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JUNE 11 2012

Michelle Schoenvogel

Jose’s Double Take..................97 Jose’s Favorita.........................11 Jose’s Turning Point ..............106 Korley ...................................110 Lined Up At The Ritz ..............77 Lined Walkin’..........................60 Miss Ebony Rose ....................12 My Black Pepper.....................36 My Ritzy Lady ........................57 Play Something Country .........14 Prime Poison ...........................61 Pusher’s Hurricane Baby ........97 Pushover’s Trade Mark ...........71 Sandbagger..............................58 Smokey’s Graceful Colors ......96 Sturgis .....................................99 Tears ......................................109 Ted’s Hank Williams ...............41 Teed Off Santana .....................43 The Concealed Weapon ..........15 The L A Ritz ............................42 The Magic Button ...................36 Trigger Treat .............................3 Unbelievable Jazzibelle ........111

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Fun Show…Fun Times SHELBYVILLE, TN-The 42nd Annual Spring Fun Show was held May 24-26, 2012. The show was held in the Calsonic Arena in Shelbyville, TN. The show started promptly each night at 6:00 p.m. with the presentation of the American flag. The 53 classes were judged by the Honorable Jamie Bradshaw of Union Grove, Alabama, Ray Gilmer of Toone, Tennessee and Andy Simpson of Big Rock, Tennessee. The photographer for the event was the fabulous Shane Shiflet. You may view the proofs at The show was affiliated with S.H.O.W. HIO and the USDA was in attendance each night. This show is ranked as one of the top horse shows in America after the Celebration. The Spring Fun Show is always held on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday prior to Memorial Day. The show offers fans a sneak preview of the horses which will perform at the Celebration later in the summer. The competition this year was fierce with over 125 entries making the gate call just on Thursday night alone with the numbers increasing each night. Vendors from all over were set up for shopping for spectators. The number of entries entered weren’t just up, but the arena seemed to have so many spectators not only exhibitors, trainers and owners, but also locals coming out to support their love for the Tennessee Walking Horse! This great breed has such a tremendous economic impact on our community and surrounding areas of middle Tennessee! Thursday night competition started out with the Model Pleasure class. The winner in this class, by no surprise, was World Champion, Trigger Treat, with Jeff Givens handling for proud owner, Jo Ann Dowell. This duo continues to treat the crowd! Dr. Judy Moore lead Jazzman’s Legend to the reserve tie. Another very exciting class was the OwnerAmateur 15.2 & Under Stallion class. Walking away with the top honors was Tam Brogdon aboard her World Grand Champion, Boure’, who is now under the direction of Knox Blackburn Stables. Reserve in this fine class was Sherri Pollack on I’m P Diddy. Friday night’s competition was stiff with one of the most thrilling classes of the night being the Owner-Amateur Youth 12-17 Mares and Geldings class. These youth riders have top notch horses and ride hard. Cadillac’s Bum

World Grand Champion, I’m Copperfield, put on another magical performance to claim the Walking Horse Championship title with Knox Blackburn in the irons for the Mike Walden Family. and Lilly Waites spun into the winner’s circle to park for the blue ribbon photos before revving up to make the victory lap! The World Champion team of Be Cool with Jaclyn Compton stepped out of the 11 & Under division and showed off to claim the reserve tie in this tough class. Jeff Smith and World Grand Champion, Play Something Country, were on the right chorus to the winner’s circle after a spectacular show in the Owner-Amateur 15.2 & Over Stallion class. Reserve only went to the World Grand Champion duo of Wallstreet and Clay Mills from Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Saturday night everyone dressed up for championship competition and brought their best to the ring. There were two great Youth classes on Saturday night, both the Youth 11 & The Scoop / Page 17

The final class of the night was what everyone had waited to see and this year the Riders’ Cup Walking Horse Championship class left the crowd pleased with the performance they saw. Five top entries made the gate call and were announced individually into the ring. The roses and blue ribbon along with all the fame and applause went to World Grand Champion, I’m Copperfield, and Knox Blackburn, for the Mike Walden Family from Ooltewah, Tennessee. This duo recently won the Gulf Coast Celebration in Panama City Beach, Florida on his quest toward World Grand Championship acclaim. Reserve in this fine class was the Bill and Karen Bean entry, Dark And Shady, with Jimmy McConnell in the irons. Jimmy always knows how to bring the crowd to their feet with his outstanding showmanship.

The gorgeous team of Lined Walking and Lilly Waites made a flawless performance to claim the blue ribbon in the Youth Walking Pony Specialty class.

The SCOOP congratulates all the winners from the 42nd Annual Spring Fun Show and was proud to be a part of celebrating your blue ribbon moment. For complete coverage, show results, judges cards, candid pictures, news and upcoming events along with page by page print version of our FREE online publication, visit the industry’s hottest website at www.

Jacob Duke and 2x The Magic were the Owner-Amateur Lite Shod champions for owner, Jeff Duke. Family, friends and the Southern Serenity Ranch crew came out to celebrate the big win! Page 18 / The Scoop

Jonathan Watts made Pioneer Stables very proud after he directed Jose It Ain’t So to the Three Year Old Stallions blue ribbon.

42nd Annual Spring Fun Show

Under won by Landon Callicut and Jose’s Delightful Pusher and the Youth Walking Pony class won by Lined Walking and Lilly Waites. Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch entry, Jazz Country, and Tim Smith were the Young Trainers’ class champions, followed by Walkin Dollar and Justin Jenne’ for owner Darrell Frazier. This is always a fun class because the trainers can’t be over the age of 35 to compete in this class. The crowd stood up and cheered louder than they have all year when the Rider’s Cup Three Year Old Stallion class entered the ring. The Mississippi team of Jose It Ain’t So and Jonathan Watts made owner, Deborah Williams, very proud as they exited the ring with the roar of the crowd. Following very shortly behind was the World Grand Championship pair of I Am Jose with Casey Wright in the irons for Bill and Debbie Woods. This duo also left with a standing ovation.

Final 38 24 55 33 90 69 110 83 Jo Ann Dowell Moore/Foust Farm Liz Gassaway Rushing Creek Walkers Dickie Gardner Rushing Creek Walkers Billy Wayne Tolton Keith/Cheryl Waid

3. Firestone Black Ritz 4. Master Of Jazz Opus 5. Dangerous Dillinger 6. Keep Your Cash 7. Amped 8. Magic Lined

Hayden Burks Ben Kail Bethany Allred Sheryl Crawford Rhonda Major Summer Brooks

Steve/Shelley Bridges Dr Tommy/Pat Vinson Fred Allred Crawford Colts Warr/Major Dwight Brooks

42nd Annual Spring Fun Show

Model Pleasure Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 38 38 38 24 55 24 33 24 55 55 69 90 110 90 33 69 83 110 90 33 69 800 800 83 1. Trigger Treat Jeff Givens 2.Jazzman’s Legend Dr Judy Moore 3. A Red Ruby Laurie Toone 4. The Prestige Beverly Lamp 5. The Handsome Stranger Dickie Gardner 6. Armed With Intent Robert Nelms 7. Unsung Hero Billy Wayne Tolton 8. Generator’s Troubadour Allison Smart

Owner-Amateur 15.2 & Under Stallion Specialty Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 119 119 119 48 48 59 126 59 126 125 126 125 59 125 48 37 37 37 14 14 14 107 107 107 1. Boure’ Tam Brogdon 2. I’m P. Diddy Sherri Pollack 3. Dark & Shady Molly Walters 4. Texas Joe Black Kathy Zeis 5. Holyfield Clay Mills 6. Sensational Premier Renee Montgomery 7. Late Night Caller Jennifer Brown Lee 8. He’s Ritz N Cash Sid Baker

Molly Walters Steve/Kathy Zeis Hill/Mills Renee Montgomery Diann Brown Sid Baker

Final 167 76 11 111 57 73 70 30 Jeff Duke Jeff/Keri Laughlin Dr Jana Anderson Justin Manis Nick/Kaitlyn Rippy Kasey Kesselring Family Kathy Anderson Chris Erinakes

Final 119 48 126 59 125 37 14 107 Tam Brogdon

Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch

Fine Harness Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 12 12 12 85 92 92 92 45 85 45 85 45 1. Abel Ann Rea 2. Carolina Confederate Mickey McCormick 3. Cash’s Baby Girl Hulon Humphrey 4. Foolish Dollar Wilsene Moody-Kwok

Final 12 92 85 45 Ann Rea Laura McGee Wardell Head O & W Moody Ltd

Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 75 65 65 65 21 114 21 75 21 58 58 58 114 114 75 46 46 46 1. Jose’s Southern Miss Herbert Derickson 2. Atonement Scotty Brooks 3. Main Powerhouse Jeff Laughlin 4. To Bold To Hold Justin Harris 5. Amplified Bill Cantrell 6. Coach’s First Lady Brad Davis

Final 65 21 75 58 114 46 Alan Riddley Family Gene Davis Rising Star Ranch Forest Shadow Walkers Warr/Major Barnes/Hixon

Riders’ Cup Lite Shod Specialty Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 167 167 167 76 76 76 111 11 11 11 111 111 57 73 57 73 57 73 70 70 70 30 30 30 1. 2x The Magic Patrick Thomas 2. A Mountain Jazz Jeff Laughlin 3. Absolut Skyy Hannah Pulvers 4. Kick Start Jazz Steve Sanders 5. Gi Gis Jamaican Generator Leigh Stuart 6. Vindicated Carrie Martin 7. My Michael Angelo Candy Huening 8. The Major’s Silver Dollar Greg Williams

Owner-Amateur Gentleman’s Country Pleasure Specialty Gilmer Simpson Bradshaw 71 71 91 84 91 87 89 87 71 91 84 84 87 89 89 1. Jose’s Hannah Montana Kasey Kesselring 2. The Ghost Walker Mason Gassaway 3. Triple My Cash Nathan Clark 4. The Red Light District Joe Lester 5.The Wicked Master Miles Irby

Final 71 91 87 84 89 Kasey Kesselring Family Debbie Brown Clark Farms Phyllis Langley John/Sheryl Volkman

Amateur Specialty 14 & Over Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 127 60 60 67 127 67 60 67 127 17 17 17 26 26 26 1. Prime Poison Lilly Waites 2. Beebee King Mary Medina 3. Jazz’s Master Kelly Mills 4. Tequila Cash Blair Watts 5. Frontgate Daniel Groover

Final 60 127 67 17 26 Andrew Waites Family Rachel Castaldi Kelly Mills Kevin Posey Winky/Sheila Groover

Owner-Amateur Two Year Old Stallions Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 124 124 124 22 22 115 113 104 22 115 115 104 104 80 44 80 47 80 44 44 113 47 113 47 1. Willie Twilight John Callicutt 2. I’m A Title One Jason Myatt

Final 124 22 115 104 80 44 113 47 Corbin Mills Jerry Myatt Family

Owner-Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 98 116 98 116 132 100 40 98 128 128 137 94 132 128 132 139 100 81 77 40 116 94 94 40 1. Marino Allison Thorson 2. Miss Ebony Rose Sudie Reed

Final 98 116 128 132 100 40 94 137 Thorsport Inc Bob/Sudie Reed

The Scoop / Page 19

Rachel Castaldi Byard/Groover

Rick/Della Compton Family

Dennis Bunch

Harbert/Nora Alexander

Tommy/Sister Milligan

5. The Lady Has Connections Lynn Kasicki Owner-Amateur 15.2 & Over Gelding Specialty Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 19 143 19 123 19 143 143 66 66 99 123 99 66 99 123 42 112 42 28 42 112 112 28 28 1. Paroled From San Quenton Ann Rea 2. Jazz Country Patti Pollack 3. He’s Our Duramax Libby Doub 4. Goodbye Joe Carolyn J Miller 5. Bacardi And Me Jill Zamora Smith 6. Like A Roling Stone Sarah Moersch 7. Ricardo Ricardo Emily Woodruff 8. Just Another Command Gail Bayer

William/Lynn Kasicki Final 19 143 66 123 99 42 112 28 Ann Rea

42nd Annual Spring Fun Show

3. Silver Fog Mary Medina 4. I’m Tex Anna Nancy Groover 5. A Jazzy Show Kenny Compton 6. I’m Lady Antebellum Zachary Bunch 7. Always In Style Nora Alexander 8. Powerstroke’s Miss Delight Sister Milligan Riders’ Cup Four Year Old Stallions, Canter Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 82 82 82 121 68 121 68 41 41 41 121 68 102 102 102 1. Ritz’s Big Dipper Scott Beaty 2. Pro V 1 Bill Callaway 3. Street Patrol Brandye Mills 4. He’s Busting The Gin Link Webb 5. Cujo’s Mojo Travis Wiley

Final 82 121 68 41 102 Jim/Heidi Mcwilliams Darrell Frazier Orlando Nelson Steve Mozeley Gloria Wiley

Owner-Amateur Western Trail Pleasure Specialty Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 53 53 54 72 49 53 313 56 72 54 88 13 74 54 313 88 313 74 56 74 6 13 13 88 1. I’m Manhatten Tamara Hader 2. Contemporary Jazz Kasey Kesselring 3. Bedazzled By Jazz Lisa Baum 4. I’m Hank Williams Jessica Bailey 5. I’m Soulja Boy Darren Gray 6. A Bad Romance Nathan Clark 7. Oh Buddy Jackie Osborne 8. Stars Aligned Kathy Anderson

Final 53 72 54 313 74 88 56 13 Tamara Hader Kasey Kesselring Family Lisa Baum Jessica Bailey Darren Gray Clark Farms Jackie Osborne Kathy Anderson

Owner-Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 131 131 131 141 133 51 51 51 141 129 129 147 138 141 133 133 147 138 20 86 20 23 43 86 1. She’s A Shady Sister Lee McGartland 2. I’m A Jazz Thing Sherri Pollack 3. Command’s Simply Special Lucky Collins 4. Giddy On Up Taylor Walters 5. Dollar’s Misty Maid Sarah Moersch 6. Labeled At Midnight Betty Alvarez 7. Jose’s Night Train Sister Milligan 8. Cash’s Comanchero Dr David Brown

Don/Lucky Collins Molly Walters Rolling Hills Farm Joseph/Mary Alvarez Tommy/Sister Milligan Dr David Brown

Final 118 120 142 8 140 109 18 136 Ben/Dr Lynda Brogdon

Riders’ Cup Open Specialty Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 52 52 106 63 106 63 106 63 52 101 101 101 10 10 10 32 32 32 1. Thunder & Lightning Brad Davis 2. Jazz Talkin Edgar Abernathy 3. Another Line Justin Harris 4. Cujo’s Mojo Travis Wiley 5. Promise Me The Ritz Paul Livingston 6. Jose Lady Doctor Greg Williams

Final 52 106 63 101 10 32 O & W Moody Ltd Renee Montgomery Slayden Harris Gloria Wiley Gary/Shea Sproles Erinakes/Pfeiffer

Owner-Amateur Youth Country Pleasure Specialty Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 165 165 165 1388 1388 1388 210 210 166 179 179 179 185 166 210 24 185 24 215 215 215 166 24 185 1. Bustline Mackenzie Morgan 2. Vigor’s Dixie Chick Allison Thorson 3. Jose’s Hannah Montana Ashley Grey 4. She’s Pretty Jazzy Kaitlyn Rippy

Final 165 1388 210 179 166 185 24 215 Fred/Vicki Benjamin Allison Thorson Kasey Kesselring Family Kaitlyn Rippy

Owner-Amateur 15.2 & Under Mares& Geldings Specialty Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 118 8 118 120 120 136 142 142 140 8 62 120 140 109 18 109 18 142 136 118 8 117 140 109 1. I’m Stan The Man Ben Brogdon 2. Bella Sera At The Ritz Patti Pollack 3. Dance All Night Rita Hudgens 4. Liar Liar Shea Sproles 5. Admission Is A Dollar Pam Hendrickson 6. Gettin Out On Parole Gail Walling 7. Miss Hosanna Deborah Williams 8. Major G’s Hard Cash Girl Heather McCormick

Frank/Rita Hudgens Gary/Shea Sproles Pam Hendrickson McDonald/Walling Deborah Williams Heather McCormick

Owner-Amateur Park Pleasure Specialty Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 95 95 95 195 195 195 78 78 78 97 103 103 103 97 97 1. B B King’s Jazz Mikki Eldridge 2. Tijuana Tex Darden Gladney 3. Break Me Out Lisa Baum 4. Hytone’s After Shock Kimberly Brinkman Court

Final 95 195 78 103 97 Stephens/Womack Gladney Farms Lisa Baum Forest Shadow Walkers

Page 20 / The Scoop

Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch

Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch David/Libby Doub C/E Miller Farms Jill Smith Rolling Hills Farm Bobby/Lisa Rogers Gail Bayer

Final 131 51 141 129 133 147 138 20 Mike/Lee McGartland

Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch

Whitlei Green Jackson Stephens Lacy Reynolds Kaylee Hash

Owner-Amateur Show Pleasure Specialty Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer Final 175 175 190 190 221 199 221 237 175 237 190 248 217 217 237 199 188 184 184 248 217 209 201 208 1. Hello Hello Deborah Williams 2. The American Choice Linda Garrard 3. Godfather By Ultra Copy Courtney Luttrell 4. Spooky Dollar Stephanie Elliott 5. Jammin The Blues Yvonna Matthis 6. Bold Reaction Kailin Kesselring 7. Off Duty Blaise Broccard 8. Raining Gold Heidi McWilliams

Rachel Allen Van Stephens Family Moore/Foust Farm M/M John Hash

175 190 221 237 217 199 248 184 Deborah Williams

Drs Cliff/Linda Garrard

Courtney/Alex Luttrell Stephanie Elliott Abe Matthis

Kasey Kesselring Family

Jack Bolozky Jim/Heidi McWilliams

Owner-Amateur Eng/Wes Trail Pleasure Four & Under Specialty Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson Final 53 53 53 53 54 168 168 168 154 154 200 154 200 200 154 200 168 169 169 169 400 54 400 54 169 333 54 400 333 400 301 333 1. I’m Manhatten Tamara Hader Tamara Hader 2. Line Item Veto Rachel Jernigan Jernigan/Teague 3. Petal Pushin Jazz Lauren Hamilton Lauren Hamilton 4. Jose’s Firecracker Wayne Westbrook Wayne Westbrook 5. She’s Indescribable Allie Dennis Dennis/White 6. Bedazzled By Jazz Lisa Baum Lisa Baum 7. I’m King Bee WhitLei Green WhitLei Green 8. Watchin For The Storm Renee Stasiewicz Scott/Renee Stasiewicz Owner-Amateur Youth 12-17 Mares & Geldings Specialty Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 238 238 238 218 234 250 222 250 234 234 239 239 239 222 222 250 160 160 160 218 218 249 249 249 1. Cadillac’s Bum Lilly Waites 2. Be Cool Jaclyn Compton 3. Jose’s Vengeance Rae Shumate-Tysor 4. Jose Caliente Chris Elliott 5. Jose’s Dulce Meghan Davis 6. I Command Applause Lexie Stinnett 7. Call Me Amazing Grace Makayla Dent 8. Jose’s Rock Preston Frazier

Rae Shumate-Tysor Stephanie Elliott Shamrock Farms Lexie Stinnett Mickey Dent Greg/Connie Frazier

Owner-Amateur 15.2 & Over Stallion Specialty Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 279 219 279 269 202 219 219 279 196 202 183 276 196 196 269 183 269 183

Final 279 219 202 196 269 183

Final 238 234 250 239 222 160 218 249 Andrew Waites Family

Rick/Della Compton Family

276 231 231 231 161 202 1. Play Something Country Jeff Smith 2. I’m Wall Street Clay Mills 3. Command Again Mary Beth Blessing 4. Jose’s Crystal Lite Rhonda Stewart 5. He’s Slim Shady Karen Bean 6. Arms Deal For Real Debbie Eichler 7. Get Ready Karen Inman 8. Jazz Talkin Renee Montgomery Owner-Amateur Park Performance Specialty Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 256 256 256 153 153 255 255 197 266 197 255 197 223 223 153 266 266 174 251 174 251 216 182 223 1. The Concealed Weapon Patti Pollack 2. Jose’s Favorita Austin Jones 3. San Juan Eric Lackey 4. The Interpreter Libby Doub 5. I’m An American Idol David Mullis 6. Generatin Parole Allison Oliver 7. I’m Pushed Enough Ronnie Cockerham 8. Banderas Psalm 103:2 Kimberly Brinkman Court Owner-Amateur Adult Pony Specialty Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 267 267 267 162 236 236 236 162 162 277 277 277 281 117 117 280 172 257 189 281 281 159 189 172 1. The Dixie Lineman Gail Walling 2. I’m Packin A Pistol Kenny Compton 3. He’s Extraordinary Ashley Diamond Pollack 4. The Colonel Reb Taylor Walters 5. Vindictive Tony Bradshaw 6. Shady Cash Meredith Driskell 7. Pusher’s Redemption Rhonda Major 8. Jose’s Flamingo Dancer Sister Milligan Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 240 240 240 291 246 246 128 291 294 246 229 128 254 294 229 229 128 291 261 254 139 274 151 254 1. Busted At Pebble Beach Justin Harris 2. Miss Ebony Rose Ross Campbell 3. I’m Tex Anna Larry Edwards 4. Silver Fog Dan Waddell 5. Ruby Lipstick John Allan Callaway 6. Hot Dollar Joe Cotten 7. Jose’s Ritzy Hawk Tim Smith 8. Righteous Jazz Charlie Green

231 276 Jeff Smith Corbin Mills What A Blessing Farm

42nd Annual Spring Fun Show

5. Smooth Talker 6. Delight Silver Design 7. Jazz And Dazzle 8. She’s Magic To The Boys

Stewarts Farm & Nursery

Bill/Karen Bean Rising Star Ranch Mike/Karen Inman Renee Montgomery Final 256 153 255 197 223 266 174 251

Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch

Ray Jones Trucking Inc M/M Eric Lackey David/Libby Doub David/Rebecca Mullis Oliver/Simpson Ronnie Cockerham Forest Shadow Walkers Final 267 236 162 277 117 281 172 189 Mcdonald/Walling

Rick/Della Compton Family Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch

Molly Walters Tony Bradshaw Steve Driskell Warr/Major Tommy/Sister Milligan

Final 240 246 291 128 229 294 254 139 Bruce/Robin MacDonald Bob/Sudie Reed Byard/Groover Rachel Castaldi Don Bulloch Sherri Ward

Evergreen Walking Horse Farm

Pam Hendrickson

The Scoop / Page 21

Fun Show...Fun Times

Page 22 / The Scoop

Final 203 264 241 220 282 226 27 10 What A Blessing Farm Heather Beard Detha Yoder Billie/Kerry Dearmond Joe/Betty Alvarez Ron/Carolyn Lawrence Henry/Peggy Metcalf Gary/Shea Sproles

Owner-Amateur English Trail Pleasure Specialty Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 170 170 53 53 53 170 313 313 206 211 206 211 74 74 313 206 56 74 56 211 273 6 273 56 1. Good Til The Last Drop Rhiannon Barker 2. A Red Ruby Liz Gassaway 3. I’m Hank Williams Jessica Bailey 4. Confederate Jazz Kasey Kesselring 5. Fringe Benefits Kathy Anderson 6. I’m Soulja Boy Darren Gray 7. Oh Buddy Jackie Osborne 8. A Daring Affair Kimbrell Hines

