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South Central Kentucky High Point Awards Banquet


Loid Farms Ella Kline Hankins Stables

Park Performance 1 The Morning Line 2 Blondie in Command 3 24 KT Cash 3 She’s Like Cash

Ann Darmody Mark Patterson Tyra Brown Dr. David Bullock

Loid Farms Red Fern Stables Willie Brown Stamper Stables

Phyllis Brumagen Kim Campbell/Blair Knight Ella Kline

Jerry Brumagen Blair Knight Ella Kline

Open Show Pleasure 1 Chicago Firewalker 2 Cash’s Precious Choice 3 Big City Pride

Barry and Karen White Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Willie Brown

Highland Stables Rocky McCoy @ Fantasy Farms Willie Brown

Jeff Givens Memorial Model 1 My My’s Shadow Hunter 2 Favorite Dollar 3 Eagltisical

Joyce Augustine Arlene Gray Carol Camp

Cliff Costella Arlene Gray Carol Camp

Amateur Show Pleasure 1 Hickory’s Sinatra 2 Checkin’ at the Ritz 3 I’m Caliente’

Sherry Bonner Kent McGary Tina Moss

Rocky McCoy @ Fantasy Farms Highland Stables Stamper Stables

Trail Obstacle 1 Victory Trip 2 Sweet Dixie Delight 3 The Goose is Loose

Starnes Family Starnes Family Carol Camp

Starnes Family Starnes Family Carol Camp

Trail Pleasure 1 Cocoa’s Red Zone 2 Sweepstakes Magic Copy 3 Charcoals Red Gal

Youth 11 and Under 1 All American Big Shot 2 I am a Diva 3 The White Mask 3 Pedal to the Medal

Riley Gregory Evan Claborn Riley Gregory for Bud and Karen Floyd Alexis Turner for Gloria Wiley

Loid Farms Beaty Stables Loid Farms Travis Wiley Stables

Jason & Tiffany Crawhorn/Bowen Robey Farms Randy Poland

J&T Stables Buddy White Randy Poland

Country Pleasure 4 and Under 1 Angel of Camelot Nettie Lay 2 Red Lady VIP Jamie Ponder 3 Wolf without a Doubt Jerry Brumagen

Juvenile 17 and Under 1 Pushovers Jazzy Lady 2 Doyle Brunson 3 She’s Bold and Spiced

Claire Hankins for Bruce Vaughn Trista Brown Jerrod Childers

Hankins Stables Trista Brown J&H Stables

J & T Stables Steve Ponder Jerry Brumagen

Youth Country Pleasure 1 GiGi’s Halberd 2 Heat in the Limelight 3 GiGi’s Finally Friday

Juvenile Pony 1 All Loud and Proud 2 Special Dollar 3 Big Blue Nation

Jerrod Childers Larry & Pat Randolph Claire Ottman

J&H Stables Highland Stables Spencer Benedict Stables

Logan Hankins Makayla Stillwell Claire Hankins

Hankins Stables Walter Stillwell Family Hankins Stables

Country Pleasure 1 Heat in the Limelight 2 MC Lovin’ 3 Star at the Ritz 3 Mr. Adjustable

2 Year Old Open 1 Texas Jazz 2 Watch Me Fear Me 3 Cooler Online

Joe Bertram Family Brent & Melanie Jones Gloria Wiley

Rocky McCoy @ Fantasy Farms Scotty Brooks Stables Travis Wiley Stables

Randy Stillwell Robey Farms Meredith Thessen Emily Ponder

Walter Stillwell Family Buddy White J&T Stables Steve Ponder

Trail Pleasure 4 and Under 1 Pushin’ Some Black Jazz 2 The Kings Reward 3 Self Winding Touch

Shelli Mahaffey Mike & Kim Campbell Arlene Gray

Shelli Mahaffey Shelli Mahaffey J & T Stables

2 Year Old Mare 1 Joy’s Lady Lou 1 The Coach’s Girl 2 I’m Ella Enchanted 3 Mamacita 3 Jose’s Magic Pocket

Donald Hendrick Sherman Williams SBS Colt Group Buist Carr Mark Froedge

Scotty Brooks Stables Billy Jo Hayes Spencer Benedict Stables Buist Carr Stables Loid Farms

