powerball Spirit’s Dark N Classy Madamoseille Pusher

Hunter Fikes Molly Walker Lynn Hickok Mila Sachs Corri Knudson Kelly Gates Sarah Keenan Aimee Lambert

Andrew Morrison Molly Walker Ridgemont Farm Beam & Lawson Corri Knudson Steve & Kelly Gates Sarah Keenan Rick & Marla Lovett

Open Specialty Stake Samsung Jose’s Crystal Lite Johnny Ritz Jazz Talkin Flash Of Silver A Showdown San Quentin

Bill Callaway Charlie Green Casey Wright Edgar Abernathy Dick Peebles Jack Way Hulon Humphrey

George Ann Pratt Stewarts Farm & Nursery Hoyte Eakes Estate Dr Renee Montgomery Benny Gray Double B Farm & Ben Beard Mr & Mrs Larry Mclaughlin

Park Performance Amateur My Silver Bullet A Jazz Mans Rhythm & Blues Diamond Rio Masquerading’s Perfection My Titleist Plea Bargain Twisted Dollar Aflac

Nathan Clark Clark & Woodward Donna Hill Gary Hill Charity Latham Kent & Mamie Lawrence Lacy Essary Tracy Essary Todd Fisher Robert Taylor Joanne Davis Morgan J W & Joanne Morgan Larue Mcwaters Larue Mcwaters Edwina Thomas John Morgan Thomas

Trail Pleasure English Leonardo Dicaprio Puttin On The Jazz Shine Like A Diamond Straight Up Sundrop Coult American Doll King Pleasure

Maggie Moore Juliana Carlson Anne Frank Kimberly Coult

Lily Catherine Holland Juliana Carlson Anne Frank Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly

Tamra Steinbrecher Tamra Steinbrecher Kathy Zeis Steve Zeis

Park Pleasure Western Specialty Double Shot Of Cash Laurie Toone Caliparis Cousins Betty Denton Sheza All Mine Dick Peebles The Flash Light Melissa Rowell

Tamara Hader Betty Denton Barbara Civils Melissa Rowell

Two Year Old Stallions A Master Sky High Paroled From Hardtime O Glory At The Ritz The Midnight Sky

Don & Lucky Collins Tommy & Sister Milligan Elaine & Keith Mcswain Brian Anderton

Charlie Green Dick Peebles Thomas Seymore Casey Wright

Outta Line Ritz I’m Kramer Giddyup Walkin Wilson LS Master Of Intimidation Youth 11 & Under E Trade Ultra Copy’s Dark Shadow Command At Sunrise Ritz’s Diamond Joe Coult Greyline Amateur 15.2 & Under The L A Ritz He’s Hot As Fire Defending The Title Gettin Out On Parole Paroled At Sundown I’m Redeemed Jose’s Knight Ritz’s Renegade Coult

Chris Zahnd Mike Hannah Edgar Abernathy Justin Jenne

James & Peggy Vernon Randall & Trimble Linda B Stewart Davis & Beth Lee

Cali Mason Counti Green Elaina Fisher Brody Bradshaw

Buddy & Lynn Wilhelm Kaitlyn Rippy Fisher & Way Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly

Chet Lowman

Lowman Family

Bill Williams Bill Williams Caleb Kilburn Salt Lick Farms Jason Myatt Jerry Myatt J W Morgan J W & Joanne Morgan Jennifer Pendleton Nancy Clements Dr Renee Montgomery Denise Maples Charles Craddock Charles Craddock Kimberly Coult Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly

Country Pleasure English Designer Champagne Mikimoto Pearl A Royal Attraction Jose’s Hannah Montana Magic’s Big Count Down Cash On JFK

Maggie Moore Charlie Howard Kayla Baucom Kathy Zeis Tony Prince Terry Hughes

Three Year Old Stallions Border Run King’s Kode Blue Skywalk’s Threat The Coach’s Son Blazin Ritz Master Of The Ritz 9’s Main Man El Ninos Jetstream

John Allan Callaway Bud Moore Justin Harris Enfinger & Williamson Todd Smith Jimmy Tunnell Family Gary Edwards Don Broome Casey Wright Jane Eakes Mike Hannah Stewart & Trimble Chris Zahnd Claude Frye Edgar Abernathy Linda B Stewart

Alabama Ladies Auxiliary Specialty Mr Heisman Kelly Mills Goodbye Joe Stephanie Elliott Black Tanqueray Mickey Groom Vindictive Joan Kemp

Leek & Moore Adams & Howard Nick Rippy Kathy Zeis Anthony Prince Terry Hughes

Randall & Sadie Baskin C & E Miller Farms Mickey Groom Bush & Kemp

Trail Pleasure English & Western Amateur Four & Under Straight Up Sundrop Kimberly Coult Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly Coult I’m Promised Kaitlyn Rippy Andy & Lynn Rippy King Pleasure Kathy Zeis Steve Zeis

Puttin On The Jazz Rocky Top Ritz I’m Orion Make Me

Juliana Carlson Juliana Carlson Stan Trimble Chris & Cynthia Bush Tamra Steinbrecher Tamra Steinbrecher Beverly Kirk Jack & Beverly Kirk