Kathy Anderson Darren Gray Jackie Osborne Faye Lynn Leader

Riders’ Cup 15.2 & Under Five & Over, Canter Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 272 163 163 163 272 272 227 227 187 187 295 227 295 187 292 292 292 213 213 213 295 1. Mr. Heisman Brandye Mills 2. He’s Shady In Black Jimmy McConnell 3. More Of The Major John Allan Callaway 4. King Of The Jungle Charlie Green 5. Nine Dangerous Yards Joe Cotten 6. I’m Into Cash Larry Edwards 7. Promise Of Candy Scotty Brooks

Final 163 272 227 187 295 292 213 Roger Baskin Mike/Lee McGartland Judy Leek Nestor Stewart Family Dr/Mrs Rosser Wall Chuck/Sharon Tolhurst Gene Davis

Owner-Amateur Youth Park Pleasure, Eng/Wes Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 95 95 95 155 155 155 1. B B King’s Jazz Jackson Stephens 2. Fog At The Ritz Abbey Fleming

Final 95 155 Stephens/Womack Jim Upchurch

Owner-Amateur Three Year Old Stallions Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 212 212 212 270 193 296 293 296 193 193 242 242 230 293 176

Final 212 193 296 242 293

Final 170 53 313 206 211 74 56 273 Barker/Payne Liz Gassaway Jessica Bailey

Kasey Kesselring Family

176 270 270 242 230 230 296 176 293 1. Defending The Title Jason Myatt 2. Just Bet The Line Libby Doub 3. Ted’s Hank Williams Lorraine Rosbury 4. Master Of Bourbon Street Robin Macdonald 5. American Music Charlene Cook 6. National Hero Taylor Walters 7. Ruckus Razor Dr David Brown 8. Double Bogey Blues Mike Inman

Central Georgia Equine Services Molly Walters Dr David Brown Mike/Karen Inman

Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Stallions Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 178 178 178 80 247 148 275 148 233 247 164 247 148 233 275 233 80 262 164 275 164 262 204 194 1. Jimmer Fredette Dale Watts 2. Heartbeat’s Spirit Sam Martin 3. Led Zeppelin Rico Bravo 4. The Coach’s Son Brad Davis 5. Master Of Jazz Opus Edgar Abernathy 6. Dangerous Dillinger Scott Beaty 7. Master Of The Ritz Brandye Mills 8. All American Jazzman Michael Daniel

Final 178 148 247 233 275 80 164 262 Deborah Williams M/M Larry McLaughlin Darrell Frazier Don Broome Dr Tommy/Pat Vinson Fred Allred Stewart/Trimble Eddie/Tina Smith

Riders’ Cup Park Pleasure Open Specialty Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 171 171 158 158 158 171 284 284 284 299 299 299 1. Double Shot Of Cash Laurie Toone 2. Lucky Daze Patrick Thomas 3. I’m Gunn Powder And Lead Charlie Moore 4. She’s Up For Parole Doug Barnes

Final 171 158 284 299 Ralph/Elaine Pinner Lisa Shockey Kessel Dr Randall/Kathy Baker Carole Hargett

Owner-Amateur Riders 50 & Over Specialty Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 192 298 298 271 192 192 207 271 181 298 181 271 224 207 224 181 116 244 116 244 116 1. Heartline Sam Sorrell 2. Lined With Poison Lucky Collins 3. The Who Molly Walters 4. Command & Control Sheryl Crawford 5. The Thug Luckey Easterling 6. Breakin Parole Joyce Meadows 7. John F Ks Pusher Robin MacDonald 8. Out In The Weather Sudie Reed Owner-Amateur Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 260 260 260 1. Sky Commandress Ben Kail

270 176 230 Debbie Myatt David/Libby Doub Keith/Lorraine Rosbury Bruce/Robin MacDonald

Final 298 192 271 181 207 244 116 Sam Sorrell Don/Lucky Collins Molly Walters Crawford Colts Kay/Luckey Easterling Joyce Meadows Bruce/Robin MacDonald

Bob/Sudie Reed

Final 260 Eddie/Tina Smith

42nd Annual Spring Fun Show

Owner-Amateur 15.2 & Over Mare Specialty Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 203 241 203 264 264 264 241 203 241 282 220 220 220 282 226 226 27 282 27 10 10 10 225 27 1. Jose Bonita Mary Beth Blessing 2. Royal Fortune Heather Beard 3. A Private Benjamin Detha Yoder 4. Beretta Mama Kerry Dearmond 5. Labeled At Midnight Phyllis Heppenstall 6. Miss Cheri Ron Lawrence 7. B 13 Henry Metcalf 8. Promise Me The Ritz Gary Sproles

The Scoop / Page 23

Gilmer 228 140 205 253 265 263 245 173

Simpson 228 140 253 245 205 263 265 173

Final 228 140 253 205 265 245 263 173

Riders’ Cup Five & Over Mares & Geldings, Canter 1. Goodbye Joe John Allan Callaway 2. Admission Is A Dollar Charlie Green 3. Ms Jose Walks Tim Smith 4. Detective Olivia Benson Derek Bonner 5. Pushin’ For Parole Brad Beard 6. King Of Voltage Justin Harris 7. Nightshade’s Maiden Michael Daniel 8. Ted’s Sweet Stroke Dr David Brown

C/E Miller Farms Pam Hendrickson Tommy/Sister Milligan Rick/Della Compton Family Shelley Lewis Kevin McNatt Roger/Laura Mauney Dr David Brown

Owner-Amateur Yearlings Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 306 306 306 310 310 310 388 388 388 309 342 342 342 309 309 1. Oh Pancho Oh Cisco Roger Richards Jr 2. I’m Star Gazing Bradley Richards 3. High On Arrival Logan Goosetree 4. She’s Cashed In David Lewis 5. Strong N Tuff Mike Rowland

Final 306 310 388 342 309 Roger Richards Rhonda Martocci Lowery/Johnston David Lewis Mike Rowland

Owner-Amateur Ladies Country Pleasure Specialty Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 165 308 165 308 165 165 300 300 308 177 177 345 345 345 177 321 71 71 185 321 300 353 185 321 1. Bustline Vicki Benjamin 2. Wicked Image Jennifer Bingham 3. Hawk’s Red Bull Jessica Wilson 4. Cowboy On Parole Beth Sims 5. Mikimoto Pearl Cindy Adams 6. Jose’s Hannah Montana Kathy Anderson 7. Delight Silver Design Libby Stephens 8. The Red Light District Phyllis Langley

Final 165 308 300 177 345 71 185 321 Benjamin/Morgan Dr Jana Anderson John Dicken Mike Chiappari Family Cindy Adams Kasey Kesselring Family

Van Stephens Family Phyllis Langley

Owner-Amateur Youth 11 & Under Mares & Geldings Specialty Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson Final 285 285 285 285 362 346 362 362 346 362 346 346 336 334 334 334 303 336 303 303 343 303 336 336 337 343 343 343 334 337 337 337 1. Jose’s Delightful Pusher Landon Callicutt John/Ann Callicutt 2. The American General Sellers Veazey Sellers Veazey 3. Free To Score Maggie Kail Maggie Kail 4. She’s A Silver Lady Macey Krauth Krauth Family 5. Versace’s Dollar Alexa Compton Rick/Della Compton Family 6. General Willie Jayden Jackson Jack Heffington

Page 24 / The Scoop

7. Extra Stock 8. Jose’s Jazzy Spirit

Gabriel Humiston Ruth Ann Humiston N/A Rick/Della Compton Family

Owner-Amateur Ladies Mares & Geldings Specialty Simpson Gilmer Bradshaw 149 149 149 395 395 8 401 8 371 8 371 401 387 304 395 304 116 363 371 363 304 363 28 387 1. Jose Miss Dolly Jean O’Brien 2. Sun Dust With Attitude Mary Medina 3. Liar Liar Shea Sproles 4. Hello Cutie Gayla Kail 5. All In AshleyDiamond Pollack 6. I’m A Hustler Jacquelyn Elliott 7. A Savannah Delight Jackie Whatley 8. Ms Jose Walks Sister Milligan

Final 149 395 8 371 401 304 363 387 McLaughlin/O’Brien Mary Medina Gary/Shea Sproles Jada Kail

42nd Annual Spring Fun Show

Bradshaw 228 140 253 205 265 245 263 173

Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch

Jack Heffington Jackie Whatley Tommy/Sister Milligan

Riders’ Cup Show Pleasure Specialty Simpson Bradshaw Simpson 357 372 188 372 357 326 312 188 365 382 382 322 365 365 382 326 312 359 322 359 332 332 322 312 1. Turnbow Lynn Womack Philip Trimble 2. Rare Coin Ritz 3. C Me Push Charlie Green 4. A Line Dancer Bill Callaway 5. Chillin The Most Link Webb 6. Mr. Sam Houston Travis Craft 7. Bronco Billy Jeff Laughlin 8. The Chorus Line Scotty Brooks

Final 357 372 188 382 365 312 326 322 Lynn Womack Chris/Cynthia Bush Tommy/Sister Milligan S & J Enterprises The Mozeley Family Dale/Wilda Barnes 4J Land & Cattle Co Gene Davis

Yearling Fillies & Geldings Bradshaw Gilmer 307 310 310 307 374 374 1. I’m A Farmers Daughter 2. I’m Star Gazing 3. Silver Belle Titleist

Final 307 310 374 Bobby Joe Jones Family Rhonda Martocci 4J Land & Cattle Co

Youth Trail Pleasure Specialty Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 351 314 314 400 351 351 314 400 400 72 72 72 169 169 169 315 315 315 1. Red Sundays Best Mackenzie Morgan 2. Suiza Allison Thorson 3. I’m King Bee WhitLei Green 4. Contemporary Jazz Ashley Gray 5. She’s Indescribable Allie Dennis 6. Dark Picture Show Jada Cassidy

Final 314 351 400 72 169 315 Laurie Toone Allison Thorson WhitLei Green Kasey Kesselring Family Dennis/White Lloyd Cassidy

Riders’ Cup Young Trainers 35 & Under Specialty Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 409 389 389 389 377 352 377 352 377

Final 389 377 352

Simpson 307 310 374 Beverly Lamp Bobby Richards Chris Richards

Fun Show...Fun Times

The Scoop / Page 25

347 347 324 370 Tim Smith Justin Jenne Brandon Stout Michael Daniel Edgar Abernathy Scotty Brooks Clay Sanderson

409 347 324 370

Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch

Darrell Frazier Paul/Luann Hankins John Odom Molly Walters Gene Davis Steve Driskell

Riders’ Cup Lite Shod Western Specialty Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 316 316 328 311 311 316 57 73 73 328 57 311 73 328 57 403 403 403 1. Catastrophic Laurie Toone 2. Lil Wayne Bobby Richards 3. Vindicated Kasey Kesselring 4. Music City Jazz Jeff Laughlin 5. Gi Gi’s Jamaican Generator Leigh Stuart 6. Vol’s Spirit Jennifer Pendleton

Final 316 311 73 328 57 403 Laurie Toone Jeff Gillespie Kasey Kesselring Family Wallace/Laura Brandon Nick/Kaitlyn Rippy Vicki Swayne

Yearling Colts Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 319 319 319 412 309 309 309 412 305 305 305 412 1. Cooperstown Kid Marty Warren 2. Strong N Tuff Mike Rowland 3. Ted’s Knockout Kim McMahan 4. Master Of Motion Chris Richards

Final 319 309 412 305 Denise Smith Mike Rowland Jackson/McMahan M/M Charles Brantley

Owner-Amateur Five & Over, Canter 396 396 396 406 406 390 283 399 406 399 283 399 373 390 373 364 364 364 1. A Bruce Pearl Lee McGartland 2. On The Line Suzanne Moore 3. El Zorro’s Star Kenny Compton 4. The Games We Play Clay Mills 5. The Family Jewels Kim Leonard 6. Big Score Card Meredith Driskell 7. I’m Into Cash Sharon Tolhurst

396 406 399 283 373 364 Mike/Lee McGartland Bud/Suzanne Moore Rick/Della Compton Family Corbin Mills Scott/Kim Leonard Meredith Driskell Chuck/Sharon Tolhurst

Riders’ Cup Park Pleasure Specialty Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 95 95 95 195 195 195 413 413 413 329 329 329 103 103 103 Brock Tillman 1. B B King’s Jazz 2. Tijuana Tex Darden Gladney 3. Motown’s Snowed Again Patrick Thomas 4. Jose’s Baby Doll Jeff Laughlin 5. Hytone’s After Shock Kimberly Brinkman Court

Final 95 195 413 329 103 Stephens/Womack Gladney Farms Riffy/Vickers Doris Penick Forest Shadow Walkers

Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Stallions Gilmer Bradshaw 398 340

Final 340

Page 26 / The Scoop

Simpson 340

340 349 404 398 394 404 349 394 378 378 383 383 348 366 1. Jose It Ain’t So 2. I Am Jose 3. Command On Parole 4. Los Lobos 5. Blues Master 6. The New York Giant 7. In Teds Image 8. Cougar

398 349 404 378 383 394 348 Jonathan Watts Casey Wright Winky Groover Billy Gray Jimmy McConnell Justin Jenne Bill Callaway Edgar Abernathy

398 349 404 394 378 383 348 Deborah Williams Bill/Debbie Woods Crawford/Metcalf Joe Barnes Mike/Lee McGartland Darrell Frazier Ron/Carolyn Lawrence Dr Tommy/Pat Vinson

Owner-Amateur Youth Pony Specialty Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 360 360 360 344 344 381 338 381 344 381 339 338 339 338 159 379 159 339 302 379 379 159 302 302 1. Lined Walkin’ Lilly Waites 2. Roll The Gold Allison Thorson 3. The Prime Suspect Meghan Davis 4. ACC Jaclyn Compton 5. Inception Kailin Kesselring 6. Heartbeat Counselor Buie Williams 7. Lane View’s Master Jordan Caudill 8. Hello Generator Jayden Jackson

Final 360 344 381 338 339 159 379 302 Andrew Waites Family Thorsport Inc Shamrock Farms Rick/Della Compton Family Kasey Kesselring Family Brenda Little Gloria Wiley Jayden Jackson

Riders’ Cup Park Performance Specialty Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 414 414 414 391 372 372 372 354 391 368 391 384 354 368 354 384 384 368 410 410 410 1. All American Ritz Howard Hamilton 2. The Jazzy Boy Philip Trimble 3. San Juan Tim Smith 4. Banderas Psalm 103:2 Justin Harris 5. Hello Dollar Link Webb 6. I’m An American Idol Bill Callaway 7. Ain’t That Something Ronnie Tabor

Final 414 372 391 354 368 384 410 Cynthia M Wright M/M J T Shivers M/M Eric Lackey Forest Shadow Walkers D R Mozeley David/Rebecca Mullis Legate/Tabor

Owner-Amateur Lite Shod Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 167 167 167 311 311 311 330 330 328 328 328 317 317 317 330 415 415 57 57 57 415 Jacob Duke 1. 2x The Magic 2. Lil Wayne Carlan Cotten 3. A Mountain Jazz Betty Laughlin 4. Music City Jazz Laura Brandon 5. Justifiable Kasey Kesselring 6. Design Dynamics Jim Nichols 7. Gi Gi’s Jamaican Generator Nick Rippy

Final 167 311 330 328 317 415 57 Jeff Duke Jeff Gillespie 4J Land & Cattle Co Wallace/Laura Brandon Kasey Kesselring Family Jim/Debbie Nichols Nick/Kaitlyn Rippy

42nd Annual Spring Fun Show

347 370 347 370 324 409 370 324 1. Jazz Country 2. Walkin Dollar 3. The Gambino 4. I’m Breakin Bad 5. The Colonel Reb 6. River Spirit 7. Shady Cash

Final 393 150 335 325 20 331 Mike/Lee McGartland Dr David Brown Pam Hendrickson Gene Davis Dr David Brown Julia Cole

Owner-Amateur Four Year Old Stallions Bradshaw Gilmer Simpson 82 392 392 287 82 82 397 287 287 392 341 397 286 397 286 341 286 341 376 376 376 1. I’m Pushin N Line Janice Fostek 2. Ritz’s Big Dipper Heidi McWilliams 3. Prime Country Ann Callicutt 4. Low On Gin Lee McGartland 5. My Poker Face Clay Mills 6. Gen’s Stone Cutter Alex Rea 7. Street Patrol Orlando Nelson

Final 392 82 287 397 286 341 376 Joe/Janice Fostek Jim/Heidi McWilliams John/Ann Callicutt Mike/Lee McGartland Corbin Mills Ann Rea Orlando Nelson

Riders’ Cup Walking Horse Championship Gilmer Bradshaw Simpson 405 405 405 269 269 269 350 350 416 416 416 350 318 318 318 1. I’m Copperfield Knox Blackburn 2. He’s Slim Shady Jimmy McConnell 3. He’s My Main Man Winky Groover 4. Johnny Ritz Joe Cotten 5. Lampshade Bill Cantrell

Final 405 269 350 416 318 Mike Walden Family Bill/Karen Bean Rising Star Ranch Hoyte Eakes Warr/Major

Jazz Country and Tim Smith were the Young Trainers Champions at the Spring Fun Show for Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch. Kim Leonard, David Landrum, Ashley and Patti Pollack, Bubba Taylor, Sarah and Tim Smith are very pleased with the win.

The Bobby Joe Jones family was thrilled with I’m A Farmers Daughter for winning the Yearling Fillies and Geldings class.

Lynn Womack exited the ring with a huge smile on her face following her blue ribbon performance in the Show Pleasure class aboard Turnbow.

42nd Annual Spring Fun Show

Riders’ Cup Four Year Old Mares & Geldings, Canter Simpson Bradshaw Gilmer 393 393 150 150 150 393 335 335 325 325 20 335 20 325 20 331 331 331 1. She’s A Shady Sister Jimmy McConnell 2. Between The Hedges Sam Martin 3. Those Fancy Legs Charlie Green 4. Ted’s Shut Out Game Scotty Brooks 5. Cash’s Comanchero Josh Watts 6. Cash In My Dollar Jackie Byrom

The Owner Amateur Ladies Mares and Geldings class winner was Jean O’Brien and Jose Miss Dolly. They were congratulated by Joyce Myers, Sam Martin, Rae Martin and Stephanie Rose.

The Scoop / Page 27

42nd Annual Spring Fun Show

Baucom Stables came out to greet Landon Callicutt and Jose’s Delightful Pusher after their big win at the Spring Fun Show in the Youth 11 & Under class.

C & E Miller Farms entry, Goodbye Joe, made a great show to claim the blue in the Riders’ Cup Five and Over Mares and Geldings Canter class with John Allan Callaway. Karen Callaway, Carolyn Miller and Sam McLaughlin congratulate John Allan after his win.

Heartline and Sam Sorrell had a large fan club after their win in the Owner-Amateur Riders 50 & Over Specialty class. This team topped a very competitive class and most recently had a win in Baileyton, Alabama.

Jason Myatt directed Defending The Title to another blue ribbon title. This team recently won the Walking For Cancer horse show on their quest toward World Championship acclaim.

Mr. Heisman and Brandye Mills were the Riders’ Cup 15.2 & Under Champions for Roger Baskin. This team had one of the largest fan clubs of the show. Page 28 / The Scoop

Mary Beth Blessing was congratulated by her parents, MaryAnn and Hershel Blessing, Trainers Derek and Debbie Bonner, and Kenny Compton after their big win in the Owner-Amateur 15.2 & Over Mare class.

42nd Annual Spring Fun Show

Justin Harris and Busted At Pebble Beach were the Three Year Old Mares and Gelding Champions. Justin had to run show in the next class, so owner, Bruce MacDonald, and Joe Fleming were pictured with the champion.

The Concealed Weapon once again showed off his winning ways to claim the blue in the Park Performance Amateur class with owner Patti Pollack. Family and friends along with the David Landrum Stables crew congratulate the duo.

Sadie and Jeff Smith enjoy a blue ribbon moment with Play Something Cadillac’s Bum and Lilly Waites were the Youth 12-17 champions. Country. This World Grand Champion duo made a great show to top Lilly’s family congratulated her after her win. a competitive class in the Owner-Amateur 15.2 & Over Stallion class.

Brad Davis made a flashy performance to claim the blue in the Riders’ Cup Open Specialty class aboard the gorgeous dapple gray horse, Thunder & Lightning, for owners O & W Moody Ltd.

Jerry, Deborah and Jason Myatt are all smiles with the thrill of victory.

The Scoop / Page 29

42nd Annual Spring Fun Show

Ritz’s Big Dipper and Scott Beaty were the Riders’ Cup Four Year Old Stallion Champions for owners, Jim and Heidi McWilliams. Heidi directed this horse to the reserve in the Amateur class.

Lilly Waites had her barn crew and her friends celebrate her win with Prime Poison in the Amateur Specialty 14 & Over class.

Tam Brogdon couldn’t stop smiling after her win with Boure’ in the Owner-Amateur 15.2 & Under Stallion class.

The Owner-Amateur Gentleman’s Country Pleasure Specialty class champion was Jose’s Hannah Montana and Kasey Kesselring. This duo topped a very competitive class to claim the blue.

Abel and Ann Rae were the Fine Harness Champions at the Spring Fun Show. Landon Head, George-Ann Pratt, Dale and Josh Watts meet the champions.

Jeff Givens and World Champion, Trigger Treat, were the Model Pleasure champions once again for very proud owner, Jo Ann Dowell.

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Chambers County Sheriff’s Department Horse Show

Walking Horse Stake winner was My Kinda Luck with Bill Cantrell.

Lafayette, AL - What a perfect day for a horse show! The weather was mild and the sun was shining for the Chambers County Sheriff’s Department Horse Show. The Honorable Alan Price from Fairmount, GA was the judge for the walking and racking horses. The official photographer was Jill Monroe. The show ran smoothly and a good time was had by all exhibitors and spectators. Delicious food could be had at the concession stand and the smell of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs was intoxicating! The walking horse stake winner was My Kinda Luck with Bill Cantrell up and the racking horse stake winner was Broadway Jose ridden by Macie Musick and owned by Adam Blazer and Anthony Daniel. For complete results and the lastest news, please visit the SCOOP’s FREE website at Macie Musick, Lee Ann Musick and Betsy Thompson greet each other at the show.