Trail Pleasure Youth 1 GiGi’s Lunch Money 2 Strolling with the Pusher 3 John’s Grey Delight

Claire Hankins Libby Renner Alana Northern

Hankins Stables The Renner Family Glenda Kirkland

2 Year Old Amateur 1 Spirit on the Line 2 Heaven on Heels 3 Kissed by Jose

Bruce Vaughn Beth Alagna Marshall Kemp

Hankins Stables Scotty Brooks Stables Smith Stables

Plantation Pleasure Lite Shod 1 The Milkman 2 Gimme Solidarity 3 Dangerous Willy 3 I’m Mr. Locomotion

Robey Farms Angela Runnels Carol Hill Freddie Maggard

Buddy White Angela Runnels Jared Carrier Freddie Maggard

3 Year Old Open 1 Rose Command 2 Skywalk’s Threat 3 Black Canvas 3 Pearls and Diamonds

Kim Arnold Jimmy & Phyllis Tunnell Ronnie & Betty Brooks Jackie Young

Highland Stables Highland Stables Scotty Brooks Stables Smith Stables

Classic Park 1 Spreading the Charm 2 Cocoa’s Legacy 3 Touch of Rainbow

Cass Ponder Jason and Tiffany Crawhorn Jared Kirkland

Cass Ponder J & T Stables Glenda Kirkland

3 Year Old Mare and Gelding 1 Brookie 2 Nocturnal 2 Pushin Miss Glory 3 Rose Command 3 Master of Jazz Opus

Tommy Grider Family AJ and Beth Alagna Bailey & Estes Kim Arnold Louis Judd

Grider Stables Scotty Brooks Stables Loid Farms Highland Stables Red Fern Stables

Amateur Park Performance 1 I’m PT 109 2 The Morning Line 3 Blondie in Command

Courtney Grider Ann Darmody Mark Patterson

Grider Stables Loid Farms Red Fern Stables

3 Year Old Amateur 1 Noturnal AJ and Beth Alagna 2 Skyy Black Stone Manor Farm 3 All American Candidate Laura Beth Comley

Scotty Brooks Stables & Jarrett Bradley Highland Stables Cottonwood Stables

Weanlings 1 IB Blue Denim 2 Seminole Win 3 GiGi Courageous

Holly Schroedar Ella Kline Claire Hankins

Yearlings 1 Hi I’m Johnetta Cash 2 Teddy Twister 3 Doc’s War Horse

Lucas, KY 4 Year Old Open 1 Especially Delightful 2 I’m Plum Pretty 3 American Music 3 Jazz & Blues 3 Hot Dollar 3 Magic in my Pocket 4 Year Old Amateur 1 Dollar Pushed Over 2 Hot Dollar 2 Magic in my Pocket 3 Freddie Prinze Jr.

Conrad Long Tommy Grider Family Central Georgia Equine Charles Stivers Sherri Ward Buist Carr

Bob McQuerry Stables Grider Stables Highland Stables J&H Stables Scotty Brooks Stables Buist Carr Stables

Ken Stirn/Donna Byard Sherri Ward DA McGovern Charles Stivers

Highland Stables Scotty Brooks Stables Buist Carr Stables J&H Stables

Novice Amateur 1 Pegasus Magna Man 2 Cash’s Precious Choice 2 Imagine that Lady 2 American Colors 2 Doyle Brunson 3 Gen-U-Wine JFK 3 Triple Art

Ronnie Grider Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jones Jody Gosser Billy Selby Tyra Brown Kim Arnold Randy Poland

Grider Stables Jarrett Bradley J&H Stables J&H Stables Travis Wiley Stables Highland Stables Loid Farms