Youth Ponies Silver Dollar Intimadator Real Bad & A Little Firey Jose’s Macho Man Jose’s Flamingo Dancer

Allie Blackburn Chance Crocker Chris Elliott Luke Willingham

Aimee Blackburn Bush & Kemp Chris & Stephanie Elliott Tommy & Sister Milligan

Four Year Old Open I’m Judge Roy Bean Cash Sweep

Gary Edwards Jamie Bradshaw

Scott & Joe Cooper Randall Ferguson

Trail Pleasure Western I’m King Bee Shine Like A Diamond I’m Promised Puttin On The Jazz Make Me I’m Orion

Whitlei Green Wayne & Jo Hanson Anne Frank Anne Frank Kaitlyn Rippy Andy & Lynn Rippy Juliana Carlson Juliana Carlson Beverly Kirk Jack & Beverly Kirk Tamra Steinbrecher Tamra Steinbrecher

WHAA Amateur Specialty Open A Beeline Molly Walker Simply Jose Larue Mcwaters They Call Me Saban Ray Solley Oohh Weee Parolee Denise Garber Black Laced Teddy Paula Sensing

Molly Walker Larue Mcwaters Ray Solley Bob Garber Bill & Paula Sensing

Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Greenspan Mary Elizabeth Morrison Andrew Morrison Gimme A Command Kelly Stewart Glen Sisk Jane’s Silver Lining Libby Doub David & Libby Doub A Creme Brulee Laura Brandon Wallace & Laura Brandon Jose’s Compadre Caleb Kilburn Salt Lick Farms Stagecoach Mary Leah Boyd Leah Boyd Belinda Beth Sanford Beth Sanford Kingdom Todd Fisher Fisher & Way Year Old Mares & Geldings Full Back Tony Tango Datelined Wired And Lined Mosaic Masterpiece Push’s Grey Line

Gary Edwards Charlie Green Tim Smith Casey Wright Rollie Beard Philip Trimble

Bob Lawrence Bill & Karen Bean Lisa Baum Jerry & Kathy Graves Richard & Elaine Doxey James Vernon

Country Pleasure Western Designer Champagne Mikimoto Pearl A Royal Attraction Jose’s Hannah Montana

Maggie Moore Cindy Adams Kaitlyn Rippy Kathy Zeis

Leek & Moore Adams & Howard Nick & Kaitlyn Rippy Kathy Zeis

Look It Up My Girl Kitty Cash On JFK Magic’s Big Count Down Amateur Mares & Geldings Sapphire Gin Clementine By JFK I’m A Rod Wing’s Of War Intensity Mexican Fire Coult High Society Woman Powerstroke’s Miss Delight

Mackenzie Morgan Joyce Smith Terry Hughes Tony Prince Dru Mccormick Lucky Collins Dalia Smith Harr Bo Beam Stephanie Gordon Kimberly Coult

Ralph & Elaine Pinner Joyce Smith Terry Hughes Anthony Prince Dru Mccormick Don & Lucky Collins Molly Smith Richard Lawson Roy Stephanie Gordon Roy Forest Shadow Walkers & Kimberly

Tina Wright Robbie Spiller

Cagle & Wright Tommy & Sister Milligan

Show Pleasure Amateur He’s Starbucks Pearl Gunn Spooky Dollar I’m A Proud American Jubilee’s Awesome Dream The Total Score A Rendezvous At The Ritz I’m Medusa

Suzanne Moore Jennifer Pendleton Stephanie Elliott Bill Williams Ed Cotter Tony Lowe Roxy Reeves Charlie Howard

Bud Moore Sally Fleck Elliott & Gattis Bill Williams Ed & Shannon Cotter Tony Lowe Reeves & Spinks Lynn Womack

Youth Stake Wicked Walking Witch Jose Caliente The Mississippi Hippie I’m Fort Knox My Name Jose Jose’s Diamond Doll The Sky Queen Stemwinder

Mary Elizabeth Wright Joanne Dempsey Chris Elliott Chris Elliott Whitlei Green Whitlei Green Ashley Latham Joan Latham Emilee Graves Mike Graves Family Lacy Essary Dusty Essary Chelsea Johnson Bob & Jamie Gullic Koston Mcwaters Larue Mcwaters

Amateur Specialty Stake Jazz Talkin Sophisticated Black Cash Delight Uncle Coot

Dr Renee Montgomery Dr Renee Montgomery Renee Carlton Renee Carlton Joanne Davis Morgan J W & Joanne Morgan Dru Mccormick Dru Mccormick

Walking Horse Stake Delano He’s Intimidating Jose’s Crystal Lite Outta Line Jazz Me Up Flash Of Silver Power Force

Michael Wright Jamie Bradshaw Charlie Green Chris Zahnd Edgar Abernathy Dick Peebles Bill Callaway

Darla Olive Randall Ferguson Stewarts Farm & Nursery Kelly Peevy Lance & Rhonda Lincoln Benny Gray Judy Leek