The Scoop / Page 33

Chambers County Sheriff’s Department Horse Show CHAMBERS COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT Lafayette, AL June 2, 2012 Judge: Allen Price

TWH Pleasure Youth Specialty Trent Wheeler 1. Poison At Midnight 2. Angel’s Enough Carmella Fox

Melissa Tittle Carmella Fox

Ladies Auxiliary Specialty 1. I’m Fort Knox 2. Harley Com 3. First Time 4. The Skymax

Mickey Groom Cindy Taylor Dr. Linda Jones Joy Geske

Mickey Groom Lindy Rogers Jones & Lane Geske & Walker

Youth Ponies 1. John Smarty Trent Wheeler Cantrell & Ellis Park Performance Open Specialty 1. A Armed Dealer LaRue McWaters LaRue McWaters 2. My Unlimited Cash Gayla Whitaker James Whitaker

Country Pleasure English & Western Speciaty 1. My Black Pepper Haley Lane 2. One Foggy Night Lucy Morton 3. Zeke Natalie Jackson 4. Talk Of Generator Kaye Dempsey

Jones & Lane Kate Morton Jean Brannon Bruce Dempsey

Riders’ Cup Two Year Old 1. Steal Tribute

Two Year Old Amateur 1. She’s Symbol Of Ritz 2. Amped 3. Ritzy Woman’s Man

Roger Latham Rhonda Major Bart McWaters

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Latham Warr & Major LaRue McWaters

Dr. Linda Jones Andrea Claborn

Dr. Linda Jones Andrea Claborn

Tim Craft

Royce Ellison

Youth Council 11 & Under 1. The Supreme Commander Taylor Legate 2. Miss Flashy Cash Dax Flora

Ed Federer Bryan Flora

Amateur Pony Specialty 1. Royal Firefly

Amateur Ladies Specialty 1. The Mexican 2. Freak Of The Weak

Jones & Lane

Riders’ Cup 15.2 & Under Open Specialty Bill Cantrell 1. Mighty Brew

Jones & Land

Lite Shod Western Open Specialty 1. Extra Cash’s Grey Eagle Haley Lane

Jones & Lane

Amateur Four Year Old 1. Sound Of Jazz 2. Ultra Of Jazz 3. MVP Eli Manning

Cindy Taylor Dr. Linda Jones Michael Smith

Lindy Rogers Jones & Lane Jason Smith

Trail Pleasure Western Specialty 1. I’m Hank Williams Jessica Bailey 2. Just One More Chance Lucy Morton 3. The Magic Button Brent Simpson 4. Generator’s Ghostbuster Lauren Wertz

Jessica Bailey Kate Morton Jones & Lane Melissa Tittle

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty 1. Your Wish My Command Bart McWaters 2. A Dangerous Man Gary Hill 3. Gone And Done It Becky Woodruff

LaRue McWaters Donna Hill Becky Woodruff

Park Pleasure Western Specialty 1. Gen’s Bounty Hunter Joy Geske

Geske & Walker

Haley Lane

Trail Pleasure English Specialty Loyd Black 1. BDF Rock Landford 2. Just One More Chance Lucy Morton 3. The Magic Button Brent Simpson 4. I’m Hank Williams Jessica Bailey 5. Generator’s Ghostbuster Lauren Wertz

Loyd Black Kate Morton Jones & Lane Jessica Bailey Melissa Tittle

Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Open 1. Jose’s Rhinestone Cowgirl Bill Cantrell 2. Ritzy Hot Rod Thomas Seymour

Ray Pittman Family LaRue McWaters

Amateur Gentlemen Specialty Lindy Rogers 1. Well Connected 2. A Cadillac By Jazz Gary Hill 3. I’m Bruce Pearl LaRue McWaters 4. Right Back At Ya Bryan Flora 5. Reatta Mark Powell

Lindy Rogers Donna Hill LaRue McWaters Bryan Flora Mark Powell

Lite Shod Amateur Specialty 1. Poison At Midnight 2. Jose’s Heartbeat 3. Extra Cash’s Grey Eagle 4. JFK’s A Pushin 5. Jane’s Generating Cash

Trent Wheeler Belinda Garzarek Dr. Linda Jones Jean Brannon Richard Morgan

Melissa Tittle Belinda Garzarek Jones & Lane Jean Brannon Richard Morgan Family

Show Pleasure Specialty 1. The Total Score 2. He’s My Pop Too 3. Out Of Lined 4. Ritz’s Romeo 5. Jazz’s Power Pac

Tony Lowe Dianne Hasty Brian Watson Bart McWaters Tim Craft

Tony Lowe Dwight & Dianne Hasty Lindy Rogers LaRue McWaters Royce Ellison

Park Pleasure Amateur Specialty 1. Samurai Sky Lauren Wertz

Jamel Thomas

Youth Council 12-17 Specialty Koston McWaters 1. Stemwinder 2. On The House Trent Wheeler 3. Ted Will Do Ashley Latham

LaRue McWaters Melissa Tittle Rolling Hills Farm

Riders’ Cup Aged Open Specialty 1. Pusher’s Macho Delight TR Bill Cantrell 2. Armed By The Nine Brian Watson

Larry Few Lindy Rogers

Amateur Three Year Old Lindy Rogers Lindy Rogers 1. Watchin From Above 2. Chrome Sister Haley Lane Haley Lane 3. Really White Rhonda Major Warr & Major 4. Hysterianomics Michael Smith Jason Smith Pro/Am Specialty 1. Steel Force Oline & Hunter Price Oline Price 2. Ultra Aviator Rhonda Major/Dr. W.S. & Gloria Warr Bill Cantrell 3. The Supreme Commander Heidi Legate/Ed Federer Cory Clay AOT Specialty 1. Symbol Of Ritz 2. Earning A Hard Dollar 3. General’s Main Lady 4. Mama’s Almighty Dollar

Roger Latham Melissa Tittle LaRue McWaters Donald Hickey

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Melissa Tittle LaRue McWaters Donald Hickey

Riders’ Cup Walking Stake 1. My Kinda Luck 2. A Special Ed

Bill Cantrell Larry Latham

Dee Cantrell Mr. & Mrs. Roger Latham

Page 34 / The Scoop

Chambers County Sheriff’s Department Horse Show

Melissa Rowell and her racking horse, The Flashlight

Bud Shoot Out a competitor that’s ready to go.

The warm up area was busy!

Winner of the WH Youth Trail Pleasure is Trent Wheeler riding Poison At Midnight.

Woody Woodruff, the official farrier, for the show is talking with some of the Renfro clan.

This stick horse cutie is Candence Hall from Salem, Alabama.

Youth Council winner is Taylor Legate riding Supreme Commander for her grandfather, Ed Federer.

The Scoop / Page 35

Page 36 / The Scoop


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry USDA GIVES OUTLINE OF MANDATORY PENALTIES A stakeholders conference call was held on Tuesday, June 5, at 4:00 p.m. EDT. Dr. Chester Gipson and Dr. Rachel Cezar conducted the call which outlines the mandatory penalties that will be published in Foreign substance violation: The horse must be dismissed from the the Federal Registry on Thursday, June 7, 2012, and will go into effect remainder of the show with 2 weeks suspension. on Monday, July 9, 2012. Equipment violation: The horse must be dismissed from the remainder Dr. Cezar presented the protocol of the mandatory penalties which all of the show with 2 weeks suspension. HIO will follow making the inspection process and penalties more consistent. The penalties are as follows: Suspension violation: 6 months Bilateral sore: The horse must be dismissed from the remainder of the All HIOs must have an appeal process with the appeal taking place show. First offense, 1 year; Second offense, 2 years; Third offense, 3 within 60 days. The results of the hearing must be reported to USDA years. within 30 days of the ruling. Unilateral sore: The horse must be dismissed from the remainder of the show. First offense, 60 days; Second offense, 120 days; Third offense, 1 year.

Dr. Cezar stated that the penalty follows the manager, trainer, owner, rider, custodian or transporter whichever is applicable. The penalty does not follow the horse or the show management.

Scar rule: The horse must be dismissed from the remainder of the This information will be posted at show. First offense, 2 weeks; Second offense, 60 days; Third offense, 1 year.

COMPLAINT FILED AT TWHBEA AGAINST DANE Keith Dane, a Humane Society of the United States official and an outspoken critic of horse soring, is himself in the hot seat with his fellow Tennessee Walking Horse owners. Dane, a walking horse owner who sits on the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association board, faces an official complaint from one of the association’s members. It could not be determined whether it had to do with his role in revealing horse abuse by releasing a video that aired on national television. The details of the complaint, including when it was filed, are unknown. The private association considers the complaints confidential. But Marty Irby, the association’s president, confirmed Wednesday that Kathy Zeis, a member from Georgia, filed the complaint. The association has scheduled a June 28 hearing on the matter. Zeis declined comment. “They told me it was confidential and I am going to respect that,” she said by telephone. Dane, the Humane Society’s director of equine protection, said Wednesday afternoon that he has not yet spoken with his attorneys about the complaint. “Until I have spoken with them, I would rather not comment,” Dane said. Founded in 1935, the breeders’ association is the oldest Tennessee Walking Horse organization and is the official breed registry for the horses. Although the details are unknown, word of the complaint comes as Dane has become the public face of the Humane Society’s campaign against soring within the walking horse industry. Soring is the practice of pouring caustic chemicals, cutting or otherwise abusing a horse’s hooves and lower front legs to induce an accentuated high step. The gait, known as the “Big Lick,” is prized at Tennessee Walking Horse competitions.

The Humane Society arranged for an undercover investigator to be hired at a West Tennessee barn to film soring and other abuses. The group turned the video over to federal prosecutors and it led to a 52count indictment against nationally known trainer Jackie McConnell. Earlier this month, McConnell pleaded guilty to one count of the indictment — felony conspiracy to violate the Horse Protection Act, which makes it illegal to show or transport a sored horse. The Humane’s Society’s video also was released to a national audience. It first aired on ABC News’ Nightline on May 16. Dane has spoken out about how he believes soring remains widespread throughout the walking horse industry. But some walking horse owners have criticized Dane and the Humane Society over its tactics, questioning why the Humane Society investigator did not try to stop McConnell when the abuses were under way at his Collierville stables. Dane has defended the use of the undercover video. What the Humane Society did was legal and might have been the only way to uncover abuses with animals in the agriculture industry, he said. Rep. Andy Holt, R-Dresden, and state Sen. Delores Gresham, RSomerville, introduced legislation in the General Assembly this year that would have made what the Humane Society did illegal. The bill did not pass. “The alternative would be to not know what is going on the shadows,” Dane said in a recent interview with The Tennessean. “As long as it is legal, we will continue to conduct these undercover investigations because we feel the public has a right to know.” Duane W. Gang Gannett Tennessee The Scoop / Page 37

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The Scoop / Page 39

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The Scoop / Page 41

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The Scoop / Page 43

Pikeville, TN

Joe Cotten won the Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Class with Ted’s Hank Williams for owners, Keith and Lorraine Rosbury. Ricky Atnip and his wife also congratulate this horse’s win. This couple raised the champion.

Vegas Folly and Elly Stamper were the Youth 11 & Under champions for proud owner and fan, Allison Stamper.

Dickie Scrivner and Victor Haley congratulate Kathy Owen after her Amateur Park Pleasure win with Score’s Heartbreaker for the second year in a row.

Beck Oakley made a victory lap in the Show Pleasure class aboard This Spirits In Command. She is congratulated by Kaitlyn Beaty after her win in this class for two consecutive years.

The LA Ritz and Joe Cotten were the 15.2 & Under champions for owners, Donnie and Charlotte Taylor. Andrea Baker, Charlotte and Donnie Taylor, Chad Cotten, Taylor Walters and Katie Cotten greet the winner while Joe ran to show another horse.

Ballesteroes and Gabe Garren were met by family after his win in the Park Performance class at the 38th Annual Pikeville horse show.

Page 44 / The Scoop

The 38th Annual Pikeville Spring Horse Show

PIKEVILLE, TN-The 38th Annual Pikeville Spring Horse Show was held at the Bledsoe County Fair Grounds in Pikeville, TN, Saturday, June 2. The Honorable Jerry Sumners from Shelbyville, TN was responsible for judging the event. Chase Williams was the organist for the show and did some major entertaining for show goers. Bradley Dick was the photographer for the horse show and you can view his proofs at www. Show chairman, Billy Van Winkle, was proud of the success of the show. Even with the presence of the USDA, the show still had a great turnout. This show affiliated with PRIDE HIO and their DQPs did a fine job getting the horses inspected in a timely fashion. The show started with the kiddos and the stick horse class and then the lead line class was such a cute presentation! The kids were thrilled to leave the ring with their blue ribbons! Starting the performance competition was the Park Pleasure Amateur class. Winning this very same class two years in a row was Score’s Heartbreaker and Kathy Owen. Abby Fox had a successful evening. She claimed two blue ribbons with Black Jack Ritz and Strong Beat. The Park Performance class had a big turnout. This class has become very popular over the years. First in this class was Gabe Garren with Ballesteroes. Joe Cotten had a very successful night for Donnie and Charlotte Taylor winning with Teed Off Santana and The LA Ritz. The horse show had an intermission and the break let many take a trip up to the concession stands where they could get a yummy BBQ plate, BBQ chicken or hot dog meal with baked beans, potato salad and a cold drink. The Jimmy Reece family was presented an award for their support of the show. They have been attending, supporting and showing at this show since its inception. They are the builders of the riding ring and the bleachers at the show grounds. John Swafford has announced at least a portion of every show for over three decades. He called the winners to the stake class one by one. The five entries were brought in with a huge crowd response. Coming out on top of this fine class with the tri-colored ribbon and neck ribbon was Don Diego with Joe Cotten in the irons for proud owners, Keith and Lorraine Rosbury. The Rosbury’s were also very proud of their Three Year Old Open win with Ted’s Hank Williams. Reserve went to The Jimmy Reece Family entry, ATL International, with Brandon Stout in the irons. Congratulations to all the winners from the Pikeville, TN horse show. The SCOOP was proud to cover this great horse show and capture all the winner’s photos as they exited the ring with their blue ribbons. For more coverage, please visit our FREE website at www.thescooponline. com.

The Don Diego and Joe Cotten fan club celebrated the Stake Class victory with owners, Keith and Lorraine Rosbury The The Scoop Scoop // Page Page 45 45

Pikeville, TN PIKEVILLE SPRING HORSE SHOW Pikeville, TN June 2, 2012 Judge: Jerry Sumners Park Pleasure Amateur 1. Score’s Heartbreaker Kathy Owen 2. Silver Dollar Exclusive Beck Oakley 3. I B Flashy Elly Stamper 4. Evil Patty Gray Aaryn Tarver

Kathy Owen/ Double Springs Farm Jack McCormick Allison Stamper Koni Graves

Youth 11 & Under 1. Vegas Folly 2. Popcorn Pusher

Elly Stamper Skylar Nipper

Allison Stamper Skylar Nipper

Country Pleasure Open 1. She’s Black Ice 2. Teen Man

Aaryn Tarver Jade Evans

Aaryn Tarver Jade Evans

Two Year Old Amateur 1. Black Jack Ritz 2. Puttin On The Jazz 3. Superior Jazz 4. I Got The Hoss 5. John FK’s Little Girl

Abby Fox Chad Cotton Jamie Hillis Charles Drake Jerald Hillis

Quentin Fox Family Hoyte Eakes Jerald Hillis Charles Drake Landon Trobaugh

Amateur Specialty 1. Latin Lover 2. Royal Luck 3. Okey Dokey Jose 4. Better Stand Back 5. Bea C Powder

Ray Carr Ray Solley Kaitlyn Beaty Jack Heffington Tex Dillingham

Ray Carr Ray Solley Kaitlyn Beaty Jack Heffington Cox & Dillingham

Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. House Call At The Ritz Scott Beaty 2. He’s Two Foot Fred Dickie Scrivner 3. Line’s Lady Joe Cotten

Quentin Fox Family Adcock & Williams Hoyte Eakes

Youth 12-17 Specialty 1. Orient Express 2. Ebony’s All Colors

Justin Robinson Brown Smith

Donald Robinson Doug & Jean Brown

Amateur Three Year Old 1. Strong Beat

Abby Fox

Quentin Fox Family

Riders’ Cup Park Performance 1. Ballesteros Gabe Garren 2. Black Gin’s Diamond Joe Cotten 3. Pushing Faith Jerald Hillis 4. Papa’s Scotty Scott Beaty 5. The Goal Line Jamie Lawrence

Angela Garren Hoyte Eakes David & Amy Dean Kathy Owen/Double Springs Farm Nan Ingle Barnes

Riders’ Cup Two Year Stallions 1. Teed Of Santana 2. Firestone Black Ritz

Joe Cotten Danny Burk

Donnie & Charlotte Taylor Steve & Shelley Bridges

Youth Ponies 1. Commandante 2. The Cotton Bowl 3. Autumn Trek 4. Midnight Silver Thief

Hunter Hensley Zachary Swafford Boone Smith Haley Cox

Ray Carr Zachary Swafford Doug & Jean Brown Drake & Hemphill

Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. Senorita Sky Scott Beaty 2. The Promise Of Gold Chris Pickel

Page 46 / The Scoop

Fred Allred Linda Martin

Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty 1. This Spirit’s In Command 2. John FK’s RBI 3. Billy Clyde 4. Exclusive Gold 5. First Watch

Beck Oakley Tommy Rivers Christian Smith Eric Swafford Crystal O’Brien

Beck Oakley Tommy Rivers Cassi Slagle Zachary Swafford Crystal O’Brien

Riders’s Cup Open Specialty 1. 9 In The Sky 2. General Willie 3. Quattro 4. Friday Night Sky

Joe Cotten Chad Way Chris Pickel Jamie Lawrence

Cori Knudson Jack Heffington Martha Payne Keith Breedlove

Riders’ Cup 15.2 & Under Open 1. The L.A. Ritz 2. I’m Roger Clemons

Joe Cotten Scott Beaty

Donnie & Charlotte Taylor Billy & Jacqueline Ball

Pro/Am Specialty 1. Willie Mays 2. Stepping John TCH

Kathy Owen/ Dickie Scrivner Chris/Kristen Pickel

Kathy Owen/Double Springs Farm Charles Garner

Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Stallions 1. Ted’s Hank Williams Joe Cotten 2. You Hit Blackjack Chad Way

Keith & Lorraine Rosbury Jimmy Reece Family

Amateur Ladies Specialty 1. I’m Joe Friday 2. Senator’s Silver

Jodi Powell Holly Claborn

Jodi Powell Holly Claborn

15.2 & Under Specialty 1. Busted At Bonnaroo 2. I’m Bellagio 3. Jazz In Nawlins 4. Sweeps Sir William

Linda Scrivner Ray Solley Chad Cotten Lauren Robinson

Linda Scrivner Ray Solley Hoyte Eakes Donald Robinson

Four Year Old Specialty 1. Jazzy Night Special 2. Way High Ritz 3. I’ve Been Bad 4. She’s Lady Antebellum

Victor Haley Chad Way Joe Cotten Scotty Beaty

Darren Haley Ray Jones Trucking, Inc. Rhonda Moore Fred Allred

Riders’ Cup Walking Stake 1. Don Diego 2. ATL International 3. I’m A Hustler 4. Leavenworth 5. Santana’s Bama Boy

Joe Cotten Brandon Stout Chad Way Scott Beaty Jamie Lawrence

Keith & Lorraine Rosbury Jimmy Reece Family Jack Heffington Mary Anna Mitchell David & Pat Ford

Pikeville, TN

A beautiful presentation of the American Flag.

Don Diego and Joe Cotten exited the ring after being presented the tri-colored ribbon in the Walking Horse Stake Class at the 38th Annual Pikeville Horse Show for owners, Keith and Lorraine Rosbury.

Keith, Lorraine and Gizmo Rosbury smile with Don Diego’s loot.

The The Scoop Scoop // Page Page 47 47

Pikeville, TN

Justin Robinson was congratulated by his family after his win with Orient Express. Justin and Orient Express have won the Youth 1217 class at Pikeville, TN two years in a row!

Latin Lover and Ray Carr were the Amateur Specialty champions. This class was one of the most exciting classes of the night.

The Ladies Amateur Specialty champions, I’m Joe Friday and Jodi Powell were all smiles following her big win. This is a new horse for Jodi and she was very proud of her blue ribbon ride.

Donnie Taylor and Colby Cotten enjoyed the trip to Pikeville!

Teed Off Santana and Joe Cotten were the Riders’ Cup Two Year Old champions for owners, Donnie and Charlotte Taylor. The Joe Cotten Stables crew celebrated the win!

Commandante and Hunter Hensley were the Youth Walking Pony champions for owner, Ray Carr. This team was met by their fan club after their exciting win.

Page 48 / The Scoop

Tazewell, TN

The Baskett Family celebrated with Amber Baskett and her mount, Fatal Attraction.

Marching Orders and Angela Jones were the winners in the Park Pleasure Specialty class for owner, Ron Jones.

Lisa Flannery and Escalade add another blue to their collection. They are met by Dustin Cook.

Tami Triplett and A Yelo Rose Of Texas were winners in the Amateur Three Year Old class.

ETWHA Members Only Champions, Leslie Dotson And Wired For Cash, are met by trainer, Brent Coburn.

URHOEA Youth Racking winner, Emily Kiser-Jackson, and her horse, Dollar Overdrawn, are met by trainer, Bryan Barnhill. The The Scoop Scoop // Page Page 49 49

Tazewell Jaycees 24th Annual Walking and Racking Horse Show Tazewell, TN - The weather was a little chilly Saturday, June 2, but a large crowd of fans and horses showed up at the Claiborne County Fairgrounds for the Tazewell Jaycees 24th Annual Walking and Racking Horse Show. David Finger did a great job judging both walking and racking. The ringmaster, William Petty, and the announcer, Scott Helton, kept the show on schedule. Natasha Douglas stayed busy as the official show photographer. The 30 class show had a total 161 entries. The crowd was entertained while the show was on break as a young man got on one knee in center ring and proposed to his girlfriend. She said YES!

Four horses were entered in the URHOEA Stake class, but all eyes were glued to I’m The Contender and Bryan Barnhill as he captured the roses for the Kiser Family of Rosedale, VA. This new team will be strong “contenders” in the racking division! Eight entries were called in one by one for the Riders’ Cup Walking Horse Stake class. Jose’s Don Julio and Brent Coburn wowed the crowd and the judge to win the roses and bragging rights for the Terry Dotson family. This will be a team to keep your eyes on this season. The SCOOP was proud to be a part of this great horse show in Tazewell, TN. Please visit our free website at for complete results and the latest news.