Ladies Specialty Walking 1 Last Bullet 2 Showboat Chaparral 3 My Poker Face

Paige Smith Charlie & Betty Mosley Joanne Frank

Stamper Stables Highland Stables Jeff Givens Stables

15.2 Amateur 1 It’s a Jazz Thing 2 Dollars Luck of the Draw 3 Holyfield

Joe Dan Reed Dana Yeager Sherry Bonner

J&H Stables Travis Wiley Stables Rocky McCoy @ Fantasy Farms

Amateur Specialty 1 One More Dollar 1 Cujos MoJo 2 He’s a Showboat 2 My Ritzy Lady 3 Puttin’ it on the Line 3 Smoke N Cash

Gloria Wiley Jamie Wiley Carroll & Virginia Counts Joe Estes Bertram & Bonner Charles Stivers

Travis Wiley Stables Travis Wiley Stables Highland Stables Loid Farms Rocky McCoy @ Fantasy Farms J&H Stables

Adult Pony 1 Air Force One 2 Two Foot Freddie 3 It’s a Jazz Thing 3 JFK’s Lucky Charm

Senator Robin Webb Sherry Bonner Joe Dan Reed Robbie Bradley

Stamper Stables J&H Stables J&H Stables Billy Joe Hays

15.2 1 Lane Views Master 2 UPS 3 Vaquero

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wiley Joe Dan Reed Sherman Williams

Travis Wiley Stables J&H Stables Red Fern Stables

Open Specialty 1 Little Waltzing Willie 2 Sports Edition 3 She’s Caliente’

Lester Hensley Doug & Pam Hunt Stone Manor Farm

Stamper Stables Scott Beaty Stables Highland Stables

Open Amateur Canter 1 Generator’s Freefalling 2 He’s Top Priority

Carroll & Virginia Counts Carrie Benedict

Highland Stables Spencer Benedict Stables

Walking Stake 1 Puttin it on the Line 2 Swing Batter Batter Swing 2 Kiss Me Cassanova 3 Super Survivor

Bertram & Bonner Charles Stivers Kim Sadler Peggy Caldwell

Rocky McCoy @ Fantasy Farms J&H Stables Loid Farms Bob McQuerry Stables

SCKWHA Racking Hi-Point Awards Amateur Specialty Chain Racking 1 A Major Masquerade Russell Hatchett (owner/exhibitor) 2 Tarheel’s Cover Girl Mariah Hubbard (exhibitor) 3 A Beautiful Dreamer Robert Neagle (exhibitor/trainer)

Billy Howard (trainer) Jeff Hubbard (owner) Roger Byrd (trainer) Dianne Neagle (owner)

Specialty Action Open and Style Chain Racking 1 Miss Yazoo Billy Howard (owner/exhibitor/trainer) 2 Gold Coin’s Pushin’ Radar Tina Bryd (owner/exhibitor/trainer) 3 Ten’s Heartbeat Frankie Brown (exhibitor)

Bonnie Shofner (owner/trainer)

Style Racking 1 Evil Katrina 2 A Cash Connection 3 All American Cash

Frankie Brown (exhibitor) Billy Howard (owner/exhibitor/trainer) Russell Hatchett (owner/exhibitor)

Bonnie Shofner (owner/trainer)

Trail Pleasure Racking 1 Bold and Blue 2 Senator’s Mr. Sunny Boy 3 Push Power’s Cold Chill

Julie George (owner/exhibitor) Mariah Hubbard (owner/exhibitor/trainer) Robert Neagle (exhibitor/trainer)

Billy Howard (trainer)

Speed Racking 1 Racking on the Edge 2 Red Lightning 3 Miss Undertaker Racking Horse Championship 1 All American Choice 2 A Cash Connection

Billy Howard (trainer)

Dianne Neagle (owner)

Billy Judd (owner/exhibitor/trainer) Kerry Jeffries (owner/exhibitor/trainer) Jason Todd (owner/exhibitor/trainer) Russell Hatchett (owner/exhibitor) Billy Howard (owner/exhibitor/trainer)

Billy Howard (trainer)