Walking Horse Stake Champion was Don Julio and Brent Coburn. Page 50 / The Scoop

Tazewell, TN TAZEWELL JAYCEES Tazewell, TN June 2, 2012 Judge: David Finger

Youth 11 & Under 1. Olympic Pusher Annie Holcomb 2. Major Genius Taylor Strickler 3. Sunrise’s Heartbeat Levi Kazee 4. A Major Parole Cora Price 5. Speck In The Sky Allison Hopkins

Judy Jones Kelly & Teresa Strickler Fred Kazee Family Stephanie Price Allison Hopkins

Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Open 1. Commander Ritz Brent Coburn 2. Dollar’s Gone Country Colin Ramsey 3. DJ Jason Smith 4. Hard Up For Cash Danny Hayes 5. Hello I’m Dreaming Derek Monahan

Trail Pleasure Alex Hopkin 1. Don’t Touch My Aspen 2. Southern Command Maci Snodgrass 3. Maximizer Kayte Daffron 4. Magic Color’s Nickajack Katie West 5. Coin’s Wise Woman Gracie Pierson

Jodi Hopkins David Snodgrass Kayte Daffron Lynbeth Swanson Gracie Pierson

Park Performance 1. My Private Label Robert Dupree 2. I’m Pushin Fame James Cope 3. Extra’s Magic Man Rusty Carlton 4. Silver Glacier Shawna Tharp

Lauren Nicholson Carlson Robinette Victoria Samperisi Shawna Tharp

Amateur Four Year Old 1. A Special Fantasy Amber Baskett 2. She’s The Pride of JFK Rosemary Slate 3. A Lady Antebellum Rodney Koger 4. Chip Off The Old Stone Kayte Daffron 5. Dangerous Black Cash Terry Thornton

Donald McDowell Ellie Slate Bobbie Jo Koger Mike Daffron Terry Thornton

Riders’ Cup Open Specialty 1. Hitman On Parole Brent Coburn 2. Our American Sensation Mike Carter 3. Flash Me A Dollar 4. Bat Her Up Thomas Collins 5. Elmer’s Pzazz Chris Helton

Terry Dotson Family Stoney Brook Farm Karen Ray Frazier Farms HenryYoung

ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary Members Only 1. Putting For Cash K.C. Griffin 2. Just Call Me Jose Debbie McGill 3. The Dance Hall Doctor Sandy Lakins 4. Fantamic Cash Vickie Hughes 5. UNC Anita Bradshaw

K.C. Griffin Oscar Hibbard Larry & Sandy Lakins Farrell Hughes Anita Bradshaw

Show Pleasure Specialty 1. Generator’s Top Dollar Lucas Tipton 2. Bravo Bravo Sam Harvey 3. A High Dollar Ritz Carlson Robinette 4. Power Of The Dark Scotty Widner

Lucan Tipton Sam Harvey Carlson Robinette Scotty Widner

Youth 12-17 Specialty 1. A Black Market Pusher 2. Santana’s Fancy 3. High Tide At The Ritz 4. Heart Attack’s Fast Beat 5. Pusher’s Astro

Nathan Britt Brandon Ailshie Alex Hopkins Danielle Ricker Miranda Correll

Terry Dotson Family Stephanie Price Ellie Slate Larry Wheelon Ginger Williams RPC Farms Timi Kazee Carrie Fox Danielle Ricker Bill Corrello

Park Pleasure Specialty 1. Marching Orders Angela Jones 2. MP1 Chris Helton 3. The Street Pusher David Bradshaw 4. The Irish Bum Vickie Hughes

Ron Jones Jane Hull David & Anita Bradshaw Farrell Hughes

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty 1. Escalade Lisa Flannery 2. J R In Command Jason Ownby 3. Pistol Power Judy Walton 4. Command’s Miss Seve K. C. Griffin 5. Irish Gold Sky Carlson Robinette

Flannery & Williams Ownby & Strader Dr. Norm & Judy Walton Sam Kite Gary Roher

Amateur Three Year Old 1. She’s A Yelo Rose Of Texas Tami Triplett 2. Black Gin’s Hot Stuff Russell Cross 3. Sky Doctor Renee Lainhart 4. Stimulas Vickie Hughes 5. Gossip’s Red Warrior Bill Lester

Tami Triplett Russell Cross Houston Manning Farrell Hughes Bill Lester

ETWHA Members Only 1. Wired For Cash Leslie Dotson 2. The Hotline Brock Slate 3. Pardon Me Governor Bond Jones 4. Cadillac By Ritz Danielle Ricker 5. Hello Ritz Rachel Chandler

Terry Dotson Family Ellie Slate Conner & Jones Danielle Ricker Ed & Delores Chandler

The The Scoop Scoop // Page Page 51 51

Tazewell, TN Lite Shod Plantation Specialty 1. Coast Is Clear Brandon Ailshie 2. Mister Drysdale Zack Baker 3. Coin’s Southern Girl Emily Jones

Jim Morris Zack Baker Duane Snodgrass

Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Open Derek Monahan 1. The Skywatch Titleist 2. Roethlisberger Brent Coburn 3. Ritz’s Lucky Draw Jason Smith 4.

Rom Folger Al Morgan Tony Huff Alvis Porter

Amateur Specialty 1. Palm Beach Ritz Leslie Dotson 2. Masati Vickie Ricker 3. Jazz’s Royalty Ginger Williams 4. Skywatch’s Future Leah Jones 5. Mr. Silver Dollar Renee Lambert

Terry Dotson Family Ricker Family Ginger Williams Bond Jones William Tipton

Riders’ Cup Walking Stake 1. Jose’s Don Julio Brent Coburn 2. Nightfall At The Ritz Derek Monahan 3. Pusher’s Phantom Steve Woody 4. Let Go And Push Scotty Widner

Fred Randolph Rom Folger Ron Jones Scotty & Freida Widner

Dustin Cook and blue ribbon winner, Commander Ritz

Nathan Britt is all smiles aboard his blue ribbon winner, A Black Market Pusher. Erica Hughes and her champion, Fancy Sue Page 52 / The Scoop

Tazewell, TN

Alex Hopkins had a blue ribbon ride aboard Don’t Touch My Aspen.

Cowboy Casanova and Bryan Barnhill (not pictured) win yet another blue. They are met by The Baskett Family, who are the proud owners of this entry.

Brandon Ailshie and Coast Is Clear win for owner, Jim Morris.

A happy Leslie Dotson and Palm Beach Ritz are met by their friend after a blue ribbon win.

URHOEA Racking Stake winner I’m The Contender and Bryan Barnhill are met by the proud Kiser Family. The The Scoop Scoop // Page Page 53 53

Page 54 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 55


Country Pleasure 1. Jose’s Double Take Don Hancock 2. Star At The Ritz Meredith Thessen 3. My Boardwalk Leigh Ann Gregory 4. Copy’s Defense Jackie Reeder

Don Hancock Meredith Thessen Leigh Ann Gregory Jackie Reeder

Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty 1. Checkin In At The Ritz Ken McGary 2. Hickory’s Sinatra Sherry Bonner 3. The White Mask Leigh Ann Gregory

Kent McGary Joe Bertram Cotton Gregory

Country Pleasure Youth 1. My Boardwalk Riley Gregory 2. Pusher’s Electra Caylin Fisher

Leigh Ann Gregory Fisher Family

Youth 11 & Under 1. Ms.Poteet

Keely Morrow

Keely Morrow

Two Year Old Amateur 1. Nocturnal Beth Alagna 2. Capacious Josh Chaney

SBS Colt Group Josh Chaney

Show Pleasure Open Specialty 1. She’s So Lucky Leigh Stuart 2. Chicago Firewalker Justin Taylor 3. Major Starbuck Spencer Benedict 4. Cash’s Precious Choice Joel Woosley 5. Pushin For Danger Joe Herald

Murrell & Shirley Stuart Barry & Karen White Tony & Tina Gibson Donald Hendrick Dorothy Davenport

Two Year Old Stallions 1. Ginstastic Scotty Brooks 2. Skywalk’s Threat Todd Smith 3. El Nino To The Maxx Tyler Kline 4. He’s A Major Cash Dustin Smith

Joe Dietz Jimmy Tunnell Family Martin & Cheryl McNabb Mr. & Mrs. Howard Eastridge

Two Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. The King’s Queen Todd Smith 2. One Strokin Sista Danny Hughes 3. Diamonds On Fire Dustin Smith 4. Review’s Dream Girl Buist Carr 5. Amplify Rocky McCoy

Hayes & Luttrell Margaret Coy KB Farms James & Alice Blankenship SBS Colt Group

Page 56 56 // The The Scoop Scoop Page

Amateur Novice Specialty Virginia Counts 1. Cash’s Bold And Fresh 2. Ninth Symphony Denise Parrett 3. Ritz Bets On The Bay Bobbie Wilson 4. I’m Phil Fulmer Josh Chaney 5. Mitch Miller Candy Pugh

Carroll & Virginia Counts Glen & Denise Parrett Doug Wilson Mark Frodge Candy Pugh

Open Three Year Old 1. I’m Tom Thumb John Tudor 2. Cash In On Blackjack Justin Taylor 3. Buist Carr 4. Big Cat Daddy Dustin Smith 5. Rocky Hill Swinger Scotty Brooks

Randy Smith Bill & Judy Underwood Terry & DA McGovern Marshall Kemp Frank Prather

Amateur Ladies Specialty 1. Sand Bagger Shana Hughes 2. He’s A Showboat Virginia Counts 3. I’m PT 109 Beth Alagna 4. Luck Of The Dollar Emily Loid

Shana Hughes Carroll & Virginia Counts Mark Thomas Mark Frodge

Amateur Three Year Old 1. Indigo Who Wes Hendrick 2. All American Bigshot Leigh Ann Gregory 3. Captain Sky Watch Phillip Mullins

Kenny Hendrick Family Leigh Ann Gregory Tara Bailey

Youth 12-17 Specialty 1. Ultra Copy’s Dark Shadow Keely Morrow 2. Capone Claire Ottman

Kaitlyn Rippy Dwight & Elizabeth Ottman

Open Specialty 1. Dollars Big And Rich Wes Hendrick 2. The Sicilian Tommy Loid 3. Major Sky’s Nightwatch Justin Taylor 4. Special Dollar Todd Smith 5. Mass Media Dale Smith

Kenny Hendrick Family Ashley McGuffey Shirley Judd Randolph & Watson Dale Smith

Amateur Four Year Old 1. Under Oath

Leslie Shire

Leslie Shire

Amateur Specialty 1. My Ritzy Lady 2. Stormin Thru Dixie 3. A Major Uprising 4. Haze’s Senor Jose

Joe Estes Sherry Bonner Marshall Kemp Bill Martin

Joe Estes Joe Bertram KB Farms Bill Martin

Walking Horse Stake 1. Swing Batter Batter Swing Danny Hughes 2. Generator’s Freefalling Justin Taylor 3. Triple Art Tommy Loid 4. He’s Top Priority Spencer Benedict 5. Julio Julio Dustin Smith

Glendon Stivers Carroll & Virginia Counts Randy Poland Big Blue Nation Gunner Gregory

The Scoop / Page 57

Page 58 / The Scoop


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry What A Bum Obituary On Saturday May 26, 2012, Tennessee Walking Horse What A Bum passed away at D & R Stables from complications of colic. He was a beloved 19 year old show horse and the best friend a girl could ever ask for. Bum didn’t act like a horse; he had a very unique personality that made him almost human. If you asked him a question, he would talk to you and let you know exactly what he thought. The love for his carrots was what made him such a character; he would perk up his ears and follow you anywhere as long as you had that carrot. After all the ribbons from the shows, his favorite prize was the bag of carrots waiting for him at the trailer after he gave you a kiss. Bum will truly be missed inside and outside the ring; the barn will never be the same without him. He was a great learning horse for riders of all ages, with his kind stature and gentle gait. Bum was always there for his owner, Eryka Friant, through all the difficulties of life with his head on her shoulder for comfort. If you needed some love, all you had to do is walk in his stall and talk to him. Thank you, Randy Young, for taking great care of him through all these years. You have been a wonderful trainer and friend to us and Bum. I know it is a great loss to you as well as D & R Stables. Also, a great thanks to Dr. Denton Colwell, DVM for doing everything he medically could to take good care of Bum while he was sick. I know he is in a better place now and eating as many carrots as he can scarf down. I love you, Bummy, and we all will miss you!

SUSPECTED EQUINE HERPES CASES REPORTED IN TENNESSEE NASHVILLE, Tenn.- The Tennessee Department of Agriculture has received reports of suspected cases of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) infection in horses that participated in a recent trail ride in Tennessee. Six to 8 suspected cases of the neurological form of EHV -1 have been reported to the state veterinarian’s office. Horses are being treated, isolated and monitored by their attending veterinarian. The horses may have been exposed to EHV-1 during the Bucksnort Trail Ride held April23-30 in Humphreys County. The event drew approximately 100 horses from multiple states. The movement of horses that attended the event is being restricted on a case by case basis.

TDA animal health officials are working with event organizers, neighboring state veterinarians and private veterinarians to identify other horses that may have been exposed or are exhibiting symptoms. As a precaution, State Veterinarian Charles Hatcher recommends that horse owners who participated in the Bucksnort event work with their veterinarian to restrict movement and to monitor their horses. Hatcher also recommends that isolation and monitoring continue for 28 days if any clinical signs of disease are observed. Veterinarians should report suspected neurological cases of EHV-1 to the State Veterinarian’s office at 615-837-5120. Equine Herpes Virus is highly contagious among horses but poses no threat to humans. The symptoms in horses may include a fever, nasal discharge, wobbly gait, hind-end weakness, dribbling of urine and diminished tail tone. The virus is easily spread by airborne transmission, horse-to-horse contact and by contact with nasal secretions on equipment, tack, feed and other surfaces. Caretakers can spread the virus to horses if their hands, clothing, shoes or vehicles are contaminated. The virus can cause aborted foals and can be fatal in some cases. The State Veterinarian also recommends that horse owners practice good biosecurity such as using your own trailer and equipment, not letting your horses touch other people’s horses, disinfecting shoes and equipment, washing hands after helping others with their horses and limiting access to your farm. A downloadable brochure about horse biosecurity is available from the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services at http:// /publications/ animal health/ content/ printable version/HorseBi oSecurity final.pdf.

Introducing The Year Of Midnight Sun Lewisburg, TN - At the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) Executive Committee meeting held May 24, 2012, a motion was passed to designate the next year “The Year Of Midnight Sun.” This special period of recognition will run from May 26, 2012 through May 26, 2013 and will mark the last year of the 10-year contract with Dixie Plantation that brought the beautiful Midnight Sun statue to the TWHBEA Commemorative Garden. During this dedicated year several special initiatives devoted to the great stallion will be launched including articles and photos in the Voice Magazine as well as on the TWHBEA website and special Midnight Sun centered activities at TWHBEA events. Thought by many to be the greatest Tennessee Walking Horse, Midnight Sun was often referred to as the Stallion of the Century. TWHBEA looks forward to honoring this great horse over the next year. The Scoop / Page 59

RUSTY WALLACE AND SAM MARTIN RACED INTO THE WINNER’S CIRCLE Toccoa, GA – It was a mild day on June 2, much to the delight of exhibitors and spectators, when the Northeast Georgia Classic Horse Show was held in Toccoa, Georgia. The husband and wife team of Gene and Jane Frye did an excellent job in the center ring. Gene kept the show moving as the announcer and Jane entertained with her beautiful organ music. Newton Parks from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, judged the qualities entries. With over 200 spectators, there were plenty of fans to cheer on their favorites. Ringmasters, Jimmy Brown and Joel Brookshire, did a great job watching over the ring and lining up the horses. The center ring secretary was Georgianna Allen; show manager, Jerry Elrod; and Pat Smith was the show secretary. The proceeds from this show benefit the Shriners’ Children Hospital Fund. The Shriners were there with their big grill cooking hamburgers and hot dogs and serving plenty of good food to the participants. Long-time supporter of the Northeast Georgia show, Wheeler Buff, won the 50/50 drawing, part of which he donated to the Shriners. Wheeler has attended and supported this show since its inception in 2010. A few outstanding classes were the Adult Amateur Pony Specialty class which was won by Another Image Of Class and owner/exhibitor, Ginger Hartlein. Ginger also won the 50 & Over Specialty class aboard Ritz On The Corner. Denise Coleman carried home the blue in a very competitive class of 15.2 & Under Specialty horses with Touch On My Cash. Emma Lee Cannon didn’t jump the border, but went straight to the winner’s circle on Jumpin The Border in the SCWHA Members Only Amateur Specialty. The Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty class saw Susan Paul and Famous Fame make the victory. Jeff V. Smith took the honors in the AOT Specialty on People Are Crazy. Tony and Sara Sheffield were delighted with Sara’s win on Jose Sure Thing in the Amateur Ladies Specialty class. SHOW officials commended the PRIDE DQP for a good job. They also commended the trainers for bringing talented and compliant horses to the inspection area. The officials were also pleased that PRIDE DQP coordinator, Jeff Daniels, attended and personally oversaw the inspection process. The SCOOP was proud to have been represented at this show and to have taken the candid pictures. Congratulations to all involved with the success of this show. For complete results, candid pictures, and the latest industry news, please visit our FREE website at

Sam Martin and Rusty Wallace rode for the blue in the Northeast Georgia Championship for Larry McLaughlin. They were greeted by Gary Martin, Larry Brown, Nicole and Rae Martin Page 62 / The Scoop

Northeast Georgia Classic NORTHEAST GEORGIA HORSE SHOW Toccoa, GA June 2, 2012 Judge: Newton Parks

YOUTH 11 & UNDER 1. Jose’s Special Edition Eaddy Gamble

Mr/Mrs Jason Gamble

TRAIL PLEASURE WESTERN ADULT SPECIALTY 1. Dream Catcher Command Linda Smith 2. Olympic Skywalker Laurie Coats

Lamar Coleman Chris & Laurie Coats

ADULT AMATEUR PONY SPECIALTY 1. Another Image Of Cash Ginger Hartlein 2. The Carolina Girl Billie DeArmond 3. I’m Game Tammy Farmer 4. Jose’s Dark N Stormy Judy Griggs 5. Jose Jose Jose Tanya Strickland

Ginger Hartlein Billie DeArmond Lou Goecker Judy Griggs Brian & Tanya Strickland

Park Performance Open Specialty 1. The Ultimate Goose 2. The Lookout 3. Delight’s Stolen Cash

Toni Strickland Aimee Goodson Kathryn Crowe

Toni Strickland Aimee Goodson Jack Crowe

Two Year Old Open 1. He’s High Dollar Cotton

Sam Martin

Emma Lee Cannon

Lite Shod Western Specialty 1. The Colors Of Northstar Laurie Coats 2. The Skywish Hannah McCurdy 3. Texas Millionaire Deidre Clements

Chris & Laurie Coats Amy McCurdy Toni Strickland

Youth Ponies 1. Move Over

Kaity Hayes

Brandon Hayes

Country Pleasure 1. Classy Commander 2. Pride’s Final Mark 3. Future Of Skywatch 4. Little Joe

Tammy Bledsoe Amy McCurdy Kerry DeArmond Darrell Kelly

Tammy Bledsoe Libby McCurdy Kelly Daniels Darrell Kelly

Amateur Ladies Specialty 1. Jose Sure Thing Sara Sheffield 2. I’m In The Dark JoAnne Overstreet 3. I’m Rocky Balboa April Mealor 4. Bo’s Shenia Rose Toni Strickland 5. A JFK Masterpiece Barbara Plaster

Tony & Sara Sheffield Kevin Overstreet April Mealor Sharpe & Strickland Barbara Plaster

Open Three Year Old 1. Jose’s Morning At The Ritz

Kip Looper

Gary Martin

Youth 12-17 Specialty 1. Rumble At The Ritz Taylor Wheless 2. Freako Chico Graceann White 3. He’s A Powerhouse Laney Bledsoe

Kline & Dot Wheless Billy White Family Scott & Norma Lynn Beal

Trail Pleasure English Adult Specialty 1. Dream Catcher Command Linda Smith 2. Olympic Skywalker Chris Coats

Lamar Coleman Chris & Laurie Coats

Billie DeArmond riding The Carolina Girl in the Adult Amateur Specialty.

Denise Coleman loving on her Touch On Cash MM after their win in the Amateur 15.2 and Under.

The Scoop / Page 63

Northeast Georgia Classic GWHEA Members Only Specialty 1. General Splash Kyle Little 2. Astronomer Ann Collins 3. Jose’s Bad Hombre April Mealor

Kline & Dot Wheless Ann Collins Robert Mitchell

Amateur 50 & Over Specialty 1. Ritz On The Corner 2. Sassy Touch Of Pride 3. Utah Jazz 4. Equals One More Time 5. Polar Express

Ginger Hartlein Tammy Farmer Wanda Goodson Paula Cash Bill Garland

Ginger Hartlein Lou Goecker Wanda Goodson Paula Cash Bill Garland

Trail Pleasure Beginners 1. Nite Fire’s Cookie

Graceann White

Billy White Family

Amateur Four Year Old 1. Jackie Bouvier All Over

Jennifer Hall

Jennifer Hall

Park Pleasure English Specialty 1. Encore’s Echo

Carl Bledsoe

Phil Goodson

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty Denise Coleman 1. Touch On Cash MM 2. A Bold Generator Kevin Overstreet 3. Jose Today Ginger Hartlein 4. Prime’s Powerstroke Nick Price 5. PJS Pushing Charm Dickie King

Denise Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Overstreet Ginger Hartlein Nick Price Dickie & Patty King

Amateur Canter 1. Pride’s Lady Dia Beverly McLeod 2. He’s Black As Night Sara Sheffield

Ed McLeod Tony & Sara Sheffield

Lite Shod English Specialty 1. Texas Millionaire 2. Keeping Cash For JFK McLaughlin

Deidre Clements Sam Martin

Toni Strickland Mr. & Mrs. Larry

Amateur Gentlemen Specialty 1. Silver’s Sassy Sally 2. I’m John Bull Wheless

Nick Price Josh Poole

Nick Price Kline & Dot

AOT Specialty 1. People Are Crazy Jeff V. Smith 2. A Dirty Deed Susan Paul 3. Million Dollar Smile Jonathan Holsomback 4. Urban Cowboy Kerry DeArmond 5. Los Lonely Boy Yvonne Prince

Jeff V. Smith Susan Paul Jonathan Holsomback Billie & Kerry DeArmond Yvonne Prince

SCWHA Members Only Amateur Specialty 1. Jumpin The Border Emma Lee Cannon 2. She’s Electric Tammy Farmer 3. Armed With Grandeur Kevin Overstreet 4. Commanding Gold Kerry DeArmond 5. Go Ahead Evil Pam Smith

Emma Lee Cannon Lou Goecker Janice Plyler Billie & Kerry DeArmond Judy Griggs

Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty 1. Famous Fame Susan Paul 2. Red Williams Charles Dempsey 3. Ultra Moment Nancy Bentley 4. Pusher’s Hot Item Tanya Strickland 5. Sunfire’s Sun Dancer Judy Griggs

Susan Paul Charles Dempsey Nancy Bentley Brian & Tanya Strickland Judy Griggs

Walking Championship 1. Rusty Wallace Sam Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Larry McLaughlin

Page 64 / The Scoop

Tammy Farmer in the Walking Ponies Adult Amateur Specialty riding I’m Game

Show photographer was Debby Bush.

Northeast Georgia Classic

Hannah McCurdy carries our nation’s flag with grace and reverence.

Judge Newton Parks and ringmaster, Joel Brookshire, salute Old Glory.

Adult Trail Pleasure Western Specialty winner, Linda Smith, taking the blue on Dream Catcher Command for Lamar Coleman.

Ginger Hartlein is congratulated on her win on Another Image of Cash in the Walking Ponies Adult Amateur Specialty class by Larry Brown, Rae Martin and Emma Lee Cannon.

Toni Strickland wins the Park Performance Open Specialty on The Ultimate Goose for Starke and Strickland.

Kerry DeArmond waits in line for inspection with Future Of Skywatch. The Scoop / Page 65

Northeast Georgia Classic

Ashton Simmons was on hand to thank the Shiners for their contribution in helping others. Ashton is an avid horseback rider.

Emma Lee Cannon, Rae Martin and Ginger Hartlein congratulate Sam Martin on his ride in the Two Year Old Open with He’s High Dollar Cotton for Dr. Dale Cannon.

Owner, Laurie Coats, wins the Lite Shod Western Specialty on The Colors Of Northstar.

Kaity Hayes takes home the blue in the Walking Ponies 17 & Under Specialty riding Move Over for her owner and grandfather, Brandon Hayes.

Amy McCurdy enjoyed her ride on Pride’s Final Mark for Libby McCurdy in the Country Pleasure class.

Sarah Sheffield and Jose Sure Thing are congratulated by trainer, Rae Martin, and her husband,Tony Sheffield, on their win in the Amateur Ladies Specialty.

Page 66 / The Scoop

Northeast Georgia Classic

Gary Martin and Jose’s Morning At The Ritz pleased owner, Kip Looper, along with Dr. Jim Gore with a grand ride in the Three Year Old Open. Trainers, Rae Martin and Larry Brown, are proud of their work.

Trainer, Ken Moore, congratulates Taylor Wheless on her blue in the Youth 12-17 Specialty riding Rumble At The Ritz for her proud grandparents, Kline and Dot Wheless.

Linda Smith is all smiles atop Dream Catcher Command following their win in the Adult Trail Pleasure English Specialty for Lamar Coleman.

Anthony Moore and rider, Kyle Little, are pleased with a blue on General Splash for Kline and Dot Wheless in the GWHEA Members Only Specialty.

Rae Martin congratulates Ginger Hartlein on her blue riding Ritz On The Corner in the 50 and Over Amateur Specialty.

Graceann White and Night Fire’s Cookie take another blue for Billy White, this time in Beginning Trail Pleasure 17 and Under. The Scoop / Page 67

Northeast Georgia Classic

Beverly McLeod takes the blue on Pride’s Lady Dia for Edward McLeod in Amateur Open Canter.

Jennifer Hall and Jackie Bouvier All Over take the blue in the Four Year Old Amateur Specialty, shown here with trainer, Rae Martin.

Deidre Clements and Texas Millionaire take the blue for Toni Strickland in Lite Shod English Specialty.

Stan Tindal is pleased with his blue for Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gamble on The Red Bomber in the Open Specialty.

Nick Price and Silver’s Sassy Sally win the Amateur Men’s Specialty.

Jeff Smith and wife, Sally, couldn’t be happier on winning this blue on People Are Crazy in the Amateur Owned and Trained Specialty.

Page 68 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 69

Northeast Georgia Classic

Emma Lee Cannon and Jose’s Jumpin the Border take home the blue in SCWHA Members Only Amateur Specialty. They are congratulated by Larry Brown and Rae Martin.

Ilene Jones and Johnny Paul congratulate Susan Paul and Famous Flame on their great ride in the Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty.

The Northeast Georgia Charity Horse Show assisted local Shriners in raising money for the Shriners’ Children Hospital Fund.

Nancy Bentley and Denise Coleman

Kerry DeArmond, Anthony and Ken Moore

Some of Ken Moore’s customers gather before the show: Paula Cash, Dr. April Mitchell Mealor, Michael Mealor, Brenda and Bob Marmon.

Page 70 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 71

Neshoba County Classic

Amanda Walker and Enough Smoke smile for the camera after their blue ribbon ride.

Oh Too Cool and Ben Moss were congratulated by Ron Carney and Josh Watts.

Gins Who Dat and Jerry Woodlee following their blue ribbon ride

Double My Line and Jonathon Watts were congratulated by Dale Watts for the Kimble Tew Family.

Dr. Ann Rea and Lucy Watts were all smiles following Alex Rea’s win aboard Gen’s Stonecutter.

The ladies working behind the scene take a break and smile for the camera.

Page 72 / The Scoop

Neshoba County Classic

Josh Watts and Paroled From San Quenton were congratulated after their win in the stake class. Philadelphia, MS - The 34th Annual Neshoba County Classic took place on June 2 at the Neshoba County Coliseum in Philadelphia, MS. Through a partnership with the Neshoba County Chamber of Commerce and Allies for Education, the show has pledged to donate all proceeds toward educational scholarships which will be awarded to deserving high school seniors in the area. Allies for Education offers $1,000 scholarships to eligible students.

Paroled from San Quenton and Josh Watts took home the top honors in the TWHNC Riders’ Cup Walking Stake Class for proud owner, Dr. Ann Rea of Summit, MS. Other notable wins include Dollars And Dreams and Elizabeth Tew in the Amateur Show Pleasure class, Lady Parolee with Ashley Cockerham in Amateur Ponies, and Oh Too Cool and Ben Moss in the Amateur Two Year Old class. The pleasure division was well represented at the Neshoba County Classic as well. Amanda Walker and She’s Loose And Armed claimed their win in the Trail Pleasure division, while Betty Murphy and Shimmer claimed top honors in the Country Pleasure division. Thanks to all the owners, exhibitors and trainers for making this horse show a huge success.

The horse show kicked-off on Friday evening with a cookout for trainers, exhibitors, and owners. Breakfast followed on Saturday night in the hospitality room. The annual event featured two performances by the Neshoba County 4-H Flag Team during the show’s opening ceremonies and mid-show break. The Honorable Jennifer Bingham of Shelbyville, Tennesssee, was For all the latest industry news and results, please visit our FREE on hand to judge the 32-class event, while Sid Abernathy cap- website at tured each exhibitor’s winning stride through the crosshairs of his camera lens.

The Scoop / Page 73

Neshoba County Classic NESHOBA COUNTY CLASSIC Philadelphia, MS June 2, 2012 Judge: Jennifer Bingham Lead Line 1. Graycie Jordan Open Specialty 1. Home Run Feelin Dick Peebles 2. Showboat’s Boogie Man Fred Dillon

Martha Wilker Paul Baham

Amateur Three Year Old Stallions 1. Devil’s Demon Sam Brown III

Sam Brown, Jr.

Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. Sheza Gamer Shannon Stepp 2. Seve’s Dark Star Ashley Cockerham

Shannon Stepp Ashley Cockerham

Two Year Old Amateur 1. Oh Too Cool Ben Moss

Carney & Moss

AOT Specialty 1. Gen’s Slow Motion 2. Wicked

Morgan Head Jim Hardy

Wardell Head Jim & Lois Hardy

Riders’ Cup Four Year Old Open Canter Jerry Woodlee 1. Gin’s Who Dat 2. Cash’s Comanchero Josh Watts

Carol Canerday Dr. David Brown

Park Pleasure Open Specialty 1. All Legs Sam Brown III 2. Sweet Chicago Bradley Burroughs 3. Angel’s Bad Whiskey Patty Lang

Sam Brown Sam Brown, Jr. Patty Lang

Park Performance Open Specialty 1. I’m Bold & Beautiful Gale Myers 2. Kodachrome’s Firefly Morgan Head 3. I’m Pushed Enough Ronnie Cockerham 4. Dangerous Ms. Williams Chris Mills 5. She’s Grand Enough Percy Lewis

Gale Myers Wardell Head Ronnie Cockerham Ann & Chris Mills Sheila Lee

Amateur Four Year Old Stallions 1. Cash In Rubies Ann Mills Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Stallions 1. Double My Line Jonathan Watts 2. A Night Hawk Jerry Woodlee Amateur Ponies 1. Lady Parolee

Ashley Cockerham

15.2 & Under Amateur Specialty 1. Cash’s Grey Ghost Ann Hatcher 2. Cash Venture Martha Wilkes

Page 74 / The Scoop

Ann & Chris Mills

Riders’ Cup 15.2 & Under Open 1. Jose Whole Shabang Edgar Abernathy

Darren & Viki Jones

Trail Pleasure English/Western 1. She’s Loose And Armed Amanda Walker 2. Extra’s Cashmere Betty Murphy 3. Jose’s Eli Harlan Hatcher 4. Katrina Alycia Watkins

George & Amanda Walker Chandler Farms Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Hatcher Alycia Watkins

Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. The Party Line Josh Watts 2. Pushover’s Black Gin Edgar Abernathy

Lefay Hill Yates & Jones

Country Pleasure English/Western 1. Shimmer Betty Murphy 2. Lucy At The Ritz Susan Alexander 3. Pete’s Moon Walker Bradley Burroughs 4. XS Mary Ivy 5. Ideal Jazz Punkie Stewart

Danny & Betty Murphy Bobby Houston Anne Osborne Mary Ivy Stewart & Hodges

Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Stallions 1. Major Titleist Josh Watts 2. Ted’s Winning Play Dick Peebles

Otis Seaberry Reid Estes

Amateur Ladies Specialty 1. Abel Ann Rea 2. Silver Shiraz Carol Canerday 3. Just Another Lie Elizabeth Rester

Ann Rea Carol Canerday Elizabeth Rester

Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. I’m Sky High Jose Scott Tew

Darryle & Donna Thompson

Gentlemen’s Amateur Specialty 1. Gen’s Stone Cutter Alex Rea 2. Dixie’s Magician Ronnie Cockerham

Ann Rea Ronnie Cockerham

Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty 1. Dollars And Dreams Elizabeth Tew 2. Jazz Zone Ben Moss 3. Armed Soldier Elizabeth Rester 4. Thru The Fire Bobbye Baham

Scott & Elizabeth Tew Carney & Moss Elizabeth Rester Paul & Bobbye Baham

Amateur Specialty 1. Dark Escape

Dr. John & Judith Dial

Judith Dial

Kimble & Madeline Tew Sherri Roebuck

Riders’s Cup Two Year Old Mares & Geldings 1. Hey Hey Baby Edgar Abernathy 2. She’s In The Lineup Dick Peebles

Dr. Tommy & Pat Vinson Robin MacDonald

Ricky Cockerham

Amateur Canter 1. Arms Dealer

Carney & Moss

Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Hatcher Martha Wilkes

Ben Moss

Riders’ Cup Walking Stake 1. Paroled From San Quenton 2. Major G’s Hard Cash Girl 3. Gen’s Slow Motion

Josh Watts Dick Peebles

Ann Rea Heather McCormick Edgar Abernathy Wardell Head

Neshoba County Classic

Liz Gassaway was thrilled to have her booth at Philadelphia.

Ron Carney and Ben Moss were all smiles following Ben’s phenomenal rides .

Alex Rea poses for the camera.

Morgan Head and Amanda Walker following She’s Loose And Armed’s win in Trail Pleasure.

Jonathon Watts congratulates Josh Watts on his blue ribbon ride on The Party Line.

Mr. Hill, The Party Line, and Dale Watts The Scoop / Page 75

Neshoba County Classic

Danny Murphy congratulates Shimmer and Betty Murphy after their win in Country Pleasure.

The Otis Seaberry Family was thrilled after their win in the Open Three Year Old class with Major Titleist.

Landon Head, Alex Rea, Gen’s Stonecutter, and Jonathon Watts pose for the camera.

Jennifer Bingham and The Ring Master were all smiles at the horse show.

Elizabeth Tew and Dollars And Dreams were congratulated after their win in the Show Pleasure Class by family and friends. Page 76 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 77

Page 78 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 79

Columbia, TN

Page 80 / The Scoop

The Scoop / Page 81

The Columbia Spring Jubilee

COLUMBIA, TN-The SCOOP was honored to capture the blue ribbon candid pictures at the Columbia Spring Jubilee. For more photos, show results, news, upcoming events, and information on this show, visit the industry’s only FREE website that provides all of this information at The 61st Annual Columbia Spring Jubilee was a huge hit this year. Even with the presence of the USDA on the first night, they still had a great turnout with 140 entries and with 125 entries making the gate call on the second night. The show was held at its usual location, the Maury County Park, in Columbia, TN. The show’s date for this year was June 1-2, 2012, beginning each evening at 6:00pm. The official photographer, Jennifer Barr, captured the victory lap photos.You can view the proofs on her website at www.jenniferbarrstudios. com. The horse show this year affiliated with SHOW HIO and the judges for the event were the Honorable Joel Weaver of Shelbyville, TN, Brent Grider of Columbia, KY, and Derek Bonner of Mooresboro, NC. The judges marked 24 of the 43 classes by unanimous decision. Tommy Williams kept the crowd entertained as he did the announcing and called the winners. Show chairman, Ronald Morton, and co-chairman, David Sisk, kept the 43 classes rolling smoothly. The show benefited the Maury County FFA chapters and college scholarships for Maury County students. Friday night’s festivities started off with the Fine Harness class. Armed Assassin and Tamara Kasser at the whip were the champions. Many other competitive and exciting classes followed. The final class was called to the ring and this was definitely worth the wait. Four top entries made the gate call to compete for the prize. Coming out on top by unanimous decision was Puttin Cash On The Line and Tim Smith for the Tommy Jowers Family. This horse showing under the David Landrum Stables banner has claimed several blue ribbon titles this year on his quest towards World Grand Championship honors. Reserve in this fine class went only to Private Charter and Knox Blackburn for owner, Mike Walden.

Puttin’ Cash On The Line and Tim Smith were the unanimous blue ribbon winners in the Walking Horse Stake class for the Tommy Jowers family. Page 82 / The Scoop

Columbia, TN COLUMBIA SPRING JUBILEE Columbia, TN June 1-2, 2012 Judges: Derek Bonner, Brent Grider, Joel Weaver

Fine Harness Bonner Grider Weaver Final 263 215 233 263 215 263 263 215 240 232 232 232 233 240 240 240 232 233 215 233 228 228 228 228 1. Armed Assasin Tamara Kasser 2. Cash’s Baby Girl Hulon Humphrey 3. Foolish Dollar Wilsene Kwok 4. I’m Chesapeake Bay Joyce Myers 5. Dazzling Dumas Sonny Holt 6. I’ll Be Good Rachel Burch

Charles & Carol Ann Gavin Wardell Ahead O & W Moody, Ltd Joyce Meadows Koni Graves Rachel Burch

Country Pleasure Grider Weaver Bonner Final 213 216 222 222 222 222 301 213 216 213 213 216 301 301 216 301 275 211 211 211 262 262 275 242 229 229 262 275 211 412 229 229 1. Cowboy On Parole Miles Irby Chiappari & Sims 2. She’s Pretty Jazzy Kaitlyn Rippy Kaitlyn Rippy 3. Mr. Jessie James Mackenzie Morgan Ann Jameson 4. Wicked Imagination Jana Anderson Dr. Jana Anderson 5. High Tide Surfin B.J. Richards Stacey Richards Family 6. The Son Of Lightning Joe Davis Joe Davis Family 7. Triple My Cash Nathan Clark Clark Farms 8. Outback Express Sarah Keenan Sarah Keenan Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty Weaver Bonner Grider Final 288 299 288 288 231 231 246 231 305 288 231 305 299 305 305 299 272 237 237 237 246 272 264 246 237 246 299 272 264 264 272 264 1. Bold Reaction Kailin Kesselring 2. Turnbow Lynn Womack 3. In A Danger Zone Alex Way 4. My Blackeyed Susan Rose Anstett 5. Beamin Dollar Megan Peebles 6. Pearl Gunn Sally Fleck 7. Sky Jam Suzanne Moore 8. Firestone Wicked Walker Belinda Mendenhall

Kasey Kesselring Family Sims & Womack Dr. & Mrs. Rosser Wall Raymond Popp Sharon Peebles Sally Fleck Bud & Suzanne Moore Mark West

Open Four Year Old Bonner Grider Weaver Final 210 210 210 210 255 300 255 255 300 260 300 300 260 255 260 260 1. Powerstroke’s Evening Star Herbert Derickson 2. Sir Skywatch Charlie Green 3. More Horsepower Bobby Hugh 4. All American Label Michael Daniel

Ingraham & McGee Rich Family Jannie Chapman Jeff & Diann Walker

Trail Pleasure Final Grider Weaver Bonner 232 89 211 89 89 293 217 211 217 211 89 217 211 217 293 293 293 232 232 232 245 245 245 245 204 204 204 204 1. The Wicked Master Sheryl Volkman 2. Good Luck Chuck B.J. Richards 3. Affectionately Barbara Kenehan 4. Music City Jass Laura Brandon 5. Victoria’s Got A Secret Wilsene Kwok 6. Fringe Benefits Kathy Anderson 7. Magic Revelation Marsha Prock

John & Sheryl Volkman Martocci & Richards Jay & Barbara Kenehan Wallace & Laura Brandon Jack & Wilsene Kwok Kathy Anderson Marsha Prock

Amateur Park Performance Weaver Bonner Grider Final 409 409 409 409 292 251 292 292 208 292 251 251 251 9 208 208 9 208 9 9 1. Dos Equis Allison Thorson 2. Kody’s High Roller Joe Dixon 3. Sky Five Susan Coleman 4. Avenger’s Lady Threat John Cabe 5. The Dangerous Nine Susan Swaner

Thorsport, Inc Randall & Gloria Dixon Phyllis Langley Cabe & Webb Susan Swaner

Plantation Park Pleasure Bonner Weaver Grider Final 256 25 256 256 290 290 295 290 295 295 290 295 279 279 279 279 1. Lined Up At The Ritz Patrick Thomas 2. Prince Jose Bruce Hankins 3. A Little Mo Jazz Jeff Laughlin 4. Outlined In Silver Wayne Westbrook

Cassique Plantation Anne Frank Wallace & Laura Brandon Robert Westbrook

The Scoop / Page 83

Columbia, TN Amateur Three Year Old Stallions Grider Weaver Bonner Final 249 249 249 249 413 302 406 302 259 333 302 406 401 413 333 333 302 275 259 413 275 306 275 259 333 406 306 275 306 259 413 306 1. Gin Rio Becky Coleman 2. I Am The Rock Jr. Jannie Chapman 3. Jose Avatar Ruth Logsdon 4. The Crimson Sky Ty Irby 5. A Superbowl MVP Mary Elizabeth Morrison 6. Dollar Pushed Over Jimmy Wheeler 7. Mucho Pesos Nathan Clark Plantation Pleasure Walking, Lite Shod Final Weaver Bonner Grider 256 296 296 296 296 256 256 256 243 218 218 218 201 243 201 243 218 201 243 201 257 257 257 257 212 212 212 212 1. A Mountain Jazz Jeff Laughlin 2. Design Dynamics Patrick Thomas ols 3. Major Orders Laurie Toone 4. Confederate Jazz Carrie Martin 5. Gi Gi’s Jamaican Generator Liegh Stuart 6. Vol’s Spirit Jeff Givens 7. A Bit Of Heaven Jenny Ozburn Youth Walking Ponies Bonner Grider Weaver Final 415 415 409 415 219 417 415 234 234 288 234 288 311 234 288 409 409 409 311 311 288 219 417 417 417 311 219 219 1. Tommy Lee Jones Benjamin Bowen 2. A Shady Character Hayden Burks 3. Inception Kailin Kesselring 4. Sweet Sevens Allison Thorson 5. Eagle’s Finesse Cole Sims 6. A Show Of Jazz Robert Cortner 7. Shock Jock Madeleine Coleman

Madeleine Coleman Jannie Chapman Ronnie & Ruth Logsdon Irby Farms & Stables Andrew Morrison Jimmy Wheeler Clark Farms

Jeff & Keri Laughlin Jim & Debbie NichWestmark Farms Kasey Kesselring Nick & Kaitlyn Rippy Vicki Swayne Vicki Etheridge

Benjamin Bowen Holly Thrasher Kasey Kesselring Family Thorsport, Inc. Mike Chiappari Family The Cortner Family Walker Coleman

Plantation Park Pleasure Grider Weaver Bonner Final 256 256 256 256 201 201 201 201 289 289 289 289 228 228 228 228 1. Armed & Trigger Happy Patrick Thomas Cassique Plantation 2. Dark Spirit’s Mack Daddy Leigh Stuart Murrell & Shirley Stuart 3. Yao Ming Nicole Coffey Nicole Coffey 4. Firestone’s Bobby Bee Rachel Burch Darrell Warren Family

Page 84 / The Scoop

Amateur Two Year Old Mares & Geldings Bonner Grider Final Weaver 258 258 258 258 207 274 207 207 274 207 274 274 438 414 414 414 414 438 438 438 1. Conga Line Courtney Luttrell 2. Swing Jazz Erica Way 3. A Crème Brulee Laura Brandon 4. A Night Owl Christy Warner 5. Tea Cup Jennifer Pendleton Open Three Year Old Final Bonner Grider Weaver 421 421 421 421 276 276 261 276 257 257 276 257 261 410 257 261 209 209 209 209 410 261 410 410 1. I’m Tex Anna Larry Edwards 2. Miss Splashy Cash Tim Smith Farm 3. Jose’s Cherry Darling Jeff Green 4. A Real Country Girl Justin Harris 5. Charmer’s Caretaker Link Webb 6. Beam Me Up Ritz Andy Simpson Novice Performance Final Grider Weaver Bonner 239 602 602 602 602 239 239 239 265 265 265 265 250 250 407 250 407 407 250 407 235 235 244 235 244 244 235 244 411 411 411 411 1. Royal Fortune Heather Beard 2. C Est La Vie Carol Lackey 3. West Side Willie Gavin Kasser 4. Jose’s Knight Charles Craddock 5. Jose’s Gold Coin Lady Dr. Jim Baum 6. Tin Man’s Party Doll Robbie Spiller 7. He’s Hot As Fire Caleb Kilburn 8. Gin And White Diamonds Dean Hutchinson Amateur Two Year Old Stallions Weaver Bonner 303 303 280 280 427 428 428 427 231 231 1. Brain Power 2. He’s Crimson Sky 3. Ritz’s Doctor 4. A Winning Bet 5. Dance Time In Texas

Stone Manor Farm H. T. Derickson Wallace & Laura Brandon Christy Warner

Byard & Groover Evergreen Walking Horse Alfia Rupard George Wright Family Wayne Clayton Tommy Halmontaller

Heather Beard Jimmy & Carol Lackey Charles & Carol Ann Gavin Connie Craddock Lisa Baum Robbie Spiller Salt Lick Farms Dean Hutchinson

Grider Final 280 303 303 280 427 427 428 428 231 231 Debbie Eichler Rising Star Ranch Suzy Matthews Gordon & Matthews Sheila Groover Bob Hurt Shane Yokley Lynn Womack Ricky & Lisa Atnip

Columbia, TN

The Scoop / Page 85

Columbia, TN Amateur Specialty Bonner Grider Weaver Final 297 297 205 297 205 269 269 205 266 205 220 269 220 419 297 220 419 266 266 266 273 273 419 419 269 220 273 273 1. Dollar’s Bright Star Jannie Chapman 2. Rosetta Stone Patty Marek 3. A Private Benjamin Detha Yoder 4. Country & Famous Miles Irby 5. Pushover’s Jazzy Lady Bruce Vaughn 6. Watch Number Seven Gayle Holcomb 7. High Jacked Dr. Jim Baum

Jannie Chapman Marek & Smith Detha Yoder Rick & Marla Lovett Bruce & Linda Vaughn Gayle Holcomb Lisa Baum

Open Specialty Grider Weaver 267 308 308 267 310 257 209 423 257 209 247 247 423 310 1. Jose’s High Society 2. That’s My Luck 3. Extremely Poisonous 4. Paroled At Sundown 5. Power Pushin 6. A Major Title 7. He’s Ritz N Cash

Final Bonner 267 267 308 308 310 310 257 257 209 209 247 247 423 423 Justin Harris John Puckett Blake Sims Jeff Green Link Webb Brock Tillman Jerry Williams

Larry Ross Doss Farms Bill Webb Family Nancy Clements Leland MacDonald Jim Gullett Sid Baker

Walking Horse Auxiliary Weaver Bonner 254 254 221 221 602 602 1. Lethal Nightshade 2. Hydrostatic 3. Pushin For Parole

Grider Final 254 254 221 221 602 602 Susan Coleman Dru McCormick Heather Beard

Phyllis Langley Ann Bailey Ed Lewis

Amateur 15.2 & Under Bonner Grider Weaver Final 313 313 313 313 202 202 202 202 209 209 209 209 1. He’s 3 Under Par Barbara Kenehan 2. Mucho Pavo Ty Irby 3. Mark Zone Lora Lawrence

Jay & Barbara Kenehan Irby Farms & Stables Lawrence & Webb

Amateur Three Year Old Mares & Geldings Grider Weaver Bonner Final 206 206 206 206 424 408 424 424 270 424 408 408 408 270 270 270 420 420 420 420 1. Disturbia Sue Irby 2. Chips N Salsa Nancy Groover 3. An American Maid Debbie Flack 4. Ickaboo Robin MacDonald 5. Jazz’s Witchie Woman Lynn Hickok

Irby Farms & Stables Nancy Groover Jim & Debbie Flack Bruce & Robin MacDonald Ridgemont Farm

Open Four Year Old Weaver Bonner 268 268

Page 86 / The Scoop

Grider 268

Final 268

298 276 298 298 276 209 209 276 209 298 276 209 1. I’m Innocent Justin Harris 2. Skywatch Makes Magic Bobby Hugh 3. I’m Ritz And Dangerous Tim Smith 4. He’s Busting The Gin Link Webb Model Open Bonner 340 347 454 13 430

Grider 340 430 347 13 454

Weaver 430 347 340 13 454

Darrell & Tracy Oliver Raymond & Diana Popp Allred & Beard Steve Mozeley

Final 340 347 430 13 454

1. The Prestige Beverly Lamp 2. Heavenly Texas Cash Keith Reed 3. A Red Ruby Laurie Toone 4. I’m A Coppertone Girl Ronnie Rushing 5. Play Toy Mackenzie Morgan

Rushing Creek Walkers Phyllis Reed Liz Gassaway Rushing Creek Walkers Laurie Toone

Riders’ Cup Park Performance Final Grider Weaver Bonner 324 32 324 324 337 257 257 257 257 337 452 337 452 330 337 452 330 452 330 330 1. Moonshine Man Phillip Trimble 2. JD’s Armed Ray Lewis Jeff Green 3. Hello Dollar Link Webb 4. Jose’s Moonlit Dreamgirl Andy Simpson 5. Polo Ritz Michael Daniel

Bob Cunningham Randolph & Edna Scott D. R. Mozeley Ted & Dina Swartz Cindy Bowman

Amateur/Youth Yearlings Final Weaver Bonner Grider 326 309 309 309 455 455 312 455 309 326 455 326 312 312 3 312 3 3 326 3 1. I’m A Farmers Daughter Molly Vaughn 2. I’m Star Gazing Bradley Richards 3. High On Arrival Logan Goosetree 4. Rowdy Friend Hunter Fikes 5. Doc Pearl Ella Kline

Bobby Joe Jones Family Rhonda Martocci Lowery & Johnston Bill Harlin C.L. Kline Farms

Riders’ Cup Open Show Pleasure Specialty 458 328 328 328 328 333 333 333 333 320 458 458 352 257 257 257 435 352 352 352 320 458 320 320 257 435 330 435 330 330 435 330 1. Coin’s Black Stroke John Puckett 2. My Blackeyed Susan Bobby Hugh 3. Beau Jazz Justin Harris 4. Lakota Colors Jeff Green 5. Whole Lotta Luck Mickey McCormick 6. Ninety Yards Herbert Derickson 7. FBI Of Tennessee Brad Kirby 8. Paroled In Tennessee Michael Daniel

Reggie Pimentel Raymond Popp MacDonald & Oliver Wadsworth Farms Madeleine Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brantley Melvin Harris Belvie Jordon

Columbia, TN Youth 11 & Under Grider Weaver Bonner Final 460 460 460 460 321 317 317 317 317 321 321 321 431 344 344 344 344 431 431 431 453 453 453 453 327 327 327 327 1. A Cloudy Sky Nathan Oliver 2. She’s Armed With Poison William Derickson 3. Spin My Money Isaiah Lambert 4. On Probation Cali Mason 5. A Fire In Dixie Counti Green 6. Dumas In Command Preston Hicks

Darrell & Tracy Oliver Thomas Derickson Sandy Shumate Buddy & Lynn Wilhelm The Cortner Family Preston Hicks

7. Burnin Sky Svanah Martin

Dr. & Mrs. Rosser Wall

Yearling Fillies Final Weaver Bonner Grider 500 500 500 500 426 426 426 426 466 466 466 466 3 3 3 3 1. Intimidator’s Cover Girl Amanda Wright 2. I’m Star Gazing Bobby Richards 3. I’m A Farmers Daughter Beverly Lamp 4. Doc Pearl Ella Kline

Waites & Wright Rhonda Martocci Bobby Joe Jones Family C.L. Kline Farms

Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Mares Bonner Grider Weaver Final 315 315 223 315 447 223 447 447 322 447 315 223 223 332 457 322 457 605 322 457 433 349 605 605 332 433 332 332 349 257 433 433 1. High Society Ritz Ryan Blackburn 2. She’s Fearless Winky Groover 3. Jane’s Silver Lining Herbert Derickson 4. Rock A Bye Lady Lou Tim Gray 5. Lined Royal Cash Brad Davis 6. Yahtzee Justin Jenne 7. Main Powerhouse Jeff Laughlin 8. I’m So Blessed Charlie Green

Houston Manning Jay & Barbara Kenehan Tommy McGee Fletcher Griffin O & W Moody, Ltd. Bill & Karen Bean Rising Star Ranch Bailey & Coleman

Youth 12-17 Specialty Grider Weaver Bonner Final 463 463 463 463 436 436 323 436 323 323 436 323 439 439 341 439 341 341 439 341 1. Pushin That Jazz Robert Cortner 2. Bacardi And Me Allison Thorson 3. Jose’s Vengeance Rae Shumate-Tysor 4. Premium Tap Kelly Short 5. Escape From Alcatraz Benjamin Bowen

The Cortner Family Jill Smith Rae Shumate-Tysor Jan Short Larry & Pam Russell

Yearling Colts Weaver 346 326 470 444 3

Bonner 346 444 470 326 3

Grider 346 444 326 470 3

Final 346 444 326 470 3

1. Cooperstown 2. Ted’s Knockout 3. High On Arrival 4. Rowdy Friends 5. Black Bruce

Marty Warren Kim McMahan Logan Goosetree Beverly Lamp Ella Kline

Denise Smith Kim McMahan Lowery & Johnston Bill Harlin C.L. Kline Farms

Adult Amateur Ponies Bonner Grider 603 603 338 319 319 494 494 338 350 335 498 498 336 429 429 350 1. The Lady’s Man

Weaver Final 603 603 319 319 494 494 338 338 437 350 350 498 429 429 498 335 Maisie McSwain

Dan McSwain

2. Watch Delight Maria Bobo 3. Cash Lotto Kim Bailey 4. Ecstatic Sarah Moersch 5. Nine Yard Blitz Laura Cochran 6. Design’s Judge Archie Brooks 7. Frankie Blue Eyes Samantha Bell 8. All American Label Sheryl Jordan

Maria Derickson Bobo James & Kim Bailey Family Rolling Hills Farm Laura & Tim Cochran Archie Brooks Jerry Bell Jeff & Diane Walker

Riders’ Cup Two Year Old Stallions Grider Weaver 316 316 322 447 464 334 447 459 334 464 337 322 459 337 457 457 1. Lined With Command 2. I’m Jimmy Crickett 3. He’s Crimson Sky 4. Dr. Dr. Give Me The News 5. Cosmic Jazz 6. Fetch Me The Title 7. El Rango 8. Eyeore

Final Bonner 316 316 464 447 447 464 334 334 322 322 459 459 457 337 337 457 Ryan Blackburn Winky Groover Tim Smith Bobby Hugh Tim Gray Justin Harris Link Webb Brad Davis

Houston Manning Rising Star Ranch Gordon & Matthews Lisa Baum Joe & Carol Killian Andy & Lynn Rippy Rolling Hills Farm Joe & Carol Killian

Amateur Four Year Old Mares & Geldings Weaver Bonner Grider Final 465 486 486 486 486 465 495 465 495 495 465 495 461 440 440 440 355 338 338 338 338 461 355 355 318 318 318 461 440 355 488 318 1. Dominick Jimmy Lackey 2. Dirty Sexy Money Laura Brandon 3. I’m Spicy Hot Paige Edwards 4. Ritz Diamond In The Ruff Alex Blackburn 5. Splashing At The Ritz Sarah Moersch 6. Strong As A Dollar Susan Coleman 7. Titleist Accent Sydney Shortridge 8. A Game Face Patty Marek

Jimmy & Carol Lackey Wallace & Laura Brandon Hawkersmith Family James & Betty Corlew Sarah Moersch Larry Markum Scott & Donna Shortridge Marek & Smith

The Scoop / Page 87

Columbia, TN Amateur 50 & Over Bonner Grider Weaver Final 496 496 496 496 351 351 351 351 266 488 266 266 468 354 488 488 488 266 468 468 354 468 354 354 442 442 442 442 1. Kudos For Cash W.H. Hill 2. They Call Me Samson Karen Bean 3. I’m Clark Kent Bruce Vaughn 4. I’m A Lipstick Lady Juanita Thigpen 5. Showboat’s Showgirl Debbie Marbry 6. Jose’s Tom Turkey Tommy Halmontaller 7. I Be Stoned Archie Brooks

Dr. and Mrs. W.H. Hill Bill & Karen Bean Bruce & Linda Vaughn Charles & Juanita Thigpen Nancy Clements Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brantley Archie Brooks

Riders’ Cup 15.2 & Under Open Canter 349 349 349 349 330 330 330 330 1. Shock Jock Brock Tillman 2. I’m Breakin Bad Michael Daniel

Walker Coleman John Odom

Amateur Ladies Specialty Weaver Bonner Grider Final 494 494 277 494 277 277 348 277 348 348 494 348 353 353 353 353 1. A Victoria Secret Maisie McSwain 2. Dance All Night Rita Hudgens 3. Bold Vengeance Heather Beard 4. Bullet Proof Brenda Dawson

Maisie McSwain Frank & Rita Hudgens Judy McDonald Brenda Dawson

Amateur Four Year Old Stallions Bonner Grider Weaver Final 445 225 445 445 225 445 225 225 434 434 443 434 443 443 342 443 342 342 434 342 335 335 335 335 1. MP2 Debbie Eichler 2. Gin Toddy Sue Irby 3. It’s 5 O’Clock Courtney Luttrell 4. He’s Starbucks Suzanne Moore 5. Intensity Stephanie Gordon 6. I Am Einstein Sheryl Jordon

Rising Star Ranch Sue Irby Courtney & Alex Luttrell Bud & Suzanne Moore Stephanie Gordon Lisa Bowman Anderson

Riders’ Cup Three Year Old Stallions Grider Weaver Bonner Final 499 499 499 499 224 224 224 224 432 432 432 432 352 352 329 352 329 329 352 329 337 337 337 337 1. Conditional Release Larry Edwards 2. Master’s Razzle And Jazz Herbert Derickson 3. Heza War Horse Charlie Green 4. Ted’s Snap Shot Mickey McCormick 5. The Red King John Puckett 6. The Ringer Link Webb

Herb Murrath Alan Riddley Family Keith Breedlove Bill & Karen Bean Double B Farm Barlanra Boersey

Page 88 / The Scoop

Amateur Specialty Stallions Weaver Bonner Grider Final 444 444 444 444 471 471 471 471 462 462 242 462 445 242 462 242 493 445 493 445 242 493 445 496 1. He’s Vida Blue Kay Green 2. Sky Miles Beth Sims 3. John FK’s Pusher Robin MacDonald MacDonald 4. Hard Mountain Cash Paul Robbins 5. Arms Deal For Real Debbie Eichler 6. Jose Strikes Gold Jared Johnston

Kay Green Mike Chiappari Family Bruce & Robin Paul Robbins Rising Star Ranch Jared & Katelyn- Johnston

Amateur Canter Final Bonner Grider Weaver 443 443 443 443 497 497 497 497 448 448 448 448 1. On The Line Suzanne Moore 2. Pride Of Willis Tamara Kasser 3. My Margaritaville Ann Marie Couch

Bud Moore Charles & Carol Ann Gavin Royce & Ann Marie Couch

Riders’ Cup Walking Championship Final Grider Weaver Bonner 464 464 464 464 446 446 446 446 469 469 469 469 331 331 331 331 1. Puttin Cash On The Line Tim Smith 2. Private Charter Knox Blackburn 3. Dallas Cowboy Joe Martin 4. A Showdown John Puckett

The Tommy Jowers Family Mike Walden Family Gus King Showboat Productions, Inc.

I’m Innocent and Justin Harris showed off their World Championship ways to claim the blue ribbon at the Columbia Spring Jubilee in the Four Year Old Stallion class for the Darrell Oliver family.

Columbia, TN

Kay Green was congratulated by her friends following her exciting performance with He’s Vida Blue by unanimous decision of the judging panel in the Amateur Specialty Stallion class.

The new partnership of Cortner and Luttrell seemed to be very successful as Robert Cortner made a blue ribbon ride on Pushin’ That Jazz. This team won at Panama City horse show and is on their quest toward championship honors.

Laura and Lilly Waites greeted Amanda Wright and Intimidators Cover Girl after their Yearling championship.

The World Grand Championship team of Cloudy Sky and Nathan Oliver showed off their championship style to claim a unanimous blue.

Coin’s Black Stroke and John Puckett were the Show Pleasure Champions out of a large class.

Cowboy On Parole and Miles Irby were the Country Pleasure Champions for owners, Chiapparri and Sims. The Scoop / Page 89

Columbia, TN

High Society Ritz and Ryan Blackburn made an outstanding performance to claim the blue in the Two Year Old Stallion Riders’ Cup class for owner, Houston Manning.

Winning the Amateur Show Pleasure class two consecutive years was Bold Reaction and Kailin Kesselring. She is met by her fan club Meghan Davis, Corey Green, Aimee Lambert and trainer, Wayne Dean.

The Park Performance Amateur Champion was Allison Thorson aboard Dos Equis. She is congratulated by Jay Kenehan and Aaron Self.

Cassique Plantation presented their champions at the Columbia Spring Jubilee. Lined Up At The Ritz and Armed And Trigger Happy both won by unanimous decision. The Southern Serenity Ranch crew came out to celebrate the wins.

Courtney Luttrell won the Amateur Two Year Old class with Conga Line for Stone Manor Farm. This team was congratulated by family and friends following their unanimous win.

Dollar’s Bright Star and Jannie Chapman were so excited following their Amateur Specialty blue ribbon ride.

Page 90 / The Scoop

Columbia, TN

The Scoop / Page 91

Columbia, TN

Page 92 / The Scoop


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Gameworld-Billie Nipper Portrait Billie Nipper has once again made a great piece of artwork. She has recently finished the portrait/painting of 2011 World Grand Champion, Gameworld. The official stud shot was photographed by PJ Wamble, and the action shot by Shane Shiflet. This would make a gorgeous picture to hang on your wall. Contact Billie Nipper to get yours today or any of her other equine artwork.

TWHBEA Honors Andy Adkins Lewisburg, TN - At the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association International Board of Directors Meeting, a motion was passed unanimously to honor Andy Adkins, the beloved young owner, exhibitor and trainer that tragically passed away in an auto accident last week. A motion was passed unanimously to declare Saturday, May 26th, 2012 Andy Adkins Day and to rename the Training Education Fund the Wink Groover, Buddy Payne, Andy Adkins Training Fund.

TWHBEA Introduces Online Registration Lewisburg, TN - The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) is proud to announce that online registration is now live. This capability has been in the works for quite some time and the Association is pleased to be able to offer this new convenience to Tennessee Walking Horse breeders and owners the world over. As with all online transactions, you will need to have everything in order, including your method of payment, before beginning the online registration process.

Letter To The Editor Nashville Tennessean The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) is appalled and disgusted by the recent horrific video and stories of horse abuse within the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. TWHBEA has issued a response to this inhumane treatment and has barred both Jackie McConnell and Barney Davis from registering or transferring a Tennessee Walking Horse into their name. Additionally, both the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association (WHTA) and the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration (TWHNC) have taken actions to punish both men. The Tennessee Walking Horse industry is committed to eradicating all abuse. Through the stringent self-policing efforts of the industry’s USDA certified Horse Industry Organizations, Tennessee Walking Horses are subjected to extensive pre and post show inspections that use the latest technologies. At shows, Tennessee Walking Horses are also subject to inspection by USDA Veterinary Medical Officers in the warm-up area and in the barn and trailer areas. The Tennessee Walking Horse industry supports all of these efforts to ensure that only sound and healthy horses are shown. The welfare of each horse is a priority. TWHBEA works diligently through its Equine Welfare division to respond to reports of abuse or neglect and to coordinate with horse owners and law enforcement to resolve situations. The Horse Protection Act of 1970 and any other laws that address animal abuse are much needed. However, no law will ever completely eliminate a problem. Our commitment is to find the abusers, prosecute them and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. The actions of two individuals should not be used to depict the intentions of an entire industry. McConnell and Davis are two trainers in an industry that involves thousands. They are not the norm. They are the abnormal that we are fighting to eliminate and they are the catalyst that will make us fight even harder. Please remember, not all horses are abused and not all trainers are abusers. These events do not excuse or justify abuse in any breed or discipline, they merely serve to point out that bad individuals and bad decisions are part of any breed or discipline and we all must take it upon ourselves to ensure that every horse, regardless of breed or discipline, is treated with kindness and dignity. Marty Irby President, TWHBEA The Scoop / Page 93


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry The Pushover Laid To Rest Lewisburg, TN – The cremated remains of 1990 World Grand Champion, The Pushover, were laid to rest in the Commemorative Garden at the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) in Lewisburg, Tennessee, on May 24, 2012. The resting place, which is marked by a beautiful granite headstone created by AAA Memorials in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is in a place of honor befitting a World Grand Champion. Special thanks to James E. Davis, Jr., of Bills-McGaugh Funeral Home in Lewisburg for handling the burial.

Equine Obiturary-Korley

This triple registered mare was purchased from Michelle Talley at the Korley Davis benefit trail ride so Just Call Me Cutie quickly became known as “Korley”. Korley was extra special from the start. She was great on the trails as well as made two shows and most recently won the 2 & 3 Year Old Country Pleasure class at the NSSHA Spring Show. Korley passed away Friday, May 25, 2012 due to colic. Korely was under the direction of Dickie Gardner Stables. Richard Wilhelm, DVM was the vet and took excellent care of her. Owner Lori Dunivan wants to thank everyone for their calls and comments after loosing Korley and really appreciates her horse show family.

Equine Obituary – Distilled Gin Distilled Gin passed away on Tuesday, May 28, 2012, due to complications with colic. This colt was a full brother to World Champion, Gin And Juice. He was under the direction of 4 The Glory Farms in Shelbyville, TN and owned by Rick and Marla Lovett of Mobile, AL and Shelbyville, TN. The Scoop sends their condolence on not only losing a horse but a champion.

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SHOW cards suspended for weanlings and yearlings

(May 20, 2011 Shelbyville, Tennessee) The SHOW HIO has announced that no SHOW card will be required for entries in Weanling and Yearling classes moving forward. All weanlings and yearlings will be charged a $10 inspection fee in addition to the entry fee at horse shows. Yearlings and weanlings that have already purchased SHOW cards will not be required to pay the $10 inspection fee for the remainder of 2012 and can show as many times as they want. “After receiving feedback from many of our exhibitors and supporters, we have decided that it is best to suspend the SHOW card for these entries and go to a per inspection charge,” said SHOW President Dr. Steve Mullins. “Horse shows across the country have seen less participation in these classes and we did not want our SHOW horse shows to be at a competitive disadvantage because of the lack of entries in these classes due to the price of the horse card,” concluded Mullins. For more information, please contact the SHOW office at 931684-9506.

TWHBEA Withdraws From Unity Committee Lewisburg, TN - The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) is no longer a member of the Unity Committee. The reasoning behind this action was primarily based on a desire to see the leadership of the industry in the hands of only membership driven organizations such as the Walking Horse Owners’ Association (WHOA), the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association (WHTA) and the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ And Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA). It was felt by many on the board and by many members that expressed their concerns, that it was inappropriate for a private organization, such as the Celebration, to be included as part of this committee. Furthermore, concerns were expressed over the fact that the Celebration is the parent organization for the HIO SHOW and that through the Celebration, SHOW has a voice on the committee that no other HIO was granted. TWHBEA continues its commitment to working with all organizations to promote our great horse. According to TWHBEA President Marty Irby, “This decision has been contemplated for quite some time and the majority of our board felt this was the right thing to do. I, personally, voted for the motion and truly feel it was the right thing to do.”


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Wedding Announcement Mr. and Mrs. Taylor

Tennessee Walking Horse Farrier Clinic TWH Lovers and Owners: Stan Trimble, Master Farrier, will make the trip again from Tennessee to Idaho to facilitate a farrier clinic specifically for owners and farriers of TWH. Auditors are welcome. On Saturday, June 16 Stan will work one on one with owners and their horses. Later in the day he will be working with the same owners and horses in a group setting.

Justin Richard Taylor and Amanda Huneycutt Campbell were married May 29, 2012 in Bowling Green, KY. Justin is the son of Ricky and Donna Taylor of Columbia, KY and is employed at Todd Smith Stables in Bowling Green. Amanda is the daughter of John and Lynda Huneycutt of Locust, NC and currently works for The Celebration. Justin and Amanda, along with Amanda’s son Tucker, will reside in Bowling Green.

On Sunday, June 17, farriers will reset your horses to enhance their natural gait after which there will be another group ride for owners to feel and see the differences in their horses. For information on hotel rooms please contact Chris Hutchinson at (208) 676-1633

SHOW Reports Fun Show Inspection Results With United States Department of Agriculture veterinarians and compliance officers present throughout the event, more than 97% of the horses inspected at the 42nd annual Celebration Fun Show were compliant with the Horse Protection Act that is designed to eliminate soring in the training of Tennessee Walking Horses. On Sunday, May 27, 2012, Dr. Stephen Mullins, D.V.M., president of the USDA-sanctioned Horse Industry Organization Sound Horses, Honest Judging, Objective Inspections, Winning Fairly (SHOW) announced the findings of his organization’s inspections at the Fun Show, held May 24-26 at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration’s Calsonic Arena. “During the Fun Show, we did more than 599 examinations of horses, both pre- and post-show, and we found 16 violations of SHOW regulations,” Dr. Mullins said. “Of those 16 violations, not all were violations of the Horse Protection Act. Some were merely minor violations of our SHOW regulations. “The USDA was on site and working with us throughout the entire show, and they were in total agreement with our inspection findings and what transpired. USDA personnel followed behind us and did their own pre-show inspections on several horses. They also swabbed many horses and then they did post-show inspections on all horses that finished either second or third in the show. We did a thorough job, and likewise, the USDA did a thorough and complete job.”

“While this is one of our industry’s larger shows, we will follow our standard procedure for this event. Those who were cited will have 30 days to appeal, and all findings will be submitted to the USDA. Though it seems that some of our critics are unaware of this, it is standard procedure for us to make the USDA aware of each violation we cite at each event.” Mullins said it is significant that the USDA chose not to write any citations during the event. “Throughout the event, the USDA randomly pulled aside horses, but it never felt that a citation was warranted, which says a lot about the industry and how the horses were checked. The manner in which we inspected the horses was apparently regarded as complying with approved standards and practices, and the way we conducted our examinations at the Fun Show was in accordance with what we always do,” Mullins said. “We are encouraged with the way the show inspection process went. We have established an inspection process that is the best in the nation, and our results continue to reflect that the work of SHOW is making a difference in having only HPA compliant horses in the show ring.” Since the inception of SHOW, the organization has given lifetime suspensions to trainers who have had egregious violations of the HPA.

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The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry LETTER FROM TWSHO Dear Walking Horse Owner, As you probably know there have been many negative reports in the media lately regarding Tennessee Walking Horses. The TWH performance horse especially is under attack by groups calling for the banning of pads and action devices. A newly formed group, Tennessee Walking Show Horse Organization (TWSHO), have developed a strategy to educate stakeholders about our performance horses and administer the Swabbing Initiative approved by the Walking Horse Trainers Association (WHTA). 1. The Swabbing Initiative will be offered to all HIOs that inspect performance and flat shod/pleasure horses, as well as all Show Managers. The protocol will include collection of swabs, for caines and caustics, by independent vet techs as coordinated by TWSHO. Initially all show horses (except weanling, lead line, yearling) at participating affiliated shows will be inspected and identified by class and entry number. Swabs will be sent to an Independent laboratory for analysis. Swabbing will start June 15, 2012. 2. TWSHO is also in the process of interviewing public relations firms to help coordinate all of our media relations. 3. TWSHO is also forming a committee to develop the stakeholder information program to politicians, Show Managers, and other interested or concerned Organizations. All of these actions require money. We are making an urgent request for financial help. Randall Baskin has made a challenge to the WHTA to raise $100,000 and he will match that amount. The TWSHO has also formed a funding committee of Mike Inman, Bruce MacDonald, Bob Medina, Virginia Stewart and Gail Walling to raise money as well as develop funding initiatives going forward. The goal is $1 million dollars and the donations will be tax deductible. These negative attacks affect all owners, trainers, breeders and supporters of the Tennessee Walking Horse. As your trainer, I am asking you to make any donation you can to help save our performance walking horses. Here is how to donate: Donations can be sent to FAST at PO Box 259, Shelbyville, TN 37162 If sending a check please include on the memo line: TWSHO/ WHTA Fund OR To make a donation: PayPal is also available through the FAST website, www. Please email FAST This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Page 100 / The Scoop

to please forward your donation to the TWSHO/WHTA Fund. *There is a special fund set up separately from all other FAST accounts solely for the purpose of the TWSHO/WHTA donations. Information from Walking Horse Trainers’ Association.

birth announcement The SCOOP welcomes a new member to its Walking Horse family, Anna Lynn Tindal. Anna Lynn was born April 9, 2012. She weighed in at 6 lbs. 8 oz. and was 20 inches long. She is the beautiful daughter of Stan and Brittany Tindal. Stan in the trainer at Stan Tindal Stables in Manning, South Carolina.

Sale of Champions-Fun Show Sale SHELBYVILLE, TN – The Sale of Champions horse sale held their Spring Fun Show Sale at the Champions Arena across the street from the Calsonic Arena. The date of this sale was May 26, 2012 at 10:00 am. The sale had a tack sale at 9:00 am prior to the horses being presented for auction. The date worked well so the out of town people could attend the sale during the day and the horse show in the evening. The next sale will be the Celebration Sale. It will be held on August 25 and September 1, 2012. For more information on the Sale of Champions horse sale visit their website at


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Obituary Tom Cottle Millard Thomas “Tom” Cottle Sr., 68, of Mt. Sterling, died Saturday morning, June 2, 2012 at St. Joseph-Mt. Sterling Hospital. He was born October 7, 1943 in West Liberty, Kentucky to the late Donald and Ida Cornwell Cottle. Tom moved to Montgomery County twenty-eight years ago, he was a professional Tennessee Walking Horse Trainer and he also enjoyed hunting, fishing and UK Basketball. He will be dearly missed by his family and friends. Survivors include his companion, Christy Brewer and her children, Kenneth and Alaina of Mt. Sterling; two sons, Tommy Cottle Jr. (Lisa) of Beech Creek, WV, Mitch Cottle of Mt. Sterling, KY.; two daughters, Donna Justice (Dave) of Delbarton, WV, Rena Lamb (Paul) of Cincinnati, OH.; one brother, James Cottle (Nancy) of Franklin, OH.; twelve grandchildren, David Lee Justice, Don Justice, LaDonna Justice all of Delbarton, WV, Tiffany Cottle, Bobby Cottle both of Beech Creek, WV, Josh Patterson of Red Jacket, WV, Crystal Lamb, Dillion Lamb, Dustin Lamb, Harley Lamb all of Cincinnati, OH, Thomas Cottle and Kaitlyn Cottle both of Mt. Sterling; one great grandson, Matthew David Justice of Delbarton, WV.; two special friends, Alene McFarland (children’s mother) of Chiefland, FL. and Larry Thompson of Mt. Sterling. In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by his brother, Ralph Cottle. Funeral service were held Monday, June 4, 2012 at 12:00PM. Visitation will also be on Monday at the Queen Street Christian Fellowship. Burial was in Morgan County at the Cottle Cemetery. Pastor Scott Wilson officiated. Pallbearers were Mike Oney, Dave Cook Sr., Earl Brewer, David Martin, David Allen Anderson and Brad Fruth. Honorary Pallbearers were Dave Cook Jr., Larry Thompson, Gene Batton, Ricky Bailey, Lonnie Hannah, Mike Thomas, Lisa Newsome, Udella Blackburn. Guestbook at Arrangements under the direct care of Coffman Mortuary Parlor.

twhbea jUNE DEADLINES June 1 - If you wish to have a percentage of the National Futurity winnings sent to a handler or trainer, JUNE 1, 2012 is the dealine to furnish the name and address of that individual to TWHBEA, as well as, the desired percentage. Please contact Annette Rodgers in the TWHBEA Registry this week! June 1 is the deadline for 4-H and FFA Achievement Entries Please email or fax your entries to Paulette Ewing at TWHBEA ( June 15 is the Youth Scholarship Deadline - For more information contact Paulette Ewing at

Why The Media Show By HSUS? A video shot last year by an undercover employee of the Humane Society of the United States, better known as HSUS, showing Walking Horse trainers at a Collierville farm mistreating and applying chemicals to the ankles of horses has caused a major uproar across the Volunteer State and in national media. Held in high esteem in this state for over 100 years, the Tennessee Walking Horse is the only horse breed that carries the name of its state and is the official horse of the state of Tennessee. While all agree that the mistreatment of the horses should not be tolerated, the discussion still continues on the many effects of future regulations and the recent damage inflicted by unknowing media on the breed and the Walking Horse industry. Undercover and “James Bond” type tactics are nothing new for HSUS. In a release from the organization they state they filmed the video in a barn owned and operated by a nationally known trainer and gave the video to federal prosecutors last year. They go on to say that the trainer and three others were charged in a 52-count indictment unsealed in early March. It is also understood from HSUS that he intends to plead guilty to count one of the indictment, a conspiracy to violate the Horse Protection Act. It seems this case is headed to the courts to take the needed actions as required by our laws. The abuse of any animal should not be condoned and when it does occur, notification to the proper authorities should be taken immediately. There are those who go beyond the laws and standards in any industry or sport and so often their actions give a black eye to all the others who are doing things right and following the rules. And just like in this case, there are also those who spend a lot of time and effort in trying to find those who do give the others those black eyes. The video secretly shot by an HSUS employee was turned over to federal officials over a year ago and the group was charged in March. Now two months later, the organization not associated with local animal shelters, puts on a major media show about their efforts. My question is why? Did not the footage get the wrongdoers arrested and brought to court? Is not the important thing here to protect the animals that were abused - or is it? The Scoop / Page 101


The Scoop For The Walking Horse Industry Why The Media Show By HSUS?


HSUS is known for being pretty high profile when it comes to grabbing the media’s attention. They didn’t just call a press conference to say we have caught someone abusing animals; they went national to ABC’s Nightline for a major story. Those efforts have already caused the National Celebration to lose a major sponsor. It still makes me wonder what is HSUS’s real reason for going national other than attempting to completely shut down the Walking Horse industry. Spring and summer is also the time of the year for community horse shows across this state. This recent effort by HSUS to “hold court in the media” is not going to help those community events at all. In fact, it could even cause some to be canceled due to horse owners having concerns about how this will all work out. Since the early 1930s, the community horse show has been a way for rural towns and clubs to raise funds to help provide Christmas for the needy, homes for the homeless, supplies for school children, college scholarships, baseball fields not provided by the county governments and other fund raising opportunities in our small towns. However, with news events staged like this most recent one, those opportunities will be reduced. In one way, those people are being mistreated and no one is holding court on Nightline for them. I love horses as much as anyone, but I also believe in fairness and our law system. Get the bad actors out of the industry and follow the rules for good shows, which I think the organizations are attempting to do. I commend the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration’s board of directors for permanently banning the trainer and removing his name from the organization’s Hall of Fame inductee list. The board’s actions should be a signal to others that those types of actions will not be tolerated and it clearly disgusts those who do treasure our state horse. Article by Pettus L. Read, Tennessee Farm Bureau News and Director of Communications for the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation A video shot last year by an undercover employee of the Humane Society of the United States, better known as HSUS, showing Walking Horse trainers at a Collierville farm mistreating and applying chemicals to the ankles of horses has caused a major uproar across the Volunteer State and in national media. Held in high esteem in this state for over 100 years, the Tennessee Walking Horse is the only horse breed that carries the name of its state and is the official horse of the state of Tennessee. While all agree that the mistreatment of the horses should not be tolerated, the discussion still continues on the many effects of future regulations and the recent damage inflicted by unknowing media on the breed and the Walking Horse industry. Undercover and “James Bond” type tactics are nothing new for HSUS. In a release from the organization they state they filmed the video in a barn owned and operated by a nationally known trainer and gave the video to federal prosecutors last year. They go on to say that the trainer and three others were charged in a 52-count Page 102 / The Scoop

indictment unsealed in early March. It is also understood from HSUS that he intends to plead guilty to count one of the indictment, a conspiracy to violate the Horse Protection Act. It seems this case is headed to the courts to take the needed actions as required by our laws. The abuse of any animal should not be condoned and when it does occur, notification to the proper authorities should be taken immediately. There are those who go beyond the laws and standards in any industry or sport and so often their actions give a black eye to all the others who are doing things right and following the rules. And just like in this case, there are also those who spend a lot of time and effort in trying to find those who do give the others those black eyes. The video secretly shot by an HSUS employee was turned over to federal officials over a year ago and the group was charged in March. Now two months later, the organization not associated with local animal shelters, puts on a major media show about their efforts. My question is why? Did not the footage get the wrongdoers arrested and brought to court? Is not the important thing here to protect the animals that were abused - or is it? HSUS is known for being pretty high profile when it comes to grabbing the media’s attention. They didn’t just call a press conference to say we have caught someone abusing animals; they went national to ABC’s Nightline for a major story. Those efforts have already caused the National Celebration to lose a major sponsor. It still makes me wonder what is HSUS’s real reason for going national other than attempting to completely shut down the Walking Horse industry. Spring and summer is also the time of the year for community horse shows across this state. This recent effort by HSUS to “hold court in the media” is not going to help those community events at all. In fact, it could even cause some to be canceled due to horse owners having concerns about how this will all work out. Since the early 1930s, the community horse show has been a way for rural towns and clubs to raise funds to help provide Christmas for the needy, homes for the homeless, supplies for school children, college scholarships, baseball fields not provided by the county governments and other fund raising opportunities in our small towns. However, with news events staged like this most recent one, those opportunities will be reduced. In one way, those people are being mistreated and no one is holding court on Nightline for them. I love horses as much as anyone, but I also believe in fairness and our law system. Get the bad actors out of the industry and follow the rules for good shows, which I think the organizations are attempting to do. I commend the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration’s board of directors for permanently banning the trainer and removing his name from the organization’s Hall of Fame inductee list. The board’s actions should be a signal to others that those types of actions will not be tolerated and it clearly disgusts those who do treasure our state horse. Article by Pettus L. Read, Tennessee Farm Bureau News and Director of Communications for the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation

The 39th Annual Mississippi State Racking & Walking Horse Championship Show BOONEVILLE, MS -This year the Mississippi State Racking & Walking Horse Championship Show celebrated its 39th year! The forty-four class Racking Horse Breeders’ Association and Kentucky HIO affiliated event took place May 26, 2012 at the Prentiss County Agri-Center in Booneville, MS. This outstanding equine production was sponsored by the Magnolia Racking Horse Association. All show proceeds go to the Christmas Basket Fund, this year’s selected charity, sponsored by The Daily Corinthian in Corinth, MS. Show Chairman, Linda Roberts, planned a great event and the Honorable Kelly France was the judge who selected the best of the best to win top honors in each class. George Haynie, the ringmaster, kept the show moving along, while Sid Abernathy made time stand still in his beautiful photo images. Ribbon girls, Kristen Stivers and Destiny Haynie, had a grand ole time handing out much anticipated blue ribbons. Charles Ritchie has a knack all his own when it comes to playing the organ. He did a fantastic job keeping in time with the beat of the horses. Some of the highlights of the evening was the Racking Stake champion Tragedy and exhibitor/trainer Rick Parish for owner, Gene Pearson. Danny Latham rode My Kid Rock to the blue ribbon honors in the Specialty Action Stake for owner, Arvolle Brown. Some of the other classes of the evening included Four Year Old Specialty Action Racking with Ed Brown, Amateur Racking with Ed Brown, Park Performance, Spotted Trail Pleasure, Trail Pleasure Walking, Trail Pleasure Racking, Park Pleasure Walking and Ladies Specialty Action, whose winners fought to the end to claim the titles. Congratulations to all show winners for a great performance at this year’s show! For complete show results, please visit our FREE website at

The The Scoop Scoop // Page Page 103 103

Booneville, MS 39th Annual MS State Racking & Walking Horse Championship Booneville, MS May 26, 2012 Judge Kelly France Pleasure Racking 1.The Red Barron Tammy Elmore 2.Gen’s Color Code Kirsten Deveau 3.Trail Of Freedom Dallas Stricklen Juvenile Walking 17 & Under 1.I’m Louie Armstrong 2.General’s Top Brass

Tammy Elmore n/a Sheila & Waylon Phifer

Haley Brady Ashely Raby

Anne Whiteside Sheila Raby

2 Year Old SpecialtyAction Racking 1.What Power Roger Smith 2.Titleist On The Green Bobby Mitchell 3.Set-N-Stone Danny Latham 4.Firestone’s Recall Koda Downs

o/e Arvolle Brown Roy Wester Bobby Simmons

Amateur Show Pleasure Walking 1.She’s A Silver Dollar Marty Brown Trail Pleasure, optional tack 1.Jose’s Double Take 2.Jasmine Joy 2 Year Old Walking 1.Skylight’s Lady

Becky Siniard Roger Smith

Amateur Owned & Trained Racking 1.The Royal Flash Jason Todd 2.Lotto Brent Carter 3.Selena Williams Ted Barmore

o/e o/e o/e

Show Pleasure Walking 1.Anika

Keith Nance

Shiela Raby

3 & 4 Year Old Racking 1.Ted’s Ritz E. Girl

Lamar Denny

Kenneth Harris

Ladies Amateur Walking 1.Smokewatch

Honey Stivers

Orlando/Gloria Greenhaw

Juvenile 17 & Under Specialty Action Racking 1.Redemption’s Hard Cash Haley Brady 2.Dangerous Sunshine Caden Britt 3.Annie Anderson Dallas Stricklen

Bobby & Sissy Simmons Dennis Pannell Waylan & Shelia Phifer


Park Performance Walking 1.Hytone’s Double Deuce 2.Dangerous Sunrise

Daniel Forman Daniel Cole

Eddie Armstrong Celeste King

Dani Nix

Ladies Specialty Action 1.Sturgis 2.Twisted Chief

Liz Nunnelley Joyce Brady

Liz Nunnelley Joyce Brady


Park Pleasure Racking 1.Jubilee’s First Cut

Jason Todd

o/e o/e o/e o/e

3 Year Old Walking Specialty 1.Ritz Renegade 2.Jose’s Midnight Charger

Jamie Lawrence Keith Nance

Ray Solley Bobby Nash

Amatuer Owned & Trained Racking 1.The Royal Flash Jason Todd 2.Lotto Brent Carter 3.Selena Williams Ted Barmore

Trail Pleasure Racking 1.Gen’s American Idol 2.Hunting The Cash

Don Hancock Kirsten Deveau

o/e o/e

Aged Mares & Geldings Specialty Action Racking 1.High Caliber Armed Lamar Denny 2.Skymaster Koda Downs

John L. Denny Stivers & Greenhaw

Country Pleasure Walking 1.Pushers Hurricane Baby 2.X-S 3.Chesney 4.V-10 5.Shooter

Don Hancock Mary Ivy Paul Hall Rod Brown Orville Crum

o/e o/e Orville Crum o/e o/e

Spotted Trail Pleasure 1.Smokey’s Graceful Colors 2.Lady Luck’s Miracle 3.Beaucoup’s High Judge

Daniel Forman Clay Streetman Cynthia Black

Eddie Armstrong o/e o/e

Park Pleasure Walking 1.Image Of Ted

Don Hancock


Amateur Owned & Trained Walking Specialty 1.A-Major-Shot Bubba Orr 2.Proud Power Brent Carter

Dwight Simmons o/e

4 Year Old Specialty Action Racking 1.Hooray Jose Ed Brown 2.I’m A Sport Model Koda Downs 3.I’m On Duty Bobby Agnew

Ed & Nell Brown Bobby Simmons o/e

3 Year Old Specialty Action Racking 1.Hillbilly Jose’ Danny Latham 2.Double Dawn Koda Downs

Kenneth/Barbara Harris Lewis Vanderford

Plantation Pleasure Lite Shod 1.That’s Enough

Mary Ivy

Page 104 / The Scoop

Megan Ivy

15.2 Amateur Walking Specialty 1.Wild Thang At The Party Bobby Nash

Bobby Nash

Amateur Racking 1.Tears

Ed Brown

Ed Brown

Amateur Specialty Action Racking 1.Jose’s Turning Point Arvolle Brown 2.Brave Jose’ Becky Sinard 3.Queen of Savannah Amy Durpee

Arvolle & Hazel Brown Randy & Becky Sinard o/e

Western Pleasure Racking 1.Chesney 2.Shooter

Orville Crum o/e

Paul Hall Orville Crum

Booneville, MS 3.Whole Lotta Mischief

Paige Stracton


Country Pleasure Racking, optional tack 1.EF Five Neal Hargett Tammy Elmore 2.Too Good To Be True

Neal Hargett o/e

Spotted Open Shod 1.Lo Jac Kyle Clayton 2.Main Power’s Secret Fashion Randy Drinkard 3.Ebony’s Delight Cindi Stamps

Garett Moore o/e o/e

Show Pleasure Racking 1.Rain Moving In

Kirsten Deveau

Jeff & Pat Deveau

Speed Racking 1.I’m Turnin Loose

Jason Todd

Billy & Dava Hurst

Amateur Racking Stake 1.High Dollar Star 2.Toxic

Arvolle Brown Tammy Elmore

Vanessa Denny o/e

Specialty Action Stake 1.My Kid Rock

Danny Latham

Arvolle Brown

Racking Stake 1.Tragedy

Rick Parish

Gene Pearson

Lewis and Beth Parnell are stretched out in front of a big fan trying to keep cool.

The concession stand girls are ready to serve the horse show enthusiasts with lots of good food. They are from left to right Josie Smith, Carolyn McCombs, Pam Manley and Betty McVey.

The Red Barron and Tammy Elmore, owner/rider, accepted the blue ribbon in the Pleasure Racking class.

Liz Nunnelley and Amy Alexander posed for the camera. The The Scoop Scoop // Page Page 105 105

Page 106 / The Scoop

Booneville, MS

I’m Louis Armstrong and Haley Brady walked away with the first place ribbon for owner, Anne Whiteside, in the Juvenile Walking 17 & Under class.

The Royal Flash and owner/trainer, Jason Todd, are happy after winning the blue ribbon in the Amateur Owned and Trained Racking class.

Ritz Renegade and Jamie Lawrence accepted the first place ribbon in the Three Year Old Walking Specialty class for owner, Ray Solley.

Pusher’s Hurricane Baby and Don Hancock, owner/rider, won first place in the Country Pleasure Walking class.

A-Major-Shot and Bubba Orr walked away with the first place ribbon in the Amateur Owned and Trained Walking Specialty class for owner, Dwight Simmons.

Hooray Jose and Ed Brown, owner/rider, won the blue in the Four Year Old Specialty Action Racking class. The The Scoop Scoop // Page Page 107 107

Booneville, MS

That’s Enough and Megan Jane Ivy look so excited after winning first place in the Plantation Pleasure Lite Shod class for owner, Mary Ivy.

Sturgis and Liz Nunnelley, owner/rider, are very happy after accepting the blue ribbon in the Ladies Specialty Action class. They are joined by Amy Alexander.

Smokey’s Graceful Colors and Daniel Forman took the blue in the Spotted Trail Pleasure class for owner, Eddie Armstrong. Page 108 / The Scoop

Jose’s Double Take and Don Hancock, owner/rider, made a great ride and claimed the blue ribbon in the Trail Pleasure Walking class.

High Caliber Armed and Lamar Denny rode to the blue for owner, John Denny, in the Aged Mares & Geldings Specialty Action Racking class.

Tears and Ed Brown, owner/rider, look happy as they won first place in the Amateur Racking class.

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33rd Annual NSSHA Spring Show Murfreesboro, TN - The National Spotted Saddle Horse Association hosted their 33rd Annual NSSHA Spring Show on May 18-19, 2012. The location was at the Middle Tennessee State University Tennessee Livestock Center in Murfreesboro, TN. The show affiliated with S.H.O.W. HIO and the judges for the event were the Honorable Miles Irby and Tony Mercer. Derek Fann announced the show, while Eddie Hixson was the organist. Loving Touch Portraits and Lisa Nixon took the winning shots. The show started each night at 7:00 pm. The show on Friday night started with the Youth Model class and on Saturday night it began with the kids, too, with the stick horses entering the big ring. This year it was decided that the Lead Line class would not be judged and the show was pleased with the turnout. The Association was happy for everyone who attended and participated in their show, They really appreciate the support. While the entries were a little light, they still felt the show was a success. The amateur committee sends a big thank you to everyone who donated items & desserts for the silent auction and to everyone who purchased the treats. The Association also thanks everyone who sponsored this event because without their support the show would not be possible. The next event for the NSSHA is the Warren County Democratic Committee Show which will be held on June 23, 2012, at 7:00pm at the Warren County Fairgrounds in McMinnville, TN. Congratulations to all the winners at the show from The SCOOP staff. For more information on NSSHA, visit their website at

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Places To Be


15- SAVANNAH LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW, Hardin County Fairgrounds, Savannah, TN. Contact Neil Smith at 731-925-2848 or 731-425-4715. 15 – LIBERTY LIONS CLUB HORSE SHOW. Bedford County Ag Center, Shelbyville, TN. Contact Paul Gambill at 931-684-0239 or 931-684-2632. 15 – SE DISTRICT 4-H HORSE SHOW. Meridian, MS. Contact Roy Higdon at 601-776-3951 or Amanda Woods ats 601-736-8251.

8 – Lawrenceburg Lions Club 4th Annual Horse Show, Rotary Park, Lawrenceburg, TN. Contact Bobby Belew 931-242-3950 or Greg Johnston 931-242-3957. 8-9 – CARTER COUNTY SHRINE CLUB HORSE SHOW. Shrine Club Show Grounds, Olive Hill, KY. Contact Mike Hancock at 606474-0117. 8-9 – VA-KY DISTRICT FAIR HORSE SHOW. Wise County Fairgrounds, Wise, VA. Contact Donnie Gillenwater at 276-3282120. 8-9- MICHIGAN LITTLE CELEBRATION, Ingraham County Exposition Center - Mason, MI 9 – Edmondson County Saddle Club Spring Show, Brownsville, KY. Obstacle, Trail Clinic & Adult/Youth Classes at 5:00; Walking Horse Show at 6:00. Contact Larry Starnes at 270597- 3429 (H) or 270-597- 6371 (C). 9 – BPWHA SHOW (Ky Breeders’ Incentive Fund Eligible) Shelby County Fairgrounds, Shelbyville, KY. Contact Nancy Short Minton at 859-625-2240 or

15 – SMITH COUNTY HORSE SHOW. Carthage, TN. Contact Mike Lee at 615-735-1820 or Joe Lane at 615-735-9254. 15-16 – EAST TENNESSEE CLASSIC HORSE SHOW. Expo Center, White Pine, TN. Contact Mark Ricker at 423-361-3943. 15-16 – MARSHALL LIONS CLUB CHARITY HORSE SHOW. Marshall City Arena, Marshall, TX. Contact 318-547-3082 for information, 903-263-9498 or 903-935-2210 for stalls, 903-9384643 for show manager, or 832-429-1057 for entries and office. 15-16-SHELBYVILLE CLASSIC WALKING AND RACKING HORSE SHOW, Racking Celebration Arena, Decatur, Alabama. For information contact Jerry Thacker 864-921-9196 15-16- FAST JUNE JUBILEE, Williamson County AgExpo Center, Franklin, TN. For more information visit www. 16 – NE DISTRICT 4-H HORSE SHOW. Lee County Agricenter, Verona, MS. Contact B.J. McClenton at 662-369-4951 or Gina Wills at 662-534-1917.

9 – CUMBERLAND COUNTY OPEN WALKING HORSE SHOW. Crossville, TN. Crossville Community Complex, Crossville, TN. Contact Bradley Bottoms at 931-248-2250.

16 – NW DISTRICT 4-H HORSE SHOW. Ranch One Cutting Horse, Batesville, MS. Contact Kipp Brown at 662p237-6926 or Amy Ware at 662-283-4133.

9 – NICHOLAS COUNTY FAIR HORSE SHOW. Nicholas County Fair Grounds, Carlisle, KY. Contact Robbie Zornes at 859-4732199 or Treva Vice at 859-473-1122.

16 – O-K-SWPHA HORSE SHOW. Lewisburg Millcreek Lions Club Show Grounds, Lewisburg, KY. Contact 937- 779-1843 or 740 935-6768.

9 – NORTH CAROLINA FOOTHILLS CLASSIC HORSE SHOW. Fisher River Park, Dobson, NC. Contact 336-786-2299. 9 – PICKENS COUNTY BENEFIT HORSE SHOW. Valley Springs Stables, Easley, SC. Contact Bill Rorick at 864-350-5637. 9 – PWHAT HORSE SHOW. Carthage, TN. Contact Sandy Harris at 931-703-4082. 9 - SW DISTRICT 4-H HORSE SHOW. Kirk Fordice Equine Center, Jackson, MS. Contact Shelby Bearden at 601-892-1809 or Lurlinda Soignier at 601-372-4651. 9-10 – CALIFORNIA CELEBRATION HORSE SHOW 10- WHOA VERSATILITY HORSE SHOW, Tennessee Tech, Cookeville, TN. Contact WHOA at 615-494-8822, joinwhoa@aol. com or visit

16 – VIRGINIA WALKING & RACKING HORSE OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION HORSE SHOW. New London Ruritan Club Show Grounds, New London, VA. Contact Nellie Harris at 423-277-5695. 16 – WHAA SUMMER CLASSIC HORSE SHOW. Arab, AL. 16- CELEBRATION VERSATILITY SERIES, TBA, TN. 22 – Alabama Veterans’ Museum Horse Show, Athens, AL. Contact Sandy Thompson 256-771-7578 or Ken Wilson 256-777-4578. 22 – WHOA HORSE SHOW. (Ky Breeders’ Incentive Fund Eligible) KY Downs, Franklin, KY. Contact WHOA at 615-4942288 or The Scoop / Page 113


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COURTNEY CHURCH PHOTOGRAPHY Located at 106 Haverford Path #7, Georgetown, KY

Royal ribbons and awards


40324. Call 502-370-4530 (home) or 651-442-0007 (cell)

Ribbons, trophies, back numbers and crystal awards.

Bulk and bag feed sales. “Celebrating the Horse.” Located

or visit

Located at 889 Colloredo Blvd, Shelbyville, TN 37160.

at 10321 Rockvale Road, Rockvale, TN 37153. Contact

Phone or fax 931-685-0110. Owned by Keith and Suzy

Joe Green, plant 615-274-2661, cell 931-619-9678 or




Equine Photography. Booking available for shows. Proofs can be seen at Located at



P. O. Box 7173, Cynthiana, KY 41031. Call the office 859-235-0400, cell 859-435-0570 or email



Show Arena and Bed & Breakfast. Located at 2291 Hwy.

Insurance for any horse related coverage., including full mortality,

231 South, Shelbyville TN 37160. Call 931-684-8822 or

major medical, surgical, stable fire, liability for training, instructions,



boarding, etc. Located at P. O. Box 609, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868.

Would love to cover your show or shoot individual pic-

Call Joe Barnes or Krissy Evans 877-332-2500, 865-774-2500, Joe’s

tures. Located at 203 Bell Harrison Rd., Evensville, TN

cell 865-654-2700, fax 865-774-1212 or visit

37332. Call 423-827-6390, email

or visit

Indoor & outdoor arena, and 65 acres to ride on.



Located at 681 Rabbit Branch Road, Shelbyville, TN

Providing all types of insurance coverage for the horse-

Located at P. O. Box 33, Christiana, TN 37037. Call

37160. Please call 931-607-8897 or 931-703-0153 for

man. Full mortality, major medical, prospective foal, farm

615-893-3993 or visit

more information or visit

& liability and workers’ compensation. Contact Bobby

BOARDING The Main Gait Farm

Full care stall & pasture boarding available.

Jones at 1330 Moberly Road, Richmond, KY 40475.

Jamie McCoy Photography

Phone 859-893-1097, fax 859-369-7952, or email

Now booking for horse shows. Also, portraits, action shots Whitney McConnell Davis

or conformation shots on location or at your farm/training


- phone 901-292-5598, fax 615-395-4152 or email

barn. Other photography available, including senior and

Equestrian riding apparel; ready made and custom western

family portraits. Located in Corinth, MS. Call 662-808-


0323 or email Portfolio at

and saddle seats. “The Choice of Champions in Fine Equestrian Apparel.” Marsha Shepard. Located at 115


South Side Square, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 931-6843500, fax 931-684-6544 or email


MOVIN’ ON Up Photography

Your premier source for equine jewelry. One of a kind de-

Jennifer Potts, Photographer. Horse shows, stallions,

Roy Rogers Western Wear

signs are our specialty. Over 25 years selling fine jewelry

headshots and onsite shoots. Other photography available,

20% off Carhartt Outerwear. Located at 1708 Huntsville

nationally & internationally. Call Ben at 931-639-7840 or

including weddings, senior portraits, pets and family por-

Hwy., Fayetteville, TN 37334. Call 931-438-4052.

931-684-1513 or

traits. Logo and ad design. Located at 168 Amos Gammill Rd., Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 931-205-3493, email

Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8-5, Sun. 1-4. or visit BLING TIE AFFAIR


One of a Kind Swarovski Chrystal Enhanced Designer Ties. Contact Patti Pollack at 408-202-5752 or email



Capturing the spirit. Innovative horse show photography.

Located at 338 N. Cuyamaca, El Cajun, CA 92020. Call


Creative equine portraits. Call the studio 952-922-6300,

619-440-6841, cell 619-933-2730 or visit

cell 952-212-3964, email,


or visit PHOTOS BY NAT


Bradley Dick Photography

Natasha Douglas, Photographer. Offering extraordinary

Embroidery, trophies, ribbons, awards, back numbers. The

Portraits, headshots, action shots, on location. Other pho-

show horse photography in the ring and at the farm. Serv-

source for all your promotional items. Located in St. Paul,

tography available. Located at 1711 Hwy. 130 W.

ing the eastern United States and beyond! Located at 2212

VA. Call 276-762-9003 or visit www.appalachiangraphic

Shelbyville, TN 37160, 931-205-7035 or 931-580-2202,

Frog Level Road, Ewing, VA 24248. Call 865-585-4083,

email or visit

email or visit



Ronnie Tabor Shoeing

Horse shows, farm shoots, pet and action photography,

View and order proofs online at Locat-

Located in Shelbyville, TN. Call 937-684-1684 or email

Call Peggy Stewart 540-421-9612 or email

ed at 1245 Cochran Cemetery Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091.

Call or fax 931-359-6363 or call cell 931-993-7353.

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Find Your Gait

Trainer. Located at 30280 Bouquet Creek Canyon Road,

Located at RR 2, Box 111, Chesterfield, SC 29709. Call

CRI TRI CHA Certified. Find Your Gait Riding Acad-

Saugus, CA 91350. Call the stable 661-296-3951, cell


emy has produced many accomplished competitors and

661-296-4087 or email

champions including three USEF equitation riders. Lesson SHANE SHIFLET PHOTOGRAPHY

horses and flat shod training available. All breed riding


Located at 2767 Lazy Pine Rd., Randleman, NC 27317.

and training center specializing in saddleseat. Located in

Walking horse training and breeding facility. Scott

Call 336-318-2116, fax 336-318-2764 or visit

Oak Grove, MO. Call 816-934-2734 or visit

Benham, Trainer/Manager. Lalo Gutierrez and Manual

Rodriquez, Trainers. Located at 13213 Ontario Ave., Ontario, CA 91761. Call 909-947-5870 (b) or 909-923-



8128 (r).

Specializing in equine photography, including horse shows, on the farm and stallion, family and senior por-


traits. Sid Abernathy, P. O. Box 12, Shannon, MS 38868.

We have state-of-the-art covered storage/parking for motor

Call 662-767-8281 or 662-401-0822, email Jsid46@

homes and RVs. Each space has electric, water and sewer


hookups. Pay by the day, week, or month! Come stay with us

Specializing in flat shod for show and pleasure. Sheryl


during any event in our area! 24 hour access. Only 1.7 miles

Skala-Carl, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5850 NE 150th


from the Celebration Grounds, located at 1703 Green Lane,

Avenue, Williston, FL 32696. Call the barn and house

Located at P. O. Box 54911, Lexington, KY 40555. Call

Shelbyville, TN. Call 913-684-8585 or visit www.stornlock.

352-528-5775 or visit website

859-264-8579, 859-263-3623 or email

netoffice. TACK


TLC Photography



Booking horse shows now! Teresa Castle, P. O. Box 176,

Manufacturers and importers of fine quality horse equip-

Full-service training facility for walking horses. Gary

Means, KY 40346. Call 606-768-4221, 606-768-2457 or

ment at competitive prices (retail and wholesale). Large

Hollin, Owner/Trainer. Located at 5474 High Schoals Rd.,


selection of English and Western attire. Call for catalog.

Bishop, GA 30621. Call the barn 706-769-8790 or home

Located 8 miles north of Shelbyville. Located at 148 Ebb



Joyce Road, Bell Buckle, TN 37020. Order toll free at 1-

Horse shows, portraits and action shots. Will transfer your

800-523-4971, fax 931-437-221 or visit

Sawtooth STables

home movies, photos or slides to DVD. Located at 132

Walking horse training and sales. Mr. and Mrs. Lindy Rogers,

Mankin St., La Vergne, TN 37086. Call 615-213-2931,

Owners. Brian Watson, Trainer. Located at 3730 West Ellis

615-347-3835, email or visit


Rd., Griffin, GA 30223. Call Brian’s cell 770-298-5070 or

We specialize in tack for Tennessee Walking Horses. 603

Lindy’s cell 404-234-1879.

Evans Street, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call toll free at 1PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS A to Z Promotional Products

800-298-7398 or 931-684-2912 or visit


Embroidery, silk screening, caps, T-shirts, golf shirts, ALABAMA

jackets and ad specialties. Contact Mark or Debbie Wil-

Walking horse training and sales facility. Jamie and Jennifer Hankins, Trainers. Standing at stud: A Greater

liams, Shelbyville, TN, 931-685-0200. RIDING INSTRUCTORS



Generator. Located at 420 Redmon Road, Paris, KY

Walking horse breeding, sales, broodmares, weanlings,

40361. Call 859-987-6727.

and yearlings. Jack Doss, Owner; Morrow Doss, ManAlice Klein Equestrians

ager/Certified Riding Instructor. Riding lessons available.

Certified Riding Instructor. Lessons for all ages and

Located at 30 Doss Road, Cullman, AL 35057. Call Jack

riding levels. Discounted packages available. Specializing

256-708-5005 or Morrow 256-385-0401.

in centered riding, show ring preparation and equitation.


A full-service training facility for walking horses. Specializing in sales and training. Tommy Loid, Trainer/ Manager. Located in Bowling Green, KY. Call the barn 270-782-1543 or cell 270-779-5633.

Will travel to you for private instruction. Lesson horses


available in all disciplines. Located at Win A Few Stables

Full service training facility for walking horses. Junior

Rolling Acres Farm & Stables

in Shelbyville, TN. Call 931-205-2067.

Wilhoite, Trainer. Located at 8971 State Highway 10 East,

Bob Stannard, Owner. Robby Stannard, Trainer. Colt train-

Shorterville, AL 36373. Call 334-441-9082 or Junior’s

ing and sales facility. Located in Lebanon, KY. Cell 859-

cell 352-435-5840.

805-8011, email or visit www.

BALLENTINE FARMS RIDING ACADEMY Full-time riding academy, boarding, and sales facility. Lessons and summer camp. Gift certificates available. CALIFORNIA

Producing North Carolina’s most accomplished riders.


Located at 6921 Sunset Lake Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC

Bouquet Creek Farms

Walking horse training, boarding and sales facility. Travis

27526. Call 919-552-3536.

Walking horse boarding, colts, colt training, lessons,

Wiley, Trainer. Located at 4600 Harrodsburg Road, Danville,

pleasure horses, show horses and versatility. Wendy Shaw,

KY. Call the barn 859-239-9607 or Travis’ cell 859-583-0024.

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Walking Horses - Weanlings, yearlings and broodmares for

Full-service training facility for walking horses. Lucy Watts, Manager.

Walking horses training, breeding, boarding and sales. Skid

sale. Breeder of WGC Ironworks and WGC Generator’s

Dale Watts, Josh Watts and Jonathan Watts, Trainers. 4025 Highway 51

Montgomery, Owner. Jamie Robinson, Trainer. Located at

Santana. Standing at stud: Watch Out José. Located at 529

North, Summit, MS 39666. Call the barn and residence 601-276-2641

12500 State Route 124, Piketon, Ohio 45661.

Crowell Lane, Lebanon, TN 37087. Contact Delaine Smith

or Dale’s cell 601-660-6194.

Call 740-352-8583.

at 615-444-1422, 615-347-4565 or email



Larry Doyle, Owner. Greg Mooningham, Manager/ Trainer. Located at 980 Crawford Road, Coldwater, MS


38618. Call the farm 662-233-0741, Greg 901-268-4241,

Walking horse training and sales facility. Located at Shi-

I’m Dumas Walker. Located at P560 Airport Road, P. O. Box

loh Farms, 210 Big Springs Road, Bell Buckle, TN (off

1435, Shelbyville, TN 37162. Call the residence 931-389-

of Highway 231 North). Call the barn 931-437-3160 or

9131 or cell 931-703-6127. For breeding information contact

Blake’s cell 931-580-2408.

Sheila’s cell 931-224-5825 or email



Walking horse training, boarding, sales and lessons.

Walking horse training and sales facility. Steve Dunn,

Walking horse breeding facility. Standing at Stud: Gold

Standing at Stud: Victory Colors #20001940. Jim Huff-

Manager/Trainer. Located at Bridlewood Farm, 140 Hwy

Power, The Revelation, Out On Parole, Rowdy Rev.

man, Owner/Trainer. Located at 2476 State Highway W.,

82E, Bell Buckle, TN 37020. Mailing address 1620 Hwy

Rocky Jones, Stallion Manager. Located at P. O. Box 280,

Ozark, MO 65721. Call 417-581-6868 or Jim’s cell 417-

64W, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 256-335-3258.

6611 Eudailey-Covington Road, College Grove, TN. Call

Larry 901-496-2366 or fax 901-744-4642. MISSOURI JIM HUFFMAN STABLES

Walking horse training, sales and breeding. Standing at stud:


839-6890. CHAD WAY STABLES Dean Scott Farm

Walking horse training & sales facility. Located at Tan


Don Bill’s Stables. Training, boarding and sales. Standing

Oak Farms, Highway 41A North, Shelbyville, TN.

Training, riding lessons and sales facility. Located at

at stud: PJ Pusher, Private Treaty. Located at 3808 North

Call 931-703-3926.

P. O. Box 133, Belfast, TN 37019. Call Jeff at 931-993-3174. Riding instructions available by Alice

Farm Road 205, Strafford, MO 65757. Call 417-833-8097. D&R STABLES NORTH CAROLINA

Klein. Call Alice’s cell 931-205-2067 for an appointment.

Walking horse training and sales facility. Donald D. Richards, Owner. Randy Young, Manager/Trainer. Mailing



address, P. O. Box 858, Sparta, TN 38583. Call the barn

Joe Cotten at Summerhill Farm. Full-service training and

Walking and Spotted Saddle Horses - Full-time riding

931-738-2720, Randy’s cell 931-808-2206 or fax

sales facility. Located at 225 Hwy 82 East, Bell Buckle,

academy, boarding and sales facility. Lessons and summer


TN 37020. Call 615-202-8429.

na’s most accomplished riders. Located conveniently near



Raleigh, NC at 6921 Sunset Lake Road, Fuquay-Varina,

Walking horse training and boarding facility. Horses

Full service training facility for walking horses. Joe

NC 27526. Call 919-552-3536.

for sale in all price ranges. We provide training for your

Fleming, Manager/Trainer. Justin Harris, Trainer.

pleasure horses, start to finish. Lessons available. Shelli

Located at 2003 Highway 64W, Shelbyville, TN 37160.

Mehaffey, Trainer. Located at 145 Halls Mills Road,

Call the barn 931-684-0136.

camp. Gift certificates available. Producing North Caroli-


Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call 425-931-2772. NEW WAY FARMS

Walking horse breeding and boarding. J. C. and Marceline Knight, Owners. Standing at stud Generator’s Sergeant


Walking horse training and sales facility. Hal Newman,

Major. Located at 2750 K & B Farm Lane or P. O. Box

Walking Horses - Specializing in starting colts. Training

Owner. Michele Mercier, Trainer. Located at 2317 Highway

1700, Lenoir, NC 28645. Call the barn 828-754-0335,

and sales facility. Located at Tim Thompson Stables,

41-A South, Shelbyville, TN 37160. Call the barn 931-685-

home 828-754-6538 or visit website

9068 Franklin Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37128.

4687 or cell 931-212-1456.

Call 931-638-0791. QUINTESSENTIAL FARM

RONALD MOSLEY STABLES, LLC Walking horse breeding and training facility. Ronald


Training, boarding, breeding and sales. Doug Simpkins,

Mosley, Owner. Located at 213 Lindsay Creed Lane, Mt

Walking horse training and sales facility. Rodney and

Owner. Moses Woodson, Trainer. Located at 2394 West

Airy, NC 27030. Call the barn 336-789-2024 or home

Buddy Dick, Trainers. Located at 3160 Hwy 41A North,

Trimble Road, Milton, TN 37118. Call 615-273-2023 or


Unionville, TN 37180. Call the barn 931-294-5026,


cell 931-619-4541 or residence 931-294-8095. Walk Away Farms Grandy Tuck, Trainer. Located in Reidsville, NC. Call the barn 336-616-0074 or home 336-951-3691.

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FORMAC STABLES Walking horse training and sales facility. Jimmy McConnell and Dan Waddell, Trainers. Located at 2039 Walker-Tanner Road, Union City, TN. Call the barn 731-885-1768 or residence 731-536-564.

SHEA WOODS STABLES Walking horse training, showing and sales. Shea Woods, Manager/Trainer. Located at 7650 Highway 18 South, Hickory Valley, TN 38042. Call the barn 731-764-2361 or Shea’s cell 731-659-1574.

WHO’S WHO DIRECTORY tan oak farms


Breeding facility. Many World Champion Stallions Standing

Walking horse breeding, sales and training. Standing 7

at Stud. Jack Heffington, Owner. Call 615-390-9006. Mailing

stallions at stud. Mary Ellen Areaux, Owner. Located at

address P. O. Box 1658, Shelbyville, TN 37162.

3002 FM 2728, Kaufman, TX 75142. Call 972-962-2797, cell 214-507-6032, email or visit


Breeding, training and sales facility. Robert and Lisa Marbry, Owners. Vicki Self, Trainer. Sammy Sanders,


Stallion Manager. Standing at stud: Silver Express, Stud Fee: $550. Located at 10023 Rosemark Road, Atoka, TN


38004. Call the office 901-458-4314, barn 901-829-3303,

Walking horse breeding and sales facility. Performance,

fax 901-458-9792, email or visit

plantation, pleasure horses and colts for sale. Standing at

Stud: Guilty As Charged and Hard Hearted Jose’. David,


Mary Ellen and Codi Marie Wright. Located at 3001 TONY YOKLEY & SONS

Whispering Pines Road, Axton, VA 24054. Call 434-685-

Walking Horses - Specializing in two year olds, yearlings and

2830 or email

show horses for sale year round. Tony Yokley, Trainer. Located at 490 Factory Creek Road, Ethridge, TN 38456. Call the barn 931-363-0191, residence 931-363-7981 or cell 931-629-8253. Valton Rummage Stables Walking horse breeding, mare care and colt preparation. Standing at stud: I’m Dark Vengeance ($400 or 2 for $700). Located in Columbia, TN Call 931-388-8166 or cell 931-374-5178. Winding Creek Stables Boarding, breeding, mare care, foaling and recuperative care. Mares and foals for sale at all times. Owned by the Dotson Family. Brent Coburn and Chris Helton, Trainers. Located at 472 Poplar Springs Road, Kingston, TN 37763. Call the farm 865-376-4477, Leslie Dotson’s cell 606-226-4266 or Brent Coburn’s cell 865-755-6470. TEXAS MCDODI FARMS Sales, training, breeding and yearlings. Specializing in performance, flat shod and trail. Home of Wired To Be Awesome and He’s A Major Push. Dr. Jim and Dodi Speece, Owners. Marco Suarez, Trainer. Kim Lewis, Instructor. Located at 3812 CR 530B, Burleson,TX 76028. Call the barn 817-614-0623, email mcdodi@mcdodifarms. net or visit

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